Technical Specifications

Since construction started in the 2330s, the Ambassador-class has continued to show itself as a valued asset in Starfleet's fleet. Despite numerous attempts to mothball ships of this design, numerous refits and upgrades continue to allow them to remain capable ships.

The second major-refit cycle of the class was delayed with the outbreak of the Dominion War. Effecting twenty-four active ships, modifications were not started until 2374. These upgraded models were also reinforced with previously mothballed hulks, a process that started in 2376 and was completed in early 2380.

As a result, the current vessel to bear the name Reaent was part of this expanded force. The Ambassador Class Mark II Scientific Explorer upgrade project placed the operational readiness of effected ships on par with their Galaxy-class predecessors.

A third refit cycle was initiated due to a project launched by the Starfleet Corps. of Engineers in 2382. These modifications saught to utilize the design's rear saucer section to develop the capability to allow fighter-squadron placement aboard starships. Completed by the end of 2384, the Ambassador Class Scientific Light Carrier is only the second operation design behind the Akira Class Heavy Cruiser to be designed to operate large amounts of fighter support craft.

A fourth refit cycle was originally planned to begin in late 2390 to provide upgrade of several critical systems. Rescheduled to occur in late 2391, these improvements were designed to provide for a complete replacement of all critical computer core systems, many which were now over four decades in age. In addition, internal layout adjustments would have reduced scientific labs normally not utilized by the ship because of changes in mission profile over the past decade. Secondary hull modifications included installation of new abilities for refueling operations, allowing the ships to provide additional support to fighter operations of other vessels.

However, this project was cancelled for NCC-3345-G in early 2391 citing extensive structual damage sufferred the previous year. Reviews anticipated critical support replacements would be required in order to stablize existing operations, extending the possible overhaul time by as much as two years.


U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G

Ambassador Class Mark III Scientific Light Carrier

December 6th, 2378 (Stardate 0112.06)

October 8th, 2391 (Stardate 1510.08)

"To learn all that is learnable..."

Last Refit Cycle:
January 27th, 2383 (Stardate 0602.17)

Next Scheduled Refit:
December 2391 (Cancelled)


526 Meters

320 Meters

125 Meters

2,450,000 Metric Tons

Crew Compliment:

Maximum Capacity:

Cruising Speed:
Warp Factor 6.5596

Maximum Speed:
Warp Factor 9.8743

Type XII Phaser Arrays (10)
Type IV Quantum Torpedo Launchers (3)

Support Craft:
Type VII Class Shuttle (3)
Type VIIII Class Shuttle (4)
Type XI Class Shuttle (2)
Danube Class Runabout (2)
Confederate Class Light Fighter (18)
Peregrine Class Medium Fighter (2)