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  1. It was pretty clear for a long time that Jobs wasn't gonna make it-he just didn't seem to be getting better, and pancreatic cancer has a very poor prognosis in the first place. Honestly, it's a happy surprise he beat the Reaper so long, given the odds against him. The fact that his death was expected doesn't make it any less of a bummer. I'm typing this on a Windows machine with an Android phone in my pocket, and there's nothing about either one of these devices that Jobs didn't at least influence. When he came back to Apple, it was on its deathbed, and before Jobs came to his own deathbed, Apple was, for a little while, the most valuable company on Earth. Everyone dies, eventually-it's just a shame Jobs died so soon. Fifty-some years, and he did this?!? Imagine if he'd gotten another 30!
  2. Name: Edward Freeman. (Known to prefer Eddie or Ed.) Gender: Male Species: Human Place of Birth: San Francisco, Earth Age: 23 Present rank: Lieutenant, Junior grade Height: 180 cm Weight: 72.5 kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Family: Father John (deceased at 53 . Was a professor of poetry.) Mother Angela (60). Artist (primarily a sculptor.) Known to be on cool, but cordial terms with Edward.. Half-Sister: Amy (20). Student at UCLA, studying English. Known not to be close to Edward, having been raised separately. Shared parent is John Freeman, Edward's father. Brother-in-law: Jason Martz (21). Student at UCLA, studying philosophy. May not actually have met Edward, though Mr. Freeman is at least aware his half-sibling is married. Service Record: Entered Starfleet Academy, 2290. Graduated 2294. Assigned to U.S.S Challenger as Assistant Engineer, 2294 (current posting.) Promoted to LTJG, 2295 History Born in San Francisco on September 1, 2271. Freeman reports having grown up in a slightly fractured home. He had the standard education and an unremarkable childhood. Academy career was also unremarkable save for an incident on campus in which he attempted to break up a fight involving two fellow cadets and was drawn into the melee himself. He received a minor punishment for this, his initial intent to stop the fight being taken into account. He also received several verbal admonishments for "sarcastic remarks", but no substantive actions appear to have been taken against him regarding this. He took a wide variety of classes, and appears to have been torn between Engineering, Security and Medical as his final assignment, but showed almost no interest in Command, taking only the courses the curriculum required. He appears to have decided on engineering by his junior year, but took an unusually long time to pick a focus, and hence has received an unusually diverse training, with an especially extensive Medical education for an engineer. Personal profile Freeman is a competent engineer, but somewhat lacking in confidence. He enjoys reading and a number of hobbies, including cooking, tinkering and the study of history, and appears to prefer actual physical books when reading for entertainment, with the text printed on paper and bound in cardboard, paper or even leather. he is not terribly athletic, but keeps in shape with a reasonable amount of exercise. Freeman has a cat, but the animal has been left with his half-sister until he obtains sufficient rank to rate a private room. Medical note: Freeman is badly allergic to bee stings. Immediate medical attention may be necessary should he be stung by a similar insect.