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Found 1 result

  1. McFly sat casually in the chair in front of the desk in the empty office as he waited for Consul General Elaine Jaffe to arrive. He’s only had a handful of interactions with her previously and was not a fan of her sternness. He tapped his finger on the arm rest while he waited. Without warning, a holographic display of Jaffe beamed into the room. First filling the room with light then dulling as the image focused and she appeared as if physically sitting in the room. She fidgeted with multiple padds and never looked up to see McFly sitting in the chair in front of her. McFly sat up straight as soon as he saw her appear. He wasn’t used to holographic communications and had to calm his heart down from the suddenness of her arrival. He also didn’t like the tightness of her hair bun since to him that indicated a larger than normal stick up ones rectum. “Since when did we get holographic coms?” He asked. “Space stations have used holo-coms for many years now.” She said very matter-of-factly. “Oh. Why don’t we use them on star ships?” “Enough of that.” McFly looked away and took a deep breath. “I trust Atragon 9 discussed procedures with you?” She asked again without looking up from her padds. McFly began to slouch in his chair losing interest in formality. “Uh, yeah.” “And the data crystal?” “Yep, that’s where I get all my super-secret messages from.” “Understand the crystal is just a decryption device. Messages will be delivered encrypted on standard top secret channels.” “Oh, ok.” “And I must reiterate, messages and orders you receive through such communique are for your eyes only. Any information you relay to your crew, including your first officer, are on a need to know basis and you are urged to use proper judgement on what is “need to know”.” He eyes glanced upwards towards McFly to help emphasize the point then back down to her pile of padds. “Of course, well I guess that explains why we never know what the heck our missions are till we actually get there.” McFly chuckles quickly then turns it into a cough when he sees the CG’s lack of personality. “And speaking of which, the fleet counsel will have a first officer assigned to your ship within the week.” “I uh, I already have a first officer.” Jaffe looks up from her stash of padds for the first time. “Excuse me?” McFly furrows his brow in confusion. “Didn’t you get the paper work?” “No. I didn’t.” She says sternly. “Guess someone’s getting some lashings when you get back to the office.” He again laughs to himself then quickly hides it. “Who is your first officer, Captain?” McFly feels like a dog about to whimper as Jaffe stares him down. “That would be Commander Kenickie, new pip and everything.” Jaffe begins to look through one of her padds. “Are you two still in a relationship?” “I mean as far as I know. Why did you hear something?” He chuckles to himself. “Captain, who authorized you to promote your XO?” He raised his eyebrow. “I did? I’m allowed to make promotions and assign senior staff.” “You said Atragon briefed you on procedure and protocol. It doesn’t seem like it.” “I never said protocol.” Jaffe is not amused. “The Executive Officer position aboard a star ship is just as critical as its Commanding Officer. And is thus assigned and or approved through Command. This goes double for Special Ops where everything and everyone is tightly controlled due to the outside scrutiny put upon us.” “I don’t understand the problem.” “The problem is you failed to follow protocol, Captain. Special Ops is not Section 31 that does whatever it wants under everyone’s nose. We have rules that must be followed to maintain order within our organization.” McFly straightens himself to a more formal position. “Now wait a minute, Kansas Kenickie is a fine officer who has proven her worth more times than is accounted for. Not only has she earned the position but she’s proved critical to the wellbeing of the ship.” “That is not for you to decide. You are exactly the reason we have such procedures in place so the Captain can’t put his girlfriend in the seat next to him.” “Atragon and Sovak both had their spouses in ranking positions next to them at one point.” “Exactly my point. Look at the history of those relationships and their eventuality… And they are much more meritorious than you have proven yourself to be.” “Fine, then why am I even here?” “It’s because you have two officers who were able to convince the SO Fleet Command that you were worthy of an opportunity. Left up to me the Manticore would be decommissioned.” “Damn, sucks for you don’t it?” “Careful McFly, Command is honoring a request, not an order.” “Alright let’s cut to the chase. I know I’m no one’s first choice for anything. I know Atragon and Sovak are largely the reason I’m even here. If you could find someone else to take on this ship they’d be here. Whether it’s due to lack of man-power or disinterest in this motley crew I don’t know. But here we are. So don’t assume I’m completely inept, or ignorant. You need us, we get results, despite our methods or meritorious or whatever big words you have. We’re probably one of the few able to get the job done. Which means despite your contempt for us, you can’t get rid of us. And what’s even better is it’s probably out of your control, which just pisses you off.” McFly leaned back in his chair, his heart racing and holding back a smile. Jaffe carefully laid the padd she had been hold on the desk. She straitened her tunic and folded her hands together on the desk. “Thank god I don’t have to work with you Captain.” She said quietly and calmly. “As Consul General, my duties go above and beyond what you’ll ever experience. Our meeting today is a courtesy so I am able to know my Captains and how best to use their skills in the field. Your skills don’t give me a lot of promise. Your ship is only one out of an entire fleet. Your Admirals, which I hold in high regard, have been reassigned to best utilize their skills. I don’t need you. What I need are ships able to follow orders and maintain stability in the quadrant.” Jaffe leaned in closer on her desk, “You’re not special. Not to me, not to the fleet.” McFly takes a deep breath and straightens himself in his chair. Jaffe returns to her upright position. “I already regret allowing Manticore to remain in service but out of loyalty to Atragon and Sovak I will let it continue… for now. Manticore will be under probation until it is deemed by Fleet Command that it is able to preserve the dignity befitting Special Ops and you are able to maintain the order and stability of a Starfleet Captain. Failure to do so will result you and your crew being spread out amongst a fleet of waste reclamation ships. Am I clear?” Trying not to feel one inch tall McFly responds promptly, “Yes sir.” “Very good. Dismissed.” And with that, the hologram of Jaffe disappeared and McFly sat in an empty office.