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Academy Graduation Requirements
Hints On Graduation
STSF Academy Duty Stations
Walking & Talking

STSF Academy Duty Stations

Duty stations are used to control the ship and monitor ship functions. This section will explain some of the more common ones, though they will vary from sim to sim. If a player has any questions, the best person to contact would be the GM of the sim where they are playing. He or she will be able to provide information about the layout of the specific starship, station, colony, outpost, shuttlecraft, deep space probe, etc.

Forward Bridge Stations
Conn <HELM>: Controller. Pilot, helm, and navigational responsibilities.

Ops: <OPS>: Operations Management. Oversees most ship operations and mission management. Also primary contact station for communications.

Command Stations
Captain <CO>: Normally played by a trainer GM except when they designate a Mission CO <MCO>. The Captain is who is in command the ship and have "ultimate" authority.

First Officer: <XO> Normally played by a trainer GM except when they designate a Mission XO <MXO>. The First Officer is the Captain's right hand man. He/she is responsible for communication between the crew and the Captain as well as for crew decipline.

Other Command Staff
These are the people responsible for running the ship and making decisions on board. They generally sit or stand in the middle of the bridge:

Tactical <TAC>: The tactical officer is responsible for defensive and offensive operations (weapons), internal security and, at times, communications, long range sensors and as an override control for transporter and other ship functions.

Counselor <CNS>: The Counselor is responsible for advising the Command Staff on courses of action being considered or taken and acts as an objective observer for the plans.

Rear/Aft Stations
Science <SCI>: Science officers operate and manage scientific studies, and coordinate the ship's sensors and scientific research equipment.

Engineering <ENG>: Though most of these personnel work below decks, there is an engineering console on the main bridge, usually manned by the Chief Engineer.

Below Decks
Medical <MED>: The medical staff works in Sickbay and includes doctors, nurses, technicians and, in some cases, Medical Holograms, to treat injured personnel, and do medical research.

Engineering <ENG>: The engineering crew regulates ship energy systems, warp and impulse power from Main Engineering.

Security <SEC>: Security teams monitor the ship for safety, and patrol for intruders. Security teams almost always accompany any Away Teams on missions outside the ship, so most Security officers are well versed in hand to hand combat as well as piloting shuttlecraft.

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