U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-A

Following the failure of the Delitas-class starship design, Starfleet Command returned to a tested class to move forward with the pending exploration missions. As a result, the U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-A was launched from Utopia Planetia Fleet Yeards on February 24, 2289 (Stardate 9602.24).

This second ship to bear the name served as a Constellation Class Cruiser, still considered a relatively new design at the time. The command crew from the previous Reaent was transferred to this new vessel. Her shakedown cruise was completed by April 2289 and the ship entered active service that same month. The ship was also home to the fourth Ceredyne & Ecks Warp Cooled Brewing Facility, a commerical beverage which was popular with Starfleet personnel at the time. This ship would be the last one to feature the C&E equipment package due to several incidents.

At the same time, Starfleet Command started a program to deploy small tactical craft aboard deep space vessels. The concept was one that would be revisited in the later part of the following century.

The 20th Fighter Group utilized twenty Mongoose Class Gamma7584 Heavy Multipurpose Fighters. Divided into four squadrons, the Twentith was the first actively deployed wing within Starfleet.

While completing a survey near the Klingon Neutral Zone in November 2289 (Stardate 9611.26), Starbase 78 lost long range sensor contact with the Reaent. Last reported near a collapsing star, two starships were sent to investigate the disappearance. The search was called off on December 5 and the crew persumed killed. While initial claims seemed to suggest Klingon involvement, they could never been confirmed.

The ship would be detected in the same location on the same day in the year 2372 (Stardate 9611.26). By this point, the ship and her crew had been missing for over eighty years. The crew would be retrained and the ship itself used for study by scientists about late 23rd century starship operations.