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Found 3 results

  1. Our heartiest congratulations to =Mr. Wesley Roberts=, promoted to EX-6 (Starfleet equivalent of Captain), on 12/19/2014 to take command of Sky Harbor Aegis. We wish him a long and, hopefully, uneventful tour of duty, though with the present state of chaos that exists within the Allied Powers, that may not be the case. Congratulations, Mr. Roberts!
  2. Chirakis -> =-/\= Aegis Mission Brief 1/2/15=/\= Chirakis -> 9 January 2388 Chirakis -> TBS was 12 hours Chirakis -> The time is 2000 (8 PM). Chirakis -> The station has been informed of the new command structure. Chirakis -> The Horta seems to be doing well in medical. Chirakis -> The Pakleds are enjoying whatever they enjoy. Chirakis -> The Horta's origin is still in question. Chirakis -> Sentient trafficking is still under investigation. Chirakis -> Anyone not on Aegis adopt a symbol - first come, first served. Chirakis -> Questions? Chirakis -> seeing none.. Chirakis -> =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis -> =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis -> % ::elsewhere::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Eating cereal in his quarters as a late dinner, sitting with Annisha :: A Davis -> ::on the midway, trying to decide what she should have for dinner:: Kallah Ramson -> ::having lost track of time still in her office well past shift's end:: mimipavilion -> ::goes and checks on the Horta one final time, before getting off duty:: Dacia Sandero -> ::off in the concourse deck with Alexis, looking for dinner:: Annisha -> :: Looks at him :: A Davis -> ::or, yes, it's called the concourse now::: Annisha -> Daddy, how long will JyJy be the boss of au? Jylliene -> ::heading toward quarters, just having finished up with some late work on getting settled with new arrangements and such:: A Davis -> ::or is it the commerce deck?::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: chokes on his cereal :: Scott Coleridge -> ::in engineering, tinkering with things during his off hours:: Alexis McFarland -> ::Clinging onto Dacia, not sure what it's called either:: A Davis -> ::catches the delicious smell of roast lamb::: Jylliene -> ::yawns:: mimipavilion -> ::notes and makes a note in the file and then signs off duty for the night:: Chirakis -> Fischer> ::tending to OPS::: mimipavilion -> ::goes to the concourse for a meal:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> She's just overseeing engineering. I'm in the shuttle bay.. not as overlooked as other sections. Kallah Ramson -> ::happens to glance towards the window and noticing the Commerce Zone lighting dimming to evening shapes:: Annisha -> Mmhmm.. :: eats :: A Davis -> ::it just happens to be shawarma, but lamb is lamb, spicy or not::: Jylliene -> ::checking PADD as she walks:: Chirakis -> Fischer> ::fielding calls, trying to get the command structure straight in his head::: Annisha -> :: Thinks :: So do au have to do what she says? Cause au already do that. mimipavilion -> ::looks around for a good resturant to eat at:: Kallah Ramson -> ::swipes her hand through the holographic desktop which causes it to fade away:: A Davis -> ::enters the latest restaurant, which happens to be earth Middle Eastern::: Chirakis -> Fischer> ::blink::checks the report::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: stops eating, clears his throat :: Ie... Kallah Ramson -> ::shifts her legs and raises slowly from her seated position on the floor:: Alexis McFarland -> Hmm. ::Passes by an Indian restaurant:: Hmm, fancy some chicken vindaloo? Chirakis -> Fischer> ::feels a headache forming::: Jylliene -> ::rings the chime at Nijil's quarters:: Annisha -> :: Jumps up :: That's your boss right now.. :: goes to the door and opens it :: Hi. Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ OPS to engineering. Dacia Sandero -> Sounds good, dear. It goes well with beer. Jylliene -> ::grins at Annisha:: Annisha - have a good day? ::enters:: mimipavilion -> ::spots a small terran restaurant and goes in to order something to eat:: A Davis -> ::settles in with a nice plate of schwarma and Arabic tea::: Annisha -> It's always a good day when I'm good. Annisha -> :: waves her arm :: There's your minion... Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: pauses :: Dacia Sandero -> ::sits down with Alexis, orders a chicken shawarma, naan bread and some vindaloo for Alexis:: Jylliene -> ::chuckles:: SubCommander Jorahl is still chief of engineering. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: gets up :: Can I get you something me e'lev? Kallah Ramson -> ::comes to the edge of the office, beside the doorway to the CnC:: Annisha -> Aww don't be modest mom. Annisha -> :: Pushes her towards him :: You can order him to kiss you.... right daddy Jylliene -> I'll just get something from the replicator ::seeing what they're eating:: Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ OPS to engineering. Anyone down there? mimipavilion -> ::the waiter brings the meal that she has ordered:: Jylliene -> Relax. ::grins to Nijil:: Dacia Sandero -> ::orders a pint of Newcastle Ale to go with her shawarma:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Goes to kiss, as if he needs an excuse :: Scott Coleridge -> ::pokes his head up, grumbles:: If you want something done ... Kallah Ramson -> ::lifts her feet as uniform boots replicate into place before stepping through the doorway:: Scott Coleridge -> +Fischer+ Coleridge here. Is something on fire? Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ Uh.. no, Sir. Just received a call from below. Apparently the Pakleds have "semi-destroyed" something in the cargo bay. Could you look into it, Commander? Jylliene -> ::smiles and accepts the kiss:: Annisha -> Guess that's not such a hard command... :: goes back to her seat :: Daddy replicated these colored sweet corn flavored cereal bits... Kallah Ramson -> ::enters the CnC just in time to hear that:: "Semi" destroyed something? Jylliene -> That works. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Just another Earth item, cereal in milk, though this liquid is from almonds. Dacia Sandero -> Been awhile since I've had some decent Indian food. Hmm, that's some good kudge. Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ No fire alerts, and no force fields or suppressions systems have gone off, so it's not a fire. Jylliene -> ::grins to Annisha, then stifles a yawn:: Scott Coleridge -> ::blinks:: +Fischer+ Pakleds, you say? Scott Coleridge -> ::hand trembles:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> How was work?' Chirakis -> Fischer> ::turns to Ramson:: Yes, ma'am. That's what the report says. "destroyed something" Alexis McFarland -> Yes, there was a good Indian restaurant on East 68th. Jylliene -> ::stands and stares at the replicator, wondering what she wants:: Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ Yes, sir. Scott Coleridge -> +Fischer+ In a cargo bay, you say? Scott Coleridge -> ::trembling hand drops the tool it is holding:: Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ Yes, sir. Cargo bay. I'm trying to get them to be more specific, but they're not responding. Jylliene -> It was busy. All the changes to my displays, but I think it's more or less organized now. Kallah Ramson -> ::worried:: Scott Coleridge -> ::begins deliberately taking long, deep breaths:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> I have a workstation in the bay we can more around... Chirakis -> Fischer> ::blinks, calls up a screen in the cargo bay::: Dacia Sandero -> Hmm Sounds good. Should visit there next time I'm over on that side of the pond. Nijil tr'Korjata -> I like the Nei'rrh a lot, but damned those maintenance schedules... Chirakis -> Fischer> ::Ramson:: Looks like they're tearing the place apart, trying to find something, Commander. Annisha -> Do I get to fly it soon? Nijil tr'Korjata -> Na. Scott Coleridge -> +Fischer+ I-I'll go. But I want Lieutenant Rambo to accompany me. And I want a transporter lock on us at all times! Annisha -> :: pouts :: Jylliene -> ::shakes head:: I'd really rather not end up with additional screens. The more focused I can be on what I'm used to monitoring, the better it'll be for keeping tabs on the new things. Kallah Ramson -> Dispatch security. Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ Yes, sir. ::nods to Ramson:: Aye, ma'am. Chirakis -> Fischer> ::informs Rambo and security::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> It's all about hiding what you don't need and prioritizing what you do need. Jylliene -> ::nods:: mimipavilion -> ::while eating, thinks about her life this far:: Jylliene -> And it was a juggle trying to figure out exactly what I did seem to need or not need prioritized access to. Chirakis -> Fischer> Security it en route, Commander. Kallah Ramson -> ::nods:: Chirakis -> Fischer> +ENG+ Lt Rambo will meet you there, sir. Scott Coleridge -> +Fischer+ Thank you. Scott Coleridge -> ::looks longingly at the equipment strewn about the worktable, then sighs:: Pakleds. Again. Jylliene -> I'm sure I'll need to tweak it over the next few days, but it's workable. Annisha -> :: poking her toast :: A Davis -> ::relaxing for the first time in ages, thoroughly enjoying her dinner as she watches people mill through the commerce area:: mimipavilion -> ::finishes up her meal and heads for her quarters:: Jylliene -> ::glances at Annisha, then shrugs and decides to go with french toast and eggs:: Alexis McFarland -> Hm. ::eating through her dinner:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::Loaded for bear, having heard that it's Pakleds::: Jylliene -> Every so often, my mother would decide we'd do breakfast for dinner. It was enjoyable. Jylliene -> ::goes to the table, sits:: Jylliene -> How did your day go, e'lev? Annisha -> I have seen daddy eat lunch after midnight.. Jylliene -> ::grins at Annisha:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> A snack, a snack... Jylliene -> I've heard him get up. I just pretend to be asleep and ignore it. Nijil tr'Korjata -> So.. :: looks at Annisha :: How about all of these changes? Scott Coleridge -> ::leaves engineering and heads for the cargo bay:: Kallah Ramson -> ::steps over to the XO station:: Kallah Ramson -> ::looking through the cargo records for that area:: A Davis -> Pakled 1> ::in the cargo bay, shouting, tossing things around, tearing into anything he can get his hands on::: Alexis McFarland -> It's all right, this. ::tears off a piece of naan and dips it into the yellow curry and bean sauce:: mimipavilion -> ::finally arrives at her quarters, goes into her bedroom to change and gets ready for bed, then heads for her desk to look over some messages:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::lift stops at the cargo bay::: Kallah Ramson -> ::Fisher:: Have all the Pakled's been accounted for? Chirakis -> Fischer> ::checking::: Jylliene -> ::to Nijil:: It's an adjustment all over. But Commander Ramson is - well, I've worked under her before, and I can definitely do so again. Scott Coleridge -> ::arrives at the cargo bay nearly at the same time as Rambo:: Chirakis -> Fischer> Yes, ma'am. They're pretty much spread through the station, but two in the cargo bay. : Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::Scott:: Let me take point, sir. Looks like there are only two. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Remembers the memory transfer with Ramson :: I remember her.. quite well. Annisha -> Oh, was she your girlfriend before JyJy? Jylliene -> Love her of... Nijil tr'Korjata -> No.. no A Davis -> Pakled 1> ::in a fit, shouting something in Pakled to the other one::: Jylliene -> ::glances at Annisha, chuckles:: Jylliene -> Love her office. Nijil tr'Korjata -> No, she just passed on memories of her translator device... you... her office? Ramson's? mimipavilion -> Pakled 2>::getting yelled at, also flustered with what happened:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::as soon as security arrives, he moves out::: Jylliene -> Yes. When she told me about my new duties. A Davis -> Pakled 1> ::P2:: Where they put rocks? Rocks. Rocks. Need rocks. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Poor Nijil got no duties that he knows of... :: smiles :: Jylliene -> That's not necessarily a bad thing. Scott Coleridge -> ::lurks in the entrance to the cargo bay while security deals with the Pakleds:: Annisha -> :: Wonders what her friend is doing.. probably lonely without her :: Kallah Ramson -> Keep the others under passive observation. mimipavilion -> Pakled 2>::shrugs:: Not know. Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> Holy smokes. ::moving carefully, listening to hear where they are::: Alexis McFarland -> OOoh. Tasty. We should do this more often Dacia ::Smiles:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> If they are building more ships here there will been the need for more patrols along the Aegis perimeter.. A Davis -> P1 > ::in a fit:: Must have rocks. Must have ship. Nijil tr'Korjata -> I plan to put in some time with a patrol.. I could use the flight time. Jylliene -> Possibly, but that'll be a determination made as the need arises. mimipavilion -> Pakled 2>::shrugs again:: A Davis -> P1> ::toss, toss, dumps contents of container and moves to open another::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: facepalms :: I think I know what will happen... Jylliene -> ::eats her dinner:: What's that? ::to Nijil:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> dozens of worker bee class vessels will need repair.. Alexis McFarland -> ::finishes dinner and dessert:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::stealth approach, but it's not really necessary because of the noise:: mimipavilion -> Pakled 2>::follows and helps open another container:: Where are rocks? A Davis -> P1> ::P2:: You help open containers. Find rock. A Davis -> P1> Not any rock. That one rock. Dacia Sandero -> Yes. It was good. ::grabs Lexxy's hand:: Come on then, Lexxy. Scott Coleridge -> Why are they looking for rocks? mimipavilion -> P2>::nods:: Right. Special rock. Jylliene -> And...? Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::steps around a container, phaser on stun:: I think that's their MO, Commander. They seem to like their rocks. Nijil tr'Korjata -> They are likely to come to us... I need to prepare for that. mimipavilion -> P2>::goes and opens other containers to look for the rock:: Jylliene -> ::nods:: Quite possibly. A Davis -> P1> ::spots security guy, turns and shouts::: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::zzzzzaaap::: mimipavilion -> P2>:turns and looks:: A Davis -> P1> :;crumples to the deck:: Chirakis -> Sec 1> ::P2:: I suggest you give up unless you want the same. mimipavilion -> P2>::looks at P1, then back at Rambo:: Why you hurt him? Where is rock? Nijil tr'Korjata -> If there are particular personel informations you need let me know. Dacia Sandero -> ::Buys Alexis a can of Jumja Dew then heads back into the commerce deck, holding Alexis' hand:: Jylliene -> I will. ::smiles at Nijil:: Scott Coleridge -> ::moves closer:: It sounds like they are looking for a particular rock. Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::tending to P1:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> Funny the minute Chirakis takes a leave that these changes occur. Scott Coleridge -> Maybe a valuable rock they were carrying ... legally or otherwise? mimipavilion -> P2>::Scott:: Yes, we need special rock. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Such is the way of command changers. Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::looks up:: Sounds like it, sir. Think it might show up on scans? Jylliene -> Well, of course. Duties need to shift about. ::nods:: Scott Coleridge -> ::opens up his tricorder and waves it around dramatically:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> So... about our bonding... I have some changes to have you consider, but not right now. Jylliene -> And I daresay SubCommander Jorahl needs to be where he's transferred to. It'll be good for the shipyards. Jylliene -> Oh? Okay. ::eats:: A Davis -> P1> ::groggy, coming around::: Dacia Sandero -> ::looking around the shops:: Jylliene -> As long as you're not replacing me. ::grins:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> He will perform well there. Nijil tr'Korjata -> I'd not dream of replacing you. There's only room for two women in my life. Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::keeping P1 contained, zip tied or whatever they do in this century:: Jylliene -> ::ponders that:: mimipavilion -> P2>::frustrated:: We need shiny rock. A Davis -> P1> ::groan:: Rock... Annisha -> Oh.. who who? Jylliene -> I believe he means you, Annisha. Scott Coleridge -> I'm not detecting any radioactive signatures. ::Pakled:: Can you describe the rock? Jylliene -> ::grins:: Annisha -> Oh.. :: turns green :: Kallah Ramson -> ::watching the happenings in the cargo bay on her monitors:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::P2:: Shiny? mimipavilion -> P2> Yes. Shiny. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Although, if t'Dabi can fit other women in... A Davis -> P1> ::groan:: Small. Jylliene -> ::rolls eyes:: A Davis -> P1> Come with other rocks. Annisha -> No one would have au daddy. Jylliene -> As long as I get to approve as well. Scott Coleridge -> Do you know the chemical composition of the rock? Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: laughs :: I will draw up a list then. mimipavilion -> P2> Pretty, shiny rock. Jylliene -> ::nearly chokes on her food at Annisha's comment, coughs, takes a drink:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::askance at Coleridge:: Annisha -> You alright mom? :: pats her back LL Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::chemical composition?::: Scott Coleridge -> ::sighs:: Of course. It's like talking to a field technician. mimipavilion -> P2>::looks at Scott, confused:: What's that. Jylliene -> ::nods:: Yes, thank you. ::takes another drink:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::shrugs:: Shiny could be just about anything, Commander. Scott Coleridge -> ::P2:: We'll keep an eye out for your small, shiny rock, all right? But you can't look for it yourself here. Jylliene -> ::to Nijil:: Just send it along when you have it finished. Scott Coleridge -> ::P2:: Let the nice man take you back to your quarters now, and don't leave again. Nijil tr'Korjata -> I just want this bonding to go well.. so many dangers...everywhere. mimipavilion -> P2> Must have pretty, shiny rock. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: grabs her hand :: Jylliene -> I'll be sure to practice my marksmanship before the bonding, then. Jylliene -> ::rubs Nijil's back:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> Mmm... I have no doubt you'd need more than one shot. Jylliene -> I'll requisition a phaser rifle. That should do it. Jylliene -> We'll be a well-armed bonding party. Annisha -> :: cleans up :: I'm going to go to my room.. Nijil tr'Korjata -> That's a boarding party... Chirakis -> Security> :::rounds up the two and escorts them off::: Jylliene -> Which is beginning to sound more like I'm getting involved with a Klingon than a Romulan. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Annisha... :: waves her over : Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: kisses Annisha's forehead :: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::looking around, turns to Coleridge:: I'll get maintenance to clean this up, sir. mimipavilion -> P2>::walks out of the cargo bay with the security guards:: Jylliene -> Boarding party, bonding party. Either way, a lot of people are going to be in one place, and you just want it to get done so you can be alone with your partner. A Davis -> P1> ::grumbles about small shiny rock:: Annisha -> :: goes to kiss JyJy :: Jylliene -> ::gives Annisha a goodnight kiss:: mimipavilion -> P2>::mad, also grumbling about the shiny rock:: Annisha -> :: goes to her room, looks back a moment before heading inside :: Scott Coleridge -> That's a good idea. And we should keep an eye out for that rock. Just in case it turns out to be something dangerous or stolen. Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> Yes, sir. I'll pass the word. Kallah Ramson -> ::Fisher:: Post guards on all the cargo bays holding debris from the Pakled ship. Kallah Ramson -> If there's anything of actual value there might be those who actually know what they're looking for...looking for it. Chirakis -> Fischer> Yes, ma'am. Here and at the shipyard, correct? Kallah Ramson -> Yes. Chirakis -> Fischer> ::Nod:: Sending it out now. Nijil tr'Korjata -> She has her moments. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Though she's probably escaping her room... Chirakis -> Fisher> ::nod:: Security is on it here, ma'am. Chirakis -> Fisher> And... received and acknowledged at the shipyard. Jylliene -> She's sweet. And entirely possible. The girl has skills. Kallah Ramson -> Good. Nijil tr'Korjata -> She escaped the Romulan schoolyard by climbing to the top of the center tree... A Davis -> ::finishing up her dinner, and now just relaxing::: Alexis McFarland -> ::Buys a few things with Dacia and heads back to their quarters:: Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::in the lift with Coleridge:: Anything I can help you with, sir? Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::holds the door for him when it stops at engineering::: mimipavilion -> ::finishes reading her messages and looks around the place to see what she can do to decorate:: Jylliene -> As I said, skills. She just needs to refine her self-discipline. A Davis -> ::enjoying the ebb and flow of ordinary people doing ordinary things::: Jylliene -> Which is up to us to help with. Jylliene -> Elements preserve us. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Still holding Jylliene's hand :: I could use the rest of the...honeymoon. is t? Nijil tr'Korjata -> I never asked about...children of our own. Annisha came along and.. Kallah Ramson -> Let's have science take another look at the Pakled's.... rocks. I don't want to have missed something. Jylliene -> What about children of our own? Scott Coleridge -> ::Rambo:: No thanks. If I never have to work with Pakleds again, it will be too soon. Chirakis -> Fischer> ::tap.. tap tap::: I'll inform Lieutenant Lawliet, ma'am. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Turns to her :: How many, or even if? Not for the sake of the Galae, but for ourselves. Chirakis -> Lt Rambo> ::Scott:: Can't argue with that, Commander. Jylliene -> ((I will not break into a Grease 2 montage, I will not break into a Grease 2 montage...)) Scott Coleridge -> ::returns to engineering:: Chirakis -> Fischer> Science is on it. Jylliene -> Well, I imagine the "how many" will be something that we'll have to determine one at a time. Easy to say "one" now, and then decide you want more later, or "five" now and decide that no, two was quite enough. mimipavilion -> ::quietly goes through the quarters, seeing what she could put where:: Jylliene -> So we'll just simply start by saying yes, I would like to have one, and go from there. A Davis -> ::pays her bill, then stands to join the shoppers:: Kallah Ramson -> Thank you. Send an update to Mr Roberts about these events. Chirakis -> Fischer> Aye, Commander. Chirakis -> Fischer> ::reports.. reports.. and more reports::still better than Pakleds::: mimipavilion -> ::sighs:: Alexis McFarland -> ::heads back to their quarters:: Kallah Ramson -> ::moves away from her station:: The CnC is yours. I just realized I still have my quarters to move. Jylliene -> Could start as soon as you're ready. ::grins:: Chirakis -> Fischer> Aye, ma'am. Dacia Sandero -> That was fun ::Smiles:: We should go there again. I didn't think we'd find a good Indian place on the station. Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis -> 1/2/15 Chirakis -> Thank you. Chirakis -> Well played, Pakleds and all. Chirakis -> TBS will be another 12 hours. Chirakis -> Commander Ramson, anything from you? Kallah Ramson -> Nothing. Chirakis -> Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis -> Have a good rest of the weekend. Crew *dismiss*
  3. Wes Roberts -> Attention to orders. Captain Chirakis... Chirakis -> Aye, Mr. Roberts... Chirakis -> It seems strange that I cannot call you Number One. Wes Roberts -> ::chuckles:: Chirakis -> Perhaps I should remedy that. Chirakis -> Mr. Roberts, front and center. Wes Roberts -> ::shifts, and stands in front of her:: Chirakis -> Mr. Roberts, for some reason the powers that be seem to believe that you are able to run this station. Chirakis -> Pity. Chirakis -> However, their gain, your loss... Wes Roberts -> We'll just run up a blood red Jolly Roger on the long range communications towers Chirakis -> Agreed. Chirakis -> By the power vested in me I am hereby ordered to promote you to the rank of E-6, which is equivalent to Starfleet Captain. Wes Roberts -> ::curt bow:: Chirakis -> Congratulations or condolences, Mr. Roberts. ::hands him the orders::firm handshake::: Tarisa -> Yay! Wes Roberts -> ::and firm handshake Chirakis -> ::steps back:: Now that you are in charge... Chirakis -> ::smirk:: Wes Roberts -> ::pivots:: Lieutenant Kital, front and center. Jylliene -> ::steps forward:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Looks :: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::gasp:: Wes Roberts -> Lieutenant, you're out of uniform. mimipavilion -> ::watches:: Jylliene -> ::glances down:: Jylliene -> ::peers:: Dacia Sandero -> Wow Wes Roberts -> ::smirks:: As of this Stardate, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: smiles :: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::eager applause::: Jylliene -> ::eyes widen slightly:: Kallah Ramson -> ::claps:: Jylliene -> Thank you, sir. Wes Roberts -> ::reaches into his pocket, pulls out the pip, and applies, sans blood draw:: Chirakis -> ::approving nod:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: claps :: Wes Roberts -> Don't thank me yet. Annisha -> :: hoots and hollars :: Jylliene -> ::grins slightly:: Yes sir mimipavilion -> ::claps:: Wes Roberts -> We still have to figure out how many more additional duties to drop into your lap Chirakis -> ::chuckle::: Dacia Sandero -> ::Golf claps:: Jylliene -> I shall wear the padded trousers. Chirakis -> Excellent idea... Chirakis -> And now we have a few service ribbons to distribute... Chirakis -> The Service Ribbon is given to members for attending 25 sims. Chirakis -> Tonight we award this to: Chirakis -> SubCommander Jorahl Chirakis -> Commander Coleridge Chirakis -> Commander Marx Chirakis -> Lieutenant Commander Kital Chirakis -> And those absent will be given them in absentia. Chirakis -> Those present, step forward. will_marx -> ::posts:: Jylliene -> ::steps forward:: Jorahl -> ::steps forward:: Chirakis -> ::steps down the line, awarding the ribbons, firm handshake;:: will_marx -> ::handshake:: Jorahl -> ::accepts with a nod:: will_marx -> ::..and return:: Chirakis -> ::steps back;: Wes Roberts -> You don't escape that easily, Captain. Wes Roberts -> Post. Chirakis -> ::steps forward, pivot, attention:: Wes Roberts -> For her 283d consecutive game, Captain Chirakis Kirel is hereby awarded yet another Service Medal, proving she doesn't have anything better to do on Fridays. Wes Roberts -> ::pins, plaque, and firm handshake:: Chirakis -> ::stifles a grin:: firm shake::: mimipavilion -> ::smirks, knows the feeling, claps:: Dacia Sandero -> ooh! Chirakis -> And now, attention to the brief brief... Chirakis -> =-/\= Aegis Mission Brief 12/19/14=/\= Chirakis -> 9 January 2388 Chirakis -> TBS was 12 hours Chirakis -> The time is 0700; Alpha Shift is coming on duty. Chirakis -> At Drankum's last night, a round-table discussion, including Mr. Roberts and SubCommander Jorahl, discussed their options concerning the station, as well as logistical support from Allied Forces. Chirakis -> Anyone not on Aegis adopt a symbol - first come, first served. Chirakis -> Questions? Chirakis -> =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis -> =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Amanda Davis PhD -> ::having tea:: Chirakis -> @ ::Rendezvous October:: Dacia Sandero -> ::sipping her tea and some biscuits as well:: Wes Roberts -> ::listening to the maintenance guy scrape off "Executive Officer" under the name on his office door:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Is facing a new reality much like the last reality, only time has shifted for him, and not in the best direction :: mimipavilion -> ::heading to sickbay, after leaving Torate's ship and dropping her things off at their place and a bit upset:: Jorahl -> ::on the CnC, Eng station.... looking over a number of reports:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::in her office, tending to several things::: Alexis McFarland -> ::in her bed, fast asleep:: mimipavilion -> ::finally arrives at sickbay, checking on things, especially the Horta:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Reporting to the flight deck, the place he is suppose to work on, but never seems to be at :: Dacia Sandero -> ::carries her tea to check on the Horta and the Pakleds if they are still there:: Wes Roberts -> -=Jorahl=- SubCommander, my office if you have a moment Tarisa -> ::Walking the corridors.:: Annisha -> :: After the wild dinner party, she finds herself at her friend Lexxy's place, sleeping under her bed:: Jorahl -> ::closes down his station and steps towards the new CO office:: mimipavilion -> ::checks the vitals on the Horta, trying not to let what happened last night bother her:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Walks up to the Nei'rrh and lets his finger trace the side of the hull. To others working on the deck it looked rather... odd :: Kallah Ramson -> ::wandering the station:: Jorahl -> ::chimes the door:: Wes Roberts -> ::stands:: Enter. Annisha -> :: Mutters in her sleep :: Nice cat person... Don't mind Mr. Cuddles. Jorahl -> ::enters:: mimipavilion -> ::glad that the Horta is doing fine:: Wes Roberts -> ::motions for Jorahl to take a seat:: SubCommander, we have a break in the chain of command... Alexis McFarland -> ::stirs in bed, unaware of her guest, her leg dangling near Annisha's head:: Jorahl -> ::takes the seat:: It would seem. Dacia Sandero -> (The Pakleds still there in sickbay, or were they released?) mimipavilion -> (Let's say they were released) Amanda Davis PhD -> ::finally puts the work aside, having come to enough of a conclusion, and exits her office to take a breather::: Tarisa -> ::Keeps walking as she works off the chocolate buzz. To hyper to do anything else.:: Tarisa -> *too Chirakis -> (Commander Marx will appreciate you for that, Doctor.) Wes Roberts -> As Second Officer, you're technically in line for promotion to First Officer. will_marx -> ((::grumbles: :)) Dacia Sandero -> (lol, not our problem anymore) mimipavilion -> ( :D Sorry.) Dacia Sandero -> ::Cleans up sickbay:: So much quieter without our Pakled guests. Jorahl -> That would be protocol. mimipavilion -> ::hears Dacia:: I'd say. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::deep breath before she enters main sick bay to see what she can do to help;:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::hears Pakled:: Hello Dacia, Mimi. Our Pakled friends are gone? ::looking around:: mimipavilion -> ::Amanda:: Yep. And I'm glad too. Dacia Sandero -> Yes. They were released last night, according to the nurses on evening shift. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Enters the Nei'rrh and walks to the cockpit :: Hello old friend. will_marx -> ::watching the security monitors track Security trying to keep the Pakleds from creating more of a rucus:: Chirakis -> @ ::consulting with several::: Wes Roberts -> It indeed is protocol. Would you be willing to take on that position? Annisha -> :: Mutters :: I don't think he will eat you... only cabbages... do you taste like a cabbage? Alexis McFarland -> ::Dreams about the kitty lady (Tarisa):: It's...so...fluffy! Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Logs into the shuttle, getting any stellar cartography updates available :: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::sighs:: It's good to see them gone, but are they free to wander the station? Jorahl -> Romulans are creatures of duty. I will serve where I am needed. But, I do not want it and I do not believe it is where I would be most valuable at this time. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::thinking about the increased workload::: Tarisa -> ::Ears twitch a little.:: mimipavilion -> Yes they are Amanda. Dacia Sandero -> Though I imagine security is keeping an eye on them. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::small sigh:: Oh, dear. Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: Annisha -> :: Brushes her head against Alexis' foot :: Oh there you are kitty... Amanda Davis PhD -> I'm sure they are. But I wonder about the effect they will have on the populace. Wes Roberts -> And our more proactive approach requires someone overseeing construction at the shipyard Amanda Davis PhD -> I mean the Pakleds, not Commander Marx, poor dear. Kallah Ramson -> ::today wandering more into the inner parts of the station. The offices, labs, and work areas. The growing "fleet areas" of the base:: Dacia Sandero -> Heh. YEah, I know how he feels. Jorahl -> Indeed. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh, Dacia. I can't imagine having his job right now. Alexis McFarland -> ...kitteh. Amanda Davis PhD -> But... how is our Horta? mimipavilion -> Stable still. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Testing all shuttle systems, scanning the station from withing the station :: Dacia Sandero -> The Horta seems to be doing fine. Mimi just checked his bio readings. Jorahl -> We should be looking at doubling our production. That is going to take work. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh, good. So the replicated rocks are what it needed? Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: Yes it will. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Hears the voices of Annisha and Jylliene in his head from the time they voyaged to Trill :: Wes Roberts -> It will also require a full time presence of a senior engineering officer overseeing the work Jorahl -> ::leans back in chair:: Infact I have made arrangements already to transfer the bulk of my hours to the shipyard. Chirakis -> @ ::stops in the corridor, considering the data crystal she has in her hand::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Snaps back to his reality, his now.. :: mimipavilion -> ::nods:: It seems to be working for now. I know that Lawliet is working on making more and I think working on other ways to make other types rock-based material for it to eat. Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: And in your absence, which of your subordinates would fill in for you here? Chirakis -> @ ::turns to enter the lift:: Level six, substrata. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh, that's good. Annisha -> :: yawns and grabs her friend's foot :: mimipavilion -> ::nods in agreement:: It is. Amanda Davis PhD -> Well, is there anything I can help with here? It seems you have everything under control. Amanda Davis PhD -> If not, I have a few people I need to touch base with. Jorahl -> Mr Coleridge has the experience and knowledge. But he may not want to position. mimipavilion -> ::looks around for a moment:: I think we got it all. I'll let you know if you're needed. Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: Chirakis -> @ ::exits on level six, turning sharply toward their analysis section::: Wes Roberts -> And your assessment of Mr. tr'Korjata? Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Looks to see when the shuttle will need a baron sweep.. onlyu taking a matter of minutes on a ship this size. Just has to be sure no one was on board at the time or Zzzap! :: Amanda Davis PhD -> Okay, then. I'll be only a call away. ::nods to Mimi and Dacia::: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Puts on his eyepiece, a gift and idea from the Dominion war :: Alexis McFarland -> ::twitch:: mimipavilion -> ::nods and turns to Dacia:: So how are things going on here. Jorahl -> He would also likely not wish to be separated from his more prefered duties. And he is still young. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::exits the medical complex and enters the lift:: Dacia Sandero -> There going good. Pretty quiet. Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: Annisha -> :: Laughs :: That tickles... :: wakes suddenly :: Whoa mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Good. I'll be in my office, if you need me. mimipavilion -> ::heads for her office:: Alexis McFarland -> ::would say the same thing if she were awake:: Tarisa -> ::Finally arrives at her quarters. Once inside, she is greeted by Skitters.:: Jorahl -> It is known in Starfleet command chains to place engineering, especially on Starbases under the administration of Operations. Annisha -> :: Crawls out of bed, her hair a mess of jet black tangles :: Dacia Sandero -> Very well. I'll mind the fort. Chirakis -> @ ::stops, thinking better of it, then re-enters the lift:: CnC Annisha -> What are you doing in my room? Wes Roberts -> ::blinks:: Assign Commander Kital as Chief Engineer? Nijil tr'Korjata -> (oh that's rich :) ) Amanda Davis PhD -> ::long pause in the lift:: +Nijil+ This is Dr. Davis. Are you busy? mimipavilion -> ::enters her office, sits down and begins doing some paperwork:: Alexis McFarland -> ::wakes up when Annisha bumps her foot:: Ow.. ::rubs her eyes:: Your room? This is my room? You know, you could've just slept on the couch there if you didn't want to sleep in the bed with me. ::gestures at the pink couch by the wall, opposite her desk:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: jerks awake :: +Davis+ I am in the Nei'rrh checking it's systems. So in a manner of speaking no. Amanda Davis PhD -> +Nijil+ Do you mind if I come down? Jorahl -> More putting Engineering under her supervision. Alexis McFarland -> ::looks at her chrono:: Good morning, by the way. Annisha -> What? :: looks around :: Oh, I thought this was my room.. thought the bed was awfully hard. Annisha -> What? Morning? Again? Jorahl -> Station engineerings above all others are tend fend for themselves most of the time, Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Davis+ No mind at all. Alexis McFarland -> My bed? Hard? It's your bed that's hard as a rock. Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: I've always tried to provide the best for my engineering staff. Alexis McFarland -> Yeah, want breakfast? Wes Roberts -> But when you're a ...privateer, you don't always have the luxury of a ready drydock Annisha -> Sure, what Federation food for today? Alexis McFarland -> I can replicate us some eggs, bacon and toast. Chirakis -> @ ::enters the CnC:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::lift:: Shuttle bay. Annisha -> Bacon.. I don't know.. what would Mr. Cuddles think? Amanda Davis PhD -> Computer> Specify. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh dear. Wherever Nijil is. SubCommander Korjata, that is. Wes Roberts -> She'll also be in a better position to supervise any damage control issues that might crop up. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::and the lift moves:: Alexis McFarland -> ::establishes a telepathic connection to Mr Cuddles:: He says he wants you to bring some home with you. Alexis McFarland -> And also he wants to know what bacon is. Chirakis -> @ Admiral Mullin. ::nod:: Admiral Solokov. Jorahl -> And that is the one time a station engineer needs a central voice in command. Annisha -> How about you tell him? I can't break that poor news to him. mimipavilion -> ::rearranges schedules for those who need it, signs and sends requestions, looks at the reports from last night:: Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: Chirakis -> @ ::they return her greeting and begin to discuss many things::: Amanda Davis PhD -> :::exits on the Nei'rrh's deck, then enters the bay::: Alexis McFarland -> Sure. ::tells him it's strips of belly fat from an Earth pig, and mentally shows him an image of said pig and bacon:: Now, he really wants some bacon. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Gets up and heads to the back of the Nei'rrh, sets up a tray of coffee and tea, replicated in such short notice :: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::breathing in the "wonderous" smell of shuttle bay maintenance::: Jorahl -> I believe they can work together well. They will need to. Alexis McFarland -> ::Gets up, and makes her bed, then heads out to the kitchen with Annisha:: Annisha -> Oh nooo. It will be the cabbages all over again. Alexis McFarland -> Cabbages? Wes Roberts -> I'll have the orders cut assigning her oversight authority. Annisha -> He really liked the cabbages. Did all kind of tricks for them. Then he repaid my with smelling after effects. Jorahl -> ::nods:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::wanders through the bay looking for Nei'rrh:: Tarisa -> ::Goes to her closet, grabs a nightie and begins changing.:: Alexis McFarland -> ::opens the lid of the food Dacia left behind:: Ahh. Cabbages do that. That's why I don't like cabbages myself. Wes Roberts -> That still leaves the Executive officer's slot vacant. Dacia Sandero -> ::tidies things up and arranges items neatly:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::spots it and moves in that direction:: Wes Roberts -> Mimi's got her hands full with Sickbay and the Children's Home. Annisha -> (Someone younger, with new ideas) Chirakis -> (Don't get your hopes up, Annisha.) Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Cargo door of the Nei'rrh opens :: Wes Roberts -> And I doubt Scott would leave Engineering for a command slot Amanda Davis PhD -> ::coming closer:: Hello, Nijil. mimipavilion -> ::looks over the Children's Home reports:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> Welcome to the fastest shuttle on Aegis. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh, my. I'll bet it is. Tarisa -> ::Climbs into the bed and purrs as she begins to drift off.:: Jorahl -> Other promotions might strike of nepotism. Alexis McFarland -> Want some breakfast, or you want to replicate some of that Romulan gruel that you usually eat? I think Dacia knew you were here, so she made extra for you as well. Annisha -> OJ, purple stuff.. alright Sunny D. Amanda Davis PhD -> You know, I've never been down here and I've never seen the Nei'rrh. mimipavilion -> ::mumbles:: If it's not one child it's another. Wes Roberts -> Commander Marx? He just got here. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Urges her to the table :: Alexis McFarland -> I have that in the fridge. ::takes out the 24th century bottle of Sunny D and two cups:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::enters, moving to the table:: It's larger than I imagined. Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: This is the galley for the most part, other times the cargo bay :: Nijil tr'Korjata -> Much like your Runabouts.. sit... tea, coffee? Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh, yes, please. ::sits:: Tea is fine. Jorahl -> Then, in our current status we are looking to promote from within. No wild cards needed at a time like this, eh. Wes Roberts -> None whatsoever. Wes Roberts -> We've already had one station takeover that I'd much rather not repeat Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Pours hot tea :: I will have this as well. Amanda Davis PhD -> :::deep inhale:: This is your father's tea, isn't it? Nijil tr'Korjata -> Sorry if you don't like green. Romulus bought this alloy in bulk. Jorahl -> Might I suggest my protege, Kallah Ramson. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh, I love green tea. Alexis McFarland -> ::splits the breakfast on two plates, pours the juice, then turns on the holo-viewer, which shows Saturday morning holo-cartoons:: Alexis McFarland -> ooh, I like this show! Nijil tr'Korjata -> Yes, the replicated version. I did not know au were to arrive, so I used his pattern Kallah Ramson -> ::sneezes....glances around:: Annisha -> :: sits and starts to eat :: So, when are we getting this cat person... Tarisa her name? Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: Her only assignment is commanding the Aegean. Amanda Davis PhD -> It's very nice, Nijil. Alexis McFarland -> She's probably at work now. Nijil tr'Korjata -> They are bring in a lot of the latest crop in a few days. Tarisa -> ::Is happily kitty sleeping.:: Alexis McFarland -> ::bites into her french toast:: Jorahl -> She is young but yes, she has experience commanding Aegean. She has commanded a fighter wings on starship and starbases. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::sips, contented:: I look forward to it. I'll be first at the shop. Wes Roberts -> ::nods:: And it'll look good on her record as first officer of a station. Amanda Davis PhD -> ::decides to broach the subject:: How are you doing, Nijil? I haven't seen you for some time, you've been so busy. Alexis McFarland -> ::gets up and heads to the replicator:: Canine supplement 74. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Yeah... burning the station's supply of midnight oil. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Guess you heard? Chirakis -> @ ::the discussion turns to the Vladivostok, Captain Belton, and the data crystal:: Wes Roberts -> I can brevet her to full commander until her orders get cut for promotion. Amanda Davis PhD -> And how is that working for you? Amanda Davis PhD -> Heard what, Nijil? Alexis McFarland -> ::picks up the bowl of dog food that appears and sets it down on the floor next to a bowl of water:: Almost forgot to feed Chester. ::Looks down at the pug:: Sorry, thanks for reminding me. Nijil tr'Korjata -> I got the work done, oh.. I made a bit of a distrubance at the dinner.. I was doing really well and had some great ideas, then I nearly collapsed. Alexis McFarland -> ::walks back to the table and continues eating:: Annisha -> Hi Chester... Amanda Davis PhD -> Well, I didn't hear, but I did see it. I was concerned. Alexis McFarland -> Chester> ::Looks up at Annisha, then continues eating:: Alexis McFarland -> He says 'hi'. Jorahl -> She has always been proud of her connection to past Aegis'. She will work hard for this one. Wes Roberts -> I have a feeling she will. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Yeah. :: sips :: I just wanted to show people here I could be a contributing member of the crew, but cracking the Pakled madness took longer than I thought.\ Alexis McFarland -> I'd like to think he and Mr. Cuddles could be friends, but I think all Chester would be to him is lunch. Amanda Davis PhD -> The Pakled madness? Annisha -> Ha.,. Au think so? :: Now nose-to-nose with Alexis.. :: Sounds dangerous. Wes Roberts -> -=Ramson=- Commander Ramson, Mr Roberts here. Report to my office in the CnC, if you please. Alexis McFarland -> I agree. Annisha -> I've been training him pretty well. Alexis McFarland -> Has he met other animals? Kallah Ramson -> +Roberts+ On my way. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Their idea of encrypting of their flight recorder. Kallah Ramson -> ::heads thusly:: Alexis McFarland -> Chester is good with other dogs, but he still likes to chase cats around. Amanda Davis PhD -> Oh. Yes. That flight recorder. I heard things, just snippets here and there, about how difficult it was. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Yeah, there's a lot of unanswered questions sitting in that nebula too.. could take this shuttle right there and find out.. No orders yet. Kallah Ramson -> ::lift arrives on the CnC:: Dacia Sandero -> ::Glance at the Horta resting comfortably in its containment chamber:: Annisha -> Cats have been really hard for poor Cuddles Kallah Ramson -> ::steps out and towards the command offices:: Wes Roberts -> Horta> ::shuffles in its sleep:: Amanda Davis PhD -> So long as your physical condition is good, Nijil. Alexis McFarland -> Oh, really? He doesn't get along with cats either? Kallah Ramson -> ::glances quickly to make sure she chimes the right one:: Amanda Davis PhD -> You really must take care of yourself. Annisha -> I'm hoping, with a lot of luck, that he can fight alongside me. Wes Roberts -> ::stands:: Enter Kallah Ramson -> ::enters:: Tarisa -> ::Dreaming of lots and lots of chocolate...:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> Yeah.. Jylliene was a real help. Kallah Ramson -> ::smile and a nod Jorahl:: Alexis McFarland -> He probably will. With a bit of luck, Chester could jump on the couch onto my lap. Annisha -> Wonder if Cuddles would like Tarisa? Wes Roberts -> ::offers the other seat:: Kallah Ramson -> ::Roberts:: Captain. Congratulations. ::nods:: mimipavilion -> ::so many Children's Home reports, the Romulans there take their job seriously:: Amanda Davis PhD -> Good. Nijil tr'Korjata -> Truth is I'm nervous about the bonding. Alexis McFarland -> Maybe. I wonder the same about Chester. With my Caitian friend, he tried to chase her. Kallah Ramson -> ::sits:: Amanda Davis PhD -> ::smile:: Well, you're not the first groom to feel that way. Wes Roberts -> Thank you, but running a station should be no different than running a star system Annisha -> We'd chase her away.. Wes Roberts -> ::sits:: Alexis McFarland -> Tarisa, or my Caitian friend? Amanda Davis PhD -> In fact, I don't think the bride or the bond-mates ever escape that. Chirakis -> @ ::leaves it in the hand of the admirals, then continues her preliminary business:: Kallah Ramson -> ::smiles:: I imagine not. Wes Roberts -> SubCommander Jorahl and I hvae been discussing who to replace as the stations's Executive Officer, particularly since he'll be spending a majority of time overseeing production Annisha -> I know... :: goes to a comm panel :: Computer, send a message to, um, a Tarisa and let her know Annisha and Alexis would like to set up a play date with her at her earliest convienence. SEND> Annisha -> Tarisa.. is your friend on board? Alexis McFarland -> No, she's back in New York City. Annisha -> Oh, that will take more time to set up. Alexis McFarland -> Indeed it will. Wes Roberts -> And we determined that you would be the best candidate for the position. Kallah Ramson -> ::grins:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Nods :: And Annisha.. she's been a lot to handle.. Wes Roberts -> Of course, that's if you accept. Alexis McFarland -> It's a hard commute. She has to change change three times just to get to my place on the Upper East side. Kallah Ramson -> I would gladly accept such as offer. Alexis McFarland -> change trains* Annisha -> :: Awkward picture of an Annisha close to the camera and Alexis in the background shows up in the message for Tarisa Tarisa -> ::Biting into a giant piece of cake as a chime goes off. She wakes up with the corner of her pillow in her mouth.:: Mphf... ::Spits it out as her ears perk up to the chime again.:: Amanda Davis PhD -> Annisha is a precocious child, a handful for anyone, but a blessed child to have. Wes Roberts -> Excellent. You'll be breveted to full Commander, until your promotion orders are cut. Amanda Davis PhD -> Is there anything I can do to help you, Nijil? Alexis McFarland -> ::finishes her breakfast and tosses the dishes and cutlery into the reclaimator:: Tarisa -> ::Checks her computer terminal, seeing there is a meaage.:: Nijil tr'Korjata -> No, well.. yes.. :: puts up his hands :: I don't know. Wes Roberts -> Your office will be next door, Captain Chirakis' old office. Jorahl -> ::nods to Ramson:: Kallah Ramson -> Yes sir. Chirakis -> (Minus the weapon collection, of course.) Wes Roberts -> (Its already in secure storage) Alexis McFarland -> ::wrinkles nose at the picture she sent:: That's a weird angle. But at least my hair looks okay. Chirakis -> (Good to know.) Annisha -> It sent a picture? :: Reviews the message, looks like a crazed Rihan girl used the comm :: Tarisa -> ::Tail swishes as she giggles at the picture.:: Wes Roberts -> PAUSE SIM Wes Roberts -> PAUSE SIM Wes Roberts -> PAUSE SIM Wes Roberts -> PAUSE SIM Jorahl -> Well, not that my spy is firmly placed in station commmand, I will retire to the shipyard to .... watch. Annisha -> :: Paused with a lack of Commander Annisha : Wes Roberts -> Congratulations on your new posting, Commander Ramson Wes Roberts -> ::laughs:: Kallah Ramson -> Thank you. Chirakis -> Indeed. Congratulations, Commander. Jorahl -> And you can add that last line to before the pause if you want. Chirakis -> We're getting topheavy, Mr. Roberts. mimipavilion -> I'd say. Wes Roberts -> Indeed we are Annisha -> Poor Annisha and Alexis at the bottom.. grownups... Chirakis -> Will the station endure? Wes Roberts -> All these commanders and one poor ensign Chirakis -> That should be remedied soon. Wes Roberts -> TBS will be 12 hours Wes Roberts -> Any questions? Annisha -> Have I been naughty? Chirakis -> Probably. Tarisa -> The commanders will be going away so the kitty can play? Wes Roberts -> No. Tarisa -> aw :P Amanda Davis PhD -> Well, the children seem to be very fond of you. Wes Roberts -> And as a command Holiday present, next week's sim is cancelled. Annisha -> :: Growing catnip as we speak :: mimipavilion -> Thank goodness I'm not the XO. That's all I got to say. Chirakis -> ::chuckle:: Wes Roberts -> ::chuckles:: Chirakis -> A wise person, Dr. Pavilion. Wes Roberts -> Well...I was drafted into that position. Annisha -> Alexis, remember to get a ball of yarn... Tarisa -> heh Alexis McFarland -> OK. You get the laser pointer mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Agreed. Considering I have to deal with the... ::cringes a bit:: Romulan High Counsel. Wes Roberts -> Indeed. Annisha -> Oh yeah. :: pew pew :: Annisha -> :: Wind up mouse :: Wes Roberts -> Have a happy, safe, and as sane as possible Christmas/Festivus/Solstice and see you all in the new year. Kallah Ramson -> I like we kept the Aegis tradition. Can't think of one XO that moved office when promoted. They always switch back and forth, Wes Roberts -> I was *not* giving up my hard wood floors mimipavilion -> Night all see ya next time. Chirakis -> Thank you, Mr. Roberts. Congratulations, Commander Ramson and all who received promotions and awards. Alexis McFarland -> Yay!! Amanda Davis PhD -> And happy holidays to everyone. Alexis McFarland -> :D Wes Roberts -> And in the immortal words of Colonel Klink *dismiss*