About The U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G

The U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G ("ree-aunt") is the eighth starship to bear the name. Commissioned two years after the end of the Dominion War, the vessel was originally tasked with short-term scientific and diplomatic missions near Federation space while long-term missions would be assigned to the in production Luna-class starship line. While this objective remains, the realities of a post-Dominion galaxy have often resulted in the ship struggling to help keep the peace.

While actual production of the Ambassador Class Enhanced Scientific Explorer concluded in the late 2350s in favor of the new Galaxy Class Explorer, many ships and of this design remained in service in the time leading up to the Dominion War. Like many others, hulks placed into mothballs would be repaired, refitted and pressed into service due to the need for such vessels during the war. The core structure of the Reaent was one of these such vessels, with a reconstruction initiated in late 2376. Construction would not be completed until 2378 after additional scientific and deep-space components were installed after it became clear the ship's mission would not be defense against the Dominion but instead exploration.

The ship was commissioned on December 6, 2378 (Stardate 0112.06). Placed under the command of Captain Fred Michaels and Commander Max Carrington, the vessel started with an uneventful tour of duty. With transfer of Commander Carrington in August 2379 (Stardate 0209.07), and the temporary assignment of Commander Tau, present Executive Officer Commander Aidian Ridire would be assigned on August 30, 2379 (Stardate 0208.30).

In early 2381, the Starfleet Corps. of Engineers put forth a proposal to Starfleet Command for the implimentation of starship based fighter contingents on a full time basis. Using lessons learned during the Dominion War, it was believed that such additions would agument a starship's defenses, especially those on deep-space missions. The Ambassador-class was selected as one group to receive such upgrades. In the later months of 2382, the Reaent went thru an extensive refit. When launched in her new capacity in January 2383, the Ambassador Class Mark III Scientific Explorer Light Carrier was assigned missions that almost immediately put the new equipment to use.

Assigned to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the Reaent was often assigned missions dealing with keeping the peace operations and exploration of outstanding mysteries remaining after the Dominion War. This led to numerous encounters and unexpected developments over the years, all in an effort to continue to protect the Federation.

On June 9, 2385 (Stardate 0906.09), the ship was placed under the command of Fleet Captain Patrick McQueen. The ship held the motto "To learn all that is learnable...", taken from the mission statement of the Earth Voyager VI probe launched in the late 20th century.

Citing extensive renovation requirements, the ship was slated for removal from active service in November 2390. The destruction of the Romulan homeworld demanded a delay in the processing of these orders. Additional orders placed the ship along the Romulan Neutral Zone providing support for civilians and several rogue Romulan military encounters. The ship was recalled in September 2391, with removal from active service and decommissioned on October 8, 2391 (Stardate 1510.08).