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Ayraek tr’Jhaelon

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  1. Name: Ayraek Kael tr’Jhaelon Age: 25 Sex: Male POB: ch’Havaran Ht: 6'1" Wt: 179 lbs Eyes: Grey Hair: Brown Race: Rihannsu Rank: Erein Assignment Science Officer, RES TALON Father: Sanaek tr’Jhaelon (Administer, i-Haeylerth District Utility Board) Mother: Kalaeis tr’Jhaelon (Consultant, Maekarn Agricultural Cooperation) Siblings: Sayrael tr’Shaelon (Civil Engineer) Background: The youngest child, Aryaek was born on a small family farm in ch’Havaran. His early education and childhood were unremarkable, as his house lived a modest, but comfortable lifestyle. Both of his parents had earlier served in Galae, where they had met during a deployment aboard the RES Winged Fury, but had retired to private lives following the end of their contracts with Galae; his father eventually becoming involved in local bureaucracy and his mother, a soil scientist, consulting for a variety of companies involved in the large agriculture sector of ch’Havarn. Upon finishing his primary and secondary education at a local retor, Ayraek had initially considered a civil service career and alternately an apprenticeship with his elder brother, who worked for a large civil engineering firm that worked primarily to establish new infrastructure on new imperial colonies. He scored well on exit exams from his retor, and caught the eye of a local galae recruiter. While both his parents had served in the Galae, neither had pushed either of their sons to consider it as a possibility. Somewhat listless towards his other employment opportunities, he agreed to apply for admittance to the ch’Havarn Galae Retor. As both his parents were veterans, he require no special dispensation or sponsor and was admitted. Like much of his early life, his performance at the retor was relatively average. He had intially tracked towards a career in systems operation engineering, but unsurprisingly, given his mother’s own scientific background, showed an aptitude towards physical science. Eventually, his advisors at the retor began tracking him into the geosciences. After graduation from the retor, he reported to Galae Command to complete his basic military training and served three months aboard a small survey vessel, RES Skysparrow completing a survey of an asteroid field in the Outmarches before being transferred to the RES Talon.