U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345

After the diplomatic fallout that occurred with the unannounced release of the Project Genesis Device had subsided, Starfleet Command started an analysis of available resources should a military buildup be needed in the event open conflict broke out with the Klingon Empire. A commission started in late 2285 and ended in 2287 concluded that although the United Federation of Planets was expanding, a recent loss of focus on exploration was becoming an issue. It was determined in classified documents that Starfleet Command would not have necessary materials if a full scale mobilization was necessary against the Klingon Empire.

Shortly after the terrorist attacks on Nimbus III in 2387, exploration missions were launched with the primary goal of securing resource rich planets for use by the Federation. As part of this order, a proposal was made for a new class of ship designed not for long range exploration but rapid colonization. As a result, the Delitas Class Heavy Scout Class was put into development. An initial twenty starships were ordered, with production scheduled to be completed by 2292.

The U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345, was commissioned in September 2288 and launched on October 7th of the same year (Stardate 9510.07). Her launch was overseen by the Chief of Starfleet Operations, with the ship put under the command of Captain Fred S. Michaels and Commander Elizabeth Jordan.

Within two months of the first three Delitas-class starships being put into service, massive design flaws started to be discovered. The vessels had originally been intended as another design, then had their spaceframes modified to support the new design. It was determined that these modifications would not function long term, giving the ships a lifespan of less than ten years before critical failure would occur. While the problems were investigated, following the loss of the Williamsburg in December 2288, an immediate recall order was put in place and production haulted.

The Reaent was decommissioned on February 10, 2288 (Stardate 9602.10) and placed in mothballs.