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  1. Soora cleared her throat, glancing at William again, before looking back down at her PADD, studying the figures that Chris had put in. She knew that the man had the best intentions, so she decided that, for now, she would follow it. She went to the supply closet again, gathering the necessary supplies, before spreading it all out on a cot. The Sick Bay was silent except for her movements, and she wasn't sure if it could be classified as awkward or not. 'I welcome the company,' she said quietly. 'Its not often that healthy people come in for a visit.' William was oblivious to the glances that Soora was shooting his way. “Glad I could provide the company.” William said leaning against a bed in sickbay. “Not much else for me to do around here after being exposed planet side to whatever it is that has infected Selek. How is he doing by the way?” William started to look around the sickbay at the monitors to see if there was anything he could do to keep himself busy. She set up the IVs with practised hands before bringing them over to Selek's cot, and changing them out. She made a small noise in the back of her throat. 'He has a fever, which is the most pressing concern now that the goo is not oozing from his wounds.' She folded the empty bags carefully up in her hands, walking over to the disposal bins. 'I'm more concerned with where the goo was coming from in the first place. I am wondering if it somehow is being replicated inside one of his organs.' She dumped the trash and went back over to the cot where all the supplies were laid out, getting the IVs for Alex now, her mind less on this task. 'Hopefully his fever will break with these measures that Mr. Nickles suggested, and Troy will have some answers.' She set the IV bag in its hook, and looked at William. 'I doubt that us being in the same room as the stuff infected us, at least not to the extent that it would be deadly.' She gave a little shrug as she peered at Alex's monitor. William started working on a random monitor that looked like it hadn’t been attended to for many years. “From what I heard the goo was actually moving and reaching for people. Of course I was more concerned with the drones trying to kill us than with the giant puddle of goo behind me.” He looked over his shoulder and saw Soora checking Alex’s monitor. “She going to be ok?” He said, concern apparent in his voice. “I’d hate to see what Big Ugly would do if we were to lose her.” He turned back to the monitor and continued to make adjustments to the mechanisms. Soora glanced around again from the monitor to where William was busying himself. She quickly returned her eyes to the monitor, pulling out her PADD. 'I saw the goo, but I didn't pay it much mind. I figured that if it really wanted to infect me, it would move faster.' She tapped for a few seconds, updating Alex's chart. 'She'll be alright. I think most of the damage is emotional, not physical.' She walked away then, returning to the empty cot, clearing her throat a little. 'I wouldn't let him down.' She started to reorganise the medicine for easy access later. William finished fiddling with the monitor. “That’s the best I’m going to be able to do with the tools at hand.” He turned and looked at Soora organizing the medicine. “So what’s your story Doc? How does someone like you wind up in the Cluster and on a mercenary ship like ours?” Soora's hands paused, and she felt her cheeks heating up. No one had asked her that... in a long time. 'I grew up on Earth, then went to New Vulcan for school. There was nothing tying me there, however, and so I took to wandering. I saw the Captain's ad, and decided that it would be the best course of action.' She took a few boxes back over to the cabinet, stacking them carefully. 'They needed a doctor, and I am a doctor. Its hard enough for me to gain respect in this galaxy. I didn't have the luxury of being picky.' William moved to another monitor and opened it up. “It’s really hard to believe that a doctor as skilled as you are would find it hard to gain respect.” He started working on the intricate inner workings. “I would’ve thought that some frontier settlement would need someone with healing hands.” She glanced over at him, eyes searching him for a few seconds, wondering the origin of the compliment. 'Its not my skills. Its the fact that I'm a Vulcan.' She moved her eyes back to her task. 'Even out here, I have found it hard to gain any sort of respect. I had none on Earth, barely any on New Vulcan, and none anywhere else I stopped. Why should I expect any, when I have done so little to make myself respectable?' She calmed her voice, standing up, and walking over to where he was working on the monitor, fascinated. She leaned against the nearby cot, unsure of what else to say. 'Besides, I have met so many interesting people while being on board. I'm not sure a small colony would suit me.' William continued working on the monitor. “Well, we do have an interesting cast of characters that’s for sure.” He reached for another tool and started making additional tweaks to the monitor. 'I am never bored,' she said quietly. 'I couldn't say the same while at the Academy Hospital.' She watched his hands for a minute. 'Do you enjoy it here?' William paused working for a moment. “I can honestly say that I like it here better than at my old job.” He resumed working. “Of course there I was stuck planet side, though I never was shot at while I was there.” Soora pulled out her PADD, doing a quick check on the monitors, before shutting off the screen again. 'Where were you. What were you doing there?' William closed up the monitor and leaned up against the sickbay bed.. “I was living on Tranquility working as an engineer for the Guardians on the ships when they would come into dock.” Soora looked at the monitor for a few seconds, wondering what he had done. 'That does not sound exciting... but also not entirely boring. Working with the Guardians, even in such a way, must have added some spice.' “It was less exciting than one would think. After having been on a spaceship for most of your life to be relegated to planet side duty is a real drag.” William sighed. “Especially when the crews come off the ships going on and on and on about how great it is to be in space and how dangerous it is and how great any battles with raiders were. It honestly got really tiring, so the first real chance I had to get away I took.” 'Oh,' she said quietly. 'I guess I didn't think about that. Must have been frustrating.' She paused, and there was a small silence. 'Despite how it might seem, I am glad to be around humans again. I respect my culture, of course, but after growing up acting and being around humans and other species that show emotion, I sometimes found being on New Vulcan as tedious. I think that might have been the real reason that I left.' She tapped her fingers on the edge of her PADD. 'I guess we both came here for some of the same reasons.' “It was pretty frustrating” William replied. “Well the reasons that we left might be similar, but the how is probably very different.” Soora fought back a smile. 'I know the how was. But still...' She trailed off, turning on the PADD again to check. No changes. She clicked it back off. 'Its pleasant to find that out, is what I meant. And even though you're not the only one infected, you're a nice distraction.' "Glad to be of service." William bowed "I'm always willing to provide a distraction if you ever need another." Soora smiled a little, unable to hold it back, before losing it again. 'I sure hope you don't have to be exposed to some deadly toxin again before we find time to talk again.' She distracted herself by going over to check on the IV levels. “I certainly hope so as well.” William walked over to another monitor to see what, if anything, he could do.
  2. I'll be returning from hiatus starting this week. I regret that I couldn't come last night-- I apologise to my crew aboard the Qob. I will spend this week catching up on happenings, as I've been falling behind. If someone could give me the short version, I would be grateful. In the hiatus, I've almost finished my novel, applied for the Army, and started on a new novel (which is a lot better, to be honest). I've also acquired some new tech. I have now a drawing tablet (hooked up with bluetooth to my computer) which I've been getting used to. Hopefully that means I can put up a new picture of Soora soon. Yes, this also means Kerris is back as well. I'll make sure she reports for duty tonight. Sincerely, Soora
  3. No, no firewall restrictions... I have been able to get on before, its just recently that's been giving me problems. I'm starting to think that its my computer, as upstairs on Ubuntu everything seems to be running fine. I like simming on my laptop because then I'm not secluded from my family, as our sim is early in the night for me. I wish I could just do it on my phone, but even that isn't that advanced. Sigh. I will keep on trying different things until it works I suppose. Will keep you all posted.
  4. I have been having so many problems with this chat! ARGH! I changed my browser 4 times since starting simming, and now none of them are working... it keeps on asking me to download a Java plugin, and I do, and then it says I haven't installed. But then I go to do it again, and it says its already installed! ARGH! When I tried on Chrome it froze up my entire computer, and afterwards I went and reformatted my entire computer, and trying this new browser, but its doing it too. I'm starting to think that its me. :[ I am very sad because I miss my crew. Sorry guys. I seem to just have a magnet for computer troubles. ::cries:: Any help and/or suggestions?
  5. After the meeting at The Maze, Chris moved out of the bar and headed back to the ship. He wasn't feeling his best and figured he just needed some rest after the Pheromone treatment and physical attention the Pher had given him. He managed to get back on the ship and was walking down the corridor from the Transporter room towards a turbo lift at the end. He wasn't as steady as he wanted to be but was glad no one was around to see him stumble. Soora ran a finger around the rim of her water glass, watching the others depart. Her eyes followed the sick one, Nickles, and shook her head after him. She finished her water quickly, nodding to the others, and following him. She tucked her hair behind her right ear nervously, even though she found it easy to keep up with the man. She slipped onto the ship behind him, noting that he didn't realize that he had company. She adjusted her bag, small as it was, on her back, and walked a bit quicker. "Sir!" She called, coming up beside him. Chris stopped sighing to himself that someone was wanting him to stop. He turned to face the New Vulcan that Joe just hired. He tried putting on a fake smile and spoke in a softened tone. "Hello ... Welcome aboard." He was a bit shaky, his complexion paler than normal. His body temp was beginning to raise again also. He just wanted to go lie down but tried to hide it the best he could. Soora's eyebrows furrowed, worried about the First Mate. Even though she had been trained not to touch people, she put a hand on his cheek softly. "Thank you... for having me." She calculated quickly how cold she was versus the air inside the ship, and then figured out that his temperature was not normal for a human. "I believe the Captain said I was allowed to treat you on board the ship. Is that alright?" Chris quickly grabbed her hand away from his face. "Ensign Do you make it a practice to touch peoples face when you first walk up on them? With your heritage I suggest, if it is, you may wish to rethink that. I wouldn't want anyone thinking your trying to mind meld with them without their permission." He easily let go of her hand and waved her off once more. "I'm fine. I just need some rest." He began to turn around and again started down the corridor. Soora frowned. "I do not have that ability, sir." She tucked her hair behind her left, human ear as well, feeling foolish. "I just have been noticing all night that you do not look well at all. And your temperature has to be close to 102. Please, let me try and help you. I do not wish my superior officer to come to any harm for my neglect." Chris leaned up against the wall for a moment feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe he would let her have a look at him. He didn't want to appear weak in front of a new crew member. He stood back up straight and met her gaze. "Very well Ensign. If it will make you happy, Ill let you have a look. Have you visited Sickbay yet, or been shown around?" Soora's face blanks for a few seconds, then she gives him a rare smile before covering up her human ear once more. She met his gaze in return. "No, I have not had that pleasure. I have only had time to grab my bag, and follow you here. If I may sir?" She indicated helping to support him, feeling it best to ask before touching him again. Chris looked down to her and smiled. "Thanks Ensign. What's your name again? Soona? Let head to the TL and Ill show you the way to Sickbay." He nods and allows her to assist him in beginning the walk to the lift. "It's Soora, sir. What is your name? I don't believe I ever caught it," she said as she took his arm and placed it over her shoulders, heaving him up and off the wall. She started to walk with him towards the turbo lift, glad she had the extra strength to hold him upright. This was going to be interesting. "Chris Nickles, actually an ex medic myself. Got into a bit of trouble with the Federation by treating a patient that his Kin rejected but he wanted. Prime directive stuff. Anyway Left Fleet and found Joe." They entered the lift, "Deck ##. " "It is a pleasure to meet you, Chris, if I may call you that, sir." She pays attention to the deck number, so she can return if she needed to, which she assumes she will need to. "I am not fond of the Federation, though they have done nothing against me personally. It is more of my ancestors." She used a hand to pull his arm more securely over her shoulders. She stood up straighter, holding her tongue on further slaughter of the Federation. Chris allowed her to tighten her grip on his arm and silently was gald she did. His legs felt like they were about to give out on him. He just had to make it down the next corridor and he was home free. The doors to the lift opened once more and he nodded. "Four doors down on the left Soora, That's sickbay." He allowed her to help him start down the corridor. She felt like she was carrying him, and resisted from pulling him onto her back fully, even though she knew she could support his weight easily. She nodded at no one in particular and started with him down the corridor, moving at a slightly brisk speed, wanting to get him laying down or at least sitting as soon as possible. She counted the doors and then went into the fourth one on the left, noting the stagnant smell, and set him down carefully on the nearest bed. "If you would like to lay down while I get things ready..." She waved her hand, giving him a smaller smile. Chris nodded thinking himself that that might not be a bad idea. "Alright.... Doc." He reached up activating the beds controls for Soora and then laid down on the biobed. He brought one leg up and placed it on the bed, not allowing it to lay flat on the bed but at an angle with his foot flat on the bed. He allowed the other leg to lay flat. He pulled his left arm above his head sort of curling it around and placed the right arm over his face , his bent elbow over his eyes. The Light was kind of bright and it bothered him. He just laid there waiting for Soora to return. Soora nodded at him, noting his reaction to the light, and finding the switch. She felt disoriented aboard this Klingon ship. She found the switch and tuned down the lights over his bed. That done, she went over to one of the carts, finding the supplies to be quite under stocked. She gave a slight huff, then took off her bag and dropped it to the floor, opening it up and pulling out her equipment. She pulled out the Vulcan tricorder to get accurate measurements and walked back over to Chris, flipping on the tricorder and scanning his head, then over his chest and down to his stomach. Chris noted the change in the lighting and uncovered his eyes. "Thanks Doc, They were kind of bright. Well? What's it say, I'm fine right? Just like I said? He goes to sit up but stops before he even gets upright, as the room starts spinning. "Umm Maybe not." He turns his face to look at the New Doc. Soora gave him a half-smile, looking down at him. "Sir, it seems you're going through some more intense withdrawals... if the information from William is correct, that is. While sleeping it off might do the trick, I could give you something to help you ignore the... urges and such. In a normal situation for unrequited love, I would have suggested a rebound. But I don't think that that will solve this problem, sir. It might help to keep your mind occupied, even while lying down." She turned off her tricorder and tucked it away in her coat pocket. "I could also give you something to help you sleep. I know the beds aren't the most comfortable here, but I would like to keep you here... for the night. Monitoring. Chris looked away for a moment and then looked back. "So someone has already told you about y little encounter with Redera huh? Ya I could use a bit of something to help block things but Im not 100% sure that's all the trouble. As for staying here over night I concur That might not be a bad idea. So what all did Williams tell you anyway. For my defense it wasn't my idea to get hung up with that Deltan in the first place. I was kidnapped." Soora raised her eyebrows slightly at the long rant. "I did not know any names, just that you had perhaps had an overdose of Deltan and Orion pheromones. I have a natural concoction for that that I was taught on New Vulcan." She touched his cheek again softly, noting his temperature once more. "I saw you drinking tea, but perhaps..." she trailed off, pulling out her tricorder with her free hand and flipping it on once more, re-reading the results. "Ah. I overlooked a major detail here. Dehydration. I'll need to start a line, before I give you those meds." Chris didn't argue this time, when she touched his face.He allowed her to begin her preparations for the line as he thought to himself that He hadn't checked himself over after He and Pher had finished with their session. If he had he might have found the dehydration and given himself something for it and would not have drank tea at Pete's. "Doc, This is a repeat performance for me. Ill give you my code and you can look up my records to see what Dash did for me before. He was the Medic that had to leave our merry band. My code is Nickles Code alpha delta delta 10." Soora nodded. "Very well." She went and got the things to set up a line, wondering to herself if the man had the red blood of a human. She knew that he probably did, but she still found the idea fascinating. She hadn't seen red blood since high school. She came back over to him. "I'm going to start a line and get you started, then go look up your record on that console right over there," she said, nodding over to a desk. She cleaned the crook of his arm, holding his arm still as she put in the needle and then hooked it up to the waterline above the bed. She wiggled her nose at him. "Tell me if anything changes. I'll be back." She heads over to the desk, sitting down and then pulling up the screen, saying the code he had given her, and reading his records silently to herself. "Sure thing, I think Im just going to take a nap for a bit. I have to admit I am tired. You have my permission to do whatever you need to." He watched as she moved over to the desk and called out the code. " OH Doc?" Soora looked back over at Chris. "Yes, sir?" Chris smiled at the New Ensign. "Thanks for noticing." He then turns his head straight looking up and closes his eyes drifting off to sleep. Soora looked back at the screen, finding it hard to concentrate as her cheeks filled with green blood, the first time since she was in the Academy. She looked back over at him, and shook her head. No, she told herself. He's just being grateful. She forced the emotions back, burying them, and continued to do her work. After she was done reading, she put the mixture from Vulcan in a hypo and administered it to the sleeping man, surprised that he did not awaken. She saw no need for the sleep aid, so she returned to her desk, tapping her fingers on the wood. She would need to organize this place eventually, she concluded before pulling up a map on the console.
  6. Personal Log: Leaving New Vulcan I sit here in the small house I have rented while I finish up my duties at the Academy Hospital. It's been almost a year since I have graduated from the Academy, and yet I have remained on New Vulcan. I do not know the reason for my attachment to this place, except that this is the only place where I have truly felt welcome and at home. I do not have to hide who I am here, though I still do a little. Three years ago I was ashamed to call myself part-Vulcan... and now I am proud of my Vulcan heritage. Perhaps my great-grandfather left and did indeed intend to return, but somehow got injured or killed in his journeys. While I wish to know, there is no way to find out, not without his name. I met a Vulcan male that, despite what his face and voice say, I know is intrigued. I still have not mastered keeping those kind of thoughts from my mind, and thus from my face. I have no doubt that he knows my feelings. His name is Kolak. While we have the same interests, and we have much to speak about, he is to be married to another. He of course has a choice in the matter, but he chooses still not to release her from the bond. This makes me angry, for if he would I would stay here. But he will not, because of the ties her family and his have. It's deeply political, he tells me, and she is not so bad. When I went to say farewell to him, for he works at the Hospital as well, he asked me to walk with him. I did. He opened a closet and pulled me inside with him, and then closed the door again. “Don't leave, Soora.” he said, and I could hear desperation in his voice. “I'll release her-- I'll marry you--” I made a very human move and put a finger on his lips. He silenced. “Kolak, don't ruin your career for me. I know you love me, there is no need to say it. I want to go out into the galaxy and make a difference somewhere. Keep in touch with me.” “I will,” he said, then bent down that inch to kiss me. “You are very bold, to go out into the galaxy, being a Vulcan.” “I know their thoughts on us. I am not afraid.” “I know.” He rubbed my cheek softly with his hand. “I love you Soora.” I kissed his hand. “As I love you.” We left the closet one at a time. I went to say goodbye to the others I had friended, and then I left. I have bought some new clothes since coming to New Vulcan. The shops are pretty sparse here, compared to the megamalls of Earth. But, still, I found some suitable clothing, and a larger bag. Even though I have no more items except for the clothes, I still wanted a nicer, larger bag. I suppose to want is not very Vulcan of me, but considering it was the only thing I bought for me, I suppose that this is not that bad. T'pey gave me the IDIC pendant on a necklace, and I wear it under my shirt as I write this. Saying goodbye to her was hard. I wanted to show her I could carry it out without emotion, but I failed. She understood, though, and gave me a brief hug, even though we had never touched before that. Right before writing this, I booked a room on another freighter that is heading off-planet somewhere. I don't remember exactly where, but I suppose it doesn't matter. I'll find my way. I just have to be sure to avoid Star Fleet, the Federation, and anyone else who looks ill on me and my people. I have a lot to offer to a colony or even a starship, so I hope I can find one in a legal business to offer my services to. It is late, and I have to be at the spacedock early. I will write again, perhaps when I arrive.
  7. Name: Kaara Soora Preferred name: Soora Gender: Female Species: Vulcan-human hybrid Place of Birth: St. Mary’s, Georgia, United States, Earth Date of Birth: November 5, 2400 Age: 20 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Height: 5 feet, 10 inches Weight: 130 lbs. History: Soora was born into a small family of just her human mother and part-Vulcan father. When she was born, her parents had quite a shock. Her father had no outward appearance of being Vulcan, and only his innards were the way a Vulcan’s are configured. When Soora was born, however, she had jet-black hair, pale skin and green blood, her left ear was human and her right was Vulcan, and her innards were just as her father’s were, like a true Vulcan’s. As the months passed after Soora’s birth, her parents became increasingly worried. Apparently, their daughter had also inherited the increased strength of Vulcans, and her mother was shocked at how quickly her daughter learned to use sign language, to crawl, and soon after walk, and then to talk. Her father, angry, thinking that Dandre had cheated on him with some bloody Vulcan, left before she was a year old. Dandre and Soora stayed in Georgia for a few years, until Soora was in pre-school and then in pre-k and kindergarten. Once she was in kindergarten, Soora came to realize that she was very much different from her human friends. St. Mary’s was a small town, and soon Soora was being teased at school for her mismatched ears and being part of a species without a home. Dandre decided it was time for them to move. She taught her daughter how to keep her hair down over her Vulcan ear, and told her not to let herself be cut. Even though Soora found that hiding her heritage was hard, she knew it was worth it. In Virginia, where the mother and daughter moved, Soora found a niche in to which to fall. She got straight A’s all through her school career, and took all of the advanced courses she could, almost finding them too easy. Her mother, working two jobs, managed to get enough money together to buy lessons at a dojo for her daughter, who sometimes had troubles controlling her strength. This Soora excelled at, and in high school got a job at the same dojo as a sensei. Her mother then only worked one job, and the two had more time to see and get to know one another. When Soora was 15, her high school began offering Emergency Medical Technician and nursing courses. Relieved to be doing something she didn’t already know, Soora enrolled in the EMT course, and then got her CVA. Right after this, Dandre died in an accident, said to a ‘freak gasoline fight accident.’ Soora knew the truth, after doing some investigation of her own when the police failed to. She kept her mouth shut about it, though, and doesn’t talk much of her mother, unless someone asks why she went into medical field. Then she tells that person, ‘because my mother encouraged me to. She told me I had a healing touch.’ Since Soora had more than enough credits to graduate with honors from high school, she did so at the age of 16. From there she wondered what to do next with her life. She had no idea where her father could be, and he was the only relative that she knew about. She decided to save up to book a passage to New Vulcan. The ticket was not as much as she had thought. After selling the small house her mother had purchased, and most of their belongings, Soora left for the spacedock with a large canvas bag across her back. She had kept her mother’s sparse collection of jewelry, the cards from holidays, legal documents, and little else. She carried a few days worth of clean clothes, her money, her ebook reader and tricorder, and few vanity items. On board the ship taking her to New Vulcan, which was a few days of travel at full warp, she cut her hair from its middle-of-the-back length to the middle of her neck. She experimented with tucking her hair behind her right Vulcan ear. She had let her bangs grow long, and she kept them this way. She did not have the eyebrows, and she wondered how the Vulcans would react to this. On board of the freighter she had booked passage on, she was the only one heading for New Vulcan. Her stop was a pit stop that no one really seemed willing to make. She didn’t blame them. Despite the new despising of the Vulcans, she had never been fond of them. Her great-grandfather, a full Vulcan on a trip to Earth, had met a human woman there. He, for lack of better words, fell in love with her. He impregnated her. He had to leave on an urgent matter, and promised to return. He never did. The woman, still in love with him, raised the boy they had made to love his Vulcan heritage. He asked often about his father. ‘Where is he? When is he returning?’ the boy would ask nearly every day. The mother would always insist that the father was doing business, but he loved the boy very much. The boy eventually came into maturity. He realized then that his mother had been lying to him. Outraged, the man would try to hide his Vulcan features, ashamed to come from a place where people did not hold their word. He passed this on to his daughter, who passed it on to her son, who did not get a chance to pass it on to his daughter. Along the way, the Vulcan’s name was forgotten, either intentionally or not. The overwhelming amount of human genomes squashed the dominant Vulcan genome. Soora often ponders if her mother was part Vulcan as well, and that is why she had so many of the Vulcan features and traits. Or perhaps, she wonders sometimes, her father was right, and Dandre had cheated on him with a full Vulcan. The days passed, and soon the freighter arrived at the spacedock on New Vulcan. From what Soora had read in her history classes, the original Vulcan was a hot planet, with no large masses of water accumulating anywhere. It did not have a moon. The planet which Spock had chosen different, and yet similar. There were lakes and ponds, but there were no oceans. There were mountains with snow covering their peaks. The planet still did not have a moon, and the planet was hot during most of the year. Soora soon became accustomed to the heat. She was initially met at the spacedock by a group of Vulcans from the Academy. They regarded her appearance with no emotion, though she knew that she was different. She had called ahead before she had sold the house on Earth, and gotten the approval to come attend the Academy. Even though it had been a number of years since the destruction of their home world, the Vulcan numbers were bleak. They could not be overly picky on someone being full-blooded, especially when the Federation frowned upon the species as a while. The Vulcans greeted her, and led her to the Academy. She was given a bunk in a room with three other Vulcan girls. She set down her things, and then the Vulcans, whom she soon learned were all senior students, led her to a room where she was to have a placement test. She stood in the middle of the room, hands behind her back, struggling to keep her face blank despite her nervousness. The computer asked her questions, and she answered, sometimes after a short pause. But, still, she knew all of the answers. After about an hour of such testing, an adult Vulcan, looking around fifty Earth years, entered the room. He looked at her, his eyes searching over her appearance. She suddenly felt very small, and very foolish for thinking that she would be accepted here. “You have passed, and are to be placed in the advanced courses. Come with me, and we will discuss your preferences for classes,” he said, and she followed him out of the room and into his office. “Tell me what you studied on Earth.” She took a breath to steady herself and her voice. “I studied whatever was offered in the schools. I took medical courses near the end of my schooling.” She produced out of her bag a transcript from her school career. He studied it for a minute. “You excelled in all of your classes. They did not find this odd for a human?” She had informed the liaison of her hiding her heritage from the humans on Earth. The liaison had said that that seemed logical to do. “If anyone thought so, they did not say so, sir. They were just happy to have such a quiet and excelling student, I imagine. Not all students are so courteous.” “Indeed.” The counselor, named Irik, moved to his console and began to type. He turned the screen around for her to see as well. “I have set up for you to be in the medical classes. I also have set up for navigation and other such necessary skills to have on a starship. Is there anything else?” “Sir, I would like to take some kind of martial arts class as well. I used to practice every day on Earth.” She wondered if there was such a class. “Very well.” He turned the screen back around and continued to type. “With your record, and the course schedule I have set for you, you should graduate in under two years.” “I am grateful for your help.” He looked blankly at her. “It is my job, Soora. Vulcans are not grateful.” He tapped some more. “I have set up a mentor to meet with you and tutor you on Vulcan ways. Is that acceptable?” Soora felt her face rush with blood. Green blood. “Yes, sir.” ----------------- Soora found her roommates, three Vulcan females, to be… interesting. Her human female friends back home used to talk about boys, about actors, about some handsome Star Fleet officer. These Vulcans did none of this. They sat on their beds or at their desks and did their homework. They spoke to each other in Vulcan, so that Soora could not understand them. Only when they addressed her did they speak in English. This made Soora very frustrated, and hoped that Irik had put Vulcan as one of her classes in her course schedule. Soon, Soora was into the swing of things at the New Vulcan Academy. She met with her mentor every day in the morning. They had breakfast together. Her mentor was a pretty Vulcan female, named T’pey, who, through their breakfast meetings, would try to teach Soora the ways of New Vulcan. These meetings often left Soora with more questions than before. The martial arts styles of Vulcan were very different from Earth, and so Soora had to start at the bottom and work her way back up again. She picked it up quickly, however, and soon started to gain respect from the Vulcans she sparred with. It seemed that since their move to New Vulcan and the generations that followed, there has been a few new styles created for practical use, and not just for ceremonial use anymore. The Vulcans thought it necessary to know practical hand-to-hand combat for when they were off-planet and on more hostile worlds. Her other classes she found challenging, and thus enjoyable. Within a year she had earned the equivalent of her doctorate in Medical sciences, and afterward worked in the Academy Hospital. After earning her doctorate, she focused then on her engineering, navigation and language courses. Although she also had a number of science courses, mainly corresponding with engineering, she tried to spread out her focus, even if she found the courses on quantum physics and the like less interesting. Just as her counselor had said, she found herself graduating at just over her two-year mark. Her mentor had also helped her with her Vulcan, thus speeding up her comprehension. T’pey had taught Soora about the way to meditate, what constituted as an emotion and what did not, and how to suppress said emotions. T’pey, though, also warned her about suppressing her emotions too much. “We Vulcans are very emotional, whether we admit it or not. We love just as humans do, perhaps more so. We envy others accomplishments and strive to be better ourselves as a result. We get angry often, but that is why we meditate. Without order and control, our world, our everyday lives, would be chaotic. You, Soora, are at a disadvantage on this front. You did not grow up around your kind. You do not know our ways. And yet, you are as smart and as logical as the rest of us. You still show your emotions, but that is no surprise. That takes more than a couple years of practice to master, especially at your young age. Understand, Soora. Any non-Vulcan would think you one without question. Only one of us can truly identify one of us.”
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