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  1. From the Ashes Chirakis Kirel, Captain, CSEC, SI-5 There are times when handing duties over to a junior officer for night shift is not a good idea. This was one of those times. CnC’s chronograph kept a steady rhythm, ignoring everything but the passage of time. Shifts that should have changed did not. Some voluntarily left; others either decided to stay or became oblivious to time, mesmerized by unfolding events. Captain Ramson had left on Aegean to intercept a ship that was assigned to a stellar survey, then, either willingly or not, took another path—hostile and dangerous. To Kirel, the Tok-Pan-Jri would become another Vladivostok, whose crew paid a heavy price for entering that nebula unescorted. This time, Task Force Aegis—USS Missouri, USS Ramius, stealth destroyer USS Warren, and their support vessels—accompanied Aegean, and for that Kirel was thankful. Captain Ramson passed Aegis command onto Commander Coleridge, who was immediately drawn into another snare known as Starfleet Command. With him buried in his office to endure hours of mostly-idle chat filled with questions he could not answer and not a little posturing on their part, Kirel became Officer in Charge. Was it her deadly glare that kept Lt Cdr Tarisa, Ens Jackson, and Ltjg Lackey on shift? Kirel preferred to believe that they were dedicated, determined to stand the watch and see this through. In retrospect, she was correct in that assumption. Those three, as well as Midshipman Kenyon and Commander Cayne, kept her on an even keel, although it probably did not seem so to them. Her words were clipped, her expression grim, and the instant responses she demanded often became unbearable. Although she was not the only one on Aegis who remembered the incident, her personal memory of USS Vladivostok’s emaciated crew remained fresh. It cut her to the quick. “It will not happen again.” Just over three months ago, on an artificial cave on a cold, desolate planetoid within Nebula 236a, the crew of USS Vladivostok barely survived. Some did not. Stardate 2388.006 - January 6, 2388 Breath came at a premium for James Belton, captain of the USS Vladivostok. Several broken ribs, especially one that angled dangerously close to his left lung, hampered his breathing. Abrasions swelled his face and neck, and bruises covered most of his body. But he was still alive, which is more than he could say for… how many of Vladivostok’s crew? He pushed the thought aside. He had to focus on the future, absorb as much of his surroundings as possible, watch their captors, understand what he could from their language, movement, and mannerisms, and use that to survive, to plan an escape. The sudden awareness of a warm body brought him out of his thoughts. “Here, Jim,” a deep voice said softly, “we found the mylar blankets. They’ll warm you up.” Only then did he realize he was shivering uncontrollably from the heavy dampness of the cave and the icy water that dripped along its walls and ran in rivulets through tiny cracks. Aboard ship, he had almost cursed their uniform material, but now he was grateful. It was keeping him from pneumonia in this hellacious atmosphere. Two strong arms lifted him gently into a sitting position against the granite wall, wrapped the blanket around him, then carefully lifted his chin and peered into his eyes. “You’re doing okay, Jim,” said Cdr Alex Worley in encouragement. Beneath a forced smile, Belton new differently. He was lucky to be alive. Worley eased the captain’s chin and body back to their original positions, then pulled a blanket around himself before settling down next to him. Vladivostok’s executive officer had always been the crew’s encouragement. “We’ll be outta here soon,” he said. “She’ll send someone. We’ll be fine.” Belton blinked, disoriented and confused. “Logan?” “She got away,” Worley said quietly as he leaned close. “She stole one of their ships. She took the data crystal.” “Right. The crystal. She took it to…” “She took it,” Worley interrupted as his eyes darted around, looking for evesdroppers. “She’s good. We’ll be outta here soon.” The clank of metal on granite echoed from above. Soon several guards, accompanied by what looked like servants, passed among the crew, doling out a soup that looked and smelled suspiciously like the partially digested innards of some hapless invertebrate that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Belton wanted to retch, but Worley pressed the cup to his lips before he had a chance. “Easy,” he said. “A few sips at a time. It’s not exactly home cooking, but it’ll keep your strength up. You’ll feel better.” As soon as the captain dropped off to sleep, Worley waved a crewman over to take his place. The captain was in serious condition, but there were others who needed his attention. As a science vessel, most of Vladivostok’s crew were doctors and scientists, but their medical supplies were waning. They made do with whatever they could scrounge from emergency kits. Since their capture three days ago, Worley had wondered about this cavern—why it was so symmetrical, the walls so smooth, and why it seemed to lead nowhere, only from the surface to a few hundred meters below. As he wandered through, he watched, listened, and encouraged the crew to stay as positive as possible in this hell hole. The remains of those who had died in the starship’s takeover had been carefully laid out close to the snow-covered planet’s surface. The aliens that held them? They didn’t seem to care, as long as everyone was compliant. There were no interrogations or intimidation. Worley stood at the entrance, watching the snow swirl in soft eddies around the bodies, blanketing them in their sleep. “Maddie,” he whispered across the void, “tell me you made it. Please, tell me you made it to Aegis.” Stardate 2388.009 - Deep in Neutral Space The stealth fighter, Drakkor, slipped silently through space as the dark void thirstily swallowed her jet-black hull. The vessel seemed to relish its freedom, as did her pilot, Chirakis Kirel, Starfleet Intelligence Division 5 operative and former commanding officer of Sky Harbor Aegis. Closing her eyes against the firmament, she sank deep into the custom pilot seat, both pondering and trying to ignore what could be in store when she reached her destination: a covert base where SI-5, SI-6, and Tal Shiar operatives gathered when the Federation and its allies were in danger. “Destination Rendezvous October,” Kirel spoke quietly into her helmet communication system as soon as the computer signaled neutral territory. “Run dark. Engage avoidance maneuvers and random course changes at random intervals.” “Compliance.” The computer’s synthesized reply did not hold the concern of its master, offering instead a sense of calm. It allowed her to relax, if only for a few minutes. “Unknown vessel on intercept course.” Drakkor’s synthesized voice woke her instantly. Given the immensity of space, the odds that two fighters would just happen to be on an intercept course were astronomical, and the possibility that someone had detected Drakkor’s presence was highly unlikely. “Identify.” “Insufficient data.” “Vessel description.” “High warp capable starship, fighter configuration nine meters by five meters, one occupant, standard armament.” “Species of occupant.” “Human female.” “Are weapons engaged?” “Negative. Weapons are inoperable.” Inoperable? Strange. “Time to intercept.” “Ten minutes, 43.7 seconds.” “Projected destination given its present course.” “Sky Harbor Aegis.” “Kahless!” she growled. “Change course to parallel the unknown vessel. Maintain a distance of 5,000 meters. Commence audio and visual record. Track trajectory. Arm all weapons, but do not target.” “Compliance.” Soon a strangely configured fighter passed and faded in the distance. Drakkor’s data analysis revealed recent scoring of the fighter’s hull, though there was no major damage. Her pilot was indeed human, but lifesigns were low, and given the speed of the vessel, its fuel supply would not last long. It seemed odd, especially because this particular area of space was truly a void. Kirel took manual control of Drakkor and came about for pursuit. Not long after, she approached the vessel, now dead in space and beginning to drift. Her pilot, slumped forward and barely alive, wore the uniform of a Starfleet officer, though that did not guarantee it was a Starfleet officer. Kirel drifted wing-to-wing with the unknown fighter while her systems verified that there was no trap, no failsafe, and no danger in boarding the other vessel. But a nagging suspicion remained. The slow rise and fall of the occupant’s chest and the occasional twitch of her left hand indicated she was still alive, though given the state of her vessel’s life support, she would not be for long. Kirel locked Drakkor's emergency escape hatch with the other fighter. She eased through the passageway into the cockpit. The fighter was old, and its configuration was stranger inside than out. The console was worn and ordinary, but the language was a bizarre mix of Klingon and Romulan, and barely readable. As fresh air surged in from Drakkor, the young woman came around, drinking in great gasps and thirsting for more. Soon she slumped back into the pilot’s seat, her head lolling against the headrest for a minute or two until her gaze fell on the still-helmeted Kirel, who had left the helmet's black reflective visor in place as a precaution. “Who are you?" the girl breathed, her face pale and looking more like a girl's than a woman's. "I would ask you the same. Lieutenant," the captain countered skeptically. "Not until you tell me who you are." "It would appear,” Kirel replied, “that you are in no position to bargain. If you refuse to answer I will leave.” She shrugged. “Which means that you will be dead within the hour. Of course, someone else could come along, but it’s highly unlikely given this area of space." Clearly suffering from hypoxia, the girl gave her a blank stare. “Can't you at least let me see your face? Please? So I know this is real and not a dream?" Kirel’s hand grasped the girl's arm in a vice grip, releasing only after she cried out. "There. You are awake. Now tell me who you are." "Lieutenant Madelyn Logan, Operations Officer, USS Vladivostok." "And your destination?" “I don't know. The captain gave me the coordinates. I stole the fighter and entered them, then pressed what looked like the button to engage." "You stole the fighter? From whom?" "I don't know. They were all masked, and their bodies were completely covered. When they were around us they didn’t talk except for grunts, so…” she started to fade, then took a deep breath, “...so we don’t know… I don’t know who they are… they were….” “You said ‘the captain’ gave you the coordinates, and then mentioned ‘they were all around us.’ Who is ‘us?’” “The crew… our crew… the crew of Vladivostok.” A few labored breaths, and she asked, “Please, do you have any water?” “I do. Are you able to move?” “A little.” “Then come. Use the hatch to enter my vessel. I have plenty.” For a moment, the girl’s blank stare returned, but she shook it off as she struggled out of the pilot’s seat. “You still didn’t tell me your name.” “In due time. For now, you may call me Captain.” Leaving the aged fighter behind, Drakkor continued its silent slip through the void, changing course at random intervals toward Rendezvous October. A few sips of water and the girl was asleep. The DNA sample from the young lieutenant’s water bottle verified the girl’s identity as Madelyn Logan, Lieutenant, Operations Officer for USS Vladivostok, age... 19? Recruited at 14? Her small frame curled snugly in Drakkor’s second seat spoke of a naive child more than an officer. What had happened to the Vladivostok? Why had no one reported it missing? How did the stolen fighter just happen to be in the same area as Drakkor exactly when its occupant needed help? Kirel had found a data crystal in the lieutenant’s tunic pocket. A thorough scan had verified its authenticity, it took several hours to decrypt, and it was difficult to analyze. The young officer stirred, stretched, turned, and straightened up in her seat. She picked at the ill-fitting flight suit Kirel had furnished, then looked around in confusion. "Where am I?" “You are in my fighter en route to our destination, Lieutenant," the captain replied, casually. “We should arrive within the hour. How are you feeling?" "Okay I guess," she said, frowning, possibly trying to remember how she got there. Then she glanced through the canopy as she rubbed her eyes. “But I’m kind of hungry." The captain retrieved a small, green package from the food locker and passed it to her, along with another bottle of water. "Eat slowly,” the captain advised. “This has everything your body needs. And continue to hydrate." “Thank you…." The girl stared at Kirel’s flight suit, looking for something. “I know I’m supposed to call you Captain, but can you tell me your name?” “Chirakis.” It didn’t seem to register. “I am Captain Chirakis, Lieutenant.” Kirel nodded congenially. “Oh. Okay. So, thank you, Captain Chirakis… for the food. And for well... you know... saving me.” The girl waited, seeming to want a response. Kirel gave her customary short nod. Madelyn fumbled with the package and eventually conquered it. She took a tentative bite, then studied the wrapper, reading the contents thoroughly. Smiling at Kirel, she took another bite, chewing thoughtfully as she regarded the captain’s PADD. “Something else, Lieutenant?” Kirel asked finally. “What are you reading?” “Information possibly needed at my destination.” “Oh.” She took another bite, then fished in her tunic pocket. Confused, she stopped to strain her eyes toward the PADD. “The answer to your question is yes. I took it from your pocket.” The captain’s gaze met hers. “Where did you get it?” “The captain… my captain… Captain Belton? He gave it to me. He said it was important. I was supposed to give it to the commanding officer at my destination when I arrived. Well… actually… he said if I arrived.” “And what was your destination?” She shrugged, taking another bite, then disposing of the wrapper. “I really don’t know. He just gave me some coordinates. That’s it.” “And why did Captain Belton send you instead of your helmsman?” She stopped chewing and stared at the floor for a moment, then swallowed hard. “He’s dead.” After a pause, Kirel stowed her PADD and shifted her seat to piloting position. “We will be landing soon, Lieutenant. I suggest you prepare. Your helmet is behind the seat. Put it on and do not remove it until I tell you to. Do you understand?” “Yeah. I mean… yes, Captain.” * * * * * * * * * Just over an hour later, they reached the docking bay of Rendezvous October, situated below ground on an asteroid between Federation and Ferengi space. When Madelyn removed her darkened helmet, her mouth dropped open and she froze half-way out of the seat.They were in a cave. Well, kind of a cave. At least it looked like a cave. It had this weird lighting, kind of like a fighter bay. But the only thing that made it look like a fighter bay was... well... the fighters. And the plane crews. And the bay chief. And the equipment. And the floor. And the…. She blinked. There must have been over a hundred workers in the bay. Some of them were armed. And they were all standing still. Their eyes were fixed on the captain’s fighter. Oh no… they were fixed on her… and their weapons were pointed…. A firm grasp on her upper arm jerked her out of the seat. “Now, Lieutenant. State your name, rank, and posting.” “Yes, ma’am,” she squeaked, then swallowed and took a deep breath, trying to ignore the stares that came from every angle. “Lieutenant Madelyn Logan, Operations Officer, USS Vladivostok.” After a moment, “Voice print is verified, Captain,” came from the intercom. “Welcome aboard.” “Thank you, Chief. Lieutenant Logan.” The captain turned to her. Madelyn was shrinking away from one of the plane crew who stood on a platform ladder at her side, his hand extended as he waited to assist her. The rest of the crews had returned to work, and the hum of activity resumed. Slowly, the lighting returned to normal, and her pupils had adjusted; she was in a fighter bay, but somewhere underground, and probably somewhere super-secret, like in the movies…. “Lieutenant. Logan.” Her head snapped to the captain. Yeah, she was ticked. “Yes, ma’am?” “Sergeant Murphy will be your escort while you are here.” She nodded to the young man whose hand was still out, waiting. “He will take you to our medical personnel and then to billeting.” “I don’t bite,” said Murphy, smiling. “Let’s get you settled in, make sure you’re okay, get you some chow. How about it?” “Uh… yeah, okay. Murphy?” Only when she took his hand did she realize how weak she was. Her legs were trembling, and getting out of the fighter would have been a major accomplishment if he hadn’t been there. “You can call me Tim,” he said with a congenial smile. “It’s a lot easier than Murphy.” * * * * * * * Kirel stepped out of the cockpit and slid down her side of the fighter, landing easily on the tarmac. “Walk with me,” she said as she handed her gloves and helmet to the crew chief. “How many are we?” “Close to four hundred by last count, Captain. More coming in every day, but we’re slow in vetting them.” He handed her a PADD, which she read through and signed, then passed back. “A lot of records were purged when they were declared persona non grata.” “Understandable. Where is my team?” “Deck 8, substrata.” "And Admiral Solokov?" "CnC, with Admiral Mulligan." “Thank you, Chief. Take good care of Drakkor. You might be interested in her upgrades. Have a look, but don’t touch.” “Of course, Captain. We’ll keep her secure.” Equidistant from Federation and Ferengi space, a small group of asteroids floats, tethered to each other by a fragmented planet’s gravitational field. There, in collaboration with the Federation and to their mutual benefit, the Ferengi Alliance built a commercial complex where several corporations developed and tested new technology. One asteroid used by a number of technology corporations was devoted to ASTech (/Aztec/), Air & Space Technology, the premiere developer of cutting-edge technology for military and civilian spacecraft. A variety of unmarked spacecraft, especially fighters and specialized small craft, came and went from their facility with ease. It was the perfect place to house the base known as Rendezvous October. Beneath a dome that furnished both atmosphere and security, ASTech’s corporate headquarters was nondescript. Beneath the storage and maintenance levels, and the ASTech corporate landing bays, was Rendezvous October, with coded access through the corporate bays. Here, Drakkor had landed, only one of many fighters and other craft used by operatives from the Allied Powers, chief among them being Starfleet Intelligence and the Tal Shiar. "Admiral Solokov." Kirel acknowledged the gray haired officer who turned as her escort admitted her to October’s Command and Control center. "Captain Chirakis," said Solokov, moving to greet her, then turning to gesture toward the others present. "You know Admiral Mullins of Federation Security,… Captain Raza of Starfleet Intelligence, Division 6,... and Riov t'Aldani of the Tal Shiar." "I do," she said, greeting each superior in turn before they resumed their business. “Any word from USS Vladivostok?" she asked. “Vladivostok?" A brow shot up as he gave it some thought. “Not that I am aware. She’s a science vessel, Oberth class, specially modified to explore areas of high radiation, stellar prominences, emission nebulae, that type of thing, so they are not usually in this area of space. There’s really no reason for them to contact us. Why do you ask?" "Twelve hours ago I rescued their operations officer, Lieutenant Madelyn Logan. She was drifting in space, in a cross-platform fighter, on a direct course to Aegis, to deliver this." She handed the data crystal to Solokov. “What kind of cross-platform?” the admiral queried, regarding the crystal. “A strange mix of technologies and a different hull configuration, with a Klingon-Romulan console.” His brow furrowed. “Go on.” “She said she did not know her destination, that Captain Belton had only given her some coordinates, gave her the data crystal, and ordered her to deliver it to the commanding officer at her destination, which, of course, would have been me. Sergeant Murphy, SI-5, is escorting her. He is expert in… casual interrogation through relaxed conversation.” The Admiral regarded the crystal again, lips tight, and gave a knowing nod. “In any event,” Kirel continued, “the information on the crystal may or may not have something to do with Argesil. However, if the Vladivostok is missing we might want to investigate.” “Of course. Lieutenant Kapar," Solokov turned toward a prominent display, "Get me the last known location of USS Vladivostok." "Yes, Admiral.” A few taps of the young man’s console brought a report onscreen. “Its last known location was…” he paged down, “...the outskirts of Nebula 236A. They were investigating signals in the nebula that were inconsistent with data they gathered a year ago, Admiral. Do you want me to go into the nitty-gritty and read the specifics of the science report?" "No, Lieutenant. When was that report filed?" "Six days ago, sir." “Is there any evidence of weapons fire or debris?" Kirel asked. Kapar swiveled to face her. "We can't detect weapons fire or debris at this distance, ma'am, but we haven’t received any reports from that area." Solokov turned the crystal over in his palm several times before handing it to Kapar as he spoke to Chirakis. “I'll let you know what we find." Aboard USS Missouri Three Days Later - Stardate 2388.012 Captain Je’rit d’Ka strode smoothly from Missouri’s command lift onto the bridge. “Commander Lei’ri, the conference room, now. Mr. Tan,” said d’Ka speaking to the operations officer, “call Colonel Anastis and Commander Grigori to the conference room immediately. Mr. Doland, continue on course. Mr. Tan, you have the conn.” A series of “Aye, sir,” followed the officers as they left the bridge, the door to the conference room closing swiftly behind them. “They have found the crew of USS Vladivostok,” d’Ka began as he rounded the conference table and tapped its top to engage the wall screen. Lei’ri’s expression brightened as he joined d’Ka at the screen, arms crossed to listen. “One of their crew escaped and delivered a datacrystal to Rendezvous October.” “October?” Lei’ri raised a brow. “Who on Vladivostok has October clearance?” “No one,” d’Ka replied. “According to the report, Captain Belton gave the crystal to their operations officer. She stole an alien craft, entered the coordinates the captain gave her, and left, not knowing where she was going or what was on the crystal. She was bound for Sky Harbor Aegis when her vessel lost all power, and she was rescued by Captain Chirakis. “Colonel. Commander.” D’Ka and Lei’ri turned to the opening conference room door. “Join us. We have an urgent mission.” The captain’s swipe along the tabletop opened several screens to show a remote area of space. “The crew of USS Vladivostok has been located on a remote nebular planetoid, here.” One screen zoomed in. "It is reported to be cold, but not uninhabitable, composed mostly of granite with little to no vegetation. We are presently en route to Valaria, but will change course within the hour and run silent at best speed for extraction. "The aliens…." Another screen took precedence. "....are believed to be humanoid. Head and face are always covered, reason unknown. We have no idea who they are, and know nothing of their capabilities or purpose, but we do know that they are technologically advanced and possibly hostile. "Their ship….” Several images filled the screen. "....is similar to the one we have been watching. However, the presence of older Federation craft, Romulan warbirds, and customized small craft are noted here, and here. Where these images were taken is unknown, so we will expect at least some craft to be on planet unless we hear otherwise in the next few hours. “Colonel Anastis, your Nightmares will conduct planetary reconnaissance and serve as overwatch and backup. Commander Grigori, your Banshees will move in to rescue. The nebula is dense and will not allow transporter use, so it will be a shuttle recovery. Missouri’s Crusaders will provide atmospheric cover. Missouri will stay within weapons range. Questions so far?" The two officers studied the screens, then gave a collective, “No, sir.” “Vladivostok’s crew numbered 128. Some are known to be dead, and some are severely injured. Pull all your medical personnel into the operation. Missouri’s medical will assist—from Peacekeepers if needed—but your teams should be prepared to carry the injured out. Get with your teams, formulate your plan, and coordinate with the squadron commander. Questions?” “Yes, Captain,” said Grigori, manipulating the planetary screen. “Do we have any more information on the planet, itself? Gravity, tectonic stability?” “What information we have on the planet and the crew’s exact location has been uploaded to your personal slates, but we will not rely on it. When we are in range, Cdr Stevenson in science will give us a more comprehensive assessment.” “Armaments? Ships in orbit?” asked Anastis. “Do we know where these images came from?” “In answer to your first, we know of no ships in orbit, but we will know when we arrive. As for the images, Vladivostok’s commanding officer, Captain Belton, furnished them.” Belton's image appeared onscreen. “They were in a file delivered by an escapee. Starfleet Intelligence has examined them and determined them to be genuine. As for armaments and orbital protection, we will learn more when we arrive.” Grigori’s frown deepened as he read through the information on his slate. “How long have they been there, Captain?” “Vladivostok entered that nebula for exploration over three weeks ago. And no,” d’Ka interjected, anticipating his question, “we do not know if they are alive, but until we have proof that they are dead, they are alive.” After a few moments of checking the screen and referring to their slates, the officers seemed satisfied. “ETA to the planetoid is five hours. You will be informed as soon as updates arrive. If there is nothing else, carry on.” A few minutes after the officers left found the Sindar captain and his Qr’var first officer staring at the closed conference room door. They remained there for several minutes, lost in thought. Finally, knowing the captain’s telepathic abilities, Lei’ri broke the silence. “Are they alive, Captain?” “Yes, ‘Ri,” he replied, his eyes becoming the deep purple of concern. “They are. But they may not be for long.” USS Vladivostok’s Planetoid 5 Days Later - Stardate 2388.017 Cdr Alex Worley Executive Officer, USS Vladivostok “I was as hollow and empty as the spaces between stars.” ― Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye Twilight melted into darkness as Cresta Sanchez watched the makeshift honor guard lay her husband next to the nine others who had died since the crew’s capture. When they withdrew, she knelt beside his body, but the tears that should have come did not. Frail as well as grief-stricken, she was wasting from a strange disease that threatened to run rampant through the crew unless Dr. Gardiner could stop it. After a few minutes, Commander Worley gently squeezed her shoulders, then helped her to a stand and led her back into the comparative warmth of the cave, away from her husband. The planetary sub-zero cold, made more bitter with sunset, would keep the body intact until they were rescued. Then he would receive the burial he deserved. They would drape his coffin with a Federation flag, render him full honors, and lay him to rest at home. Leave no one behind. Put your tears in a box. Lock them away. Turn your grief to determination. Survive. As soon as Worley had her settled, he returned to their temporary morgue, just shy of the cave’s entrance, where he could gaze across the wasteland, as barren and frozen as they were in time. His jaw set, he stared at the stars with a childlike hope: the belief that if he watched, if he thought hard enough and waited long enough, someone would come. Then, half believing that his thought was folly, he would remember the young operations officer, Madelyn Logan, who risked her life to save theirs, daring to believe she could escape and go for help. She made it, he told himself, beating back the doubt. He would not lose hope. They could take everything from him, even his life, but he would never lose hope. “Commander?” “Yes, Salak?” Worley half turned toward the astrophysicist. “Captain Belton wishes to see you.” Within the Vulcan’s stoic expression was an alarming hint of sorrow. Worley dashed down the slippery rock floor, stumbling a few times until he rounded the corner to the warmer area where most of the crew huddled. Jim Belton lay propped up with several blankets wrapped tightly around him, his face like wax, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling, his lips blue, and parted for nothing more than shallow breaths. Stacey Gardiner, ship’s doctor, knelt next to him, choking back her emotions as she watched his vital signs fade. Catching his breath, Worley dropped down next to her as she shook her head. “He has the disease,” she whispered in his direction, fighting tears. “I don’t know what to do beyond holding his hand. His injuries…” she left off, swallowing back a deep pain Worley knew all too well. “One at a time, I could deal with it…,” she continued, pleading, “but his injuries…. He’s just too weak, Al. He’s just....” “It’s okay, Stace,” he whispered, squeezing her hand. “I’ll take it from here.” Rage Against the Darkness "Do not go gently into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” — Dylan Thomas, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night The rolling hills of New Zealand shone more vibrant than he remembered. The path was smoother, the grass more lush, fragrant, and full—if that were possible. The scent of new mown hay hung in the air, and hedgerow blossoms bowed, heavy with pollen and eager honey bees that darted to and fro, across the path he had wandered as a child. Herds grazed or basked in the late afternoon sun, soaking up the warmth of mid-summer, and he laughed. Here he was, making plans for the beach while the North American continent was suffering one of the worst winters in recorded history. He shouldn't laugh, he told himself. Then he laughed again. This day, this place, was perfect. Absolutely perfect. In the distance, one long blast signaled the ferry’s last departure for the mainland. From the top of the hill, Jim Belton watched it pull noiselessly away from the dock toward open ocean, Dace Lingo at the helm, maneuvering it with the intricate skill of a master helmsman. It would be a short trip, just shy of an hour. Three related families had purposely chosen this island for their herds and crops. “Close enough for convenience and far enough away for privacy,” his father always said. “Jimmy...." His mother’s call drifted uphill on the breeze. It triggered a ravenous appetite, and he checked his chronograph. Homemade sausage, mashed potatoes with fresh churned butter, sliced deep red tomatoes still warm from the sun, and rich, dark coffee was waiting. Belton hopped the hedgerow then jogged downhill toward the main house, still amazed at his mother’s vigor and the carry of her voice, despite her age. His father was the same: strong, determined, hard-working, and openly opinionated as to how his farm, the island, the country, and the Federation should be run. They were a hearty people. Their ancestors had settled this island somewhere in the mid 19th century, and countless generations had inhabited the house, additions built as family size demanded, and pastures widened according to need. “Tea’s ready,” said his mother as he bounded up the steps and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. “I made your favorite for your homecoming. It is so good to have you home again, but c'mon now; we’ve waited long enough.” "So've I, Mum," he sighed, content. "So've I." Thankful that his arduous journey was finally over, Belton paused on the porch for a moment, then turned to watch the ferry disappear, and to inhale the crisp salt air. Only then did he notice dark clouds looming on the horizon. Coming from that direction at this time of year meant that it would not be an ordinary summer rain. In fact, it could be devastating. Heavy, black clouds choked the setting sun, billowed into the stratosphere and took ominous aim at the island, rolling across the water with uncommon speed, churning the waves into a witch’s cauldron and spewing foam onto the shore well before the crests reached land. Mesmerized, Belton ignored his mother's plea to come in, his eyes fixed on the storm’s apocalyptic advance. When he finally turned to lead her to safety, his hand smacked against a cold, dank wall, and the echo of a heavy drip… drip… drip came from somewhere behind him. His mother was gone, as was the house, the yard, the farm, and the roiling sea, replaced with a hell he barely remembered. A residual slime clung to his hands as he fumbled and slipped through the darkness, feeling for an exit, or at least a handhold, fighting against confusion, disorientation, and panic. Then came the stench, and the putrid taste of death on his tongue, trickling down his throat and raging throughout his body until a surge of adrenaline opened his eyes and he stopped cold. After several forceful blinks, his eyes focused on a strange creature kneeling beside him. One of its hands held his mouth closed, and the other stroked his head—much like a parent would a child—while it made a strange humming sound. A blanket swaddled his body, pinning his arms to his torso. Belton swallowed, then struggled to retch in the realization that the putrid taste of death was real, coming from a mass of decayed vegetation the creature had stuffed into his mouth. His chest heaved as he choked, trying to breathe, until the creature tilted his head enough to open the airway, just before he passed out. Belton awoke… several hours later? He wasn’t sure. Time didn’t seem to mean anything anymore. The creature was gone, along with whatever it had put into his mouth. But the taste was still there, like soaked deadfall from a hundred year old forest floor where some animal had left its mark long ago, and its droppings had made a sick infusion. “Jim? You’re awake?” said a hesitant voice beside him. Belton’s head lolled in that direction, but the darkness was nearly total. Still, he knew that voice… from somewhere... from another time, another place…. “Al?” Belton’s wide-eyed struggle ended as an emergency chemlight brightened the immediate area, lighting the face of his first officer, Alex Worley. “Jim?” Worley breathed, still uncertain, his expression a mix of confusion, hope, excitement, and incredulity. “Jim! You’re alive!” Belton stared a minute. “Yeah,” he said, “I think so.” Then another face joined them, but it took Belton a minute to recognize Stacey Gardiner, Vladivostok’s chief physician. “Captain!” she whispered in awe, her eyes darting from his to Worley’s and back. “What happened?” “Happened?” Belton thought a moment. “I have no idea.” Aboard USS Missouri 2 Days Later - Stardate 2088.019 0100 hours, mission relative Colonel Anastis and Commander Grigori flanked Captain d’Ka as a small, barren, ice-covered planet appeared on the forward viewscreen, hanging like a glistening gem against a backdrop of oblivion: an irreconcilable oxymoron. As planets go, it was on the low end of the spectrum, and perfect for a penal colony. That it was even found was puzzling, except for the abundance of heavy metals. But heavy metals abounded in other, more accessible and workable places, such as asteroids. Why this planet? “They haven’t done any mining,” mused the science officer with a shrug, “aside from one long tunnel where we’ve detected the life signs, there’s no evidence that they even explored.” “You are certain the crew is alive?” said d’Ka, pensive. “Not entirely, Captain. The mineral content is both blocking and creating echoes in our readings, which could falsify the results. But I would say there is a very good chance that they are alive.” “Temperature on the surface?” “Negative thirty one degrees Celsius, estimated to drop another ten degrees within the operation window. The wind is presently at 25.7 kph from the north, holding steady, well within the tolerance of the teams’ equipment.” A glance at his Special Operations officers for affirmation, and d’Ka nodded. “Very well. Colonel, Commander, the mission is yours,” he said, returning to the command chair. Onscreen, two Starfleet Special Operations elements in Arctic operations gear, left the safety of their runabouts and advanced in a moonless night against a cutting wind that whipped ice against their full-face visors and plastered their suits tight against their bodies as they leaned into it. Having landed in seclusion far from their objective, their ETA was well over an hour. Given the atmospheric conditions and disruption from the planet’s mineral content, they knew it could be much longer—possibly creeping into the range of two or three hours. One hour turned into two, and still the teams advanced, keeping constant contact with the ship for verification of their position. Temperatures continued to drop, but so did the wind, making progress easier. At 0352, their objective came into view, and they stopped to regroup. * * * * * Not far from the SPECOPS teams’ objective, Commander Worley stepped wearily down the narrow path that served the crew as a guide to their makeshift settlement within the cave. Three standard days would pass before dawn would break the horizon and the planet’s surface temperature would rise enough for them to survive outside the cave. Until then, they drew every blanket, emergency Mylar covering, and piece of clothing close. They huddled together in groups inside crude shelters made from rocks and the few packs they managed to bring from their ship. Then they slept, making the prolonged darkness easier to bear, and conserving what energy they had left. The commander made periodic rounds, praying they wouldn’t lose any more to cold, starvation, or disease. Captain Belton and the others who had been treated by the aliens seemed to be recovering. Doctor Stacey Gardiner’s hope that many of the crew would survive was tempered by their lack of nourishment. But survival hinged largely on will, so she wisely kept her thoughts to herself. “Stace,” said Worley as he squeezed into a space next to her. “You holding up okay?” “Um…” she replied listlessly. “As much as anyone can under these conditions. What are they doing out there?” “Piling crates against the walls, making the outlet smaller. I think they finally got the idea that we’re cold.” His tone and smile came off as more sardonic than lighthearted. “You don’t think they’re boxing us in?” “Oh, no. If they wanted to do that they’d use rocks, or maybe fuse the cave shut with… whatever those weapons are.” “Phasers? Disruptors?” Worley shrugged. “They don’t look like either. I think the name and nature’s up for grabs.” He hugged her close. “Warm enough?” “Warm as I’ll ever be, I guess.” * * * * * “Doghouse, this is Bulldog.” The call from SPECOPS unit commander Lt Ed Lytle came through clearly. “In position, how copy?” “Copy, Bulldog,” Grigori replied. “Copy is solid, but visual is limited. Do you have eyes on?” “Negative, Doghouse. Request you verify the position of the hostile.” The lieutenant’s voice held a tinge of confusion. “Transmitting now, Bulldog. Stand by,” Gregori replied as d’Ka pointed to his tactical officer. A few taps on his console, and Sojek looked up, puzzled and seemingly speechless. “Mr. Sojek?” d’Ka’s chair swiveled in his direction. "There is no sign of the alien ship, Captain, nor are there any life signs other than those below ground." D’Ka took a moment to process that. “Has Ramius detected any ships leaving the area?” he said, with not a little skepticism. “No, Captain. Their report clearly states that there is not even a residual emission trail. Also, both their tachyon detection grid and their graviton subspace field-current scanner show negative.” “Mr. Ellis?” He turned to the science officer. “As far as our scanners are concerned, there’s nothing there, Captain,” she replied, as puzzled as her Vulcan counterpart, “and there never has been.” D’Ka, Lei’ri, Gregori, and Anastis exchanged glances. “Watchdog, Doghouse. Do you have eyes on?” Anastis commed the recon team this time. “Doghouse, Watchdog. Negative.” “What do you see, Watchdog?” “Well, sir, a whole lotta blowing snow, ice, and rocks. HUD* shows nothing in the area, no evidence of landing, not even pod marks. We’ve been around the barn a few times, and, well, sir, there is no hostile evidence outside the cavern.” “Can you see anything inside from your position?” “Yes, sir. Ten frozen bodies, humanoid, Starfleet uniforms, and a bunch of boxes piled at the entrance with just enough opening to get in and out.” “What kind of boxes?” “They look like ‘Fleet supply boxes, sir. We would have to move in to verify the contents.” In answer to Anastis’ look, d’Ka said, “Proceed.” “Watchdog, Doghouse. Proceed with caution,” said Anastis, automatically looking up at the viewscreen. The images were barely visible, but their movement patterns, enhanced by the computer, would have to suffice. ______ *Heads Up Display * * * * * Aboard USS Missouri Stardate 2388.021 - 2 days later En Route to Aegis Although activity on the bridge of USS Missouri had settled to a normal pace, an undercurrent of apprehension veiled the atmosphere. Heavy. Palpable. A curtain of suspicion and fear that was disturbing enough to distract Captain d’Ka from reading the After Action Report he had just received from Commander Anastis. It was common knowledge that the remaining crew of USS Vladivostok had been rescued and were recovering in sick bay, and many had attended the ceremony for the ten who had been laid to temporary rest in the morgue. The cogs of the rumor mill were hungry. Feeding on observations and whispers, they eagerly ground them up and spit out enough fodder to fill the void for months. The minimal hiss and vague scent of mocha that drifted through the opening lift doors went ignored by Captain d’Ka while he continued to read, his expression grim. “Captain,” said Commander Lei’ri as he secured the captain’s mug in the command chair’s holder, “the replicator is still not sure of the formula, but a few in science are familiar with the herbs. Hopefully they fashioned something closer to the original.” “Um…” mused d’Ka continuing to read, “thank you, ‘Ri.” After a moment he looked up. “Any progress on the rumors?” “Department Chiefs are working on it,” Lei’ri replied, settling into his chair, coffee mug in hand. The captain’s brow knit, his lips pursed. “My ready room, Commander,” he said. “Mr. Sojek, you have the bridge.” The tactical officer’s acknowledgment was barely heard before the ready room doors closed and d’Ka strode across the room. “Working on it, is not enough, Commander,” he snapped, tossing the PADD on his desk where it clattered to a stop just short of the opposite corner. He stopped, took a moment, then forced a slow exhale. “Apologies, ‘Ri,” he said quietly, then turned to wave his executive officer into an easy chair before settling wearily into the other. “I feel everything on this ship… see everything... hear everything. It is the price I pay for agreeing to command a predominantly human starship.” He sighed, sensing his counterpart’s scrutiny, the Qr’var sensitivity on which he depended. “The rumors must stop, ‘Ri, and they must stop now. Do whatever you must to accomplish that.” “Yes, Captain.” “These alien beings are formidable,” d’Ka continued, “and the crew’s suspicions threaten to make them even moreso. Contrary to their belief, these aliens are not ‘omniscient,’ they are not ‘ethereal,’ they have no ‘supernatural powers,’ they cannot ‘poof into thin air,’ and they are not... ‘cannibals.’” His eyes flashed dangerously close to violet as he stared across the room. They sat for several minutes, the silence disturbed only by the gentle hum of Missouri’s engines. “Keann-aí,”* Lei’ri said finally. “Your anger is more than I have seen since Grathor. But it is not against the crew or the aliens, is it. There is something more, something deeper." "Yes,” he admitted after a long pause. “I rage against myself for waiting too long. Against Starfleet for not finding them sooner. Against the situation... against the universe... against creation itself.” A sadness crept into his expression, then a sardonic smile that vanished as quickly as it came. “I rage to control the grief. “Theirs was a senseless death, ‘Ri. They died out of their captor’s ignorance. Doctor Shazarim informed me that the crew did not lack the proper nutrition; they lacked the proper amount of nutrition. The beings tried to adjust both the substance and the quantity, but what they concocted was so revolting that most of the crew could not eat it without regurgitating. When Missouri entered the system the alien vessel left, but they left crates of Starfleet rations at the mouth of the cave.” The captain’s eyes searched the room. “Why, ‘Ri? Why did they wait? The food was there all along. The crew was starving. Why did they wait? “I can think of several reasons, Captain,” Lei’ri offered cautiously. “If they were ignorant of the humanoids’ needs, they could have been ignorant of the crates’ contents, unable to read the label, unable to understand that the contents were edible, or they removed the crates without looking at the contents and simply left them behind.” “Um,” d’Ka replied, the pangs of anger, grief, and helplessness subsiding, if only a little. “You are wise beyond your years, ‘Ri,” he said on a sigh, then straightened up. “Doctor Shazarim also confirmed that the fermented leaves the beings fed to Captain Belton and the others who fell ill saved their lives. That, in itself, speaks well of the alien culture. Commander Worley gave him samples that will be passed on to Dr. Pavilion. Aegis’ advanced medical and science facilities should be able to analyze them. “But back to the rumors. We have no evidence that these particular beings are here for a hostile takeover of Allied space. In fact, we have evidence to the contrary. What the crew of Vladivostok endured is inexcusable, but the beings did not kill them, nor did they torture them for information, nor did they act as hostile invaders in any other way. “However, if these rumors continue, the crew will soon be convinced that they are up against an unconquerable foe. They will shrink in a crisis, jump to conclusions, or mistake an amiable gesture for a hostile one. And if they do that, these formerly friendly beings will retaliate and become hostile. Deal with the rumors in any way you can, 'Ri, and do so quickly. You have free rein.” ______________ Keann-aí - the Sindar word for captain, used when showing great respect.
  2. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 8/10/18 =/\= 28 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.118 TBS was 30 minutes | The time is 2130 hours (9:30 PM) Aegis local. Toq-Pan-Jri is headed toward the nebulae, and is not responding to hails. Aegean, accompanied by Task Force Aegis, is in pursuit of the science ship toq-Pan-Jri. Commander Coleridge is in his office conferring with Starfleet command. The OPS distant red blinking light continues at random intervals. No other console shows the blink. Science is looking for anything in space that should be there but is not. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: ::CnC, now OIC::: Johnson Kenyon: ::exploring:: Fletcher Jackson: ::still watching the little blips, wondering what they are:: mimipavilion: ::asleep in her quarters:: Dacia Sandero: ::relaxing in her quarters with her pug:: Kallah Ramson: *::on Aegean, in pursuit:: Chirakis: Lackey> ::AuxOPS:: Alexis McFarland: @::with Miana and Annisha, carrying her luggage along:: Jylliene: Wine? ::to Nijil:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Sure, something we are celebrating? Jylliene: I managed to obtain a bottle from back home. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh the real stuff. Jylliene: ::shakes head:: No, no celebration. Jylliene: ::works on getting the bottle open:: Johnson Kenyon: ::hearing music in the tubes::: Jylliene: Besides, if you wait for a celebration, the wine might be sitting forever for some right time that never comes. Kallah Ramson: *+Aegis+ Aegean to Aegis. relaying our nav data to you. So far we've had to make 4 course corrections. Nijil tr'Korjata: Stress? :: watches her open it :: Chirakis: ::OPS::: Keep an open channel to Aegean. Alexis McFarland: @::follows Annisha:: Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Channel to Aegean open. Jylliene: ::bottle open, pours:: No. Just... wanted to have a glass. Annisha: @ :: Riding in the cargo vessel as it begins to make its descent. :: Chirakis: Mr. Lackey, take main OPS to allow Ens Jackson his full attention on the blinking and the Aegean. Alexis McFarland: @::watches the descent from out of the window:: Jylliene: ::brings Nijil his glass, then carries her own and the bottle over:: Chirakis: Lackey> Aye, aye, Captain. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh, I found something in the replicator... Jylliene: Oh? Johnson Kenyon: :::trying to pinpoint the source of music, he bumps his head::: ouch Jylliene: ::head tilt:: Kallah Ramson: *+aegis+ Also noticing a drop in comm signal strength. We may lose contact by the time we intercept. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: goes over and programs it. Two tiny sandwiches appear on a plate :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Brings it over :: Fletcher Jackson: Captain... ::taps away:: comm signal strength to Aegean is dropping. mimipavilion: ::stirs a bit:: Tarisa: ::Arriving back onto the CnC after a short break.:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Following Alexis around.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::music stops and so does Johnson, listening:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Presents the plate to her, takes one of the sandwiches :: It's sweet with a cream and fruit spread over the insides. mimipavilion: ::wakes up:: So much for trying to get some actual sleep. Jylliene: Sounds intriguing. Alexis McFarland: @ ::standing by the window, watching the cargo ship descend into the planet:: Chirakis: ::considers the situation:: +COM+ Midshipman Kenyon to CnC. Jylliene: ::takes one, tastes it:: Interesting. Chirakis: Mr. Jackson, grant him access. Johnson Kenyon: ::thinks he hears something and continues pursuit:: Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Johnson Kenyon: +Chirakis+ Yes, sir... you need me in CnC? Chirakis: ::steps over to Tarisa::: Any progress on looking for something that should be there but is not? Tarisa: @ ::Face pressed to the window as she watches.:: Kallah Ramson: *+Aegis+ I'm sure something is messing with our navigational sensors. This is probably why the Toq-Pan-Jri is off course. our own sensors are showing we're now moving away from the nebula. Though falling back on simple visual data says otherwise. Jylliene: What did they have it labeled as? Chirakis: +Kenyon+ That is correct. Take the command lift. You will have temporary access. Nijil tr'Korjata: It's a nut from earth turned into a cream.. and :: tastes :: I think some kind of berry. Nijil tr'Korjata: Peanut butter and jelly. Fletcher Jackson: ::listens, hearing something garbled::: +Aegean+ Say again, Aegean. Johnson Kenyon: +Chirakis+ I will be there shortly. mimipavilion: ::sits up in bed:: Chirakis: +Kenyon+ Immediately, Midshipman. Annisha: @ :: The view outside is white, but the viewport has gone nearly opaque :: Tarisa: ::Shakes her head.:: I am unsure of what should have been there to begin with. With a nebula, nothing ever stays the same. But there are certainly no signs of possible cloaked vessels or the like. Johnson Kenyon: ::navigating out of Jeffrey tubes to the nearest TL:: Kallah Ramson: *+aegis+ figure out what this interference is. we're going to lose you soon. We'll recover the science ship. Task force will stand by to....::com snaps closed:: Tarisa: :;Tail swishes.:: Might I suggest asking the Aegean to deliver a probe? Chirakis: Focus on the area of that blip if you can. Jylliene: ::nods and continues eating her sandwich:: Johnson Kenyon: ::entering TL:: CnC Chirakis: +Aegean+ Acknowledged interference. Engineering is on its way. Kallah Ramson: *::Aegean, still on course, closing on the science ship:: Annisha: @ :: The cargo vessel begins to cool down as it enters the atmosphere :: Jylliene: ::sips the wine:: mimipavilion: ::wonders where and how her husband is doing:: Chirakis: Commander Cayne, keep a close watch on the task force. Johnson Kenyon: ::exits normal TL onto CnC:: Tarisa: ::Nods, turning to Fletcher.:: Mr. Jackson, can you send me the exact coordinates of your anomaly? Johnson Kenyon: ::looking for Chirakis:: Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: If we can contact them, yes. Alexis McFarland: @ Oooh. ::watches:: Jylliene: What are your thoughts of expanding our family? Tarisa: @ Miana> Pretty Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma’am ::Tarisa:: Annisha: @ :: Announcement :: We will land at the Volnar spaceport in five minutes. Alexis McFarland: @ Yay! Jylliene: Some amount of time you'd want to wait, that sort of thing. Chirakis: :::hears the lift and turns:: Midshipman. ::she points:: Our main Operations console is having difficulty with a connection to one of our ships. Mr Jackson will fill you in. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Having a late night drink somewhere on the commerce level :: Fletcher Jackson: ::waves him over::: Johnson Kenyon: ::going to Mr Jackson:: how can I help? Chirakis: +Cayne+ Report to CnC. Dacia Sandero: ::enjoys a glass of wine while she watches her favourite evening drama:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Has her things ready.:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::has her things ready by the door as well:: Kallah Ramson: *:::sensors show science vessel and Aegean drop out of warp and alter course towards each other:: Fletcher Jackson: See this red blip on the OPS console? We have a ship in that area and it's having a problem with communications. Aegean is her name. The coordinates are laid in. Can you boost something to make it work? Alexis McFarland: @ ::watching the landing:: Tarisa: @ Y'shta> ::Meets up with the others.:: Johnson Kenyon: Let me take a look. Jylliene: ::wonders if she's tripped Nijil up with such a question out of the blue:: Tarisa: ::Focusing her search in the area of question.:: Chirakis: ::Tarisa, as she points to the tactical master screen::: Is that Aegean? Johnson Kenyon: ::taping the console to bring up a quick diagnostic Nijil tr'Korjata: What? Nijil tr'Korjata: Another adoption? Tarisa: ::Using various arrays of scans that she is able to use at this distance.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::Moves out of Kenyon's way:: Tarisa: ::Looking up, focusing.:: I believe so. Jylliene: ::chuckles:: No, I meant when you might want to have a biological child. Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: Can you verify? Jylliene: If you'd like to wait until Annisha is any older, or so on. Tarisa: ::Scans for the unique specifications of the Aegean.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Takes the wine down the wrong pipe, start to choke :: Jylliene: ::stifles a chuckle:: Relax. I just thought I should ask your thoughts on timing, or whether you'd want to at all. Chirakis: +Cayne+ COMMANDER. CNC. NOW! Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Holds on to her shoulder :: Funny au ask. :: smiles :: Tarisa: If the rest of the task force is able to transmit sensor data, it would be helpful. It is difficult to get the ideal scan results at this distance and so close to a nebula. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: +Chirakis+ I am on my way, What is the issue? Johnson Kenyon: The communication array appears to have drifted out of alignment. Chirakis: ::nod to Tarisa:: Chirakis: Then fix it, Midshipman. Chirakis: ::livid:: +Cayne+ Just. Come. Chirakis: Mr Lackey, contact USS Missouri. Johnson Kenyon: Aye sir ::attempts to realign the array:: Chirakis: Lackey> Aye, ma’am. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Enters a lift :: Fletcher Jackson: ::keeping an eye on Kenyon as he works::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Command and control Fletcher Jackson: :::curious eye:: Tarisa: ((haha I had a comment, but I want to avoid possible death glares.)) Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: lift moves :: Chirakis: (Good idea, Commander) mimipavilion: ::gets dressed and leaves her quarters heading for the CnC, wondering if observational work will help get her back to sleep or in that way:: Johnson Kenyon: ::taping the console he notices it doesn't want to align:: Annisha: @ :: The cargo vessel lands softly at the space port :: Chirakis: ::glances at main ops, and the red blip is still there:: mimipavilion: ::hops in tl and orders it to the CnC:: Tarisa: @ Miana> Can hardly hide excitement. Her tail is moving a mile a minute.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha asked me about a sibling... I dodged the question for now. Kallah Ramson: *::Aegean and science vessel engage warp together in formation, apparent course back towards Aegis:: Chirakis: Lackey> +USS Missouri, Aegis+ Reply. Jylliene: ::chuckles:: Johnson Kenyon: ::starts over attempting to realign:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::smiles and gets her things excitedly:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: The lift doors open to the CnC :: What do we have? Chirakis: Commander, take TAC, full power, and see if you can locate Missouri or Aegean. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: gives her a wine-enhanced kiss :: Whenever au wish. mimipavilion: ::arrives on the CnC and stands off to the side out of the way:: Johnson Kenyon: ::notices it aligns:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Logs in :: Scanning and contacting long range sensor locations... Johnson Kenyon: Try it now, sir Chirakis: ::sees Mimi's reflection in the window glass and nods:: Jylliene: I wasn't thinking right *now*. ::giggles:: Tarisa: It is difficult to trace any specific warp signature. Trying to compensate. mimipavilion: ::nods to Chirakis:: Annisha: @ :: Announce :: Give us a few minutes to get settled. Fletcher Jackson: ::tap..tap::: +COM+ Aegean, Aegis. Respond in any way you can. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::hopping a couple of times.:: I am ready. Johnson Kenyon: ::steps out of the way and watches:: Fletcher Jackson: ::boosts to max:: +COM+ Aegean, Aegis. Respond. Alexis McFarland: @ I'm ready too Tarisa: ::Tries a narrow beam scan.:: Chirakis: Action> A zapping, gurgling sound comes from Aegean's direction and intensifies as they approach. Kallah Ramson: *+com+ ::static filled signal:: Fletcher Jackson: Hey..we got something. mimipavilion: ::cringes a bit at the sound:: Chirakis: Comm is open? Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Finally... sensors indicate the Aegean and the science vessel are on an intercept course with Aegis. They are in formation. Tarisa: ::Triangulates with the comm.:: I believe I have their location. ::Puts the blip on the grid.:: Kallah Ramson: *::Aegean and science vessel drop out of warp, make minor course correction then jump back to warp:: Johnson Kenyon: ::hears static and moves to a nearby engineering console to work:: Chirakis: Mr. Kenyon, give us as much boost as you can. ::looks up:: Annisha: @ :: The Captain, the female Rihan, enters the cargo bay :: Come on girls. Time to step onto Volnar. Chirakis: Is it pinging IFF of Aegean, Commander Tarisa? Tarisa: :;Nods.:: It appears they dropped out of warp to make a correction. Alexis McFarland: @::Smiles:: Okay! Johnson Kenyon: ::to Chirakis::: Aye sir ::maximum boost now Chirakis: Excellent. Keep an eye on them, Commander Cayne. Tarisa: :;Nods.:: It is now. I can confirm the science vessel is now with them. Alexis McFarland: @ ::grabs her luggage and follows the captain and Annisha:: Chirakis: ::Lets out a breath:: Tarisa: ::Frowns.:: Still no location on the Missouri. mimipavilion: ::a little confused as to what's going on and steps over to Chirakis::softly:: Did I miss something, ma'am? Chirakis: +com+ Aegean, Aegis. Respond. Chirakis: ::waves Mimi off::: Johnson Kenyon: ::wonders why this is taking so much power:: mimipavilion: ::takes a few steps back:: Jylliene: What was Annisha's thought, just that she wanted a sibling? Fletcher Jackson: :::working to focus the signal with Tarisa's::: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::follows.:: Yay! Johnson Kenyon: ::hears ma'am and blushes... she may not like being called sir:: Tarisa: @ Y'shta> ::Also exits.:: Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: Missouri should be visible soon. Nijil tr'Korjata: Yeah...more like when am I getting someone I can control.. :: eyes wide :: Tarisa: ::Curious glance at Chirakis.:: Jylliene: Hm. ::sips:: That certainly inspires confidence. Chirakis: ACTION> Missouri responds. Task Force Aegis is en route. Jylliene: ::pours another glass:: Tarisa: ::Perks up.:: Yes Ma'am. Missouri has been confirmed. Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: Thank you, Commander. Johnson Kenyon: ::noticing power consumption::: Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Chirakis: ::one eye on Kenyon:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Confirmation from external sensors. Alexis McFarland: @ ::follows the captain out of the ship:: Chirakis: Excellent. ::Cayne:: Chirakis: ::turns to Mimi:: Doctor, prepare medical to receive possible injured. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Holding onto the console for support :: Jylliene: Maybe a conversation about being a role model to a younger sibling first. Nijil tr'Korjata: Yeah... :: motions to the couch :: mimipavilion: ::nods:: +Dacia/Medical+ Prepare for possible incoming injured. Annisha: @ :: Down the ramp Annisha goes. The Volnar air hits all of them at once :: Johnson Kenyon: :::wonders if there's something interfering with the alignment or if there was some variable he failed to account:: mimipavilion: ::goes to the tl and orders it to medical:: Tarisa: ::Stretches out as she gives a little yawn.:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::Follows Annisha down the ramp and takes a breath of fresh air:: Wow... Chirakis: ::all who are looking for Aegean:: Be advised, the science vessel is traveling slowly and Aegean is with them, so it might be a while. Jylliene: ::sits on the couch:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Sniffs the air.:: Annisha: @ :: The Captain :: Au will all get hypos after a bit for the unique things on this planet. Alexis McFarland: @. ::Looks up at the captain:: Aw, okay. Tarisa: @ Y'shta> ::Is quite curious now.:: Oh? What kind of things? Johnson Kenyon: ::snaps his finger, thinking he failed to account for the transwarp conduits:: Chirakis: ::hearing the snap:: Midshipman? mimipavilion: ::arrives in medical and sees that it moving along the possible injured:: Jylliene: Never know how quickly we'd be successful anyways. Jylliene: ::sips:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I have read the difficulty.. I think the doctors here can handle it. Johnson Kenyon: Sorry ma'am... I need to have a talk with our seasoned engineers... I think I could have aligned it better. Chirakis: ::Kenyon:: Understood. Nijil tr'Korjata: (Who are au calling 'seasoned'?) Jylliene: Only so much they can do. But eh - I don't mean to imply that it's going to be a trial before we even begin. Tarisa: ((old!)) Johnson Kenyon: ((You know, the foul smelling ones))) Chirakis: For now, we are receiving some signals, so we will leave well enough alone. Johnson Kenyon: ::nods:: Yes, ma'am Kallah Ramson: *+com+ ::static....but actually sounding a little like someone trying to speak.....not so much the death gurgle from before:: Nijil tr'Korjata: If at first au don't succeed, try, try...try try again. Chirakis: ::eyes him a moment:: You did well, Midshipman. Jylliene: ::giggles, sips again:: Fletcher Jackson: ::blinks:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Drinks :: Johnson Kenyon: ::smiles:: mimipavilion: ::doesn't see Dacia:: +Dacia+ Pavilion to Dacia Jylliene: At least it's enjoyable practice? Nijil tr'Korjata: In any event, we'll need more wine... Jylliene: ::grinning:: Dacia Sandero: +Mimi+ Yes, go ahead? Jylliene: ::pours Nijil another glass:: Fletcher Jackson: ::still listening, focusing:: Nijil tr'Korjata: My folks say they have some wine stashed away.. mimipavilion: +Dacia+ Report to medical possible injured on the way in. Dacia Sandero: +Mimi+ Aye aye.. on my way. Annisha: @ Captain> There's a transport to take au to the farm. Chirakis: ::mimi:: Possible injured, Doctor. ::slight smile:: We will not know their condition until they arrive. Dacia Sandero: ::quickly dresses and heads back to the sickbay:: mimipavilion: (I'm already in medical) Alexis McFarland: @. Mm.. OK. Chirakis: (thank you. I am apparently a telepath ) Jylliene: That sounds promising. Another night, though. I think this bottle is enough for us for tonight. Chirakis: (last words) mimipavilion: ::wonders how long it will be before the ships arrive:: Nijil tr'Korjata: That Klingon cook said he had something fermenting for us. Jylliene: Practice? ::to Nijil:: Johnson Kenyon: ::somehow he thinks Nijil could have fixed the problem without realignment:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: nods :: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 8/10/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Excellent play, all. Chirakis: Captain, TBS? Kallah Ramson: what do you think about bringing things back around to alpha shift? Chirakis: That sounds like a good idea. And maybe they will find the night watch half asleep as they wait for the ships to return. Chirakis: Will Aegean have finally appeared by then? Kallah Ramson: Ships will return at the beginning of the sim. Chirakis: But will contact with Aegis have been made so Chirakis can dismiss a few? Kallah Ramson: yes Chirakis: Excellent. Chirakis: Anything from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing nothing more... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  3. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 10 August 2018 28 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.118 TBS is 30 minutes. The time is 2130 hours (9:30 PM) Aegis local. Toq-Pan-Jri, a science vessel, has left Aegis and seems to be headed into the same nebular string that USS Vladivostok entered three months ago. While docked at Aegis for shield improvements, toq-Pan-Jri reported strange sensor readings. Engineering’s diagnostics showed nothing out of the ordinary. However, the ship left early and without notice. It deviated from its original assignment of stellar survey, and it does not respond to communication. Either something is disrupting their communications system or they have decided to change their assignment without going through the proper channels. Lt Cdr Tarisa has been directed to scan for things that should be in that area of space, but are missing. Aegis’ OPS console continues to blink “like a lighthouse” at odd intervals, and from the same area of space. The blinking occurs only on the OPS console. Captain Ramson has taken Aegean and Task Force Aegis to intercept toq-Pan-Jri.
  4. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 4 August 2017 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is 8 hours. The time is 0800 hours (8:00 AM) Aegis local. Aegean is in high orbit of the 4th planet in the p-Kappa 198 System. They continue to receive strange readings, and the more they study, the more the urge to investigate planetside grows. Captain Coleridge is fascinated by the mysterious readings: gravitational eddies and a possible wormhole. “Despite the dramatic result of our deflector pulse, let's not start thinking of this as a problem,” he said, “as something that's broken and needs to be fixed. We're not in danger yet. This is a phenomenon, something to be investigated, studied.” However, he does realize the potential danger involved, and will not progress without a comprehensive plan. Along with all sensor data, Aegean’s last message to Aegis was: Polar gravitational anomalies have revealed wormhole-like behaviour after subjecting them to material and energy probing. Aegean has moved to safer distance while we consider our next move. Surface away mission seems unlikely, but we have remotely collected samples to analyze.
  5. =/\= Sky Harbor Aegis Season 23 Opener =/\= Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 11 August 2017 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is 20 minutes. The time is 0920 hours (9:20 AM) Aegis local. The 4th planet in the p-Kappa 198 System remains a conundrum. This time it has moved from interesting to dangerous. As the crew of Aegean watched from high orbit, outer layers of the anomaly interacted with the planet’s magnetic field and arched toward the planet’s surface; Similar tendrils reached from the planet and connected with the anomaly; When Aegean went to warp to escape, the planet was caught in Aegean’s wake; That caused a subspace ripple; Aegean was herded toward a wormhole. As they speed through the wormhole, Aegean’s crew is knocked unconscious. Where will Aegean emerge? At sim begin: Since there is a 20 minute transmission lag from the planet to Aegis, those on Aegis will have just received notification of Aegean’s disappearance. Aegean’s crew will be waking up from their raucous trip through the wormhole. Little time will have passed on Aegean.
  6. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 8/3/18 - 10:05 PM=/\= 28 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.118 The time is 2000 hours (8:00 PM) Aegis local. The science vessel, toq-Pan-Jri, is ready to leave. Starfleet Command urges caution regarding strange occurrences in Aegis space. The defense grid has been adjusted to enhance the sensitivity of subspace scans. An algorithm has been created to monitor civilian communications. Annisha, Alexis, and Miana are en route to Volnar. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: ::in her office, Security Complex::: Kallah Ramson: ::finishing up a few things on the CnC:: Alexis McFarland: @Alexis>. ::with Annisha and Miana Fletcher Jackson: ::OPS::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Logging the fixes for the Vulcan vessel :: Alexis McFarland: Dacia>. ::relaxing in her quarters after her shift in medical, noticeably quiet without Alexis:: Tarisa: ::At the SCI console.:: Scott Coleridge: ::in his office, reviewing data:: JJylliene: ::in her quarters:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Sitting on Alexis' bed, watching her play a game.:: mimipavilion: ::in her office in medical gathering the remaining PADDs, before leaving:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: In his quarters :: Fletcher Jackson: ::blink...blink::: Alexis McFarland: @ ::close to Miana so she can see better:: See you have to move the girl through the dungeon and kill these furry monsters along the way. Kallah Ramson: ::turns to Ops:: Something interesting? Fletcher Jackson: ::sighs as the lights continue to blink at odd intervals::: Tarisa: ::Does a little stretch, as she steps away from her console. She was on her way to the lift, when she noticed Fletcher and stopped.:: Is there something wrong? mimipavilion: ::exits her office heading over the tl waving to the shift chief:: Fletcher Jackson: ::Ramson:: Yes, ma'am. Those red lights keep blinking, and I can't figure out why. Odd intervals. Same area of space. And it's only on this console. mimipavilion: ::orders the tl to her deck near her quarters:: Scott Coleridge: ::has ordered diagnostics on Fletcher's console:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: The Vulcan ship: clean, efficient...boring had taken off just an hour ago, for parts known but not understood :: Chirakis: ::she closes up a session with Rendezvous October, then bolts out of her office and into the lift::: CnC. mimipavilion: ::exits the tl and heads for her quarters:: Kallah Ramson: What do we have on that area of space? Alexis McFarland: @ ::wraps her arm around Miana, smiles:: Fletcher Jackson: ::looks to Tarisa:: Mostly nebula? Jylliene: ::stretches, wonders how long until Nijil will be getting in for the night:: Johnson Kenyon: ::catching up to Nijil:: Tarisa: ::Steps up to an AUX console, bringing up a star chart. She nods.:: Mostly. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::purrs:: Chirakis: ::exits the lift and settles down before approaching Ramson:: Kallah Ramson: So... could be the formation of a new star type we've never seen before....or a hidden alien armada. mimipavilion: ::enters her quarters and puts the PADDs on her desk just to her right when she enters and walks over to the couch to sit down:: Annisha: @ :: Hears a klaxon over the cargo speakers :: Attention crew. We will be entering the Volnar system in 20 minutes. Chirakis: ::listens a moment::: Alexis McFarland: @ ::looks up:: Yay, we're almost there Tarisa: If we could get a probe there, it could be help answer questions. Tarisa: @ Miana> Yay! Fletcher Jackson: ::Ramson:: Then wouldn't it be appearing on all the consoles, not the OPS console, ma'am? mimipavilion: Loxil> ::walks over to Mimi:: Long day? Chirakis: Captain, a word? ::Ramson, quietly:: mimipavilion: ::smiles a bit:: You could say that. Kallah Ramson: :::turns to Chirakis:: Yes? Chirakis: Information from Rendezvous October indicates that this might be a repeat of Vladivostok. mimipavilion: Loxil> Are you hungry? Chirakis: I suggest we keep the science vessel here, at least for a while. Jylliene: How did the day go? ::to Nijil:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Eating some soup, or would that be drinking? :: Johnson Kenyon: ::at computer console in engineering, taking warp engine course:: mimipavilion: ::to Loxil:: Yes a bit. Something light please. mimipavilion: Loxil>::nods and goes makes something:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Lots of work on the science vessel. Nothing a little maintenance won't cure Kallah Ramson: ::frown:: What level of intel do they have? How reliable of a source are we talking about? Jylliene: ::nods:: Jylliene: Good to hear. And your new charge? Annisha: @ :: Gets up :: I think we are still hidden. I tell ya, I don't know how they allow that. Fedders don't cloak Chirakis: The most reliable, Captain. They do not pass information unless it is completely reliable. Fletcher Jackson: :::runs another diagnostic, then shakes his head::: Lt Lackey, anything on AuxOps? Annisha: @ But au know, Kling ships do, so perhaps they get a pass. Tarisa: ::Ears unintentionally focused on the conversation, until she turns to Fletcher.:: Is there a ship in the area that could deploy a probe? Alexis McFarland: @ It'd be nice if we could cloak too. We had some ships that could. Fletcher Jackson: ::checks:: No, ma'am. Oh.. wait.. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: nods :: He's learning the ropes... easing my work a bit, but only slightly Kallah Ramson: ::folds arms, pondering:: mimipavilion: Loxil>::comes back with a sandwich and heads back to the kitchen to clean up:: Fletcher Jackson: Toq-Pan-Jri left about an hour ago to investigate the nebula. Jylliene: I'm sure he'll settle in soon. mimipavilion: ::eats the sandwich:: Chirakis: ::steps to OPS::: The science vessel is gone? Kallah Ramson: Nebula? It was assigned to a stellar survey. Chirakis: Lackey> AuxOPs is internal, Ensign. Nijil tr'Korjata: How was aur day? Tarisa: ::Nods.:: It appears so. May we request them to deploy a probe for us? Tarisa: @ Miana> Being invisible can be fun. Chirakis: Apparently, they are moving in that direction. Annisha: @ So, when was the last time au two breathed fresh air? :: to Miana and Alexis :: Chirakis: ::Ramson:: They were assigned otherwise? Alexis McFarland: @::gets up and looks out of the window:: Johnson Kenyon: ::would really like to do some work here.... training can be so boring:: Tarisa: @ Miana> Sine the last time I was home. Kallah Ramson: That was the whole reason they stopped here. The star they were investigating required shield improvements. Fletcher Jackson: ::tappitytaptap:: Chirakis: And the star was not within the nebula? Scott Coleridge: ::exits his office to the CnC, notices Ramson and Chirakis in conversation:: Kallah Ramson: Not from the report I was given. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Wonders if Jy was deep in thought :: Chirakis: Then something is drastically wrong. Tarisa: ::Tilts her head curiously.:: Jylliene: Hm? Oh - it was fine. ::shrug:: nothing out of the ordinary. Nijil tr'Korjata: Au alright?:: places his hand atop hers :: Scott Coleridge: ::wonders if it isn't too late to duck back into his office:: Kallah Ramson: ::turns towards Scott::: Was anything reported out of the ordinary by the crews we had working on that science ship? Chirakis: ::spots Scott:: Commander. Scott Coleridge: ::narrator: it was:: Jylliene: ::nods:: Yes - yes, I am. Johnson Kenyon: +Nijil+ Sir, I am going through the training modules. Is there something I can do more hands on? Alexis McFarland: @When I left Earth, several months ago. Scott Coleridge: ::considers the question:: Scott Coleridge: I think there were reports of strange sensor readings, now that you mention it. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh elements! +Kenyon+ Midshipman, I am so sorry I forgot to tell au to break for the evening. Would do au well to walk the commerce area and get something to eat. Just don't go to Blubby's. Kallah Ramson: ::turns to ops:: Open a channel to that ship. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: cringes to Jylliene, then shrugs :: Fletcher Jackson: ::tap..tap:: Channel open, Captain. Chirakis: ::steps to the tactical console::: Johnson Kenyon: +Nijil+ Aye sir ::mumbles:: Blubby's? Kallah Ramson: +com+ Aegis to Science Vessel toq-Pan-Jri. Jylliene: Blubby's isn't *bad*. The kids just like it a bit too much, perhaps. Jylliene: ::to Nijil, overhearing:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kenyon+ It's a food place that uses copious amounts of oil in their cooking. mimipavilion: ::finishes the sandwich and takes the plate to put in the kitchen sink:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::standing next to Miana and Annisha:: Tarisa: ::Listening, as she stands near Fletcher. Her shift was supposed to have been over by now, but she was too curious.:: Kallah Ramson: ::listening to silence:: Annisha: @ :: Ship Comm :: Prepare to drop out of warp. The cloak will remain engaged. Fletcher Jackson: ::Enhances the range::: Try now, Captain. Annisha: @ :: Looks out the window, watching the stars stop their streaking and return to a normal starfield :: Jylliene: It is nice to have a little time to ourselves. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Ears perk up.:: Ooo...We be here. Alexis McFarland: @ Oooh, we're stopping. Kallah Ramson: +com+ Aegis to science vessel toq-Pan-Jri..... respond. Scott Coleridge: ::moves over to his console, brings up the latest reports from the toq-Pan-Jri:: Johnson Kenyon: +Nijil+ Are you certain there's no work I can do? I feel bad about missing my shift and want to work Scott Coleridge: Echoes... sensor blips... Nijil tr'Korjata: Time is so fleeting. Scott Coleridge: Actually similar to what Mr. Jackson observed from his console, but it looks like the whole ship's sensors detected it. mimipavilion: ::leans against the sink and yawns:: Johnson Kenyon: ::looks for a duty roster:: Chirakis: Could they possibly be in the nebula already? Jylliene: I think I recall being that eager once upon a time. Kallah Ramson: ::ops:: Have Aegean prep for departure. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kenyon+ There's a long tube that extends from the top of the station to the bottom... but at the moment if you wish to eat, relax or...even explore the flight deck. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. +COM+ Bay Chief, CnC. Prep Aegean for immediate departure. Jylliene: ::nods:: Familiarize himself with the station. Good idea. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kenyon+ Don't clean that tube, by the way. mimipavilion: ::starts heading to her room:: Chirakis: ::throws up the tactical overlay on the main screen::: Scott Coleridge: Even if they were in the nebula, that shouldn't necessarily interfere with communications. Chirakis: Indeed. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kenyon+ It takes a while to get used to time at different places, so there's a bit of understanding on our part. mimipavilion: ::stops by her desk first to look at personal messages:: Johnson Kenyon: +Nijil+Roger that. I will wander to get familiar with the station Fletcher Jackson: Captain, I can bounce a relay toward the nebula. Kallah Ramson: Do it. Nijil tr'Korjata: On Romulus, we believed time to be the element of fire... like the beginning of the universe. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. It will take a moment... Jylliene: ::listening, nods:: Johnson Kenyon: ::computer:: display schematics of the Jefferies tube running the length of the station Fletcher Jackson: :::check, redesign, hands some things to AuxOps, which Lackey will just love, then adjusts a few other things::: Nijil tr'Korjata: When au light a match it goes from an inert state to something burning in a matter of milliseconds... then it burns for a time...eventually it will run out of fuel and snuff out. Fletcher Jackson: ::tappitytap::: And... Com open, Captain. Jylliene: ::nods:: Johnson Kenyon: ::reviewing console:: Chirakis: Lackey> Aegean is ready to depart, Captain. Annisha: @ :: Watches the stars rotate as the cargo vessel orients itself with the plane of the Volnar system :: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Eyes brighten.:: Kallah Ramson: ::Scott:: Could whatever is causing our console to "blink" be causing false readings on theirs? Navigational errors? Maybe they don't even know they are off course? Chirakis: ::steps to Tarisa:: Commander, anything unusual from that area of space? Alexis McFarland: @ ::behind Miana, wraps her arms around Miana:: Wow. Kallah Ramson: ::ops:: repeat the earlier com. Scott Coleridge: ::Ramson:: It's entirely possible. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Smiles :: Your people must have stories about the symbiotes that some join with. Scott Coleridge: Or if this is indicative of some phenomenon, it could be warping their perception of space-time. Or ours. Tarisa: ::Goes to her console, taps.:: Other than the nebula itself, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Fletcher Jackson: Aye, aye, Captain. +COM+ toq-Pan-Jri this is Sky Harbor Aegis. Respond. Kallah Ramson: Lovely thought. Johnson Kenyon: ::picks up a flashlight and heads for the long tube:: Chirakis: ::checking the tactical display:: Jylliene: Not as such. The mysticism has largely evaporated. There are some who no doubt do view joining in a.. Fletcher Jackson: +COM+ toq-Pan-Jri, Sky Harbor Aegis. Respond in any way you can. Tarisa: Scanning for time displacement anomalies. Scott Coleridge: Something is causing the malfunction. Jylliene: ..hm. mystical, spiritual sense. But they are largely selected out in the process of preparing for the joining. Kallah Ramson: ::deep breath::: I am taking Aegean and giving chase. We should be able to catch up quickly. Scott Coleridge: One console was suspicious. A ship and the station both having problems? Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: Check for holes in space-time. Johnson Kenyon: (Tachyon particles?) Tarisa: ::Nods, adjusting scans.:: Jylliene: We need to approach the joining with eyes open to what's actually happening, and with proper respect by both the symbiont and the host for each other. Jylliene: Not a sense of subservience. Nijil tr'Korjata: Au never considered joining? Fletcher Jackson: ::repeats the com::: Annisha: @ Should not be long now. Jylliene: I completed the preparations, but I saw how much one of my friends changed after they joined. Alexis McFarland: @ That's great mimipavilion: ::hates all the spam in mailbox:: Scott Coleridge: ::Ramson:: We'll continue running scans here and hopefully our data can provide another perspective. Jylliene: I didn't want to lose myself before I really felt like I had a solid grasp on who I was. Johnson Kenyon: ::heads down 3 floors:: exits tube to look around:: Fletcher Jackson: Constant hail to the ship, Captain. No response. Kallah Ramson: ::Scott:: ::nods:: You have the station. Kallah Ramson: ::moves towards the lift:: Chirakis: ::turns:: Captain, you are not going alone? Tarisa: ::Shakes her head.:: I am not finding anything out of the ordinary. Jylliene: Admittedly, perhaps it turned out to be a less-than-ideal match. A symbiont who saw the host a bit too eager to serve, and went ahead and took more control. Chirakis: ::alarmed:: The reports we have received require more than one ship in pursuit. Nijil tr'Korjata: Would I have to bond with the symbiote too? Kallah Ramson: ::from inside the lift:: No, I'll have the stand by crew with me. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: smiles :: Chirakis: As you wish. Kallah Ramson: Inform the Task Force though. Kallah Ramson: ::lift doors close:: Jylliene: ::chuckles:: It's not that typical for a Trill to have a bondmate before joining. Chirakis: ::nod:: That was my next suggestion. Jylliene: In fact, it's rather unusual. Scott Coleridge: ::watches the doors close:: (q) I guess that means I'm in charge again. Nijil tr'Korjata: Aww, just as well, twice as many presents for birthdays. Kallah Ramson: ::a few decks later exits lift and moves quickly to the TR room:: Jylliene: In an emergency, to save the life of a symbiont, perhaps. Temporary, in that case. Chirakis: Yes, Commander. Mr. Jackson, inform Task Force Aegis of our situation and request assist. Kallah Ramson: *::transports onto Aegean:: Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. :::quickly formulates a message and forwards it to Task Force Aegis, highest priority::: Annisha: @ :: A cargo vessel crew member enters the cargo bay :: <Crew Member> Girls, gather your things as we are approaching Volnar. Kallah Ramson: *::enters Aegean bridge:: Set in pursuit course and engage. Jylliene: So.. no, you do not need to worry about my joining with a symbiont. Alexis McFarland: @ ::Gathers up her luggage that she already packed up:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Grabs her bags.:: mimipavilion: ::finishes up with her messages and goes to her room:: Tarisa: :;Still searching for something, but coming up empty.:: Annisha: @ :: Goes to get her things together...boomerang :: Soon boomerang... au can fly free...then return to me. Alexis McFarland: @ Yay boomerang. Cptn d'Ka: # ::having just finished an incident, he picks up the message, then passes it to Lei'ri::: Commander, change course. These coordinates. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Giggles.:: mimipavilion: ::enters her room and the doors close:: I hope nobody needs me. Kallah Ramson: *+Aegis+ Relay your location of the ship to us. Our sensors can't lock onto them for some reason. Cptn d'Ka: # Lei'ri> Yes, sir. Mr. Doland, plot a course three seven two mark zero zero. Mr. Tan, inform the task force. Scott Coleridge: That sounds like a promising start … Mr. Jackson, relay the sensor data. Fletcher Jackson: +COM+ Aye, Captain. Relaying now. Scott Coleridge: ::Tarisa:: Maybe if you can't find evidence of something, you can find evidence of absence. Annisha: @ Right, the station's not big enough. Scott Coleridge: ::Tarisa:: Start looking for anything that *should* be there but isn't. Jylliene: ::stretches:: Kallah Ramson: *::looking over the data as the pilot makes the course corrections:: Tarisa: ::Thinks for a moment, then nods. She then adjusts and begins a scan.:: mimipavilion: ::starts kicking off her boots:: Fletcher Jackson: +Aegean+ Task Force Aegis is en route. ETA 7 hours. Chirakis: ::Scott:: You are thinking the same thing I am. Cptn d'Ka: # Punch it, Mr. Doland. Cptn d'Ka: # Doland> Flank speed, aye. Nijil tr'Korjata: Au know I would honor au no matter of there was another creature inside, but au are already smarter than me, so I don't need the extra competition. Jylliene: ::rolls eyes:: Jylliene: Please. I could not do what you do. Nijil tr'Korjata: Come on, au know I just have others do it. mimipavilion: ::changes and crawls into bed:: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 8/3/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: TBS, Captain? Kallah Ramson: TBS 30 minutes. Kallah Ramson: Most of alpha shift is still off duty. Should stay that way until an alert is sounded. Kallah Ramson: that's all for now Chirakis: Commander? Scott Coleridge: I'm good Chirakis: Anything from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  7. I agree. A stealth fighter is much more classy.
  8. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 3 August 2018 28 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.118 TBS is 12 hours. The time is 2000 hours (8:00 PM) Aegis local. Aegis command has received reports of “strange sightings” in various areas of Aegis space. The science vessel toq-Pan-Jri has docked for supplies and calibrations to their shielding. Ens Jackson says that the Operations console in Command and Control is blinking “like a lighthouse.” The defense grid has been adjusted to enhance the sensitivity of subspace scans and an algorithm has been created so we can monitor civilian comms in case anyone notices something odd. Annisha, Alexis, and Miana are en route to Volnar for vacation with the Korjata family.
  9. An Endless Circle Chirakis Kirel As Afternoon Watch changed to Evening, Captain Chirakis left Command and Control, entered her office in the security complex, and secured it for privacy. On the console before her sat several reports, each obviously connected to the other, but lacking specifics. Sudden flashes reported... freighter Oktazem’s helm noticed... and sightings in our vicinity seem to indicate… mean nothing if there is no viable evidence: an image, a sensor reading, or the like. As far as she was concerned, there were only two viable reports. Operations officer Ens Jackson reported repeating flashes on his console, “like a lighthouse blinking”, though no one else saw them and Cdr Cayne reported that there was “Nothing on long range or short range sensors, nor activity within Aegis proximity.” If Rendezvous October was not absolutely certain, Riov t’Aldani would not have forwarded their strange sightings and sensor readings. That in itself urged her to pay attention. Something told her that the reports, whether valid or not, might signal an emerging threat. After several minutes of thought, she called, “Kh’éile?” telepathically to her Sindar bondmate as if he were standing next to her, though he was several light years away aboard USS Missouri. It was several minutes before Captain d’Ka’s clipped response came. “What is it? We have an ongoing situation that needs my attention.” “Does it have to do with intrusion from Alien Alliance space?” There was a long pause. She felt his surprise and sudden interest. “Why do you ask?” “We have received disturbing information from several areas. I will forward it. When you are able, reply.” She broke the telepathic connection, encrypted the message, and then forwarded the information. For now, she would say nothing to anyone beyond Aegis command. Until the pieces of the puzzle fell into a comprehensive whole, Kirel would not voice her opinion, but the more she she thought about it, the more she realized that her nightmare was repeating itself. Tossing her PADD aside, she rested her forearms on the desk to think. Aegis had received information from Starfleet Command regarding the Alien Alliance. Information from Rendezvous October indicated a possible intrusion in progress. USS Missouri was dealing with “a situation” on the edge of Alien Alliance Space. The Operations console in Command and Control was blinking “like a lighthouse”, and the science vessel, toq-Pan-Jri, was docked for supplies and recalibration of their shielding—purpose unknown. “The science vessel. Toq-Pan-Jri,” she said aloud as she stood to check the tactical screens. “Are they recalibrating their shields for nebular investigation? Kahless, no!” Three months ago, the science vessel USS Vladivostok entered nebula 236A to investigate strange signals. The crew was captured and held hostage on a remote frozen planetoid by members of the Alien Alliance. Ten crew members perished before the remaining crew were rescued. “This will not happen again,” Kirel hissed, glaring at the screens. Then she shouted, pounding a fist on her desk, “This will not happen again!”
  10. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 7/27/18 =/\= 28 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.118 The time is 0700 hours (7:00 AM) Aegis local. The Stone of Gol has been destroyed. The science vessel toq-Pan-Jri has docked for supplies and calibrations to their shielding. Annisha, Alexis, and Miana are en route to Volnar. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: ::at her station in CnC::: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Fletcher Jackson: ::real OPS:: Dacia Sandero: :: in sick bay, looking after some patients:: Tarisa: @ ::With Alexis and Annisha on the transport.:: Tarisa: ::On CnC, at the SCI, glad to be rid of the stone.:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::sprawled out in bed, still asleep:: Scott Coleridge: ::also on the CnC:: Chirakis: ::approaches Tarisa::: Commander, Commander Coleridge will need your report when it is ready. And I would like to have a comprehensive copy. Chirakis: Comprehensive, meaning a step-by-step analysis and results. Fletcher Jackson: ::monitoring incoming::: Alexis McFarland: @ ::reaches for her chrono, and yawns:: Fletcher Jackson: ::checking open berths::: Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Yes, Ma'am. ::Brings up the necessary files to put on PADDs.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::slip 57A is available, passes the information on:: mimipavilion: ::doing reports, but gets an uneasy feeling that today is going to be a quiet day... she hopes:: Dacia Sandero: ::also hoping it'll be a quiet day as well :: Scott Coleridge: ::has actually managed to catch up on other reports, for once:: Fletcher Jackson: ::stares at his console:: Dacia Sandero: Weird. But OK Chirakis: ::waiting for the reports:: mimipavilion: ::finishes up the medical reports and starts on the Children's Home reports that's she's been putting off:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::yawns:: Morning Miana... ::looks over at Annisha still asleep:: It is still kinda early. Tarisa: ::Finishes the transfers, hands them both to Chirakis.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::thinks he has had too many donuts:: Chirakis: Thank you, Commander. Tarisa: @ Miana> :;Purrs as she stretches.:: Mmm...morning... Tarisa: :;Nods.:: Chirakis: ::checks them over and walks slowly to Scott:: Commander, the report on the Stone of Gol, which is no more. Courtesy of Commander Tarisa. Chirakis: ::hands it to him::: Alexis McFarland: @ ::gets out of bed and fixes her hair and brushes her teeth, etc in the head:: Fletcher Jackson: ::frowns again:: Scott Coleridge: ::takes the report:: Thank you. Chirakis: ::hesitates a minute, then moves to the TAC console::: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Also gets ready.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Where he is :: Chirakis: Commander Cayne, status report. Alexis McFarland: @I think Annisha said we'd arrive tomorrow night? Was it? Fletcher Jackson: ::blinks again::: Fletcher Jackson: ::and checks the console:: Fletcher Jackson: ::runs a quick diagnostic::: Dacia Sandero:::cleanings things up and checking on experiments in the lab with the other doctors :: Chirakis: Lackey> Got a problem? ::Fletcher:: Fletcher Jackson: Nah.. think I ate too many donuts. Scott Coleridge: ::reviews the report:: Chirakis: ::watching Jackson closely::: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Nods as she is brushing her teeth.:: I fink show... Alexis McFarland: @::finishes brushing her teeth and rinses her mouth with water:: Chirakis: ::then walks in his direction::: Chirakis: ::and stands behind Jackson to watch:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Fine.. I think Fletcher Jackson: ::resumes normal communication::: Chirakis: ::turns:: Fine? Chirakis: ::looks up at the main tactical screen::: Alexis McFarland: @ ::heads back to the living area, and starts to eat her breakfast which was already brought in for them:: Tarisa: ::Ears twitch.:: Chirakis: ::then looks around:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::follows Alexis.:: Yay Chirakis: Ensign Jackson, call Dr. Pavilion to CnC. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Nothing on long range or short range sensors. Expected activity within Aegis proximity. Chirakis: ::nods:: Alexis McFarland: @Yummy! mimipavilion: ::puts the PADD down and rubs her eyes:: Fletcher Jackson: +COM+ Dr. Pavilion to CnC mimipavilion: ::hears the comm:: +Jackson+ On my way. Fletcher Jackson: +Pavilion+ Aye, ma'am. mimipavilion: ::exits her office, lets Dacia know she's in charge and takes the tl to the CnC:: Chirakis: ::steps toward Scott::: Commander, a moment? Dacia Sandero: ::nods to Mimi:: mimipavilion: ::arrives on the CnC a short time later:: Alexis McFarland: @::looks over at Annisha:: And she says I sleep like a rock. mimipavilion: ::walks over to Chirakis and Scott:: I was called? Chirakis: Yes, Doctor. Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Chirakis:: Tarisa: ::Ear perks up, noting the new arrival.:: Chirakis: Would you check the air filtration system to see if there is anything that could affect responses in this area? Some are acting quite strangely. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Giggles before eating a piece of toast, and what appears to be some sort of scrambled eggs.:: Alexis McFarland: @::tucks into her Romulan eggs, targ bacon and some blue milk:: Tarisa: ::Turns as she hears the conversation, but she doesn't smell anything.:: mimipavilion: ::nods and walks over to the aux science console and checks the air filtration system:: Chirakis: ::steps closer to Scott, lowering her volume::: Commander, a report from command regarding curious readings in our area of space. Chirakis: ::hands him the report:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @Annisha :: Sleeping, as the journey would take some time longer. The excitement of the cargo vessel cloaking made for a quick time to rest :: Scott Coleridge: ::takes a look at the report:: Hmm. Chirakis: They suspect another infiltration from Breen space, but there is nothing to corroborate that. Scott Coleridge: ::speaking quietly:: I hate to say this, but is this... reliable? I'm getting the distinct impression there are people at Command who would love to see us chase after sensor ghosts. Alexis McFarland: @::eating her breakfast happily:: Scott Coleridge: ::hates that he has to voice that concern:: Chirakis: And I would agree with that assessment, Commander. However, whatever is reported must be checked. And no, that is not that a reliable source. But this is. ::hands him a report from Rendezvous October:: mimipavilion: ::double checks the scans and walks back over to Chirakis and Scott:: I didn't find anything wrong with the air filtration system. Chirakis: ::she straightens up:: Thank you, Doctor. Alexis McFarland: @::finishes her breakfast and puts her used dishes and cutlery in the reclamator:: Scott Coleridge: Hmm mimipavilion: Is there anything else I can assist with? Scott Coleridge: If I'm reading this right, this isn't necessarily the Breen. Chirakis: ::Scott:: No Commander. Chirakis: ::holds up a finger to Mimi:: mimipavilion: ::buttons her lips and looks down:: Scott Coleridge: Ok, let's see if we can corroborate this. Scott Coleridge: Have science adjust the defence grid to boost its range and step up the sensitivity on its subspace scans. mimipavilion: ::takes a step back and observes the rest of the CnC:: Tarisa: ::Hears from a distance. relieved there was nothing in the air.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Scanning more carefully :: Chirakis: Yes, Commander. Scott Coleridge: If *we* detect anything ourselves, we'll think about dispatching a ship to investigate. Alexis McFarland: @ ::hops on her bed and plays with her PADD:: Scott Coleridge: And put a monitoring algorithm out on the civilian comms in case anyone notices something odd… the usual keywords in this case, "subspace", "oh god oh god an alien ship is killing me and my entire crew, please help", that kind of thing. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Hops up with Alexis.:: What are you playing? Chirakis: ::balks a moment, then nods:: Consider it done, Commander. Alexis McFarland: @ ::scoots over a bit:: I'm playing targ blaster. You're a targ blasting things and getting food. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @Annisha :: Dreaming she is cloaked. She is walking the station and no one can see her :: Tarisa: @ Miana> Ooooh. ::Watches.:: Chirakis: ::turns to Mimi:: Just stay and observe a while, Doctor. mimipavilion: ::looks at Chirakis:: Understood. I could use a break from all those Children's Home reports anyway. ::smiles:: Chirakis: ::nods with a slight grin:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Glances to Chirakis :: Chirakis: Commander Tarisa, adjust the defence grid to boost its range and step up the sensitivity on its subspace scans. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Yes Ma'am. ::begins the adjustments.:: mimipavilion: ::walks around a while and observes:: Chirakis: Commander Cayne, create an algorithm to monitor the civilian comms in case anyone notices something odd… the usual keywords, especially subspace. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Aye Fletcher Jackson: (w) Wha..? ::blinkblink::: Fletcher Jackson: ::mutters:: Man, I am *not* eating donuts anymore... Tarisa: ::Ears perk up at the muttering, she glances curiously towards Ops.:: Chirakis: ::Cayne::: Ltjg Lackey will assist. Fletcher Jackson: Okay.. so this is weird. ::turns:: Commander Coleridge, sir? Chirakis: 10:55 PM Scott Coleridge: ::Jackson:: Yes? Fletcher Jackson: There's this blinking thing that keeps going through my console. Like it's a far-away.... lighthouse? mimipavilion: ::looks at Jackson:: Fletcher Jackson: I've done countless adjustments, several diagnostics, but it just comes and goes. And not regular either, sir. mimipavilion: ::walks over to watch:: Chirakis: ::listening from her console:: Fletcher Jackson: And seriously, sir. I only had one donut. Scott Coleridge: Clarify. You're picking up a new sensor reading? Fletcher Jackson: No, sir. It's just a blink on the screen.... Fletcher Jackson: There! ::points:: Fletcher Jackson: Call engineering? Chirakis: Lackey> ::sighs:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Working with Lackey :: Chirakis: Lackey> (w) Believe me. It's the donuts. mimipavilion: ::gives Jackson a "really?" look:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::hugs Miana:: Hehehe.. Dacia Sandero: ::still tending to things in sick bay, :: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 7/27/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well, now. No more donuts for Fletcher. Chirakis: Commander, TBS? Scott Coleridge: Let's do 12 hours. Chirakis: 12 hours it is. Anything for the crew? Scott Coleridge: See if anything "emerges" by then. Chirakis: ::nod:: Chirakis: Words from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  11. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 27 July 2018 28 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.118 TBS is 13.5 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 AM) Aegis local. After examining the Stone of Gol, Lt Cdr Tarisa determined that the Stone of Gol is not actually a stone, but crudely refined duranium with interior veins of Trillium-D that amplify psionic abilities, mostly in Vulcans. She has destroyed the stone. Midshipman Kenyon, under the watchful eye of SubCommander Korjata, will sharpen his skills when the stellar research vessel toq-Pan-Jri docks for basic supplies and calibrations to their shielding. In other news, Annisha Korjata, Alexis McFarland, and Miana are en route to Volnar. A security detail accompanies them because of their high level status.
  12. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 7/20/18 =/\= 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 30 minutes. The time is 1730 hours (5:30 pm) Aegis local. Midshipman Johnson Kenyon is finishing his training under SubCommander Korjata. Captain Ramson has decided to hold off on further transwarp conduit investigations. SubCommander Jorahl will finish his research on the satellite and prep it for storage. Lt Cdr Tarisa has begun to explore the Stone of Gol and try to disable or destroy it. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Jylliene: ::at Ops, CnC:: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Chirakis: ::CnC:: Kallah Ramson: ::on the cnc:: Dacia Sandero: ::Also in Medical:: KelsaViegnor: ::shop:: Fletcher Jackson: ::Aux OPS:: Tarisa: ::Stepping into the labs to assemble some tools.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::with Korjata:: It is definitely exciting to be here. Does the Aegis use a Warp Core or Fusion generators? Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Resting after having snacks on the transport.:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::on the Romulan Ship, finished her mid-meal, and now relaxes on her bed:: Johnson Kenyon: ::looks at the Romulan engineer:: Commander? Alexis McFarland: @Those tube roots were a little too soft for my liking... ::playing a game on her PADD:: Kallah Ramson: (experimental power cores, several throughout the station) Dacia Sandero: ::checks on her patients and a few experiments she and the Romulan doctors were working on:: Tarisa: ::Loading up an empty case with what she needs to examine the Stone.:: Chirakis: +Tarisa+ Inform me when you are prepared. I am in Command and Control. Jylliene: ::feels her stomach starting to inform her that it is nearly the end of the shift:: Annisha: @ Au get used to them Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: at CnC :: Fletcher Jackson: ::looks up at the growl:: Uh... Commander Kital? I can take OPS if you... you know.. .need anything? Dacia Sandero: @I suppose. But I prefer my tube roots more crispier Kallah Ramson: ::going over reports from fleet command:: Chirakis: ::at the main security console, checking a few things::: Jylliene: ::chuckles:: I'll be fine for the last few minutes. ::grins:: Alexis McFarland: @I suppose. But I prefer my tube roots more crispier Fletcher Jackson: ::he nods:: Yes, ma'am. Jylliene: Thank you, though Annisha: @ My grands are farmers Kallah Ramson: Oh, looky here.... a dispatch from Command that Doesn't decide the fate of the galaxy... I think. Nijil tr'Korjata: Ie, Kenyon is it? Chirakis: ::looks up:: Then the galaxy is secure for now? Alexis McFarland: @ I have an aunt and uncle who are farmers on Earth. They got cool tractors and combines and stuff. I visited there and they let me ride in it and press some buttons. Johnson Kenyon: ::looks at Korjata:: There you are... you looked lost in thought Nijil tr'Korjata: I am sorry, I have things on my mind. Kallah Ramson: Not really ::looks to Chirakis:: but that would be boring now, wouldn't it. Johnson Kenyon: I was asking about how Aegis is powered? Warp drives or Fusion power? Nijil tr'Korjata: My daughter left for Volnar IV, my parents new farm location. Chirakis: Indeed it would. Nijil tr'Korjata: Both Fletcher Jackson: ::was hoping he could pass some of this stuff on to Lackey so he could be a real OPS person, but noooo...:::: Dacia Sandero: I think these experiments are going well. Do you like your tube roots crispy or soft? Johnson Kenyon: ::Korjata:: Very interesting. My family have started farming as well Jylliene: ::preps for the handover to the next shift:: Kallah Ramson: ::picks up a padd:: Science vessel toq-Pan-Jri will be arriving tomorrow. We are to help outfit it for stellar research. Jylliene: Restless, Mr. Jackson? Fletcher Jackson: ::so he gives a slight sigh and continues on with the requisitions, reports to be filed, and other things:: Nijil tr'Korjata: There are hundreds of fusion reactors of various sizes all over, then there are matter/anti-matter reactors in fewer locations. Fletcher Jackson: ::looks up::: No, ma'am. Just playing catch up. Johnson Kenyon: ::impressed::: there will be lots to learn here Chirakis: Help outfit it.. with our funds or theirs? Johnson Kenyon: When do you think I should see the doctor? Annisha: @ So, they told me Volnar is the place we are going.. they have Bajorans there. Jylliene: ::nods:: Understood. Alexis McFarland: @ ::huggles Miana:: mimipavilion: ::pours over reports while waiting for the midshipman:: Annisha: @ There little nose things :: points to the bridge of her nose :: Alexis McFarland: @ Bajorans? ::looks up at Annisha:: Then they probably have jumja sticks there. Tarisa: :;Finishes packing.:: +Chirakis+ Captain, I am ready. Where shall I meet you? Kallah Ramson: Basic supplies and some calibrations to their shielding. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::purrs:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Do it sooner rather than later. Are au ill? Chirakis: +Tarisa+ Security Complex. Lt Garand will receive you until I arrive. Tarisa: @ Miana> Mmm...jumja sticks. Johnson Kenyon: ::Korjata... chuckles:: No sir... The Doctor told me to report immediately after you. So... I would frankly like to put it off... Chirakis: ::Ramson:: It doesn't seem to be too much work, "seem" being the operative work. Jylliene: ::glances toward Ramson, hearing the mention of supplies for the incoming vessel:: Tarisa: +Chirakis+ Understood. ::Leaves the labs and heads for the complex.:: Annisha: @ This one's interesting, because now they have a city of Cardassians on it. Many fled there after the Dominion war. Chirakis: Captain, permission to leave CnC? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Looks at Chirakis :: Kallah Ramson: Ops, I'm sending you their supply request. Make sure engineering is ready to service their shields. Alexis McFarland: @Cardassians and Bajorans in the same city? I hope they don't fight each other. Jylliene: ::nods:: Yes ma'am. Kallah Ramson: ::nods to Chirakis:: Granted. Jylliene: +Nijil+ Ops to Engineering. Johnson Kenyon: ::to Korjata:: Guess it's time to face the music. Chirakis: ::polite nod to Ramson:: Commander Cayne, tactical is yours. Annisha: @ :: Annisha sits on her bed in her night gown, though she wondered if she would be taken seriously if she had to fly the ship :: Alexis McFarland: @I hope your grandparents' farm has ponies. I like ponies. Chirakis: ::in passing:: As is security. ::slight grin:: Chirakis: ::steps into the command lift::: Security Complex entrance. Kallah Ramson: ::steps over to Cayne:: Johnson Kenyon: ::wonders if he see Garand:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: I'm thinking of having a console like this installed in my quarters, or my bed moved here... Tarisa: ::Arrives at the Security Complex with her bag over her shoulder.:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::since changed into her white Tholian silk nightgown over the TBS, still lying in bed:: Tarisa: @ Miana> What are ponies? Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::opens the door for Tarisa:: Afternoon, ma'am. Captain Chirakis will be here in a moment. Tarisa: Thank you. :;Steps in.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: So we have hundreds of fusion reactors, dozens of m/am ones, what else would au like to know. Chirakis: :::steps out of the lift:: Thank you, Lieutenant. Commander, this way. Jylliene: +Nijil+ Ops to Engineering, respond please. Alexis McFarland: @ They're cute baby equine species that you can ride. ::shows Miana a picture of one on her PADD, then a horse::... Then they grow up to be like this. Johnson Kenyon: ::Nijil:: Aren't you going to answer OPS? Tarisa: :;Nods, following Chrakis.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ Ie my e'lev.. I mean, eer, Commander Kital? Jylliene: ::glances at the console, wondering what mishaps have befallen Nijil this time:: Alexis McFarland: @I rode on a pony once, it was very friendly. Chirakis: ::handing Tarisa her credentials when they reach the secure area:: Jylliene: +Nijil+ Inbound science vessel, toq-Pan-Jri, expected tomorrow. She will need shield servicing. Johnson Kenyon: ::waiting patiently:: Chirakis: :::the area recognizes them and the door opens:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kital+ Have them forward their specifications so we can be ready. Kallah Ramson: ::Cayne:: Here is the area the science vessel will be surveying. Should be well out of Alliance influence but make sure to brief their tac officer once they arrive. Make sure their scientific curiosity doesn't lead them into the neighbors back yard or anything. Tarisa: @ Miana> Oh...pretty. ::Gets out her PADD, she brings up a Mithraan equivalent that was shiny in color, and had a horn.:: We have these on Mithra. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Understood. I will inform them to compile a sensor log report upon their return. Alexis McFarland: @ Almost looks like a unicorn... its like a horse, but with a horn in the middle. And it's only mythical. Tarisa: ::Once in the area, she place the bag down and begins unpacking.:: Jylliene: +Nijil+ Understood. Ops out. Chirakis: ::she secures the door behind them and proceeds to the vault::: Find a comfortable table. Tarisa: @ Miana> Maybe they were real once? Dacia Sandero: ::relaxes a bit and tidies up and stuff:: Johnson Kenyon: ::to Nijil:: Would it be alright if I see the doctor then? Alexis McFarland: @Maybe, but I don't know. Some people believe that. Nijil tr'Korjata: We are bonded, I don't normally call her my e'lev... well I mean I do call her that, just not over a logged comm channel. Johnson Kenyon: ::to Nijil:: You're married to Kital? Nijil tr'Korjata: Best to get it out of the way. Oh here. :: goes to tap his PADD :: I added the specifications of the Nei'rrh, a Romulan shuttle. Pay attention to the cloak section. Chirakis: ::retrieves the stone from the vault and sets it before Tarisa::: Nijil tr'Korjata: Ie, just recently Johnson Kenyon: ::looking at Nijil's PADD:: Johnson Kenyon: ::Nijil:: Do you mind if I check in with the doctor? Nijil tr'Korjata: A Romulan, a Trill, an adopted daughter, and a Targ...that's what bondings are all about. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh go ahead Kenyon. Nijil tr'Korjata: I have reading to do... Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Goes to sit :: Johnson Kenyon: ::doesn't know if Nijil is telling a joke or being serious:: Jylliene: ::pulls up the ship info from SF records, and forwards that to Engineering; also preps a request for any updated spec info to go out with the usual vector-of-approach message when the ship is in range:: Tarisa: ::Opens the case, observing it visually for the moment.:: Such interesting craftsmanship for a weapon. Johnson Kenyon: ::to Nijil:: Thank you sir. I'll be back as soon as I can and I'm sure you can assign me to something interesting. Chirakis: Indeed it is. Thankfully it is only a stone until placed in the hands of someone who can use it. Nijil tr'Korjata: Shields. :: before Kenyon leaves :: Annisha: @ ::Gets out a dice:: Oh, it's a "Truth, Lies, Dare, Shout" game dice! :: rolls it :: Chirakis: I was hoping that pieces of the stone will give us an idea of what magnifies the psychic energy. Alexis McFarland: @ Oooh, okay. ::Sits up in bed:: Jylliene: ::glances at the chrono, nods to the incoming beta shift and hands over Ops:: Johnson Kenyon: ::to Nijil:: Shields, sir? Annisha: @ :: get a Truth :: Annisha: @ Hmm. Johnson Kenyon: Oh.. .that'll be my assignment. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Compiles the flight data for the science vessel :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Ie, when au return. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: goes to reading specs :: Johnson Kenyon: ::nods his head, turns and walks to the TL:: Alexis McFarland: @ Hmm. Truth, eh? Chirakis: ::she moves to another station and logs in to work from there while Tarisa examines the stone::: Annisha: @ :: To Miana :: Truth Miana, have au ever kissed a boy? Tarisa: ::Nods.:: I will be removing it from the case. ::Slowly reaches down to pick up the oddly shaped object. It was quite cold to the touch.:: It is very metallic in feel. :;Carefully removes the Stone, placing it on the table. She then backs away for a moment.:: It is not very stone like. Johnson Kenyon: +Mimi+ Doctor, I'm free now if you still want to see me Alexis McFarland: @::giggles:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Giggles.:: No. mimipavilion: ::hears the comm:: +Kenyon+ I was about to comm you. Yes please report to Medical. Annisha: @ :: Meanwhile the Romulan cargo vessel warps its way to Volnar :: Johnson Kenyon: +Mimi+ I'm sure I'll find the way. Alexis McFarland: @ I think you roll now, Miana. Johnson Kenyon: ::enters TL:: Computer, take me to Medical. Annisha: @ Feline cooties Miana? :: laughs :: mimipavilion: +Kenyon+ Understood. Alexis McFarland: @Don't all boys have cooties? Tarisa: ::Takes out for cylindrical devices and sets them in a rectangular perimeter around the object. They almost looked like miniature pattern enhancers. One by one, she activates them.:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::rolls.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::exits TL and sees some crew members in the hallway:: is medical down there? Annisha: @ :: watches :: Tarisa: @ Miana> Shout? Alexis McFarland: @Shout? mimipavilion: Crewmember>::points:: Yes second door on your right. Jylliene: ::heads to the TL, deciding whether to stop by commerce to grab some food or head back to quarters first.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::getting directions, continues down the corridor:: Chirakis: ::checking on several things as Tarisa works::: Tarisa: ::She grabs her tricorder and activates the devices. Laser like beams emit from the devices and begin scanning the Stone of Gol.:: Alexis McFarland: @What does shout mean? Johnson Kenyon: ::steps in front of the medical door as it slides open, enters medical:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Shrugs.:: Annisha: @ Good question... :: thinks :: mimipavilion: ::hears the doors open and exits her office:: Tarisa: :;Her tail begins to swish frantically as she begins to get back preliminary results.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::looks at Mimi:: Midshipman Kenyon, reporting as ordered mimipavilion: ::sees Kenyon:: Hello. Please follow me. Alexis McFarland: @Shout shout let it all out. These are the things I can do without. Jylliene: ::stops on the commerce deck, heads toward the restaurants:: +Nijil+How late are you going to be out tonight? Johnson Kenyon: ::following Mimi:: Annisha: @ What are those words!? Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Giggles.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::;:sitting at OPS now::: Alexis McFarland: @ ::giggles:: mimipavilion: ::goes over to a biobed and motions to it:: Please lay down. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Jylliene+ I don't think I'll have to be at the shield repair.. a little after 18:00 Tarisa: @ Miana> AH! Johnson Kenyon: ::taking a seat and lying back:: Tarisa: @ Miana> Does that count? Alexis McFarland: @That's a shout. Annisha: @ I guess if auroll that too many times au lose your voice. Jylliene: +Nijil+ That ship isn't due in until tomorrow. mimipavilion: ::begins to scan:: Alexis McFarland: @Or you just keep singing Tears for Fears. Chirakis: ::a message from Rendezvous October appears, taking most of her attention::: Johnson Kenyon: ::quiet... doesn't care for medical exams:: Tarisa: Hmm... ::Looking at results as she consults a database.:: Alexis McFarland: @ I guess I'll roll now.. ::rolls her dice:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Jylliene+ Oh, is it, then I can probably meet au whenever. Dacia Sandero: ::notes the midshipman coming in and continues to check on the patients:: Jylliene: ::glances toward the ceiling for a moment:: +Nijil+ Very well. Anything you're in the mood for? Alexis McFarland: @ I think I got a dare. What do you want me to do? Nijil tr'Korjata: +Jylliene+ Something Annisha does not like. Jylliene: +Nijil+ Rules and structure? Tarisa: @ Miana> ::shrugs.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::watching Mimi:: Everything good in there? Jylliene: +Nijil+ I guess that means we eat Vulcan this evening...hm... mimipavilion: ::looks down at him for a moment:: Don't like medical exams Midshipman. ::looks at the scans more thoroughly:: Everything looks good. Tarisa: Good news, Captain. If destroying the device is your goal, you need not worry. Annisha: @ Hmm.. Oh, well, can't have a dare I was thinking, au probably don't have any black outfits. Johnson Kenyon: ::Mimi:: Why would you say that? Nijil tr'Korjata: +Jy+ Sure, why not. Alexis McFarland: @Hm, I don't have anything black. Johnson Kenyon: I like them fine... just don't like finding out things I don't know Jylliene: ::thinks of what restaurant offers Vulcan cuisine:: mimipavilion: Your face was telling me that. Chirakis: :::sends a reply, then turns to watch Tarisa:: Not worry? Annisha: @ Oh, I know. Mess up your hair... Chirakis: ::she stands to take a look::: What have you found? Johnson Kenyon: I see.... well... just wanted to make sure you aren't Betazed Annisha: @ Like this... :: uses her hands to put her hair into a frazzle :: Dacia Sandero: ::is a Betazed, but doesn't get where that came from:: mimipavilion: Nope Human. Just good at reading faces. Alexis McFarland: @Oh.,. OK. ::frizzles up her hair, until it's poofy and strands stick out:: Jylliene: +Nijil+Korra's. I'll meet you there. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Jy+ Go together or meet au there? Alexis McFarland: @I think you're next again Johnson Kenyon: The XO gave me the impression, you were... Johnson Kenyon: You had an intuition Annisha: @ What I want is one blown-up balloon for Miana. Jylliene: ::heads for Korra's:: Tarisa: Despite it being called a stone, it is in fact crudely refined duranium. But this is merely the shell. With the enhanced scans, I have found veins within. These are what amplifies the psionic abilities. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Logs out and heads to Korra's :: Chirakis: Interesting. Tarisa: And most notably in Vulcans. because the veins or conduits and mostly comprised of Trellium-D. mimipavilion: ::smiles:: Our XO is being an XO. Plus being the CMO has it's advantages. Alexis McFarland: @Who, me? Annisha: @ :: to Miana :: Actually, how do au control your fur? Special spray? Tarisa: Which according to the database, have some unique effects on Vulcans. Johnson Kenyon: I guess, but I'm sure you've earned everyone of those advantages Chirakis: Pretend that I do not know what that is: The composition. Trillium-D. mimipavilion: ::smiles:: That it does. You're dismissed Midshipman. Johnson Kenyon: ::stands:: Thank you, doctor... for your patience Johnson Kenyon: ::turns to head out:: mimipavilion: ::Nods and smiles:: Jylliene: ::secures a table, has a seat and orders a drink while she waits:: Johnson Kenyon: ::heading back to engineering:: Tarisa: Well it is not pure Trellium, but it is mostly composed of it. Records show that it is a very rare material that had unusual properties, and long term exposure to Vulcans could lead to a kind of addiction. Chirakis: I see. ::and she actually does::: Tarisa: @ Miana> I do not use a spray. ::Holds her tail.:: Chirakis: So the stone is easily destroyed, and to create another one would be difficult? Johnson Kenyon: ::exiting the TL on the Main Engineering deck:: Alexis McFarland: @ Is it naturally straight like that? mimipavilion: ::updates Keynon's file:: Annisha: @ Oh it looks good, just wondered how it does not fly everywhere. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: I believe so. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Arrives at Korra's :: Chirakis: Excellent. Proceed. Whatever you need will be provided. Jylliene: ::grins, remembering seeing him walk into the mess hall of the Aegean some time ago:: Johnson Kenyon: ::entering Engineering, looks for Nijil:: Chirakis: Unless a sledge hammer will do? Tarisa: A mining laser we have in the geology lab should suffice. Chirakis: Very well. +Lt Garand+ Lieutenant, we are in need of a mining laser from the geology lab. Johnson Kenyon: ::not seeing him:: +Nijil+ Sir, are you in engineering? I just got back Chirakis: Garand> Yes, ma'am. On my way. Alexis McFarland: (ooh, blow it up ) Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kenyon+ I just left to meet with Commander Kital. Tarisa: ((I would say shoot it into the sun, but we have something else in there.)) Johnson Kenyon: +Nijil+ I see. Did you want me to work with anyone? Chirakis: (last words) mimipavilion: ::finishes up and calls it a night, let's Dacia know that too.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::thinking he was supposed to start on the shields:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Kenyon+ I thought they would take longer...they always do with me. There's a Lt. Jarlin that is good with utility systems. See him and I will meet with au later. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 7/20/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well done. Chirakis: Captain, TBS? Kallah Ramson: bring us around to morning shift. Chirakis: Morning shift it is. Any words for the crew? Kallah Ramson: none. Chirakis: Words from the crew? Questions or comments? Nijil tr'Korjata: Sorry for the temporal misunderstandings. Chirakis: There was a temporal misunderstanding? Chirakis: And I missed it. Pity. Nijil tr'Korjata: On my end yes. Johnson Kenyon: Nijil thought he was working on the shields. Alexis McFarland: Will we have blown up the stone? Chirakis: Tarisa will have taken care of the stone, yes. Johnson Kenyon: of a ship that hadn't docked yet. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Tarisa beats the stone with a hammer :: Chirakis: Eh. Minor error. If he fixes it before it docks then it can be quickly on its way. Johnson Kenyon: lol Tarisa: lol Chirakis: Very well. It is late. If there is nothing else.. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  13. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 20 July 2018 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 30 minutes. The time is 1730 hours (5:30 PM) Aegis local. Midshipman Johnson Kenyon arrived. As Midshipman, he will finish his engineering education under SubCommander Korjata. Captain Ramson has decided to hold off on further transwarp conduit investigations. SubCommander Jorahl will finish his research on the satellite and prep it for storage. The Stone of Gol is the next priority. Lt Cdr Tarisa has begun to explore the properties of the Stone of Gol. Hopefully she will discover the properties used to magnify psychic waves and find a way to disable and/or destroy the stone.
  14. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 7/13/18 - 10:05 PM=/\= 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 2 hours. The time is 1600 hours (4:00 pm) Aegis local. Aegis is settling down to normal. Medical still has a few recovering from V'Mal's attack. Security is investigating V'Mal's collaborators. Engineering receives Midshipman Johnson Kenyon. All departments are working on a plan to deal with psychic attacks. Traffic in the area of the transwarp conduit is closely monitored. Jorahl continues to reverse engineer the conduit's satellite. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Kallah Ramson: ::in her office:: Jylliene: :::Back at CnC, Ops:: Dacia Sandero: ::in the sickbay:: mimipavilion: ::in medical, checking on the patients:: KelsaViegnor: ::in the shop;; Fletcher Jackson: ::CnC, Aux OPS::: Annisha: @ :: Starting to settle in their specially fitted cargo bay room, three beds, drapes... :: Scott Coleridge: ::CnC, having returned from lunch and rounds to find a big stack of paperwork awaiting him- Alexis McFarland: @ ::With Miana and Annisha, looking out of a window:: Tarisa: :;Had just recently stepping onto the CnC after her talk with Lawliet.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::in Runabout Colorado, having just completed dock, he is picking up his bags:: Scott Coleridge: :: something about a promotion:- Alexis McFarland: @This is nice. Who was that lady, Annisha? Kallah Ramson: ::exits office onto the CnC:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Face almost pressed to the viewport as she looks out.:: Jylliene: Captain ::nods:: Chirakis: ::she steps from the lift, pausing for a moment, then steps down to the security console and nods to Ramson:: Captain. Annisha: @ :: Peers over :: Au won't make it go faster by looking out the window. Would au feel better if I was at the helm? Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Tail going wild.:: Kallah Ramson: ::returns the nod:: Annisha: @ :: Goes up to both of them :: First time on a Rihan cargo vessel? Johnson Kenyon: ::exiting the runabout:: KelsaViegnor: ::discussing recent orders with her employee:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::presses against the window as well:: Do you know how to get there? I never been on a Romulan ship before... well, other than the few minutes we spent on the Nei'rrh that one time Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Turns to Annisha, nodding.:: First time on any Rihan vessel. Fletcher Jackson: ::messing with a bunch of stuff::: Scott Coleridge: :: checks what's next on his list, notes they have a new crew member arriving:: Tarisa: @ Miana> :;Curious.:: Oooo...Does it cloak? Alexis McFarland: @ Don't they all cloak? Chirakis: ::checking security reports, which are many, and puts them aside to check the tactical overlay::: Kallah Ramson: ::scott:: I thought about what you said. mimipavilion: ::finishes checking on the last patient and goes to her office:: Tarisa: ::Goes to the SCI console and logs in.:: Annisha: @ Any good Rihan vessel does, but we are in free space. Chirakis: ACTION> A security officer is at the docking area to escort Midshipman Kenyon and steps up to him. Johnson Kenyon: Computer, please direct me to the bridge Nijil tr'Korjata: :: In engineering :: Chirakis: Garand> Here, Midshipman. Lt Garand, Security. Scott Coleridge: :: turns to Ramson:: Really, Captain, I was only joking ... The paperwork isn't that bad Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: In CnC on his tactical console :: Johnson Kenyon: ::notices the security officer:: Hi Lieutenant, have you been sent to escort me? Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Seems almost disappointed.:: mimipavilion: ::enters her office and takes a seat at her desk, picking up a PADD and notices it's a medical file on a new crewman:: Ok then. Annisha: @ We can't see it cloak from inside Kallah Ramson: ::smiles:: No. About maybe looking too deeply into things best left hidden. Chirakis: Garand> I'll be escorting you.. yes. Welcome to Aegis. You have credentials? Annisha: @ :: Runs and jumps on her bed :: Scott Coleridge: Oh. That. Right. Alexis McFarland: @ Aww, I see Annisha: @ :: Notices a bowl of fruit on a table :: Johnson Kenyon: Credentials.... Credentials... ::reaches in bag for his pad:: Jylliene: ::has entered the bunk assignment for the new arrival:: Chirakis: Garand> ::waits patiently, knowing that he was once in that position:: Johnson Kenyon: ::pulls out a padd out of his bag and passes to Lt Garand:: Kallah Ramson: I've decided, for the time being, we should hold off on further investigations. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Sees a small message about a new engineer :: Ugh, great. Chirakis: Lt Garand> Thanks. ::takes a quick look:: You're good to go. Come with me. Johnson Kenyon: ::follows Garand:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::heads over to Annisha, and plops on her bed as well:: Scott Coleridge: :: keeping calm, internally relieved:: I see. Johnson Kenyon: ::wondering about the transwarp conduit:: Annisha: @ It will take a day to get there and the Captain said we will arrive in the dark. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::pounces.:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::pressing a thumbprint on the lift access, the door slides open::: Kallah Ramson: The SubCommander will finish his current research on the satellite then prep it for storage. Johnson Kenyon: ::Lt Garand:: Where are we headed ::stepping in the TL:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> We're taking the command lift down. Best way to get you to CnC. KelsaViegnor: ::the two check in newly arrived supplies:: Tarisa: @ Y'shta> ::Is in another compartment, reading quietly.:: Johnson Kenyon: CnC? That the bridge? Kallah Ramson: We do need to see how to safely lock away the stone of Gol Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::smiles as he selects the code to CnC:: Command and Control, Midshipman. Johnson Kenyon: guess I should have studied more on the station Alexis McFarland: @ Ahh, I hope it'll look nice in the dark Johnson Kenyon: In the academy... ::gets quiet... realizes he might not want to engage in small talk at this point:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> The station takes a while to get used to, but after a while, it's a piece 'o cake. ::the lift moves quickly, stopping at CnC within seconds::: Johnson Kenyon: ::notices the imperceptible change in location:: Alexis McFarland: @ ::huggles Miana:: They left us some fruit too, I also brought some snacks as well. Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::waits for him to finish before opening the door:: In the academy you...? Tarisa: ::Ears rotate as she hears the goings on of the CnC. She quietly taps on her console, checking sensors in the process.:: Dacia Sandero: ::checking on some of the patients:: Chirakis: Commander Cayne, anything new going on in our sector? mimipavilion: ::goes over some other reports:: Johnson Kenyon: Oh... sorry... In the academy, we always thought of serving on a ship, so I hadn't considered a station Jylliene: ::checks on supply requisitions, approving most, but putting a few aside for further consideration:: Johnson Kenyon: Afraid I didn't study up on that as much as my hyperspanner Tarisa: @ Miana> Oh yeah! ::Gets up and grabs a bag before rejoining the others.:: I have snacks too! Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::he grins:: Well, you know what they say. Whatever you expect, it won't happen. Chirakis: Lt Garand> Ready? Johnson Kenyon: Yes, sir Johnson Kenyon: ::wonders why he would say... it won't happen:: Johnson Kenyon: ::deep breath:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::Nods:: Pull out your credentials and orders. Have them ready for the commander. Annisha: @ They say my grandfolks have a lot of land. Alexis McFarland: @. That's nice. Like a farm or something? Johnson Kenyon: ::looks at Garand:: Commander... ::has his PADD ready:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> And here we go. ::opens the lift door and steps out::: Alexis McFarland: @::Unpacks her snacks, and puts it by the fruit, picks up a pink looking fruit she's never seen before:: Johnson Kenyon: ::follows Garand:: Jylliene: ::glances over at the arrivals:: Annisha: @ :: eats some berries :: Mmmm. Chirakis: Lt Garand> :::walks up to Cdr Coleridge::: Commander Coleridge. Midshipman Kenyon reports for duty, sir. ::he steps away:: Johnson Kenyon: ::looking at everyone:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::steps out of the way, then recognizes his superior at the security console::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Sees someone entering CnC :: Alexis McFarland: @::bites into the pink fruit:: ooh yummy. Chirakis: ::Nods to Garand:: Scott Coleridge: Thank you, Lieutenant . Midshipman. Johnson Kenyon: ::Commander Coleridge:: Please to meet you, sir ::holding out PADD with orders:: Kallah Ramson: ::reviewing something on a padd:: Johnson Kenyon: ::visibly nervous:: Fletcher Jackson: ::would get a donut, but feels like this is not the time::: Scott Coleridge: :: accepts the PADD:: Welcome aboard. I see you'll be joining engineering. Annisha: @ :: The lights suddenly go out :: Chirakis: ::waving Garand over, then speaks to him quietly:: Any word? Chirakis: Lt Garand> No, ma'am. Tarisa: ::Ears perks up at the new arrivals.:: Chirakis: ::nods:: Carry on. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Squeals.:: Alexis McFarland: @ What happened? ;;looks up:: Johnson Kenyon: ::Smiles:: I hope to make you proud Annisha: @ Wait... Alexis McFarland: @::Holds Miana:: Annisha: @ :: Stars appear streaking by on the surfaces of the cargo bay, as if they are floating in space :: Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::moves to stand a discreet distance from Cdr Coleridge and Midshipman Kenyon::: KelsaViegnor: ::sets out fancy boxes to package the orders, starts gathering them. Gifts of some kind for a celebration, it seemed:: Chirakis: :::then she steps over to Tarisa::: Commander, a word. Annisha: @ Holographic paint... father told me about this. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Relaxes, as she has no trouble seeing in the dark.:: Alexis McFarland: @ Holographic paints? Alexis McFarland: @ ::Lets go of Miana a bit:: Scott Coleridge: ::Johnson:: Well, this is the CnC. But of course... you knew that. ::gestures vaguely:: Johnson Kenyon: ::waits awkwardly while the XO reviews his orders:: Chirakis: ::waits for Tarisa to finish what she was working on:: Jylliene: ::Reviews those requests she had set aside:: Dacia Sandero: ::records their progress on a PADD by their bio beds, checking the bio-rhythms of one of the patients:: Tarisa: ::Stops what she was doing and steps over to Chirakis.:: Yes, ma'am? Chirakis: ACTION> Mimi receives medical information from Kenyon, for her review before he even gets up there. Annisha: @ Ie, a mesh of tiny picture things on the walls. Johnson Kenyon: Yes, Lt Garand told me... I had never heard of CnC before now... all the new acronyms and such. Scott Coleridge: I won't inundate you with names at the moment. I'm sure you'll meet everyone soon enough. That over there is Captain Ramson. ::gently inclines his head:: And that's Captain Chirakis, our chief of security. Chirakis: Regarding the stone that is in the security vault. Are you familiar with its properties? Johnson Kenyon: ::mouthing, Captain Chirakis... chief of security?:: Alexis McFarland: @ OOh, cool. mimipavilion: ::hears a beep and sees that it is the medical information and looks it over:: Scott Coleridge: In approximately 45 seconds you’re going to receive a comm from a Doctor Pavilion, who has some kind of magic access to incoming personnel data, I swear. Tarisa: ::Tilts her head a little as she considers.:: Not entirely, but I have looked at the information. Annisha: @ Perhaps we should get some rest before dinner. Dacia Sandero: Well, they all seem to be resting comfortably now that the sedatives have kicked in. Johnson Kenyon: Magic access, sir? Scott Coleridge: I'm not saying it's witchcraft... Alexis McFarland: @ Mmm. OK. We are kinda resting now though ::smiles:: Jylliene: ::sends a question of what in the world the florist needs with this particular order to the shop owner:: Chirakis: Very well. To deal with this object, we need to gather more information.... mimipavilion: +Kenyon+ Dr. Pavilion to Midshipman Kenyon Annisha: @ When was the last time au were on a planet? Scott Coleridge: ::overhears the comm request, gives a knowing smile:: Chirakis: And for that, you will have to have access to the stone. Does that disturb you? Johnson Kenyon: :::amazed:: +Mimi+ Yes, Doctor Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Watches the new guy :: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Stands on the bed, tail lashing about.:: Since before I came to the station. mimipavilion: +Kenyon+ When you're done reporting in please report to medical. Johnson Kenyon: +Mimi+ Yes, doctor, I'm not sure when that will be. I don't have quarters yet and I haven't even met another engineer Tarisa: ::Thinks, then shakes head.:: No. I am curious how a stone can cause so much trouble. Scott Coleridge: ::Jylliene, mock whispering:: Since when do we give Midshipmen quarters?? Alexis McFarland: @Same for me. Last planet I was on was Earth shortly before I came to Aegis mimipavilion: +Kenyon+ I understand that, just make sure you come to medical before the end of day. Johnson Kenyon: +Mimi+ Yes, Ma'am Jylliene: ::whispers:: We don't. I've forwarded his bunk assignment. Should be with his standard welcome information. Annisha: @ Mine was that mining place. :: looks somber :: Tarisa: @ Miana> It was Mithra for me. Chirakis: As are we. The good news is that it does not function by itself. The potential bad news is that I am not sure of its composition or how to approach it. I would like you to investigate it. Chirakis: Investigate it as to its composition, that is. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: I understand. Alexis McFarland: @ ::Curious, but notes her sombre emotions, so decides not to press instead finishing off her pink fruit:: Whatever it wasm it was nice, Chirakis: Once we determine the composition, there is a chance that we might be able to disassemble it so it becomes unusable. Scott Coleridge: ::Johnson:: I'll take you to engineering first, introduce you to our chief engineer. Kallah Ramson: ::steps over to ops:: Johnson Kenyon: ::looks at Commander Coleridge:: I'd appreciate it Jylliene: :sends Scott Kenyon's bunk assignment as well, just in case something got lost in the shuffle:: Jylliene: ::glances up at Ramson:: Captain. Chirakis: Lt Garand> :::Scott:: Sir, we have the Midshipman's quarters ready. I can take his bags there. Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Garand:: Thank you. ::Johnson:: Hand over your bags to the Lieutenant, please, and then follow me. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Working working... to many systems on the station working :: Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::takes the bags::: Chirakis: 10:40 PM Johnson Kenyon: ::Coleridge:: Aye. ::to Garand:: thank you Kallah Ramson: Got another bit of clean up work. Send a message to both Romulan transports. Tell the one docked we need it's space and move it to a holding position. Request both send in the proper documents if they plan to extend their stay any longer. Johnson Kenyon: ::Coleridge:: Will I need my orders for the Chief? Tarisa: ::Already begins to think up disposal methods.:: Scott Coleridge: ::Johnson:: Sure, I think one the desk legs is still wonky. Jylliene: Yes ma'am. Johnson Kenyon: ::hearing something about Romulan Transports:: Scott Coleridge: ::enters the TL:: Tarisa: @ Miana> ::plops back down on the bed.:: Chirakis: Whenever you are ready, Commander :::Tarisa:: I will take you down. You will not be left alone, and not for security reasons. For your safety. Johnson Kenyon: ::enters TL:: Jylliene: Anything else for them? Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Of course. I am ready. Scott Coleridge: ::TL:: Engineering. Chirakis: Lt Garand> :::waiting for the captain to finish with Kital:: Chirakis: Very well. Come with me. Johnson Kenyon: ::to Coleridge:: How long have you served on Aegis, sir? Kallah Ramson: No, just don't let them doddle. They can float out there as long as they want, I just want them out of our way. Scott Coleridge: ::Johnson:: Let's put it this way … I started right where you are. Tarisa: ::Follows Chirakis.:: Chirakis: ::steps to the command lift::: Jylliene: ::grins:: Yes ma'am. Annisha: @ :: Someone on the cargo vessel enters the cargo room with three plates :: Something from the mess. :: looks at all three of them before leaving the room :: Tarisa: ::Joins her on the lift.:: Alexis McFarland: @Yay thanks Johnson Kenyon: You make Commander from this Station? Scott Coleridge: ((Oooh, Tarisa gets to ride in the posh lift)) Chirakis: ::Hands her a separate set of credentials:: Wear these at all times when you are in that area of security. Tarisa: @ Miana> Yay! Johnson Kenyon: I was told I'd have to transfer a dozen times for that time of promotion Chirakis: (of course) Tarisa: ((woo!)) Jylliene: ::preps the messages, including the desired location for the docked vessel:: Scott Coleridge: Yes, well, it wasn't my id… er, I mean, you'll find that crew on Aegis tends be transient or fairly... settled. Tarisa: ::Takes the credentials, looking at them.:: Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::waiting for Jylliene to finish up:: Scott Coleridge: I was assigned to a starship right out of the Academy and ended up on Aegis rather by accident. Then I was transferred here, to engineering. Chirakis: ::the lift stops and they step out exactly inside security, close to her office::: Jylliene: ::sends both:: Johnson Kenyon: I'm not sure what you mean, but it's nice to know I could make one place home Alexis McFarland: @ ::looks at the plates of food, take one of them to a table:: Johnson Kenyon: Ah, so, you came back to Aegis after a while Kallah Ramson: ::steps back to the command console:: Jylliene: ::glances over to Lieutenant Garand:: May I help you? Scott Coleridge: ::rueful laugh:: I think I spent about four weeks on that first posting before I ended up on Aegis. Chirakis: ::the voice print recognizes her and the door opens:: Computer, recognize Commander Tarisa, who will be working in here. Chirakis: Computer> Recognized. Tarisa: ::Ears flick at the new sounds that she isn't used to.:: I believe this may be my first time in Security. Scott Coleridge: So you could say that this station, in some ways, is all I've really known… though if you're lucky, there are definitely opportunities for away missions. Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::steps up to Jylliene::: Ma'am, the Midshipman's quarters, please. Jylliene: ((Define "lucky")) Johnson Kenyon: Away missions would be nice, but I think I will need to prove myself useful first Chirakis: ::nods::: And you are one of the few who have entered. Scott Coleridge: ::steps out of the TL:: Welcome to the engineering deck. Main engineering is here, just through those doors. There are labs and other subsystem control rooms throughout this deck, with major system junctions throughout this entire section. You'll find it's quieter down here, since this is not a civilian-approved area. But during the busy hours, like now, it hums about as much as a starship's engineering room. Chirakis: The vault is secured. Please pick a station and I will bring you the stone. Johnson Kenyon: ::exits the TL, all smiles:: Tarisa: ::Nods as she takes a seat.:: Scott Coleridge: ::leads Johnson into the main engineering room, which is populated by a number of engineers, both Starfleet and some of the Romulan volunteers:: Johnson Kenyon: ::taking it all in:: Scott Coleridge: Did you read your personnel brief, Midshipman? Chirakis: 10:50 PM Johnson Kenyon: ::looks at Coleridge:: Personnel brief. I'm afraid I didn't know about that Jylliene: I sent it with the usual welcome information, but... Johnson Kenyon: Was it sent to me? Jylliene: ::looks:: Alexis McFarland: @Hmm, tube roots ::bites into one:: Jylliene: Here we go. Second berth, third bunk room. Chirakis: Lt Garand> The midshipman's quarters assignment, ma'am, so I can deliver his bags. Chirakis: Lt Garand> Thank you, ma'am. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Sniffs before taking a small bite.:: Scott Coleridge: You should have received the name of your commanding officer, SubCommander tr'Korjata... Johnson Kenyon: <<very generous, Kital>> Kallah Ramson: ACTION> docked Romulan transport signals compliance and begins uncoupling. Transport in holding position turns and begins moving away from Aegis, through the exit corridor out of the asteroid field. Jylliene: Ah, I'm sorry. I thought you meant that he needed it. ::grins:: Jylliene: Very welcome, Lieutenant. Scott Coleridge: As the name and rank implies, he is a Romulan. Chirakis: Lt Garand> ::turns and enters the lift::: Johnson Kenyon: SubCommander tr'Korjata... a Romulan? Chirakis: ::returns with the stone in a box and sets it in front of Tarisa::: Jylliene: <<Well, they were gonna have ya on a bedroll in the cargo bay, but I thought that was just a little too harsh>> Scott Coleridge: ::gestures at the very diverse, even by Federation standards, engineering crew:: You'll find that one of Sky Harbor Aegis' distinctions is that we're more than just a Starfleet crew. Johnson Kenyon: <<LOL>> Tarisa: ::Looks at the box a moment.:: Can I open it? Chirakis: Of course. I doubt that it will be a problem in here. If you would like to take a sample, please do. I will not function unless the stone is intact. Scott Coleridge: We've taken on quite a few Romulans with engineering and scientific backgrounds following what happened to Romulus. Kallah Ramson: ::looks up at the blip on the screen moving off:: Johnson Kenyon: He's the chief engineer? Scott Coleridge: We also work closely with civilian miners in the asteroid belt in this system. Jylliene: Looks like the vessels are moving in compliance. Jylliene: ::to Ramson:: Scott Coleridge: Yes, he is. Scott Coleridge: ::looking around:: In fact, I thought he would be here … Jylliene: ...or leaving altogether. Hm. Chirakis: I will remain with you, as a precaution. Johnson Kenyon: Well, I shall do my best Jylliene: ::shrugs slightly to Ramson:: Scott Coleridge: He's probably just making sure all the new crewman booby traps are reset... Nijil tr'Korjata: (Where is here?) Jylliene: Guess they figured it was time once we said something? Scott Coleridge: ::shakes his head:: It's a shame Captain Ramson made us get rid of the piranha pool. Johnson Kenyon: ::chuckles:: I get it... Scott Coleridge: ((Main engineering)) Alexis McFarland: @ ::Smiles and eats her food, used to it since she visits Annisha's place so often:: Chirakis: (Right, Scott. It was your favorite swimming hole.) Chirakis: 10:55 PM Kallah Ramson: Make sure traffic is cleared. If they ever come around again we'll slap a fine for unregistered course change, but for now let them go. Jylliene: ::nods:: Yes ma'am. Tarisa: ::Carefully opens the box, looking at the stone for a moment. She then closes the lid.:: I understand. :;She takes a PADD and begins thinking out a list.:: I will need a few things. Jylliene: ::checking incoming/outgoing and ensuring the route is clear:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Encounters some new human :: Chirakis: ::nods:: Of course. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh, wait. Are au the new engineer? Johnson Kenyon: Yes, I am Subcommander? Johnson Kenyon: Midshipman Kenyon reporting Tarisa: @ Miana> :;Slowly eats, still a little unsure of the food.:: Scott Coleridge: ::Nijil:: This is Midshipman Kenyon. I think he has paperwork if you like that sort of thing. I've been told it's good for me, but I'm trying to kick the habit, personally. Scott Coleridge: See, I told you I would get you a fresh victim. Fletcher Jackson: ::can't restrain himself any longer and grabs a donut:: Scott Coleridge: Er, crewperson. Johnson Kenyon: ::half smiles, trying to see how the Romulan acts:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Extends his hand :: tr'Korjata, but it's just Korjata, but people call me Nijil....or clumsy. Jylliene: ::thus reminded, checks to make sure the bakery's supply requests have been approved:: Tarisa: ::Finishes the list.:: Johnson Kenyon: ::shakes hand:: I'll be happy to serve under you Chirakis: ::waits patiently:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I would say I run a...'tight ship' but this is a station. Chirakis: 10:58 PM Johnson Kenyon: ::trying to remember how to pronounce, Korjata:: Nijil tr'Korjata: What are your specialities? Scott Coleridge: Wonderful. I'll let you take it from here. Welcome, again, Midshipman. Johnson Kenyon: I don't have any at the moment, but I am quick study Scott Coleridge: Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Johnson Kenyon: I will :: to Scott Coleridge:: Tarisa: Would you prefer someone get the items for me for security sake, or can I get them? Johnson Kenyon: ::sir:: Chirakis: (last words) Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh, au shall get the course on Rihan runabouts... in this case the Nei'rrh. mimipavilion: ::groans over all the reports:: Johnson Kenyon: ::unsure of what Korjata just said:: Chirakis: You can get the items yourself, but you may not take the stone from this area. When you leave, I will place it back in the vault. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Annisha: @ :: Yawns :: These darn lights. Chirakis: Very well. Alexis McFarland: @ There are four lights. Scott Coleridge: ::takes his leave of engineering:: Kind of miss the place. Tarisa: @ Miana> ::Giggles.:: Tell them to shut off. Chirakis: When I secure the stone, I will escort you from this area. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 7/13/18 Chirakis: Thank you. mimipavilion: ::freeze frame:: Chirakis: Well done, all. And welcome to Sky Harbor Aegis, Midshipman Kenyon. Johnson Kenyon: Lots of participation tonight ::freeze:: Dacia Sandero: welcome aboard! Chirakis: Indeed. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it moves quickly. Johnson Kenyon: Thanks Chirakis: Captain, TBS? Kallah Ramson: let's just go with a few minutes. Mimi needs her chance to torment the midshipman. Dacia Sandero: lol Chirakis: Ah... of course. mimipavilion: ::evil grin:: Tarisa: You can't deny her! Johnson Kenyon: I thought that was the Romulan's job Chirakis: Shall we make it 30, so Nijil can have a moment with him? Dacia Sandero: No. You can't Johnson Kenyon: first anyway Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Chirakis: TBS is 30 minutes. Any words for the crew? Kallah Ramson: none Chirakis: Commander Coleridge, anything from you? Scott Coleridge: Nope Chirakis: Questions or words from the crew? Nijil tr'Korjata: Has anyone lost a midshipman before? Asking for a friend. Johnson Kenyon: <<chuckles>> mimipavilion: Can't say that I have Chirakis: Yes, actually. The person who lost him did not last long. We found a suitable airlock for him to occupy. Johnson Kenyon: ::imagines being pushed into a plasma conduit:: Scott Coleridge: We expect receipts, Mr. tr'Korjata. Chirakis: Anything else? Tarisa: Ndak lost numerous ones when we still had academies. Chirakis: Yes. NDak was expert at that. Johnson Kenyon: Do people write logs in this SIM? Chirakis: Yes. Dacia Sandero: Yes, but cadets were expendable Nijil tr'Korjata: I have ideas... Chirakis: Not as often as they should. :::eyes everyone:: But there are a few who do regularly. Tarisa: ::cough:: Chirakis: So, yes, please feel free to write a log. Post it on the message board and we will all take a look. mimipavilion: ::looks at a Padd:: Chirakis: Commander Tarisa? Tarisa: No no, I'm good. Chirakis: Or was that a comment? Chirakis: Anything else? Chirakis: Very well... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  15. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 13 July 2018 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 2 hours. The time is 1600 hours (4:00 PM) Aegis local. As the station settles to a more normal pace, Johnson Kenyon arrives as Midshipman Recruit/Engineering. He will study under SubCommander Korjata. Meanwhile, Cdr Cayne and Cpt Chirakis are plowing through information on V’Mal’s accomplices. Cayne identified two of the six and Chirakis identified one, leaving three unknowns. The one identified by Cpt Chirakis was a protege of Ragor Tal, a brilliant racketeer whose modus operandi is to pit one leader against another, create a void through chaos and infighting, then move in and take over. The other accomplices seem to be minor profiteers. The Stone of Gol still resides in a high security vault. SubCommander Jorahl is still inspecting the satellite that was recovered by Adriatic. Whether we decide to further investigate what appears to be the Lore Kings’ transwarp conduit remains to be seen.
  16. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 7/6/18 - 10:06 PM=/\= 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 6 hours. The time is 1300 hours (1:00 pm) Aegis local. Aegis is settling down to normal. Medical is still dealing with a few who were affected by V'Mal's attack. Security is dealing with V'Mal's collaborators. All departments are collaborating on a plan to deal with psychic attacks. We are monitoring traffic in the area of the conduit. Jorahl is still playing with the conduit's satellite. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Jylliene: ::CnC, Ops:: Kallah Ramson: ::in her office:: Dacia Sandero: ::in Sickbay:: Chirakis: ::she steps into CnC with the information she gathered from Maj Butts:: Tarisa: ::In the lab, looking over a report.:: Jylliene: ::nod to Chirakis:: Chirakis: ::and notes the absence of our beloved XO::: Commander Kital, status? ::returns the nod:: Lawliet: ::walks into the CnC:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Running around frantically in her room. A couple opened suitcases are on her bed.:: Amanda Davis PhD: ::sick bay, finishing her reports, fairly stymied regarding Ens Lauren:: mimipavilion: ::in medical, in her office, looking over updates on those who were more victim to V'mal:: Jylliene: All normal thus far. We have an expected incoming cargo transport in about an hour. Alexis McFarland: ::happily packing her bags:: Chirakis: ::nods::: And nothing else? Jylliene: Nothing else yet. Medical is still treating some patients of the attack, security is - well, you're more up on them than I am. Chirakis: ::checking the tactical board::: Lawliet: ::walks over to the science station:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Has her tablet comm on the dresser, facing out. She had been talking to Alexis.:: I am almost ready! Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: On tactical :: Annisha: :: Packing some things in her suitcase...shoves :: Kallah Ramson: ::steps out of her office, several padds in hand:: Chirakis: ::Cayne:: Commander, anything new? Chirakis: ::turns to Ramson with a polite nod:: Captain. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Other than that transport nothing notable. Alexis McFarland: +Miana+ yeah, I'm almost done too. Dacia helped me pack before she started her shift Nijil tr'Korjata: :: enters his quarters :: Amanda Davis PhD: ::she gives a deep sigh, still puzzled regarding the brain damage because there really isn't any::: Dacia Sandero: ::is indeed treating the patients, but also glad Alexis and her friends are leaving for their vacation, happy the girls will have a good time and that they're out of her hair for awhile:: mimipavilion: ::is concerned about those here in sickbay, knowing that Amanda is going to have her hands full:: Tarisa: Yda> ::Pops into the room to check on her daughter.:: Hurry, love. Y'shta has everything ready. Chirakis: ::steps to Cayne::: And given the circumstances, I wonder if that is a good sign or a bad sign. Kallah Ramson: ::steps over to chirakis:: As if we needed more troubles. ::hands her a padd:: Lawliet: ::takes a seat and begins to review some reports:: Jylliene: ::knew the quiet couldn't last:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: What can you do? Space is big and we can't go running everyone off that decides to walk on our lawn. Chirakis: ::receives the padd, closing and putting hers down:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Throws a couple more things in, including her stuffed animal. Alexis sees a little white blur once in a while as Miana runs past the tablet camera.:: Dacia Sandero: ::her hands full as it is, nice to know there's one less thing to worry about:: Chirakis: ::Nods to Cayne as she reads through:: Alexis McFarland: ::Wearing a cute yellow sundress, with matching sandals and yellow nail polish on her nails:: Did you drop your PADD? Chirakis: ::steps closer to Ramson:: And command is absolutely certain? Jylliene: ::getting a bad feeling about this:: Kallah Ramson: It seems so. I suppose we could not be lucky enough for them to have dropped the whole matter. Tarisa: Miana> Huh? ::Stops and looks into the tablet.:: No? It is sitting on my dresser. Nijil tr'Korjata: I hear they are on their way Annis- oh there au are. Chirakis: Indeed. ::frowns as she hands it back:: And this is immediate? Dacia Sandero: Oh, okay. There, I'm done. Just waiting for Annisha. Annisha: Trying to get this suitcase packed. Tarisa: Yda> ::Standing in the background, waving at Alexis as she hands Miana her sleeping clothes.:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Puts the clothes in the suitcase.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: It's a self-compressing suitcase with partial antigrav.. let me help Lawliet: ::files his reports and begins running some scans:: Dacia Sandero: ::zips up her suitcase, sitting on one to get it to zip closed:: There! Nijil tr'Korjata: Ha.. na na, only clothes. Kallah Ramson: There will be the standard procedures. After certain actions, an example must be made of the offending individual. Annisha: What? Tarisa: Miana> ::Stops, looking at the cases.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: This would have flattened your stringed instrument... two suitcases, one for clothes, and the other for non-compressible. Chirakis: ::she gives a deep sigh:: If we must, then we must. ::stern look at Lawliet:: Dacia Sandero: Ok, sweetie. You're good to go. ::Paying a quick visit to their quarters to help Alexis pack on her break:: I hope you girls have a good time. Kallah Ramson: ::stepping across the CnC:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Watching what was going on, but not exactly in-tune with it :: Jylliene: ::BURIES her attention in her console:: Chirakis: ::steps toward Jylliene:: (w) You will remain OIC until I return. Alexis McFarland: Mmm! Thanks! Though, I know you're glad we're out of your hair for a bit. Things busy in sickbay, eh? Tarisa: Yda> ::Watching her daughter.:: You have clothes, shoes, and your doll. :;Smiles.:: Hair brush? Lawliet: ::looks up at Chirakis:: Jylliene: ::nods:: Acknowledged. Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs it off counter and puts it in.:: Chirakis: ::watching him closely:: Dacia Sandero: Did you bring your tooth-- ah, yes. There it is. You should have everything now. Kallah Ramson: ::drops a padd onto the Ops desk:: Make sure to file this. Jylliene: Yes ma'am. Dacia Sandero: I don't know what they have on that planet in terms of shops, or replicators so I hope you won't need anything additional that's major. Tarisa: Miana> ::Pauses again.:: Tarisa: Yda> ::Closes the cases for Miana.:: Snacks? Alexis McFarland: I hope they have nice shops. ::brings her bags to the living room while she waits for Annisha and Miana to finish:: Annisha: :: removes any crushable items and puts clothes in their place :: Tarisa: Miana> Snacks! ::Runs out of the room, leaving the PADD on, still on the dresser.:: Lawliet: ::looks back down and returns to his scans:: Kallah Ramson: And send to my office starfleet protocols for cashiering of officers. Jylliene: Yes ma'am. Dacia Sandero: ::takes another bag from the fridge:: Here's some snacks and stuff for the trip. I imagine it might take awhile. Jylliene: ::pulls those up, with a sinking feeling in her stomach:: Tarisa: Yda> ::Smiles, she walks over picking up the PADD.:: She will be down shortly. ::Cuts the comm, then puts the PADD in the side pocket of the case.:: Chirakis: ::awaiting the captain's word:: Jylliene: ::sends them:: Sent. Kallah Ramson: ::turns back towards her office:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Here, a subspace transceiver, holo recorder... Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs the bag of snacks she had prepared, and then puts her backpack on, and drags her larger case on the floor. She meets Y'shta at the door.:: I am ready! Kallah Ramson: ::chirakis:: a word first, in my office. Chirakis: Of course, Captain. :::turns to follow Ramson:: Tarisa: Y'shta> ::Nods and heads out.:: Alexis McFarland: Yay, thanks! Bye, Dacia. See you when we get back. Hopefully it won't be too busy for you when we return. Tarisa: Miana> ::Gives her mom one last huggle goodbye before following Y'shta out.:: Dacia Sandero: ::hugs Alexis:: Bye Lexi, I hope so too but have a great time and takes lots of holo pics. I've got to get back to Sickbay. Kallah Ramson: ::the office doors close...and locks:: Jylliene: ::sees scheduled transport coming in range, and as she's OIC anyhow, sends the approach vector:: Dacia Sandero: ::waves and heads out to the lift:: Byeee... Annisha: :: Compresses the clothes, picks up the suitcase and falls to the ground holding it :: oof! Nijil tr'Korjata: Whoa.. :: taps a key :: Let's make it lighter.. Alexis McFarland: ::hugs:: Bye bye. Lawliet: ::finishes his scans and heads over to the replicator:: Iced Tea. Alexis McFarland: ::luckily her suitcases weren't too light and that her's had wheels:: Jylliene: +Annisha, Miana, Lexi+ Operations here. The transport is on approach. Hope you girls are about ready. Chirakis: ::giving a deep sigh, awaiting her orders::: Alexis McFarland: +Jylliene+ Yes! I'm ready! Annisha: :: now it's very easy to lift :: Ah Annisha: :: puts her backback one :: Kallah Ramson: ::folds arms:: You read the orders. It's about time too. Jylliene: ::slight grin - a welcome bit of pleasant business:: Tarisa: Miana> +Jylliene+ Yes! ::Overexcited.:: Chirakis: Indeed, Captain. Alexis McFarland: ::wheels her suitcases out of her quarters:: Chirakis: We must do what we are commanded to. However, it can be difficult. Chirakis: 10:30 PM Lawliet: ::walks over to the window and looks down at the commerce area:: Alexis McFarland: ::heads over to Annisha's quarters:: Kallah Ramson: Ask me, this will give some needed room in science for others to advance. Tarisa: Miana> ::Arrives at the docking port with Y'shta.:: Alexis McFarland: ::presses chime:: Annisha, you ready yet? Chirakis: True. And Tarisa can fill the void for a while at least. Dacia Sandero: ::Arrives back to Sickbay:: Tarisa: ::Sneezes:: Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Annisha: :: Starts to head for the door, onwards to the docking port :: Alexis McFarland: ::following Annisha:: Kallah Ramson: ::looks over the protocols:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: walks with Annisha, where she held his hand as they walked :: Kallah Ramson: What a mess. Will you handle this? Just get it over with. ::hands her the padd:: Annisha: Hey Lexy... Jylliene: +Nijil+ I may not make it down there before they leave. I've got the con. I'll try, though. Alexis McFarland: ::looking at her PADD as they walk along:: Hmm, yes? mimipavilion: ::takes a break from the patient reports and looks at the Children's Home reports:: Chirakis: ::takes the padd:: Of course, Captain. It is not my first, and it most probably will not be my last. Lawliet: ::gets and uneasy feeling...looks around and puts down his tea:: Kallah Ramson: ::unlocks the door:: Chirakis: ::steps toward the door:: Captain perhaps this is best done in private. Kallah Ramson: As you wish. Chirakis: ::she nods and steps out of Ramson's office:: Tarisa: Miana> :;Waits patiently for the others, but her tail is waving frantically.:: Chirakis: ::she approaches Lawliet:: Commander, come with me. Lawliet: ::looks at Chirakis for a moment and follows:: Chirakis: ::snap turns and returns to Ramson's office::: Alexis McFarland: ::Smiles and eventually arrives at the docking bay:: Chirakis: ::waits for him, then closes the door::: Lawliet: ::looks back at Chirakis and back to Ramson:: Chirakis: ::and turns to face Lawliet:: Lt Commander, in our estimation, you have performed your duties aboard Aegis admirably. Dacia Sandero: ::sighs a bit, and continues checking on the patients:: Tarisa: Miana> Yay! Kallah Ramson: ::sitting over to the side, on the floor pillows by the tea set.displeased look:: Jylliene: ::receives and approves docking request from the transport:: Annisha: :: Walks and talks to her father :: Alexis McFarland: Hey Miana! ::Excited smile:: Lawliet: ::looks back at Chirakis:: Thank you. Annisha: It's been a long time since I was in real air... I mean the air here is fine, but.. Lawliet: ...Ma'am. Nijil tr'Korjata: Ie ie, not 'real' Chirakis: However.... Starfleet Command has other ideas, unfortunately ::she steps forward and removes his insignia:: Alexis McFarland: It'll be nice to be on actual planet for a change. It's been awhile. Lawliet: ::his heart drops:: What? I don't understand. Alexis McFarland: Not that there's anything wrong with this station or anything. Tarisa: Dr. Y'shta> ::Standing by Miana. She was a little taller than the other Mithraan the girls have met. She had dark hair and, black ears and long black tail.:: Jylliene: +Nijil+ The transport has docked. Chirakis: For your action during your command of Adriatic, we have stripped you of this rank. Chirakis: And they have decided to... ::takes a deep breath::: Lawliet: ::gives a looks of shock:: Tarisa: Miana> Dr. Y'shta will be going with us. ::Whispers, but she knows Y'shta can hear anyways.:: The High Elder wanted to send armed security, but my mother would not let her. So the doctor is going. Chirakis: Promote you to the rank of full Commander, with all its demands and privileges. ::steps forward and pins on the appropriate rank. Annisha: :: Arrives at the dock :: Lawliet: ....... ::stunned:: Chirakis: ::gives him a firm handshake::: Congratulations, Commander Lawliet. Alexis McFarland: ::smiles at Miana:: Ah, I was going to ask who she was. Dacia says my parents want to have a security detail for me too, so I know what you mean. I think some Starfleet security dudes will tag along with me as well. Kallah Ramson: Promotions, bah! Nothing but paperwork. ::frown:: You'll probably want a celebration party too. Who do you think has to clear the funding for that?! ::sulks.:: Chirakis: Indeed. Too much paperwork. However, we do have Commander Coleridge for that, Captain. Alexis McFarland: Not that I'll know. Dacia said they were plain-clothed to avoid suspicion or something Lawliet: ::looks back at Ramson and back at Chirkis:: I...I don't know really what to say. Dacia Sandero: (yay grats Lawliet!) mimipavilion: (woot woot)) Chirakis: No words are needed, Commander. You performed admirably, and Starfleet Command agrees. Kallah Ramson: That's right! I forgot. I have to deal with the Admirals.... but he's stuck wrangling all the minions. ::jumps up:: Excellent. Alexis McFarland: Oh yeah, I think I saw her when you had that tummy ache Chirakis: ::chuckles::: Alexis McFarland: Nice to meet you. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Checks his PADD :: They are at warp still. Kallah Ramson: ::steps over to shake:: Tarisa: Y'shta> I am merely going for educational purposes. ::Pushes her glasses up her nose.:: I assure you, I will try not to interfere. Kallah Ramson: ::shake Lawliet's hand:: Lawliet: ::stands a little straighter:: Thank you. I won't let either of you down. Dacia Sandero: Hmm Alexis McFarland: Ohh Chirakis: And of course, your duties double. Lawliet: ::returns shake:: Jylliene: ((I commed and said it docked)) Alexis McFarland: ::hugs Miana:: Mmm..::smiles:: Nijil tr'Korjata: (Oh, sorry, I was being talked to) Chirakis: And you will have to reorder the workload for your second, Lt Cdr Tarisa. Tarisa: Y'shta> ::Ears perk up as a ding sounds by the dock door.:: I believe the transport is here. Chirakis: You may return to your duties, Commander. Alexis McFarland: Oh yay Amanda Davis PhD: ::she exits her office with a sigh, looking for Mimi::: Lawliet: ::looks at Chirakis with a smirk:: Understood. ::turns around and walks out:: mimipavilion: ::still in her office:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: A striking Rihan woman crosses the threshold of the docking port :: Chirakis: Well done, Captain. Alexis McFarland: Do you like my yellow sundress? I even painted my nails yellow to match. ::spreads her hand in front of Miana:: Amanda Davis PhD: ::spots Mimi in her office::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Sparkles in her eyes.:: Ooooh... I Love it! Kallah Ramson: ::slight bow:: Lawliet: ::walks across the CnC and walks into the turbolift:: Science Lab 1. Alexis McFarland: Hehe, thanks. I got it at the beauty shop near the perfume place Gila used to work at. Chirakis: If you will excuse me, Captain? Nijil tr'Korjata: Rihan Woman> Are au all the new crew we are taking on? Kallah Ramson: Of course. Amanda Davis PhD: :::presses the chime::: mimipavilion: ::looking over a report and hears the chime:: Enter. Chirakis: ::nods, then exits::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Notices the new lady and hides behind Alexis.:: Alexis McFarland: ::Looks around to see who the Romulan lady is talking to:: mimipavilion: ::looks up:: Oh Amanda. What can I do for you? Amanda Davis PhD: ::enters and allows the door to close::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Watching the sensor net, knowing the computer does a better job than he :: Lawliet: ::gets off the lift and walks down the corridor into the lab:: Amanda Davis PhD: Well, I’m not sure. Jylliene: ::nods to Chirakis as she re-enters:: Tarisa: ::Ears flick as she hears the door open.:: Chirakis: ::returns to nod::: Report, Commander Kital. Annisha: :: Runs to the woman and gives her a hug :: Jolan tru! mimipavilion: Take a seat, Amanda. What's going on? Jylliene: The scheduled transport has arrived, a little early. They're docked. No other updates. Amanda Davis PhD: The brain damage that Ensign Lauren sustained is not really "damage" per se. Dacia Sandero: ::Talks with some of the Romulans about the patients:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Rihan Woman> It has been a while since I last saw au little one. Au are taller. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Lawliet: ::walks over to Tarisa:: You have a moment Commander? Chirakis: ::nod:: Excellent. Chirakis: 10:50 PM Nijil tr'Korjata: Rihan Woman> :: looking at Nijil :: And au are...bonded.. :: pointing to his stomach :: Amanda Davis PhD: She is dealing with an overload on the right side of her brain and because she has never experienced this before, her brain is compensating. Nijil tr'Korjata: Ha ha funny. Alexis McFarland: Annisha must be one heck of a crewmember Tarisa: ::Looks up.:: Yes. ::Gets up from her terminal, a glint of something shiny catches her eye.:: mimipavilion: Ok, how do we help the ensign 'compensate' with the overload Amanda Davis PhD: She will have headaches, and probably for a while. I would like to suggest that you watch her closely, and anyone else who is experiencing these symptoms. Nijil tr'Korjata: Rihan Woman> These are your friends and... :: looks :: other guests that are coming along. Tarisa: Miana> ::Still behind Alexis.:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Jylliene: It will be quiet when the girls leave. Amanda Davis PhD: I would begin with simple analgesics. Jylliene: ::offhand, to Chirakis:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Rihan Woman> Au must be Alexis and au with the ears...Miana? mimipavilion: ::starts making notes:: Ok Chirakis: ::slight smile:: And won't that be a respite for you? Tarisa: Miana> ::Is being shy.:: Jylliene: It will be, for a time, but I'm sure I'll also be happy to see them back when they return. Kallah Ramson: ::a secure message beeps into her padd:: Alexis McFarland: Yes, I am. Jolan truu...uuu.. Tarisa: ((What you don't know, is we keep the other children in check. Now they will be running wild. )) Lawliet: Long story short...I just received a promotion. While technically I'm still the Chief Science Officer, I'll be taking on other responsibilities. To that effect, you will be taking a more active role in this department. Chirakis: (really. Then the other children had better stay away from Chirakis) Dacia Sandero: ::talking with one of the other Romulans:: Tarisa: ((lol)) Dacia Sandero: (lol) Amanda Davis PhD: I will have to consult with physicians who are well versed in this type of injury before moving to more than analgesics . Tarisa: Miana> ::Quietly, almost inaudible.:: Jolan...tru... Amanda Davis PhD: Are there any others with this problem? Alexis McFarland: ::pets Miana:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Rihan Woman> We are scheduled to leave in about an hour. We are dropping off supplies and taking some on. An inspection then we are on our way. We have prepared a cargo bay for au all. Alexis McFarland: A cargo bay? Wow, nice. Tarisa: Y'shta> ::Greets the woman with a courteous nod.:: Chirakis: :Jyl:: Of course, if you need a moment, Ens Lackey can take OPS for you. Jylliene: That would be appreciated, ma'am. Chirakis: 10:55 PM Chirakis: ::finger snap to Lackey, then points to Jylliene's station:: Take OPS, Ensign. mimipavilion: Alright, I trust your judgment on this matter ::pauses for a moment:: Just the ones here in medical. Dacia should provide you with more information on how they mentally with her being empathic of course. Tarisa: ::Nods to Lawliet.:: Yes Sir. ::Pauses a moment.:: Congratulations. Jylliene: I am relieved of con as well, then, ma'am? Chirakis: Yes. Until you feel ready to return. Jylliene: ::nods:: Thank you. Chirakis: Lackey> ::takes OPS::: Amanda Davis PhD: In the meantime, I'm going to consult someone of expertise from Starfleet Medical. Lawliet: ::nods:: Thank you. To be blunt I'm not sure when you'll become head of the department, but I'd start preparing yourself. That day is closer than you think. Chirakis: 10:58 PM Jylliene: ::TL to the docking ring:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Tarisa: ::Ears lower for a moment at the thought.:: Amanda Davis PhD: But, I would not leave her alone. Jylliene: +nijil+ On my way there, don't let them board until I get there. Amanda Davis PhD: I will be in my office looking for more answers. Unless you have something more? Chirakis: (last words) mimipavilion: ::nods:: I'll have a nurse or medic with her at all times. ::thinks for moment:: I think that's all. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Jy+ Understood Alexis McFarland: ::Huggles Miana, excited about their trip:: Amanda Davis PhD: Wonderful. Thank you. Tarisa: Miana> ::giggles:: Lawliet: ::smiles:: Tarisa...I was nowhere near your level of experience when I took command. Trust me, you'll be fine. Amanda Davis PhD: ::moves out and toward her office::: Alexis McFarland: ::miana is too heavy to juggle:: Tarisa: ((Alexis so strong)) Jylliene: ::rushes to the group:: Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Thank you. Nijil tr'Korjata: I could have transported au here mimipavilion: ::notifies the Chief Nurse to watch Ens. Lauren:: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 7/6/18 Chirakis: Everyone, congratulate COMMANDER Lawliet for recognition of a job well done. Tarisa: Yay! Nijil tr'Korjata: Congrats mimipavilion: Congrats Jylliene: Congratulations! Lawliet: Thank you everyone. Amanda Davis PhD: Wonderful, Lawliet. Dergin: WTG Lawliet! Dacia Sandero: Yay Chirakis: I must say that we seldom promote to full Commander. It is a privilege, and well deserved. And it involves a lot of paperwork on his part. ::grin:: Lawliet: lol Chirakis: Which means... that he gets to fill in for Scott when Scott is gone. Chirakis: Enjoy. mimipavilion: ::smirks and is glad she isn't a full commander:: Dacia Sandero: Fun Chirakis: Captain Ramson, TBS? Kallah Ramson: short one I think, 2 hours Chirakis: 2 hours. Chirakis: TBS is 2 hours. Words for the crew? Kallah Ramson: none Chirakis: Words from the crew, beginning with Dergin. Chirakis: I am the GM, but I am not the commanding officer of Aegis. Chirakis: My character is Chief of Security. Chirakis: Captain Ramson is in command of Aegis. Commander Coleridge is second in command. Chirakis: And the reason for that is personal preference on my part. Chirakis: Does that answer the question? Dergin: Interesting Chirakis: Other questions from the crew? Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  17. Far From Over Cayne & Chirakis Bustling crowds filled the commerce deck as soon as station lockdown ended. Of the hundreds who crammed the lifts and stairs, only a few questioned the reason for lockdown. In fact, most didn't seem to care as long as they could browse, shop, or enjoy their favorite restaurants. Above them, along the mezzanine, plain clothes security personnel wandered among civilians or relaxed at tables that conveniently overlooked strategic areas. Kirel stepped from the lift and paused briefly. A few children who caught her eye waved excitedly. Kirel merely nodded in return, knowing that the older children placed bets on the number of times she waved. Though Aegis offered a variety of amenities, it was still a space station, and, as children everywhere, they needed more distractions than Aegis offered. Such naivete, thought Kirel as she began a slow, measured pace down the stairway and into the crowd. For the most part, civilians on station led sheltered lives, trusting explicitly in the station’s defenses and command team to keep them safe. They had no idea how close they had come to disaster. As for Kirel, Captain Ramson’s words would last way beyond the situation’s resolution. “Officially,” Ramson had said, “V'Mal is an agent compromised by a Vulcan isolationist he was investigating. A rogue agent working on his own. Officially this event is over and all that's left for Command is to pick up V’Mal and Mason and her crew. “But this is far from over. “In private I am being told to to stay on alert,” Ramson continued. “There's more going on than one lone agent. Command is still trying to figure out what's going on. They cleared Mason's mission but no one remembers why.” Kirel wound her way through the crowd, stopping only occasionally for congenial discourse, before entering the security complex to call Commander Cayne. “We have much to discuss,” where her only words, as no others were necessary. They shared the same concerns: the Stone of Gol, V’Mal’s collaborators, and the Lore Kings’ transwarp conduit, to name a few. Hopefully they could formulate at least one plan. “Commander,” she said, hearing the faint swish of her office door. “Make yourself comfortable. This could take a while.” "Do I need a carafe of coffee this time or will a large mug do?" He said jokingly, though with a sliver of truth. “Take the entire station’s supply if you need it,” she replied as she pulled up a screen on the main console. Only three lines appeared: Collaborators, Stone of Gol, and Conduit. "I am back at my early Academy days, presentations being the hallmark…. I'm guessing the first two are related more directly?" “Does it strike you that they are related?” She turned to face him, her expression serious but not to the point of being dire. "I'm guessing the stone was V'Mal's main instrument second only to those that helped him. They had to help him get it, but once he had it their mission was a whole magnitude easier." He brought his arm up to his face as though there was a cup is his hand. He became irked once he realized he was daydreaming non-existent cups of coffee. Kirel waved a hand toward the carafe. “Coffee, Commander. Then I have a list we must consider.” 'Yes please, before I eat my hand." He paused. "This a to-do list?" “A list of V’Mal’s accomplices... from V’Mal, via Major Butts.” Half-turning in his direction, she gave a slight grin and threw a list of names onto the screen, adding. “He was very persuasive. Do you recognize any of these names?” Cayne peered at the screen as if he was an old man seeing a hologram for the first time. "Hmm, I think two of those I have seen before, but… I'd have to get more information before I can tell you why I know them." He tapped the two names to highlight them. “Where you know them from will do, Commander, and why they might be accomplices. Do not worry about your security level. It jumped a few levels as soon as you came to Aegis through October.” She waited. He seemed hesitant, though judging from his squint, it could have been his age. “So which ones do you know and why could they have become accomplices?” She studied his highlighted names. "The first one has no serious infractions, just so many of them. Mostly theft, but nothing violent. Not sure they shared V'Mal's vision, only profit. Hmm, I guess profit, not prophet," he quipped, spelling out the last word. "The second name may have agreed with V'Mal, but I believe she moved to whatever vision suited her." “Vision?” "Philosophy... how she thinks the universe should work? I have not met her, only read. I think she may have intelligence community ties. Will need to investigate that." “Indeed.” Kirel stepped back from the screen. “For now, considering this list, we have recognition and possible cause. Personally, I see one lieutenant of Ragor Tal—and I am sure that you have had more than a few run-ins with him. Of the other two, I am not sure, and neither registers as ‘wanted’. However, there are ways to get around that.” After a moment of thought, she faced him. “The Stone is secure for the moment. Our focus will be on this list. You take your few and I will take mine and the unknowns. Can you think of anything else we should address immediately?” "Just get our security team together as soon as possible...I can speak to Gila, if she passes." “Commander, Ensign Gila should be the least of your worries, but if you must, you must. Remember that this is Classified Sensitive Compartmentalized Information.” Cayne nodded. "Right. I have to speak with her on other matters, and will perform my own evaluation. Nothing mentioned here today."
  18. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 6 July 2018 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 6 hours. The time is 1300 hours (1:00 PM) Aegis local. Things are slowly settling down to normal. Command still has a few things to clean up: the status of the satellite that SubCommander Jorahl is examining at the shipyard; the Stone of Gol that still resides in the security vault; and the mental stability of several security officers who were affected by V’Mal’s psychic episodes.
  19. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 6/29/18=/\= 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 15 hours. The time is 0600 hours (6:00 am) Aegis local. V'Mal is en route to a correctional facility. We await any information he will give to the interrogator. Sick Bay is still dealing with a few who were affected by V'Mal's attack. All departments are collaborating on a plan to deal with psychic attacks. We still know little about the Lore Kings' conduit, but some things are best left alone. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Fletcher Jackson: ::yawns as he steps out of the lift and takes his place at AuxOps:: Kallah Ramson: ::catching up on paperwork...amazed at how far behind you get in everything else:: Dacia Sandero: ::in Sickbay, working on some of the patients after a bit of morning tea:: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Alexis McFarland: ::sprawled out in her bed, fast asleep:: Scott Coleridge: ::on the CnC:: Chirakis: ::she steps out of the lift and pauses for threat assessment in CnC::: Jylliene: ::arrives at Ops, coffee in hand.:: Chirakis: Good morning, Commander. ::Scott, as she moves to her console::: Kallah Ramson: ::files the last report.... now, of to b..... oh, it's alpha shift. alrightythen.....:: Fletcher Jackson: ::smells the coffee, awe, man::: Kallah Ramson: ::steps out of her office onto the CnC:: Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: Indeed. Nothing on fire, no alarms yet... good morning so far. Chirakis: ::turns, hearing the door open:: Good morning, Captain. It is good to see you back. Chirakis: ::nods to Scott:: So far. Tarisa: ::Steps off the lift onto CnC.:: Jylliene: ::agrees with the various sentiments expressed on the CnC thus far:: Tarisa: Miana> ::sleeping peacefully.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::and a passing minion hands him some coffee:: Chirakis: ::takes over TAC while Cayne is taking his time:: Kallah Ramson: Yes, once more back from my hermitage. The spirits of the bureaucracy have once more been appeased. Chirakis: ::she looks up:: Excellent. mimipavilion: ::can't stand the paperwork another minute and heads into main sickbay:: Tarisa: ::Brings her own tea, since she isn't a coffee drinker.:: Chirakis: ::sends several plans regarding psychic attacks to Scott's console with an "enjoy" attached::: Kallah Ramson: ::looks over the command console:: Jylliene: ((And I just read that as with an emoji attached...)) Tarisa: ::Steps over to the SCI console, setting her tea in a safe spot.:: Chirakis: ::vulnerable areas, areas of refuge, civilian participation, PsiCorps, and the like - about ten or twelve plans for his review::: Chirakis: (Of course. Emoji. We need one for that.) Scott Coleridge: ((Somehow I don't picture Chirakis as the "emoji" type)) Chirakis: (she is not) Scott Coleridge: ::starts reviewing the plans:: Jylliene: ::reviews the usual upcoming planned arrivals/departures, cargo & passengers:: Scott Coleridge: ((Now, Jackson on the other hand… )) Fletcher Jackson: ::working on internal ops... huh?::: Fletcher Jackson: ::smirk:: Chirakis: ::checking the status of the defense grid:: mimipavilion: ::does the normal walk through and sees Dacia tending to the remaining patients from the attack:: Scott Coleridge: Captain Ramson, did you have a chance to see my update about the projects I've given to security? Kallah Ramson: No, not fully. Chirakis: ::then she sends an urgent note to engineering regarding a section of the grid:: Dacia Sandero: ::checks them out telepathically as well, frowns and adds some notes on her PADD:: Fletcher Jackson: ::requisition, requisition, requisition.. pass, pass, pass::: Kallah Ramson: can you give me a run down? Scott Coleridge: ::smiles:: Not surprised given what else you've probably had to get caught up on. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Thinks he's in the Command and Control :: Fletcher Jackson: ::and another water problem?::: Chirakis: ::steps away from TAC:: Good morning, Commander Cayne. Scott Coleridge: I've just asked Chirakis and Cayne to develop some specialized drills to help us better prepare for psychic attacks. Scott Coleridge: I think we can improve response times and better protect civilians. Jylliene: ::is glad that part of the paperwork has passed over to Fletcher:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Nods :: I hope so. mimipavilion: ::walks up to Dacia::softly:: Hey how are our guests. Chirakis: ::she moves to her own console:: You hope so, what, Commander? ::looks at him, concerned:: Tarisa: ::Running simulations on her console as she listens in on conversations in the CnC.:: Kallah Ramson: Good idea. Dacia Sandero: ::glances back to Mimi:: Not good, especially mentally. They're going to need a lot of time to recover. Dacia Sandero: I can't really get much of a telepathic link with them. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Have you let Amanda know that they could possibly need her skill set. Kallah Ramson: How long do you estimate setting these up? Jylliene: ::assigns docking over the next few days, leaving openings for the unexpected, which seemed to itself BE expected on Aegis:: Scott Coleridge: ::Ramson:: Well, I've just received some preliminary proposals … so I'll review those and we'll go from there. Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::sitting up on her bed, holding her head:: Dacia Sandero: Yes, I let her know she has her work cut out for her. Scott Coleridge: I also think science and medical could help develop some defenses, but that will probably be a longer-term project. Chirakis: ::steps to Cayne:: Commander? Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::in sick bay:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: good. You got the message that the Cmdr Coleridge is wanting ideas about defenses for future psych attacks. Kallah Ramson: I'll leave coordinating the departments to you. I'd like to be kept up to date on the progress. I might be able to test some of these defenses. Scott Coleridge: Understood. Jylliene: ::passes the relevant info over to Fletcher, so he can prepare for receiving incoming supplies:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Just awaiting news over subspace. Scott Coleridge: ::also hoping that by giving the crew specific goals related to the recent attacks, it helps them feel like they're doing something constructive instead of feeling powerless:: Chirakis: ::nods:: Very well. Fletcher Jackson: ::thumbs up on the supply lists::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Nijil> :: Working in some isolated part of the station :: Chirakis: ::she moves back to the security console, checking a few things::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Nijil> :: Finally gets to sit down, is able to relax for a moment. This part of the station is rather isolated, so it needs a wireless repeater :: Dacia Sandero: Yes I got that.. hmm ::ponders:: That'll require much thinking about. Chirakis: ::and an urgent message appears, sent directly to her, encoded from Butts:: Kallah Ramson: Anyone in science you do not need for this project, I want working with the shipyard. We still have that device Jorahl is working on. mimipavilion: Good, I'm sure with your telepathic skills you can come up with a few things. Tarisa: ::Ears perk up.:: Scott Coleridge: Of course, Captain. Do you … uh … do you know yet the plans for its final disposition? Dacia Sandero: Yeah, I hope so. I'm already trying to think of some stuff, but I don't have much so far. Chirakis: ::removing her security datacrystal, she slips it in and reads:: Chirakis: ::then encrypts it again and sends it to Ramson and Coleridge::: mimipavilion: ::nods:: let me know once you have something more definite, in the meantime let's keep checking in on our guests. Kallah Ramson: Not yet. Command still isn't pleased with our poking around with it. But they've removed their restraints on our investigation. Chirakis: ::apparently Butts was successful::: Jylliene: ::pulls up the regional map, tracking anticipated incoming vessels - nothing in the next hour or so, but one arriving later in the day:: Dacia Sandero: I definitely will. ::nods and continues to check on the patients:: Scott Coleridge: With all due respect, sir, are you sure we _should_ be poking around with it? Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::almost to tears as she sits on her bed in sick bay::: mimipavilion: ::goes checks on a few of the patients, entering Ens. Lauren's room, sees her sitting up:: Ensign are you ok. Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::taking deep breaths:: No, ma'am. Massive headache. Like I've never... ever had. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Scanning the sector :: Chirakis: Ens Lauren> It just started. Maybe leftover from... ::winces hard::: Kallah Ramson: caution is wise. But I think it is important to learn more about it. Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::her face is nearly white, tears streaming down as she rocks back and forth::: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Alright can you lay back down for me. ::starts scanning:: +Dacia+ Can you come help me with ensign lauren. mimipavilion: ::props up half the bed for the ensign:: Alright now now lay back Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Nijil> :: Starts to install the repeater :: Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::she grips the side of the biobed as she lies down::: Kallah Ramson: Perhaps we might learn enough to then say it's best left alone. As usual in Starfleet, sometimes that's a hard learned lesson. mimipavilion: ::pulls the tray closer to her getting the medication ready while waiting on Dacia:: Fletcher Jackson: ::receives the list and begins to take care of it, one by one::: Dacia Sandero: +Mimi+ Yes, of course ::heads to Lauren's room:: Dacia Sandero: ::arrives with a medkit:: Jylliene: ::can agree with Ramson's observation, given what she's seen:: Scott Coleridge: ::reviewing the proposals, making some notes:: mimipavilion: ::slight nod to check/scan mentally:: Headache, the reason I commed you instead of yelling. Dacia Sandero: ::checks Lauren's signs with her tricorder:: mimipavilion: ::has her tricorder ready for comparison:: Chirakis: Ens Lauren> Her heartbeat is off the charts. Chirakis: Ens Lauren> She is panting, not breathing normally. mimipavilion: ::sees the heartbeat:: Alright let’s get the heartbeat down as well as her breathing Chirakis: Ens Lauren> ::pleading:: Please... please put me to sleep... or something. Kallah Ramson: ::ponders a bit:: Commander, what would you do in my place? Would you simply bury it in some warehouse of best forgotten items? Chirakis: ::looks up, now understanding what they are talking about::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Nijil> :: taps into the repeater :: +Jy+ Korjata here. Repeater test. Let me know signal levels. Dacia Sandero: ::preps a hypospray with a relaxant:: 50ccs should do it.. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: (Cayne out of range of Ramson convo?) Dacia Sandero: ::hands the hypo to Mimi:: Scott Coleridge: Honestly, Captain? I think some technology is so terrible it is best … not forgotten, perhaps, but laid to rest. mimipavilion: ::reaches for the hypo:: Alright we are, just try to relax. Jylliene: ::looks:: +Nijil+ About 85%, Nijil. mimipavilion: ::applies the hypo:: mimipavilion: takes and* Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Niijl> +Jy+ Understood, will strengthen. Korjata out. Chirakis: Ens Lauren> She relaxes slowly and her pulse lowers, but it is still high. Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Possibly so. Kallah Ramson: I would hate to lay it aside however too soon. mimipavilion: Her pulse is going down but it's still high. ::looks at Dacia and softly:: How is she mentally? Chirakis: ::restrains herself regarding their conversation ::: Chirakis: Ens Lauren> She is not thinking clearly, completely focused on the pain. Dacia Sandero: ::looks at her stats on the bio-monitor:: Might not be advisable to give too much at one time. Mentally, still a mess like the other patients but she doesn't seem as bad as some of them. I think she'll be able to recover with proper therapy from Amanda. Chirakis: Ens Lauren> Her pulse decreases slowly, but steadily, and she seems more relaxed. Kallah Ramson: It might also be tricky to take the SubCommander's new toy away from him. mimipavilion: ::nods:: good. What do you think continue give the 50cc's when needed? Jylliene: ::continues with her general work:: Kallah Ramson: That has its own set of dangers. Dacia Sandero: Yes, I'd recommend that to help regulate her heartbeat and adrenaline levels. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Gila> :: For her part security was business as usual, but Commander Cayne was acting distant toward her. She thought she performed well at the last incident, but now she was not sure :: Jylliene: ::stifles a grin at that:: Fletcher Jackson: ::stops for a donut then goes back to work:: Chirakis: 10:52 PM mimipavilion: Agreed then. ::updates the ensigns file:: Alexis McFarland: ::huggles her pillow:: Fletcher Jackson: ::it feels pretty good to be back at AuxOps with simple things to think about:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Cayne gets an incoming message, from SI-6, but does not open it :: Chirakis: :::blanks her console and steps away for a moment to think::: Chirakis: ::and get some coffee that she rarely drinks in CnC::: Kallah Ramson: For now, add a security protocol to seal and store the device. I'll have to decide what course we will take. Chirakis: ::she puts her cup down and approaches Ramson, waiting for her attention::: Jylliene: ::another thing she's glad is generally above her pay grade:: Kallah Ramson: ::turns to Chirakis:: mimipavilion: ::Dacia:: Let's give the ensign some time to rest Chirakis: Captain, a word? Kallah Ramson: Yes? Chirakis: (q) Is the device you are discussing what I believe you are discussing? If so, was it removed from its secure vault in security? Dacia Sandero: yes, let's Dacia Sandero: ::heads out of Ens. Lauren's room:: mimipavilion: ::exits the room:: Chirakis: Ens Lauren> :::sleeping, but not peacefully::: Chirakis: 10:58 PM Dacia Sandero: I wish I knew what exactly happened to them. That might give better insight on how to help them. Kallah Ramson: I guess we need to come up with codenames. We are gathering a nice collection of devices. I was speaking of the satellite Jorahl is studying Chirakis: ::relaxes::: Thank you, Captain. I was... concerned. mimipavilion: I know Dacia Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 6/29/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Captain, TBS? Kallah Ramson: Bring us to 1:00 pm Chirakis: 1300, then. Words for the crew? Kallah Ramson: none Chirakis: Commander, anything? Chirakis: Words from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none, have a happy holiday week. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  20. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 29 June 2018 27 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.117 TBS is 15 hours. The time is 0600 hours (6:00 AM) Aegis local. The Vulcan, V’Mal, is on his way to a correction facility aboard a runabout that is “specifically insulated for the psi-powerful. Unfortunately we still have the Stone of Gol and Sick Bay is still dealing with a few who were affected by V’Mal’s attack. All departments are collaborating on a plan against psychic attacks. Meanwhile, the Lore Kings’ conduit is an ever-present concern.
  21. You can outrun the devil if you try. Ethan Neufeld and Chirakis Kirel Kirel watched the runabout fade in the distance. Its pilot, Major Harold Butts, was in reality Commander Ethan Neufeld, SI-6. Yes, he worked within the same organization as Commander Cayne, but that one would not recognize the other was normal in their line of work. SI-6 operatives seldom worked in teams, and they take great care to mask their true identities. She last saw him on Aegis when it was a Jovian class space station. He was sitting in the lower deck lounge with his head buried in a newspaper. Their eyes met once as she passed, but neither one greeted the other. How did she recognize him? She would not jeopardize his cover to reveal that. How did they come to know each other? ‘Tis a long story, and best left alone. She knew him by many names. He wore many disguises and spoke many languages. Such was the life in SI-6: a long string of covert, clandestine, and black operations. Those operations were a part of her life once, but SI-5’s main focus was watching, gathering information, and passing the information on. Did she ever overstep her bounds? Of course. Did they ever call her on it? Once or twice, but only as a reminder. When the runabout mysteriously vanished, Kirel chuckled inwardly. Were it up to her, V’Mal would be taken apart slowly, piece by piece, and kept alive as long as possible. But torture serves no purpose. No desperately needed information would come from it. And she was not tasked with V’Mal’s demise; Neufeld would have that honor. He could be consolingly tender, but he could also be a terrifyingly brutal interrogator. His time with V’Mal would definitely be the latter, and Kirel had no desire to witness it. * * * * * V’Mal woke in a stupor, scarcely able to comprehend the searing that crept up his arm. He heard a whistle and then a hand stung the side of his face. “No time for sleep, V’Mal. We have a lot to talk about.” The Vulcan blinked, head wobbling as he struggled to focus in the foggy vice that gripped his brain. Moments ago, he remembered thinking the merciful end was near. Somewhere beneath layers of Vulcan discipline, he felt dread join a swelling stream of confusion. He still lived, bound to the same rigid metal chair from the first day, excruciatingly stiff and stinking. The scenery hadn’t changed much after he passed out—aside from the catheter securely taped to the crook of his elbow. He blearily watched condensation from the fluid-filled bag next to his head drip on the floor, wondering what cocktail could possibly create such a fire in his veins. That it contained a slightly chilled mixture of dextrose and saline—just enough to rouse him—was immaterial. The result was the same. He looked up at the sound of water sloshing and instinctively clicked his mouth as he watched the man he knew as “Harry” selfishly empty another bottle of water. A dozen glittering bottles of water filled every corner of the compartment, but he hadn’t tasted a single drop in several days. How his burning, sticky tongue thirsted for just a splash, and the nauseated knot of his stomach twisted for a crumb of food. The man hadn’t given him a single second of reprieve from the suppression field. He lifted dry eyes to the overhead of bright, unremitting lights craving mercy, but pressed his lips tightly, determined that his body would surrender first. “Hmm,” Harry hummed nonchalantly, unfazed. “Still shy?” V’Mal winced as the man raked the second chair across the uncovered decking and planted in front of him within arm’s length. Harry strummed a D-minor on a decidedly human instrument, letting the chord hang in a way that snagged even V’Mal’s attention. Harry had deprived him of the basic food, water, sleep, decency, and space. This was a new invasion on the vestiges of his inner peace, and V’Mal felt a pang when he realized he had given the man the exact reaction he wanted. “I can hear what you’re thinking,” Harry began strumming again, staring pointedly at him. “All your doubts and fears. And if you look in my eyes, in time you’ll find the reason I’m here. “And in time all things shall pass away. In time, you may come back someday—” a dramatic pause; then, “To live once more or die once more. But in time, your time will be no more.” Harry let the chords hang once more, the hint of an infuriating expression on his face. V’Mal clamped his eyes shut, wrestling to settle a starved body and mind on the cold curiosity of the man who used his talents in this way. But he found the thought too difficult to hold. “You know your days are numbered. Count ‘em one by one—like notches in the handle of an outlaw’s gun. You can outrun the devil if you try. But you’ll never outrun the hands of time. “In time, there’ll surely come a day. In time, all things shall pass away. In time, you may come back, some say. Live once more or die once more. But in time, your time will be no more.” Fear wedged in V’Mal’s mind on the final refrain: from the look in the man’s eyes he began to believe it was true. “I can hear what you’re thinking…” __________________________________ Collie, Mark. “In Time.” The Punisher: The Album
  22. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 6/22/18 =/\= 26 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.116 TBS is 4 hours. The time is 1200 hours (12:00 pm) Aegis local. The station is slowly returning to normal. All sections are investigating ways to guard against psychic attacks. V'Mal and the Stone of Gol are in security. RSE Antius, RSE Chairo, have left. Starfleet is en route to pick up USS Mason and her crew. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Fletcher Jackson: ::aux OPS:: Alexis McFarland: ::in class with Annisha and Miana when the lunch bell rings:: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Tarisa: ::On CnC, at SCI.:: Chirakis: :::steps from the lift into CnC after checking on their prisoner:: Jylliene: ::ops:: Dacia Sandero: ::in Sickbay, checking on patients and stuff:: Chirakis: Commander Kital, report. Tarisa: Miana> ::Happy jump, throwing her hands up.:: Lunch! Chirakis: ::checking the offices, both XO and CO are busy:: Ethan Neufeld: Maj. Butts> +Aegis Approach, Tantalus Niner-Fower-Six. 127 mark 40. Inbound and requesting docking slip.+ Alexis McFarland: Yay! ::giggles:: Chirakis: ::Logs into the main console;:: Jylliene: All stations reporting a return to normal functions. Still working on ways to secure ourselves from repeats of recent events. Chirakis: ::looks up at the call from Butts::: Jylliene: +Maj Butts+ Aegis operations here. Standby for approach vector. Alexis McFarland: Where should we go for lunch? ::heads to the lockers to put away her stuff:: Jylliene: ::glances at Chirakis:: Chirakis: Transponder ID? Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::sends friendly IFF, registered to Starfleet Corrections Command:: Jylliene: ::looks:: Registered to Starfleet corrections.. ::sends the info over to her:: Scott Coleridge: ::emerges from his office:: Chirakis: ::checks it out::: Continue. Priority one. Jylliene: ::nods:: Alexis McFarland: ::opens her locker and puts away her books, thinking of where they should go eat:: Tarisa: Miana> Hmmm.... ::Perks up.:: I want steamed buns! Jylliene: +Butts+ Transmitting approach vector for your docking slip now. Jylliene: ::transmits:: Alexis McFarland: Hmm.. there's that Asian place in the food court that sells them. I haven't been there yet but it looks yummy. Chirakis: ::turns to Scott:: Commander, incoming from Starfleet Corrections, docking now. Jylliene: +Butts+ We'll be awaiting your arrival. Welcome to Aegis. Tarisa: ::Quietly working at her station, her tail slowly swaying back and forth.:: Scott Coleridge: Oh? Ethan Neufeld: Maj. Butts> +Tantalus 946, received.+ ::proceeds with docking:: Chirakis: Indeed. Tarisa: Miana> Yay! We should go. Jylliene: ::considers "corrections" an oddly docile name for what type of things it actually deals with:: Chirakis: Perhaps I should meet him? Alexis McFarland: Mm! ::smiles hugs Miana:: Let's go. ::To Miana and Annisha:: Chirakis: Unless you would rather, Commander. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::successfully docks and begins securing:: Jylliene: The ship is currently docking. Primary docking ring. Dacia Sandero: ::working with some of the Romulans on some medical experiments they were conducting:: Jylliene: Slip one. Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: I'm happy to delegate this one to you. Chirakis: Thank you, Commander. Given the situations we have had recently, I will meet him at the docking ring. Chirakis: Commander Cayne, take TAC Chirakis: ::exits to command lift:: Primary Docking ring. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::freshens up after long flight and gathers PADD with orders:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Goes to the food court with the other girls.:: Chirakis: ::summoning a detail as the lift moves::: Alexis McFarland: ::arrives at the food court after a short lift ride, looking for the Asian vendor she saw yesterday when she was shopping with Dacia:: Chirakis: ::steps out at the docking ring and proceeds to his slip::: mimipavilion: ::exits her office and walks around medical:: Alexis McFarland: It's over by the Vulcan place there ::points:: Chirakis: ::then she nods to the security detail and stands ready to receive our guest::: Tarisa: ::Tapping at her console as she runs a small simulation.:: Chirakis: ::eyes the interesting craft::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods as she sniffs the air.:: Mmmm....I can smell it. Jylliene: ::assigns possible guest quarters, then resumes the usual checks of requisitions and supplies, planned arrivals and departures, etc.:: mimipavilion: ::stops and talks with some of the Romulans about medical stuff:: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::exits the airlock to a greeting party and briefly looks around:: Thanks for the welcome. Alexis McFarland: It smells nice. ::sniffs and lines up and looks at the menu:: Alexis McFarland: Ooh.. this melon bread looks nice. So does the curry bread too. Chirakis: ::steps forward, then stops in recognition::: Major Butts, I am Captain Chirakis, Chief of Security. Credentials, please. Scott Coleridge: ::Jylliene:: I don't recall receiving any communiques from Starfleet Corrections telling us we were going to receive a visitor, do you? Tarisa: Miana> ::Orders three different buns and a bottle of ramune.:: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> Sure thing. ::hands over credentials:: I'm here to take custody of ::glances at PADD:: Vee-Mal, for transport. Jylliene: No, but I'm not necessarily privy to all the communication that could come through. Chirakis: ::nods as she takes them, checks them over, and all is in order, then hands them back::: Alexis McFarland: ::orders three different buns as well and a can of Jumja Dew:: Chirakis: Your orders, Major? ::hand out:: Jylliene: I'm sure Captain Chirakis will have it well-in-hand. Jylliene: ::slight grin to him:: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::hands the PADD over:: Is the prisoner ready? Have a tight schedule. Jylliene: She did approve the docking. Chirakis: In due time, Major. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::grunts:: Chirakis: ::checks the orders, thumbprints, then passes them back:: Welcome to Sky Harbor Aegis. Come with me, please. Dacia Sandero: ::going over the results of the experiments with them:: I'm glad it went well. I'm sure Starfleet Medical will be interested in these results. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> Thanks. ::falls in:: Dacia Sandero: ::them being the Romulans she was doing the experiments with:: Chirakis: ::waves off the security detail as she leads Butts into the lift::: Alexis McFarland: ::sits at an empty table with Miana and Annisha:: Chirakis: ::before she enters, to the detail:: Stand guard. ::Then holds the door for Butts::: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::enters lift:: Any good takeout here? Been eating runabout food for a week. Alexis McFarland: (Blubby's!) Tarisa: Miana> Hmm... ::A very serious look on her face as she looks at the buns.:: Curry or beef stew first? Chirakis: We have excellent food, yes. ::the lift door closes::: CnC. Chirakis: ::turns to Butts with a slight smile:: It has been a while. ::Ethan:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: At his post :: Alexis McFarland: ::watches Miana, her serious face is so cute..:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Annisha> :: eating :: Ethan Neufeld: ::waits a beat:: Yeah. Heard this guy is dangerous. How's the recovery? Dacia Sandero: ::decides to eat the beef one first:: Chirakis: Recovery is in process. And yes, very dangerous. Tread lightly. Tarisa: Miana> ::Finally decides on curry first, taking a big bite of the bun. Lets out a squeal of joy.:: Dacia Sandero: ::coincidentally, she also stopped by the bun place for lunch:: Ethan Neufeld: ::nods:: Don't worry. They outfitted the runabout well. Chirakis: I noticed. Only partially, but I did notice. Chirakis: ::the lift stops:: And there have been many changes since the last time you visited. Alexis McFarland: That looks nice. ::Takes a bite of her beef bun::: Mmm.. yummy! Chirakis: ::she presses the open button and steps out ::: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::straightens his jacket and follows:: Jylliene: ::nods to Chirakis:: Ma'am. Dacia Sandero: Not bad.. ::wished she and Alexis hadn't already ate dinner when they passed by it last night:: Chirakis: ::nod to Jylliene::: Commander Coleridge, Major Butts, Starfleet Corrections. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> :extends hand to Coleridge:: Major Harold Butts at your service. I hear you have a gift for Corrections that needs shipping. Tarisa: Miana> ::Pops the little ball on her ramune. Her ears flicked as the ball clinked into the bottle.:: Chirakis: Major Butts, Commander Coleridge is our Executive Officer. Scott Coleridge: ::shakes the hand:: Scott Coleridge: Everything in order, Captain Chirakis? Chirakis: Indeed it is. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::nods at Jylliene:: Scott Coleridge: Well that's something at least. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Meanwhile, Nijil was working around the station, well, really eating a sandwich:: Alexis McFarland: Oooh! ::looks at the bottle:: Tarisa: ::Ears perk at the sounds of someone new. She glances up to see the newcomer.:: Jylliene: ::smiles inwardly hearing Coleridge's comment:: Chirakis: May I suggest we meet in your office, Commander? Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::looks at the commander in agreement with Chirakis:: Tarisa: Miana> I always wanted to try one. ::Takes a sip.:: Yummy! Alexis McFarland: ::no line, so she quickly goes and orders a ramune bottle as well:: Scott Coleridge: Sure. Scott Coleridge: ::leads them into his office:: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::follows and waits:: Chirakis: ::follows the two::: Chirakis: ::enters and the door closes::: mimipavilion: ::continues her walk:: Fletcher Jackson: ::blink, whisper to Jylliene:: What's going on, Commander? Tarisa: ::Glances over at Jylliene as the others go into the office.:: Did I hear his name correctly? Alexis McFarland: ::rushes back:: Couldn't help it. I've had one before but not in this flavour. ::Struggles with popping the little ball into the bottle but smiles with satisfaction when she finally pops it in:: Coooool.. Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::Tarisa:: Think so, ma'am. Alexis McFarland: ::Giggles as well:: Scott Coleridge: ::takes a seat behind his desk:: So, what's the story? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Nothing going on across the sector :: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::glances at Chirakis:: Jylliene: ::Whisper to Fletcher:: Seems to be pick up from Starfleet Corrections, probably our guest in the brig? Not sure. Chirakis: There are many things you must know before you take him. Alexis McFarland: ::eats her beef bun which was still steaming hot, eats it slowly:: Jylliene: Some things, I thankfully leave above my pay grade. Fletcher Jackson: Whoooa... Fletcher Jackson: Radical Tarisa: ::Thinking there is some sort of human joke there, but leaves it at that. Her tail flicks as she goes back to her simulation.:: Jylliene: ::glances at Fletcher:: Were you off doughnuts too long? You have to ease back into those jelly-filled ones. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Annisha> :: smiles, but eats quietly :: Chirakis: Commander, would you care to enlightening him regarding his charge? Scott Coleridge: V'Mal is a psychotic psychic. Tarisa: Miana> ::Bites into the beef stew bun next. Gives off another gleeful sound.:: Alexis McFarland: ::wonders what kind of bun Annisha got, drinks her ramune:: Fletcher Jackson: ::has completely forgotten about the donuts behind him::: Alexis McFarland: ::tries a bite of her curry bun:: Fletcher Jackson: Don't quite feel like one, ma'am. Thanks, though. Ethan Neufeld: Ma'am. ::nods at Chirakis:: Commander, V'Mal is being charged with psychological assault, violating self-will, reckless endangerment, and invasion of privacy. My orders are to transport him to a high-security facility. Fletcher Jackson: You know, this whole thing about... that guy? He's bad news. Jylliene: That is putting it rather mildly. Fletcher Jackson: I mean, seriously? He's taking him... somewhere? Jylliene: I'm sure they have facilities for psychic-abled prisoners. Alexis McFarland: ::grins, has some curry on her cheek:: Fletcher Jackson: ::swallows hard::: Scott Coleridge: What sort of facility? Ethan Neufeld: Secure. Specifically insulated for the psi-powerful. Beyond that, is above my paygrade. Fletcher Jackson: Man... I can't imagine having a job like that. ::glance to Tarisa::: Scott Coleridge: And do you yourself have experience transporting dangerous telepaths, Major? Ethan Neufeld: Yes, sir. Certified. Jylliene: ::nods to Fletcher:: Chirakis: If I may, Commander. His credentials are substantial. Tarisa: It is certainly a field of work I do not wish to do. Scott Coleridge: Good. Scott Coleridge: So how do we accomplish this? Site-to-site transport? Chirakis: ::looks to Ethan:: Ethan Neufeld: ::nods:: Recommended for the station's safety, sir. Chirakis: ::Scott:: I will disable the confinement beam and stand by V'Mal until he is transported, Commander. He is well sedated at the moment. Scott Coleridge: Agreed. Will you need anything else from us, either before or after? Should we have him sed_ ah. Tarisa: Miana> ::Finishes her second bun, looking at the third.:: Red bean paste. ::Eyeing it a moment, before taking a bite.:: Yummy! Ethan Neufeld: ::shakes head;: Negative, sir. Chirakis: He has been, since incarceration, Commander. Jylliene: I will feel better having him off the station. Scott Coleridge: ::nods at both of them:: Then I see no reason why you shouldn't proceed. Captain, the prisoner is remanded to Major Butts. Please oversee the transfer. Alexis McFarland: Red bean, eh? ::also on her 3rd bun, a melon bun, which was nice and sweet:: Tarisa: ::Nods in agreement.:: Scott Coleridge: Major, I hope you don't take it personally when I say I don't want to meet you again. ::wry smile:: Alexis McFarland: He he he... ::eating her bun:: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> Thank you, sir. Wouldn't have it any other way. Chirakis: Yes, Commander. ::nods and exits into the command lift:: Security complex. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::follows Chirakis out of the commander's office, nods at the CnC staff, and splits to another lift:: Primary Docking. Chirakis: ::exits, signs a few papers, then stands by::: +Butts+ Ready to proceed, Major. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::back aboard ship preparing to leave:: +Chirakis+ Go. Chirakis: +Stand by+ Scott Coleridge: ::returns to the CnC:: Never a dull moment on this station. Jylliene: ::nods to Coleridge:: Tarisa: ::Perks up at that statement.:: Chirakis: ::disengages the confinement beam, unlocks the door, and checks the prisoner, all accompanied by a security detail::: Chirakis: +Beaming now+ Chirakis: ::watching him fizzle away::: Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts +Roger+ ::watches V'Mal appear in a secured area in the stern:: +Received.+ Chirakis: ::sighs, glad to be rid of the.. :: +Acknowledged+ Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> ::returns to the helm:: +Aegis Departure, Tantalus 946, requesting vectors for departure.+ Chirakis: ::and very good to see her old friend again:: Chirakis: ::Garand:: Get maintenance to clean this place up. I'll be in CnC. Ethan Neufeld: ::waves a sign Chirakis knows in "goodbye" though she can't see it:: Chirakis: ::enters the command lift and exits on CnC::: Jylliene: +Butts+ Standby, Major. Jylliene: ::glances to Coleridge for a 'good to go' nod:: Chirakis: ::Moves to her console, and sends a private secured message:: Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Jylliene:: Let's cut this one loose. Chirakis: ::then steps away to watch the departure::: Fletcher Jackson: :::breathes a sigh of relief::: Jylliene: ::nods:: +Butts+ Transmitting now. You're cleared to depart at your leisure. Safe travels to you. Aegis out. Ethan Neufeld: Maj Butts> +Thank you, Aegis. It's been a pleasure. Tantalus 946. ::glances at message, then disengages and heads out:: Jylliene: ::wouldn't exactly call any of what transpired a pleasure, though putting the bow on it and calling it done comes close:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: sighs :: mimipavilion: ::goes back to her office to finish up some paperwork:: Alexis McFarland: ::feeling full but satisfied with her lunch as they had back to class:: That was yummy.. we should head back and try some of the other buns too Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Message from SI comes in for Cayne :: Fletcher Jackson: ::and now he wants a donut::: Chirakis: ::watching the runabout fade::: Ethan Neufeld: ::sets the autopilot, and heads into the stern, checks the safeties the engineers installed before he left as V'Mal stirs:: Not sorry for the splitting migraine and general nausea you're about to experience. All's fair. ::watches V'Mal look at him, obviously unsteady:: V'Mal> Who are you? Ethan> ::shugs:: You can call me...Harry Heck. ::Ethan returns to the helm and runabout proceeds on course, its warp signature trackable up to 15 light years where it suddenly vanishes:: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 6/22/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well done. And thank you, Commander Neufeld, for playing with us tonight. Chirakis: Commander Coleridge, TBS? Ethan Neufeld: Been fun. Scott Coleridge: Hmm Chirakis: Don't think too hard now. Scott Coleridge: Let's bring us to the start of the next day Chirakis: So, 6 am next day? Scott Coleridge: Yep Scott Coleridge: Give people a chance to do a little more in logs if they want Chirakis: Excellent. Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: About how many people are on the station at any given time? Chirakis: Approximately 2,500. Chirakis: Dergin, glad you could come to watch. Dergin: Been a very long time since I was on the Aegis Chirakis: There are times, Dergin, when it is so fast you can't type fast enough. Dergin: prior to it being called Skyharbor Dergin: I remember Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  23. Security Drills & PsiCorps Cayne & Chirakis Anomalous cerebral dominance is important to psychic ability because this implies a more developed right side of the brain, which is from where psychic ability appears to arise. Specifically, in telepathy studies, the greatest activation occurred in the right parahippocampal gyrus. In addition, the corpus callosum, (the connection between the two sides of the brain) are enlarged in right brained people. Closing her eyes against the information overload, Kirel pinched the bridge of her nose to quell a growing headache. Usually, the quiet seclusion of her office allowed her to think more clearly. Not this time. The more she read, the more respect she gained for medical personnel. Taking a deep breath, she realized that, at this point, her primary focus should be on the station's safety, and not on the minutia regarding telepathy and/or psychic ability. She blanked the screen. Commander Coleridge called for a plan that will lower response times, create concrete duty stations, increase the number of station drills, and prevent psychic attacks. Response times depended on several factors, and they were always an issue, especially when civilians were concerned. All security teams drilled twice a week. No one drill was ever the same, meaning that the situation always differed. Were children involved? Families? Pets? Explosive materials? Was station evacuation required? Were we attacked from within? From without? Bombarded by rogue asteroids? The list never ended. Each department—engineering, science, medical, maintenance, etc.—was drilled once a month. Every civilian area as well, especially the commerce deck during closed hours, with security personnel posing as patrons. And yet, there had to be a better way. Concrete duty stations? A few were located at strategic points, but for the most part security teams wandered throughout the station, and often in plain clothes. For security to be confined to duty stations was actually more of a hazard than an asset. It would allow intruders to pinpoint guarded areas… and unguarded areas. Surely she misunderstood the commander. Preventing psychic attacks? Now, there was something she could deal with, but she would leave the specifics of telepathy and telepathic powers to medical. At the moment, the Vulcan, V’Mal, remained sedated, in high-security confinement, and under 24 hour guard. Some would have called that brutal and unnecessary. In her mind, it was no more brutal than what the Vulcan had doled out to the crew of USS Mason and the security team, many of whom had gone insane. The Stone of Gol was another matter. As per legend, the stone was destroyed by the Vulcan gods. In reality, during the Time of Awakening the stone was broken into three pieces and was scattered over large distances of space. Apparently it was not scattered far enough. Were it up to her, she would smash the stone into a million tiny pieces and scatter them into the suns of a million worlds. Or perhaps she should grind it to a fine powder and lace his food with it. Although… that might backfire and make him more powerful. When the image of Commander Cayne appeared on the viewscreen, she pressed the door’s security release. Commander Wyatt Cayne walked into her office with the same look he always maintained since arriving on Aegis: Just one more cup of coffee. In reality his existence mirrored a nomad, wandering between slumber and wakefulness. He never was in either for very long, and if he was he'd not be able to tell. "I hope you did not take my jab at the size of this station as a personal insult Captain Chirakis, but this place is pretty big," he quipped. "Perhaps that is why the station is such a target. Like many planets, the size allows less savory entities to hide. I can only imagine what acts are planned here for execution elsewhere." She eyed him in silent agreement. Cayne looked for the closest place to sit down. At his age standing for long hours took a toll on his feet, and the rest of him. He clutched his trusty PADD as ideas were far easier to write down than remember. As he sat he opened his personal journal at the list of old man ideas. “I did not consider your comment a jab or an insult, Commander,” Kirel replied. “It is the truth, and something that we must deal with soon. And let us hope that the powers that be understand our situation and will honor our request for funding.” She stood, inhaling deeply, and began the slow pace that helped her think. “What Commander Coleridge has asked us to do will be a long, involved process, Commander. It will definitely demand coffee. So please....” She flicked a hand toward the coffee brewer, a gift from Dr. Davis. “You seem to thrive on the brew. And while you are at it, bring one to me. Very dark. Black. We have much to accomplish.” While Cayne gathered enough energy to stand and move in that direction, the captain tapped her desktop, instantly regretting it. An imposing list of directives appeared on the wall viewscreen. Some tasks were assigned to medical, some to science, and a lengthy list for security and engineering. Cayne returned, she took the mug with a nod, then turned back to the screen. “Where should we begin?” "I'd wager we should clean up that mess from earlier." He gestured as he sat. "I never even got his name, but I suppose 'bad guy' is all I needed." After a sip. "We still have him?" “We do,” she replied with a hint of frustration. “His name is V’Mal of Vulcan, but there are many others I would gladly tag him with.” Cayne laughed. "Everytime I think of a place to shove someone off to I think of Rura Penthe, but as fun at that is to ask the Klingons for help, I'm not sure I want Mister V'Mal making friends with desperate criminals." Cayne sipped again, remembering to add more sugar next time. "We can't really keep him on the station, too dangerous. However if we wish to know exactly where he is at all times...wait, moving him is risky as well," he ended with a huff. “Unfortunately, the decision is out of our hands,” Kirel replied, topping off her cup. “What else do you have?” "I'm of the opinion that we should prepare for disasters here on Aegis based on likelihood. Psychic attacks are certainly something we should consider as part of a whole package of preparedness." He moved his hands as if holding a box in front of him. "We have had plenty of what I would call conventional attacks where ships attack the station. In the same vein we, by training, have done pretty well with those incursions. Let me see, what other attacks...." Cayne became lost in his thoughts as he looked for his next list item. The captain held up a hand, putting her mug aside to lean against her desk, arms crossed. “Instead of moving on to other attacks, I would like to consider the psychic attacks. Have you any ideas?” "Well, our telepathic members onboard are either going to be our strength or weakness. An attack could target them specifically or the only defense against those like myself with no real ability." He frowned. “On the other hand,” the captain interrupted, adjusting to a more relaxing position, “we did have a sizable number in security who did quite well during the Vulcan’s attack. What if we create a PsiCorps, beginning with those in security who have already displayed their ability.” "Sounds like a good idea. We may wish to offer a form of training to anyone with helpful abilities. Medical should be able to help us screen those in security and beyond. Can we contact Betazed or Vulcan for any training they already have?" The captain looked somewhat skeptical while she considered that for several minutes. Then, “We need to tread lightly, Commander. We must consider the consequences of approaching civilians. If we decide to move forward with the PsiCorps and word gets out that we have one, the PsiCorps could come under attack and present us with more of a danger than a protection. “Taking that into consideration….” She paused to pace for a moment, then stopped at her desk. “The Corps must be chosen carefully… so carefully, in fact, that they will not even know we are testing them. They will be vetted to Starfleet Intelligence standards. When we have a sizable group, the chosen will be read into the project. Their uniforms will not be marked. No one will know that they are set apart from the others, except for the chosen few, the two of us, Captain Ramson, and Commander Coleridge. The name “PsiCorps” will never be spoken.” Her gaze fixed on him questioningly. "You want this more of a Black Ops division rather than out in the open." “Not Black. Clandestine. Everything will be done quietly and not out in the open.” Cayne nodded simply and took another sip of his now warm coffee. "How would we run a drill with our PsiCorps? Guess we could have a large enough team to split them up and pit them against each other." “It’s a bit premature to consider training drills, Commander. I have not even suggested the program to Captain Ramson. If Captain Ramson agrees to this proposal, we would move on to vetting, then recruiting. It will be a delicate process because if any of the chosen opt out of participation, we could have a problem on our hands. So, we must tread lightly.” She paced for a few minutes more, then stopped and turned to face him. “Thoughts, Commander?” "The vetting process will indeed take a long time and we need interviews with those of our security team as a starting point. Medical evaluations as well." “Medical and psychological. With the assistance of Drs Pavilion and Sandero. And I doubt that the vetting process will take long since we already have our security team vetted beyond Starfleet standards. And I know them very well; our security cameras serve a dual purpose.” She raised a brow. “Is there something else, Commander? You seem distracted.” "Yeah, you'd be right." He exhaled. "It's about Officer Orrak. I have a history with her that goes back to the latter half of the Dominion war. For months I worked closely with her as her superior before I had to make a hasty exit." He looked up. "So that was it, or so I thought. Then she arrived on Aegis." He drank the rest of his coffee in one gulp. "She's very observant and her facial expressions are bordering on her putting pieces together. Eventually she will have a complete picture. I don't believe she has ties to Cardassia any longer, but I need to make sure she does not get word back that I was undercover there. Pretty sure our avenues of entry are still in operation, but her figuring it out could be a problem. To that end I've sent a request to Starfleet Intelligence for a non-disclosure package." Kirel considered that a while, waiting to be sure he was finished. “Then you would have her sign the non-disclosure agreement and tell her who you are?” "Unless they say otherwise yes." “And I would say that is a wise choice, Commander. However, you seem not only distracted, but disturbed. Are you aware of her entire background?” "As much as she has reported to us and can be collaborated." “Then, allow me to enlighten you.” Kirel slipped into a chair next to him and relaxed. “I would venture to say that some time after you left Cardassia she changed sides. And what I am to tell you further, I must ask you to keep top secret, understood?” "I can sign and NDA," he smiled. "Understood Captain." “I will take your word, Commander. If you break it, there is a very hungry air lock that would enjoy your presence.” She returned his smile. “But to the point….” “You are aware that she was a lieutenant in the Cardassian Elite Guard, but you might not be aware that she was highly decorated: twice for valor, once for injury in the line of duty, and above all, she had been awarded the elusive Golden Emblem for Gallantry. “Not long after the beginning of the Dominion War, SI-6 marked her for recruiting. She had become a turncoat to the Cardassians because of what she witnessed at the top levels. Given her expertise and experience, I would be very surprised if she did not already know who you are. However, if she has not put the pieces together, it is very possible that she will soon, but I doubt that she would speak of it, unless she approaches you privately. “That said, I suggest that you follow through on your idea of non-disclosure, and I will gladly be your witness. A simple precaution.”
  24. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 22 June 2018 26 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.116 TBS is 4 hours. The time is 1200 hours (12:00 PM) Aegis local. RSE Antius and RSE Chairo have departed. Ma’ev’s crew has decided to remain on Aegis. Quarters are being arranged for any who want to stay permanently. Commander Coleridge has called for a plan that will lower security response times, create concrete duty stations, increase the number of station drills, and prevent psychic attacks. Science, engineering, and medical have been directed to brainstorm creative ways to defend the station against any future psychic attacks.
  25. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 6/15/18 =/\= 25 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.115 TBS is 24 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis local. Most of the station is returning to normal. The children are rushing to class. The commerce deck is getting ready for business. V'Mal is still here. The Stone of Gol is still here. RSE Antius, RSE Chairo, and USS Mason are still here. Ma'ev's crew is still here. Starfleet is en route to pick up USS Mason and her crew. Captain Ramson is on medical leave. Commander Coleridge is in command. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: ::CnC, sending information to SF Command::: Fletcher Jackson: ::OPS::: Scott Coleridge: ::CnC, reviewing department status reports and trying not to think about the things he doesn't want to think about:: Alexis McFarland: ::except that she isn't rushing to class since its only 7 am, and is instead still in bed asleep:: mimipavilion: ::in medical, doing medical stuff:: Dacia Sandero: ::tending to things in sickbay as well:: Chirakis: ::she steps away from her console and begins her normal pace:: Tarisa: ::Steps off the lift onto the CnC. She makes her way to her console.:: Scott Coleridge: ::notes Chirakis is pacing, but in her normal way, not in her "everything is on fire" or "someone is about to get fired" ways:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Is taking a bath after an early breakfast.:: Alexis McFarland: ::yawns and opens her eyes, sighs:: Chirakis: ::stops at Scott and says quietly:: Commander, you are the OIC, which means I am your second, which means that you should send all your extraneous material to me for processing. ::suggestive look::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: At his post, but wondering about his request to Starfleet Intelligence :: Fletcher Jackson: ::thinking that everything is too quiet::: Annisha: :: brushing her teeth :: Dacia Sandero: ::gets out of bed and walks over to the bathroom, starts to brush her teeth and comb her hair:: Dacia Sandero: ::the one in the sickbay, since she didn't have time this morning... quickly finishes and returns to the sickbay:: Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: I actually don't have that much going on… it’s all pretty standard. Alexis McFarland: ::brushes her teeth, washes her face and stuff as well, and fixes her hair before heading to the kitchen to replicate some breakfast:: Chirakis: All due respect, Commander. Standard or not, I suggest that you take this time to relax. It does not happen often. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Gila was maker her rounds on the commerce level :: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Cayne did not look relaxed, per se :: Fletcher Jackson: ::reports, reports, reports, and too much junk::: Tarisa: ::Ears rotated in the direction of the conversation, and she quietly works at her console.:: Scott Coleridge: ::grudgingly hands Chirakis several PADDs:: I'm not as good at pacing as you. Chirakis: ::takes the PADDs:: You don't have to pace. Whatever you prefer is appropriate. Chirakis: ::having watched everyone as she talks to Scott, notes Tarisa's use of her super hearing and Cayne's ill ease::: Alexis McFarland: ::notices a new children's cereal in the replicator menu:: Romul-Yums. Sounds yummy. ::replicates herself a bowl after feeding Chester the pug:: Fletcher Jackson: Commander, RSE Antius and RSE Chairo request permission to depart. Alexis McFarland: ::replicates some OJ and toast with butter and jam as well, and begins to eat her breakfast:: The Romul-Yums making the milk a light green colour. Alexis McFarland: That's cool. Scott Coleridge: ::glances up:: Oh really? Chirakis: :::she continues to walk, PADDs in hands, and completes her rounds, then places the PADDs on her desk as she glances at Cayne, then turns:: Tarisa: ::Perks up.:: Fletcher Jackson: Yes, sir. Fletcher Jackson: ::to Coleridge::: Scott Coleridge: Hmm Scott Coleridge: Captain Chirakis, do we have any reason to need those two ships to stick around? Chirakis: ::ponders that:: Since we have not had a directive from RSE High Command, I would say that they may depart whenever they please. Chirakis: ::leaving out that it will reduce the stress level on station:: Alexis McFarland: ::nomming her breakfast:: Scott Coleridge: ::nods:: Agreed. Mr. Jackson, give them permission. Fletcher Jackson: ::looking from Coleridge to Chirakis and back a few times:: Fletcher Jackson: Aye, sir. :::informs the ships, giving separate departure corridors just in case::: Fletcher Jackson: ::gives them a priority one departure code to clear the corridors::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Listening to the conversations on CnC :: Tarisa: Miana> ::Gets out of the bath, and starts to dry off. She then runs off back to her room with the towel to finish getting ready.:: Chirakis: :::then she turns back to Cayne as she sits at her private security console:: You seem anxious this morning, Commander. Chirakis: ::begins plowing through the PADDs::: Alexis McFarland: ::finishes her breakfast and takes a quick sonic shower before returning to her room to change:: Chirakis: ::and realizes exactly what he meant by "standard":::: Annisha: :: Drinking some juice, eating some toast :: Chirakis: ::has a thought:: +Mimi+ Dr. Pavilion, what is the status of Ma'ev's crew? Alexis McFarland: ::Changes into a cute frilly turquoise dress and blouse:: mimipavilion: +Chirakis+ Healthy. May I ask why? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: It is nothing Captain. Just tidying up some unfinished business. Tarisa: Miana> ::Gets ready for school.:: Alexis McFarland: ::checks out her appearance and swaps the blouse with a sleeveless sky blue top, before putting on a red bow for her hair:: Chirakis: +Mimi+ Curious, Doctor. The RSE ships have departed without them, which made me wonder. ::continues working on the "standard" PADDs::: Annisha: :: Puts on something...black :: Fletcher Jackson: Ships are away, Commander. mimipavilion: +Chirakis+ Well, that's just... odd, to say the least. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: drinks his coffee :: Chirakis: +Mimi+ My thought as well. However, we have accommodations available if they require them for the long term. Annisha: :: Thought the dress was tasteful, even if it was dark :: Chirakis: ::flicks through the PADD, sets it aside as complete::: Alexis McFarland: ::smiles, looking cute in her blue dress:: mimipavilion: +Chirakis+ I will pass the accommodations message along to the Ma'ev crew. I'll make sure that they can send their requests to OPS. Is there anything else that is required of my services, ma'am? Tarisa: Miana> ::Puts on her white sundress and shoes.:: Alexis McFarland: ::looks at her shoe closet and chooses a pair of matching blue sandals:: Chirakis: +Mimi+ None at the moment. Thank you. ::finishes up another PADD::: Scott Coleridge: Captain Chirakis, Commander Cayne, a word please. Chirakis: ::stands and moves to Scott::: Chirakis: Yes, Commander. mimipavilion: ::sends a message to the Ma'ev crew that the accommodations are available and can send their requests to OPS:: Alexis McFarland: ::paints her finger and toenails light blue as well, to complete the look:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Goes to Coleridge :: Alexis McFarland: ::becoming pretty good at it after Dacia taught her how to paint her nails:: Fletcher Jackson: ::suddenly a pile of accommodations requests appears on his console::: Scott Coleridge: I've been thinking about our recent crisis … and while security responded quite effectively, it was a situation we the entire crew weren't prepared for. Scott Coleridge: After we've all had another few days to recover, I'd like to schedule several drills. Both the standard drills, but I also want you two to try to come up with some drills reflecting our recent situation. Tarisa: ::Quietly working at her station. Trying to not pay attention to the new conversation, but it is difficult.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::lets out a breath, then pulls up the list of available::: Chirakis: ::attentive::: Scott Coleridge: Meanwhile, I'm going to have science, engineering, and medical start trying to brainstorm creative ways to defend the station against any future psychic attacks. Chirakis: ::nods:: Scott Coleridge: I know that we hope not to see anything on the scale of what happened now that we have the weapon in our custody, but I know that you two both don't put much stock in wishful thinking. Chirakis: ::slight smile:: Scott Coleridge: So, I'm sure we can come up with something that at least provides partial protection in the future. It will also give the crew something productive to do to help us move forward from this. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: How about I cook up a scenario Captain...s? Alexis McFarland: ::Checks out her nails after they dried off, smiles:: Chirakis: ::nod to Cayne:: Excellent, Commander. Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Cayne:: Sure. I think that we've just become very used to physical attacks on the station and responding to those imminent threats of damage. This kind of soft, psychic attack just isn't something we were really prepared for. I'd like to see our response times decrease and have some more concrete duty stations and standard responses for this type of occurrence. Alexis McFarland: ::slips on a pair of of open-toed sandals to show off her painted nails:: Chirakis: ::pondering the preparedness needed and immediately thinks of Lawliet::: Chirakis: Commander, as I recall, we have a few telepaths aboard who might assist Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs her things and heads off to Alexis' quarters.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: A weakness of this station is that it is so large, one of the largest in the Federation. Scott Coleridge: Indeed, I'm sure their insight will be invaluable. Scott Coleridge: ::cracks a smile:: You don't need to tell me that, Commander. Some of us had to take it apart and put it back together again after moving it across several sectors. Chirakis: 10:50 PM Annisha: :: All in black :: Alexis McFarland: ::in light blue and white:: Scott Coleridge: If there isn't anything else, that should be good for now. Let's give the crew at least 3 days of respite and then you have my permission to start scheduling drills at your discretion. Chirakis: ::pondering the logistics and the possible consequences of drilling while we have V'Mal and the Stone here::: Chirakis: Yes, Commander. May I speak with you privately? Tarisa: Miana> ::Chimes Alexis' door.:: Scott Coleridge: Certainly Scott Coleridge: ::motions towards his office:: Chirakis: ::moves in that direction::: Alexis McFarland: ::hears chime and opens the door:: Scott Coleridge: ::enters his office:: Alexis McFarland: Miana! ::Hugs:: Chirakis: ::when the door closes::: Commander, your vision and ideas are excellent. However, I would like to draw your attention to SF Command's cautionary "this is not over yet". Tarisa: Miana> ::Purrs.:: Hi. Chirakis: V'Mal is in high security and the Stone of Gol is in the vault. Neither of those has been adequately tested. In fact, this is their first use. Alexis McFarland: ::Checks her chrono:: Let's go see if Annisha is ready too Chirakis: I respectfully request that we have minor drills until that problem is resolved. Chirakis: At the moment... Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: Chirakis: At the moment, Commander, security remains at high alert, which means shifts are doubled for many. They do not know why, but it is something we must have until V'Mal and the Stone are taken away. Alexis McFarland: ::heads over to Annisha's quarters and presses the chime:: Chirakis: ::stops there, awaiting his response:: Scott Coleridge: Right, and I didn't mean to suggest that this should be an all-encompassing project. Chirakis: 10:58 PM Fletcher Jackson: ::accommodations... accommodations... accommodations... bingo!:: Scott Coleridge: Rather, I just wanted to broach the subject of holding these drills and exploring some better responses to the situation. And I want to give you the latitude to determine the appropriate intensity of the drills as you see fit. Chirakis: Thank you, Commander. mimipavilion: ::yawns and stretches:: Chirakis: (last words) Alexis McFarland: ::presses chime again:: Are you still sleeping Annisha? Scott Coleridge: I see both the drills and the defense R&D as longer term projects… I don't expect us to come up with answers overnight. And I certainly hope we won't need them. ::shudders:: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 6/15/18 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well done. Chirakis: Commander, TBS? Scott Coleridge: What would take us sort of mid-shift? Chirakis: 4 hours Scott Coleridge: Let's do that then Chirakis: Very well. TBS is 4 hours, which takes us to lunch time - the children will be happy Chirakis: Words for the crew? Alexis McFarland: Yay! Scott Coleridge: Enjoy the quiet time Chirakis: Indeed. Words from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none.. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.