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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, yeah, I know I'm the Forum Leader for the STAR TREK Simulation Forum, but there were some Trek series that I had avoided (yes, Bad Admiral, Baaad BAAAD). So, I recently ran through DS9 (great fun, silly Prophet musings) and Enterprise (interesting development of the technology, nice battleship-grey deck plating and bulkheads, but I do wonder where he keeps getting all this fresh food in deep space without having replicators or a giant hydroponics bay). Anyway, I am now five seasons through Voyager and it's a tough one to deal with. I suppose my biggest issue is Kate Mulgrew. She is really not a good Captain and she is constantly changing her command style - often within the same episode. This was brought home to me with the Season 4-5 cliffhanger episodes, "Equinox." John Savage plays the Captain of the Equinox and it really shows what a decent actor can do with the material (even Titus Welliver {LOST's Man in Black, anyone?} dose a great job as the Equinox XO). In this episode, Janeway goes from eager to meet the other CO and showing him how she follows SF rules to hating the guy to the point where she simply stops following the rules she swears to, even to the point of torturing of a Starfleet officer! She even relieves Chakotay of duty and then, at the end, simply reinstates him and no one seems to mind. Now, I do realize that this is the writer's fault, not the actors', but she doesn't make the writing believable. Why is the crew following her after all the missed opportunities to get closer to home and all the times she seems to contradict her own statements and beliefs. She is not likable or believable. She doesn't get to shoulder all the blame, however. Here it is, five years into this grueling mission and the only person whose rank has changed is Tom Paris who was busted to Ensign (for a pretty slight infraction). Why isn't Harry Kim a Lt., why isn't B'Lanna Torres a Lt. Commander? Why did we lose Kes, an interesting character, and get Seven of Nine (well, we *DO* know why that character was added, it was to save on yards of uniform material). Why is B'Lanna still *SO* angry after five years? Why are the Doctor and Neelix being given so much extra responsibility (again, it's because they are two good actors, but it makes no sense that we aren't getting to know more members of the crew). Yes, I am going to force-feed myself the last two seasons, but don't ask me to like it. I do not mean this as an insult to anyone here who likes Voyager, I mean it as an insult to the writers and some of the actors, blecch. ::dons his flame-retardant BVDs::