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Found 2 results

  1. A Gathering Storm Captain Chirakis Captain d’Ka Aboard USS Missouri 1600 hours Aegis Local Captains d’Ka and Chirakis stood in the third level hangar deck of USS Missouri watching engineers in protective gear pick through pieces of what looked like a jigsaw puzzle. Chunks and fragments of the massive, black, delta-winged alien ship that had been slipping silently through the nebular string filled the deck from one end of the bay to the other. Exterior and interior sections of the hull, shattered propulsion systems, twisted decking, and various other parts bore the stench of dead bodies. The captains maintained a considerable distance from the wreckage to ensure their own health. The alien ship had been in USS Missouri's crosshairs for several weeks. As expected, the aliens' wide broadcast of "join us or die" eventually stopped, the ship turned sharply, and shot directly toward Aegis. USS Missouri and RSE Praetor were waiting. The alien ship was decimated in less than an hour. "Composition of the hull?" Kirel continued their conversation as her eyes swept over the equipment that was strewn across the deck. "That has yet to be determined," d'Ka replied thoughtfully. "It gives credence to the word alien" He paused, then turned to face her and whispered in exasperation. "Kh’éile, even I have not seen a ship the likes of this, with such size and indeterminable composition. Not even on Sindar." "Three times the size of our Akiras, I understand," she mused as she pushed past his thoughts to focus on her own concerns. "Its complement?" "A mere twenty seven, species unknown. Doctor Azar's medical team is examining the few remains we found floating among the debris. So far the doctor does not believe that they are humanoid. We have determined is that their technology is well beyond ours. And before you ask, we have no idea why or how they succumbed to our trap." “Purposeful, perhaps?” “Or ignorant of our abilities, which I doubt. I understand that you first encountered that ship on An-Ward. Commander Cayne used his expertise to get aboard, and he planted a tracking device, but the device did not work. And they were able to transport through cloaks?” “Indeed they did,” Kirel replied, still watching the engineers and wondering what they would find. D’Ka pondered that for a few minutes, then his brow furrowed. “Kh’éile, were the aliens on the An-Ward ship strangely configured?” “No. They were humanoids. Highly advanced and intelligent.”
  2. Journey to Voad Chirakis Kirel Je’rit d’Ka The Dahlem ship, Voad, hung like an ornament at Aegis’ Karman line as its occupants waited for a visit from Aegis personnel. Despite Kirel’s conversation with the Voad Captain Aayrn, she still had misgivings. She was cautious by nature— perhaps too much, but it was better than being caught off guard. There was always a catch, always an ulterior motive. If she were the only one involved, she might take it in stride. She could defend herself, and if she could not, she would be the only one affected, alive or dead. In this case, others would be involved. All had families, and each one one would be her responsibility. At 1315 hours, Command and Control had settled into normalcy. Only a few knew of their mission, and it was best kept that way. While Kirel outlined mission objectives and procedures at her personal console, she sought much needed counsel from her bondmate, Captain d’Ka. Their psionic conversation would be secure on two levels—their private bond, and the little-known language of the Sindar. Captain d’Ka had already exchanged ideas with Dahlem’s Captain Aayrn on many subjects, especially their desire to work together in this arm of the galaxy. His sincere enthusiasm came with the suggestion that representatives from each department accompany Kirel to the Voad. The proposed list included himself, Executive Officer Commander Bialar, Science Officer Lieutenant Kagih, Engineering Officer Lt Commander Aurra, Chief Medical Officer Lt Commander Pallas, and Chief Security Officer Commander Thor. Primarily, D’Ka assured her that all would be well. It did not alleviate her misgivings. “Ag’us tá tú sin’nte ze? [And you are certain of this?]” Kirel asked poignantly. “Ko mór mar zin, [Very much so.]” d’Ka responded, though it did little to settle her qualms. “Ag’us kad a tarlaíonn… kad a arlaíon nach gkeadaíonn ziad dúinn fil’eadh?” [And what if we are taken captive?] There was a long pause, then a sigh. “Kirel, Dea’rbhaím duit. Óz rud é go dtugann Sindar a gkuid focail a onóir, mar zin a dhéanann ziad. Go deimhin, tá ziad khomh khosúil. N'fheadar má bhí baint ag ár zpeikeas..” [I assure you, Kirel. As the Sindar honor their words, so do they honor theirs. In fact, they are so similar I wonder if our species are related.] “Bh’fuhl ziad?” [Are they?] she asked casually. “Kh’éile, Tá baint ag gach zpeic’eaz ar bhealach éigin. Tá na cruinne ollmhór, ach tá forbairt na zpeic’eas motha khalach mar a fhioz againn iad go leor beag. Tá gaol againn ar bhea’lach éigin, ach tá Sindar go Dahlem go zonrach? Is é zin na heolaithe a zhin’neadh.” [ Kh’éile, all species are related in some way. The universe is vast, but the development of sentient species as we know them is quite small. We are related in some way, but Sindar to Dahlem specifically? That is for the scientists to determine.] “Zin, tá muid zábh’áilte?”[So we are safe?] “Very. Perhaps more safe than any other place in the galaxy.” He had slipped into Federation Standard: his less-than-subtle punctuation. That it would be more safe than any other place in the galaxy was absurd. However, he was more familiar with them, so she let it pass. As the chronometer continued its precise calibration of time, Kirel paused to stare at the main tactical screen. Voad was still at stationkeeping just inside Aegis’ Kármán line. They did keep their distance, as they said they would. They were polite… so far. However, there were too many what ifs. “Kh’éile.” “What?” she snapped aloud, making a few heads turn in CnC. She ignored them. “Do not overthink the situation. Continue on that path, and your fear may become reality.” He was right, of course. He usually is. Would she acknowledge that? Definitely not. Instead, she stepped to her console and finalized her list of team objectives, then forwarded them to Captain Ramson. At 1330, there was time enough for Captain Ramson to approve or adjust. Lt Garand had readied the equipment she might need. The team was due at TR-2 in 30 minutes. Report Memorandum To: Kallah Ramson, Captain, Commanding Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis CC: Scott Coleridge, Commander, Executive Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis From: Chirakis Kirel, Captain SI-5, Chief of Security, Sky Harbor Aegis RE: Mission to Dahlem ship Voad, Aegis orbit, Stardate 2388.120 Proposed Team: Chirakis Kirel, Captain, SI-5, Chief of Security, Sky Harbor Aegis Commander Scott Coleridge, Executive Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis Duelle Tarisa, Lt Commander, Chief Science Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis Tae’Lynn Dran, Ensign, Science (Botany, Life Science, Meteorology, and Hydrology), Sky Harbor Aegis Mimi Pavilion, Physician, Chief Medical Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis Nijil tr’Korjata, SubCommander, Chief of Engineering, Sky Harbor Aegis Proposed Objectives: When given permission by the Dahlem, board the Dahlem Starship Voad. Observe and document elements of the starship and its occupants. Observe and document any threats that could compromise the safety of the Away Team. Observe and document any threats that could compromise Sky Harbor Aegis or its area of space. Observe and document any ideas voiced by the Dahlem concerning collaboration with them in the areas of science, medicine, engineering, or otherwise. Safely return to Aegis and formulate individual reports due within 24 hours. Oral report and discussion at the convenience of Captain Ramson and/or Commander Coleridge. Chirakis Kirel, SI-5 Captain, Starfleet Intelligence