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  1. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51709.14 - Season 22 The ship has arrived at the Justarus Shipyards and we've docked and are taking on supplies and planning to trade intel with them concerning the fight on the homeworld, and getting information from their fight against the Othan. The Stinger was notified that NDak was requested to join us at the station's command center BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Lerak trPexil: :: Finally at the quartermaster after waiting in line for a while :: KhreRiov tr'Dar> I'm assuming, as au are fahd, that the situation on the homeworld has been .....resolved? NDak: ::Making his way to the command center. He had decided to leave the cape at home, least the Khre'Riov feel the need to make an example of someone again.:: Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> ::Looks tired and bored. Sighs as Pexil approaches.:: Ie? Au want the entire station's supplies, I bet? Everyone else does. KhreRiovtRex: (What???!) NDak: (The last time he wore his cape somewhere, you got blood all over it! Do you know how much dry cleaning costs out here???) STSF Seiben: ::looking over star charts of the area they were going to:: Lerak trPexil: :: to QM :: Na, I only want some supplies that are not easily replicated on our ship. Limited power, limited time. :: hands him the requests. KhreRiovtRex: ::looks to Laeh, then back to tr'Dar:: Perhaps na fully resolved, but mostly back hrrau our hands at least. KhreRiovtRex: (ok, I'll give you that, but it did clean my blade well) NDak: ::Enters the command center casually:: KhreRiovtRex: My first officer had much to do with that outcome, as did the Enarrain of another ship under my command, he should be ...ah, there his is hnah. Lerak trPexil: :: to QM :: If there is an issue of personnel we can have our people help. KhreRiov tr'Dar> Then we are indeed honored to have au and au officers and crew here with us. Lerak trPexil: :: Felt like he was being watched, but it was more his nerves than anything else...right? Right. Take deep breaths. In...out...in...out... :: Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> Na, na an issue with personnel, only so many ships that were damaged. We're running low on the exotics. ::He held out his hand for Pexil's list.:: NDak: ::Tips his head respectfully:: KhreRiovtRex: Is there a conference room which I may have the use of while we are fahd? I'd like to go over the intel that au ops is putting together for us with them before we had back out and start hunting. Lerak trPexil: :: to QM :: There are items that we can have sub-components provided, we can replicate the rest. Some, like medical equipment, may not be so easily created by us in a timely fashion. KhreRiov tr'Dar> :: turns and nods to one of his crew:: t'Gwen will show au to a secure room, it will be adjacent to guest quarters, if au would prefer to stay here and get a respite from the confines of au ships:: I look forward to discussing au ideas on defense of this station, as well as of the homeworld. Perhaps after dinner? KhreRiovtRex: Ie, that sounds menkha. If au will excuse us, ....Oh, io more question, during the fighting, if au sensors of reports of ships lost, could be complied and sent to me as well. I'd like to try and reconcile crews and ships that we've lost over what can be repaird KhreRiovtRex: Leah, Destorie.....let's go have a talk if au would..... :: nods to tr'Dar and follows the crewman leading them to a conference room:: Lerak trPexil: Perhaps there is something we can provide which the station does not have. Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> ::Looks over the list.:: Ie, I see. Well, some of these we have, but na in the quantities au need. Some can be broken down into the components, as au suggest. ::He looked back to Lerak.:: If au do, I would na minding parting with some of my reserve stock. KhreRiovtRex: :: follows the crewman:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval nodded to tr'Dar, then turned to follow her commanding officer to their conference.:: Lerak trPexil: What is contained in your reserve stock? NDak: ::Nods and follows along;; NDak: ::Lowly to Laehval:: Do au trust them? KhreRiovtRex: ::enters the room that they were escorted to and waits for the Erein to leave to seal the door:: KhreRiovtRex: :: after of course. waiting for Laeh and NDak to enter:: Laehval tTemarr: ::She waited until they were alone to answer Destorie.:: I have na reason na to at this point. Have au seen anything of the Othan aboard? They seem to be faithful Galae. KhreRiovtRex: :: pulls a small box out of her tunic pocket, and sets it upon the table, pressing a button on it, and hearing a quiet humming emanate from it Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> Oh, this and that. Some hard to come by parts and such. Some are foodstuffs that you won't see this far out. Would au like to have a look? KhreRiovtRex: :: turns to them both:: I know this man tr'Dar, he was close to the Daise'Khre'Riov, and trusted. It was he that sent the reserve ships to help us at the home world Lerak trPexil: Sure, if it will insure we get the supplies we need that au can provide. KhreRiovtRex: However, I did na realize how much that offensive to get the home world back, cost us in ships and crew. KhreRiovtRex: They have enough here, and are busy building new ships, but parts will eventually become a problem until we get safe shipping lines re-established NDak: :Nods:: KhreRiovtRex: I'm afraid, it also has an impact on our plans, to put together a task force, and go after the Othan that flee ahead of us Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> That entirely depends on what au can give us in trade. Do au have a list of your spare supplies? KhreRiovtRex: We need to keep this station and the shipyards under our control, and we need to protect the home world. As much as I want to go after the Othan with everything we have, I find it impossible to do so, I feel it is more important at this time, to hold what we have. How do the two of au feel about this? Lerak trPexil: :: Nods :: Let me link into our system. :: a pause :: Here are supplies we can part with in the interest of trade. NDak: ::Destorie took a very deep breath. He understood her lust for vengeance, but he had also worried about that lust consuming her. To him, this was encouraging.:: I understand the need, the desire to root out the Othan; but I believe au have a point. Laehval tTemarr: Au have heard my thoughts on the matter, Rekkhai. As much as we would like tearing off after the Othans, we do na know where they are headed. KhreRiovtRex: Elements know, I hate the thought...... but we may have to just let them go for hnah Lerak trPexil: Also if there are any engineering issues on the station my team can put that into the pot for trade consideration. KhreRiovtRex: I also have..... something that has vexed me since I revived a recent message. I .... was hesitant to even mention it to au both, but ..... NDak: ::He lifted a brow. He wondered if this is what had called her away while they were planet side.:: KhreRiovtRex: I do na know if it gives me any hope, or if someone is playing a cruel jest, just to mess with my state of mind.... Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> ::Looks at the second list, scrolling through, muttering to himself as he went. After selecting the items the station needed, he handed it back to Lerak.:: Those will do or whatever au can spare of them. Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> Au'd have to talk to the engineers about our repairs. Lerak trPexil: :: Takes the list back :: I will make sure the balance on hand is correct and get back to au shortly. KhreRiovtRex: :: moves to one of the seats and sits, something visibly shaking her a bit:: NDak: ::Glances to Laehval:: Lerak trPexil: :: looks at the quartermaster :: I shall return. Laehval tTemarr: Quartermaster> ::Nods.:: Ie. Next! Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval took a seat, as well, looking concerned.:: Ie? KhreRiovtRex: I received a message, sent to me with an encryption code and lock only known to myself and io other........ it was text only NDak: The Daise'Khre'Riov? Lerak trPexil: :: Heads back to Talon to check the balance, but not without calling a team together :: KhreRiovtRex: :: leans forward, elbow propped on the arm of her chair, and drew her fingers across her closed eyelids and bridge of her nose, trying to calm and compose herself before she authen:: NDak: ::He caught himself as soon as he said it, flushing lightly: KhreRiovtRex: :: looked up at N'Dak:: KhreRiovtRex: He was the only other that knew that code, ie...... KhreRiovtRex: :: pulled out her ISD, and slid it over to Laehval and Destorie after keying in a code to show them the test that was upon it:: KhreRiovtRex: ISD> "Words of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I look forward to finally being able to see au soon." Laehval tTemarr: Then how could it be a trick? Is this na good news? He escaped the home world. ::Laehval listened intently, head slightly cocked.:: NDak: ::Nods in agreement with Laehval:: KhreRiovtRex: We've had na word from him, only reports saying debris matching that of his ship had been found. Reports that he had been mortally wounded. What if he had tried to send a final message to me, and something happened, and another had the unlocked device. NDak: That is possible. It is also possible he was injured, but made it to an escape pod. NDak: ::Considers:: It would be worth investigating, in any case. KhreRiovtRex: It was his plan to keep a reserve of ships here at the shipyards to hold to protect the sector and the homeworld, but then....if he is alive, where is he? He would na have stayed back and let us deal with taking back the home world alone..... Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval picked up the ISD to view the message file.:: This is a high level of encryption, Rekkhai. Have au had it analyzed for buried secondary messages? KhreRiovtRex: Na, there are na other I trust to even show it to, other than au both. I was ready to take on Othan by myself if need be, but I know he'd want us to take care of the Homewood first. If it his alive, it is probably why he contact me while we were dealing with that last planet KhreRiovtRex: to keep me from following my anger.... Lerak trPexil: :: Back on the Talon :: KhreRiovtRex: ((Koga, make sure we get a lot of ale loaded too) NDak: ::Nods:: Defending home world and these ships yards should be our priority. STSF Seiben: (No prob!) KhreRiovtRex: I will depend upon the two of au to keep me in check for now. However, if I find this to be a hoax, elements fury upon the one that has done it. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: Nice everyone. Hopefully we'll have tKsa and tA back soon. If you missed earlier, Leah will be out for 1-2 weeks, so just make sure au listen to that quartermaster STSF Seiben: hm KhreRiovtRex: Ndak, au and I will need to have some drinks, this message is messing with her mind Lerak trPexil: (If only Nalia was more than an NPC...) Laehval tTemarr: Alright, I'll be here next week if I can, guys. Otherwise, see you in a couple of weeks. I'm off to bed. Night, everyone. NDak: hahaha KhreRiovtRex: lol. Ok...Leah, have a nice vacation if we dont' see you. KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed! Night all
  2. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 5170907 - Season 22 The Talon has arrived at the Justarus Shipyards and have docked and have sent various crew members aboard to take care of certain assigned tasks. We hope to determine which way we should go next in our quest, and if we can settle other issues (children, governor, etc) BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: I want to go check with their ops group to see if they've picked up any readings which may help us. Lerak trPexil: :: Checking his ISD for his tasks :: KhreRiovtRex: Leah, if au can have dheno , or if au wish to, get that fvai of an excuse of a governor off our ship. See that they know that he is to be held until he can be shipped back home for trial STSF Seiben::: coordinating supplies with the station's quartermaster:: Laehval tTemarr: Ie, I have already transferred the orders. Our dhenos should be bringing him up shortly to transfer him to the brig. KhreRiovtRex: The rest of au, if you could see to the resupply, transfer off of other items and... Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: KhreRiovtRex: ::turns to Laehval:: Hann'yyo....much appreciated... KhreRiovtRex: What I'm hoping is that their astrometric's group, or outposts have been able to track any of the enemy ship movements. I worry, that if we pull forces from here, we leave it unprotected, many of those ships that held this base, now are ensuring the safety of the home world. KhreRiovtRex: We are unlikely to be able to pull any help towards an attack on Othan space or their shipyards ourselves. m_k_tksa: ::::is doing so furtive searches through the station's databases to compare them to the records she has so far:: Lerak trPexil: :: sighs as he views the supplies needed... such a large ship, so many supplies :: KhreRiovtRex: It may be.....:: clenches first:: That we try to cut off any we can from returning to Othan, but we may have to ....Elements I hate to say this........ Let them go for now. We risk much if we charge in...as much as I want to, it may be best to hold.... Your thoughts Laehval? Laehval tTemarr: We can na simply charge in if we do na know where we are charging. At this point, we have na idea where they are headed. We need more information before we can follow. KhreRiovtRex: Agreed. Let's see what their ops have to say, and Koga, check with their astrometrics group, see what areas might be good for them to hide in, or avoid, after you get weapons resupplied. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: All right. KhreRiovtRex: Have Pexil give au a hand once he's completed his inventories. I want to know anything that may help or hinder them. m_k_tksa: ::crossing checking information and finding that some of the items doesn't match, frowns:: So much for that idea. ::stands up and paces, rubbing the back of her neck:: Lerak trPexil: :: glances at t'Ksa KhreRiovtRex: Laeh, let's head up to their ops and see what we can find out KhreRiovtRex: I need to...... I need to talk to au and N'dak later anyway....... but na fahd Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded her understanding and motioned in the direction of the lift, falling into step beside her.:: Something important? KhreRiovtRex: ::turns and heads up towards the lift:: Possibly, ie..... Lerak trPexil: :: walks up to t'Ksa :: Do au require assistance? KhreRiovtRex: It could be...... either very important to aur cause, or a cruel hoax... m_k_tksa: Na, I'm fine. Hanny'yo. ::purses her lips:: Lerak trPexil: :: Nods again :: Very well. Laehval tTemarr: ::She called for the lift and stepped inside, calling for Ops once t'Rexan was in. As the doors closed, she looked seriously at the Khre'Riov.:: Laehval tTemarr: Now au have me curious. Do we need to wait for N'Dak? m_k_tksa: ::waves tr'Pexil away:: Dont au have other things to do? Supplies to find, repairs to make? Lerak trPexil: :: frowns :: Sorry to disturb. :: Walks off to see the supplies they need :: Lerak trPexil: :: Enters a lift :: Quartermaster level. KhreRiovtRex: It would be preferable, but at least if he is otherwise engaged, it would be best spoken of, from the safety of my chambers. I will only say, that it may have personal implications STSF Seiben: ::checking inventories of incoming weaponry:: Weapons stocks are full, as is everything else. m_k_tksa: ::feeling a bit more relaxed, hoping to dig into records again:: KhreRiovtRex: Here we are.... :: as the lift stops:: Lerak trPexil: :: Gets of at the requested level :: KhreRiovtRex: :: steps out and walks over towards the command center:: STSF Seiben: ::glances over at the lift:: Jo STSF Seiben: Lan true ::to Pex:: Lerak trPexil: :: waves him over :: Laehval tTemarr: ::Her eyebrows rose, but she made no further comment. Exiting the lift, she followed t'Rexan into central operations, hands tucked behind her back. Glancing about, she scanned the room, watching the officers at work and surveying their systems.:: Lerak trPexil: I was hoping to relax for only a bit, but the supply list is extensive. KhreRiovtRex: I know that Var'lon had made arrangements to have backup ready if needed, evidently this was it, as these are the ships that came to our aid on ch'Rihan. But, we need to assess just how many they need to return to hold this location, in case the enemy makes a push towards it, but also make sure that we do na leave our homeworld, too lightly protected. They already know what damage has been done there. we can no let them regain any foothold there STSF Seiben: Hm. Goodluck with the the quartermaster Pex. I'm off to talk with ops about asteroids and hiding places. KhreRiovtRex: ::watches as a tall officer, also hrrau a Khre'Riov's uniform approaches them:: Lerak trPexil: The Talon is nearly as needy as this station... KhreRiovtRex: #KhreRiov : Jolan Tru. Aefvahd to the Justarus Shipyards and Outpost. Lerak trPexil: We need as much information as possible if this mission is to succeed. #KhreRiov tr'Dar> Au are most welcome fahd. We have monitored au actions following the coup attempt. Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded to the station's Khre'Riov.:: Hann'yyo, Rekkhai. # KhreRiov tr'Dar> Nods to t'Vatrix, knowing exactly whom she was, but smiling intently at Laehval. :: I do na believe I've have had the pleasure of au acquaintance just yet' Lerak trPexil: :: Departs from Koga :: m_k_tksa: ::follows one particular passenger manifest, thinking she's it upon something:: STSF Seiben: ::Nods:: Hopefully I can get it.. ::makes his way up to OPs:: KhreRiovtRex: May I introduce, my first officer..... Enarrain Laehval t'Temarr Lerak trPexil: :: heads to the QM :: KhreRiov tr'Dar> It is my pleasure. I do hope au both will be able to dine with us this evening? Laehval tTemarr: ::Offers a salute.:: The pleasure is mine, Rekkhai. ::She threw t'Rexan a glance.:: If the Khre'Riov has na other obligations, I would be pleased to join au. STSF Seiben: ::heads to the TL:: KhreRiovtRex: It should na be an issue, I may have another officer or two join us as well KhreRiovtRex: :: turns in all seriousness to tr'Dar> How are au fahd? Do au needs ships to return to properly secure this base? and Any other information that au can share with us, would be appreciated KhreRiovtRex: 5 Minute warning Laehval tTemarr: We are hunting the Othan scum. ::She added.:: STSF Seiben: ::Arrives up to where the ops officer is to look over astrological charts of the area they were headed:: Lerak trPexil: :: Begins his trek to the QM, but finds there is a line :: m_k_tksa: ::scribbles a few notes down on her ISD:: Laehval tTemarr: (( You are # 564,742 )) KhreRiov tr'Dar> :: grins at Laehval:: Why didn't au say so from the start, I will see that au are given any information that we can to help ua Laehval tTemarr: (( Now serving # 32 )) KhreRiovtRex: (lol) Lerak trPexil: :: Looks over to a medicine-man looking Rihan, with a much lower number :: KhreRiovtRex: We were able to deflect their earlier assault and hold them off, but then they went around and headed towards the homeworld KhreRiovtRex: Our communications relay had been damaged and we were unable to relay back home in time Laehval tTemarr: (( Don't do it, Pexil! )) m_k_tksa: ((Ruh roh)) KhreRiovtRex: Well, just make sure that Laehval here, knows all that I do, in case something happens to either of us KhreRiovtRex: (LOL pEX) KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM Lerak trPexil: :: Sees a woman up ahead... hmmm :: KhreRiovtRex: Nice job all Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> Pexil gets his head shrunk to tiny proportions in the waiting room. KhreRiovtRex: next week we'll gather what we can and see if they can give us some guidance on how we should proceed KhreRiovtRex: (pex, lots of nice girls on the station, you can finally forget the flower girl) KhreRiovtRex: Anyone have anything they'd like to add Laehval tTemarr: Nope. Everyone have a good weekend. m_k_tksa: NIght guys Laehval tTemarr: Night, Ksa. STSF Seiben: Goodnight! Laehval tTemarr: Night, everyone. KhreRiovtRex: Night all KhreRiovtRex: Crew dismissed
  3. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51708.24 - SEASON 22 The Talon and Stinger have arrived at the Justarus Shipyards, which appear to still be strongly in the hands of Galae and all of the correct security codes have been given. The Stinger has remained hidden at the moment, until we give them the signal that all is well. We hope to resupply weapons, update enemy troop positions and offload tKsa's remaining children. The team has been assembling in the docking bay and are awaiting the lock to open. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: :: looks around, but motions to dheno to take point by the airlock to make sure of no surprise attack:: STSF Seiben: ::waiting at the dock with (cardboard) Laehval:: STSF Seiben: ::Looks around:: Lerak trPexil: :: Is at the RAC bay directing where the engineering related supplies would go :: m_k_tksa: ::in the back of the crowd:: KhreRiovtRex: :: had sent a tight beam message to Stinger to stand by to transfer NDak once the all clear was given Lerak trPexil: :: All of the pending scanning and tagging gave Lerak a headache :: ACTION: The airlock all clear is given and the seal is opened, security proceeds and gives the all clear:: NDak: Message deleted by NDak KhreRiovtRex: :: looks over to see that they've got everyone, sees the daise maenak towards the rear and notes that she should talk with either her or the kheinsa at some point:: NDak: 50 NDak: @ ::On the Oira of the Stinger, keeping an eye on the monitor at Talon's situaiton:: KhreRiovtRex: :: turns and heads through the main docking poor onto the main portion of the station housing the administrative offices STSF Seiben: ::follows along:: Lerak trPexil: :: What he would na do for a drink with Laeh... bah, back to work :: m_k_tksa: ::takes a brief look at her ISD to remind her of her list of things to do before following in the wake of the other officers:: KhreRiovtRex: # Station Dheno> Aefvahd Khre'riov. The Daise Enarrain t'Salis, sends his wishes that au join him rhae the oira of the staton KhreRiovtRex: Vriha menkha. Have au any work of other ships of the fleet that have made their way fahd? NDak: @ :He hoped that the station minders were na silly enough to start a fight with t'Vatrix, particularly in her current state -- though if they did, at least his cape would na get blood on it this time.:: KhreRiovtRex: #Station Dheno> The Daise Enarrain will have to authen that for au. Do au have medical needs? :: KhreRiovtRex: Ie, let me introduce au. ::: waves for tKsa to join them:: May I have the honor of introducing my Daise Maenak Morgana tKsa. KhreRiovtRex: She can provide au more information on the medical needs. KhreRiovtRex: This is my ops officer, Koga STSF Seiben: ::nods:: KhreRiovtRex: (introduces greeting crew to medcic, informs them that they were free to talk with her) KhreRiovtRex: Koga, get what au need and then get some revised charts from ops with known enemy locations if they have something new for us KhreRiovtRex: I'll meet au back down here shortly to ensure that we are getting everything we need STSF Seiben: All right, will do. KhreRiovtRex: contact pexil and work with him on supplies STSF Seiben: ::Looks over the lists of supplies:: Very well... KhreRiovtRex: :: satisfied that all is well, contacts Stinger to let NDak know that he was free to meet her there STSF Seiben: ::goes to meet up with the station's quartermaster:: m_k_tksa: ::starts talking with io of the station dheno about her needs for records as well as supplies:: NDak: @ ::Receives the note that they are clear to decloak and prepare to dock themselves, instructs his crew to do so, and leaves the Oira to head over to the station once they have docked:: Lerak trPexil: :: scanning, inspecting, tagging... :: STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ We're about to start transfer of supplies from the station. Is there anywhere in particular au wanted to store them in? KhreRiovtRex: # :: heads to speak with the Daise Enarrain, leaving instructions for NDak and Laehval to meet her there:: Lerak trPexil: +koga+ rac bay, far end STSF Seiben: +Pex+ Gotcha. ::informs the station engineering crew where to load the supplies:: Supplies should start to come in within the next few minutes or so. KhreRiovtRex: #Station Medical> :: greets tKsa and asks her to join her in the med bay and see if there is anything she can help with and resupplying what was needed. STSF Seiben: ::gives the complete list of supplies to the quartermaster from all the department heads including any late additional requests:: KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM Lerak trPexil: paused KhreRiovtRex: oK, we're just stalling and filling, we'll pick up next week, If by chance I can’t' get to wifi while traveling, you all have something you can work on there NDak: Have fun! KhreRiovtRex: Sorry to have held you all up for such a short bit tonight STSF Seiben: Have a g00d trip m_k_tksa: Okay. Thanks guys KhreRiovtRex: Have a nice weekend, see you next week I hope Lerak trPexil: night all.. where are you traveling? STSF Seiben: Goodnight m_k_tksa: Night guys KhreRiovtRex: Night all KhreRiovtRex: back home Lerak trPexil: oh.. see you then NDak: Night all!
  4. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51708.17 - SEASON 22: With medical able to place most of the children and send the majority of them off ship, the Talon and Stinger have departed and are heading towards the Justarus Sector and eventually planning to meet at the Justarus Shipyards, as our forces still hold it and have enough fortification that we can stop for tactical information, take on more weapons, and possibly place the remaining 3 children to a medical or science unit. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM (FROM LAST WEEK) ACTION:: The Talon and Stinger travel intermittently under cloak to prevent being tracked themselves and make their way towards the Justarus sector, nearing the sector as several days pass. KhreRiovtRex: :: sitting in the center seat:: Lerak trPexil: :: Down in main engineering :: STSF Seiben: ::on the oira, on the way to their destination:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Back on the bridge, Laehval checked her console.:: We should be within communication range of the shipyards in a few minutes, rekkhai. S'Bien, do au have files ready of the supplies and parts that we'll need transferred? NDak: @ ::Rhae the Oira of the Stinger, looking through a letter from his father about the situation on home world and what rumors he'd managed to find about his sister.:: Lerak trPexil: :: Already missing home.... sighs :: STSF Seiben: Ie, I have the list of supplies and other things requested by the department heads NDak: @ ::Nominally the Stinger could easily outpace the much larger Talon, but for the moment had dropped behind them in cloak.:: KhreRiovtRex: :: about to ask Koga a question, but hears that Laehval has already had the same thought:: Laehval tTemarr: Menkha. ::Checks her list.:: +Pexil+ Oira to Engineering. KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo Laehval. Make sure to send the updated identification codes, and once we get a confirmation, then au can also mention Stinger is fahd also Lerak trPexil: +Oria+ Pexil here NDak: @Kh'aki> Talon should be entering Justarus sector shortly. NDak: @ ::Looks up from his letter:: Ie. Drop out of warp behind them, remain at station keeping. Keep a watch, rhae their communications. We do na want to reveal ourselves until the Khre'Riov feels it is safe. NDak: @Valren> ::nods from the tactical console:: Ie. Laehval tTemarr: ::Nods to t'Rexan:: +Pexil+ We will be reaching the shipyards soon. Please advise on the repairs once au have received your requested inventory of parts. Lerak trPexil: +Oria+ I have three teams on it now. An engineering meeting is in a short while NDak: @ ::signals to Talon they're in position:: KhreRiovtRex: Once we ensure that the Shipyards and main station are still in Galae hands, I want to go see who's in command and get an update on what forces they have in the area as well as defense plans of not only the sector, but of providing ships and repair for those on ch'Rihan STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Understood. We're going to reach communications range soon, so yeah... ACTION> Shipyards ahead. They hail the Talon. STSF Seiben: We're being hailed KhreRiovtRex: On screen STSF Seiben: On screen STSF Seiben: ::Taps button:: NDak: @Valren> They're hailing Talon. ACTION:: The viewer cuts to a pair of Galae officers, one higher ranking, one clearly an assistant. NDak: @ Patch it through. KhreRiovtRex: :: Looks over to Laehval:: That's encouraging...however, let's get the confirmation codes first Laehval tTemarr: Station Comm> +Talon+ Unknown vessel, transmit proper *Galae* identification codes immediately, or we will open fire. STSF Seiben: Ready to transmit ident codes m_k_tksa: ::frowning at the research she's digging through, not having much success yet in the genology reports:: STSF Seiben: ::Transmits their identity codes:: ACTION> Station accepts code and sends one in return that is a valid Galae ID code, recently updated after the Othan invasion. STSF Seiben: Station code is valid and recently updated. Laehval tTemarr: Station Comm> +Talon+ Au may approach. Sending docking coordinates. STSF Seiben: +Station+ Acknowledged, thank you. KhreRiovtRex: +Justarus Station+ Hann'yyo. I wish to speak with au commander once we arrive and have completed our docking procedures. Laehval tTemarr: Station Comm> +Talon+ He will meet au upon your arrival. Justarus out. ::Cuts the comm.:: KhreRiovtRex: Also, we have a support vessel that once Talon has settled into place .... NDak: @Valeran> Should we remain in position? NDak: @ ::Nods:: Ie. m_k_tksa: ::scrolls through a few documents, making notes of what she still needs:: STSF Seiben: ::begins docking procedures once they receive docking clearance and coordinates:: KhreRiovtRex: :: hmm:: They cut comm pretty quickly....... Let's have Stinger hold until we confirm all is well on the station, then we'll have NDak join us NDak: @ Have department heads submitted their requisitions? NDak: @Valeran> Ie. Ahead of schedule. Fortunately, the Stinger was relatively well equipped before we left homeworld, but there are a few items, especially for Medical that are needed. NDak: @ Mehnka. ::Stands:: Maintain our position and cloak until signaled by the Talon otherwise. Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, send the Stinger a message. Narrow band. Advise them that we are going in to clear the station. STSF Seiben: Ie. Sending message.. ::as directed, sends the narrow band message of them clearing the Station:: KhreRiovtRex: +Pexil_, while we are here, I'd like to have you and science, check to see if they've been sending out probes to scan for enemy movement on their borders NDak: @Valeran> ::nods, sends a confirmation to Talon:: NDak: @ ::Makes his way towards the chambers:: STSF Seiben: Confirmation from Stinger received. STSF Seiben: ::continuing with docking:: STSF Seiben: We're almost finished docking. KhreRiovtRex: Menhka KhreRiovtRex: :: turns to Laehval:: Is t'Ksa planning to disembark the children at the station? Laehval tTemarr: Once we have cleared it, Ie. Then we can make inquiries as to their care. KhreRiovtRex: Very well Laehval tTemarr: ::Rises.:: Shall we go, Rekkhai? STSF Seiben: ::Finishing docking procedure, docking at the designated docking port:: Docking complete. Umbilical’s attaching. Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ We have reached the shipyards and will be disembarking soon to ensure the station is still in Galae hands. m_k_tksa: +t'Temarr+ Menkha, I need tap into some of the stations records while we're here, if au don't mind. I'll join au momentarily. Laehval tTemarr: ::Heads for the lift.:: KhreRiovtRex: ::stands and walks to the lift as well:: Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, au are with me. STSF Seiben: Ie, rekkhai m_k_tksa: ::packs up her ISD and grabs her kit, calling out last minute instructions to the Kheinsa and the other medical staff:: STSF Seiben: ::logs off and follows Laehval into the lift:: KhreRiovtRex: :: checks to make sure she has her kaleh's in place and enters the lift:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Sends security a message to meet them at the docking bay with weapons.:: KhreRiovtRex: Perhaps na totally prudent to take all our command officers...but it worked when we took the Retor back, I say we stay together for now Laehval tTemarr: ::Sends the lift speeding onward to the dock.:: KhreRiovtRex: If the station will na take the children, perhaps engineering can use them to help clean and work in small places KhreRiovtRex: Though, I'm na certain that the Daise Maenak would approve ACTION: Lift arrives at the docking port, dheno staff already hrrau place awaiting them Laehval tTemarr: ::She snorted.:: I would na send them into the tunnels. We still have poisonous vermin lurking about. m_k_tksa: ::shoulders her bag and heads to docking port:: NDak: (( That's a rude thing to say about t'Ksa )) KhreRiovtRex: :: turns her head:: Still? I thought those had been eradicated, or at least vaporized when the upgrades were being completed! KhreRiovtRex: ((Au are so lucky that au are on that other ship!!)) KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING Laehval tTemarr: There are always one or two skittering on sensors. ::She smirked.:: I like to think they are doing their part to aid security. NDak: (( Don't let her lie to you. She feeds them like stray cats. )) KhreRiovtRex: ((The children or the vermin?)) NDak: (( Possibly both )) KhreRiovtRex: (( or perhaps the same in Laeh's eyes?)) m_k_tksa: ::settling in the back of the group, because who ever is in the front will most likely get shot first:: Laehval tTemarr: (( very wise, Ksa )) ACTION:: The docking pressurization of the airlock has completed, and the red warning light clears leaving a blue all clear, that the hatches may be opened Laehval tTemarr: (( ::Uses Koga's bulk to shield the disruptor fire.:: )) KhreRiovtRex: ((it's why Laeh brought Seiben.....she still owes him one for turning on her and leaving them)) STSF Seiben: (meat shield!) KhreRiovtRex: (nDak, remind me to find that log for you, it's pretty awesome!) KhreRiovtRex: Here we go..... Now to see if it is still truly ours still, or if the Othan or Tal Shiar have beaten us here. Though, the ships that came to assist us all came from here as our support. Hopefully all is well PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: hmm Laehval tTemarr: Nice simming. Laehval tTemarr: I gotta scoot. Laehval tTemarr: Night, all. Have a good weekend. KhreRiovtRex: Okies, nice job all KhreRiovtRex: Crew dismissed for those that have to run m_k_tksa: Gnight guys KhreRiovtRex: and thanks for coming all, now, we find out...if we are ambushed, or if we have a safe harbor here KhreRiovtRex: NDak will be holding all bets..... KhreRiovtRex: and if you disagree, he'll just cloak KhreRiovtRex: lol NDak: *nods* NDak: "sir, they've killed them all" NDak: "well, lets us just, uh, leave orbit" KhreRiovtRex: (and away he goes!) STSF Seiben: Night KhreRiovtRex: Night Seiben NDak: Night all
  5. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051708.10 - Season 22 The crew has made preparations to get underway and towards the Justarus Shipyard Station after t’Ksa has completed the transfer of the children back to guardians on the planet, and those that can na be placed we plan to take to Justarus while we pursue the enemy. KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: :: sitting hrrau the center seat:: Koga, do you have our course set in? STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Ie, our course has been plotted in. We're ready to go. KhreRiovtRex: Has medical transferred the children yet? KhreRiovtRex: If na, fhaen contact tKsa and tTemarr to find out an ETA for departure Laehval tTemarr: (t'Ksa - I'll spare you the PM since you're on mobile. You want to start with the transport? Or have them already down on the planet?) m_k_tksa: ((all but three are on the planet. Those three are stuck with us)) Laehval tTemarr: (( Gotcha. )) KhreRiovtRex: (cool) m_k_tksa: ::working on the problem of who's to foster the remaining children:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval stood in medical, glad it was a lot less chaotic, but frowning over the three children that still remained.:: Could io of your nurses keep them? KhreRiovtRex: (those not here get volunteered first! Send them to Stinger for NDAk...lol) STSF Seiben: (lol!) KhreRiovtRex: (like dumping tribbles on the Klingons!) KhreRiovtRex: Koga, once we get underway, it will be imperative that au keep an eye on that scanner we installed letting us see the Othan stealth ship hulls. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Ie, will do. STSF Seiben: +Medical+ Oira to medical - please advise once we're ready to depart. KhreRiovtRex: (looks like we lost tksa) Laehval tTemarr: +Bridge+ The children with families have been transported to the planet. We are ready to get underway. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: We're good to go. m_k_tksa: Why are au so apprehension about them? KhreRiovtRex: ::overhears:: Menkha, we should have been long gone. Get us underway Koga, make directly for Justarus. I'm fairly certain looking at their exit trajectories, they will swing well around that sector, knowing we have a strong presence still there. m_k_tksa: And the have na problem being around the staff. But I do not want to force the duty on one who is uncomfortable. STSF Seiben: ::engages course:: That certainly wouldn't surprise me. Laehval tTemarr: I... do na know how to interact with children. Laehval tTemarr: ::Slight face.:: I did na know how to interact with children even when I was a child. They are just so... small. And they act strangely. m_k_tksa: They are Rihan not an alien species. Au just talk with them. Be gentle and kind. Smile. KhreRiovtRex: (ha!) STSF Seiben: (lool) STSF Seiben: ::Sticks to their course, and keeps a close eye on scanners as well:: Laehval tTemarr: Smile? That is a lot to ask. ::Frowns.:: Ah... why do they always wish to touch? They have such grubby hands and sticky fingers. KhreRiovtRex: Koga, what is our current status with regards to our weapons systems? t’Temarr is busy at the siuren, so I do na wish to bother her. We will be restocking once we arrive at the Shipyards, so we'll need to have a fully listing of what is needed STSF Seiben: I've received lists of supplies requested from the department heads. ::does a quick scan of weapon inventory:: We still seem to have an adequate supply of torpedoes and our disruptor arrays are working optimally, but we can definitely do with a restock and diagnostic. KhreRiovtRex: I want a full load of armaments, extra if we have time to take them on. Be sure to lay in extra supplies as we may be away from anyplace that would be friendly to ch’Rihan once we get past Justarus. I would na put it past the Othan supporters to deny us even basic needs m_k_tksa: They learn the world around them with those hands. Curiosity of how things work, how things fit together. Plus it helps develop fine and gross motor skills so they can develop the very same skills io might need to be, oh, say an engineer. Why those hands are STSF Seiben: ::nods:: I'll put in a request to the Shipyards for extra supplies and weapon restock. ::works on it:: KhreRiovtRex: Ie, menkha work having that ready. I do want us as fully stocked as possible, including repair supplies that may be needed after battle. KhreRiovtRex: Can au think of anything else we may need? m_k_tksa: sticky and grumby? That's because of poor hygiene. They haven't yet learned that skill and as adults we have to teach it Laehval tTemarr: ::She looked thoughtful.:: What do au think we should do with them? Send them to ch'Rihan? m_k_tksa: Not until we've exhausted all avenues to find their families. If we have, them yes. KhreRiovtRex: (Make them earn their keep, they can scrub those really small areas in the access tubes and passageways!) STSF Seiben: ::thinks:: We seem to have a pretty comprehensive list. At this time, I'm not sure. Though I'm sure we'll think of more before we reach the Shipyards. Laehval tTemarr: With na living matches from the colony, how will au continue the search? Galae's database? Colonial records? It seems a small chance that we will be able to find any io connected to them. I think it best to find a foster for them while the search continues. m_k_tksa: Na match from this colony, but I'm hopeful that we'll find something in this sector. Most of these colonies are well established, but there is some movement between planets. Laehval tTemarr: Do au think they were abandoned or taken? KhreRiovtRex: After we resupply, we then will continue our pursuit, with just our 2 ships for now, we'll be vastly outnumbered. I'm hoping we can pick up a few more that they can spare at the Shipyards, but intel as highly guarded over subspace. we will have to wait until we arrive to get the rest of the information on ship numbers and crews. KhreRiovtRex: I'd like to send patrols in various directions, working our way outward and taking back what we can, and making sure we have the strength to hold it. Once we start getting closer to Othan, our 2 ship will either need support, a diversion, that, or we sneak in with either the Stinger, Talon or both. Either way.... we put a stop to them. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Hopefully they'll be some Galae ships there eager for a fight. KhreRiovtRex: it may be best to go after their supply locations and hit their shipyard hard. m_k_tksa: I think they were breed. Possibly one or more of their parents either volunteered or were forced. There's too much trust in medical staff in these little ones, and too much information on experimentations to not be something.......something KhreRiovtRex: If not, this may be a very short battle and mission STSF Seiben: ::nods:: I agree. That should cause the most damage for them. Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval blinked.:: Au think they were created artificially for the purposes of experimentation? To what end? m_k_tksa: Creating the ideal Rihan. Laehval tTemarr: Better, faster, stronger? ::She looked back to the children with a new understanding.:: Laehval tTemarr: I wonder how many there were when they first started. m_k_tksa: They been given medications that have affected their growth. These children might look one age physically but mentally are a different age. They have a different metabolism. Probably several other things that we would find out as we continue to study them. However, I am not in favor of using them a lab rats and would rather get them back in with their families for more natural development. KhreRiovtRex: Koga, have au received word from au rihan after that battle? How did her ship fare in the battle? m_k_tksa: The fact that I can rarely find information about their parents after these children are brought into the program leads me to believe that once they had to fill their end of the experiment they were for lack of a better word removed from the program m_k_tksa: Which is why am looking for next of kin. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that STSF Seiben: My last contact with her was a few days ago. Her ship managed to survive the battle, though she did say repairs would most likely take a few days. KhreRiovtRex: Menkha. Though she is with the Tal Shiar, her crew showed themselves to be honorable and standing up for our home world, and na supporting a coup against us all. She has fought well and this will be remembered. :: not forgetting however, Koga punching her, she'd deal with that later):: ACTION:: The Talon and Stinger travel intermittently under cloak to prevent being tracked themselves and make their way towards the Justarus sector, nearing the sector as several days pass. KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::paused:: KhreRiovtRex: (Bounced us forward, if that's ok with all?) STSF Seiben: Fine with me m_k_tksa: Ok KhreRiovtRex: Menkha KhreRiovtRex: Hopefully we'll have a few more here next week. I'm going to try to be here myself, know it will be a hard day for me (would have been our 33rd wedding anniversary, but the diversion will be welcome) KhreRiovtRex: Thanks for hanging in with the small group tonight and moving the storyline along all KhreRiovtRex: Hope you all have a nice weekend and I'm going to let you get out of here so you get some rest. KhreRiovtRex: Leah, anything before we go? Laehval tTemarr: Night, all. Have a good weekend. KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed
  6. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51708.03 - Season 22 Security has been working on the Governor to ply as much information out of him as possible and to try to correlate it with the data that Koga and Pexil have gathered as well, to help determine the course that the majority of the Othan forces had taken away from both ch’Rihan and from Bourqet where we currently are in orbit. t’Ksa has been trying to sort out the children as to which can be placed back into the colony here, and those that for various reasons should be taken to one of our outposts. Meanwhile, Leah and NDak had gone to speak with t’Vatrix. KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM STSF Seiben: ::on the oira, reviewing the navigational courses:: Laehval tTemarr: If we are leaving soon, I will need to speak with the Daise'Maenak about the fate of the children on board before we depart. KhreRiovtRex: Ie it would be best to be resolved before we go, and we've already wasted enough time chasing after this Governor, who is na but a khlee. We'd have been best off to have shot him and been on our way. KhreRiovtRex: However, and I see NDak has been called away for a siuren.... I'd like to hear au thoughts on how we best proceed. KhreRiovtRex: I'm inclined to take io course of action, but there is na saying if it is right or wrong. I was wishing to hear au insight on it, and together make a decision we both .....all three of us agree upon m_k_tksa::: medical is in a bit of a chaotic state, with childhood shenanigans combined with medical staff herding children around to pack up:: Lerak trPexil: :: Had a daydream of dying out in the cold wilderness alone :: Did au say something Koga? Laehval tTemarr: Which course of action? ::Curiously.:: STSF Seiben: No. Are you hearing voices, Pexil? KhreRiovtRex: I know.... :: looks towards the blank terminal screen:: That I've been ..... out of sorts of late. At times I question my motives. Lerak trPexil: What, na, just tired I think. KhreRiovtRex: :: turns back to her:: STSF Seiben: Au should get some rest when you're able to. Lerak trPexil: :: Looking at the data they gathered and reviewing it with Koga :: KhreRiovtRex: Do we chase them to prevent them from reaching their stronghold and rebuilding? Lerak trPexil: I think we have broken down and parsed as much data as we have gathered from this place. KhreRiovtRex: Do we chase them for revenge for what they've done to our home world, our fellow officers, families, ............ loved ones.... STSF Seiben: I agree. Lots of data. Lerak trPexil: Those children.. KhreRiovtRex: Do 'I' chase, for my own vengeance? A vengeance which I learned a lesson from recently, may be a bit misguided, but in the ends, justifies the needs? STSF Seiben: Ie. Some of them have family, but what of the rest that don't? KhreRiovtRex: au thoughts, I feel are much clearer at t this time Lerak trPexil: Family...did au know t'Temarr visited with mine? :: he mentioned, looking over any intelligence contained within the data :: KhreRiovtRex: Seeing what they've done here.... ::tosses ISD upon the desk:: sickens me. They attacked our homeworld to take over as a coup, but this...this was done in retreat, ....... just to harm, there was no need for this, other than to slow us down. That's where they have crossed the line with me STSF Seiben: Did she? Meeting the parents? ::looking over navigational logs:: Wow, you guys are far along... KhreRiovtRex: :: trying to keep from ranting, but she's gotten up a full head of steam and knows it, so let’s it flow:: KhreRiovtRex: I'm sorry, I've not even given au a chance to reply. My apologies....I'm ....just... :: moves around to her chair and plops down:: Frustrated with everything:: exhales wearily:: Laehval tTemarr: If we pursue them, we do it because it is the right thing to do. They must be squashed like the pest they are, but we can na let emotion drive us. It is why I stopped au from flinging yourself at them in a suicidal rage. We also can na allow them to continue to ruin our empire, to destroy our colonies, to kill our people. What they did to our world was unforgivable. STSF Seiben: Weren't au also dating that flower girl? What was her name again? You're making me feel bad... I need to up my game a bit. Lerak trPexil: Ie.. I..don't know what she thought. :: thinks :: Far along? I would na say that. Lerak trPexil: I was na dating her. Just someone I met on ch'Rihan... KhreRiovtRex: So au agree that we should pursue? Ie? STSF Seiben: Can I date her? Lerak trPexil: Nalia, but she is with my family now... that does look bad. Lerak trPexil: :: laughs :: That I do not know... I need a good florist at a moments notice. KhreRiovtRex: (Pexil stringing along the flower girl just in case he can’t' get Leah!...shame on au) Lerak trPexil: (Pex can be a lonely Rihan) STSF Seiben: There are a lot of rare flowers that grow near my family’s homes near the capitol and on ch'Havran that she's welcome to pick. Lerak trPexil: My mother gave her a grilling, so I don't know if that helped. Laehval tTemarr: Ie, we should. So the next question is, where are they going? Lerak trPexil: Uh huh. :: looks at his PADD :: Ah, arrival times, departure manifests... could be helpful STSF Seiben: Great, that'll help. KhreRiovtRex: From what we've collected on them, and the information we've obtained from the Governor.....t'A is down there doing a more ...thorough interrogation now, to see if he is lying, we should know shortly. Taking that, the readings Ndak and the Stinger had gotten, they tried to make it look as if they were heading directly towards Othan Space...However... KhreRiovtRex: That would make them pass through Dumok'ozen, and we still have a fleet stationed there, With the additional information Koga put together, I’m certain they are heading the long way around, They can't go thought Justarus space, as we hold that with our forces, Lerak trPexil: I think Laehval liked the sound of the ocean waves.. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Maybe au should take her to the beach? STSF Seiben: ::reading over the departure and arrival manifests:: tAehjae: :: still working on the Governor:: KhreRiovtRex: we've gotten word that was where our reinforcements had been hiding, but they are going past and around it...if we cut straight through Justarus space, we can try to cut them off, and we could possibly take t’ksa’s children there, Lerak trPexil: I did once.. years ago. Governor> ::whimpering from t'A's agonizer device, but not having any additional information, other than he had overhead them say they would destroy as many outposts and worlds on their way back as possible, to hinder our progress finding them Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded.:: We should get started in our pursuit. Even if the governor is lying, we will still be making progress. I must see t'Ksa about the children so that we can get as many transferred back to the planet immediately. STSF Seiben: Au should go again. The sea air would do au good. I go the beach alot.. there's this cute girl who works in a bakery by the coast.. she's a bit young though. Lerak trPexil: :: thinks :: I'd go with her now if she asked.. :: sighed :: Laehval tTemarr: If au will excuse me, Rekkhai, I shall go down there now. KhreRiovtRex: I think it would be best if au spoke with her. She seems to no longer wish to speak with me after all that has happened. KhreRiovtRex: Very well, au are dismissed... tAehjae: :: threatens him one more time:: Are you hiding any other information?? Laehval tTemarr: ::She quirked a brow at t'Rex's comment, wondering for a moment, but merely nodded.:: Ie. I will keep au informed as to what we do with our guests. KhreRiovtRex: :: nods to Laehval:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Exiting her chambers, she moved across the bridge, heading for the lift.:: Governor> Na!! Na.....stop! I've told au everything. STSF Seiben: ::looks at Laeh then back at Pex, then his console::\ KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ Have au laid in the pursuit course we had discussed? STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Ie, the pursuit course has been laid in. We're ready to go on your order. Lerak trPexil: :: nods to Koga :: tAehjae: :: steps back a step eyeing him for a moment: KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ Await word from t'Temarr, as she may be assisting t'Ksa to transfer some of the children back to the planet before we go. STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Understood. Laehval tTemarr: ::After a quick ride down to medical, she headed into sickbay and stopped short at the chaos.:: Ahh.... m_k_tksa: ::blowing her bangs up, wondering if leading medical through battle is easier than rounding up 22 children:: KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ also have a full manifest of items we need to restock and repair. We will be heading straight to the Justarus Shipyard to resupply and try to cut our enemy off if we can make enough speed u. KhreRiovtRex: +Pexil+ Have au determined what exactly the device you returned to the ship with yet? tAehjae: :: steps away and begins the report for t’Vatrix:: STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Ie, rekkhai. I'll ask the department heads to submit a list of supplies they need. m_k_tksa: Maec>::swinging by the front of medical, a squirming child in his arms:, nods to t'Temarr:: She's over there ::jerks his head in t'Ksa's direction:: KhreRiovtRex: Governor> :: is a weepy weak mess after t’A has finished with him, he has nothing else to share STSF Seiben: +Dept heads+ We'll be heading to the Justarus Shipyard for resupply. Please submit a list of supplies your department might need whilst we are docked there. Laehval tTemarr: Ah.... I see. ::She edged by a group of the children, trying not to touch them or be touched by *them* and joined t'Ksa.:: t'Ksa. I had na idea that it would be quite so... chaotic... in here. They certainly are... lively. Lerak trPexil: +t'Vatrix+ A communication device which we were able to decipher the codes to allow us to monitor Othan channels, presuming they don't rework their entire encryption methods. Lerak trPexil: +t'Vatrix+ We won't know what kind of access it grants until we are deeper into Othan territory. m_k_tksa: That's io way of putting it. ::stops io of the ones running:: Niko, no. You can't take that. ::takes a hypospanner out of his hands, before glancing at Laeh:: My office? Assuming it's not been invaded? tAehjae: :: sends tVatrix a message explaining the additional info that the Governor overheard the Othans said theey would destroy as many plants as they could on the way to attempt to slow our progress in following them:: Lerak trPexil: (I was thinking... "They are going after trees and shrubs?") tAehjae: ((grrrr PLANETS. the e didn’t connect.. been having issue with that lately)) Lerak trPexil: (Not the shrubbery!) Laehval tTemarr: Ie, please. ::Laehval followed, eager to be out of the way. A daycare center was well out of her comfort zone.:: Laehval tTemarr: (( Bring me a shrubbery! )) KhreRiovtRex: +t'A+Menkha work. Fhaen come to the oira and assist Koga and Pexil to decide if we can guess at some of their targets m_k_tksa: ::expertly weaves her way through the chaos and into her office, which at the moment is a safe haven for the 22 munchkins outside:: m_k_tksa: What news do au bring? tAehjae: +tVatrix+ IE Rekkhai on my way tAehjae: :: leaves the brig heading for the oira:: KhreRiovtRex: :: that done, she dropped her head into her palm for a siuren, shaking it once again in frustration::: Lerak trPexil: :: Types commands :: Koga, I am bringing the decoding device online, please scan for non-Galae transmissions... STSF Seiben: ::nods:: All right. ::begins scanning once Pexil brings the decoding device online:: KhreRiovtRex: :: reaches down and opens the small drawer in her desk and pulls out the holopicture of Var'lon and Val'ron::, running her finger along each of their faces::: KhreRiovtRex: I failed au both..... KhreRiovtRex: And au..... that message.... could it really have been? Lerak trPexil: I have locked out our transmission to their network, in case our message is tagged and traceable... it is likely we are using an ad hok network, meaning messages are passed from ship to ship and not through a formal network. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Let's hope it works well. Laehval tTemarr: We will be departing shortly for Justarus Shipyard in pursuit of the Othans. Thankfully, the Khre'Riov has seemed to regain some of her sense and is thinking rationally. We need to transport the children back to the planet. Were au able to find any other families of the children? m_k_tksa: There are three in which we can na account for their families. Genetically, two are related, possibly as 'cousins', the third is na. The rest of the children we've been able to locate their next of kin and I've been in contact with a social work agency that will help unify the them with their families. tAehjae: :: steps onto the Oira:: jolan tru Koga and Pexil STSF Seiben: Jolan tru. m_k_tksa: I'd like to keep the three remaining ios on-board while we continue to locate their families. It's possible that their families are one of the other outposts or settlements. KhreRiovtRex: When I left, I told au I would complete the mission I had been given, to find out who was behind the attacks. Well, that part we know, but now....now we will finish it. I just have to go about this in a more rational appearing manner. However, I still will yy'a all that were responsible.......for our home world...and .....for what they did to Val'ron....what they did to au...what they did to us. What they did to all our people.... I will crisp their capital from orbit if I have to... Laehval tTemarr: Menkha. ::She threw a glance out to medical.:: We can leave them with supplies, as well. Whatever we can spare from the stores for the people in the colony. Lerak trPexil: :: Nods at t'Aehjae KhreRiovtRex: and when this is over...I'll either find au.....or......will join au both...... ::touches the picture once more and places it back hrrau the drawer:: KhreRiovtRex: :: stands and walks out to the oira and takes her command seat:: KhreRiovtRex: Koga.....status report hnah m_k_tksa: Would au care to foster io of the three we're keeping? ::saying this in jest, especially after seeing her face as she looks out upon the organized chaos of Medical:: Lerak trPexil: :: Goes to another console to closely monitor the the transmissions :: Laehval tTemarr: ::Her eyes widen.:: Me? Ah.... surely there are others more qualified. STSF Seiben: All systems are operating within normal parameters. We're currently working on the decoding device to monitor non-Galae transmissions over the Othan network. KhreRiovtRex: ::Nods hrrau approval:: We should be ready to depart as soon as medical divests themselves of the children:: m_k_tksa: I'm teasing, t'Temarr. Do na worry, my team has this under control, no matter what it looks like out there. ::motions to the gaggle of children:: PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: Nicely done all..... KhreRiovtRex: ok, so next week we’ll be ready to depart and go hunting KhreRiovtRex: Laeh you have anything for them? KhreRiovtRex: Ok, I need to finish packing and get on the road shortly. Hope that you all have a nice weekend. I'll be away until Monday, so will talk to you all Monday night KhreRiovtRex: have a great weekend. Crew Dismissed
  7. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51707.27: The captured governor has been properly subdued upon threat of death (wuss) and has agreed to give tâ’Aehjae the information she needs regarding the Othans. With his information, we can learn their next target and where they might be going. The Stinger has been sent ahead to scout the sector in search of signs of the remnants of the Othan fleet that the Talon is chasing. Medical is still investigating the children they rescued in hopes of finding out who they really are and what happened to them. Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Lerak trPexil: :: is somewhere he is supposed to be :: Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ t'Temarr to Medical. m_k_tksa: +tTemarr+ This is Medical. Go ahead. STSF Seiben: ::on the oira:: Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ It seems as though we might be leaving soon. Have you learned anything about the children? If we do not have guardians for them, we may be taking them with us. tAehjae: :: Gaining the information from the captured governor:: Lerak trPexil: :: Exiting the engineering room and heading to the oira :: tAehjae: Start talking! KhreRiovtRex: :: back hrrau her office looking at the maps, and, transferring some of her other data to her ISD, m_k_tksa: +tTemarr+ We've been able to identify the genealogy of about three quarters of the children. That leaves four of which we're still trying to track down next of kin. ::pinching her nose:: I've also been able to locate at least io of the mates of the previous medical staff who's been attempting to help us locate the family members. Lerak trPexil: :: Enters a lift :: Oria.. Governor> I've already told au what little they let me know. I had to do it, to protect those I could. Au and au high and mighty Galae would have done the same thing.......... Lerak trPexil: :: Exits the lift and goes to the oira :: m_k_tksa: +t'Temarr+ As to the full extent of what was going on with the children, we are still unraveling that mystery. tAehjae: DONT Bet on that. Lerak trPexil: :: Takes the engineering station on the oira, logs in :: Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ I am inclined to keep them on board until we have a safe place for them to go. If they have next of kin, why were they na searching for their relatives? Keep looking. When it is time to leave, we will make a decision. Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, I need to speak with the Khre'Riov. Au have the oira. STSF Seiben: ::Nods:: Understood. tAehjae: So tell me again, Where were they heading? m_k_tksa: ::turns in her chair to check on Maec:: We better work on plan for housing for these patients. They might be with us for a while. Laehval tTemarr: ::Moving to t'Rexan's chambers, she ran the door chimes.:: Governor> Look, I told au what I know, and what they were saying last I heard. They wanted to hightail it right back to Othan Space and meet up with their fleet, but then said something about having lost ground, as Galae had ships at Justarus, that helped to free chRihan..... The obvious route would be heading right to Agurtha, skirting the bloody Naussican's, and then head to Othan...but..... Governor> Then they said they would take the unexpected route, and circumvent Justarus and the shipyards, that it would be unexpected, and were heading towards Umbrios. I told you this, how many time s just I again? m_k_tksa: Maec>::exhales hard enough for his bangs to blow upward:: I know au didn't want to tell her, but au will at some point, au know. KhreRiovtRex: :: hears the chime:: Enter.... KhreRiovtRex: :: looks up from her maps and the overlays she's set across them, to coordinate the information and try to head off or prevent the next Othan attack:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Moves inside as the doors part and joins her at the map table.:: Rekkhai. STSF Seiben: ::reads over a map of the area on his ISD:: KhreRiovtRex: Enarrain...... have au come across any additional data or information?> m_k_tksa: Ie, I know. I don't like thinking about it though. tAehjae: :: stands with her arms crossed still believing hes holding out on something:: Anything else? ::pulls her weapon leveling it at him once more:: Lerak trPexil: :: Looking over some files :: Laehval tTemarr: t'Aehjae is still interrogating the governor. Au have made him extremely cooperative. The Daise'Maenak has uncovered more information on the children she and tr'Pexil rescued. If they have trustworthy family, we will leave them here, but we may have to take them with us. Laehval tTemarr: They were... experimented... on. KhreRiovtRex: The list of crimes these traitors are accumulating, will make it easy for us to have cause to fire upon them, and listen later...if any survive. Lerak trPexil: :: Listening to those around him while reading :: KhreRiovtRex: Is there any way that t’Ksa is able to .... :: looking for the right words:: at least make them comfortable? I dislike having to take them with us, but we may need the proof later, However, this is a vessel of war, they may be na safer aboard than back rhae the planet. There is sure to be plenty of hostilities that will still take place between us and our prey Laehval tTemarr: We could leave them on the planet and hope that the locals care for them. ::She shrugged.:: Or we can deposit them at the next Galae installation. Governor> :: looks at tAejhae:: Enough with the charade. Clearly au leader wished me to remain alive or she'd have yy'a me already. Either shoot, or enough of the empty threats. :: already sitting, but leans back on the seat NDak: ::Enters the Talon Oira:: STSF Seiben: ::Glances at NDak who just entered:: Lerak trPexil: :: Sees N'Dak :: STSF Seiben: Jolan tru. T'Vatrix and Laehval are in the captain's chambers at the moment. KhreRiovtRex: :: points to the map table:: I have overlaid the information and ion trails that Koga was able to pick up, along with the information that the Governor has just recently....volunteered..... Lerak trPexil: :: Was thinking of someone's chambers, but now was not the time :: KhreRiovtRex: (Pexil...you sly dog!) m_k_tksa: ::turning back to her etrehh computer:: I'm still having problems locating this blood line here. These re. ::points:: They appear to be cousins, but the lineage isn't present in the database. New arrivals to the planet, maybe? New settlers? Lerak trPexil: :: laughs out loud a tiny bit at Koga's phrasing :: Laehval tTemarr: Ie. ::She nodded and took a look.:: It gives us a route to follow and a place to start. NDak: ::Nod and makes his way towards the chambers, ringing the door bell:: STSF Seiben: Hmm? Wanna let me in on that? tAehjae: :: wants to let him have it but decides otherwise.:: I will leave au for tVatrix. KhreRiovtRex: Ie, it does, I would be....:: hears the chime:: Enter Laehval tTemarr: Did au receive helpful information from Galae? Governor> :: sits back, with a smug look on his face Lerak trPexil: Your choice of a particular word Koga, but this is neither the time nor place. KhreRiovtRex: From Galae? m_k_tksa: Maec> We could try supply lines and track arrivals. How far back do au want to go? STSF Seiben: Ah. Ahh.. I get it now. STSF Seiben: But it got the job done. tAehjae: :: turns walking away before she changes her mind and does away with him:: m_k_tksa: This child is chronologically seven years old. So let's assume eight to nine years, then? Laehval tTemarr: Ie. I saw a logged message. Was it na from command? m_k_tksa: Maec> Morgana, that's a lot of records. NDak: ::Enters the chambers:: Rehkkai, Ennarain. KhreRiovtRex: ::: momentarily uncertain how to authen, turns to see NDak entering:: Jolan Tru..... KhreRiovtRex: We were just discussing the information we've received.... Lerak trPexil: :; Checks scan logs for any ships in the area :: m_k_tksa: It's a place to start. They belong to *someone. They deserve to see their families. tAehjae: +tVartrix+ tAehjae to tVatrix. KhreRiovtRex: If we take the information that the Govern...... :: hears the t'liss go off:: I am never going to be able to finish a sentence... Laehval tTemarr: ::Gives N'Dak a nod.:: m_k_tksa: Maec> ::tapping away:: I tell au what, I'm na looking forward to. ::glances at her:: Delivering the death notices along with the children. m_k_tksa: ::quietly:: Au and me both. KhreRiovtRex: +t'A+ Have au obtained any additional information from the Governor? tAehjae: +tVatrix+ Rekkhai the last thing the governor said was tha the Orthan were heading towards Umbrios STSF Seiben: ::studies more data about that area of space they were going to, as well as helping the quartermaster assign potential housing for the children:: KhreRiovtRex: +tA+ So his information remains constant. Menkha...however.....to be sure, au have permission to apply the agonizer a time or two, and see if his story changes......before we go too far out of our way KhreRiovtRex: menkha job. Let me know if there is anything additional. t'Vatrix ta'khoi... KhreRiovtRex: :: ends the conversation and turns back to Laeh and NDak:: tAehjae: :: walks back in to the smug faced governor, picks up the agonizer and walks toward the Governor:: Now lets see if yo change your tune any. Lerak trPexil: :: Could not get the faces of the children out of his mind :: KhreRiovtRex: With Galae having had ships hidden at Justarus, it cuts their return to Othan space by quite a bit of space. They either have to toe a narrow bit of space on a more direct route, heading towards Agurtha, and Dumok'azen. However, they know we also have ships at Dumokazen. The information Koga and Pexil were able to obtain, collaborate with the information the Governor provided..that they were instead going around the longer route, towards Umbrios, and circumventing Justarus STSF Seiben: How are the kiddies doing? KhreRiovtRex: I propose we had that way as well, however, we can cut towards Justarus, and tKsa can deposit the children and her findings there if she wants, while we resupply torpedoes KhreRiovtRex: Do either of au have another suggestion or course of action to propose? Governor> What do au mean to do with that!? I told au what I knew....... Au have na right. I am the duly sworn Governor of Buqret...the Fvillah will hear of this! Laehval tTemarr: ::She shook her head.:: Na, that seems our best course of action at this moment. NDak: ::Tips his head thoughtfully:: STSF Seiben: Or that cute Flower Girl of yours? NDak: Ie, I agree. Lerak trPexil: I am awaiting a comm about Nalia. tAehjae: I plan to find out if you have any more information that you have forgotten to tell us. ::slowly steps closer and closer to him:: Lerak trPexil: My mother is probably fattening her up as we speak KhreRiovtRex: Agreed.... +Koga+ Start plottting a course towards the Justarus Shipyards, we will be departing shortly STSF Seiben: I see. STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Ie, plotting a course now. Lerak trPexil: :: Switches to propulsion status :: NDak: The Stinger can go ahead of au and scout the route. STSF Seiben: ::begins to set a course to the Jastarus Shipyards:: I know that place... a friend of mine bought an old shuttle there. STSF Seiben: Or was it a runabout? KhreRiovtRex: ::Turns to Laeh and NDak:: I wish to hear au suggestions on how best to proceed,......... KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM tAehjae: :: paused:: STSF Seiben: ::Paused: KhreRiovtRex: (Its' a military installation Koga) STSF Seiben: (ah. Could be military surplus, or he could be military ) Lerak trPexil: (Galae surplus.. lots of olive green and old items) KhreRiovtRex: Nice work all, again my apologies, wasn't feeling well and dozed off, will set an alarm next week STSF Seiben: No worries KhreRiovtRex: Next week we'll begin having gotten underway, and after the Othan scum Lerak trPexil: I know something about dozing off. STSF Seiben: Yay KhreRiovtRex: Laeh, do au have anything for them? Laehval tTemarr: Nope. Everyone have a good weekend. Laehval tTemarr: FYI -- Ksa found families for SOME of the children, so they'll be going down to the planet. m_k_tksa: Thanks Laeh Laehval tTemarr: But we may have a few still on board. KhreRiovtRex: excellent. Ok, then, have a nice weekend everyone, hopefully she don’t' keep too many as pets or new medical trainees.... Lerak trPexil: Laeh and I always wanted a kid...right? Laehval tTemarr: I suggest child labor. KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed... m_k_tksa: G'night guys tAehjae: LOL night all STSF Seiben: Goodnight! STSF Seiben: lol KhreRiovtRex: :: chokes at Pexil's suggestions!! lol Lerak trPexil: Night STSF Seiben: Can I have Pexil's Flower Girl then? Laehval tTemarr: Hahaha KhreRiovtRex: lol Laehval tTemarr: Night, guys. Laehval tTemarr: See you next week. KhreRiovtRex: careful Pexil, I'll sell Ndak to her as her boy toy STSF Seiben: Nite KhreRiovtRex: and leave you just the flower girl KhreRiovtRex: Night
  8. Drat....they found that we had fixed it to only show Rihannsu simlogs........
  9. Jolan Tru HustkyMan, We currently have 8 full time sims running during the week, and on Saturdays, there is the Red Star Lounge and Academy when there are enough players present. If you look at the menu bar at the top of the page, you will see a schedule listed of the various sims and when they run. If you are interested in any, please contact the GM's of that sim (you can even leave a message here and we'll be happy to get back to you). It is likely they would ask you to watch a game or two to see if it was to your liking, or if you've played before (as you have) you may be invited to come on and play along. Just be sure to follow that particular sim's guidelines and not interfere with ongoing plot lines. If you find that you like the game, you can make arrangements with the GM team as to what they would require to join. For example, I run the USS Republic on Monday nights, and the Talon on Thursdays. In this case, one is a Federation sim, the other a Romulan sim. Each sim does have various sets of rules (No telepaths, and the other, no Federation races). We have several different timelines as well between the different sims, so go ahead and read through the sim descriptions and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I hope this helps answer your question, and please feel free to check out the various sims. Khre'Riov L'haiy ira-Rex t'Vatrix RES TALON - Commanding officer
  10. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 71707.13 - SEASON 22 The away teams have returned, having collected several children, flushed out a few Othans and disposed of them, found some sort of device at the water treatment plant, have captured/rescued the Governor, and have all returned to the ship. t'Vatrix is a bit out of sorts after a transmission she received, and has went down to check on t'A's interrogation of the Governor. tTamarr had the oira BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF Seiben: ::on the oira looking over stuff:: KhreRiovtRex: :: entering into the Br'tehh, having over ridden the locking codes, to see how t'A is doing with the questioning of the Governor. Lerak trPexil: :: Walking to a room to look at the data they have collected so far ::\ Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval activated the comm.:: +Ksa+ t'Temarr to t'Ksa. NDak: #::Having returned to the Stinger for medical attention following the incident on the surface, he was receiving an update from his second in command:: tAehjae: ::to the Governor:: That still doesnt explain why you were hiding from us. tAehjae: :: turns to see tVatrix:: Jolan Tru rekkhai. m_k_tksa: +t'Temarr+ This is t'Ksa, go ahead. ::rubs her temples:: KhreRiovtRex: :: grabs the Governor by the collar and jerks him upright, the blood on her face, hands and uniform, not escaping him:: : If au value a life at all, au will speak truthfully and tell me what I wish to know, or au will be having a very short day. As several others have already found out..... Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ S'Bien and tr'Pexil gave me some interesting information on the children you and tr'Pexil rescued. Have au glanced at their files? tAehjae: :: glad she stepped aside:: Lerak trPexil: :: Enters a room and illuminates the screen :: Governor> :: looks up at her in shock at being grabbed such:: Who are au to....:: then realized just exactly who he is dealing with:: m_k_tksa: +t'Temarr+ Ie, that's actually what me and the Khiensa are doing now. Trying to make sense of what is going on and if we can identify their genealogy. Lerak trPexil: :: Looking at the sensor readings first :: Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ How are they faring right now? KhreRiovtRex: Menkha....au know who I am.......that is menkha. Then I suppose we do na have to go through any charades, as to my intent. When I ask au for an authen, I do expect it. KhreRiovtRex: Au will authen the questions my Daise Dheno has, and If I'm na satisfied, I'll have her persuade au to think about au authen, and make sure au are telling it truthfully. m_k_tksa: +t'Temarr+ Aside from being tired, they seem to be in good health. They are remarkably na fearful of the medical staff. Considering the experimentation done, I would have thought they would have been more reticent. But they've taken to my staff quite quickly. KhreRiovtRex: t'A, au may continue. :: turns and takes a chair, turning it around and sitting on it backwards, intently watching them both Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, are au reading any warp signatures leaving this sector? If we do na get the information we need from the governor, we will need a course of action. STSF Seiben: Scanning now. ::searches:: I'm not getting any signatures on sensors. I do hope t'Aehjae can get some answers from the governor. KhreRiovtRex: :: sure that he has noticed all of the kaleh's she is wearing tucked into her uniform, and she intently wants to know if he has information about Var'lon, but will na broach that subject outright. tAehjae: NOW Why were au hiding from us when we acknowledge we were here to help Au NDak: # ::He nodded once the report was complete, and looked towards the view screen where Talon orbited ahead of the cloaked Stinger.:: Laehval tTemarr: +t'Ksa+ Brainwashing? Hypnosis? Behavioral modification might be part of their treatments. Keep me informed as to what au find. I want to know what happened to them and why. Most of all, I want to know if they have family. Otherwise, we may have them on board for a while. ACTION: Careful scans by both Stinger and Talon have picked up a number of signatures leading away from the planet and towards Othan space Lerak trPexil: :: Now looking at other scans :: m_k_tksa: +tTemarr+ What? Au don't want to have N'Dak to serve as a babysitter? Must my staff do it when he can do it easily enough? He has a cape that would just fascinate the children. Governor> Au do na know the pressures that were brought upon us, We had to comply, or else they'd have killed us all. NDak: # ::Frowning, he tapped the comm panel on the his chair:: +Talon+ Stinger to Talon STSF Seiben: +Stinger+ Talon here, go ahead. Laehval tTemarr: ::She smirked.:: +t'Ksa+ I'll be sure to let him know au think so. tAehjae: Why would they had yyaa au? What knowledge did au have that they wanted? NDak: #+Talon+ We have detected what appear to be ion trails leading out of the system. We are cloaked though, so I wanted to confirm, rhae au sensors. m_k_tksa: +tTemarr+ I'll let au know what we discover once we make sense of these records. t'Ksa out. STSF Seiben: +Stinger+ Ie, we picked them up on our sensors too. They've left the planet and are making their way to Othan space. NDak: #+Stinger+ Understood. I am going to break us out of orbit and begin heading towards them to see if we can get a better look. Is the Khre'Riov aboard? Governor> They wanted control of the planet..... na to let Galae have any say in our matters here. Then...they started to withhold shipments to the home world, and said if we did na comply, we would die STSF Seiben: +Stinger+ Very well. And ie, she is aboard. NDak: # ::Nominally he wanted to run the decision by her, but he also hoped to inquire as to the communique which had taken her away from the planet while they were searching for the Governor:: +Talon+ Then I will beam over shortly to brief her before we leave orbit. N'Fak khoi. Laehval tTemarr: +N'Dak+ The Khre'Riov is currently with the Daise'Dheno interrogating the Governor. NDak: #+Talon+ Even better. KhreRiovtRex: :: looking at tA to ask the hard questions, wanting to herself, but instead, was just intently staring the governor down, as he looked back and forth between them NDak: # ::closing the comm, he glanced towards his XO before heading off towards the lift and the h'tejj:: Governor> We had na choice, I had to let them do what they wanted, to protect the people. Lerak trPexil: :: Leaves the room and heads to the oria :: tAehjae: What information do au have about trVar'lon? KhreRiovtRex: :: eyes smoldering, at the Governor, but so far holding her hand, hoping tA could ferret out more information from him:: Lerak trPexil: :: Enters a lift :: Oria... m_k_tksa: ::sigh, glancing over to Maec who's got his attention in a etrehh:: I can track the treatments to the point that it was some sort of genetic experiment. Speeding up growth and muscle mass. But i don't see any psychological experiments, do you? tAehjae: If Au do na answer MY Questions I will yyaa au myself NDak: ::The transport to Talon was quick and uneventful, but he always found it a bit nostalgic returning to the Talon:: KhreRiovtRex: (I'm sure the entire crew could work to make you miserable if you like it really nostalgic! LOL) NDak: ::He headed out towards the br'tehh, which also had some nostalgia for him, which was, in itself strange:: NDak: ( lool ) Lerak trPexil: :: Enters the oira :: KhreRiovtRex: :: watching the Governor get ansty: stands and removes io of her Kaleh:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Glances toward the lift.:: tr'Pexil. What brings au to the oira? tAehjae: I asked au a question I want an answer! :: points her weapon at him:: KhreRiovtRex: Tell me Governor, as au have already confessed to colluding with enemies of our home world....I would think it prudent, if au think au would like to continue to breath...to tell us why......au did na contact anyone on homeworld NDak: ::The br'tehh was a short walk from the htejj, and he was greeted cooly by the d'heno. He did na recognize any of them on watch, but they moved out of the way once they saw his rank sash, and he headed towards the holding chambers:: Lerak trPexil: :: to t'Temarr :: I am making sure all of our data from here is in order. Lerak trPexil: :: Looks :: Is there something au wish of me? KhreRiovtRex: You let an enemy force take control of au charge, to run things as they wished and to hide it, to let them inflict pain and death upon au citizens, and ...those au had guarding au, attacked my forces upon removing au from the bunker. It seems, au have chosen the wrong side tAehjae: Au better answer her, Laehval tTemarr: Ie, I want to know what else au found in the files about those children au discovered. Next of kin? m_k_tksa: Maec> Nothing that I can find. What I can find is that these children were taken before they knew their families. Look at the dates of service, here. KhreRiovtRex: ::heard boot heels behind her and turned, seeing N'Dak:: NDak: ::He entered the holding area, glancing towards the Governor, coldly:: Lerak trPexil: :: Nods :: The computer parsed the data after reconstruction. Some of them have more data than others. Let me pull what we have so far. :: loads his ISD with what they have and gives it to t'Temarr :: tAehjae: :: looks up to see Ndak and nods to him:: KhreRiovtRex: and turned back to the Governor.:: Do au know who it was au had au guards attack? This ...is a the son of io of our prominent Deihu (almost choked saying it, but got it out) KhreRiovtRex: Yet...au, playing the victim, have au men attack us. It does na fit au story Governor KhreRiovtRex: I'm sure that au and my Daise Dheno fahd, can have an interesting afternoon, with au updating her on all that has happened, where au contact had left for, and the children that were found KhreRiovtRex: Enarrain....I believe this man gave au affront, when he had his men attack au Lerak trPexil: We have sent a program into the network here to gather more data. So this will update. tAehjae: :: steps aside as NDak approaches:: NDak: ::Destorie leveled a glace towards the Governor, nodding:: Ie, and after we had been so gracious to him and his men after we found them hiding like fvai. m_k_tksa: ((Sorry guys, I need to head off to bed. I've got a really early start tomorrow. I'll see you next week)) Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded.:: Menkha. S'Bien, we need to do something for the survivors of the Othan attack. Coordinate to send down supplies to aid them. KhreRiovtRex: Governor, au have a choice, au can confess to t'Aehjae and she may spare au the use of the agonizer, I could remand au to NDak's custody, and his choice of questioning au, or....au can chose my option...and I think au can see from my tunic, what that holds STSF Seiben: Ie, I'll speak with the quartermaster to ship out food and other provisions NDak: ::Removing his kaleh, he glanced at it, letting the gleam reflect towards the Governor:: KhreRiovtRex: Governor> :: seeing both t'Rexan/t'Vatrix and NDak both with Kaleh's drawn, and turns to t'A. :: I'll be happy to cooperate, what is it that au wish to know? STSF Seiben: ::speaking with the quartermaster to arrange for food, and other supplies to be sent down to the planet:: KhreRiovtRex: :: shoves her Kaleh back into its scabbard:: Na even worth the blood it would spill, coward. How did io such as au, get to be in charge of so many, when au only look out for the good of auself:: backhands him across the face Lerak trPexil: I can determine locations for those supplies. KhreRiovtRex: Au had best give her the authen she wants, or we will get it .....my way...bit..by tiny bit....by tiny bit...., and remember, both of these fine officers...have trained under me. Ie Destorie and t'Aehjae? NDak: ::Nods:: Ie. tAehjae: ::grins at t’Vatrix’s action.:: Laehval tTemarr: Send a message buoy back to Galae Command, as well. They need to know what has happened here. Governor> :: looks at the floor:: I will give her the information tAehjae: Ie KhreRiovtRex: Menkha.... N'Dak, I wish to speak with au once au have completed au business fahd NDak: ::Nods:: Ie, I have some matters to bring to au attention as well. tAehjae: Ndak would wih wish to go first? NDak: ::Glances towards to Gov:: Na, I will allow au to deal with this veruul. KhreRiovtRex: t'A, I presume au can get the information we need from him, Ie? If so, I will head back to my chambers. NDak, with me if au would. tAehjae: Ie rekkhai PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM tAehjae: ::paused:: KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim all... Lerak trPexil: : pause :: KhreRiovtRex: Question is, how lenient will tA be once he starts spilling his guts...... well, na in the way that Laeh did with me of course, but au get the gist! lol KhreRiovtRex: Any comments or questions? Laehval tTemarr: Make sure to twist the knife, t'Aehjae. Laehval tTemarr: Out of love. KhreRiovtRex: rofl! KhreRiovtRex: <3 au too Leah KhreRiovtRex: Ok, if that's all, then have a nice week and Crew Dismissed
  11. USS Republic Mission Briefing 5170710 - Season 25 Several of the crew have spent time talking to Ayumu, trying to get her to fight for herself after Lt Medley also had been more fully briefed and had spoken to her. Blu had brought Rue up to speed and they were just waiting for the judge to let them know he was available once again to resume the trial BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Randy Calvert: :::in his office reviewing reports::: STSF Seiben: ::sitting in the room, mentally preparing herself some more:: Randy Calvert: So it looks like they should finally be ready.... STSF_BluRox: :: rings the door chime to the Admiral's office:: Heather Jamieson: :: Sitting in the room along with the others :: Randy Calvert: :::presses the button turning his screen off::: Enter. Randy Calvert: :::glances up as the door opens::: STSF_BluRox: :::enters :: Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::setting her PADD down on the table:: Any last ideas, Ms Kasuga? STSF Seiben: Other than everything I mentioned already, I'm not sure what else I think of. STSF_BluRox: Hello sir, I believe that they are ready to resume if you have completed your other business. Randy Calvert: It's done as much as can be for now. Randy Calvert: If everyone is ready, let's get it out of the way. August Jax Robinson: ::Knocks on the Office Kasuga is in::: August Jax Robinson: ::Keeps knocking::: STSF Seiben: Oh, someone's there. Heather Jamieson: :: Is torn between anger and depression :: Rue Wydown: Lt Medley> Enter. ::raises a brow at the insistent door and Kasuga stating the obvious:: STSF_BluRox: Yes sir, I will meet you in the conference room August Jax Robinson: :::Knocks harder:: Randy Calvert: Very good. We'll start as soon as everyone is assembled. Rue Wydown: ((Jax, we said you could enter)) August Jax Robinson: ::Enter the room:: Heather Jamieson: ((She just likes knocking..)) August Jax Robinson: ((I do!)) STSF Seiben: ::looks at the door:: Ah hey, Jax/ Randy Calvert: (( Knock knock knocking on heaven's door...)) August Jax Robinson: hey? HEY!? STSF_BluRox: (god, now I have old 70's songs in my head about knocking on the door) STSF Seiben: (come and knock on my door... we've been waiting for you..) Randy Calvert: ((At least it's not a yellow submarine.)) August Jax Robinson: What the Heck are you doing?! Heather Jamieson: (( Knock knock, who's there? It's Jax....Knock knock, Who's there? It's Jax... Kno...)) STSF_BluRox: (submarines are a bad place for screen doors) Randy Calvert: :::leans back in his chair::: STSF Seiben: Looking over evidences and stuff/ Randy Calvert: :::hoping everyone has their act together this time, otherwise he might be inclined to toss the whole lot in the brig::: Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::glances at her chrono:: We've got to return to the conference room here shortly. STSF Seiben: ::Nods:: August Jax Robinson: Screw the evidence! you just gave up, everything STSF_BluRox: +Lt Medley+ The Admiral has cleared his schedule and is ready to resume. Please have your party join us in the conference room in 10 minutes. Thank you Heather Jamieson: :: Goes up to get a drink :: Rue Wydown: +BluRox+ Thank you for the notice. We'll be there shortly. STSF Seiben: Ah that, yeah I was tired and stressed out. I wasn't thinking clearly. Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::standing up:: Ms Kasuga, Mrs Robinson, we need to return to the conference room. STSF Seiben: Yes, let's go. STSF Seiben: Seiben> ::heads back to his seat in the peanut gallery, having had a nice meal in one of the restaurants:: Randy Calvert: :::reviewing his schedule for the rest of the week, realizing how far behind he is and how he's going to have to work well into the night to catch up::: STSF_BluRox: :: heading to the conference room, a bit worried that Ayumu was still planning on pleading guilty as none of her team had even approached her about reduced charges or a plea bargain:: Randy Calvert: It's always the things that should take a short period of time that drag on forever. Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::heading back to the conference room with Kasuga in tow:; STSF Seiben: ::follows along:: STSF Seiben: Seiben> ::Settles into his seat in the courtroom:: August Jax Robinson: ::exits the room and heads to Calvert's office"" Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::at this point, wouldn't put it past her client to do something ridiculous again, and there's nothing she could do to stop her:: STSF_BluRox: (you could hit her over the had and claim she's incapacitated!!) STSF Seiben: (lol) August Jax Robinson: ::enters Calvert's office:: we need to talk Heather Jamieson: :: Sits back down :: Randy Calvert: :::glances up suddenly, not expecting anyone to just directly enter his office::: August Jax Robinson: What the hell is your Problem?! Randy Calvert: :::stands as he arches a brow::: Can I help you, Commander? STSF_BluRox: ((starts paperwork for court martial #2) August Jax Robinson: yeah you can stop being a jerk and be a decent person Randy Calvert: :::thinking to himself he might need to free up a few more brig spaces::: August Jax Robinson: everything that happened the past few months is everyones fault. NOT just 1 person Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders what is going on outside the room :: STSF_BluRox: (( thinking she may have to argue that the entire away team has space dementia) Randy Calvert: Do you want to try that again, Commander? I don't know if you've forgotten how the chain of command works around here, but I have not. STSF Seiben: ::next to Heather, looks at his chrono:: Isn't it supposed to start again soon? STSF Seiben: ^ SEiben Rue Wydown: ((::watching the new drama between Jax and Calvert:: )) Randy Calvert: Now... I've been patient enough to give your crew member a chance to present a defense to her case. Something she was not willing to do on her own. STSF_BluRox: :: wondering where August was, as she had compiled the brief and might need her testimony:: Randy Calvert: I've even given additional resources for her defense to build her case. Randy Calvert: I cannot make her argument. That's her job and that of her advocate. Randy Calvert: MY job Commander is to hear the facts presented by both sides and make a determination as to guilt or innocence. August Jax Robinson: maybe she knows that she is set up to fail Randy Calvert: But again, how is that MY problem? If she and her advocate will not defend themselves... August Jax Robinson: it's easy for you to sit planet side and judge people.... when was the last time you were in space? Randy Calvert: Now... if you wish to speak as her advocate, speak with her team. Randy Calvert: :::patiences drawing VERY thin right now::: Randy Calvert: :::stands up and walks up to her deliberately::: Randy Calvert: I don't know who the hell you're talking to Commander, but I have given this fleet 35 years of my life. STSF_BluRox: +Jax+ August, do you have time to talk before this gets underway? Randy Calvert: I have given LIFE to this fleet and have spent more years than I can count in space. August Jax Robinson: I know your career path, you ran back home to Earth as soon as you could... my parents don't keep secrets Randy Calvert: Now... I'm going to give you one chance to walk out of my office and into the conference room before I throw YOU in the brig for insubordination Randy Calvert: My personal suggestion is to make your case to her advocate. From what I can see, she has a case for potentially several defenses that could help her. Randy Calvert: But that's not something I can make her or her team present. August Jax Robinson: I am Admiral Augustus Jax's Granddaughter... I know your game. I will see to your end August Jax Robinson: ::Exits his office without another word::: Randy Calvert: I'm done, Commander.... August Jax Robinson: ::Hair bouncing sweetly:: Randy Calvert: +STATION SECURITY+ Please place Commander Jax under arrest and detain her in the brig. STSF Seiben: (ooh, a cell mate ! Lol) Rue Wydown: ((Well this is going pear shaped quick enough)) STSF Seiben: ::looks up at the chrono:: ACTION:: SEVERAL STATION SECURITY ARRIVE IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM AND WALK OVER TO COMMANDER ROBINSON Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::starting to wonder about the delay:: Rue Wydown: ((Well, we could all go pirate............)) Randy Calvert: :::shakes his head::: What is it about this ship? ACTION: Station Security Chief> Commander, you are to come with us. You have been charged with grosse insubordination and are to be held in the brig pending an inquiry. Motions for his men to take Jax. Heather Jamieson: :: Looks :: August Jax Robinson: ::Slaps security's hand away::: I will come with you... but it is Jax-Robinson thank you Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::wondering what's going on now:: STSF Seiben: ::wondering the same:: STSF Seiben: Seiben> Gee, what's going on? Randy Calvert: (( :::wonders the same as well::: )) August Jax Robinson: ::walks out ahead of security:: STSF_BluRox: See's the security officers :: What is going on here? Why are you arresting my officer? STSF_BluRox: (( :: facepalm:: )) Randy Calvert: :::shakes his head as he approaches the door, standing before it without opening it::: Rue Wydown: ((Yep, I'm turning pirate. Who's with me, say "aye")) Randy Calvert: :::tries to gather his thoughts about what the hell just happened and if he should just find a bottle::: August Jax Robinson: {{{Aye!!}} Randy Calvert: :::presses the button and steps into the room without saying anything and makes his way to his station::: Rue Wydown: Lt Medley> ::Leans over to Kasuga:: This isn't good. ACTION: One of the security guards steps over to Blu and tells her that she had verbally confronted the Admiral...:: but stops as Admiral Calvert enters the room August Jax Robinson: ::Gets tossed into the Brig::: Call my Family! STSF Seiben: No, it doesn't look good at all. August Jax Robinson: NOW STSF_BluRox: :: looks questioningly to him about Jax:: Randy Calvert: This inquiry will come to order.... Rue Wydown: Rue>::wondering if she should have bought and brought some popcorn for this show:: STSF Seiben: But this gives me motivation to try to give a good defense. STSF_BluRox: :: See's that he's 'all' business at the moment, and looking none too happy...this wasn't going to bode well for Ayumu STSF_BluRox: (Jax just got Ayumu 10 more years, and a roommate!) STSF_BluRox: lol STSF Seiben: (lol) Randy Calvert: My apologies for the unannounced delay as a new case has apparently been brought to my attention. August Jax Robinson: {{Well, better to not be alone eh?)) Randy Calvert: We'll address that in due time, however are both sides ready to proceed? STSF_BluRox: :: stands to make her opening remarks, but stops as the Admiral makes his statement,:: STSF_BluRox: Aye..... Aye Sir. If I may open..... Rue Wydown: Lt Medley>::standing:: Aye sir PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: August Jax Robinson: ::Paused:: August Jax Robinson: :P STSF Seiben: At least I'll have a friend in jail in with me.. August Jax Robinson: :-P STSF Seiben: STSF_BluRox: Does anyone else want to go to the brig? maybe we can get you all a group rate August Jax Robinson: STSF_BluRox: lol Heather Jamieson: I think Heather might fight with the new guy in the room Heather Jamieson: Wow, what a delay there Rue Wydown: LOL STSF Seiben: lol Randy Calvert: Jax might not be staying in the brig.... lol Randy Calvert: She's most likely going to be undergoing a psych evaluation soon. Heather Jamieson: Penal colony? STSF_BluRox: Oh... good, I was worried about the airlock STSF Seiben: Federation Funny Farm STSF_BluRox: alien induced space dementia Rue Wydown: I've gotta head out guys. I’ll see you either Thurs or next week August Jax Robinson: I am SO not crazy Randy Calvert: :::cough::: bull... :::cough::: August Jax Robinson: I am the only normal one on the ship STSF_BluRox: :: what Randy said:: You did marry Will STSF_BluRox: I'm the normal one! August Jax Robinson: yeah, we drank through that!! Randy Calvert: I see... blame it on the booze. STSF_BluRox: insubordination, drinking on duty....at least she didnt' strike him STSF_BluRox: but let's not give her any ideas STSF_BluRox: Alrighty, get out of here, I'll see most of you on Talon August Jax Robinson: yet STSF_BluRox: Ok, CREW DISMISSED, we'll pick this up next week
  12. RES Talon Mission Briefing 51707.06 - Season 22 The Pexil and Koga while searching the medical records had found that the children had been undergoing some sort of radical medical testing, but still na why they were here to begin with. Meanwhile, t'Aejhae and Laehval found the location of where they suspected the Governor to be in hiding, and looked for a way to get him out. After finding an air shaft, they were able to smoke them out. However, one of the guards made a move and NDak plunged his kaleh into his chest. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: $ :: Sitting on the floor of her chambers, still stunned at the message she had received:: STSF Seiben: ::Looking at the records with Pexil:: tAehjae: ::with t’Temarr and NDak looking down at the downed guard:: Are au OK NDak? Laehval tTemarr: Guards> ::Both dead.:: m_k_tksa: ::in medical with the children, talking with the Kheinsa about the issue:: Laehval tTemarr: Governor> ::Sighs, but doesn't make any move to fight.:: STSF Seiben: ::on the Oira:: ACTION: NDak is distracted by the blood that has spattered upon his cape STSF Seiben: (and he just got it dry cleaned too!) Laehval tTemarr: t'Aehjae, escort the Governor to the square and have him beamed aboard the ship for questioning. KhreRiovtRex: (the nerve of these Othan...!) tAehjae: IE Rekkhai Laehval tTemarr: Children> ::Tuckered out and pretty much asleep.:: tAehjae: :: takes the Governor by the arm:: Lets move out tAehjae: :: moves with the Governor towards the square:: +Talon+ tA to Talon. Laehval tTemarr: Governor> ::Plods along with t'Aehjae toward the square.:: STSF Seiben: +t'A+ Ie, Talon here. Go ahead. m_k_tksa: Let's go in my office talk. ::trying not to scowl, really not sure what's going on:: tAehjae: +Talon+ Talon prepare to transport myself and the Governor to the ship. Au also may wish to inform t’Vatrix that we have him in custody and are bringing him aboard for questioning. ACTION> t'Aehjae and t'Temarr are beamed aboard the Talon with the Governor. STSF Seiben: +t'A+ Very well. Stand-by for transport then. ::beams then over:: tAehjae: :: aboard the Talon:: m_k_tksa: Maec>::following t'Ksa:: So, what do you think about all of this? STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Oira to t'Vatrix. We have the Governor in custody. He is to be questioned by Dheno. tAehjae: :: nudges him to move as she heads him towards the interrogation room:: m_k_tksa: According to those records, there's something hinky going on. ::pulling up the records on the main etrehh console screen above her desk:: Look at this. KhreRiovtRex: :: sitting on the floor by her desk, hears the com, taking a moment to recognize it, breaking her from her thoughts, finally reaches up and taps it:: +com+t'Vatrix fahd..? Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval parted ways with t'Aehjae, heading for the bridge.:: KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+_ Hann'yyo tr'Seiben. Laehval tTemarr: ::She entered the lift.:: +Lerak+ t'Temarr to tr'Pexil. m_k_tksa: Maec>They've been experimented on. You don't think they're -- Lerak trPexil: +temm+ Here... m_k_tksa: Clones? ::scowls at him:: Don't be ridiculously. But we're going to have a heck of a time determining which families they belong to. If there are any survivors in their families. tAehjae: :: moves the governor into the interrogation room and sits him in a chair:: Now for some answers! Lerak trPexil: (tem) STSF Seiben::: continues to look through the medical databanks as well for any other information he could extract:: KhreRiovtRex: :: mind racing as to where he could be?:: He had to be close enough that he was able to send her a directed message, he wouldn't have chanced it otherwise...but where?:: Laehval tTemarr: +Lerak+ I heard tell of a device beamed aboard from the planet. Have au yet discovered what it does? Laehval tTemarr: ::She strode onto the bridge.:: S'Bien, report. STSF Seiben: We have found the medical records for the children we found on the medical facility. Maenak staff are looking over it at this time. The children were also looked after by maenak staff. Apparently, they were subjected to various experiments of some sort, but the medical jargon is above my knowledge. m_k_tksa: Maec>::leans against her desk, arms folded:: You think they were taken? Lerak trPexil: +Tem+ it's a comm link. Descrambler for their channels Laehval tTemarr: Experiments? What sort of experiments? Laehval tTemarr: Governor> ::Raises his hands at t'Aehjae.:: What? I'm a victim, here! We were hiding from the Othans! m_k_tksa: No, I think they voluntarily signed up for this. ::::gives him a look:: The DNA isn't repetitive, so they're not part of the family. Lerak trPexil: +tem+ is there something wrong with it? STSF Seiben: I'm afraid I'm not too certain. The data in the experiment reports contains medical terminology I am not familiar with. But they seem to be quite comprehensive. Lerak trPexil: +tem+ we picked up some medical data as well. tAehjae: As I said The questioning... Why did au na come out when we called Lerak trPexil: :: working on the device as they spoke :: KhreRiovtRex: :: stands and starts pulling up sector maps and trying to figure where all he could have sent a message from, knowing he would na have sent if if there were a chance that someone else may have intercepted it:: Laehval tTemarr: Governor> We didn't hear au! That safe room goes deep and the comm was broken. ::Scowls.:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Takes her seat, looking to Koga.:: And the children? Have they been seen to? Cared for? Lerak trPexil: +tem+ if we can break other encryption, we may be able to track their movements. KhreRiovtRex: :: realizes shes' still clenching the bloody sword, drops it on her desk, and eventually drops back into her chair in exasperation, as there is no way to determine where he might be just from this sector.....but if it were true, he had to be somewhat close:: KhreRiovtRex::: but...what if it were lie? What if this were some cruel Othan hoax to confuse her? STSF Seiben: Ie, t'Ksa and the maenak staff have been caring for the children since their arrival. I believe they are sleeping in their accommodation area. Laehval tTemarr: +Lerak+ S'Bien just informed me. This device -- can au use it to our advantage? Can we use it to intercept their communications? Lerak trPexil: +t'ksa+ there could be other children and unfortunates in other facilities. tAehjae: My superiors will be here shortly to ask au questions, Lerak trPexil: +tem+ ie, hopefully off their grid. tAehjae: how long were au hiding? m_k_tksa: ::takes a seat at her desk, scratching at the back of her head:: I'm still trying to tell if there's any long term detrimental affects to these procedures. Other than what we've discovered so far, the age progression, muscle tone accentuation and well....::Scrolling through a list:: m_k_tksa: +tr'Pexil+ Ie, true. Do au think au can tap into the records of the facilities? Laehval tTemarr: Governor> I don't know. I lost track of time. Days, surely. Maybe a week. Lerak trPexil: +t'ksa+ I am trying. Lerak trPexil: (no) Laehval tTemarr: ::She sighed.:: Children... of all things. Do we have records of their parents? Relatives? KhreRiovtRex: (sigh) Laehval tTemarr: +Lerak+ Very well. Keep me informed. I will wish to test this device out as soon as we are away from this planet. STSF Seiben: ::shakes head:: Unfortunately not. We've not been able to find any records of the children’s' families or next of kin. tAehjae: There were many children found. Do au know why they were being held? Laehval tTemarr: Governor> Children? Na, I know nothing of children. ::Lying through his teeth.:: Lerak trPexil: (back if this works) tAehjae: Au are the governor, and Au do na know about the children of aur city? KhreRiovtRex: :: cursing herself for na being able to determine where he might be, decides she should go down and see this Governor, but Laeh may already be doing so, since she's not heard back from any more of the away team since she had left with the exception of this capture:: m_k_tksa: Maec>::taps a few commands into the console:: So, let's start cataloging what we know so far. KhreRiovtRex: :: exits her chambers, seeing Laehval rhae the oira, but wonders why she's na come to speak with her:: Laehval tTemarr: Governor> Do au know how busy I am? How much responsibility I have? I can na possibly know about every little thing that goes on. KhreRiovtRex: :: leaves it for the siuren, and enters the lift:: Br'tehh KhreRiovtRex: :: lift closes and head downward:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Stands as t'Rex enters, then sits as she departs, leaning back in her chair.:: S'Bien, t'Aehjae should be interrogating the Governor right now. Transfer the feed to my panel. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Transmitting the feed now. ::does so:: STSF Seiben: ::transfer the feeds to Laeh's console:: KhreRiovtRex: :: enters the br'tehh, and heads to the interrogation area:: KhreRiovtRex: :: taps on the window, letting t'A know she's there and wishes to enter:: Lerak trPexil: :: working on the device, but the computer needed to do the work now :: m_k_tksa: ::digs into the medical experiment paperwork that the children were subjected to, trying to figure out the who, what, when and why while Maec works on getting the familial connections identified:: KhreRiovtRex: ::knocks on the window again:>: KhreRiovtRex: Etrehh, override door locking mechanism, t'Vatrix Dev Dev io kri io KhreRiovtRex: :: opens the interrogation room door and enters, sill with dried blood on her face and front of her uniform, having na had the time to change since receiving the encoded message tAehjae: :: hears the tap and opens the door for t’Vatrix:: KhreRiovtRex: If au value a life at all, au will speak truthfully and tell me what I wish to know, or au will be having a very short day. As several others have already found out..... PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM Laehval tTemarr: Nice simming, all. KhreRiovtRex: Ok, so interrogating the Gov, trying to solve the mystery of the kids, and the device is now something else, a communication thing, we'll pick up next week STSF Seiben: Ooh KhreRiovtRex: anyone have any comments or questions? m_k_tksa: Nothing from me Laehval tTemarr: Everyone have a good weekend. Laehval tTemarr: See you back here next week. STSF Seiben: Goodnight! KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed
  13. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 5170629 - Season 22 The Talon has discovered an Othan spy among the planetary refugees. He’s been transferred to the Talon for questioning. The Governor has yet to be located, but N'Dak and his team discovered a panic room in one of the buildings. He, t'Aehjae, and t'Temarr are attempting to breach what is likely the Governor's hiding place. T’Ksa and tr’Pexil rescued children from a hospital basement and have transferred them to the Talon for treatment and care. t'Ksa is babysitting while tr'Pexil and S'Bien attempt to break into the hospital records to find why the children were there alone. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM tAehjae: :: with tTemarr and Ndak:: m_k_tksa: ::giving instructions to the maenaken staff to do health exams on the children while they seemed to be settling in:: NDak: ::Smirks:: So, we can blast through it with our ie'yakk. Ideas? STSF Seiben: ::on the oira, hacking into the hospital's database records:: m_k_tksa: Maec>::listening to the chattering Hara, and trying very hard to make sense of what she's telling him:: NDak: can na* Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Tugs at Ksa's tunic, empty bowl in his hand.:: Can I have some more? Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval gave it a moment's thought.:: Compressed laser would cut through, but take some time. The control panel will, no doubt, be on the inside, so I can na work my magic there. Laehval tTemarr: Perhaps a corrosive agent? m_k_tksa: Ie, of course you can. Come on, let's go sit back over here. ::knew this one was trouble, and that perhaps she needed to put more than io staff member in charge because all ready that had missed him wandering off:: Vaska, can au get him another bowl, fhaen? ::motions to io of her staff before attempting to get the mischief maker settled again: : Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::With food in his hands, he seemed placid enough, and was wolfing down the stew -- hampered only by how quickly he could cool it down for eating.:: m_k_tksa: Maec>+Oria+ Medical to Oira, fhaen. tAehjae: Unless there is another entrance I am unsure. m_k_tksa: Slow down. We're na going to take it away from au. ::chuckling:: NDak: ::Nods:: Do au have anything, rhae the Talon, that would be relatively quick acting? m_k_tksa: How old are au Lothan? ::decides to do his medical records while he's otherwise occupied, picks up an multicorder and starts scanning:: STSF Seiben: +Ksa+ Ie Oira here STSF Seiben: (Or Maec rather) Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval shook her head.:: Without consulting science, I would na know. But, t'Aehjae just gave me a thought... tAehjae: ::looks to tTemarr:: What would that be? Laehval tTemarr: There would be another entrance. They must maintain a ventilation system. They have na the power of an AQS to power the air scrubbers like we have on the ship. They would need a source of fresh air. m_k_tksa: Maec> Two questions if I might ask. Io, has any io told the command staff about the find that tr'Pexil and t'Ksa brought back with them. And two, have any of au had any luck with the medical center records? Laehval tTemarr: ::She grinned.:: We could smoke them out. tAehjae: Shall I start looking? Lerak trPexil: :: Parsing the records they gathered from the hospital :: Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Tilts his head at Ksa and pauses shoveling food.:: Old? I'm six! Six and three quarters. NDak: ::Nods:: Ie, reasonable enough. STSF Seiben: +Maec+I'm sending a report to now on the finds of the children and Othan spies. We're still working on the medical records but no luck so far. ::compiling the final bits of the report before he submits it to Laehval and t'Vatrix:: tAehjae: :: steps back and turn to head around the back of the building:: m_k_tksa: Almost seven then, hmmm? Very well. ::straightens up a bit as if she's got an older boy:: When's au's birthday? ::glancing at the scans every now and then as she waves the wand around his body:: Lerak trPexil: :: Trying to work around the noise :: m_k_tksa: Maec>+Oria+ Very well, Let us know if au are able to access those records. STSF Seiben: +Maec+ Will do. oira out. tAehjae: :: starts searching for an exhaust pipe of sorts to be able to smoke them out:: Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> t'Aehjae's scans pick up nothing from the building, but do indicate that one of the trees in the nearby forest was not a real tree. Investigation showed it was hidden ventilation system in disguise. m_k_tksa: Maec>::leaving Hara, who seems about ready to fall asleep, with io of the nurses and picks his way over to see what t'Ksa was up to:: tAehjae: :: moves over to the tree and checks it out:: Auu are what we are looking for.:: m_k_tksa: Do au have any siblings, Lothan? Brothers or sisters? ::nods to io of the nurses when she brings over a few blankets for some of the children:: Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Pauses again eating.:: In a few moons? I think. I don't remember. The nurses always tell us it when it is our birthday and we get a special injection. I've had six! ACTION> Ksa's scans show that Lothan's growth is accelerated. He's actually more eight or nine. tAehjae: :: makes her way back to where Ndak and tTemarr are at:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Looks to t'Aehjae when she returns.:: Any luck? tAehjae: :: rounds the corner:: Rekkhai I believe I have found what are were talking about. There is a faux tree in the treeline that appears to be part of a ventilation system. Lerak trPexil: It may take some time for the computer to compile the medical records. m_k_tksa: I see. ::spots Maec and gives him a "one moment" signal:: tAehjae: I believe is comes to this building ACTION> While digging through the files that Pexil unlocked, Koga hits paydirt -- medical files on all of the children. And they are quite extensive. Many of them show radical treatments and experimental testing. He doesn't understand all of the medical jargon, but he's seen enough to know that these children were lab rats. Laehval tTemarr: ::She looked to N'Dak.:: I'll go do the deed. Au and t'Aehjae be ready. Lerak trPexil: The level of encryption is su-- ah. +Koga+ Au should have greater access now. NDak: ::Nods, looking over to his own D'heno:: m_k_tksa: What about any siblings, Lothan? Brothers or sisters? tAehjae: tTemarr it in the smallest tree in the tree line. STSF Seiben: Ah ha! ::quickly reads through the medical data:: +Maec+ Oira to tr'Maek. We have the children’s' medical records. I will send the data to your terminal now for review. Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> We are all brothers and sisters. ::He waved his spoon at the other children.:: STSF Seiben: That we have ::to Pexil:: I don't understand all the medical jargon though. m_k_tksa: Maec>::taps his t'Liss:: +Oria+ Thank au. STSF Seiben: ::Sends the data to Maec's terminal in Maenak bay:: m_k_tksa: Well, that's a big family, hmmm? ::taking the now empty bowl from him:: Do au think au can rest now? Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval left them to wait and hurried outside, veering past the dheno's station to collect smoking incendiaries. Opening her scanner, she searched for the tree that t'Aehjae found.:: STSF Seiben: ::also sends a report to Laeh and t'Vatrix as well that he found the children’s' medical data and that Maenak was looking it over now:: tAehjae: :: waits with Ndak for the occupants to come out:: STSF Seiben: Maenak Maec that is* ACTION> Laehval dropped a smoke grenade into the ventilation system where it exploded. Minutes later, smoke billowing out, the doors opened and the governor and his two personal dheno guards came rushing out, looking for a fight. Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Polishing off the bowl, he nodded sleepily.:: "m tired. NDak: ::Holding up his ie'yakk:: That is far enough, Governor. tAehjae: :: points her weapon at the dhenos:: Hold au position. m_k_tksa: ::tucks the child in:: Vaska, why don't au sit with Lothan here until he feels comfortable to get some sleep, ie? ::gives the med tech the evil eye to know that they are to keep an eye on this io at all cost or face the wraith of t'Ksa:: I'll come check on au later, Lothan. Rest well. Laehval tTemarr: Guard> ::Puts himself in front of the governor and fires.:: Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Curls up and smiles.:: You're the best maenak. tAehjae: :: Returns fire hitting the guard:: KhreRiovtRex: # +tTemarr+ Na sure how to feel after everything going . Have au found the governor yet? NDak: ::Frowns, as the the disruptor fire glanced off the floor near him:: tAehjae: :: to the second:: Au wish to try the same? Laehval tTemarr: ::Moving back to the building, she tapped her comm.:: +t'Rexan+ Ie, I believe so. He was in his own personal bunker. N'Dak should be dealing with him right about now... Laehval tTemarr: Guard 1> ::Goes down, screaming.:: Laehval tTemarr: Governor> ::Staggers forward, coughing.:: Enough... air... need air... NDak: ::Glances at t'A:: Jolan Tru Governor. m_k_tksa: I bet au say that to all the medical staff. ::ruffles his hair then goes to join Maec:: NDak: I am Enarrain Destorie N'Dak of the Galae. Please do us both a favor and submit. I would na wish to put you back in the bunker. m_k_tksa: Maec>Well? ::positions himself so that he can see the room, and the children and t'Ksa can keep her back to them because if he knows io thing, she'll be scowling and making faces which might frighten the children:: m_k_tksa: There is something very strange going on. Laehval tTemarr: Governor> Ie! Ie! Whatever au say. Just get us outside. We were hiding from the Othan scum. I take it au are na. NDak: ::Rather pleased with himself, he nodded to t'Aehjae and the other D'heno:: Escort the Governor and his guards to the beam out. Make sure his guard is treated for the ie'yakk wound. Lerak trPexil: :: Turns to t'Ksa :: How are they? KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING m_k_tksa: ((Ah...Pexil? Did you magic yourself suddenly in medical?)) Lerak trPexil: (( I had no idea where I was really, disregard )) Laehval tTemarr: Guard> ::Decides not to go without a fight. Rushes N'Dak with his blade drawn, slashing, and catches N'Dak's arm.:: KhreRiovtRex: (ya'll ready to pause?) m_k_tksa: Maec> Ie, I had an odd conversation with Hara as well. They've sent down the records they've been able to decrypt so far. I was going to go and see what they dug up while au dealt with au's little friend. STSF Seiben: ::Searches through the rest of the hospital records just to be sure:: Lerak trPexil: (sure) Laehval tTemarr: (N'Dak - want to respond or leave it for next week? ) NDak: ::Curses, before grabbing his own kaleh:: NDak: Au veruul. ::Places it firmly in the guard's heart:: NDak: ::Deffo gonna have to change capes now:: Laehval tTemarr: (ouch) m_k_tksa: ((awh man, am I going to have to sew him up again?)) PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM
  14. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 5170622 - Season 22 The Talon has discovered an Othan spy among the planetary refugees. He’s been transferred to the Talon for questioning. However, the Governor has yet to be located. Elsewhere, t’Ksa and tr’Pexil have rescued twenty-something children from a hospital basement. They have also been transferred to the Talon for questioning and medical attention. Laehval tTemarr: Everyone know where they are / want to be? m_k_tksa: I'm a camp counselor again! m_k_tksa: LOL m_k_tksa: Laehval tTemarr: Haha Laehval tTemarr: Alrighty... NDak: I was about to go on vacation to Romulan Risa with cute pool boys, right? Laehval tTemarr: Romulan Risa. Laehval tTemarr: We should totally visit there. Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: $::dumbfounded, looks at the terminal and the words appearing there so suddenly:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval studied the faces of the villagers as they passed through the dheno scanners, searching for anyone that might be the governor. Finally, she shook her head.:: I do na see him in this bunch. STSF Seiben: ::on the oira, arranging some quarters for the kids to stay in:: tAehjae: :: continuing to scan the villagers as hey parade past:: m_k_tksa: ::on Talon with 20+ new midget friends, looking slightly relieved that the rest of her medical staff is starting to steam into the cargo bay:: tr'Pexil, can you remotely tap into the computers from that building we found these chidren in? m_k_tksa: Maec>::one of the last to enter the cargo bay, surprised by the children crowding around Morgana and Lerak:: NDak: @ ::Approaching what he is relatively sure to be a false wall, ie'yakk raised:: Lerak trPexil: I can try. :: logs onto a console :: Lerak trPexil: :: Looks at the transmitter atop the building from Talon's vantage point :: NDak: @+Laehval+ N'Dak to Laehval. tAehjae: Still na sign of the governor rekkhai Lerak trPexil: Trying a hidden door.. Laehval tTemarr: Hara> ::Attached to Ksa at the hip. Looks at Maec with suspicion. Laehval tTemarr: +N'Dak+ t'Temarr here. Lerak trPexil: :: Works :: Should be connected shortly, unless someone severs it physically. m_k_tksa: Surprise. ::cheesy grin at Maec:: m_k_tksa: Maec>Well, this is quite...unexpected. NDak: +Laeh+ I believe I have discovered a hidden doorway, I am willing to place a small bet that the Governor is here. Care to join me? Laehval tTemarr: Na, na here. ::She looked at t'Aehjae and then her dhenos.:: Na other life signs in this area, either. Hopefully N'Dak has found something. Continue to scan them and weed out any Othans. Lerak trPexil: I am in t'Ksa Laehval tTemarr: +N'Dak+ Ie, on my way. Send me your coordinates. m_k_tksa: Hara, this is Maenak tr'Aieme. ::motions to Maec, deciding na to mention he's a Kheinsa:: Maec, meet Hara....::looks around:: and her friends. ::watching as her medical staff start to interact with the staff:: tAehjae: IE rekkhai NDak: ::Sends Laeh his coordinates:: m_k_tksa: tr'Pexil, see if au can find any records on these children's family members. Or something....::still uneasy about the comments Hara and the other said about no parents:: NDak: ::To his disheren:: He must have thought himself rather safe here. Lerak trPexil: I'll try to get the database KhreRiovtRex: $ ::reaches out and brushes her fingers over the message on the screen, daring to wonder if it could be true.....or if someone were playing a cruel hoax upon her:: Laehval tTemarr: Hara> ::Squints at Maec.:: Maenak? Laehval tTemarr: t'Aehjae, leave your dheno to it and come with me. ::Strides off, heading for N'Dak's coordinates.:: tAehjae: :: gives the order to the dhenos and falls in behind tTemarr:: Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Small, but stands on his tiptoes to watch Lerak.:: What does that one do? ::Pushes a button.:: m_k_tksa: Maec>::bows with a flourish to the Rihan child, he did have nieces and nephews....once:: Ie. Maenak Maec tr'Aieme, at au's service, lhhei. ::shares a quick glance at Morgana as he stands back up, he's still wondering what's going on:: NDak: Enar> Should we blast the door open, Rehhkai? STSF Seiben: ::hears an alarm:: +Pexil+ Why did you press that? m_k_tksa: Hara and the others were in io of the medical care centers we went down to explore. We're trying to locate their caretakers so we can get them connected. They're very hungry, right Hara? Laehval tTemarr: Hara> ::Steps out from behind Ksa's hip, nodding.:: Ie, famished! NDak: ::Smirks:: Na, we will wait for t'Temarr. She may be able to open it without alarming him that we have found them. m_k_tksa: Maec>I see. And what would lady Hara like to feed her famished state? Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ I did not press anything. Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval arrived at N'Dak's location with t'Aehjae in tow, examining the wall he'd discovered.:: Au found something? STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Somebody pressed the button to open the cargo bay doors. You're lucky nothing got vented out into space. Laehval tTemarr: Hara> Mmmm... what do au have? Root vegetables? I like bread, too. NDak: Ie. ::Points the odd construction of a hallway:: It does not appear this way, rhae the schematics. And notice the construction. ::pointing:: It appears to be newer. KhreRiovtRex: $ :: comes to her senses a siuren, and orders a verification code with cross referenced password encryption as well as embedded encryption via her passcodes. m_k_tksa: Maec> Ah, how about a hardy stew then. With a big hunk of fala bread? How does that sound? m_k_tksa: Maec>::offers his hand so he can escort her to the replicator, some of the other medical officers also taking three or four of their own as well:: Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Presses another button, then a lot of buttons, liking the beeping noise.:: m_k_tksa: See if au can do a wellness exam, fhaen while I check in tr'Pexil. NDak: I do na see any kind of mechanism; my d'heno here were ready to blow open the wall. tAehjae: :: listens to Ndak and looks where hes pointing:: KhreRiovtRex: $ :: the coding was an exact match to a private coding that she and Var’lon had created together for just such an instance….now to wait for the background layered encryption to read….:: Laehval tTemarr: Hara> Ie! Please! ::Takes Maec's hand and gestures to the other children. They all line up in two neat rows. All except Lothan, who was busy pushing buttons on Lerak's console.:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval tilted her head at the dheno and then the wall. :: If they got in, there's a way to get out. ::She opened her multicorder and began to scan the wall, searching for energy signatures.:: m_k_tksa: ::watching this behavior and is puzzled, it's na what she would expected from a hungry mob of children, and so are some of the other medical staff perplexed, waves Maec on to take the children down to medical for food and scans:: tAehjae: :: moves around towards the door to look at it closer:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval smiled.:: It is a biometric key. ::She popped open a portion of the wall, opening it to reveal a scanner.:: m_k_tksa: Maec> Let's go down to our medical center then. We'll get our tummies full, ie? ::starts walking with Hara, feeling a bit like he's leading a parade of muchkins:: Laehval tTemarr: Do we have the Governor's DNA in our files? KhreRiovtRex: $ ::watches as the priority codes verification comes back: : tAehjae: Ie ::shows her scanner:: m_k_tksa: ::glances back to where tr'Pexil was accessing the etrehh, or where she thought he was:: Laehval tTemarr: Hara> ::She hangs on to Maec's hand. The other children march behind them, all in step, all in time. All except Lothan, who was buttons on Lerak's console.:: ACTION> Koga gets alerts going off all over the ship. NDak: ::Smirking;: See this is why au always ask the engineers to look for things before blowing them up. Laehval tTemarr: ::She took t'Aehjae's scanner, linked it to the biometric console, and fed it in backwards. The wall suddenly hissed and slowly began to slide to one side.:: STSF Seiben: ::sits up and looks at his console:: +Pexil+ Everything alright down there? Getting alot of alerts here. NDak: ::Raising his ie'yakk again, and letting his smirk fade, he approached the opening wall:: STSF Seiben: ::tries to isolate the alerts:: Laehval tTemarr: Cardboard Pexil> +Koga+ What alerts? ::so engrossed that he was oblivious to the pint-sized troublemaker at the console next to him.:: tAehjae: :: nods with a smirk on her face:: Nice. Laehval tTemarr: ::Passes t'Aehjae back her scanner and pulls her disruptor. She followed after N'Dak's dhenos.:: STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Emergency bulkheads closing and opening on several decks, lights flickering on and off and the chef's supply of flatroot that beamed out into space.. ACTION> The hallway leads towards a set of stairs leading down to a what appears to be a bunker. KhreRiovtRex: $ Oh.Elements......::sinks to her knees, locking her grip to the display terminal::........ Dare I believe that it could be true? tAehjae: :: replaces the scanner, pulls her own weapon and follows tTemarr:: m_k_tksa: Etre tr'Pexil, I know au wish to recruit engineers earlier, but may I borrow au's helper there? Laehval tTemarr: Cardboard Pexil> +Koga+ What? Sorry, was busy checking the database. Have au isolated the... ::Looks back at t'Ksa, then down to the child and starts.:: Gah! +Koga+ Ah, found the problem. Unauthorized use of equipment. I'll set everything right. KhreRiovtRex: $ Etreeh, save contents of message and fine under my personnel logs, my eyes only Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Caught, tries to look guilty, but fails miserably.:: STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Au'd better. Chef won't be happy his flatroots are now floating in space. m_k_tksa: ::holds out her hand to Lothan:: Perhaps au would like to get something to eat before au continue. You'll be a better help with a full stomach, ie? NDak: :Heads down to the bunker, which had a sealed door of some sort of space age metal and looked more like a bank vault than anything else.: Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> Ie! Root vegetables? ::Puts his hand in t'Ksa's.:: m_k_tksa: Au will report back when au have something, ie, Etre tr'Pexil? ::it was na a request, but the child didn't need to know that, glances down to Lothan:: Ie, I believe that's what on the menu. Shall we go? STSF Seiben: ::locks onto most of the chef's flatroot vegetables and beams them back into the hold:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Multicorder out, she scanned as they went.:: NDak: ::Glances back to Laehval:: Should we knock? KhreRiovtRex: $ Varlon…...where are au? Laehval tTemarr: ::She snorted.:: With something big. That io is locked from the inside. Lerak trPexil: :: Restoring things back like they were :: (night) NDak: We could use t'Aehjae's head. Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> Ie! ::Pulling t'Ksa now toward the door.:: tAehjae: ::glares at Ndak:: m_k_tksa: ::after a few minutes, Lothan and t'Ksa enter the medical bay where there are children on various bio beds, slurping down bowls of stew and talking to the medical staff:: Lerak trPexil: Au would think on a ship full of everyone watching their back that the controls would not be open. :: grumbles to himself :: Laehval tTemarr: Or your ego. ::Snickers.:: tAehjae: I have a better idea ::levels her weapon at NDak then turns it to the door and fires at the lock:: m_k_tksa: Lothan, let's get au settled and get some food for au, ie? ::helps him up on a bed while io of her nurses passes him a bowl:: NDak: Dheno> ::try to hide their amusement:: ACTION> The ie'yakk ricochets off the lock. Laehval tTemarr: Hara> ::Busy chatting away to Maec about how much they enjoyed food and which kind they liked and how they reallly needed sweeties to survive because they were essential to development and growth.:: Lerak trPexil: :: Extracting patient records from the DB :: m_k_tksa: Now, I'm going to go find Maenak tr'Aieme. Au stay here and eat, ie? ::glances at the nurse:: Keep an eye on this ie, fhaen. He likes to help. ::winks, then goes to try to find Maec:: NDak: ::Once the blast had bounced off the walls and safely dissipated, he snorted:: m_k_tksa: Maec>::nodding at all the right places, trying not to laugh outright, but is highly amused by this conversation:: ACTION> Lerak finds the children's patient records, but there are no parents listed. Their medical records show various procedures that have been done, including records for genetic modification and enhancement. Laehval tTemarr: ::Starts at the ricochet and takes a step back.:: Well... we know that will na work. NDak: Ie. Ideas? Laehval tTemarr: Lothan> ::Gulping down stew while nodding to Ksa.:: tAehjae: Maybe I should have stayed with my first choice ::looks back to Ndak:: m_k_tksa: ::wondering if she should attach a leash to Lothan, smiles at him and heads over to Maec to see what he's found out:: Laehval tTemarr: A directed charge, perhaps? But we will need to evacuate. Laehval tTemarr: Or laser cutter. Laehval tTemarr: (And... ) tAehjae: Na are available at the moment Laehval tTemarr: PAUSE SIM Laehval tTemarr: PAUSE SIM Laehval tTemarr: PAUSE SIM Lerak trPexil: :feel sick Laehval tTemarr: Nice simming, all. We'll pick up there next week. m_k_tksa: Awh Laehval tTemarr: Laehval tTemarr: Secretly, these children are ninja spies and will soon take over the ship. STSF Seiben: Sweet Laehval tTemarr: Any questions before we part ways? m_k_tksa: Can I keep io of the kids? ::doesn't know if they're trouble yet or not:: Laehval tTemarr: Sure, you need a little assistant, too. m_k_tksa: Muahahaha....a mini snarky t'Ksa NDak: I am glad they're staying on au ship. NDak: And na mine. Laehval tTemarr: We can give you some, N'Dak. Laehval tTemarr: There are plenty to go around. Laehval tTemarr: Night, everyone. Have a good weekend and see you next week. NDak: sorry na room NDak: too small of a ship m_k_tksa: I'll send au Lothan, just say the word tAehjae: night all m_k_tksa: Night! STSF Seiben: night Lerak trPexil: Night
  15. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 5170615 - Season 22 Laehval had just activated the evacuation alarms to release the door locks and flush those in hiding out, as the sealed rooms would have tripped open. Hoping to find the Governor, or any remaining Othan forces, our security teams move in quickly to assist. Meanwhile, t’Ksa and Pexil are making their way towards Laehval's group, and still yet must investigate the item that they had shipped back to the Talon. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM tAehjae: :: making her way into the area with the Dheno teams:: Lerak trPexil: :: with t'ksa :: STSF Seiben: @::On Talon's oira, monitoring the ATs:: Lerak trPexil: :: meanwhile, on Talon, an engineering team has decrypted an initial set of communication protocols :: KhreRiovtRex: :: Watching from behind some of the dheno, as groups of people began to move from the various locked areas, some grudgingly, but forced to do so, with the doors all spun open Laehval t’Temarr::: Laehval shut off the alarms and motioned to t'Aehjae.:: Get these people organized. We need to scan each one of them. Lerak trPexil: :: said team echoes their findings to the oira, and Koga. :: NDak: ::Keeping a hand on his ie'yakk as they came out:: m_k_tksa: ::in the basement of a medical center investigating life signs;: Behind that door. tAehjae: IE rekkhai :: starts moving them as directed:: STSF Seiben: ::looks at the engineering team's findings:: Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: I will try to open it. STSF Seiben: ::pores over the communication decryptions:: KhreRiovtRex: ::surveying the group for Othan insignia or the Governor, as she had met him a few times previously:: tAehjae: :: begins getting the people all lined up:: Lerak trPexil: :: toggles the locking mechanism :: STSF Seiben: ::working on finding pertinent information regarding, such as origin, IDs, etc:: NDak: ::Also eying them, he kept an eye on t'Vatrix -- call it an old habit. He had, after all, been both her XO and Daise D'Heno:: Lerak trPexil: :: lock started to click open :: NDak: ::Of course he had also sort of been tangentially involved in at least one... maybe two if you were being nitpicky... attempts on her life; but I mean, come on, the Squids only wanted her hand!:: m_k_tksa: This is either a bad idea. Or a really bad idea. Laehval tTemarr: ::Directs the teams to start filtering the survivors through the scanners. She had a holo of the governor out and had the teams in search of him.:: Lerak trPexil: :: gets out his weapon :: I'll open it, be at the ready... m_k_tksa: The one time I wish we had a dheno with us. ::has her disruptor out:: tAehjae: :: begins having the people move through the scanners:: IE Au Have to move through. ::nudges the person with her hand:: KhreRiovtRex: :: eyes those around the room, noting NDak and his group had joined them, nodding at him, then turns back towards the groups being passed by Lerak trPexil: :: the door opens to reveal ... :: Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> ... twenty Rihan children, huddled and scared. They all screamed in fear. STSF Seiben: ::working with the engineering folks to get more info from the communications:: m_k_tksa: ::puts her weapon away once her quick scan doesn't indicate anyone about to try to fire at her:: Shhh....We won't hurt au. ::holds her hands out, trying to figure out how to calm a group of children:: Lerak trPexil: :: cover his ears :: Hey.. KhreRiovtRex: :: sees one that looked familiar, and starts to lunge at him through the crowd:: NDak: ::Makes his way over to Laehval:: Lerak trPexil: We need to get them to Talon. KhreRiovtRex: Why au miserable excuse of a ....... m_k_tksa: Na, first we need to find out why they're here without their parental units. Don't jump three steps ahead. ::looking around to see who's the oldest:: tAehjae: ::sees tVatrix moving through the crowd and moves towards her:: Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> t'Aehjae's scanners go off, indicating that last person to be scanned was Othan. STSF Seiben: Au guys getting anything? ::to engineering:: tAehjae: ::turns:; GRAB THAT IO!! Laehval tTemarr: Children> ::Shrink back from t'Ksa and tr'Pexil.:: Othans! Othans! STSF Seiben: ::increases comm power and begins to intercept the Othan comms:: tAehjae: HOLD HIM NDak: ::Starts to open his mouth to say something to Laehval, but upon hearing, in succession t'Vatrix apparently pouncing on someone and t'Aehjae yelling he stopped and blinked for a few moments:: Lerak trPexil: :: engineering :: au should have a limited set of communication channels of theirs you can listen to now. Lerak trPexil: I am na an Othan. m_k_tksa: No, no....Galae. ::points to her t'Liss:: I'm a maenak. ::making sure her hands are visible and holding nothing:: My name is t'Ksa. This is Etre tr'Pexil. m_k_tksa: Where are au's parents? STSF Seiben: +Engineering+ Thanks for the help. ::tunes into one of the channels:: Laehval tTemarr: Othan officer> ::Stabs the dheno that came after him and tries to get lost in the crowd, pushing and shoving as he went.:: tAehjae: :: moves to take a hold of the Othan:: tAehjae: ::grabs him by the tunic and tries to push him to the ground:: NDak: ::Laehvall:: That escalated quickly. Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> ::Standing in front, holding a cane as a weapon.:: Parents? We do na have parents. Io of the nurses told us to hide here. We do na know where she went. KhreRiovtRex: ::irritated that she's been blocked from reaching the fvai by all the dheno, but at least satisfied that they had stopped him Laehval tTemarr: Othan officer> ::Slashes at t'Aehjae with his blade.:: Laehval tTemarr: Ie... quickly. m_k_tksa: No parents? ::looking around to each of them, trying to read their reaction:: How long have au been here? Lerak trPexil: She was wise, but we have na seen anyio else yet. STSF Seiben: ::switches channels and listens to the comms:: KhreRiovtRex: N'Dak..... stop that io..:: pointing to t'A and the blade the fvai was pulling from his boot:: Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> ::Blinks at her.:: Forever? tAehjae: :: gets a flesh wound on her arm then leg swipes the Othan putting him on the ground:: NDak: ::Nods, and unholsters his ie'yakk, firing towards the Othan veruull's hand:: Lerak trPexil: Days? Laehval tTemarr: Othan officer> ::Hits the ground hard. Gasps for air, momentarily stunned.:: m_k_tksa: ::kneels down, more at the level of some of the children's eye level:: The nurse couldn't have moved au down here for too long. What was the last thing au remember? Webmaster: ACTION>> Talon receives a priority encrypted communique flagged for t'Vatrix's eyes only. STSF Seiben: They seem to be disarray now that the away teams are... ::gets comm:: STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Talon to t'Vatrix. We've received a priority communique for au. For your eyes only. tAehjae: :: binds his hands, her blood driping on his back, then pulls him to his feet:: STSF Seiben: ::the Bond song 'For Your Eyes Only' now playing in his head... and yours too now :: Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> ::Squints.:: Ships came to trade, but they weren't trading. They started killing and raiding and taking what they wanted. tAehjae: :: moving the Othan towards Ndak and t’Vatrix:: m_k_tksa: Then what happened? Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> And then... buildings were burning and people were screaming and running everywhere. KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ Acknowledged...io siuren Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> And some people were getting taken and... and... dying... KhreRiovtRex: (haha seiben) Laehval tTemarr: Othan officer> ::Struggles as the dhenos put restraints on him, but gets a cuff to the head for his trouble.:: m_k_tksa: And what happened to au's parents? Lerak trPexil: :: feels an exhaustive sorrow :: NDak: ::Glances over to t'Vatrix having not caught everything , but trains his attention on t'Aehjae and the Othan veruul.:: tAehjae: tVatrix Do Au wish to speak to this veruul?? Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> ::Squints.:: We never had them... parents. Just nurses. And maenaks. KhreRiovtRex: :: growls at them:: Just yy'a that io.....he was on chRihan, when I was held......and that io, used an agonizer on me, when au were all held below.... m_k_tksa: ::finding that part of the story a bit odd, but hopes they can find some of the records in the computers:: KhreRiovtRex: Laehval, N'Dak....I need to return to the ship....can au handle this mess? Let me know if au find the Governor....he's most likely just as guilty. He was always pandering to those that had the most funds m_k_tksa: We need to get au out of here and somewhere safe. Hopefully where we can get au back with the maenkenn staff who with au all. KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ Beam be back to the ship immediately Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. Lerak trPexil: This seems more complicated than we first thought. tAehjae: :: nods to tVatrix :: as au wish :: points her weapon at the veruul :: Laehval tTemarr: We will keep au informed. STSF Seiben: +T'Vatrix+ Ie.. beaming au back now.. ::initiates transport:: Laehval tTemarr: t'Aehjae, send that prisoner to the Talon and continue with the scans. Lerak trPexil: +Talon+ Pexil here, do au read? NDak: Ie. tAehjae: :: stops just short of firing :: Ei rekkhai Laehval tTemarr: Oldest child> ::Nods soberly, seeming to have an innate trust of doctors. She slipped her hand into t'Ksa's.:: tAehjae: :: to the Othan:: Au are io lucky veruul:: STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Ie, we read au. Need anything? Laehval tTemarr: Other children> ::Cluster around the two. One of the little boys tugs on Lerak's tunic and holds up his arms, wanting to be picked up.:: m_k_tksa: ::gives her hand a gentle squeeze:: I'm t'Ksa. What's au's name? tAehjae: :: hands the prisoner to io of the guards for transport and moves back to the scanners:: KhreRiovtRex: ACTION:: Hteij back to the Talon, and heads to her chambers STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ allo? tAehjae: Put him in the brig for interrogation by tTemarr. tAehjae: :: to her dehno":: Laehval tTemarr: Hara> I'm Hara. I'm the oldest. Laehval tTemarr: Hara> Do au have any food? We're hungry! Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ sorry, we need to beam a group of children up to the Talon. NDak: ::Glances to Laehval:: My d'heno are going to continue to sweep the compound. Io of the disheren I interrogated mentioned he may have held up in io of the lower chambers to try to wait us out. STSF Seiben: +Pexil+ Children? Yeah, how many? Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded to N'Dak.:: Ie, we need to find the governor. KhreRiovtRex: :: nods to Koga and enters her chambers, moving over to her terminal:: STSF Seiben: ::nods to t'Vatrix as he prepares the transporter:: Lerak trPexil: :: looks at t'ksa for confirmation :: How.many are there Ksa? NDak: ::motions for his d'heno to join him as he heads towards the inner workings of the compound:: m_k_tksa: ::does a count of squirming children:: 20. ::stops:: No, 21. Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ 21 KhreRiovtRex: Etreeh, show contents of priority io message for Khre'Riov t'Vatrix,.... Dev,Dev. Kri, io, io Dev m_k_tksa: We'll get au feed and cleaned up. When was the last time au ate? STSF Seiben: +Pex+ 21. OK. I'll have to beam au to the cargo bay transporters. As au are aware, that's the only way we can beam that many at once. Laehval tTemarr: Hara> ::Shakes her head.:: Don't know. We had rations, but... we ate them. ::Quietly.:: Jad had thirds, the greedy gut! STSF Seiben: ::activates that transporter and prepares for transport:: tAehjae: :: pulls off a part of her tunic and wraps it around her bleeding arm and continues her duties as ordered:: STSF Seiben: +Pex+ Stand by NDak: ::He stopped at an etreeh panel to look at the compound's layout:: m_k_tksa: ::trying not to laugh:: Well, that simply wasn't fair, was it. ::nods in all seriousness:: Listen up everyone, we're going to go somewhere where we can get help and food. Is everyone ready? tAehjae: :: carefully watching the scans as they move through:: STSF Seiben: ::initiates transport of all 21 once he's able to isolate each signature for the transport buffer:: Lerak trPexil: +Koga+ medical teams to the talon transport site then. m_k_tksa: ((Did you also take Pexil and myself?)) NDak: ::looking at a particular passage that did na seem to follow the standard pattern, rhae most planetary compounds:: Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> The children and t'Ksa and tr'Pexil are all beamed back to the Talon. NDak: H'nah, if au were going to have a hidden bunker... STSF Seiben: (Yes, unless you just want 21 kids on the Talon by themselves lol:: Webmaster: ACTION>> t'Vatrix's message is in text only. It simply says "Words of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I look forward to finally being able to see au soon. STSF Seiben: ::summons medical teams over:: Lerak trPexil: T'ksa, we can beam back to where we were KhreRiovtRex: :: staring at the screen....having been half ready to argue with some politician back home, finds herself suddenly week in the knees, and reaches for her chair, before her knees give out:: PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM NDak: (( Na. Leave Pexil with the Kids )) NDak: (( Good birth control )) Laehval tTemarr: Babysitter! m_k_tksa: There's an idea, N'Dak Laehval tTemarr: Mr. Mom STSF Seiben: (Ie, tr'Pexil loves kids !) Lerak trPexil: Years later National Lampoon's tr'Pexil Vacation