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LeftEar JoNs

Excalibur Mission Updates

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Check out Captain Corizon's log here - http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15922 - it's entitled "A Change of Pace", and this log http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16005 entitled "A New Day On the Horizon". Both logs outline what the Excal crew is currently doing, which is a three day First Contact mission with a group of people known as the Satarimi. The Satarimi are for lack of a better term a "night elf" type of race - blue skin and white hair, and are quite advanced technology wise.


Day One was covered during the 05.18.08 sim:


- A landing party beamed down to the Satarimi homeworld, and went on a general tour of the main city. The cities on their world are air based, and a good majority of the planet is ocean covered. Kitty #1, Vampire, Vampires Toy, Kitty #2, and Doctor Wydown went down to the surface (or should I say the air city?)


- The second team from Excal was responsible for taking a group of Satarimi on a tour of the ship. Commander Larrell, aka Onion, greeted them and was in charge of the guests and tour.


- Both teams found out that the Satarimi have both telekinetic and telekinesis powers, which allows them to bend light to their will as well as manipulate water.


- The Satarimi also have information on the Blood Cult of Iyves.

The closing ceremonies of Day One were covered during the 05.25.08 sim:


- The Excalibur officers (bridge, assistants, and department chiefs) attended a Satarimi dinner held in their honor. The food was, ah, interesting (insectoid anyone?) and bubbled rather strangely. Dessert was very welcome, as it involved "normal" cheescake. In addition, Satarimi sword masters showcased their skills, as did a group of mind experts who mentally manipulated light and offered a visual treat with the mentally-controlled light.


General Information:


- Day Two will involve more tours and information and cultural exchanges, with the day ending in a event such as dinner with entertainment. Day Three will be a free day for the crew, as the crew has been cleared to enjoy shoreleave on the ocean world by the Satarimi government


- Per the logs, while the Satarimi do not know the whereabouts of the Founders or the communicator device that is supposedly able to contact them, they do know of the Blood Cult of Iyves. This cult is responsible for the death of the Excal pilots, and they harvest blood, any blood, for a variety of genetic experiments. We can assume this cult has been active within the quadrant for many generations.

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06.01.08 Sim Update:


- The Excalibur crew ventured down onto the Satarimi ocean world to enjoy some shoreleave thanks to a generous offer from the Satarimi government. Some of the crew went wind surfing, others went hover cycling, shopping, boating, or surfing. One casualty of surfing, who was treated in sickbay. We also had one known arrest, but I'm sure we busted our crewmates out of jail. :-P


- The Satarimi also informed Captain Corizon and Ambassador Jeralla of a people known as the Bogarany. The Excalibur had been requested by the Satarimi to seek to return a valuable gem stone that the Bognary stole in order to gain access to records stored by another race known as the Minamro who have ancient Satarimi records in archive.

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06.08.08 Excalibur Sim:


Captain Corizon called a meeting of the senior staff members and Ambassador Jeralla to discuss the proposal and intelligence information put forth by the Satarimi:


- There is a storage archive maintained by a group of beings known as the Mirimano, and Satarimi information is stored here; this information could be crucial to the mission to locate the missing Founders. The Mirimano, even with the Satarimi’s blessings, will only allow access to the storage archive when and if the Excalibur crew proves their worth.


- To prove our worth, the Satarimi proposed a treasure hunt for the crew: find and procure the Crownstone of the Ascendent, a large jewel stolen many moons ago by a group of aliens called the Boganary.


- The Boganary are based in and control a system of space that is rough and tumble, about the size of the original Cardassian/Federation Demilitarized Zone. They have a clan culture and structure, with both smaller and larger clans making up the organization. the Boganary are a post warp society, even though their ships and equipment are cobbled together from many different technologies.


- Diplomacy is always an option, and will be explored to the fullest extent, but we do have specific orders from Fleet Command: obtain info on the founders at any cost.


- We travel to a neutral (translation: rough and tumble) spaceport (Aiesse Three) within Boggie space, and will start the search from here.


Two recon teams are being formed and tasked to work on the details of this new Crownstone Quest:


- Team One: Lieutenant Ramson will lead the air recon with her fighter squadrons, researching the Boganary sector of space, and get a general idea regarding the lay of the land.


- Team Two: A joint Science and Security team, led by Commander Teykier, will handle the info gathering with regard to the Satarimi records released to us. Primarily, digging deeper into the mystery of the Crownstone, and if possible, find any leads as to which clan could have the gem. Additional duties for the security department will include drawing up viable tactical and protective measures as the crew heads into this unknown Boganary held territory.


- Commander JoNs will be overseeing both recon teams, with the team leaders reporting to her on any progress into whole mess …. Situation. I meant situation.


Elsewhere on the Excalibur:

- The Bridge: A conversation among junior officers from SCI-OPS and the Helm department went from a discussion regarding the recent issue with the alternate realities overlapping in a section of the quadrant, to a convo about questions and difficulties regarding a personal philosophy and outlook as applied to life. Outside influences and outlooks will be opposite with a beings own personal outlook, and therefore a test of the individual’s resolve.


- The following BSG quote might be appropriate due to the philosophical Bridge Round Table convo: "You're born, you live and you die. There are no do-overs, no second chances to make things right if you frak 'em up the first time. Not in this life anyway. like I said, you make your choices and you live with them. And in the end you are those choices." (Shaw, Battlestar Galactica "Razor")


- Medical: One patient, recovering from shore leave, and enjoying (not) the company of an overprotective Nurse Helga. Two Doctors, enjoying their newborn baby and the company of each other.


- Engineering: Well, we didn’t blow up anything this past sim. What more do you want? :-P


Next sim, we pick up about halfway through the five day journey to Aiesse Three. Next Bat Time. Next Bat Channel. Blam! KaPow!

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06.15.08 Excalibur Sim:


- The crew of the Excal entered into Boganary space for the first stage of the current mission to locate the missing Crownstone of the Satarimi, taken many years ago by the Boganary clan-people. The plan is to warp to Aiesse Three, a space station that seems a likely central starting point within this unknown territory in order to gather some more information on the Boganary, and maybe which clan might now have the Crownstone.


- Of course, things do not go smoothly, and sensors soon detect a fleet of vessels shadowing the Excalibur. This fleet continues to close in on the warship, until finally the ships are revealed as a group of Boganary. A diplomatic hail from Captain Corizon is met with laughter, and shots are then exchanged between the Excalibur and the lead ships of the Boganary fleet. The ships and fighter craft who engage the Excal are a mish mash of various sizes, equipment, and defenses, but one thing is completely clear - for all of the haphazard look of this particular Boganary clan fleet, their weapons are powerful and not to be taken lightly.


- Not a very encouraging start to the quest to find the Crownstone, but no one ever said being a Starfleet Officer was easy.

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06.22.08 Mission Update:


TBS: 4 Days

The Excalibur has been docked at the Aiesse Three space station for 12 Hours


Two away teams have been dispatched onto the station in order to perform recon. The station is considered to be very rough and tumble and just shy of total lawless anarchy:


- Team Leader: Commander Laarell Teykier

- Team Members: Lieutenant Victria, Lieutenant Tristan Xenatos, and Lieutenant jg Tia

- Objectives: general recon of the station, and locate any information on the Crownstone of the Ascendent and the mysterious Boganary clans


- Team Leader: Commander Left Ear JoNs

- Team Members: Commander Tandaris Admiran, Lieutenant Commander Rue Wydown, Lieutenant Mark Garrison

- Objectives: Supplies (medical and engineering), general recon of the station, any information that can be obtained on the Boganary clans and the location of the Crownstone of the Ascendant


In addition, during the flight time to the space station, Lieutenant Kallah Ramsons fighter squads remain on alert and have been doing regular patrol runs to ensure that the Excal does not encounter any more Boganary laced surprises.


Those officers remaining on the Excalibur during the dock time are to perform their regular duty rotations and offer whatever aid the recon teams need.

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Note: The Recon teams have been at the base for some two days longer than the Excalibur.

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06.29.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Five Hours


The Excalibur remains docked at the Aiesse Three space station and the search for the elusive Boganary and the Crownstone continues:

- The recon away teams were mildly successful, and found out that there is at least one Boganary of repute (or is that Ill repute?) who has a lot of “street cred” among the clans: Auntie Wort. This Boggie and her clan might know where the Crownstone is, or at least worth talking to. The Wort resides in a lovely little planetary area known as the Thicket.

- Representatives from engineering and medical ventured onto the station in order to resupply the departmental ship stores.


Elsewhere, the excrement has impacted with the rotary oscillating device. Got an umbrella? You are going to need it to avoid the splatter:


Note: plot log: http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16258 ("Baby NOT on Board" takes place thirty minutes before the 06.29.08 sim)


- A Boganary raiding party breached the ships sensors and general security perimeter in the dead of night.

- The medical bay was the primary area compromised, medical supplies were taken, baby Julie Zier was kidnapped, and the XO was critically injured.

- Doctors Wydown and Wilson worked to get the XO stabilized.

- The Aiesse Port Authority was informed of the situation.

- Eight total outbound flights were being tracked after the incident as possible suspects in the raid and attack. Captain Corizon ordered Lieutenant Kallah Ramson to scramble her fighter crews so they could shadow the outbound flights in question.

- Ships security was of course, looking into the matter internally.

- Doctors Maria and Alexander Zier could not do much other then grieve for their missing baby.

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07.13.08 Excal Mission Update:


- A Lancelot fighter squadron has been dispatched to birddog and intercept the suspected Boganary raid ship that sent pirates to board the Excalibur. The raid ended with the medical area being plundered, a stolen Zier baby, and an injured XO Kitty. After a pell mell chase, shots were exchanged by the squad and the raider ship.


- During the course of the fighter pursuit, some interesting technology was employed by the so called “mismatched” suspect ship. Namely, a subspace type weapon that messed with the Lancelots, and a separation (think along the lines of the Prometheus class separations, or the Enterprise D saucer separation, etc) trick that divided two sections of the ship. Any relevant data was recorded by our fighters and streamed back to the bridge data stations.


- The Boganary raid ship eventually entered the outer perimeter of their home base, located on a planet. The outer perimeter and planet, known as The Thicket by the locals, is very similar to the “Briar Patch” in ST: Insurrection, an almost impassable region of space which makes for a great planetary defense.


- Engineering completed repairs on the nacelles and the warp drive, and also started preliminary testing talks regarding the Boganary cloaking device that Commander Admiran purchased at the Aisse Three space station.


- The Security officers continue to monitor the Excals defenses, hoping to avoid any more Boganary technological bypassing raids in the future.


- The XOs condition remains critical, and medical works to keep her alive.


- The Ziers continue to mourn the kidnapping of their only child.


- At the conclusion of the sim, the repairs to the Excalibur were completed and the ship got underway again, continuing the mission to locate the Crownstone, get our missing baby back, and deal with the Boganary. Boo and Yah.


Note: check out this Plot Log which gives us our first glimpse at the notorious Raid Mother of the Boganary, Auntie Wort: http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16390

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07.20.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 4 to 5 Hours


- After semi-confirming and tracking a suspected ship and crew, the Excalibur maintains a parallel vector just outside the main territory (The Thicket) of the Raid Mother, Wort; we assume that members of her clan are the ones responsible for the boarding raid on the Excalibur and subsequent baby-napping of Julie Zier and injury to Executive Officer JoNs.


- In order to proceed further into The Thicket, the main planetary stronghold territory of the Mother, the Excalibur needs to traverse a section of space around the perimeter that is highly unpredictable with various energy currents and eddies similar to The Badlands.


- Second Officer and Acting XO Teykier led a small away team to board and investigate a section of the Boganary raid ship that was left behind when the ship separated into a multi vector mode; the command module escaped, leaving this main hull section behind. Lieutenant Garrison of security, Sgt. Matt Morris of the marine contingent, and Lieutenant Tr’Lorin of engineering accompanied the Orion senior command officer.


- The Away Team beamed over to find the interior of the abandoned section covered with green mold, slime, plants growing. The decks and bulkheads have not seen Mister Clean or Pledge in a good long time. The team also encountered a living vine plant stretched across a section of the corridor that might be some sort of defensive mechanism. Feed me Seymour, feed me.


- On the Main Bridge, Lieutenants Khal, Tia, Victria and Ramson discussed the inherent difficulties of traversing The Thicket with Captain Corizon. It was suggested sending out a series of mapping and tracking probes to gather data on the area with the Lancelot fighter jets along as escorts so the Boggies don’t blow the probes out of the black.


- In the Medical Bay, Alexander Zier discussed his helplessness as a father unable to do something about his missing child with Chief Medical Officer Wydown, while Maria Zier sat with JoNs in the ICU. Doctor Wilson is on ICU duty. Commander JoNs regains consciousness, though she remains weak.


- The ship remains on red alert and Security (Lt. Dougt) continues to patrol the corridors.

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07.27.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: One (1) Hour


- The Away Team (SEC Garrison, ENG Admiran, and Marine Morris) continues to investigate the abandoned section of the Boggie vessel.


- Commander Teykier attempts to access and decrypt a data core recovered from the vessel.


- Lieutenants Ramson and Tia pilot a Runabout retrofitted for a map and scan mission of the Thicket. The energy waves and eddies coming from the area are unpredictable, and the incoming data is processed by the Lieutenants and then streamed back to the Excal for analysis.


- Doctors Alex and Maria Zier speak with Captain Corizon regarding their missing child. Corizon was resolute that the safety of the child comes first and the prime concern is recovering the baby.


- Commander JoNs had to deal with a miffed CMO Wydown for an attempted check out of medical before she was cleared to do so. In addition, Wydown had a heart to heart talk with Ens. Patterson about the half Klingon doctor beating herself up emotionally for not being there to defend the baby.


- CMO Wydown + The Look = Bad sign. Remember this equation kids and you’ll be happier and live longer.


EDIT: Captains Note: The AT will have beamed back to the Excalibur by our next sim. And we will have started heading for the mapping mission.

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08.03.08 Excalibur Mission Update


TBS: Thirty (30) minutes


- The Runabout mapping team continued to try and chart a path through the treacherous space surrounding The Thicket home world of the Bog clan headed by the Auntie Wort.


- The Excalibur encountered some nasty turbulence, with metron gas pockets exploding all around the ship. Eventually, chief helm officer Khal and the auxiliary pilot on bridge duty managed to steer the big Sovvy-class ship into a relatively safer section of The Thicket.


- Engineers Tr’Lorin and Admiran were tooling around with some technology, and Tr’Lorin was injured when the Boganary cloaking device that Commander Admiran purchased at the Aisse Three space station malfunctioned and shot out an energy arc. CMO Wydown answered the call for medical assistance. Security officers Victria and Garrison had some discussion regarding their past encounters with one another. Doctor Maria Zier finally succumbed to exhaustion and worry over her missing baby. Captain Corizon ventured into medical to check on his recovering XO, and both command officers decided in the interest of security that neither parent Zier would be accompanying any away team dispatched to rescue Baby Zier. While working to decipher the recovered data core from the abandoned Bogarany ship, Commander Teykier and Yeoman Condacin had an interesting encounter with what the Boggie would consider adult entertainment. Get your funky moves on, Boggie.


- The Excalibur and her crew slowly but surely are closing in on the home world base of this particular Boggie clan.

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08.10.08 Excalibur Mission Update: (see end for log notations)


TBS: Three (3) Hours


- General Information: The Runabout mapping team and escort fighter ships have returned to the Excal, and the ship maintains a standard holding pattern in a calmer section of the Thicket were we are temporarily protected from the worst of the metron gas pockets and metallic debris floating through the moat like defense area.


- Engineering: Commander Admiran engaged his very under the radar and secret Boganary cloaking device, which caused a minor power drain as it was engaged. Most of the crew as well as the Captain (are we entirely sure that Corizon will let Tandy maintain contact with his hide? I’m sure the engineering officer is quite attached to it and stuff) were all surprised by the sudden power loss. The bridge crew was even more surprised when Tandy announced this little fact over Corizon’s communicator badge that we have a Boggie stealth cloak. We can haz cloaking devize.


- Medical: Lieutenant Tr’Lorin regained consciousness in the medical bay. Commander JoNs remains under observation by the medical staff but her progress is going smoothly. Doctor Rue Wydown continues to ride herd on her patients, although this is rather like herding cats. Ha ha! Okay, I’ll stop now.


- Bridge: the officers manning the bridge got into some tactical speak as plans - ranging from covert, diplomatic, and full on frontal assaults - were tentatively laid and discussed as to the various methods of approach to the Auntie Wort Boganary home world were tossed around and in some cases thrown out the airlock or left floating in the ether. Indeed, there are no easy solutions when it comes to a tactical situation such as this. Damned if you do and damned if you do not, correct?


1.) Captain Corizon is hesitant to send the ship forward any further into the Thicket, or any sort of scanning probe, as both actions could give the ships current position away. A frontal assault is also not very appealing from a Boom-age standpoint, and both shipboard casualties as well as Baby Julia being caught in the crossfire are strong detterents. Regardless, the Dameon still orders all auxiliary flight craft as well as the starfighters on combat ready standby with further instructions to CAG Lieutenant Ramson to pull personnel if necessary.


2.) Commander Laarell pointed out that inactivity may work in our favor now so as to not be detected by any sort of Boggie sensor network, perhaps intertwined within the framework of the Thicket?


3.) The fact was also brought up that having the cloak is indeed a tactical advantage to be exploited and possibly will enable the ship to be navigated without showing on Boggie sensors, but navigation of the Thicket itself is another matter; large floating pieces of metals tend to not care what they bump into and rend, cloak or not.


4.) Ransoming the child as Boganary motive was put out by both Lieutenant Victria and Corizon.


5.) Lieutenant Tia pointed out that the Boganary seem to be brawlers at the basic level (and I do tend to agree with this assessment. Brawlers? They shot me and took a chunk out of my hide; of course they are brawlers!) and may respond in kind if the Excalibur were to take a diplomatic venue in an effort to negotiate with them for the release of the baby.


6.) Lieutenant Khal threw out a tactical blurb that perhaps the Excal should lay in wait to ambush a passing Boganary vessel; again though, we have the issue and possibility of the child being caught in the crossfire.


7.) Both Garrison and Victria represented security during the discussion, and jumped into the conversation where necessary with their field experience and opinions.


Log Notes:


Some insight into the Boganary Cloaking Device, courtesy of Acting Exec Teykier and Commander Admiran in their Log “Power Struggle” http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16607


And, in “Sleeping Dog” Captain Corizon dwells on the subjects and ideas brought up during the bridge tactical meeting; the crew needs to get our missing crewmember back as well as broach the subject of the Crownstone: http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16608

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08.17.08 Excal Mission Update:


TBS: One (1) Day


The senior staff has gathered in the main observation lounge to discuss getting the Zier baby back from the Boganary raiders and their leader, the Auntie Wort. Our tentative plan of action is as follows:


1.) Sneak into the inner territory under the cover of the cloaking device

2.) Recon the area and gather more intelligence

3.) Get our people in place on the Boggie planet itself

4.) Draw the main Boggie defense fleet away with probe decoys

5.) Negotiate, and ask for baby Julie Zier back


Lieutenant Ramson and her fighter pilots will remain on standby alert. The Science and Engineering departments are responsible for rigging the decoy probes. Security and Marines will jointly plan the landing parties, and jamming any adversary communications lines was assigned to Lieutenant Victria of security.


We haz planz. Boo Yah.

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08.24.08 Excal Mission Update:


MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur cast and crew has decided on a course of action. We will simultaneously distract the Boganary fleet, while sneaking in cloaked and inserting a team to the surface in case our attempts at getting the kid back through negotiations doesn't work. Engineering has finished the modifications to the probes to act as decoys and Excalibur is preparing itself to enter the system under the protection of our oh-so-reliable cloak.


TBS: 5 hours


- Let’s saddle up and boot it all up people.


- The first tier of our assault/negotiation/rescue plan has been enacted. The Decoy probes are launched, and the majority of the Boganary defensive Fleet (such as cruisers and light assault craft) take off to chase the decoy probes once they begin broadcasting, mistaking the probes for actual ships that have encroached into the Boggie territory.


- The Excalibur sets out further into Boganary held space under cover of the cloaking device. The inner layers of the Thicket perimeter are less turbulent then the outer defensive layer, but there is quite a bit of metallic debris floating about.


- As the Akira class ship approaches the Boggie homeworld of the Auntie Wort, the sensors record what a lovely vacation spot the planet is: an irradiated planet, nasty animals such as irradiated boars, man sized spiders, overgrown jungles and swamps. The whole place is just plain icky.


- Did I mention the large spiders? Why does this crew always run into stuff with more then two legs? Giant scorpions, spiders, generally icky bugs. I mean really … oh wait, that was my out loud voice wasn’t it?


Captains Note: Next week we insert our ground team and continue scans while we wait for them to get in position to try and negotiate. The AT will be ready to beam down at the top of the hour next week.

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08.31.08 Excal Mission Update:


TBS: (Not applicable) Next sim picks up right after this one

- The decoy probes are still leading the Boganary defense Fleet on a wild goose chase. Planetary Insertion teams - comprised of Security Lieutenants Garrison, Victria, Doug.t along with Marine CO Major Cloud Makisu and Chief Marine NCO Sergeant Major Matt Morris - are all prepared to beam down to the rather icky surface of Auntie Wort’s planetary base world. The teams are outfitted in the necessary environmental gear to try and combat the environmental perils of the Wort planet.


- Lieutenant Victria wisely pointed out that with the abundance of local flora and fauna contained on the surface world, the insertion teams should be able to move without being detected on sensor by the Boggies.


- Commander Tandaris Admiran worked to keep the Boganary cloaking device from, well, imploding or something. This is of the utmost importance, because without the benefits of said cloak, the Excalibur would be up you know what creek without a paddle and be exposed within the borders of Boggie controlled space let alone lurking on Wort’s doorstep.


- We had some sickbay escapes! Lieutenant Commander Marius Tr’Lorin absconded to engineering to help Admiran with the ministrations to the cloaking device, while Commander Left Ear JoNs bolted to the bridge to be a nosy cat and check in on the planetary op as well as the general situation of the Excalibur.


- But, those officers foolish enough to escape medical without the proper clearance shall be Le Smited every time! We have a rather ticked off Doctor Patterson waiting for the missing patients to return, and Tr’Lorin got a taste of the Corizon Dice when the cloaking device backfired and he got caught with another electrical jolt, and JoNs re-checked her self back into sickbay when she started feeling a little woozy on the bridge. Bad Kitty and Bad Spy. Fear the PO’d Patterson.


- Maria Zier had a mild panic attack while waiting on word about the mission op to rescue Baby Julie. Thankfully, she was already in the medical bay when this occurred.

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09.07.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Five Minutes


- The transporter beam was initiated, but there were some tense moments as the individual away team signals got lost in the pattern buffers due to a cascade energy surge that went through out the ship thanks to the Boganary cloaking device. Eventually, the away team (Garrison, Dougt, Victria, Marine officers) shimmered, whole, on the surface of the Wort clan’s home world. They are about twenty plus kilometers away from the Wort base.


- Meanwhile, all heck broke loose throughout Excalibur: the cloaking device had a few malfunctions, exposing certain sections of the ship. The power surge tore through the internal systems, blowing out consoles all over the departments. The ships orbit also temporarily decayed as the ship bucked and rocked before the systems stabilized. The Damage Control teams will no doubt be kept busy; eventually, the shipboard situation stabilized somewhat.


- The injured Lieutenant Commander Tr’Lorin and Doctor Patterson were temporarily trapped in a malfunctioning turbo lift. Commander Admiran talked Doctor Wydown through some repair maneuvers.


- Second Officer Commander Laarell was the senior bridge officer on duty as this lovely little Hell in a Handbasket situation commenced. This is why Starfleet pays us the big bucks


- Lieutenant Victria picked up an underground network of caves.


Plot Logs to consider reading: The Raid Mother, Part Two and Chief Guard Flegm




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09.14.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


- The Away Team is having a simply marvelous time on the surface of the wretched planet that Auntie Wort calls home. Roving wolf pack type creatures, grimy caves, rat dung underfoot, large webbing, spiders. They press onward through the cave network in order to reach the planetary base.


- The Boganary Patrol Fleet has stopped chasing the decoy probes and has altered course to return to the planet; the Excalibur mission to rescue Baby Julie is now on borrowed time.


- The cloak is still semi-working, and the Excal remains hidden for now within the inner perimeter of the subspace/energy eddies Thicket surrounding the planet.

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09.21.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 30 Minutes


We come down to the wire:


Boganary Patrol Fleet:

- The patrol ships are still en route back to the Thicket planet


Thicket Planet-side:- The Away Team (Morris, Cloud, Victria, Garrison, dougt) has braved deep caves, dire spiders (Citrus’s Big Cousins), wolves, swamps and jungles to emerge near their relative target position to breach the Wort Compound if needed.



- Bridge: Captain Corizon engaged the clan leader and raid mistress, Auntie Wort, in negotiations. Her terms are simple, by Boganary terms: she wants shinies for Baby Julie Zier.


- First, she wants the Excalibur. Hell. No.


- Finally, the negotiations wind down and the bridge personnel come up with alternatives for the exchange: a stripped down Runabout, some torpedoes and photons, and Engineering is set to work on fabricating shiny emerald gems. Various bridge personnel (Tia, Ramson, Admiran, JoNs, Khal, Laural) are involved with the quickie roundtable discussion and resulting preparations, including the first officer who has been released to light duty by the CMO (Wydown).


- We have a new Pakled Engineer, and Commander Admiran did not have her arrested despite the fact that she really isn’t supposed to exist, at least paper trail wise. All is right with the universe and such.

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09.28.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 45 minutes to 1 Hour

- Auntie Wort of the Thicket Clan was beamed up to the ship, and she and Captain Corizon entered into "negotiations". the exchange took place in the shuttle bay; we got Baby Zier back, and Wort got a stripped down shuttle and some torpedoes and shiny trinkets in exchange.


- The clan leader would not part with the Crownstone however, so that seems to effectively end our original side mission in this sector.


- The Away Team has been beamed up from the surface of the planet. Have fun in decon guys.


- The Excalibur is “allowed” to break orbit from the planet, and the ship and her crew warps out of the Thicket system at slow warp; our destination is back to the Satarimi home world to inform them that the Crownstone mission was a no go.


- Baby Julie will be checked out by the medical staff, and for right now her parents are not permitted to see her until after she is checked out by a doctor who is not so close to the situation and can be un-biased about her true medical condition after her captive ordeal with the Boganary clan.


- Otherwise it is business as usual on the Excalibur: we have a pregnant Half-Klingon, a recovering Half-Romulan Engineer, a Caitian XO suffering from post traumatic stress, and a Tarantula living in a terrarium in the Science labs that wants to escape from her cage and go all bite Boo Yah on the first piece of flesh (or rock) that she can get her fangs into.


- Victria, you totally should have bitten the spider when you had the chance.

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10.05.08 USS Excalibur:


TBS: One Week


- A Crownstone-less Excalibur continues to exit the Boganary Thicket System unmolested per the decree of Auntie Wort.


- The Science department is in hog heaven as they got to study and scan the space phenomena of the Thicket in great detail as the Excalibur passed through the system. And, we have a field trip: permission was asked, and received by the Captain, to take his yacht to get some up close and personal readings of the plasma flare activities and such.


- Lieutenant Commander Teykier is to be the leader of the yacht research team.


- Lt. Commander Tr’Lorin was released from the Medical Bay; the newly discovered pregnant Lieutenant Patterson remains in her quarters with a direct order from CMO Wydown to rest; the Ziers were reunited with a happy, though green, Baby Julie. The medical staff is fairly certain the baby’s green skin pigment will fade with time. They think. Yes. They do. We hope.


- The Pakled Engineer Asyle has been discovered (by Chief Engineer Admiran) to be a stowaway and impersonating a Starfleet officer. Security tries to question her. She does not like men, and so the mystery deepens.


- Lieutenant Victria pays a very predatory Captain Corizon a visit and they talk some mission business.


Promotion: Lieutenant Kallah Ramson to Lieutenant Commander.

Past Promotion not previously recorded: Lieutenant Senior Grade Marius Tr’Lorin to Lieutenant Commander.


Congrats to the promote-ees!

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EDIT: the correct scientific designation of the plasma flare section is the Laarell Nebula, or The Thicket, depending on who you talk too. The Laarell Nebula. Has a nice ring to it.

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10.12.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Three Days


- The Bridge crew discussed doing some co-ordinating flight exercises between the ship and fighter crews.

- Asyle was questioned by the command team and allowed to remain on board the ship in a provisional engineering capacity.

- Chief Medical Officer Wydown and Maria Zier discussed medical concerns and general medical.

- There will be no Snu Snu shenanigans.

- Per Captain Corizon the TBS is three days; the Excalibur will be on approach to the Satarimi homeworld.


Note: the full launch of Excalibur: Lower Decks is upcoming. Information was discussed at the end of the chat (included in chat log), and the Captain asked that any Excal Player interested in RPing as an Enlisted Grunt send the command team an email so we know of your initial interest and we can start the pre-launch process moving forward with regard to STSF Personnel.

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10.19.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: One Day of Shoreleave (the next sim picks right after this)

- It was business on the bridge as usual; communications to and from the Satarimi home world were fielded as the Excal closed in on the planet.


- Commander Admiran was mildly annoyed once the official orders came down about provisional engineering Ensign Asyle assigned to his department. Lieutenant Garrison functioned as Asyles escort guard. Lieutenant Victria of Security had a heart to heart talk with fellow officer Dougt about his recent performance.


- Doctor Patterson deals with the emotional scare of being pregnant; Doctors Maria and Alexander Zier attempt to bottle the situation.


- The Satarimi government representative seemed pleased with the Excalibur crews overall performance during the Boganary affair; we passed the Crownstone test so to speak even though we have no stone.


- Per the Captain, at the start of the next sim, we will have the coordinates to the Mirimano homeworld.


- For those that do not recall: There is a storage archive maintained by the Mirimano, and Satarimi information is stored here; this information could be crucial to the mission to locate the missing Founders. The Mirimano will only allow access to the storage archive when and if the Excalibur crew proves their worth – and the crew has by rescuing the baby at the risk of all else.

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10.26.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is concluding its day of leave and restocking at Satarimi, we've been given coordinates to the Miriamo Archives, which science has been turned over the keys to a bit early (remote access rocks). One small problem has cropped up, however, the most direct route to Miriamo takes us through space controlled by the Cult of Iyves.


TBS: Three Days and halfway to the Miriamano home world and the data archives. There will be one or two days for fighter pilot exercises/readiness before our Boganary cloak goes on line.


- Note: The Blood Cult of Iyves are the ones responsible for the deaths and blood draining of one of the 310th fighter squads. The primary mission of the Excalibur remains to search for the missing Dominion Founders. However, a bridge conversation between Chief of the Air Group Ramson and Captain Corizon shows that the Cult is not forgotten and remains on the hit list so to speak.


- Bridge: Lieutenant Mreh Khal does his flyboy thing at the Helm of the big exploratory warship as the Excalibur pulls away from Satarimi space.


- Sciences: Lieutenant Tia is tapped by Captain Corizon and given project leader status to start the process of prep work and eventual storage of the massive amounts of incoming Miriamano archival data. Tia and Ensign Laural have a discussion regarding the various intricacies of the discipline of logic. Sciences Department Chief Commander Laarell Teykier will be assisting Commander Left Ear JoNs with the XO duties while the cat takes on dual roles as the interim security chief and Executive Officer. And, no, the spider can not take over Teykier’s duty station. Eight Words: XO Target Practice. Spider go Le Boom Splat.


- Medical: Doctor Patterson experiments with baby DNA extrapolation programs as well as a baby outfit program with regard to her unborn child. Doctor Maria Zier offers some guidance to the young half Kingon doctor. Counselor Alexander Zier sends off an evaluation report on Patterson and the table and wall incidents (is the wall bleeding? Oh wait, wrong movie) to the chief medical officer and ships, while CMO Rue Wydown returns from some sky surfing shore leave to her happily ballistic department.


- Engineering: Commander Tandaris Admiran is informed by the Captain that we will again be employing the ramshackle cloaking device (like an old car – just kick it a few times) for the stealth factor while we cruise through the hostile territory. Lieutenant Commander Marius Tr’Lorin is still having nightmares regarding cannibals (you are hereby ordered to not watch any Zombie holo-films. Boo). Provisional Ensign Asyle is following her provisional status program to the letter, experimenting with our replicator food, and contacted Security to be escorted to her ME duty station.


- Security: Lieutenant Mark Garrison held down the tactical console on the bridge. Lieutenant junior grade DougT wrangled with a 20th century car mechanic holo program. Lieutenant Victria responded to the call for the Asyle security escort.


- Flight Squadron: Lieutenant Commander Kallah Ramson has her flight jocks and crews on standby alert while the ship travels through Iyves Blood Space.

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11.02.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is passing through Cult of Iyves space. Like the Fellowship passing through Moria, we hope to go unnoticed, least we awake far older and far fouler things than orcs.


TBS: 2 Minutes


- The stealthy trip across the Blood Cult territory did not go as planned: the wreckage of a ship(s) as well as escape pods exposed to vacuum are encountered, no doubt hapless travelers who ran afoul of the Cult. A mine field, set in a tachyon detection pattern, is then added to the equation. Soon, a Blood Raider Squad and their fighter escorts are spotted on the tactical grid and then things really get interesting.


- The data gathering plans and remote access to the Miriamano Archives are placed in limbo until this current threat can be contained.


- The 310th fighter squad is called to duty, and all pilots and support crews mobilize to meet the incoming aviation threat.


- 100 warriors, clad in white armor, breach Decks 5, 12 and 15.


- Deck 5: Crew quarters, main lounge, secondary science labs, cargo bays.

- Deck 15: Engineering.

- Deck 12: Primary Systems Support Compartments, Shuttlebay (Fore and Aft Access), right below Sickbay, Shuttlebay.


Note: Several ships systems, notably the EPS conduits and control systems, are compromised during the Blood attack vectors and hits (check the chat log for the full details on which systems are Action-ed with damage). Marine and Security officers are mobilized to handle the incoming ship board threats.

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