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Found 1 result

  1. Please join me in congratulating the crew of STSF’s very own USS Republic as they embark on their 25th season of continuous online Star Trek Simming/Roleplay. We are officially one of the longest continually running online text-based Star Trek Role Playing Sims out there, playing online each week (with the rare holiday off occasionally), since 1991. We invite you all to stop by before we get the sim going to help us commemorate this auspicious day on Monday, November 14th at 11pm EST, in the sim room Republic, to help us celebrate this special day. (It's how we pick up new crew, medical sedates them, we wake them after we leave Starbase). We would like to invite everyone to come and remember not only your favorite moments on the Republic, things regarding the Republic, but we want to hear more about your sims as well. This is a huge milestone and one we would like to share with the entire forum if they would care to join in. If you've ever played on the Republic, we'd especially love to have you come relate something that made you laugh, something that made you cry.....that frustrating plot device....or even some of those crazy tales from Shoreleave. We had one year, and a great picture from Baltimore, where we had 21 of the 23 crewmembers present and in the photo. Many have remained friend through the years, vacationing together, friends on facebook and other social media together, some just chatting when they can. Of our current players, their time ranges from shortest being 14 years to a few of us at 22 years actually playing on the sim....which...wow, that's a long time!!! Anyway, we'd love to have you stop by, even if for a moment and say hello! 11 PM EST on Monday November 14th. - Room USS Republic Now a bit of history. Yes, some of you have seen it before, it's the boring part, but we’re posting it again so we don’t lose it. Such as the gif of the original ships’ plaque passed to me by Admiral Morgyn, which is on a floppy disk, in a box buried somewhere in my basement. The USS Republic Sim began in November 1991 on a small university server, under the command of Captain Kruge. The ship them moved through a short interlude with Netscape and then shortly after that, the ship was moved over to play on the America Online service as it's founding ship, where it played under the auspices of StarFleet Online, later renamed Spacefleet Online due to various legal issues that arose. Bouncing around the AOL forums with our hosts having to sport many different titles over the years, and I know many of our past and present crew members wore many of these names. You often saw us with the prefix of OGF, Host OGF, Host PCG, Host Games, Guide, Hometown and many more, but through it all, we remained the same players with the same surnames. Following in the footsteps of Captain Kruge, 'The Republic' has also been commanded by Captain Kraf, Admiral Erinna Morgyn, Captain Fish Vir, Captain Jael, Captain Kilgore, Vice-Admiral Ender Wiggins and Rear Admiral Errrika BluRox. In 2002, the USS Republic-D, a Galaxy-class ship serving as a flag vessel for Rear Admiral Errrika BluRox and Commander Kania Kawalas, moved to the Star Trek Simulation Forum. The Republic, part of the founding of STSF, had to delay making the physical initial jump to STSF from SFOL, due to room limitations as we shared a time slot with the USS Manticore, commanded by our current Fleet Admiral Atragon, (he’s so handsome, how could we not defer to him!?), but at the time, we only had the one chat room, so many of the crew would participate in the new STSF Monday Academy (run by BluRox and Kbear) as a warmup to the Republic sim, then pop back over to our old room to play there during construction. Once a second room was built, (many thanks to our ever amazing Webmaster for ‘making it so’) the move was completed, and our voyages continue here to this day. We love ya Webbie, thanks again! Sadly, many people forget that the Republic was also a founding member of STSF, just sorta sitting homeless on an asteroid waiting for the station to be built. Most recently, our crew has moved onto the new USS Republic NCC-1371-E,(yes, we tore up yet another ship); a nice newly modified Sovereign-class vessel, with the crew all having a hand in the unique naming of our shuttles, and yes, we do have a pink glittery one reserved for our chief of security, but only because we picked the ship up early before they could redo it’s paint job, a standing joke while at the Utopia Planatia Shipyards. Currently under the joint command of Rear Admiral Errrika BluRox and Captain Rian Kwai, we continue forward, having put two decades of history behind us and continuing on in our third decade of simming together. Many of our crew have been steady players on the ship for over 15-20 years themselves! The scarier part is, some of us have been here almost as long as the ship. We also have had some wonderful new players come join us, and are always looking for more victims...er, I mean crew. To our current crew and the many, many others that have served aboard the Republic over the years, have joined us in one of the many joint sim plots that have run with the other fine ships in the forum, have played that ever so special “Special Guest Villian/Visitor/Victim”; your continued dedication to the ship and our simming community as a whole, is what has made it what it is, and your perseverance is what still keeps us going to this day. Just wait until we hit 30! You guys are the best and we thank each and every one of you. We could not have done this without you! Thank you to each and every one of you that have stopped by to watch, play, joke, SGV or even blow raspberries at us. Without you all, we would not be here. I especially have to thank my XO's, most notably Rian Kwai and Kania Kawalas, who have had to put up with me for all these years! Without you, Holly would have most definitely taken over the ship..lol. Seriously though, I appreciate your time and efforts, as I do the entire crew, who are here week in and week out. (You may all collect 1 "Get out of Peril Free Card" if you read this to the end, for use in any upcoming Season 25 sim. Must be collected in person during the anniversary sim and message me the word "Toast"). Blu