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Table of Contents:

Academy Graduation Requirements
Hints On Graduation
STSF Academy Duty Stations
Walking & Talking

Walking & Talking in STSF Sims

Actions are shown by surrounding the action with colons, with two on each side, like this: ::action here::

To make a character speak, just type the dialogue and send it to the chat screen.



::nods to Character2 as he enters the room::

Actions and Speaking:

::turns to Character3:: Would you care for something to drink?


Character3> No, thank you.

Different locations will sometimes be shown by using a common symbol for an area. These are usually designated, if needed during the sim by the GM. For example, the GM on this ship has designated the Bridge as #, and Transporter Room as $:

Character1> # ::nods to Character2 as he enters the Bridge::
Character2> # ::looks to Character2::: You have the Bridge, I am needed in Transporter Room 3.
Character1> # ::nods:: Aye, Captain.
Character2> # ::exits the bridge::
Character2> $ ::enters TL and heads to TR3::

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