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Found 1 result

  1. (contains strong language) A Hakran K'hal Log Hakran entered the planetary science lab after shuttling up to the Excalibur. His curiosity was piqued, but he was also prepared to be very annoyed if the summons that brought him up here wasn’t worth it. Immediately he saw Ensign Semek seated at the primary console, and made his way over. “I see you’re sitting down today, that’s good,” Hakran commented. “Indeed,” replied Semek in the usual unemotional Vulcan way. “So,” began Hakran, “what is interesting enough to drag me back up to the ship?” “This,” Semek answered, picking up the mineral nugget lying on the edge of the console. “As well as the organisms responsible for its creation.” "Is that the same one that ended up in your…” Hakran’s felinoid muzzle wrinkled in a mixture of fascination and revulsion. “Indeed,” replied Semek once again. “I was most curious about its properties, as well as how and why the microscopic organisms would create them.” “What have you found?” Asked Hakran. “The mineral itself is rather remarkable. It is the eighth hardest naturally produced on record, superseded only by those created in planetary formation and within planetary cores. It scores 198 gigapascals on the Vickers test.” “Impressive,” Hakran said. “Yes, all the more so that it is a byproduct of a life form, or more specifically of the collective activity of a life form. It seems they use the various elements in the rock they graft to as a form of sustenance. They are multicellular, though relatively simple. When superheated and further fueled by the venting of the highly mineralized water and steam, they begin to secrete this mineral. “The material richness of the venting explains why they move so quickly into the vents once the hydrothermal pressure has reduced. They are in essence gorging on a feast. The mineral secretion is in essence their form of waste removal, as the hardness of it would otherwise impact their functions.” Semek finished his presentation, complete with various diagrams, charts and tables on the console. “Huh,” Hakran said. “So basically, you got hit in the ass by proto-Horta .” “That technically is not an accurate statement, sir. However, I know of no other analogue that would better suit the situation,” Semek said, in that way that almost seems prim in Vulcan standards. “Well, this is very interesting, Ensign, but I’m still not sure why it required hauling me up here.” Hakran’s ears were easing their way flatter, as there was much to do on the planet that he couldn’t do if he wasn’t on the planet. “I’m sorry sir, but an explanation of the mechanisms was required first. The reason I believe this is worth your immediate attention is that I believe, considering our lack of 24th Century resources and that where some alloys that we lack are required, we could harvest some of these creatures and recreate the means for them to…” Semek paused momentarily, searching for a less accurate but more appropriate word. “Manufacture the mineral in place for use in repairs.” “Well, now that’s an interesting thought,” Hakran said, stroking his pointed beard. “I suppose you’ve already begun, if not finished, working up a proposal.” “Indeed, I am approximately 78% complete,” replied the Vulcan planetary scientist. “I also have the biologists working on some of the particulars in regards to the life forms.” “Good, get the whole shebang to me as soon as possible. If I find any holes or need more data before I send this off to Commander Hawthorne and Engineering, I’ll be knocking on your door. Good work, Ensign. This is the best idea your ass has ever had.” Semek raised an eyebrow. “As you say, sir.”