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  1. Cptn Ja'Lale: Challenger mission brief - we are in orbit around the mining planet Motherlode where we will be checking in on the miners there. An away party is to be sent to the surface. TBS was 15 minutes. Questions? Hunter Matheson: yes Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes? Hunter Matheson: where was I the last time I was here? Hunter Matheson: on planet or in orbit? Cptn Ja'Lale: On the bridge probably. We're in orbit and have not beamed to the planet yet Hunter Matheson: thanks Cptn Ja'Lale: Sure. Cptn Ja'Lale: As by other questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: Any other Cptn Ja'Lale: Begin sim Caitlin Townshend: ((What do they mine?)) Hunter Matheson: ::doing the helm thing::: Cptn Ja'Lale: (assortment of metals and minerals) Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION : CHALLENGER IS HAILED BY STARFLEET, URGENT PRIORITY. Hunter Matheson: ::hears the alert ping and thinks.. great... here we go again:: Hunter Matheson: ::spitball at Hok:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Looks back, saying what everyone might be thinking.:: Uh oh. Dvokr chim Hok: (Is that me that answers that or tactical?) Cptn Ja'Lale: ::heard the hail:: Err, on screen. (it's you) Hunter Matheson: (w) same here Caitlin Townshend: ::conducting routine scans of the planet:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: The incoming hail is onscreen :: Hunter Matheson: ::so does not want to look up:: Cptn Ja'Lale: SF) +Challenger +. ::a stoic looking admiral appears j in screen:: Hunter Matheson: (w to syl) Doesn't look good. Cptn Ja'Lale: I'm afraid you'll have to cut this mission short.. I ll get to the point. One of our colonies was attacked near the Romulan Neutral Zone. We think it's the Rommies but we want you to head over there to investigate. Hunter Matheson: ::straightens up:: Cptn Ja'Lale: I'm sending you the coordinates. ::Sends them to helm:: This is urgent so please make sure you get r there in best speed possible. Cptn Ja'Lale: Starfleet out. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Shakes head:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::the comm is cut:: Hunter Matheson: ::checks his console:: Got the coordinates. Head 'em up, move 'em out, sir? Dyan Sylvanis: So much from going back and doing more swimming when this was done. Hunter Matheson: Yeh. I hear ya. Dvokr chim Hok: Should we let our friends know? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes please. Make best course to the NZ. Please inform the Arcadians, another ship will take our place Caitlin Townshend: Interesting. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Coordinates set in. Moving out. ::engages for a turn, then punches it::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Lets the planet contacts below that the Challenger is leaving :: Hunter Matheson: Break the speed limit, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::reading information attack :: once we're out of Arcadian space, warp 8 Dyan Sylvanis: Shall we go to yellow alert? Hunter Matheson: Warp 8 aye. Engaging. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yed Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes Dyan Sylvanis: ::Activates Yellow Alert.:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: The warp effect appears on screen, you know, the one from the new movies that Hok prefers :: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: How far to the NZ? Hunter Matheson: I mean, I could figure that out myself, but it's more fun to watch you do your thing. Hunter Matheson: ::smirk:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::grins.:: 3 hours. Hunter Matheson: ::sighs:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Watching the power levels :: Cptn Ja'Lale: It seems that the attack was recent,, about a day or two ago. No witnesses left as far as we know . Hunter Matheson: So... maybe we should look for debris or ships there that shouldn't be there? Cptn Ja'Lale: I agree. Good place to start Caitlin Townshend: Already reconfiguring long-range scanners to give us as much advance warning as possible Cptn Ja'Lale: Great Hunter Matheson: ::has this weird feeling that they're gonna run into a Romulan fleet:: Dvokr chim Hok: Any Romulan vessels on sensors? Caitlin Townshend: So far the system is clear. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION none on sensors Dvokr chim Hok: Not like them... Caitlin Townshend: Romulan vessels have cloaking devices too, right? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes Dyan Sylvanis: Unfortunately Caitlin Townshend: So they could be hiding Cptn Ja'Lale: Pause sim Cptn Ja'Lale: Pause Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job.. We'll pick up there next week Cptn Ja'Lale: Have a great weekend Hunter Matheson: you too cap Hunter Matheson: night Dvokr chim Hok: Night Cptn Ja'Lale: Sim dismissed... Goodnight
  2. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief: The away team has concluded their tour of the Arcadian home world and are now returning back to the Challenger to conduct some surveys of the system and help the Arcadians set up some trade routes with the Federation. TBS was 15 minutes. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM John Randall: ::in his office in engineering looking over reports:: Hunter Matheson: ::even with a clean uniform he smells residual evidence of kelp and fish::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::on the bridge, reading his PADD:: Hunter Matheson: ::wondering if he will ever get rid of it as he sets up helm for whatever they're going to do::: Hunter Matheson: ::and hoping it's not under sea somewhere...:::shudders:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: At operations on the bridge :: John Randall: ::finishes reading and arises from his desk, goes out into engineering and surveys the crew:: Cptn Ja'Lale: There's also a mining planet in this system -- Motherlode. They're not aligned with the Federation though we are one of their major trading partners. Hunter Matheson: ::checks the mission info, then mutters:: Right. System survey and trade routes. ::finger snap:: got it. John Randall: ::spots Michaels and walks over to him:: How's it going, Jeff? Hunter Matheson: ::tucks away the mission parameters and checks once more:: Helm reports ready, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: Ok, take us out - quarter impulse. Hunter Matheson: One quarter impulse aye. Exiting orbit. :::engines take hold and they move away:: John Randall: Michaels> ::turns to face John:: Hey, Chief. Seems to be business as usual so far. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Steps onto the bridge, also in a fresh outfit after a relaxing shower. She walks by Kal before taking her seat.:: Hunter Matheson: Do we have coordinates, Captain? Hunter Matheson: ::sniff::::glance to Syl:: Cptn Ja'Lale: If what I read about Motherlode is true, that's where the Harvey Mudd tried to sell some kind of a love potion to the miners. I say this because Starfleet wants us to check in on them as well, so please set a course to Motherlode. Hunter Matheson: ::whatever that is, it sure ain't fish::: John Randall: ::hears a slight increase in the whine of the engines:: I think we just got underway to wherever we're going next. Let's head over to the pool table, hmm? Hunter Matheson: Motherlode, aye. Checking coordinates. Set in. Course changed to Motherlode. Hunter Matheson: Still at one quarter impulse. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Very good. It's close by, so we won't need to jump to warp on this one. Just a few planets over. John Randall: Michaels> Aye, sir. ::laughs as he dodges a mock punch from Randall, and they make their way to the main console:: Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Steady as she goes. Dyan Sylvanis: Love potion? ::Tries not to laugh.:: Hunter Matheson: ::blinkblink::: Dyan Sylvanis: I have heard about Mudd though. They still have a list of people to watch out for. He is towards the top. Hunter Matheson: ::hard swallow as he forces himself to focus on helm:: John Randall: ::the two men find stations at the console and they begin checking systems:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Thinking about the food :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, love potion. ::reading up on the logs regarding that mission:: Mr. Spock fell in love with Nurse Chapel.. Hunter Matheson: ::general comment:: Good to know. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, he is still one of the Federation's most wanted. But, I don't know if they'll ever find him. John Randall: ::pulls up the mission statement at his console and sees that the Challenger is on its way to a nearby planet called Motherlode, which makes him raise his eyebrows:: Dyan Sylvanis: If we are lucky, maybe he is dead. Hunter Matheson: ::blinkturn::: Why would that make us lucky, ma'am? Dyan Sylvanis: Because I've heard things turn out badly if you end up catching him. John Randall: Michaels> ::noticing the change in expression on his CO's face:: Something interesting, Chief? Cptn Ja'Lale: I heard the same as well. Just ask Captain Kirk. Hunter Matheson: Um... gotcha. Had a team go out for him once. It didn't work. They came back smelling like roses... literally. So.. yeah. Best we stay away. John Randall: ::turns to him:: Who would name a planet Motherlode? Hunter Matheson: Approaching coordinates, Captain. John Randall: Michaels> ::raises his eyebrows and smiles:: You're joking, right? Hunter Matheson: ::turns to Hok:: Anything on the bandwidth, Sir? John Randall: ::shakes his head:: Dead serious, Jeff. Cptn Ja'Lale: Drop speed, please. Hunter Matheson: Dropping to one quarter impulse, aye. John Randall: Michaels> ::smile slowly disappears as he realizes John is truly serious:: Wow. Well, I guess with a planetary name like that, this is one time we DON'T need to 'hit the motherlode', eh, sir? ::grins:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Taps :: Hunter Matheson: Standard orbit, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Motherlode, if you don't remember/didn't see the episode on TAS is a non-aligned mining planet filled with various species mining various heavy metals and other minerals. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, please. Hunter Matheson: Standard orbit, aye. ::slowly settles it into orbit::: John Randall: ::groans loudly and drops his head into his arms:: I'm gonna write you up for that, you sick, twisted dude. ::groans again as everyone at the console is laughing:: Hunter Matheson: Orbit achieved. Going to stationkeeping. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger is being hailed by the planet. Dvokr chim Hok: Incoming hail Cptn Ja'Lale: On screen.. John Randall: ::lifts his head and mock-glares at Michaels:: Take over, Lieutenant, I'm gonna go get some aspirin. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Checking her screen.:: Hunter Matheson: ::flip, flip, flips the console into stationkeeping and begins standard procedure::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: A gruff looking middle aged man appears on screen.. Man> Can I help you? What do you want, are you here to collect your iron ore shipment? John Randall: Michaels> Aye, sir. ::Randall groans again as he gets up, shakes his head and heads for his office:: Hunter Matheson: ::relaxes back in the chair, hands on his thighs, checking out the dude on the screen::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Looks at the captain :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Err, no. We're here to check in and see how you're doing. Man>. ::looking a bit annoyed:: Well, we're doing fine. If that's all you wanted, then good day. I'm a busy man and don't have time to talk. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::the comm goes blank:: Hunter Matheson: ::leaning toward Syl:: (w) We're squawking SF. You'd think they know that. Hunter Matheson: Huh. Nice guy. Dvokr chim Hok: They called us. Hunter Matheson: ::nods affirm to Hok::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Hmm. Well, at least they don't oppose our presence here.. they probably wondered what we were doing here. Hunter Matheson: Think they've been here too long, Captain? Dyan Sylvanis: Think they would get mad if we looked around? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Yes, I do. But from what I've heard from them, they don't recognize Federation law. I seem to recall they weren't to friendly with the Enterprise crew when they visited the planet. Makes me wonder if they don't get off the planet at all or perhaps visit Arcadia for some R&R. The Arcadians didn't mention anything about that and I didn't think to ask. Cptn Ja'Lale: Maybe not, as long as we don't interfere with their mining operations. Hunter Matheson: ::nods::: Um... after a while you get kinda weird. Hunter Matheson: Maybe we should have brought an Arcadian with us, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: I don't even know if they have relations with the Arcadians. Cptn Ja'Lale: Though it would explain where they got all the metal for their buildings from. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Listening :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Alright, so who's up for an exploration mission on Motherlode? We'll look around and check out their mining then send our reports back to HQ. Dyan Sylvanis: Sounds like fun. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Lost track of time here, next week we'll get ready to beam down to the surface of Motherlode. Cptn Ja'Lale: TBS will be an hour. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, sim dismissed.. Have a great long weekend. See you next week
  3. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 24 Aug 2018: The away team is returning back to the Challenger after meeting and dining with the Arcadian representatives. They are now going to assist the Arcadians in scouting out new trade routes and travel areas to other points of the Federation within their system. The meetings with them were good, and will note that to Starfleet in consideration of their membership in the Federation. Cptn Ja'Lale: TBS was 15 minutes. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM John Randall: ::waiting to be transported with the rest of the AT:: Hunter Matheson: ::ditto:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Wondering if there would be any after effects from the food :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::depends on your constitution:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Stands with the rest of the team:: Are we all here? John Randall: ::makes note to self to lay off seafood for a while:: Hunter Matheson: ::burp:: Hunter Matheson: ::cough:: John Randall: ::Ja'Lale:: Looks like it, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: +Challenger+ Five to beam up. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The away team has been beamed back to the ship Hunter Matheson: ::materializes about 10 lbs heavier than when they left and not feeling good about it:: John Randall: ::descends from the pad, goes through the door and approaches the TL:: Dvokr chim Hok: That was sure some interesting food, wouldn't you say? Cptn Ja'Lale: I liked it. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Seems sad.:: I wanted to do more swimming. John Randall: ::a car arrives and he steps in:: Deck 3. Hunter Matheson: ::steps down:: Interesting, yeah. Hunter Matheson: ::syl:: Would have been nice. Cptn Ja'Lale: Maybe we'll come back John Randall: ::the lift takes him to deck 3 and he steps out of the car; goes down the corridor to his cabin and enters, nodding greetings to crewpersons along the way:: Hunter Matheson: ::thinking he should keep his mouth shut:: Hunter Matheson: So, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes? John Randall: ::heads for the bedroom and strips off his uniform, which, frankly, smells of fish:: Hunter Matheson: Is there a meeting or something with these people, or are we gonna chill? John Randall: ::after peeling off his uniform, goes into the head to take a much anticipated shower:: Hunter Matheson: ::shuffles toward the lift and holds the door open for the others::: Cptn Ja'Lale: We'll help them chart out the area and send them our finding. But, I don't think we'll meet with them for some time. Hunter Matheson: ::relaxes:: Hunter Matheson: ::leaning against the lift as it moves::: Hunter Matheson: ::syl:: Remind me next time to not eat so much. Dyan Sylvanis: :;Grins.:: I already told you not to go back for seconds, but you wouldn't listen to me. Hunter Matheson: ::and another sigh:: Yes, ma'am. Next time hit me, please? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::heads to his quarters to change uniforms:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smiles.:: I'll take you up on that. Hunter Matheson: ::steps out of the lift before the doors close:: Thanks. ::wave to Syl and Hok:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Heads to his quarters :: Hunter Matheson: ::enters quarters and zones out on the bunk::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Heads to her own bunk.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::heads back up to the bridge:: Hunter Matheson: ::hoping that the skipper doesn't need him at helm::: John Randall: ::finishes his shower and steps out; towels himself dry and goes back to the bedroom to don a new uniform:: Hunter Matheson: :::and he's enjoying the peace and quiet until his bunkmate comes in with a bucket of ice water, and::: Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Dyan Sylvanis: ::Taking her own relaxing shower before she has to get ready to go back on duty.:: John Randall: ::puts on uniform and goes to the computer terminal; pulls up the engineering report from Michaels and reads:: Hunter Matheson: ::::spitting expletives you don't want to hear while he attacks his bunkmate with a few other things, like after shave and shaving cream::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Gets a drink of something...something warm :: Hunter Matheson: :::and when it's all done they live in a disaster area::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::looking at a PADD with the Arcadian system mapped out:: Hunter Matheson: ::sitting on the floor, leaning against the bottom bunk, arms draped over what used to be a bunk::: So. Dale. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Finishes and heads out :: Hunter Matheson: Dale> Yeah? Hunter Matheson: We gotta clean up this mess, bro. Hunter Matheson: Dale> Pffftttt... Hunter Matheson: So, you'd rather have Captain's Mast? Hunter Matheson: Dale> ::snort::: Hunter Matheson: Gees... Louise... Hunter Matheson: ::head leaning against the bottom bunk, he prays *please no GQ, please no GQ, please no GQ*::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Enters engineering for no reason :: Hunter Matheson: ::hits his badge hoping its not ruined::: Matheson to engineering. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Finishes up her shower and sets on getting changed into a new suit.:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Seeing no one is answering :: +Matheson+ Hok here. Hunter Matheson: +com+ I don't suppose you have a magic bunk room cleaner upper down there? Dvokr chim Hok: +Matheson+ I don't...know? Dvokr chim Hok: +Matheson+ Why...? Hunter Matheson: +com+ Well, sir, someone came in and trashed our quarters. Need to get it cleaned up before the major takes inspection to a higher level. Hunter Matheson: +com+ You got anything down there, sir? Cptn Ja'Lale: (2 minutes) Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: We'll pick up about an hour later, when we'll be ready to depart.
  4. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 17 Aug 2018: The away team are currently enjoying a banquet at the Arcadian homeworld after enjoying a tour of their administrative complex with the pacifistic Arcadian race. TBS was none. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::he hovers over the table, checking out the banquet and wondering about some of it:: John Randall: ::waiting in line for his turn:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Also looking over the spread.:: Hmm... Hunter Matheson: Any idea about what some of this is? Seaweed I get. Fish I get. The rest...? Dvokr chim Hok: :: Looking over the food :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: There's an assortment of exotic looking fish, shellfish and what looks like seaweed and kelp, as well as generous helping of plankton Hunter Matheson: ::poking a jelly that has little things in it::: Plankton? Hunter Matheson: Looks like Jello. John Randall: ::loads a plate with fish and what looks like clams and finds a place to sit where he is mostly by himself:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Laughs.:: It should be too bad. I mean we have eaten Klingon food. ::Starts putting stuff on a plate.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: It looks good. Dyan Sylvanis: *shouldn't Hunter Matheson: ::pokepoke:: Um... .right. ::takes a serving:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::grabs some plankton and seaweed and some fish:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> The plankton is fresh and in season this time of cycle. Hunter Matheson: I mean, in SERE training makes ya grab a lot of stuff, but we usually know what we're getting 'cause we get it ourselves.... hm.... ::looks up to Ja:: Sounds good. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Gets a bit of everything :: Hunter Matheson: ::finished and looking for a table:: John Randall: ::thinks to himself, "This isn't really a clam, but it's close enough'; enjoys his meal:: Hunter Matheson: ::the plankton jelly wiggles and bounces as he walks so he balances his plate hoping the jelly won't fly off:: Hunter Matheson: ::slips in next to Syl:: Lookin' good. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. I hope you will all enjoy our local culinary delicacies. We Arcadians mostly consume plankton, but we noted off worlders seem to have a fondness of the fish and crustaceans we have. Hunter Matheson: ::looks up to Ja with a mouthful and nods::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Mostly filled her plate with what looked similar to sushi. She nods.:: It certainly looks fresh. John Randall: ::gives a thumbs-up to the Arcadian leader and continues eating:: Hunter Matheson: It's great. Hunter Matheson: Maybe I'm part fish? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. We are glad you enjoy it. Hunter Matheson: ::pokes the jelly again, then tastes - or maybe slurps is a better word:: Dyan Sylvanis: We could always have you tested.:: Smirks as she takes a bite.:: Hunter Matheson: Only if you test me, k? Hunter Matheson: ::smirk:: John Randall: ::finishes his meal, stifles a belch, and disposes of his plate; goes back to his seat and watches the away team:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> Thank you, Firim'Ja. We are also confident we can help set up optimal shipping routes between our worlds. We don't have to make it too big, but enough so that decent commerce can exist. If your people need anything in particular, we can send a request to have it sent as a priority. Hunter Matheson: Heh. Kind of like eating sushi, only more and better. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Indeed, we'll send a request to our settlements and provide you a list. I am hopeful this shipping route will benefit relations between us and the Federation. John Randall: ::notices while he's sitting that most of the Arcadians are giving him a wide berth; thinks to himself, 'Hope I'm not doing anything to offend them.':: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Eats :: Hunter Matheson: ::spots Randall and waves him over:: John Randall: ::sees Matheson wave from a table across the room and walks over to join him:: Hunter Matheson: :scoots over and pulls up a chair for him:: Hey, sir. You're done already? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Quietly eating, but smiles when John joins them.:: Hunter Matheson: Pretty good stuff. ::nibbles on a fish:: John Randall: ::sits down as he nods thanks, and emits a slight groan, patting his stomach:: Don't worry, Sergeant, I'm not leaving here hungry. ::smiles and nods to Dyan:: Hunter Matheson: ::chuckles:: Sounds like, sir. John Randall: ::eyes Matheson's plate and shakes his head:: What in the name of space are you eating, Sergeant? Hunter Matheson: ::turns it over for inspection:: Looks like some kind of fish. And if you know what it is, sir, I don't wanna know. Sometimes it's better that way. ::grin:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Stifles a giggle.:: John Randall: ::grins as well:: I don't know either, Sergeant, and don't worry, I won't ask. You seem to be enjoying it, though. Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. It's da... uh... it's good. Hunter Matheson: ::trying to mind his manners:: John Randall: ::grins again and nods:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::discussing the logistics of the shipping routes with Firim'Ja:: John Randall: ::looks over to Dyan:: How is your meal, Lieutenant? Hunter Matheson: ::searching for Hok:: Dyan Sylvanis: It's really good. Very sushi like. John Randall: ::looks at the content on her plate and nods:: It does look like sushi. I must've missed that at the table. Hunter Matheson: ::figures it's okay to pick fish bones from his teeth with his fingers cause that's what the Arcadians are doing::: John Randall: The captain seems to be enjoying the meal tremendously. ::watching Ja'Lale:: Hunter Matheson: Well, he is a turtle. Sort of. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::mostly eating the plankton and small shrimp:: John Randall: That is true. ::smiles:: Hunter Matheson: ::spots something wiggling on his plate, figures it's still alive, so he doesn't eat it::: Hunter Matheson: Uh... I think I'm full. John Randall: ::lowers his voice:: I figure if they had had something here resembling frogs' legs, the captain would be in culinary heaven. Hunter Matheson: Maybe that's why he's kind of grinning. Hunter Matheson: ::leans back, ate too much:: John Randall: Maybe he did find some. ::Smiles:: Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) Dyan Sylvanis: ::Finishes eating and sits back in her seat.:: That was good. Maybe they have some desserts too. :;Smiles.:: John Randall: ::groans:: Think I'll skip the dessert. Hunter Matheson: ::looking around:: Hey, did anyone see Hok? Can't find him. Think he got lost? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> ::looks at the crew gathered:: It looks as if you all have had your fill. Feel free to rest for some time. Hunter Matheson: Yeah, I'm skipping it, too. John Randall: ::looking around:: I haven't seen him in a while myself. Cptn Ja'Lale: F> We'll recommence in an hour. John Randall: Don't know if Tellarites are seafood fans or not. Hunter Matheson: ::shrug:: Maybe not. Dvokr chim Hok: :: nods :: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Hunter Matheson: done John Randall: ::paused:: John Randall: Sorry I've been gone for a while, had some life issues come up Cptn Ja'Lale: Great work everyone. Our TBS will be 2 hours, when we'll be ready to return back to the ship and begin to explore the rest of the system. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: No worries, we're glad you're back Cptn Ja'Lale: If nothing else, sim dismissed.. see you next week.
  5. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 10 Aug 2018: The away team are in the Arcadian Homeworld about to have a banquet in their honour. The team has arrived at the Administrative Centre where the banquet will be held. TBS was 15 minutes. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::checking out the center:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Wonders how hungry he is :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Looking around the room.:: Hunter Matheson: ::Hok, lowly:: So does your species eat this stuff? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Before the feast, the crew are being given a tour around the facility. Hunter Matheson: ::food smells strange but the place is pretty cool:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Architecture resembles a cool modern look mixed with the natural walls of the caves they are in. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Looking all around :: Impressive. Hunter Matheson: Yeah. But I'm wondering how they built this place... you know.. under water? Hunter Matheson: Think it's natural? ::touches the wall::: Feels like it. Dyan Sylvanis: Very carefully. :;Smirks.:: Hunter Matheson: ::crooked grin at Syl::: Right... besides that. Hunter Matheson: ::knocks:: Sounds like a cave. ::tour guide:: was this place built or was it just here? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. It was built a few decades ago. Hunter Matheson: so how did you get down here to make it? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> We used submersibles for most of the construction of this base. However, most of our buildings are either built in the service or within normal diving limits for our species. Hunter Matheson: :::pursing his lips:: Man.. not exactly easy. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firm'Ja> Indeed, it did take us several years to build. But, we are proud of the construction of this place. Hunter Matheson: ::nodding:: Yeah, it is pretty cool. Dyan Sylvanis: Someone has an architect hobby. ::Grins.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. Thank you. From here, we oversee the needs of this region and conduct all of our outer space operations, as well as relaying with other administrative areas throughout the planet. Hunter Matheson: Yeah. Some hobby. ::shakes his head as he continues to look:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: They are shown around a large operations complex Hunter Matheson: ::checking it out:: Dyan Sylvanis: Wow. Impressive. Hunter Matheson: ::not just looking around, checks the consoles to see what they're monitoring and spots Challenger:: Hunter Matheson: (w) They got eyes on us. Hunter Matheson: (w) but we got eyes on them, too. ::playful wink:: Dyan Sylvanis: (w) Well we are guests. They don't want anything to happen on their watch. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> The complex is small compared to what I've seen in other Federation worlds, but it serves our needs well enough. Now, it is almost time for the banquet. IF you'll follow us back to the main hall. Cptn Ja'Lale: (2 minutes) Hunter Matheson: ::perks up:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Sounds good. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The group is led back to the main hall in the other end of the administrative complex Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: We'll continue from there next week, so no TBS. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: If not, then sim dismissed... see you next week. Goodnight!
  6. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 27 July 2018: The away team is on the surface of the Arcadian homeworld, being shown around by their hosts the pacifistic Arcadian race. The team suiting up in their diving gear to travel to the administrative center of the city which is only accessible by swimming a small section of open water. It is safe for humans to dive due to a protective force-field shielding the crew from the crushing pressure of the sea above. TBS was 15 minutes or thereabouts. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::suiting up:: Caitlin Townshend: ::finishes pulling on her diving gear:: Been a while since I used some of this. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::waiting for the crew to finish suiting up, since he doesn't require a diving suit, chatting with the Arcadians:: Hunter Matheson: Heh. Part of my life. ::zip, snap, secure, grabs the rebreather helm:: Dyan Sylvanis: :;Already enjoying the water, waiting on everyone else.:: Hunter Matheson: ::tests it out, nods and slips into the water:: Hunter Matheson: ::thumbs up:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Are you all ready? Dyan Sylvanis: :;Splashes Kal, then dives to avoid retribution.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Looks like. Let's go. Hunter Matheson: ::eyeroll:: Hunter Matheson: *com check* Dyan Sylvanis: ::Makes an awkward grin with her rebreather on.:: Dvokr chim Hok: This feels so odd... and a bit disturbing Caitlin Townshend: ::in the water:: Ready Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The team enters the water, which is a nice and clear turquoise about maybe 40-50 metres deep. There's a lot of brightly coloured coral, fish, crustaceans, and other creatures swimming about... and lots of plankton if anyone has their tricorder out. Hunter Matheson: :::grin at Syl with a look of watchit sister:: Hunter Matheson: ::didn't think tricorders worked in water:: Cptn Ja'Lale: (maybe they're in waterproof cases) Hunter Matheson: (hope so) Dyan Sylvanis: ((Or a more compact version that is wrist mounted?)) Cptn Ja'Lale: (Yeah, another possibility) Hunter Matheson: (iTricord) Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> +Team+ It should take about ten or your minutes at your speed. Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> ::swimming along, trying some of the plankton:: Hmm, not bad. Hunter Matheson: ::drops back as a gut reaction to check the others:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::also tries some seaweed:: Mm. Though maybe I best not spoil my appetite too much. Hunter Matheson: *com* Which tastes better, cap? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Watches as a couple good sized fish swim past her face.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: +Hunter+ I like the seaweed better. Caitlin Townshend: ::swimmy swim:: Hunter Matheson: +Cap+ Good in soup, I hear. Not much appeal to me, though. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The team is approaching a large city of caves and buildings inside of a giant dome. They are being led to an entrance hatch in the bottom. Cptn Ja'Lale: +Hunter+ I quite like seaweed soup, though I would say it is an acquired taste. Hunter Matheson: +Cap+ Copy that, sir. The acquired part. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::swims towards the entry hatch, which is now opening up for them:: Hunter Matheson: :::swims up behind Syl, restraining himself as much as he can:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Swims :: Hunter Matheson: :::mental note, commissioned vs non-com... nope, not gonna do it:: Caitlin Townshend: ::comes up to the hatch, looking forward to seeing this administrative centre:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The hatch leads to another grotto inside the dome. Once everyone is inside, the hatch once again closes. Hunter Matheson: ::slips inside::: Dvokr chim Hok: A world full of hatches. Cptn Ja'Lale: Hatches, and domes, and caves. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Enters the hatch, enjoying the view.:: Hunter Matheson: +com+ Nice place. Hunter Matheson: (are we in or out of the water) Cptn Ja'Lale: (We should be at the grotto now, so out of the water) Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Welcome to our main administrative complex. We'll give you time to change out of your diving suits before we continue with our tour. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Takes the rebreather out and clips it to her belt.:: Hunter Matheson: :::removes the helmet, tucking it under one arm:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Very nice water, I must say. Much like the subtropical portions of Earth. Cptn Ja'Lale: F> Thank you, I remember visiting Earth during the trail of Captain Kirk, and I do agree with that statement. Hunter Matheson: ::brushes a hand through his hair:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Runs her hands through her silver hair, not really wanting to change at the moment. She kinda want to go back in the water.:: Caitlin Townshend: ::removes gear, kind of wishes they hadn't had to change for such a short trip:: Hunter Matheson: ::turns to Townshend:: Doin okay, El Tee? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Let us continue on, shall we? ::once the crew is ready to go:: We have prepared a feast in your honour. We are hopeful the foodstuffs offered will meet with your palates. Caitlin Townshend: A feast? ::Hunter:: I'm doing great suddenly. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Has an idea. She reaches into her bag, pulling out two wraps, handing one to Caitlin.:: I for one don't want to spend all my time changing. How about you? Hunter Matheson: I'm with you. Food sounds pretty good. Caitlin Townshend: ::takes the offered wrap:: Oh, good idea. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Puts the wrap around her lower half.:: Hunter Matheson: ::standing, watching, mouth open, blink::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The group is led into a series of caves which take them into the administrative centre. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job, people. We'll pick up from there in two weeks. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: Sim dismissed then, see you in 2 weeks.
  7. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 13 July 2018: The Challenger is now orbiting around the Arcadian homeward where the away team are deep underwater exploring the main city. TBS was 15 minutes.. any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Dyan Sylvanis: ::With the group, still on the sub? Itching to go swimming.:: Hunter Matheson: ::checking out the area trying to ignore the water that could flatten them into human pancakes:: John Randall: ::visiting the engine room of the sub, learning some alien technology:: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: kind of a weird place to live, but I guess they're used to it. Cptn Ja'Lale: Filim'Ja> ::Shows the team around various parts of the city, a labyrinth of caves and passageways with pretty looking stalagmites and such overhead :: Hunter Matheson: ::doubletake Syl:: You sure look excited. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Looking all around :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. I see you humans are dressed in diving attire? That is most excellent as parts of the city need to be traversed by swimming but don't worry since these caves are reinforced and should be diveable for humans.. and definitely for Chelons. Hunter Matheson: ::checks out Hok wondering what he's thinking then looks back at Syl:: What? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Quietly.:: I'm just ready to go exploring. ::smiles.:: Hunter Matheson: ::nods:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Recording all he can :: Hunter Matheson: ::moves forward to talk to Firim'Ja:: So, we dive like we would if we were above water, or we gear up in here, or what? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> That's correct. There are grottos with waterways that connect between caves. Dvokr chim Hok: How old are these structures? Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale>. It should be interesting, for sure. Cptn Ja'Lale: Frim'Ja>. These caves have been around for a few millennia, however this city has been around for a little over a century Hunter Matheson: So how did your people get here? Dvokr chim Hok: :: Nods :: Cptn Ja'Lale: FIrim'Ja> Get here? As in on this planet or the city? Hunter Matheson: On the planet, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Ahh, well we've evolved from a fish-like species to become the top intelligent species on this planet. The fact that we have no natural predators to compete against us. Dvokr chim Hok: What do you think of species that eat fish, if I may ask? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The team are shown around the cave network and are led to a sizeable grotto with very blue, clear water. Hunter Matheson: Whoa.... so there's a population problem? Or... you're just careful when you.... ::semi blush:: you know.... ::shrugs, leaving it at that:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. We do not judge other species based on their eating habits. And no, we do not have a population problem. Everything is shared equally so this is never a problem for us. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Referring to both of their questions:: Fririm'Ja>. You all are able to swim? Cptn Ja'Lale: F>. We can call for the submersible for those of you who cannot. Hunter Matheson: Swim? Yes, sir. Dvokr chim Hok: How clean is the water? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Starts unzipping her suit, slowly revealing her silver one piece.:: I'll be ready in a second. Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> The water's a lot clearer than what I'm used to but it won't be a problem Cptn Ja'Lale: F>. The water is very clear and clean. It has to be since we feed on plankton swimming in the water Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale>. Hm, I might try some. I have been wondering how the plankton on this planet tastes like. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Removes her boots and places them and her normal suit into a waterproof container, then ties back her hair.:: Dvokr chim Hok: If only I could swim faster... Cptn Ja'Lale: ::inspects the water, and waits for the others to get ready::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Changing off to the side :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. It is just a short swim to our administrative area where we can begin our talks. Hunter Matheson: ::slips off the uniform that covers his partial wet suit, complete with rebreather that he took because he wasn't sure what kind of swimming he'd be doing::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Wearing his swim shorts :: Hunter Matheson: ::full mask, the whole 9 yards:: John Randall: ::the Arcadian engineer shows John around the engine room; Randall uses his tricorder to record the information, is impressed by what he's learning and seeing:: Dvokr chim Hok: Guess I will need a rebreather if I want to live. Cptn Ja'Lale: That would be handy, yes. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Puts it in his mouth :: Mmmgmmn Hunter Matheson: ::his gear hangs from his neck:: Unless you can hold your breath for about ten to fifteen. Hunter Matheson: ::looking at Syl, figuring she can:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins at Kal's mask as she puts a simple rebreather in her mouth.:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Doesn't wait to be asked, she jumps into the water.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. ::smiles:: Great, if you're all ready then please follow us. Hunter Matheson: (wait... are we outside the whateveritis we're in?) Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Dyan finds the water warm, like the oceans in the Caribbean. (We are inside one of the caves) Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Slips in after Dyan:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Dvokr chim Hok: :: paused :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job folks -- we'll start from there. Any questions? Dvokr chim Hok: None here Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, sim dismissed.. have a great week everyone
  8. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 6 July 2018: The Challenger has arrived at the Vellum Gamma system that houses the Arcadian system. The Challenger crew are greeted by a delegation of Arcadians and were invited to visit their main settlement underground. We begin as the team has boarded a submersible and are about to depart. TBS was 15 minutes... any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::thinking this is going to be dicey:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: One of the Arcadians closes the entry hatch and settles in. Dvokr chim Hok: It's been a while since I've been underwater...just how deep are we going? Hunter Matheson: ::thinking the same thing:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Arcadian>. We'll be going about 2km deep. That's where our city is. Hunter Matheson: So... not too deep, right? Cptn Ja'Lale: Arcadian> I hope you're all settled and belted in. No.. not too deep, but deeper than we can dive naturally. Hunter Matheson: ::mental math... it's over 6500 ft... blink::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The sub begins to move and sink into the ocean below, giving the crew a dark ride in the water lit by the sub's lights. Lots of small krill and plankton float about. Hunter Matheson: So... are there any fish or whatever that we want to avoid? Like that might eat us? ::staring out the viewport:: Dvokr chim Hok: That's 200 atmospheres of pressure Hunter Matheson: ::stop... turn to Hok:: All due respect, sir... not something I really needed to know. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> We have some shark-like creatures you might want to avoid, but they won't bother you unless you provoke them. Also, we do have some large creatures similar to your whales, but they are also harmless. Though they do compete with us for plankton and krill Hunter Matheson: ::nods affirm:: Dvokr chim Hok: You'd not have to worry if there was a breach Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Sir? Hunter Matheson: Meaning that we'd be dead ducks in a breach? Hunter Matheson: .. or dead humans? Cptn Ja'Lale: I imagine you'd be, yes Cptn Ja'Lale: Though 2,000 metres is deeper than Chelons can dive as well. Hunter Matheson: ::Ja'Lale:: And what about your shell.... never mind, sir. Got the point. Cptn Ja'Lale: Hmm. ::would smirk if he could:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: the sub dives deeper and the underwater city can be seen Dvokr chim Hok: We should get a look at the engineering involved. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Most of our cities underwater aren't this deep though and can be reached by diving to it. Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: so we can....? Dvokr chim Hok: IMprove our ships Hunter Matheson: Good point, sir. Hunter Matheson: (brb) Cptn Ja'Lale: That's a great suggestion.. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The sub passes through a forcefield, which protects the city against the water pressure and into the city proper Hunter Matheson: ::checking it out:: Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Think you're right, sir. That's one hell of a forcefield. Could use one like that once in a while. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Face planted against the viewport glass as she watches the underwater sights.:: Dvokr chim Hok: It has difference variances for underwater Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The city looks to have been built mostly in underwater caves with tall buildings sprouting out of them but does appear to be all clustered together. Dvokr chim Hok: The history of how this city came to be... Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: interesting place. Dvokr chim Hok: :: taps the side of the ship... thunk thunk LL Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. We're almost there. I am pleased your interest in our city. We'd be happy to show you round Dyan Sylvanis: Mmhmm... ::Watching all the various fish and creatures swim by, then focuses on the city itself. She can't keep her eyes off everything. Like a little kid in an aquarium for the first time.:: Hunter Matheson: ::watching Syl::: ready for a swim? ::smirk:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> I suppose you may consider this to be our capital city in terms of a Federation equivalent, but we do not generally consider it as such here Hunter Matheson: ::Ja:: So what do you call it if it's not a capital city? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Turns to Kal, maybe a little too excited.:: You bet! Hunter Matheson: ::nods:: so... inside the city or outside? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. It's definitely our largest city in terms of population, but we Arcadians do not have a central government like most Federation species do, We share everything and live in a communal society with no real leaders as such. The fact that we have no natural predators on the planet also helped us grow a peaceful society. Yes, we do have shark-like things but they do not prey on us Arcadians. Dvokr chim Hok: How do you share, communication wise? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The submersible enters a cave and snakes its way to a grotto which serves as a hangar bay. One of the Arcadian aides opens the hatch. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Communication wise? I suppose so, we share everything. Dyan Sylvanis: We can do both? Hunter Matheson: ::checking it out:: Both what? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Both? Dyan Sylvanis: ((Oh lol I thought Kal was still talking to me about swimming, so ignore that.)) Hunter Matheson: (I was :x) Cptn Ja'Lale: (Oh, ok) Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: I'm sure they will let us go diving outside. And maybe they have swimming pools or something. :;Shrugs.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. Well, we have arrived. IF you'd follow us, we can show you all around. ::gestures to the hatch:: Cptn Ja'Lale: I hope so. I would like to swim around this area, though I am used to more brackish waters Hunter Matheson: ::moving toward the hatch:: Swim in a pressure -6500 ft? Hunter Matheson: Dicey, Syl. Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. We have specialized diving suits that can protect you against the pressure with the help of your Federation scientists. I don't know if they can fit your human bodies, but we can modify some if you wish. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smirks.:: Well, I did say maybe... Hunter Matheson: ::glance to Firim'Ja to Syl and back:: Yes ma'am. You did. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job everyone. We'll continue from there next week. Hope you all have a great week... sim dismissed.
  9. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 29 June 2018: The Challenger has transferred Captain Sivok and his crew onto the USS Davenport and are resuming their course to Arcadian space. The Challenger is now approaching Arcadian space after a 2 day TBS. Any questions and yes, I had a busy but good week. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::relieving helm for his watch and it takes a minute for him to catch up::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::in his chair, checking star maps:: Hunter Matheson: ::nod:: Approaching Arcadian space, Captain. Dvokr chim Hok: :: At operations :: Hunter Matheson: ::puts his fingerprints on the helm log::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Great. Drop us out of warp please. Hunter Matheson: Aye, aye, sir. Dropping from warp. ::puts on the brakes:: Hunter Matheson: :::cracks knuckles:: Caitlin Townshend: ::at the science station, conducts routine scans of the system as they drop from warp:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger drops out of warp as they enter the Arcadian system John Randall: ::in engineering overseeing the crew along with Michaels and Maloney:: Hunter Matheson: ::minor adjustments to his helm chair before checking it out:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Vellun Gamma system is a fairly typical system of some planets, with Arcadia being the fifth in the system. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger is being hailed. Hunter Matheson: ::looks over to Hok unless he's supposed to answer it::: Caitlin Townshend: Scans are all normal so far. Hunter Matheson: ::shrug:: Incoming hail, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: On screen.. Hunter Matheson: On screen, aye. ::puts it up:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::A white faced Arcadian with two parallel lines of dark hair on the edges of its cranium appears on screen:: +Challenger+ Welcome to the Vellum Gamma system Challenger. Please, initiate an orbit around our planet. Cptn Ja'Lale: Thank you. We look forward to meeting with you. Hunter Matheson: ::waits for the word:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::looks to Kal:: All right, let's head on over. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Standard orbit? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, geosynchronous standard orbit Hunter Matheson: ;::makes for Arcadia::: Geosynchronous orbit, aye. Caitlin Townshend: ::scans the planet:: Hunter Matheson: ::tags the right planet... he hopes.. and establishes a geosynch orbit:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The planet is mostly water with scattered bits of land and cities dotted both above and underwater. Otherwise, it's a pretty generic stock planet to save on budget. Hunter Matheson: Orbit established. Going to stationkeeping. Cptn Ja'Lale: Okay, how would you all like to do some planetary exploring? Let's meet in the transporter room in 15 minutes. Caitlin Townshend: I will bring my most waterproof of uniforms! Cptn Ja'Lale: Please Mr Hok, let Lt Randall know so he can join us. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great, me too.. actually I don't need to. Cptn Ja'Lale: Nevermind... see you in the transporter room... Transporter Room 1 Hunter Matheson: ::not really into this, but... whatever::: Aye, sir. Hunter Matheson: Sir? Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes? Hunter Matheson: Are there any critters we should be aware of in the water? Like, ones that have human on the menu? Cptn Ja'Lale: Ah, not that I am aware of. According to my research the Arcadians are the dominant species of this planet and they're pretty pacifistic Hunter Matheson: Thank you, sir. John Randall: ::has Michaels and Maloney deploy teams to perform general maintenance while Challenger is in orbit:: Cptn Ja'Lale: All right, now if you'll excuse me... ::heads to the lift:: Hunter Matheson: ::checks helm one last time, then heads to the lift also:: Dvokr chim Hok: +Randall+ Please join the team in Transporter room one. Caitlin Townshend: ::surrenders her station to a minion, makes her way to the transporter room:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Is already in the transporter room, cause she's good like that.:: Hunter Matheson: ::after telling Tork to take helm for him:: Caitlin Townshend: ::excited because exobiology is her specialty:: Hunter Matheson: ::exits on his quarters level and grabs his diving gear::: Cptn Ja'Lale: (that's what they look like) John Randall: ::hears his communicator chirp and whips it out of its holster in time to hear Hok's transmission:: +Bridge+ Acknowledged. On my way. Randall out. ::contacts Michaels and hands him control of engineering; goes to his locker and grabs his toolkit along with his phaser, then leaves engineering and walks to the turbolift:: Deck 10. Hunter Matheson: ::changes out of his uniform, then heads to TR 1:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::heads to his quarters to grab some extra stuff that he might need as well as some PADDs from Starfleet:: Caitlin Townshend: ::enters transporter room, nods to Dyan:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::takes a lift to the transporter room:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Waves to Caitlin.:: I heard we were going swimming. John Randall: ::arrives at deck 10, and goes down the corridor to the transporter room; enters, and nods to Townshend and Sylvanis:: Lieutenants. Hunter Matheson: ::enters TR:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::exits and enters TR 1:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Greets everyone that enters.:: Hunter Matheson: ::a small go back holds his uniform and swim gear::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Looks around:: Is this all of us? Hunter Matheson: ::crooked grin as he nods to Syl:: John Randall: ::nods to the captain:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Lieutenant. ::nods:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Let's go. ::steps onto the pad:: Hunter Matheson: ::steps to the rear:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Joins the Captain.:: John Randall: ::takes a spot on the pad:: Caitlin Townshend: ::on the pad, ready to go:: Hunter Matheson: ::nod to Caitlin:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Once everybody has stepped onto the pad, the team is beamed down to the surface. It looks as if they are beamed to the edge of a beach, with a large expanse of water in front of them. Caitlin Townshend: ::looks around, smiles at the view:: Dyan Sylvanis: Nice view. Hunter Matheson: ::taking a look around:: Sure is. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: A few Arcadian representatives walk up to greet them. Hunter Matheson: Like Bermuda.... Caitlin Townshend: Now _this_ is a mission. Hunter Matheson: (w) Yes, ma'am. Dyan Sylvanis: Yeah. I can get used to this. ::Notes the Arcadians approaching.:: Caitlin Townshend: ::looking out at the ocean:: I bet if you get the right wind conditions you could catch some amazing waves here. Hunter Matheson: ::Cait:: Sure could. You didn't happen to bring a board? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: There's 5 Arcadians, with one with a protruding dorsal spine. Dyan Sylvanis: I heard the old Major was a huge surfer. Hunter Matheson: Yeah. ::he heard the same:: Caitlin Townshend: ::Matheson:: Nah, we never visited planets with appropriate environments often enough to make it worth the amount of my personal effects allowance it would take up. Cptn Ja'Lale: Dorsal Spine Arcadian> Welcome to Arcadia. ::happened to overhear their conversation:: I do not know what surfer is, but yes, we do get large waves throughout our planet. I am Firim'Ja. I suppose your Federation equivalent, I am a bit of a leader of this planet, though we do not possess a traditional "government" as you may be used to. Hunter Matheson: Um...maybe we should make a portable one. There's always body surfing. Caitlin Townshend: (q) Sounds like a nice side project. And somehow I feel like our present captain might be more sympathetic to visiting aquatic planets more frequently…. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Is where he is :: Hunter Matheson: ::pretending to listen to them while he listens to Cait:: Hunter Matheson: ::and he nods:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja> Our main settlement is underwater. So if you'll please follow us to our submersible.. Cptn Ja'Lale: Thank you, it's a most beautiful planet. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Follows :: Dyan Sylvanis: Should we go ahead and change into our swimwear? Cptn Ja'Lale: I suppose if you need to, you may go ahead and do so. My knowledge of human physiology in this type of circumstance is admittedly limited. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::not sure if they'll need swimwear, but he guessed it couldn't hurt, decides to keep wearing his uniform:: Caitlin Townshend: ::follows them to the submersible:: The oceans are so small on Vulcan, and they don’t exactly understand the purpose of "the beach" as a source of recreation. I was always excited whenever my parents took me to a planet with a beach. Hunter Matheson: So... you seldom went swimming? But isn't xenobio your area? Cptn Ja'Lale: Firim'Ja>. We have many beaches that straddle our land. Though most of the planet's infrastructure is below the water. ::steps inside the submersible, which has expansive windows of transparent aluminum:: Hunter Matheson: Or is it just land? (w) Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> ::clambers in and takes a seat next to Firim'Ja:: Caitlin Townshend: My studies gave me the opportunity to travel to various environments. I did a few months on Andoria, another few months on Rigel V, which has a really interesting ocean ecosystem where there are trees that root into the seafloor…. Caitlin Townshend: ::now you got her started:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Hunter Matheson: done Caitlin Townshend: Oh good, we can make the TBS long enough that Caitlin finishes her impromptu lecture :P Hunter Matheson: heh Cptn Ja'Lale: A good time to pause I suppose... We'll pick up from here next week and head to their city. TBS will indeed be long enough for Caitlin to finish her lecture... however long that is. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: If not, then sim dismissed. Have a great Canada Day or Independence Day this week, whichever you celebrate unless it's just me. See you next week.
  10. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 15 June 2018: The Challenger has rendezvoused with the USS Davenport to transfer over Captain Sivok and his crew for the rest of their way back to Earth. Captain Sivok and company had just beamed over to the Davenport and the Challenger is now ready to resume their way to the Arcadia system to meet with the Arcadians and to set up trade routes and continue to bolster their diplomatic relations. TBS was 15 minutes. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM John Randall: ::continuing to oversee the crew in engineering, with help from Lieutenants Jeff Michaels and Susan Maloney:: Hunter Matheson: ::after a few adjustments:: Ready to depart, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::just returned back to the bridge:: Very good, let's resume our course to the Arcadia system, warp 7. Caitlin Townshend: ::on the bridge, looking much more hale having had better food since they returned to Challenger:: Hunter Matheson: ::sets course:: Course set to Arcadia system. Warp 7, aye. ::press:: John Randall: ::hears the whine of the warp engines, and knows the ship has resumed her course:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: operations :: Hunter Matheson: Should be a smooth ride, sir. Nothing in the way. ::yet:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Davenport and Challenger both jump to warp going opposite ways. Hunter Matheson: ::relaxes as soon as they are underway. Gives his back a crack against the helm chair and then he's more relaxed::: John Randall: ::suddenly raises his head up as one of the warp engines doesn't sound quite right to him; gets up and goes back to the warp core panel, listening hard all the way:: Caitlin Townshend: ::hears Matheson's back crack all the way across the bridge:: We'll need to send you in for service along with Challenger next time we're in drydock. Hunter Matheson: ::leans back, hands behind his head, smirks::: Yes, ma'am. A little oil wouldn't hurt. John Randall: ::checks the readouts on the panel and sees that the starboard warp engine is slightly out of calibration; whips out his communicator:: +Bridge+ Randall to Ja'Lale, come in, please. Cptn Ja'Lale: +Randall+ Yes? Go ahead John Randall: +Ja'Lale+ Captain, the starboard warp engine is slightly out of calibration, sir. Recommend we reduce speed to warp 5 while I have a team check it out. We should be able to adjust it without having to go EVA. Dvokr chim Hok: :: sighs :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Hmm. +Randall+ Very well then, how soon do you think you can finish? ::to Kal:: Drop us down to warp 5. Hunter Matheson: ::Leans forward:: Dropping to warp 5, aye. Hunter Matheson: ::puts on the brakes:: John Randall: +Ja'Lale+ Depends on what we find, sir. I'll have an ETA for you in five minutes. Assembling a team now, will contact you again shortly. Randall out. John Randall: ((can everyone see me this week?)) Cptn Ja'Lale: (yes) Hunter Matheson: (roger) Caitlin Townshend: ((Bright and shiny)) John Randall: ::assembles a team and goes to the glass elevator; rides to the top floor of engineering and makes his way down the corridor to the starboard nacelle:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Walks into the bridge.:: Hunter Matheson: ::and here comes that heavenly smell again:: Hunter Matheson: ::focus... focus... focus... doesn't work::: Hunter Matheson: ::slight smile:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Continues to read up about the Arcadians on his PADD:: John Randall: ::goes over to the panel and runs a diagnostic; gets a result in seconds and punches the 'com:: +Ja'Lale+ Randall to Ja'Lale. We are in the starboard nacelle and it looks to be a coolant problem. Should have it fixed in ten minutes, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: +Randall;+ Thanks, keep us in the loop John Randall: +Ja'Lale+ Aye, sir, starting repairs now. Randall out. ::gives out assignments to his team and they begin work:: Caitlin Townshend: ::looking over departmental reports, still trying to wrap her head around running a department:: Dyan Sylvanis: :;Slips down by Kal on her way to her seat.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: At warp 5, we should arrive to Arcadia in about five hours time from their present location. Hunter Matheson: ::blink::deep breath:: Caitlin Townshend: ::Ja'Lale:: Anything else we need to know about the Arcadians, sir? Hunter Matheson: ::then wakes up:: ETA is 5 Hotel, Captain. Hunter Matheson: ::blush:: I mean.. 5 hours, sir. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins as she sits.:: Nothing on sensors. Hunter Matheson: ::aside to Syl:: (w) You really gotta not wear that... whatever it is on the bridge. ::almost pleading:: Cptn Ja'Lale: They are an associate member of the Federation right now, they were are still kind of do keep to themselves but are looking to open up. I'm not sure at this point if they want to eventually become a full-fledged member of the Federation but Starfleet is keen on exploring the possibility. John Randall: ::the team conclude their assignments and report in; John does another diagnostic and smiles as the engine is back in calibration. He punches the 'com:: +Ja'Lale+ Randall to Ja'Lale. Problem fixed, sir, you may resume warp 7 if you so choose. Engines are nominal. Randall out. Hunter Matheson: ::sets helm to warp 7, ready for the command::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Most notably, they sent a representative to Admiral Kirk's trial several years ago after the Whale Probe incident. Dyan Sylvanis: :;Smiles, whispering back.:: I don't wear anything. Hunter Matheson: ::aw sh*t::: John Randall: ::gives his team a 'well done' and they return to the main console:: Cptn Ja'Lale: +Randall+ Thank you, good job Lieutenant. Hunter Matheson: Ready for warp 7, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: Looks like it's fixed. Take us back to warp 7, please. ::to Kal:: Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Going to warp 7. ::pop::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: tapping buttons :: Hunter Matheson: ETA is now 3 hotel, sir. Er... 3 hours, give or take. John Randall: ::gives Michaels the conn and goes into his office; powers up the computer and enters the job just completed:: Dvokr chim Hok: Hotel? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: Very good. Hunter Matheson: ::turns:: Aye, sir. Hotel is the standard call for the letter H, that in this case is hours. Not sure why I shifted to that. Force of habit, I guess. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smirks.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods, would smirk if he could:: Hunter Matheson: ::leaning forward to hide the blush::: John Randall: ::thinks for a moment, then sends an e-mail to the science station on the bridge, asking Townsend if she is recovering from the Klingon mission:: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: (w) You don't have any of those powers, right? I mean, like... mind altering or telepathy or any of that stuff? John Randall: ((sorry about the spelling, Caitlin, will get it right next time)) Caitlin Townshend: ((Too late, we are now mortal enemies, muwahahaha)) John Randall: ((Oops)) Caitlin Townshend: ::replies to Randall that the food is definitely better, and it's nice not having to worry about getting into fights because someone is bored:: John Randall: ((Note to self: watch your six)) Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Sips on a cup of coffee:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Whispers.:: No. Just the powers that I was born with. John Randall: ::chuckles as he reads Townshend's reply:: Hunter Matheson: ::slow nod:: Gotcha. Hunter Matheson: ::settles down as much as he can:: Hunter Matheson: ::and it's not a whole lot:: Caitlin Townshend: ::notices Matheson and Sylvanis seem to be in deep conversation, enjoying the camaraderie that's present among the bridge officers and senior staff on this ship:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Should be interesting meeting with the Arcadians. They seem to be pretty similar to us Chelons, being semi-aquatic.. though they feed on plankton, it says. Hunter Matheson: ::swivels:: Sounds interesting, sir. Caitlin Townshend: Oh really? That's intriguing. Do they have settlements on both land and in the water? Cptn Ja'Lale: ((2 minutes)) Dyan Sylvanis: Shall we bring swimsuits? Hunter Matheson: Hey.. sounds like a plan. Cptn Ja'Lale: You might want to. Cptn Ja'Lale: But in all seriousness, I was told they have watercraft for mobility. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job, a nice quiet sim. Next week, we'll be arriving at Arcadia. TBS will be 3 hours as Kal eluded to. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: If there's none, then sim dismissed. Have a great week everyone, goodnight.
  11. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger - Mission Brief 08 June 2018: The Challenger is now en route to the Arcadia system to meet with the Arcadians to set up some trading routes around the area and visit the planet. Before they arrive, the Challenger is to rendezvous with the USS Davenport who will pick up Captain Sivok and his crew for transport back to Earth. TBS was a day, I think. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Davenport is now within long range scanner range John Randall: ::at the main console overseeing the crew in engineering:: Hunter Matheson: ::helm stuff, waiting for rendezvous and wishing that word wasn't so long:: Hunter Matheson: ::drumming his fingers on the console, bouncing to music in his head:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Davenport hails the Challenger. Dvokr chim Hok: :: at Operations :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Davenport> +Challenger+ Davenport here, we'll be in range shortly. Dyan Sylvanis: :;Steps onto the bridge and takes her seat.:: Hunter Matheson: ::glance over, smile at Syl:: Hunter Matheson: ::then back to work:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::The glance doesn't go unnoticed. She smirks as she watches her monitor.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, once Davenport gets within range, we'll line up beside her. ::Hok:: Please inform security to get Captain Sivok and his crew ready for transport. Cptn Ja'Lale: I'll head down and send him off. You have the bridge, Mr. Hok. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Thinks... Operator, won't you help me place this call ..:: Hunter Matheson: Going to sublight. Cptn Ja'Lale: All right, here's good. ::to Kal:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Davenport reports that they are a few minutes away as well. Cptn Ja'Lale: Right I better get down to the transporter room. Hunter Matheson: Davenport is within range. Securing at 5,000 m Cptn Ja'Lale: ::heading down to the transporter room:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Relaxes in her seat, she glances around the bridge.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::arrives at the transporter room, meeting up with Captain Sivok and his two crew members:: How you doing Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: Sivok>. ::in a calm Vulcan demeanour:: As fine as can be expected, Captain. I would like to thank you and your crew for rescuing us.. as well as to the crew of the Klongat as well. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Constellation Class Davenport drops out of warp near Challenger. Hunter Matheson: Going to station keeping. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Davenport moves alongside the Challenger and drops its shields. Davenport>. +Challenger+ We're ready for transport. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Checking her console.:: I wonder what Arcadia is like. Cptn Ja'Lale: Well, best of luck to you Captain Sivok. I hope our paths cross again. S>. And you too,Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Sivok gives a Vulcan hand salute and beams away onto the Davenport. Hunter Matheson: ::notes the transport is complete and prepares to depart:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods and heads back up to the bridge:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Ok, good job despite the chat problems for some people. Cptn Ja'Lale: We'll pick up from here next week -- hopefully all the bugs will be ironed up by then.... Cptn Ja'Lale: Sim dismissed.. see you next week or on Aegis
  12. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief- 01 June 2018: The Challenger is now leaving Klingon space leaving behind one of the Klingon escort ships that broke down along the way. We are now approaching the Neutral Zone and are about to cross back into Federation space. TBS was 1 hour. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::doing his helm thing:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: operations :: Hunter Matheson: Approaching Neutral Zone, Captain. John Randall: ::in the CE's office, letting Michaels and Maloney supervise the crew:: Hunter Matheson: Want me to waggle the wings to the Klingons, or will they think that is a signal for war? Hunter Matheson: Or we can do... blinking lights. ::shrug:: Cptn Ja'Lale: I don't know if that would signal war to them, thought hey might think there's something wrong with the ship Hunter Matheson: ::sigh:: Yes, sir. I'll just leave it alone. Cptn Ja'Lale: Could do. Let's cross over. Hunter Matheson: Entering the NZ.. Hunter Matheson: Will enter Federation space in five. Dvokr chim Hok: (NZ wou Hunter Matheson: And... we're home, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: We're back in Federation space. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger receives a hail from Starfleet via a secure channel Dvokr chim Hok: Incoming hail... Cptn Ja'Lale: Starfleet Admiral>. +Challenger+ Welcome back, Challenger. Good job on your mission. We'd like you to proceed to the Arcadian system to help chart out shipping and trading routes with the Arcadians, an associate member of the Federation. The Davenport will meet you en route to pick up Captain Sivok and his crew. Hunter Matheson: ::look to Hok, then the cap:: Dvokr chim Hok: ;; watching the viewscreen :: Hunter Matheson: Hm... ::plotting course to Arcadia, and waiting for the okay from Davenport:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Admiral>. Goodluck, Starfleet out John Randall: ::leaves his office and wanders out into the department; sits down at a station at the main console:: Hunter Matheson: Course logged in, Captain. Your call. Cptn Ja'Lale: All right, let's proceed at warp 7. ::reading a PADD with their new orders Starfleet sent:: Hunter Matheson: Engaging at warp 7, aye. Hunter Matheson: ::checks IDS frame, then engages:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Davenport is still pretty far out but acknowledges that they'll be meeting them within the next 24 hours. Dvokr chim Hok: :: a Dvokr chim Hok: :: allocates power :: John Randall: ::hears a whine from the warp engines, gets up from his station and goes back to the warp core station joining Lieutenant Brad Mason, who is the new chief of the warp core team:: John Randall: Mason> Hey, Chief, we just jumped to warp 7. John Randall: ::studying the readouts, nods:: Yeah, looks like it. The captain must've gotten the orders for the new mission. Cptn Ja'Lale: Interesting people the Arcadians. Hunter Matheson: ::relaxing at helm, hands over his head, cracks his back::: John Randall: ::claps Mason on the shoulder:: Keep an eye on it, Brad, I'm gonna go see if the mission e-mail has been posted. Hunter Matheson: I've heard, Captain, but never had contact. John Randall: Mason> Will do, Chief. Cptn Ja'Lale: Neither have I, but they share similarities with us Chelons in that they are semi aquatic. Hunter Matheson: Should be interesting then John Randall: ::goes back into his office and powers up the computer; asks it for the mission statement, which it displays, and reads:: Hunter Matheson: Anything else about the species? John Randall: Computer, display all known facts about the Arcadians. ::the computer complies, and he continues reading:: Dvokr chim Hok: I don't believe I know their language. Hunter Matheson: Me, either. Cptn Ja'Lale: They're an associate Federation member. I'm not sure if they are seeking full membership with the Federation, but they are interesting in establishing a trading route in their system to facilitate easy travel and trade with us. I also am unsure of their language or much of anything else about them. Cptn Ja'Lale: I do know a representative of Arcadia was present in Captain Kirk's trial in 2286. Hunter Matheson: Should be interesting, then. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Davenport contacts Challenger informing them that they will be arriving fairly soon. Hunter Matheson: ::pretty much relaxed at helm:: John Randall: ::the information is scant concerning the Arcadians, and he finishes the reading in a short amount of time:: Hunter Matheson: Any idea when Davenport will contact, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: They look interesting, almost like your porcelain dolls with their pale white faces Cptn Ja'Lale: They should contact us when they're within range of us. Once they've contacted us we'll drop out of warp and arrange transport. I spoke with Captain Sivok and he seems to be in good spirits.. as good spirits as a Vulcan can get. Hunter Matheson: ::still waiting for OPS to forward the message:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: forwarding a message :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Davenport replies that they will be in range in a few hours at their current speed. John Randall: ::leans back in his chair, glad they're staying in Federation space for this particular mission:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Good job everyone... TBS will be a few hours when the Davenport will be in range with us, any questions?
  13. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 25 May 2018. The Challenger crew has returned back to the Challenger after their mission on the Klongat. The Challenger is ready to depart as their mission on delivering medical supplies and setting up medical centres has also been completed. TBS was a day. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::settles into helm, knuckle crack, pats the console whispering sweet nothings about how much nicer she is than the Klingon ship::: Hunter Matheson: :::preflight check::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::back on the Challenger after spending some time in First City, a shipment of fresh gagh and a few barrels of blood wine has arrived courtesy of HoD Gronk:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: At Operations :: John Randall: ::finishes his breakfast in the officers' mess, dumps the remains of the meal in the recycler, and exits the mess; strides to the turbolift and steps into the car as it arrives:: Deck 12. Dvokr chim Hok: So, we need to eat the gagh soon, who's interested? Hunter Matheson: ::dead stop, slow turn, blink::: Cptn Ja'Lale: I'll probably partake in some. I liked it. John Randall: ::arrives at his destination and exits the car; goes along the corridor to engineering and enters:: Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: I'm good, thanks. Have quals when I get back to base so I need to watch the weight. Hunter Matheson: ::then he looks down and realizes that, yeah.. he really needs to watch it:: Hunter Matheson: Preflight check complete, Captain. We're ready to roll as soon as we get the word from below. John Randall: ::acknowledges the "welcome backs" from the crew and gets an update from the delta shift supervisor Lieutenant Steve Davis:: Dvokr chim Hok: Perhaps it's just the Captain and I. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great. Hunter Matheson: ::yeah, he thinks that's a good idea:: Hunter Matheson: ::slight bounce at the console with a little air drumming::: John Randall: ::goes into his office and sits down at the computer; a few minutes later he completes the updates and goes to the main console:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Once we're ready, we're to proceed back to Federation space, our Klingon escorts will again guide us back. We'll get our new marching orders once we cross the border. Hunter Matheson: Aye, aye, Captain. Dvokr chim Hok: Do they worry for our safety or worry we will make a run into their space? Hunter Matheson: ::glances to Syl wondering why she's so quiet:: John Randall: ::checks to see that everyone is at their posts and stations, then sits down at the console himself, ready for the return to Federation space:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Klingon escort ships arrive. The last of the supplies are loaded in Challenger's cargo bay and they are ready to depart. Hunter Matheson: ::waiting for the okay from below::: John Randall: +Bridge+ Randall to bridge, come in, please. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Bridge receives the all clear. Hunter Matheson: ::cool:::rubs his hands together, itching to get her running:: Cptn Ja'Lale: +Randall+ Go ahead John Randall: +Bridge+ Randall to anyone who's listening; engines are prepped and ready. Engineering out. Cptn Ja'Lale: Let's depart once ready. Mr Hok, send a message to our escorts that we're ready to go. Cptn Ja'Lale: +Randall+ 10-4. Hunter Matheson: ::powerup, checks status::: Hunter Matheson: Joining our escort at a quarter impulse. Hunter Matheson: ::falls in line:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Comms the escorts that Challenger is departing :: John Randall: ::gets up from the console and takes a turn around engineering, surveying the crew:: Dvokr chim Hok: They replied acknowledgement Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Ask for a vector, please, sir. John Randall: ::is glad to be finally underway:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Escort> ::sends Challenger their departure vectors, the three BOPs power up:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Enters the bridge, going to her station.:: Hunter Matheson: ::tappitytap:: Strap in. This might become a race through space if I know the Klingons. And they'll be laughing all the way. John Randall: ::Lieutenant Jeff Michaels reports in and goes over to John:: Michaels> Welcome back, pal. Did you enjoy your tour with the Klingons? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The escort ships depart Kronos with Challenger close behind Dyan Sylvanis: ::Frowns as she looks at her console.:: John Randall: ::gives his friend a wry look:: If I don't see them again for a while, it'll be none too soon for me. Hunter Matheson: ::cruisin::: Dvokr chim Hok: ((sorry, missed the vector Victor)) John Randall: Michaels> ::laughs and claps him on the shoulder:: Exactly the answer I expected, boss. And I don't blame ya. So, we got anything special goin' on? Hunter Matheson: ::glance to Syl:: Everything okay? Hunter Matheson: ::seeing her frown:: Cptn Ja'Lale: :::reclines in his seat, would be glad once they head back to Federation space:: John Randall: That will depend on our escorts, I believe. Should be business as usual. John Randall: Michaels> Suits me, boss. I'll start my tour. ::grins and leaves:: Hunter Matheson: ::checking her out:: Syl? You okay? Dvokr chim Hok: :: Turns to look at Sylvanis :: Hunter Matheson: Like.. is something outta wack? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Looks over.:: yeah...Just wishing I had some disruptors to play with. :;Grins.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: One of the escort vessels falls out of formation and grinds to a halt. Hunter Matheson: ::slight eye roll along with a little grin:: Yes, ma'am. Hunter Matheson: Whoa... hold on. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Blinks as she sees it too.:: John Randall: ::watches him go, then smiles and goes into his office, leaving Michaels and Lieutenant Susan Maloney in charge of the crew:: Hunter Matheson: Evasive maneuvers... Dyan Sylvanis: One of the escorts fell out of formation. Cptn Ja'Lale: What's going on there? Hunter Matheson: ::Lets out a breath, wondering what happened:: Hunter Matheson: Well, sir... almost took out a disabled Klingon escort ship. John Randall: ::powers up the computer and checks to see if there is a mission statement posted yet; finds none, and leans back in his chair:: Cptn Ja'Lale: It's a good thing we missed. Would hate to get in an accident with the KLingons Dvokr chim Hok: Open a channel to that escort Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, open a channel. See if they need help or something. John Randall: ::devoutly hopes the Challenger doesn't need to return to Klingon space anytime soon:: Dvokr chim Hok: +Full Stop Klingon vessel+ This is Challenger. May we render assistance? Cptn Ja'Lale: Escort Ship>. +Challenger+ Thank you, but no. We'll be towed back to Kronos for repairs. Continue to follow the other escort ships. Hunter Matheson: ::tap..taptap:: On course, Captain. Dvokr chim Hok: +Escort+ Acknowledged. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: We'’re almost out of Klingon space. John Randall: ::pulls up a star chart on the computer and is relieved to see that the ship is nearly to the Neutral Zone:: Hunter Matheson: ::lets out a breath as he continues to concentrate, hoping another doesn't drop out:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Challenger is back in Federation Space Cptn Ja'Lale: 2 minutes John Randall: ::the ship is now back in Fed space and John lets out a huge sigh of relief:: Hunter Matheson: We are in Federation space, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: Excellent. ::his console beeps:: We have our new coordinates. Set a course to a bearing of 080 mark 120, at warp 8. Hunter Matheson: Setting course zero eight zero mark one two zero, aye. Hunter Matheson: Engaging warp 8 at your command. John Randall: ::wonders what the next mission will be:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Engage. Hunter Matheson: ::engages::: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Nice job... we're onto our next mission. Wherever that is. TBS will be 2 days. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: If not, then sim dismissed. Have a great week and a good long weekend.
  14. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 18 May 2018: The Klongat and fleet are victorious in defeating the rebel Klingons and the Federation crew they've captured have been rescued. The crew are hopefully recovered from the previous day's festivities and the ship is now returning back to Kronos. We start as the Klongat is approaching Kronos. The rest of the fleet since going their own separate ways to whatever missions they were on. TBS was a day.. any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::doing the helm thing:: Hunter Matheson: ::working the board:: Approaching Kronos, Captain. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Has a massive headache :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk>. ::relaxing in the captain's chair, still in a jovial mood:: Very well, drop us out of warp. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Dropping from warp. John Randall: ::working at the warp core console by himself:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Kronos can again be seen, with the Challenger still orbiting over the central landmass. Hunter Matheson: ::pretty much upset stomach from the gagh, but other than that, the grog took care of sterilizing everything that went down::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale>. ::rather enjoyed the Klingon food.. some of it was pretty similar to Chelon food:: John Randall: ::Marek comes over to Randall:: Marek> We are home, Lieutenant, and our mission was a success. You should be happy. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Looks at the forward view display :: John Randall: ::looks at Marek:: I'll be happy when I'm back aboard my ship, Jonpin, with all due respect. John Randall: Marek> ::cocks his head at Randall:: You really don't like being around our kind, do you? Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk> We'll be landing at our base outside of the capitol so we can affect repairs and restock and such. ::to Kal:: Switch wing configuration to landing and take us in. You should have landing coordinates on your console. ::looks to a warrior, who transits the base's coordinates:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: speaks up :: I believe in time we all could. No doubt you would find life aboard the Challenger...err, challenging. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Moving to landing mode. John Randall: ::nails Marek with an ice-blue glare:: Some more than others, Jonpin. You I could work with. Others of your kind, not so much. I'm sure you feel the same about species in the Federation. Hunter Matheson: ::catching the coords:: Locked in, sir. Moving on down. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Figures Tellarites may be the closest things to Klingons :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Klongat enters Kronos' atmosphere and into a somewhat hilly area on the outskirts of First City. Hunter Matheson: ::the feeling of power he gets flying this baby - minus the smell - takes hold of him, and he starts to sing an old earth song quietly, bouncing to the music::: John Randall: Marek> ::nods thoughtfully:: That is true, Lieutenant. However, I can say you are a very competent officer, and I have respect for you. I have a feeling you could be a fierce warrior if you so desired. That is why I respect you. I hope that, for the most part, you have enjoyed your stay with us. Hunter Matheson: (w) I...I.. I.. I... I... I got a feelin'.... that you're in love with me.... ::bounce bounce::: John Randall: ::nods back to the Klingon:: Yes, I have, Marek. Thank you for your assistance during this mission. Dvokr chim Hok: The terrain of Q'onoS is a bit like Tellar. Hunter Matheson: ::smirks:: Takin' her in, sir John Randall: Marek> Farewell, Lieutenant John Randall, chief engineer of the Federation battlecruiser Challenger. I will remember you with honor. 'Qapla! Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The base is in a secluded area nestled amongst some grassy hills, the base's landing pads can be seen now, Dyan Sylvanis: ::Eyeing Kal, smiling.:: You're going to miss it, aren't you? Hunter Matheson: ::smooth and easy::: Yes, ma'am. ::wink:: Sure am. Hunter Matheson: She's a sweet ride. Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk>. Retract landing pads and set us down John Randall: ::gives Marek the Klingon salute:: Farewell, Jonpin Marek. I will remember you with honor as well. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Preparing to disembark :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: They are certainly not bad, that's for sure. John Randall: ::leaves engineering and makes his way to the cabin allotted for the Challenger crew to collect his gear:: Hunter Matheson: :::doing his thing::: Wheels down. Thank you for flying Klingon Air! Watch your step as you disembark. Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk> Thank you.. let me say on behalf of my crew it was honour to serve amongst you. Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future. Until then, q'apia! John Randall: ::decides to stay in the cabin until he hears from the captain:: Hunter Matheson: ::stands to give Gronk a smart salute::: Hope so, sir. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Waits with the others :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> Thank you captain Gronk. Likewise, it was a pleasure to work with you as well. ::salutes:: Well, Challenger crew this is where we make our exit. Gather your belongings and meet in the hangar. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Gets up from her station, walking with Kal.:: I think I might miss the food a little bit. And the drunken singing. Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk> ::informs the crew that they're free to disembark the ship:: Hunter Matheson: Heh.... think I will, too. ::grabs his gear from the locker::: Sure is good to have something different... exciting. ::he stops to think a minute:: not that we don't have excitement on Challenger. John Randall: ::hears the announcement over the 'com that the Challenger crew is to meet in the hangar; heaves a big sigh of relief and makes his way there:: Hunter Matheson: ::face to face with Syl:: Did I just jinx us? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins as she grabs her bag.:: True....and you probably did. John Randall: ::arrives at the hangar, waits for the others:: Hunter Matheson: ::screwed up expression:: Just don't tell the others, k? Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> ::heads to his quarters to grab his gear after bidding farewell to HoD Gronk, heads to the hangar::\ Hunter Matheson: ::shudders::: All I can think of is a cold shower with a scrub brush. Dyan Sylvanis: I'll try not to. ::smirks.:: Hunter Matheson: ::sigh:: Thanks John Randall: ::nods to Ja'Lale as he/it enters:: Captain, good to see you. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods to Randall:: Lieutenant. Good to see you too. I trust things went well in engineering? John Randall: ::sighs:: As well as could be expected, sir, but I'm ready to go home, with all due respect. Hunter Matheson: So... :::as he moves with her:: Guess we get a taste of their home world now? Hunter Matheson: I mean... uh.. not literally. Hunter Matheson: Stomach's still growling from last time. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, you're free to beam back to the Challenger if you wish, but we also have time for some leave in the First City if you wish to explore it. Hunter Matheson: ::looks around to the others::: Cptn Ja'Lale: I need to see where the Challenger is in their construction efforts, but last I heard they were wrapping things up but not quite finished yet. John Randall: ::nods:: I appreciate the offer, Captain, but, truth be told, I've had my fill of Klingons for a while. I'll be going to the ship. Cptn Ja'Lale: That's understandable. I won't blame you. Dyan Sylvanis: I definitely am looking forward to it. Especially the shower part. John Randall: Thank you, sir. Dvokr chim Hok: I would not wish to rush repairs Hunter Matheson: Challenger it is, then. Hunter Matheson: ::sniffs his uniform::: Cptn Ja'Lale: You can beam back down to the city afterwards of course, but I too am looking forward to getting back to the ship. John Randall: ::whispers to Matheson:: And not soon enough for me. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The crew is beamed back to the Challenger Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) John Randall: ::sighs in relief as he materalizes in the transporter room:: Hunter Matheson: ::nod to Randall:: I think it's pretty bad when you smell like a Klingon and don't notice it. John Randall: ::grins:: You said a mouthful, Sergeant. I'm heading straight for a long, hot shower. Hunter Matheson: ::stops to study the looks that the workers are giving them::: Hunter Matheson: ::Randall:: Yeah... I think I'd better do that, too. Dvokr chim Hok: :: sniffs :: The air is different. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods to the crew and then heads to his quarters to unpack and freshen up:: Hunter Matheson: ::glance askance at Syl, then to Hok:: It's clean. John Randall: ::exits the transporter room and heads for the turbolift; steps into the car as it arrives:: Deck 3. Dyan Sylvanis: Definitely has a better smell to it. John Randall: ::the lift arrives and he exits the car; strides to his cabin and walks in as the doors swoosh open:: Hunter Matheson: ::Holds the lift for her:: Dyan Sylvanis: But on that note... ::Heading for the Marine deck showers.:: John Randall: ::deposits his bag on the sofa, strips off his uniform, and runs to the head; activates the shower and steps in, moaning softly in relief:: Hunter Matheson: ::and watches Syl call out MARDEK in the lift::: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Hunter Matheson: ::not sure if he should smile or run:: Hunter Matheson: done John Randall: ::paused:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ok, great job everyone.. that does it for that plot. TBS will be 12 hours, by which time we'll be ready to leave and move onto our next plot. Any questions? Hunter Matheson: we get to shower first? Cptn Ja'Lale: yes, I would hope so John Randall: I'm there already Hunter Matheson: is it a court martial offense if I don't? Dvokr chim Hok: Showers will be fixed on Thursday. Hunter Matheson: ::hok:: Sweet. Cptn Ja'Lale: Depends.. or at least dirty looks from your fellow crew John Randall: and burning my uniform Hunter Matheson: Hey... gotta have fun sometime Hunter Matheson: I know a guy that had to do that once Cptn Ja'Lale: lol. Have a great week everyone.. sim dismissed!
  15. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 11 May 2018: The Klongat and its fleet have arrived at the rogue base, and successfully rescued the Federation hostages they've captured and the Klingons have served justice by killing them all. The mood is joyous as the fleet prepare to depart back to Qo'noS. TBS was 15 minutes. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Caitlin Townshend: ::still a little nervous because "joyous" Klingon moods can be just as deadly as … well, fighty ones:: Hunter Matheson: ::at Klongat's helm, trying to wrap his brain around the slaughter ‘cause its bringing back memories he'd really like to forget:: Hunter Matheson: ::sober expression, just doin his job:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Like watching happy Klingons. They are better than angry Klingons.:: John Randall: ::keeping a wary eye on the Klingons in engineering; they seem to be a little too happy for his taste:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: NOT drinking :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk> ::feeling quite happy:: You humans did all right. Maybe one day our races will fight side by side. We'll be having a celebration in the mess to celebrate our victory. You're all invited to come if you like. Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk>. Well, humans, and Tellarites and... turtles. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Chuckles as she stands. She puts a hand on Kal's shoulder.:: Want to come? Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk>. Well. ::to Kal:: Set a course back to Kronos at warp 7. Hunter Matheson: ::blinks, turns:: Un... sure. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. ::Gronk:: Course set to Kronos. Engaging warp 7. Dvokr chim Hok: I am a comm officer. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Stock shot of the Klongat changing its wing configuration to cruise and jumping to warp.. Hunter Matheson: Set to automatic, Captain? Hunter Matheson: ::still not used to the HoD thing:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk> Yes, please. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Set to auto. ::presses, then looks to Syl. kind of::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins.:: Glad you decided to go, cause if they try to get me to drink bloodwine, there may be trouble. Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk>. ::speaks to the cook in the mess who informs him everything is ready:: Mr. Hok, please inform the ship that they may proceed to the mess. Hunter Matheson: ::soberly:: I hear ya Hunter Matheson: ::as he follows along:: There were times when all there was to eat were worms, plants, bugs... you name it... Hunter Matheson: (w) not exactly what I want right now Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk & Ja'Lale> ::gets up to head to the mess:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Taps the comm :: The victory feast is now available in the mess hall. Kapla! Caitlin Townshend: ::follows along to the mess:: John Randall: Marek> ::looks over to John:: Lieutenant, would you like to go to the victory meal? Hunter Matheson: ::out of the corner of his eye he spots Townshend and she doesn't look too relaxed:: Hunter Matheson: ::he falls back:: (q) you okay, ma'am? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The crew enter the mess hall. There's a generous selection of gagh, some green stuff, war nog, blood wine, and gagh... both served raw and cooked for the puny humans. Dyan Sylvanis: Oh I don't mind the food. You know my history with alcohol. Hunter Matheson: ::nod to Syl:: John Randall: ::looks over to Marek:: All right, Jonpin, as long as I can eat Federation food. Your cuisine does not agree with my stomach, and I don't want to hear any crap about puny humans. Hunter Matheson: :::then stifles a smirk remembering a lot of times when alcohol livened things up:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The Challenger crew are invited to sit at the captain's table, with heaping servings of the aforementioned food and drink. John Randall: Marek> You can eat what you want, Lieutenant; I do not care. John Randall: ::nods:: Very well, I accept. ::They make their way to the mess hall:: Dvokr chim Hok: I am not sure how much blood wine I can drink Dyan Sylvanis: ((If a certain Major was around, there would probably be lots of drinking and at least one big brawl. )) Hunter Matheson: (I hear ya) Cptn Ja'Lale: Gronk> We even burnt the targ for you humans to suit your palette. I am told it tastes somewhat like pork, or boar. Caitlin Townshend: ::sits down at the table next to Hok:: Does blood wine contain … actual blood? John Randall: ::Marek joins his comrades at the table, Randall goes over to the food replicator and makes himself a Federation meal:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grabs some fresh gagh and a little bit of the other more "fresh" items, then grabs a seat.:: Hunter Matheson: ::leans toward Caitlin:: (w) best not to ask that one John Randall: ::One of the Klingons sees Randall's plate and starts to make a remark; John pins him with a steely glare:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> ::Drinks some blood wine and eats some gagh:: Mm, not bad. Hunter Matheson: ::takes a little of everything just to be polite and takes a seat::: Dvokr chim Hok: Last time I did this I got a bit sick. Hunter Matheson: :::slurps the gagh like spaghetti:: John Randall: ::Sits at an empty nearby table and eats his meal, keeping an eye on the Klingons as well as his shipmates:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The warriors start breaking out in old Klingon opera songs, which sounds like someone is squashing a cat Hunter Matheson: ::wince:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins at Kal, glad he's going right for it. Also starts eating.:: John Randall: ::narrows his eyes at the singing:: John Randall: ((or lack thereof)) Hunter Matheson: ::slurps the warnog like a Klingon:: John Randall: ::grateful for his anonymity; so far, no one has challenged him for not sitting with the others; to him, there's not much room left:: Dyan Sylvanis: I've heard people talk about old Klingon music, but never heard it in person. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: you know - this is a whole lot better than pulling on your dress blues and sitting like you have a stick up your a... uh... on your back. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Some of the Klingons are starting to fight each other, but as per orders is leaving the Challenger crew alone -- for the timbering. Cptn Ja'Lale: time being* Dvokr chim Hok: :: Sips and winces :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smiles.:: Absolutely Hunter Matheson: ::checking out Townshend, wondering if she's okay::: John Randall: ::watches the Klingons fighting with narrowed eyes:: Hunter Matheson: ::she doesn't look too happy::: John Randall: ::his hand hovers near his dagger:: Hunter Matheson: (asking for trouble there, Randall) Cptn Ja'Lale: (Indeed) John Randall: ((bring it on, I've fought a Klingon before)) Caitlin Townshend: ::picking at her food, actually not minding the singing:: Hunter Matheson: ::leaning toward Townshend:: There's a replicator over there, ma'am, if you'd rather. Hunter Matheson: (not exactly my point, Randall) John Randall: (just sayin') Hunter Matheson: (same here) John Randall: ::continues to watch the battling Klingons:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale>. Yes, I see that John has done the same. Though I wonder how Klingon replicated food tastes? Hunter Matheson: ::Townshend:: I'll get you some if you want. Dyan Sylvanis: Reminds me of a couple of bar fights I've seen. Quite the interesting atmosphere. Hunter Matheson: ::back to Syl, snorts:: not exactly the word I would pick John Randall: Marek> ::finishes eating and looks around for John; spots him and goes over to him:: Lieutenant, you seem a little on edge. Are you all right? Caitlin Townshend: ::Hunter:: I think I need to … experience this … if I've any hope of surviving this place. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smiles at Caitlin.:: We have your back. John Randall: ::gives Marek a savage smile:: Any time I see Klingons fighting, I get a little.....edgy. Hunter Matheson: ::nods:: Yes, ma'am. It's not bad if you're starving, but if you're not.... ::shrugs:: up to you. Hunter Matheson: And... ::nod to Syl:: ditto on that one John Randall: Marek> I see. I suppose I would be if I were in your shoes. No harm will come to you, Lieutenant, you have my word on that. Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> It's part of the job on a Klingon ship.. that's how promotions happen. Hunter Matheson: ::one eye on the happy crowd as he slurps the gagh wrapped in whatever leaf that is and follows it with warnog:: John Randall: ::nods to Marek:: Thank you, Jonpin, I can take care of myself, but your assistance is welcome. Dvokr chim Hok: :: The amount of cleavage does not go unnoticed by poor Hok, who has had a bit too much :: John Randall: ::Marek nods, wondering what Randall meant by that:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale> ::tries some of the targ:: John Randall: ::trying not to let on that he has fought a Klingon before:: Caitlin Townshend: ::to her credit, tries a bit of everything, finding most of it not to her liking but picking away nonetheless:: John Randall: ::winces as one of the battling Klingons takes a rather nasty hit:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Is enjoying the singing and food. She notices the fight winding down.:: Hunter Matheson: ::not quite enjoying the singing, but the food's not half bad.. until he chokes and coughs::: Hunter Matheson: ::downs more warnog:: Damn thing bit me on the way down. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Pats Kal on the back.:: You alright? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The victorious Klingon has managed to keep his position. Until the next fight. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins.:: Hunter Matheson: Yeah... ::cough:: nothing like fighting back when you're being eaten. John Randall: Marek> ::points to Randall's plate:: What was that you were eating, Lieutenant? Cptn Ja'Lale: Ja'Lale>. ::enjoying the Klingon food... maybe it had something to do with his Rigellian palette:: John Randall: ::smiles:: It's called fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Hunter Matheson: ::syl::: not even up to date on my vaccinations. ::headshake:: John Randall: Marek> I....see. Is one a meat and the other a....what do you call them....vegetable? Dyan Sylvanis: ::laughs.:: Well when we seem to have a revolving door on Medical, people kind of slip through the cracks. Hunter Matheson: ::snort:: got that right John Randall: ::smiles again:: Very good, Jonpin; you are correct on both counts. Hunter Matheson: remind me next time to be sure I'm up to date before we do any Klingon ops. John Randall: ::relieved that the fighting has diminished:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Good job, people. We'll arrive back at Kronos next week.. TBS will be a day to get over your hangovers or indigestion. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: Goodnight everyone -- have a great week.