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  1. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief: 8 Dec 2017 - Challenger crew are in SB 79 after dropping off the Orion pirates and the freighter crew they rescued. The crew are enjoying some well deserved time off in the station Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions?? TBS was 2 hours Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::wherever he was before - bar maybe, eating a burger?::: John Randall: ::finishes up entering the PADDs into the computer, and leaves engineering:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sitting at the table with Kal and Hok.:: Hunter Matheson: :with Syl and Hok?:: Hunter Matheson: ::sweet:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Avoided ordering bacon.:: John Randall: ::rides the lift to his deck, and goes down the corridor to his cabin:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::down in the market place after chatting with the station CO:: Hunter Matheson: ::finished the burger, now making little figures with fries - and munching on a few:: John Randall: ::strips off his uniform and changes into civvies; decides to go aboard the starbase and check it out:: Hunter Matheson: (Whoa, Randall. TMI, man) Cptn Ja'Lale: (lol) John Randall: (no more than usual, Matheson ) Hunter Matheson: (true - it'll take a while) John Randall: ::goes to the transporter room and beams over to the base:: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: So, you're pretty quiet tonight. Some'n on your mind? ::dip, munch:: Hunter Matheson: ::calls for another round::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Snatches a couple fries.:: Not really. Kinda curious what our next move is. Hunter Matheson: ::orderly:: Hey, more fries if you got 'em. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: I try to not think about those things. It's the stuff you obsess over that gets you. What really happens is always different. John Randall: ::ducks into the first restaurant he comes to, and orders a fried chicken dinner:: Hunter Matheson: Like... am I gonna die this time? Eaten by a monster? ::smirk, dip, munch::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smirks.:: I'm not thinking that in depth. Just curious if we are going pirate hunting again, or maybe moving to a new sector. John Randall: ::surveys the room while he eats:: Hunter Matheson: ::he nods:: New sector might be good. Getting to know the territory a little too well. ::shrugs, leans back for the next round and a fresh pile of fries::: John Randall: ::notices a pretty redhead a couple of tables over, starts to get up and go over, then T'Mira comes into his mind, and sits back down:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::exams various things for sale in the markets:: Hunter Matheson: ::spots Randall with his chicken and leans toward Syl:: Hey. The El Tee's here. Randall. ::nods in his direction:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sips on her ice tea.:: I guess it just depends where the brass want us. Hunter Matheson: Yeah. Prolly. Caitlin Townshend: ::wanders into this restaurant, looking very lost, wondering why all these starbases seem to be laid out differently:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Looks over.:: Are you sure it's him? Wonder what he's doing on this station? Maybe he's coming back. John Randall: ::finishes his dinner, wipes his mouth with a napkin, and sits back in his chair:: Hunter Matheson: Hey. We sure could use a good engineer. John Randall: ::sees Caitlin Townshend enter the restaurant, but doesn't know it's her, having never met her:: Hunter Matheson: Whoa.. seems like everyone's coming in. ::nods in Cait's direction:: Dyan Sylvanis: This must be more popular than we thought. John Randall: ::turns his head and sees Matheson and Sylvanis sitting together, looking rather cozy:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::heads towards the restaurant as well.. why do things always work out like that?:: Hunter Matheson: Think so. ::catches Randall's look and waves him over::: Think we can find out? Caitlin Townshend: ::sits down at the bar, looks around:: Caitlin Townshend: ::noticing Matheson and Sylvanis but not wanting to interrupt them, she just orders a drink, yawning a little:: John Randall: ::notices Matheson's wave, smiles, and arises from his chair; makes his way over to them:: Dyan Sylvanis: CBCO Hok> ::Slides over to make more room.:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Waves at Caitlin.:: John Randall: ::smiles at them:: Hello, Sergeant, Lieutenant. Hunter Matheson: ::standing, pulls up a chair:: Hey. Lieutenant. What brings you to this little corner of the galaxy? Dyan Sylvanis: Hello, Chief. Hunter Matheson: Good seein' you. Hunter Matheson: (think I lost track of who's NCO and who's COM) John Randall: ::nods thanks for the chair:: You, too. Just finished a seminar back on Earth, and hopped a ship to bring me here. Dyan Sylvanis: ((I call him Chief since he's Chief Engineer.)) John Randall: ((cool)) Dyan Sylvanis: ((Not Chief as in rank.)) Hunter Matheson: ::pulls up a chair for Townshend:: So, you comin' aboard? (thanks - need a refresher course) Hunter Matheson: (so I'm the only NCO?) Dyan Sylvanis: ((yep)) Caitlin Townshend: ((I am a junior grade lieutenant, for the record)) John Randall: ::nods:: As far as I know, the captain hasn't banished me, I don't think. ::smiles:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::a turtle walks into a bar... and orders a drink. Not a very funny punchline:: Hunter Matheson: (gotcha) Caitlin Townshend: ::raises her eyebrows, then nods:: Sure. Sorry, I wasn't sure if you wanted company. Caitlin Townshend: ::gripping her drink a bit tightly:: Dyan Sylvanis: We were having dinner with Mr. Hok here. Hunter Matheson: :::scrunching everyone in, the orderly pulls up another table for 'em::: And there's the skipper. Dyan Sylvanis: CBCO Hok> ::Is being pretty quiet.:: John Randall: Looks like you guys have been a bit busy, I read the report on the Challenger's last mission. Caitlin Townshend: ::turns to the unfamiliar Randall:: Hi, Lieutenant Caitlin Townshend. Hunter Matheson: ::nod to Randall:: Yes, sir. Got a bunch of nasties corralled and branded. John Randall: ::looks at her:: Pleased to meet you, Ms. Townshend. I am Lieutenant John Randall, chief engineer of the Challenger. Caitlin Townshend: Ohhhhhh. You're him. Caitlin Townshend: ::has heard... things:: Caitlin Townshend: I'm the new science officer. Hunter Matheson: ::wondering if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but waves to the barkeep to bring a round hoping that his credit is still good::: John Randall: ::smiles uncertainly:: Um....yes. Welcome aboard the Challenger, Lieutenant. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Hunter Matheson: ::cause, you know, he hasn't checked it in... well... quite a while:: Caitlin Townshend: ::nervous smile:: It's certainly a more … active … assignment. Caitlin Townshend: It's been a long time since I had such an adventure. Caitlin Townshend: ::raises her glass at Sylvanis and Matheson:: Got to hand it to you Marines. I don't know how you do that for a living. John Randall: We have had......our share of some interesting assignments, wouldn't you agree, Sergeant? Hunter Matheson: ::holding it for Townshend::: Standard procedure, ma'am. ::Randall:: Yes, sir. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Grins.:: Hunter Matheson: ::holding a chair, that is:: Caitlin Townshend: ::sits down:: Caitlin Townshend: Is it true you once chased a rogue Starfleet admiral through a wormhole? Hunter Matheson: ::relaxes into his chair as the orderly brings the round:: Dyan Sylvanis: General actually. :;Shudders at the thought of Wiley.:: Hunter Matheson: ::glance to Syl, wondering if they should talk about that or if it's sealed::: John Randall: I......wasn't around for that one. Was busy escaping the Romulans. Hunter Matheson: ::but it's out of the box, so he lets her fly with it:: Caitlin Townshend: Or that you single-handedly stopped an invasion of Earth by sentient, synthetic squids? Dyan Sylvanis: ((Your cut out is still at the table with us.)) Hunter Matheson: (Hey, Hok) Caitlin Townshend: ::Randall:: Romulans? What are they like? Dvokr chim Hok: ((Why is it wet and smells of ale?)) Caitlin Townshend: ((Turns out your cardboard cutout does not hold his liquor as well as you.)) Caitlin Townshend: ((We didn't spring for the super-absorbent model.)) Dyan Sylvanis: ((Kal went a little overboard with the rounds.)) John Randall: ::smiles at Caitlin:: Imagine a Vulcan with emotions, some darker than humans. Hunter Matheson: (yeah - don't think I'll have any credit left after this) Caitlin Townshend: ::raises her eyebrow, somewhat Vulcan-like:: I was raised on Vulcan. It's strange trying to picture one showing emotion, though. John Randall: You could say the Romulans are the cousins Vulcans don't claim. Hunter Matheson: ::dip, munch, splats some hot sauce on his nose::: Hunter Matheson: ::coughing, looks for a napkin:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Giggles as she looks at Kal.:: Hunter Matheson: ::getting desperate::: Cptn Ja'Lale: (back.. sorry, got a phone call.) John Randall: ::had brought his glass of sparkling water with him, sips on it:: Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) Dvokr chim Hok: :: More drink :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Gives him her napkin.:: Hunter Matheson: :::sigh of relief, he nods thanks::: John Randall: Think it'll be interesting to see where the brass sends us next. ::to the table at large:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::discussing ongoing situations with the Klingon and Romulans with the station CO and XO:: Dyan Sylvanis: ((In the bar?)) Hunter Matheson: (just give 'em some ale, cap) Dvokr chim Hok: If you ask me the Klingons and Romulans will never get along. Centuries of bad blood. Cptn Ja'Lale: (heh, nope)) John Randall: ::sips on his water, casting his thoughts inward:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, sorry I was quiet but you all seemed to enjoy your time at the bar. We'll continue a few hours later ready to move onto our next plot. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions? Hunter Matheson: no sir Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, sim dismissed...have a great week everyone
  2. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 1 Dec 2017: Hope you all had a good thanksgiving. We resume with the Challenger had arrived at the starbase after their rescue mission of the captured freighter crew. They have the crew and some more Orion pirates. Security has transferred the pirates to the station crew as well as the freighter crew who will be transported back to Earth. The CHallenger crew is now enjoying some free time on the station Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::somewhere looking for a good brew:: John Randall: ::beams aboard the starbase from the ship that transported him here; materializes in the starbase transporter room:: Hunter Matheson: ::in civvies, poking into stores and bars:: Dyan Sylvanis: Find anything good yet? ::Tailing Kal.:: Hunter Matheson: ::sharp turn:: Hey, Syl. Not much. You? Cptn Ja'Lale: ;:with the station commander, going over details of the transfer:: John Randall: ::asks the transporter chief which port the Challenger is docked at; gets the reply, and makes his way to the airlock:: Hunter Matheson: ::he runs a hand through his close cropped hair and leans on the railing:: Figured there might be something down there. ::nods toward the lower level:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Waving to whoever will receive it... Making his way to the bar :: Hunter Matheson: Hey. There's Hok. ::he gives a sharp whistle to get Hok's attention:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Leans over the rail, looking down.:: Hmm...maybe. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Waves some more :: John Randall: ::pulls out his communicator:: +Challenger+ Challenger, one to beam up. Hunter Matheson: ::then smirks as folks around them cover their ears as he hollers::: HEY HOK! MAN. Hold on! Cptn Ja'Lale: OPS> +Randall+ Stand by.. energizing. ::beams him up:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Waves back, then leans over the rail again.:: Never been down there before. Hunter Matheson: Com'on. ::he grabs her hand:: Let's go. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Is pulled along.:: Oh... John Randall: ::shimmers into existence in the familiar transporter room, smiles at the chief:: Hunter Matheson: ::then wraps his arm around her as they enter the lift:: Down one level. Hunter Matheson: Sorry... I'm just glad to be outta the ship. ::geared up like he's been trapped for years::: Dvokr chim Hok: Where are we going? Hunter Matheson: ::the lift opens:: Hey, El Tee. Glad we caught you. ::he steps out:: No idea. Somewhere with a bar? Dvokr chim Hok: :: Frozen in place not knowing if he should move his hand... no no, not there... just remains a bit stiff :: John Randall: Transporter Chief> Welcome home, Lieutenant. How was the seminar? Hunter Matheson: ::he blinks:: Somethin' wrong with your arm? Dvokr chim Hok: Yes, that would be good... I don't know where on this station. Hunter Matheson: Your guess is as good as ours. ::glance to Syl:: Nothing above. Let's check out this level. I smell something like burgers. Hunter Matheson: (yeah, I'm wired tonight) Dvokr chim Hok: No no... Just.. nothing wrong with it. :: relaxes a little :: You seem eager to get off the ship? John Randall: Not bad, I guess, Chief ::smiles tiredly:: Learned a little bit, but not that much. Mostly just shooting the bull. Dvokr chim Hok: Burgers? Real meat? Hunter Matheson: Gees.. you kidding me, sir? Yeah, I'm glad to be off. And it sure smells like it. Hunter Matheson: ::he looks to Syl:: You up to that? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Giggles.:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: Sure Hunter Matheson: Sweet... let's check it out. John Randall: Transporter Chief> I see. Nice to have you back. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Along for the wild ride :: Are you alright? How many cups of coffee? Hunter Matheson: Uh... kinda lost count. Real coffee. ::shrugs:: Not the replicated stuff. Packs a punch I guess. John Randall: Thanks, Chief. Catch up with you later, all right? ::smiles tiredly again:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::in the station commander's ready room. Sits down in the chair across from his desk, the station CO pours them both a glass of Scottish whisky:: So we have a pretty good case against the Orions. Hunter Matheson: ::he snorts:: Too bad the skipper is in conference. He could join us. Dunno about the burgers. Dyan Sylvanis: I think he prefers his food raw. Hunter Matheson: (Hey, Man. Scottish whisky? Share.) Hunter Matheson: Yeah, probably. John Randall: ::leaves the transporter room and goes to the turbolift, stepping into the car:: Deck 3. ::the lift speeds off:: Dvokr chim Hok: I think we are close Hunter Matheson: ::checking the store and bar windows as they pass by:: Cptn Ja'Lale: SCO> Yes, we do. The Orions we had talked alot and dilvulged much of their operations. Fleet willl be sending ships in the area to try to snuff them out. ::takes a sip after klinking glasses with Jalale:: Hunter Matheson: So...::ducks his head in one entrance, then shakes negative:: y'all check the area out. We're getting closer. John Randall: ::the lift arrives and he exits the car; walks down the corridor avoiding the starbase repair crews, and arrives at his cabin:: Cptn Ja'Lale: (scottish whisky - available at a station bar near you) Dyan Sylvanis: What about that one? ::Points at a place towards the end of the row.:: Hunter Matheson: ::looking that way:: Hey. Think you're right. Hunter Matheson: Lead the way, M'lady. ::smirk:: John Randall: ::the door swooshes open as he approaches, and he strides in; deposits his duffel bag on the sofa, and lets out a big sigh, glad to be home:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Flicks her silver hair back as she leads the way to their destination.:: John Randall: ::goes to the computer terminal and pulls up the manifest, having heard that Anastasia had left Starfleet:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Following them both :: John Randall: ::stares at the manifest, seeing that the acting science officer is someone named Caitlin Townsend:: Hunter Matheson: Hey.. think you're right. ::he inhales deeply::: Almost like the ones on earth. Cptn Ja'Lale: Should be quick. And the freighter crew I hope aren't too traumatised by all this? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Steps into the doorway.:: John Randall: ::powers down the terminal, and removes his uniform; goes into the head to take a long-desired shower:: Hunter Matheson: ::follows, ticking his head at Hok to move on in::: John Randall: (in his own quarters, that is) Cptn Ja'Lale: SCO> Not by the looks of it. Our counselors talked to them all. They're shaken as one can expect, but there doesn't seem to be any lasting mental issues that we can see. Hunter Matheson: (so what's the fun in that, Randall?) John Randall: (just saying) Hunter Matheson: (::smirks::) Dyan Sylvanis: ((Yeah marines have communal showers.)) Dvokr chim Hok: :: moves in :: Hunter Matheson: (gotta love it) Dyan Sylvanis: It smells soooo good in here. Hunter Matheson: Oh, yeah. ::Syl:: Your turn to pick the booth. John Randall: ::steps out of the shower and towels himself dry; goes into the bedroom and puts on a fresh uniform, leaves the cabin and goes down the corridor to the turbolift, stepping into the car:: Deck 12. Dyan Sylvanis: Hmm... ::Picks a lone table in the back.:: John Randall: ::the lift arrives and he steps out; goes down the corridor to Engineering, where he enters:: Hunter Matheson: Good choice. ::slips in next to her and makes room for Hok:: John Randall: ::nods to the repair team and strides to the CE's office, entering:: Hunter Matheson: Whoa... look at this menu.... John Randall: ::sits down in the office chair, and thinks how good it is to be back aboard his home ship, then sighs as he sees the accumulated PADDs on the desk:: Dvokr chim Hok: They cater to many species. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Looking at the menu with Kal.:: Hunter Matheson: ::flips it over and over and over::: Yeah, they sure do... Dvokr chim Hok: You can order your meat lightly rotten if you are a Bolian. Dyan Sylvanis: bleh... Hunter Matheson: Uh... right, sir. Go for it. John Randall: ::pulls up the reports filed by the crew and reads through them; then he pulls up the report on the Challenger's last mission, and reads through it:: Hunter Matheson: They have all kinds of burgers and steaks... whoa. Triple fresh beef with everything, like jalapenos, onion, tomato, bacon, any kinda cheese.... Hunter Matheson: Avocado? Don't think I've seen that for a while. Wonder if it's real. Yathink? ::Syl:: Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) Dvokr chim Hok: Bacon? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Shrugs.:: I don't even think I know what it is. Hunter Matheson: :::watching Hok run down the menu, wondering what he'll order::: Yes, sir. Bacon. Familiar with that? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Squeezes Kal's arm at the mention of bacon.:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Her eyes are telling him not to go there.:: John Randall: ::powers down the computer and sits back in his chair, nodding in satisfaction as his friend Jeff Michaels has done a good job of running Engineering in his absence:: Hunter Matheson: ::he gives her a slow nod and a "gotcha"::: Hunter Matheson: Anyway, I'll have the triple cheese burger with everything except the... you know... ::bacon:: John Randall: ::powers the computer back up and sifts through his e-mail; sees a message from his Vulcan lady friend, T'Mira, and reads it with interest:: Dyan Sylvanis: hmm... ::Looking over it.:: Dvokr chim Hok: Wait, I know what it is... been a long time since I heard the teasing... Perhaps something fowl. Hunter Matheson: Yeah. It's.... well, depends on what kind of foul. Like the bird fowl or the other thing. Hunter Matheson: Like something you don't want to think about? Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Dyan Sylvanis: ::paused:: John Randall: ::paused:: Hunter Matheson: ::done:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Good job - we'll continue with something new next week. TBS is a day, any questions? Chirakis: ::quiet clap:: Well done. Cptn Ja'Lale: Thanks Dyan Sylvanis: nope Hunter Matheson: no, sir Cptn Ja'Lale: OK. Sim dismissed. See you next week, or on Aegis
  3. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 10 Nov 2017: Challenger is arriving at SB 79 to drop off the Orion pirates and the freighter crew. They are now arriving at the station. TBS was 2 hours. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::at helm, doing his thing. Cptn Ja'Lale: Request clearance to land please, as well a security team to take the pirates. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::to Hok:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sitting at her station.:: Hunter Matheson: One quarter impulse, Captain. Drifting in. Dvokr chim Hok: :: at operations :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Very good Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: We have a slip, sir? Hunter Matheson: ::gets ready to choose one randomly, which they're not gonna like, oh no::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Clearance to dock is granted by the station. Security is standing by to take the pirates Hunter Matheson: Moving in, docking port B17. Stand by. Hunter Matheson: (that was an awesome piece of bomber. gotta love it) Hunter Matheson: Drifting in... thrusters fore and aft port side. Hunter Matheson: ::slight bump:: We're in the slip. Docking assembly locked on. Hunter Matheson: Umbilical locked on. Transferring power to station. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great Dvokr chim Hok: :: transferring power :: Hunter Matheson: ::he stops pressing the console and leans back:: We're good to go, sir. Security detail standing by. Cptn Ja'Lale: CSEC> ::stands by the airlock with the Orion pirates and transfers them to the station security staff:: More pirates to interrogate Dvokr chim Hok: :: sighs :: Hunter Matheson: Fun and games. Hunter Matheson: ::snort:: Glad I'm not the one. Cptn Ja'Lale: That'd suck Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. Big time. Hunter Matheson: ::he takes a deep breath and a slow exhale::: I need a tall one. Anyone with me? Hunter Matheson: I mean... ::looks back:: with the captain's permission, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::gets a message from security:: Looks like they're transferring the pirates to the station now. Hopefully they can squeeze more info out of them and learn more about their operations Cptn Ja'Lale: Of course. You're all free to enjoy the station's amenities Hunter Matheson: ::he gives a broad grin, looking at Syl:: Yes, sir! Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smirks.:: Hunter Matheson: ::then he turns to complete the post flight checks, finalize his report, and shut things down::: Hunter Matheson: ::quietly, as he works:: Say, if I pass out on the floor, just leave me there, okay? Dvokr chim Hok: I think I need a rest Hunter Matheson: Oh, yes, sir. And a tall one. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Powers down her console, stands and stretches.:: Hunter Matheson: ::he finishes up and files the report, then looks at Syl:: Looks like you're ready. Hunter Matheson: ::he cracks his back on the helm chair, then swivels to a stand::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Gets his things and heads for the lift:: Gonna head down and chat with the station's captain. Enjoy yourselves. Hunter Matheson: Oh, yes, sir. You, too. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods with a smile.:: Oh yeah Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Coming with, sir? Dvokr chim Hok: :: Gets up and heads to the station's dock :: Hunter Matheson: ::then notices that he's gone:: Let's move out. Dyan Sylvanis: :;Follows suit.:: Dvokr chim Hok: That was a nerve-wracking mission, Hunter Matheson: ::he places a gentle hand on her back as they enter the lift::: Docking port. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Sure was. Hunter Matheson: Body wracking, too. Dyan Sylvanis: Kind of getting used to the pirate hunting now. ::Smirks.:: Hunter Matheson: ::the lift stops at the docking port, then turns to Syl:: Sorry.. I never asked you if you wanted to take a bag or something. Hunter Matheson: ::he sniffs his uniform, but it seems okay, so he steps out and holds the door for her:: Hunter Matheson: Pirate hunting becoming your thing? Dvokr chim Hok: Certainly not mine. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::again, walking thru the station and heading for the bridge::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Trying not to snicker as Kal sniffs himself.:: I'm fine. Hunter Matheson: ::he suppresses an eyeroll:: Hey, can't fault me for not wanting to smell like pirates, right, ma'am? Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Not mine, either, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job everyone. TBS will be a few days. We should be moving onto a new plot. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: Sim dismissed. See you next time.. goodnight
  4. USS Challenger Mission Brief - 03 Nov 2017: The away team beamed down to the Orion base and rescued the hostages from the freighter and picked up a few Orion pirates that survived. The AT has just beamed back to the Challenger and is about ready to depart. TBS was 30 minutes. Any questions? BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::slips behind the helm console::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::back on the bridge:: Once everyone's accounted for, set a course for SB 79. Hunter Matheson: Aye, Captain. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Takes her seat.:: Hunter Matheson: Course laid in. At your command. Dvokr chim Hok: :: at operations Hunter Matheson: ::he leans back and takes a deep breath, glad to be away from there and kind of pitying the guys that have charge of the pirates cause they're not exactly happy:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Pirates> ::causing a ruckus about their rights and stuff:: Hunter Matheson: ::he checks out a few other things, alternate courses and evasives that might be needed but he hopes they won't be::: Hunter Matheson: ::glance to Syl at tac:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Checks his terminal:: All right, everyone's where they should be and our guests are all settled in. Engage a course for SB 79 at warp 7 Hunter Matheson: Warp 7, aye. Movin' out. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger jumps to warp 7, heading to the starbase. Hunter Matheson: Looks like a smooth ride. Cptn Ja'Lale: Sounds good. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: Too quiet. Nothing in the way. If these guys were holding the freighter for something, you'd think that they would have backup. ::shrug:: Hunter Matheson: ::checking the console:: Yeah, I guess I'm paranoid. Cptn Ja'Lale: I guess that base is all that was out there. It seemed to the centre of their operations in this area. Hunter Matheson: ::with a slight swivel, he turns to the cap:: If so, you'd think they would have more than they showed us, sir. Dyan Sylvanis: Maybe it was just a holding area, or a mid point for other slaver ships. Hunter Matheson: ::he nods with a hmm::: Could be. Cptn Ja'Lale: It could've been. The women were saying that they were due to be transferred to the slave market soon. Hunter Matheson: ::a slow exhale while shaking his head:: Nasty thing. I don't imagine they were abused, or they would have looked it. Hunter Matheson: And...::adjusts course:: if they're going to be sold, they want their goods in the best condition possible. ::he mutters a swear:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Glad we arrived when we did. Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. Hunter Matheson: Moving into SB 79 system, Captain. Hunter Matheson: Should be there within the hour. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great thanks. ::informs the communications officer to inform the station to prepare a security team for the Orion pirates. :: Dyan Sylvanis: This is our second batch of pirates we're bringing to them. They must love us. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes. Really. At least they have experience dealing with them now. Hunter Matheson: Um... yeah. ::snort:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: All right. Sorry to cut it a bit short, but we are kind of light tonight. Next time, we'll be back at the station to offload the pirates and the freighter crew. Cptn Ja'Lale: TBS will be an hour Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions?? Cptn Ja'Lale: Goodnight folks - see you next time
  5. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief: 20 Oct 2017 - The Challenger crew has successfully initiated a meteor shower which pummeled the defenses of the Orion base they had found. The base's power and shields are down and suffered heavy damage and scans indicate a concentrated signs of life in the centre of the fortified base. Capt Ja'Lale has instructed that a rescue party to retrieve the freighter crew they're holding as hostages Cptn Ja'Lale: TBS was minimal Hunter Matheson: I'm guessing that the rescue party is us? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, you can NPC as Marine officers if you don't want to use your own characters Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::he hands helm over to Tork and sprints to the shuttle bay::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Looks at his screen :: Seems they are at the heart of the structure. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Getting her gear ready.:: Hunter Matheson: ::that's because they can gear up and get the info from FOPS when they're ready::: Dyan Sylvanis: ((afk a sec. We beaming or using shuttle?)) Cptn Ja'Lale: (we can beam) Hunter Matheson: ::redirected to TR:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Leaves his Operations station and gears up in the transporter room :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::checking his console:: Hunter Matheson: ::basic kit with all kinds of toys hanging around him - pretty much overkill:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::takes the TL down to the TR room as well:: Hunter Matheson: Tork> ::keeping the ship on an even keel::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Enters the TR, geared up and ready.:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Checking his weapon :: Hunter Matheson: ::next to Syl, checking her out, thinking she looks pretty bada** in that getup:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::enters the TR with a plasma rifle:: Hunter Matheson: ::steps aside for the skipper:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Okay, we all ready to go? Dvokr chim Hok: I am. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: Always. Cptn Ja'Lale: Cool, we'll be beaming in near the centre of the base where there's no lifesigns. Remember to use your night vision gear, and to stay stealthy. Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: All right ::nods to the TR chief:: Hunter Matheson: ::steps onto the pad, taking point to protect the skipper:: Hunter Matheson: ::like the turtle needs protection, right?::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The team is transported into the Orion Base, very heavily damaged with debris and stuff everywhere and no power. Thankfully, oxygen is still online Dvokr chim Hok: :: Sparks fly close to them and in the distance :: Hunter Matheson: ::activates night vision and begins an area sweep::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::turns on his night vision goggles and starts scanning:: Hunter Matheson: ::thumbs up::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Activates her goggles. Looks at the mess, speaking quietly.:: Think we over did it? ::Smirks.:: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl, quietly::: We ain't there yet. Hunter Matheson: (anyone have a scanner?) Cptn Ja'Lale: (w) Might have been a bit overkill Cptn Ja'Lale: (I would guess so) Dyan Sylvanis: ::Draws her pistol, as she surveys the area.:: Hunter Matheson: (how about a HUD on the night vision?) Dvokr chim Hok: :: Gets out his scanner :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: No sign of anyone yet. (Sure, it is Star Trek after all) Dyan Sylvanis: ((I've used that before.)) Dvokr chim Hok: :: Wonders how Commander Morrison would have handled this :: Cptn Ja'Lale: (so did I.. in Counter Strike lol) Hunter Matheson: ::checks out the HUD:: (w) Nothing in sight. We have lifesigns anywhere? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Scans indicate life signs through a damaged door further into the base. The human freighter crews seem to be in there as well. Dvokr chim Hok: The damage is messing with our sensors. Dyan Sylvanis: We'll have to move carefully. If sensors are being affected, they may be mixing hostiles with the hostages. Hunter Matheson: ::nods:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Walks to where the life signs are :: Hunter Matheson: ::spreads out, continuing to sweep::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: About five Orion lifesigns are nearby, spread out in various positions leading to the holding cells where the hostages are kept. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Shakes his head :: I think there are at least five hostiles ahead. Hunter Matheson: (w) We got a strategy? Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) Cptn Ja'Lale: (W) Spread out and take out the guards, maybe from behind? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sets pistol to stun.:: Take them by surprise if we can. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Dvokr chim Hok: They are likely armed.. Hunter Matheson: I'm sure they will be. And given the circumstances, it's likely they're waiting for us. Hunter Matheson: Toss in a flash-bang, and pick up the pieces? Dvokr chim Hok: Perhaps we can draw them to us, get them away from the hostages Hunter Matheson: ::snort:: I doubt that. Orions are pretty bad dudes. They'll know what we're doing. Dvokr chim Hok: The women though... Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job. We'll continue from there next week. Cptn Ja'Lale: If there's no questions or anything else, then sim dismissed. See you either next week or over on Aegis. Cptn Ja'Lale: Night!
  6. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger - 22/09/2017: The Challenger has arrived at a nebula and detected signs of irregular energy signatures. While there, they spotted a small scout vessel nearby. Following it, the vessel suddenly stopped and disappeared instantly after. TBS was none. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::staring at the view screen::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Let's start scanning the area. It doesn't look like they've spotted us so far. Dyan Sylvanis: :;Sitting at Tactical, she tries to relocate the scout.:: We should be careful with heavy scanning. They may pick up on it. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: I'm with you there. Let's scan with caution, yeah? Hunter Matheson: ::long exhale he was holding in:: Caitlin Townshend: Acknowledged, setting scanners to "cautionary" Hunter Matheson: Station keeping. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods, making an adjustment to sensors. She begins a low frequency scan.:: Caitlin Townshend: Or is it "cautious"? Adjectives are hard. Dvokr chim Hok: :: At Ops :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Both work Hunter Matheson: ::cautionary glance toward the El Tee at the scanners::: Hunter Matheson: ::then tends to business, checking their drift:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger begins its low-key scan of the area. Energy distortions are present in the area, but is doing its job in masking whatever's behind. Caitlin Townshend: I can't penetrate the screen, Captain. Hunter Matheson: ::leans toward Syl:: Cloak? Caitlin Townshend: They're definitely hiding something, and the volume is big enough to contain an asteroid base. Dyan Sylvanis: Probably Dyan Sylvanis: Or some sort of shielding. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, that'd be my guess as well. Fairly advanced from the looks of it. Caitlin Townshend: How did pirates get something this advanced? Dvokr chim Hok: Stolen Cptn Ja'Lale: From the black market, I'd guess Hunter Matheson: Or maybe it's not just pirates. Dyan Sylvanis: I imagine there must be a large power source for them to maintain this. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Could be likely. But, we'll still need to find a way to break through their cloaking device. Hunter Matheson: Find the power source and take it out? Caitlin Townshend: If we can't see in, with a distortion field this powerful, they probably can't see out. Cptn Ja'Lale: Explains why they haven't seemed to have seen us yet. Hunter Matheson: That's a good thing, right? Dyan Sylvanis: Hmm... I wonder if the field can repel things. Maybe we can find a big enough rock to throw at it? Hunter Matheson: ::he drums his fingers on the console::: Hunter Matheson: ::shrugs:: Tachyon beam? Cptn Ja'Lale: There're a lot of asteroids, maybe we can bounce one over at it ::shrugs:: Dyan Sylvanis: A tractor beam push would do it. Caitlin Townshend: ::wishes she had taken that extension course in particle physics and subspace geometry right about now:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Does a quick scan.:: I found one close by that is suitable. ::Sends coordinates to Kal.:: Hunter Matheson: Coordinates set in. Captain? ::turns for verification:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods: Let's do it. Once it's close enough, push it over. Hunter Matheson: Aye, Captain. Moving in ::Syl:: Got the tractor ready, or are we just going to hit it in their direction? Hunter Matheson: I mean... ::taps the console:: I can bump it, but it might scratch the paint. Cptn Ja'Lale: I'd rather you not. Caitlin Townshend: ::small smile at the bridge banter, something she isn't yet used to:: Hunter Matheson: ::pursed smile:: Aye, sir. Moving to tractor distance. Hunter Matheson: Tractor distance, ma'am ::Syl:: Ready when you are. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Asteroid still out of range until Dyan comes back Dyan Sylvanis: I'm ready. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The asteroid, about the size of an AMC Pacer moves to within tractor range. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Pushes the asteroid with the tractor beam, then cuts the beam once the asteroid is moving fast enough.:: Caitlin Townshend: ::monitoring sensor readings for the moment when the asteroid begins interacting with the cloaking field:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Asteroid chunk was successfully punted and heading for the cloak. It slowly floats for a few minutes, before bouncing off like hitting an invisible wall which it did. Hunter Matheson: Backing off... just in case it ricochets, 'cause, you know, that's not cool. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: A brief shimmer of blue light appears where it impacted. Hunter Matheson: Hm... Dyan Sylvanis: Well It's a shield... Dvokr chim Hok: A hit was detected. Hunter Matheson: ::slowly:: Yeah.. Caitlin Townshend: Must have some kind of IFF. Cptn Ja'Lale: Indeed. Dyan Sylvanis: I wonder how much that thing can take. Hunter Matheson: ::leans close to Syl, whispers:: What's an IFF? Dyan Sylvanis: Identify Friend or Foe. Cptn Ja'Lale: The odd asteroid every now and then? Caitlin Townshend: Probably not much given how much surface area it has. Hunter Matheson: ::slow nod:: Makes sense. Caitlin Townshend: It would likely not withstand sustained phaser fire … but then however many ships they have in there would know we're here. Dyan Sylvanis: Maybe we can over load it with more asteroids. Cptn Ja'Lale: How often do they get asteroid showers here? Caitlin Townshend: In a nebula like this? ::does some quick calculations:: Caitlin Townshend: About once every few weeks Cptn Ja'Lale: Hmm, any way to detect when the last one was roughly? Cptn Ja'Lale: Though if I were the commander of this base, I'd probably have to drop shields to shoot at the asteroids. That'll work to our advantage. Caitlin Townshend: I can run a gravitational mapping of the immediate region, but it will take some time. Hunter Matheson: Well, sir. Why would they drop shields and shoot instead of letting the asteroids just bounce off? Hunter Matheson: Unless, you know, they need 'em for target practice 'cause they're out of sim rounds. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods to Ja’Lale.:: I was thinking that as well. If we can get them to come out, we might be able to find out how they can get in and out of the shield. Then we can duplicate it. Cptn Ja'Lale: Interesting point. Dyan Sylvanis: ((Oh you know for some reason I thought you said drop ships.)) Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: All right, what's a good TBS? An hour or two maybe to set up what we need to cause the asteroid shower? Cptn Ja'Lale: Cool.. 2 hours it is. Any other questions? Dvokr chim Hok: Asteroid Showers brings May flowers Hunter Matheson: And May flowers bring pilgrims? Cptn Ja'Lale: If none, then sim dismissed. Goodnight folks.
  7. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS CHALLENGER MISSION BRIEFING: 15//09/2017: The Challenger has arrived at an uncharted nebula and began its search for a purported Orion Pirate Base that was said to be nearby and contained hostages captured from freighter ships that were raided. Initial scans seemed to indicate faint signs of the base. TBS was none and we were on the trail.. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions? Dvokr chim Hok: Yes, where are the pirates? Hunter Matheson: Do we live? Cptn Ja'Lale: Somewhere. Cptn Ja'Lale: Maybe Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: Still on course, Captain. Full impulse. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great. Steady as she goes. Caitlin Townshend: Attempting to apply a narrow-band filter to boost the signal. Hunter Matheson: Steady as she goes, aye. Hunter Matheson: ::glance to Syl:: Anything there, ma'am? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Initial scans show faint signs of an irregular energy source; a shield or cloaking device perhaps? Caitlin Townshend: The signature I'm detecting is consistent with a malfunctioning cloak, or a shield that isn't calibrated properly. Caitlin Townshend: I think I can narrow it down, but they might see us before we see them. Cptn Ja'Lale: Well well.. let's continue on slowly. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Going to half impulse. Dvokr chim Hok: The nebula is making scans difficult. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: As well as their shields or cloaking device, I imagine. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sitting at TAC. She keeps an eye on the energy source.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::sits as Challenger glides through the gaseous nebula with a nice external beauty shot:: Hunter Matheson: Still on course. No variation in draw. We are holding our own, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: Excellent. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The irregular signature continues the deeper they go in. Dyan Sylvanis: Signal is getting stronger. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great. Hopefully we still the element of surprise on our side. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: Anything indicating that it might be a trap? Dyan Sylvanis: Not at the moment Hunter Matheson: ::lets out a deep breath:: Sounds too normal to me... Caitlin Townshend: It's always a trap. Cptn Ja'Lale: When isn't it a trap? Hunter Matheson: ::chews on that one a while:: Hunter Matheson: Maybe when there's activity somewhere, sir. It just seems too quiet. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smirks.:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: The bridge is quite silent... the sound of chirps and pings echo in the background :: Hunter Matheson: ::sharp glance to Syl::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Hm. Yeah, but then we still are kinda far out. Hunter Matheson: ::reluctantly:: Yes, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Just then, sensors show one small ship in the area heading deeper into the nebula. Dvokr chim Hok: :: looks :: Hunter Matheson: ::ready with several evasive maneuvers already entered, as well as pursuit modes::: Caitlin Townshend: Captain, I have a ship on sensors Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: A small scout ship perhaps. Cptn Ja'Lale: They're probably heading back to base. We can follow them discretely. Hunter Matheson: ::his eyes continue to shift from the viewscreen to his console:: Dvokr chim Hok: Ion trail. Dyan Sylvanis: I think it may be a scout. Cptn Ja'Lale: I wonder what it was doing out here. Dvokr chim Hok: They are not moving particularly fast. Cptn Ja'Lale: Probably scouting the area? Hunter Matheson: Captain, suggest following them in a roundabout way. If they spot us, we will look more like an exploratory vessel, sir. Maybe taking readings of the nebula? Cptn Ja'Lale: Sounds good.. I'll leave it to you. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Changing course to... :::looks to the LT:: Anything interesting we might investigate, ma'am? Dyan Sylvanis: Other than random stellar debris? Hunter Matheson: ::shrugs:: Well, debris can be interesting if you're bored. I'll just maneuver to tangent, then parallel. Caitlin Townshend: Vessel hasn't noticed us yet. Hunter Matheson: Shifting to parallel. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger manages to evade the scout's detection and is probably about a few thousand km behind. It continues on before it slows and suddenly disappears. Hunter Matheson: ::blink:: Hunter Matheson: That's.. Weird. Any indication of a portal? ::super antsy::: Dyan Sylvanis: Um...::Checking sensors.:: Not sure where it went. Maybe some sort of field. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job.. we'll pick it from there next time. ANy questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: OK.. goodnight folks. See you next week.
  8. USS Challenger - 01 SEP 2017: The Challenger has dropped off prisoners from an Orion pirate cartel that had been attacking passing freighters and plundering its cargo and crew. Before departing, they had gotten information that the freighter crews are being held in the pirates' base of operations in a secluded area of space amongst asteroids and remote moons and planets. Challenger is tasked to find and rescue the crew before they are either killed or sold off to the Orion Slave Market. TBS was 1 day IIRC. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::at helm, doing the helm thing::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Ops :: Caitlin Townshend: ::walks onto the bridge for the start of her shift, whistling lightly under her breath:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger is approaching the nebula area again to begin their search for the pirate base. Hunter Matheson: ::hears the el tee enter, but he's fixing a glitch::: Hunter Matheson: ::and muttering to the console::: Hunter Matheson: Approaching the nebula, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: Okay, let's begin our scans Hunter Matheson: Drop from warp, sir? Caitlin Townshend: Affirmative, beginning scams. I mean, scans. Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes, drop us from warp. Hunter Matheson: ::stifles a snort::: Hunter Matheson: Drop from warp, aye. Going to full impulse. Hunter Matheson: ::he eases her into the nebula::: Caitlin Townshend: Starting for obvious orbital installations. If we don't detect anything from there I'll move on to looking for signs of surface emplacements. Cptn Ja'Lale: Great Caitlin Townshend: Keep in mind that given the double challenge of a nebula and asteroid bodies, it may take some time before we're in a position where we can detect the base. Hunter Matheson: Go to stealth mode, sir? (do we have one?) Cptn Ja'Lale: (I think we do..) Yes. Caitlin Townshend: Mr Hok, it's possible we could detect trace comm signals from their base and use that to narrow down the search. You'd need a pretty juicy signal booster to get comms out of this nebula. Hunter Matheson: Stealth mode engaged. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::checks out his console:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: tapping controls :: Caitlin Townshend: ::scannity scan scan scan:: Dvokr chim Hok: We would only get a general direction and nothing precise Hunter Matheson: ::patting the console, whispering sweet nothings:: Hunter Matheson: ::she's not responding the way she should::: Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Sir, could you check helm systems, see if there's interference? She's not as responsive as she should be. Hunter Matheson: I mean, even in the nebula she's been okay, up to now. Dvokr chim Hok: You mean the reaction times or our passage through this medium? Hunter Matheson: Not sure, sir. Her reaction time is off, yes, but I'm having to adjust and readjust vector too often. Hunter Matheson: I can't find anything wonky with the console, she's just... like she's reacting to something, inside or... ::he looks up:: out? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Scans initially inconclusive; either they're not there or they're well hidden. Hunter Matheson: ::he checks out the viewscreen for a minute, then runs another diag on helm console:: Dvokr chim Hok: I will check Hunter Matheson: ::continues on manual course corrections::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Anything yet? Caitlin Townshend: Not yet, sir. Caitlin Townshend: Switching to a multi-spectral imaging mode. Hunter Matheson: ::watching helm as she drifts off course again::: Caitlin Townshend: Hmm Hunter Matheson: ::manual correction:: Caitlin Townshend: Captain, I'm detecting a very unusual amount of metallic composites in this region. ::puts it on-screen:: Caitlin Townshend: Now, they could be naturally occurring. Or they could be a base. Or they could be a trap. Dyan Sylvanis: :;Steps onto the bridge, replacing the crewman at her console.:: Hunter Matheson: Whoa... Hunter Matheson: Captain, that's the course helm keeps trying to take. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Checks the viewer:: That you can't enter automatically? Interesting. Hunter Matheson: No, sir. I keep correcting manually, but she keeps drifting in that direction. Cptn Ja'Lale: Towards there? I wonder why.. Dvokr chim Hok: A gravity force Hunter Matheson: But, as Lt Townshend says, it could be a trap. Cptn Ja'Lale: From a planet or moon? Cptn Ja'Lale: Seems like our best lead. What do you think? Hunter Matheson: ::thinks he really doesn't want to be in this nebula, but he's not gonna say:: Caitlin Townshend: Only one way to find out. Hunter Matheson: ::and suddenly realizes Syl is at tac:: Cptn Ja'Lale: I suppose you're right. Hunter Matheson: ::waiting for the word::: Dvokr chim Hok: We should be able to detect a mass that size.. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Set a course, slowly. Hunter Matheson: Setting course, 7 degrees to port. Hunter Matheson: :::allows helm to drift that way, watching to see if she stops at a certain point:: Hunter Matheson: Continuing full impulse Hunter Matheson: ::and just like a compass...::: She's stopped, sir. On the money. No more drift. Cptn Ja'Lale: Hm Caitlin Townshend: Some kind of tractor control system? Hunter Matheson: Nothing at helm to indicate that, ma'am. More like a magnet, if you know what I mean. Hunter Matheson: ::shrugs:: Might be natural. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Unusual scans seem to be getting stronger the further they go in. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Hunter Matheson: ::done:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job... maybe we'll see what it could be next time. TBS is minimal if any. Any questions before we dismiss? Hunter Matheson: no sir Cptn Ja'Lale: If not then sim dismissed. Have a great long weekend. See you next week or in a few moments.
  9. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS CHALLENGER MISSION BRIEF - 11 AUG 2017: The Challenger is arriving at SB 189 after picking up seven Orion pirates from the two surviving Orion fighters. Challenger is arriving to the star base now. TBS was 24 hours. Cptn Ja'Lale: Questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: Begin Sim Hunter Matheson: ::slow approach to the base, waiting for permission to dock:: Hunter Matheson: Waiting for berthing instructions, Captain. Hunter Matheson: ::looks at Hok::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Hail the station and request docking clearance. Dvokr chim Hok: :: taps Hunter Matheson: ::hold music comes through the phones::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Station> +Challenger+ Cleared for docking at berth 02 Right. Security is on its way to take the prisoners. Hunter Matheson: Squawking Challenger ID, Captain. Received. Proceeding to berth 2 starboard. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Waiting down by the brig for station security. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::standing with her::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger docks and station security arrives to take the pirates to the station's brig. Hunter Matheson: Docking complete. Umbilical engaged. Going to station power. Cptn Ja'Lale: Station Security Guy> We have some new information regarding things with the captured freighters we'd like to interrogate them about. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Exhales :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: They are in split up in the cells. You are welcome to them. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> Yes, sir. ::he looks over to the nurse in charge:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Sec> Thanks. Lead the way. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Station security comprises of about a dozen big burly dudes who follow them over to the brig. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::his detail steps back to let them take over, with only a few guards remaining in the brig. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::ponders, remembering his own interrogation with the pirates:: We won't stay long. Thankfully, I had a somewhat productive chat with the pirates and have a next course. Mr. Hok, please advise the department heads to meet in the conference room in ten minutes. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Shows the guards in.:: Dvokr chim Hok: +Chimes over the ship+ Attention heads of departments, there will be a meeting in the conference room in ten minutes. Cptn Ja'Lale: Guards> Thanks. ::the guards round up the pirates, cuff them and begin to escort them back to the station brig. Cptn Ja'Lale: All right. Let's go when you're ready. You're all invited as well. Hunter Matheson: ::finalizing his report and closing the flight plan that he will submit to the captain for review, then copies to Starfleet::: Hunter Matheson: (was that to the bridge crew, or the guards?) Cptn Ja'Lale: (to bridge crew) Hunter Matheson: ::turns:: Invited, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: To the meeting in the conference room, you might find the information useful for course plotting and such. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Watches the guards leave with the prisoners, before leaving as well. She takes a TL back up.:: Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. Understood. I just have a few things to finalize for helm, and I'll be along, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: Very well. Meet you there. ::gets up and heads to the conference room:: Hunter Matheson: ::scribble, scribble, scribble, thumbprint, and he sends it off:: Hunter Matheson: ::final helm shutdown check, log off, then bolts to the CR:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Settles down in the conference room:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Enters the conference room after everyone else.:: The prisoners have been handed over to station security and are on the way to their new homes. ::Takes a seat.:: Hunter Matheson: ::he stops short, straightens his uniform, checks his hair, then enters::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Enters the conference room thinking he is merely the notetaker :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Looks around:: Ok, thanks for coming. I'll try to make it brief. Hunter Matheson: ::then he takes a seat, conveniently next to Syl:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smiles.:: Hunter Matheson: ::crooked smile and a whispered:: Hey. Cptn Ja'Lale: After interrogating the Orion pirates, we managed to get some information regarding where they originate from. ::brings up a map on the holo-viewer:: About 4 light years away from here is an isolated array of asteroids. From what I gathered, they are based in this area. Cptn Ja'Lale: The Orions, in addition to stealing the freighters' cargo for sale on the black market have also kidnapped the crews for ransom. So far nothing has been paid due to the Federation's policies against paying terrorists or pirates, but they say it won't be long before the crew are either killed, and for the women - sold to the Orion slave market. I wasn't able to get a precise timeframe, but time is of course of the essence here. Hunter Matheson: ::mutters something unrepeatable about them selling the women:: Cptn Ja'Lale: We're to organise a mission to find their base of operations and rescue the freighter crew. Cptn Ja'Lale: The base will probably be shielded, so we'll need to scan for any jamming devices that might be in the area as well as any ships protecting the base. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions before we continue? Hunter Matheson: ::finger raises::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes? Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) Hunter Matheson: Sir, helm took quite a beating in the nebula. They're analyzing the damage, and depending on what they find, we might have to wait for repairs. Hunter Matheson: Or... we can go without repairs.... sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Understood. We'll have to take on repairs as well as to restock. I'll speak with station staff to try to get repairs done ASAP Hunter Matheson: ::he looks around wondering if any other systems were damaged::: Hunter Matheson: Yes, sir. Cptn Ja'Lale: As it always is, we won't leave as soon as I would've liked. We'll have to play catch up once we leave. Cptn Ja'Lale: Let me know what else you might need as well, or forward to the station's quartermaster. Hunter Matheson: yes, sir Cptn Ja'Lale: Anything else? Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, meeting is adjourned. Get some rest and something to eat. We'll probably need all the energy we can get. Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Hunter Matheson: ::done:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job folks - we'll pick up 24 hours later. Repairs and restock will be done and we should be ready to depart. Any questions? Hunter Matheson: no sir Cptn Ja'Lale: OK sim dismissed. Goodnight folks. See you next week or in a few minutes.
  10. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 04 August 2017. The Challenger engaged in a group of Orion pirate ships and summarily either disabled or destroyed the attacking ships. Three ships were destroyed, while two ships remain - both disabled and heavily damaged from the attack. Scans indicate seven lifesigns on both ships. Cptn Ja'Lale: Questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: TBS was none Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Dvokr chim Hok: We can be withing transporter distance in a few minutes. Hunter Matheson: ::at helm, easing the ship toward the disabled vessels::: Dyan Sylvanis: :;At Tac.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: Great. Get a transport lock once we're in range. Are we able to beam the pirates directly into the brig? Dvokr chim Hok: We can. Medical should be on the way as well. Dyan Sylvanis: Security is already on alert. Cptn Ja'Lale: Very well. Let's beam them into two brigs then. Hunter Matheson: Coming to 30,000 km… Moving into transport distance. Hunter Matheson: At 20,000.... Now. We are within transport range, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: Get a lock and beam them over. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The seven pirates are beamed into two adjoining brigs. Dyan Sylvanis: The pirates are secured in the brig. Cptn Ja'Lale: Set a course for Starbase 189 at warp 7. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Look at the power :: Hunter Matheson: Setting course for Starbase 189, warp 7, aye. Hunter Matheson: Ready at your command. Cptn Ja'Lale: Engage. Hunter Matheson: Engaging. Cptn Ja'Lale: Mr Hok, contact medical and security to check in on our guests. Dvokr chim Hok: +Med+Sec+ Please send a team to the brig to check on our guests. Hunter Matheson: ::exiting the outer rings of the nebula::: Hunter Matheson: ::or whatever they are... boundaries?:: Cptn Ja'Lale: (You can NPC medical or security/Marines to talk with the pirates or go down yourself if you're a marine) Hunter Matheson: (Sounds like an order, sir, since there's only one Marine here :P ) Cptn Ja'Lale: (lol) Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> What do we have here? :: she says as she enters the brig :: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::with Hokfan:: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::geared up like he's gonna kill them all if they blink the wrong way, 'cause he's a Marine Ooorah!::: Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> :: Gets out her tricorder and scans through the forcefield. :: to the pirate :: You are on the USS Challenger, what are your injuries? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Lets a replacement crewman take her station as she stands.:: I guess I'll go greet our guests. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::and he has those piercing eyes, too::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Pirate> ::growls:: We range in injuries from plasma burns, lacerations and a bumped head. The Orion Syndicate will hear of this. Hunter Matheson: ::he nods to the replacement::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: Very well. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods as she heads off to the lift.:: Brig. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::wants to snort, but he's pretty sure that the Orions can get nasty::: Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> I'm sure they hear all manner of things. :: looks at security :: Sargent, I need to treat them IN the cell. How about we move the injured to their own cell one at a time? Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> Yes, ma'am. Who do you want first? Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> Her, the burnt one. :: points :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Steps out of the lift, and after a short walk down the hall, enters the brig.:: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::signals a minion to help her up and bring her along::: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::then he steps out of the cell behind the doc, the minion, and the injured lady::: Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> :: Actually, just place a chair in the middle. I will treat her there. Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> :: scans :: What is your name? Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::and doesn't forget to secure the cell, then spots the El Tee and gives a nod:: ma'am. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::makes a space for her::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Burnt Pirate> ::Doesn't offer any resistance due to her condition: I am Sharla. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Walks up to the security field.:: What's the situation? Cptn Ja'Lale: Another Pirate> You won't get anything from us, Federation! Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> Nurse Hokfan is taking them singly into a separate cell for triage and treatment, ma'am. Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> I am Marla. First, something for the pain.. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> From there, it's up to her. Cptn Ja'Lale: Sharla> Hmm, our names rhyme. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> Then something for the burn. :: sprays something all over her :: How far does the burn extend? Cptn Ja'Lale: Sharla> ::points from her cheek down to her chest:: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::Lt:: We have 4 in one cell, 3 in the other. Have plenty of cells. Maybe it's best to keep them separated, ma'am. Just suggesting. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: Do it. Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> Turn so your back is to the forcefield. Cptn Ja'Lale: Sharla> ::Does as instructed:: Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> Pardon me... :: exposes more of her chest to spray the anti-burn medication on her. :: This will sting a bit... Cptn Ja'Lale: Sharla> Mmm. Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> Yeah... just a little more... there. :: covers her back up :: That will create a seal around the burn like a loose bandage. It will feel tight for a while Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> Next.... Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::Nurse:: Ma'am, how about we put them in separate cells so they can heal properly? Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> So we can move them each to one cell and they can rest, ma'am? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Quietly to Mardy:: When the nurse is done with her, I want that prisoner moved to a different location. Away from the others, and bio filters on maximum. Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> That will be fine Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::not mentioning the possibility of collaboration if they stay together.::: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> Yes, ma'am. ::orders the other minions to shift them to separate cells:: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> Now you can choose your next patient and have more privacy. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::quietly to LT:: Yes, ma'am. How far? Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> :: waits for the next one :: Just choose one Sergeant. Dyan Sylvanis: Far enough. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> You're the doctor, ma'am. I wouldn't know which one to choose. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::nod to Syl:: Yes, ma'am. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> :::signals to the minion before the other guy's locked up and they put him the farthest cell possible::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Pirates> ::all now separated:: Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::stands by the LT in case he's needed, and he can watch everything from where they are standing::: Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> :: Time passes and she treats each of the pirate people persons :: Cptn Ja'Lale: Pirates> ::a bit testy but otherwise quiet for now, holding their cards close to their chests:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Observing them quietly for now.:: Hunter Matheson: ETA to the starbase is [X, up to Skipper], sir. Dvokr chim Hok: Nurse Hokfan> :: Treats her last patient :: That should be it Sargent. Cptn Ja'Lale: 24 hours? Sounds good. Hopefully the pirates won't cause too much of a fuss down there. Hunter Matheson: Aye, Sir. ::hoping they don't cause much ruckus::: Cptn Ja'Lale: I should go down and chat with them too. Hopefully we can get some information out of them as to the whereabouts of the freighter crew they've abducted. Hunter Matheson: SGT Mardy> ::doing his thing while the minions do all the work::: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Ok, great job folks. If I remember, I'll be sure to log the captain's interrogation of the pirates this week. TBS will be 24 hours when we'll be approaching SB 189. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: If there's nothing else, then sim dismissed. See most of you on Aegis in a few, and the rest next week!
  11. Happy Anniversary, STSF! I can't believe it has been 15 years since we began this forum! Congratulations to Admiral Atragon and everyone who was there!
  12. USS Challenger Mission Briefing: 28 July 2017 - The Challenger was powered down and masked as a freighter to lure in the Orion Pirates which was reported to be attacking ships in the area. When we left off, sensors detected five pirate ships in the area and quickly approaching. The pirates have so far shown no signs they've detected Challenger's actual signature. TBS was none, IIRC. Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::helm, making like a freighter:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Almost there.. ::checking out the ships' positions:: Dvokr chim Hok: We may be in the midst of being surrounded. Hunter Matheson: ::Captain:: Scramble Shadow, or is it too iffy? Dyan Sylvanis: ::At Tactical:: I wouldn't recommend it in this nebula. The fighter's shields aren't modified. Hunter Matheson: ::nod:: Yes, ma'am. Cptn Ja'Lale: Be ready to raise shields once they're close enough. ::ponders at Hunter:: It'd be cutting it close.. how soon can they launch? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: Yes. You're right, I think. I think we can manage with those smaller ships. Dvokr chim Hok: They may be as blind as we are if the gas density is enough Hunter Matheson: Helm ready for evasive maneuvers at your command, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The pirate ships enter Challenger's sensor range, though due to interference with the nebula may be hard to accurately target. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::hears a beep:: Ok. Now. Shields up. Cptn Ja'Lale: Execute evasives, targeting the lead ship. Dvokr chim Hok: Captain, we may need to be careful about moving here, The wake we create could give away our position Dyan Sylvanis: ::Raises shields Hunter Matheson: ::checks the reading:: Executing evasives now. ::press:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods:: So noted. We'll have to move quickly then. Hunter Matheson: Strap in. Could be a rough ride. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Targets the ships.:: Weapons ready Hunter Matheson: ::checking Syl's targeting, matching evasive maneuvers:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The trap had been sprung; Challenger quickly manoevres out of the nebula and fires a volley at the lead ship. The other ships scramble erratically. Hunter Matheson: ::bringing the ship to bear on the lead ship, giving her a good line of execution::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION> ::thanks to Hunter's piloting, Dyan has a good position to cause significant damage to the lead ship, which disables their port nacelle:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Moving power around :: Hunter Matheson: ::taking cues from TAC::: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Fires when she gets an opening.:: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl::: Coming around to make a hole. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The remaining pirates group together and fire back at the Challenger. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Tosses in his seat :: Hunter Matheson: ::snort:: Stupid guys. Clumped together. Like a turkey shoot. Hunter Matheson: Hang on, going through the center. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: I suppose they're not used to having the ships they attack fire back at them.. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: You like starboard or port side better? Dyan Sylvanis: Port. ::Fires at the cluster.:: Hunter Matheson: Coming around to bear on port side. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods.:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::holds on and watches the viewscreen:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Concentrating on his console :: Hunter Matheson: ::zooms through the cluster, bearing to port:: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Fires all phasers.:: Hunter Matheson: Um... think you have a new calling, ma'am. ::continues through, then pulls up for another run::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger fires upon the cluster of ships, much like fish in a barrel. The ships sustain more heavy damage. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Once clear, she fires aft torpedoes.:: Dvokr chim Hok: We are coming out of this better than I expected. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: Taking attack form Foxtrot. Hold on. Cptn Ja'Lale: Well, doubtless five medium sized fighter ships won't stand much chance against an Excelsior class. Don't wanna brag, just sayin' Hunter Matheson: ::grins as he takes aim at the disabled ships again::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Two of the ships go boom Cptn Ja'Lale: The resulting explosion takes out a third. Only one ship now remains in operable condition. Hunter Matheson: ::blinks at the brief, but spectacular flash onscreen::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: Hok continues to shake around :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Fires on the last ship.:: Hunter Matheson: ::zooms by::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Dyan's shot hits its mark, disabling the last ship. Dyan Sylvanis: All ships destroyed or disabled. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Two ships remain undestroyed, heavily damage. Faint lifesigns can be detected in both. Hunter Matheson: Stand down attack, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: Yes, stand down. Hunter Matheson: Standing down attack, aye. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl, quietly:: Good shooting. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Smirks.:: Hunter Matheson: Now, if you could only do as well on the range, we'd be a pair. Hunter Matheson: (someone going to say something about the lifesigns?) Hunter Matheson: (pretty sweet to get a few prisoners) Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: There are seven life signs on both ships, all Orion. Dvokr chim Hok: Power to transporters... any females? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: All males. Dyan Sylvanis: Security has been sent to the transporters.:: Hunter Matheson: Holding position. Dvokr chim Hok: (that's a real buzz kill there Captain) Hunter Matheson: (heh) Cptn Ja'Lale: (lol) Cptn Ja'Lale: Beam them out once you have a lock, then let’s get out of here Hunter Matheson: ::plots course away from the nebula:: Hunter Matheson: ::several alternate routes, just in case::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: They beam out the pirates and depart the nebula. Hunter Matheson: Set course for...? Cptn Ja'Lale: Set a course back to the star base, Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. Back to base. Cptn Ja'Lale: Wanna go check on our prisoners? Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Dvokr chim Hok: paused and see most in a sec Cptn Ja'Lale: OK. TBS is a few hours. Sim dismissed.
  13. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief - 07 July 2017. Challenger is looking for signs of pirate ships that have been attacking various freighters. We may have some results that look promising. TBS was none, I believe. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions? Hunter Matheson: no, sir Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::holding steady at helm::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::looking at readings:: Hunter Matheson: ::playing like an old freighter, ready to crater:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: At Operations :: Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: you keepin' a close eye on tac? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sitting at her console. She nods.:: Yeah. Hunter Matheson: The shift could get dicey. Cptn Ja'Lale: Definitely could. Cptn Ja'Lale: Are we close to our destination point? Be ready to shut down all but vital systems once we arrive. Hopefully it won't be long for them to take the bait. Hunter Matheson: Moving in, sir. Lumbering takes a while. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl::: helm sensors are foggy. Let me know when to shut down. Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: Uh.. ma'am. Dvokr chim Hok: Aye Hunter Matheson: ::Syl:: Ma'am? Dyan Sylvanis: Shut down now Hunter Matheson: Shutting down. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Shuts down the main systems :: Hunter Matheson: ::puts on the brakes::: Hunter Matheson: ::hoping they don't drift into something they shouldn't drift into::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger is plunged into almost darkness, save for emergency lighting. Only basic systems like life support,etc are online. Hunter Matheson: ::antsy, but still focused::: Dvokr chim Hok: :: It's dark :: Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sits back in her chair as the lights go out.:: This will be fun. Hunter Matheson: ::except that he can smell Syl's shampoo or something::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger's energy signatures go dark, nothing on long range just yet, but it's still early. Hunter Matheson: ::nip:: Yeah, fun. Or deadly. Cptn Ja'Lale: Always great playing the waiting game. Hunter Matheson: ::pats the helm console, trying to get a grip::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: A few commercials later, sensors detect a ping in long range and slowly approaching us. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Hears the ping :: Hunter Matheson: ::distant ping drifts his way::: Cptn Ja'Lale: Getting anything? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Sits up.:: Something is approaching. Hunter Matheson: ::looks her way::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::nods: Finally. Stand by.. Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: About four more smaller sized vessels show up and form together, slowly approaching the Challenger. Hunter Matheson: Standing by.. Dyan Sylvanis: ::Quietly.:: There appears to be five of them. Cptn Ja'Lale: Be ready to raise shields and arm weapons, once they're close enough. Hunter Matheson: ::syl:: Hostile? Dyan Sylvanis: Can't tell without active sensors, but considering there is no one else out here, I'm willing to bet so. Dyan Sylvanis: Ready to power up shields and weapons. Hunter Matheson: ::nods, goes back to staring at the helm console:: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The five vessels break into different positions around the Challenger. ID scans are inconclusive, but the ships appear to be the same type as the ships the Challenger previously encountered. Dyan Sylvanis: They are definitely the same type of ships we encountered. Cptn Ja'Lale: That's a good sign, or bad depending on how you take it. Hunter Matheson: Ready to power helm on command. Hunter Matheson: ::leg bounces in anticipation::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: The ships are now within range, apparently still not aware of the Challenger's actual signature, they appear to be powering up their weapons Hunter Matheson: ::hands poised over the console::: Dyan Sylvanis: They are powering weapons Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Dyan Sylvanis: ::paused:: Hunter Matheson: ::done:: Cptn Ja'Lale: oooh Dyan Sylvanis: dun dun dun Cptn Ja'Lale: OK, we'll pick up from there next week.
  14. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger Mission Brief: 30 JUN 2017 - The Challenger has arrived at the pirates' last known coordinates to begin searching for the pirates' last known coordinates. Cptn Ja'Lale: TBS was a day. Cptn Ja'Lale: Any questions? Hunter Matheson: ? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes Hunter Matheson: We're searching for the pirates hideout? Cptn Ja'Lale: Correct Dvokr chim Hok: I like the brief Hunter Matheson: heh. was thinking of that Dvokr chim Hok: Episode title: "Last Known Coordinates" Hunter Matheson: Copy that, Skip Cptn Ja'Lale: lol Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: It's Friday man.. it's been a long week ok :P Hunter Matheson: heh Dvokr chim Hok: :: At his personal last known coordinates, the Operations chair on the bridge :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::on the bridge looking out at the viewscreen:: Hunter Matheson: ::doing the helm thing, muttering to himself about nebulas and why pirates have to hide in nebulas and why don't they hide in some place like an asteroid belt::: Hunter Matheson: ::sighs:: Continue on the grid, Captain? Cptn Ja'Lale: Yes please. Dvokr chim Hok: If I was a pirate I would first acquire stealth technology. Cptn Ja'Lale: and a cloaking device Hunter Matheson: Continuing on search grid, aye. Hunter Matheson: Moving on to Utah seven niner niner. Hunter Matheson: ::brings the ship around on course for the next grid sweep:: Caitlin Townshend: Maybe instead of trying to find them, we could bring them to us. Hunter Matheson: ::sounds like a plan:: Hunter Matheson: ::turns:: Like, play dead, Lieutenant? Cptn Ja'Lale: I like that idea... Dvokr chim Hok: This is so slow. :: Checking power readings :: Caitlin Townshend: ::Hunter:: Something like that. I was thinking we could disguise Challenger's sensor readings as a juicy, overladen, under-powered freighter. Caitlin Townshend: Make us a tempting target, lure them out. By the time they get close enough to cut through the nebula interference and ID us as a Starfleet vessel, it's too late. Hunter Matheson: ::snorts into a chuckle:: Sounds like a plan to me. ::watching the grid:: Caitlin Townshend: ::waits for the captain to comment on her proposal:: Dvokr chim Hok: Plasma... Cptn Ja'Lale: Sounds like it could work, if we're in the right location and power down most of our systems. Cptn Ja'Lale: I think it's a good plan and seems to be our best bet in finding the pirates. We just need to find the right location to spring our trap. Cptn Ja'Lale: Unless anyone else has any other ideas? Hunter Matheson: Captain, I'm detecting a pretty nasty cloud formation to port. If we get close enough it'll help us mask who we are, make it look like we're dead in space. Cptn Ja'Lale: How soon can we get there and also how soon can we.. as you humans say.. play possum? Hunter Matheson: Well, sir. I can get us there in ::checks tactical:: ten minutes, give or take. don Hunter Matheson: don't want to actually go inside, or we could be dead in space. Caitlin Townshend: I can reconfigure the deflector dish to help mask our signature if Mr. Hok can work on tamping our power profile. Hunter Matheson: I mean, close to the cloud would be enough to disable an overweight freighter. Cptn Ja'Lale: I agree, I don't want to get too close but close enough to mask our ID. I'll leave it up to you guys to determine how close we need to be and other such details. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Nods :: Hunter Matheson: ::watching their course closely, he speaks to Syl when she settles in::: We're going to get close to that cloud to port ::quick point:: when Lt Townshend gets us ready. Hunter Matheson: Take TAC for me? ::hopes:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: taps :: Setting faulty power profile. Caitlin Townshend: ::working on reconfiguring deflector:: Caitlin Townshend: OK, I've adjusted the deflector so that, combined with our power profile, we'll look more like a freighter than a cruiser. Dvokr chim Hok: What if they are watching us now? Dyan Sylvanis: ::Nods, sitting at her console.:: Hunter Matheson: ::prepares to change course toward the dark cloud:: Hunter Matheson: ::Hok:: Tell them we're a science mission? Hunter Matheson: Looking for scientific things? Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: Gaseous anomalies. Cptn Ja'Lale: ::monitors sensors and other readouts:: Dyan Sylvanis: I imagine there wouldn't be much talking. Cptn Ja'Lale: Shoot first, ask questions later Hunter Matheson: Coming up on grid change, Captain. Hold position? Cptn Ja'Lale: Aye. Hold here please. Caitlin Townshend: Deflector ready. Hunter Matheson: Hold position, aye. Cptn Ja'Lale: Are we ready to begin? Hok, inform the crew we'll be going dark. Hunter Matheson: ::eyeballing the best place to slip toward:: Dvokr chim Hok: Aye Hunter Matheson: Lt Townshend, can you give me the best approach to that cloud, ma'am? I'm not sure of its composition, only that it could be deadly. Dvokr chim Hok: +shipwide+ Attention crew. Challenger going dark. I repeat, Challenger going dark. Cptn Ja'Lale: (5 minutes) Hunter Matheson: ::figures he should have studied harder in nebula comp 375::: Caitlin Townshend: Here, sending you a vector now. Hunter Matheson: Yes, ma'am. Vector received. Hunter Matheson: Tacking to port 058 degrees, moving in. Hunter Matheson: Lumbering like a lumber monster. Dvokr chim Hok: :: Getting nervous:: Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Great job. We'll pick up from there next week. (TBS = 0) Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: OK then. Sim dismissed.. have a great week everyone. Happy Canada Day and Independence Day.
  15. Cptn Ja'Lale: USS Challenger - Mission Brief 23 Jun 2017. The Challenger has taken on supplies & repairs and is ready to depart. They have been dispatched to investigate possible rumors of an Orion pirate operations that was targeting freighters in the area. TBS was 12 hours. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::doing the helm thing:: Hunter Matheson: ::checking the latest sector reports, looking for the best infil options:: Dvokr chim Hok: :: at operations :: Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Seated in his chair, reading his intel briefing:: Mr Hok,. request clearance to depart once we're ready and everyone's accounted for. Hunter Matheson: ::finishes up preflight, signaling station OPS regarding same:: Cptn Ja'Lale: Once we're clear, set a course back to the area around the nebula.. though, if you were an Orion pirate where would you hide your ships and ill-gotten gains. Dvokr chim Hok: Inert low gravity object... Small moon or asteroid. Hunter Matheson: Setting course toward the nebula, aye. On your command, Captain. Cptn Ja'Lale: Engage. Once we're within sensor range, start looking for potential hiding spots. Dvokr chim Hok: Or keep it onboard for quick profit... Captain Cptn Ja'Lale: They also have the crew from the first freighter hostage as well. THat might be hard to keep them on a small ship for too long. Hunter Matheson: Engaging course toward the nebula, aye. Dvokr chim Hok: :: taps :: Dvokr chim Hok: :: sighs :: Hunter Matheson: :::checking all parameters, making sure the ship is.. well, ship-shape::: Hunter Matheson: ::snort:: Hunter Matheson: ::lets out a breath and relaxes for the first time since coming aboard::: Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Challenger is clear of the station and jumps to warp. Hunter Matheson: ::watching the board, speaking to Syl:: So, what's the tactical reading? Anything interesting? Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Near the nebula are of course looks of asteroids of various sizes. and a small star systems of barren planets and moons some light years away. Hunter Matheson: ::his console pings an alarm for asteroid avoidance:: Hunter Matheson: ::and he engages the auto avoidance system, then looks at Syl to see if she's asleep::: Hunter Matheson: ::quietly:: Syl? Hunter Matheson: You okay? Hunter Matheson: Approaching the nebular perimeter, Captain. Dvokr chim Hok: :: checking power Cptn Ja'Lale: ::Nods:: Slow to impulse once we're in range Hunter Matheson: In range of the nebula, Captain, or in range of a suspected asteroid? Hunter Matheson: Coming up on the nebula. Dropping from warp, going to full impulse. Cptn Ja'Lale: Suspected nebula preferably. Hunter Matheson: Aye, sir. ::Syl:: Any reading on tactical that screams "Orions"? Dvokr chim Hok: Power to sensors... Dvokr chim Hok: :: brings up the power allocations Cptn Ja'Lale: ACTION: Quite a lot of possible places our Orion friends could be hiding in. Hunter Matheson: ::Hok::: Any particular place we should look, sir? Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: PAUSE SIM Cptn Ja'Lale: Good work all. We'll pick from there next week. Any questions? Cptn Ja'Lale: Sim dismissed.. Have a great week.