U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-F

Following the reappearance of the U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-A in November 2372 the decision was made to honor this ship with a modern day counterpart.

The near complete fourth Sovereign Class Enhanced Deterrence Explorer being built, tasked the U.S.S. Exter was renamed. The U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-F was officially launched on December 7, 2372 (Stardate 9512.07). Under the command of Captain Fred S. Michaels and Commander Elizabeth Jordan, the ship's first year of service was for the purpose of helping determine any design flaws that might exist in the new design.

While rare, the original command crew decided against continuing with the vessel and resigned in January 2373. The ship was placed under the command of Fleet Captain Fred Shedian, with executive officer Commander Ehlanna Circe named to the ship a week later. This command team would see the vessel thru numerous combat in the Federation-Klingon War. In December 2373 (Stardate 9712.00), Commander Circe would be promoted on a track that would later conclude with her retiring as Vice-Admiral of Starfleet Operations.

Also promoted, Commodore Fred Shedian would pressure and accept the assignment of the ship's long time Chief Engineer, Commander Frances Reed. The assignment became official on January 15, 2374 (Stardate 9801.15) and would remain thru the duration of the Reaent's service.

While the Dominion War waged, the Reaent was heavily involved in many major conflicts. The ship was head of a task force responsible for the capture of several Cardassian systems in 2375 and 2376. Severe damage during the Second Battle of Chin'toka would relegate the ship to the rear during the remainder of the war.

Rear Admiral Fred Shedian and Commander Francis Reed announced their retirement following the end of the war itself. Due to damage beyond repair, the Reaent was decommissioned on October 7, 2376 (Stardate 0010.07). The ship would be stripped to its superstructure and eventually relaunched in 2378 as the U.S.S. Hermes, NCC-10376-A.