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  1. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 9/22/17 - 10:02 PM=/\= 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is 30 minutes. The time is 0930 - 9:30 am Aegis local. The Romulan Warbird Ma'ev, part of the Romulan recon fleet working in Alien Alliance space, decloaked just outside the defense grid. There is no sign of life, but a systems override brought it to a halt. The Ma'ev is stationary just outside the defense grid. =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Kallah Ramson: ::on CnC:: mimipavilion: ::on the CnC:: Dacia Sandero: ::in Sickbay:: Fletcher Jackson: :::OPS::: Lawliet: ::CnC:: Chirakis: ::CnC, at TAC:: Alexis McFarland: ::in the food court with Miana and Annisha, finishing the last of her pastries:: Jylliene: @::Nei'rrh, en route to destination:: Tarisa: Miana> That was yummy Scott Coleridge: ::CnC, planning out away mission:: Kallah Ramson: ::Scott:: Is your away team ready? Tarisa: ::In the labs, checking on the results of her project.:: Alexis McFarland: Mmm, yes. They serve something called crepes in the afternoon. It's fruit, ice cream and chocolate wrapped in a pancake like thing. We should come back later, always wanted to try one. Lawliet: ::running continuous scans of the Ma'ev:: Scott Coleridge: Affirmative, except I'd like an engineer with more experience with Romulan technology than me. ::of course Nijil had to pick this moment to go on a honeymoon:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods happily.:: Yes please. Alexis McFarland: Yay! Jylliene: @ ::heading for Orellius, the planet now allowing visitors, and having the perfect lakeside cabins. Nice and quiet.:: Kallah Ramson: ::smile:: shall i see if Subcommander Jorahl is available? Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Music is playing :: Scott Coleridge: Oh, he would be ideal. ::frown:: But don't tell him I said that. It would go straight to his head. Kallah Ramson: ::nods::::punching some buttons on her console:: mimipavilion: ::hears Kallah's and Scott's conversation and smirks:: Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: Captain, I'll want a full security detail, since we don't know what we're going to encounter over there. Chirakis: ::reserves comment:: Chirakis: ::nod:: Of course, Commander. Gila Orrak: :: On patrol now :: Alexis McFarland: Ugh, I think I ate too much though. Need to sit for awhile to digest. Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles.:: We are already sitting. Alexis McFarland: Oh yeah. Hehehe Chirakis: ::contacts Lt Garand, who forms up a detail, then nods to Cayne:: Commander, Lt Garand has a detail ready. You will command. Kallah Ramson: Okay, he's set to transport over just after your team arrives. Scott Coleridge: ::Mimi, Lawliet:: Doctor, Commander, you'll also be with me. We can't detect any lifesigns, but there might be injured somewhere. Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Nijil is sitting at the controls :: Just a few more adjustments, then auto the rest of the way. Lawliet: ::stands up:: Understood. mimipavilion: ::Scott:: of course. I'll go get a medkit. KelsaViegnor: ::influx of guests means some new clients - Kelsa attends to the visitors:: Jylliene: @ ::nods:: Perfect. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Nods :: Scott Coleridge: ::Ramson:: Shall we beam over to their bridge, or would you recommend another starting point? Lawliet: ::grabs his phaser and tricorder:: Dacia Sandero: ::Attending to things in Sickbay and the patients that trickles in:: Kallah Ramson: I would recommend the transporter room, just incase any automated defense systems on the bridge are active. mimipavilion: ::stops short of the tl:: Commander how long do I have before we leave? Scott Coleridge: ::Mimi:: Report to the transporter room in ten minutes. Chirakis: The Ma'ev is drifting. An adjustment might be needed. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Understood. Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Ramson:: mimipavilion: ::gets in the tl and orders it to medical:: Alexis McFarland: ::sits with Miana and Annisha watching people go by and go about their daily business:: Kallah Ramson: Dispatch shuttles to maintain it's location and tow it back when we deem it safe. Scott Coleridge: ::finishes up on the CnC and makes for the TL:: Lawliet: ::pre-programs his tricorder:: mimipavilion: ::arrives in medical and retrieves a med kit, checks it to make sure it's stock:: Alexis McFarland: Where should we go next? Park? Or, do you want to look around the shops a bit? Dacia Sandero: ::Sees Mimi:: Off on a mission? Tarisa: Miana> Shopping sounds fun. KelsaViegnor: ((::senses trouble::)) Lawliet: +Tarisa+ Report to the CnC. Alexis McFarland: All right. Spoken like a true girl. ::giggles:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Then we can do that thing we talked about earlier. Chirakis: (Ens Orrak is down there if you need her, Kelsa) Scott Coleridge: ::takes the TL to the transporter room, mind awash with mixed emotions:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Enters the TL :: mimipavilion: ::on the way out:: Yep, Romulan ship the Ma'ev. No crew, but doesn't rule out anyone injured. Get medical ready just in case. Jylliene: @ A full game of ...what was it, Risk? Tarisa: ::Ears perk up.:: +Lawliet+ On my way. ::Secures and shuts down her project before leaving the lab. She then gets on a TL.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Galactic Risk... I suppose you are taking the side of the Federation... Lawliet: ::hostlers his phaser and tricorder:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles, then gets up from her seat.:: mimipavilion: ::enters the tl and orders it to the Transporter Room:: Jylliene: @ ::shrugs:: I could take a different one. Kallah Ramson: ::Chirakis:: Send a coded message to relay beacon 119 requesting details about the Ma'ev's mission. The recon fleet will pick the message up next time they come out of silent running. Scott Coleridge: ::enters the TR and gets his equipment:: Tarisa: ::Arrives on the CnC.:: Alexis McFarland: ::Drags cardboard Annisha with them:: Chirakis: Yes, Captain. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: We are going to transport into a main corridor.. Lawliet: ::walks up to Tarisa:: Take over science here. I'm headed out on away mission. ::continues into the turbolift:: Chirakis: ::slips in her datachip for coding, asking for details::: Dacia Sandero: ::nods and does that:: KelsaViegnor: ::sending a client off with a well-packaged purchase:: mimipavilion: ::enters the TR:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: The bridge may have been compromised and I don't want any escape routes cut off. Lawliet: ::gets off the turbolift and walks into the transporter room:: Tarisa: ::Nods. She goes to SCI, then gets familiar with the situation.:: Scott Coleridge: ::cools his heels in the TR, wishing he'd had time to speak with Ramson about other things before the Ma'ev had dropped in their lap, but intrigued nonetheless by this development:: Chirakis: Captain, I am curious as to why the Ma'ev would be away from the rest of the force and I wonder if the rest are affected. Kallah Ramson: Jorahl>::on the shipyard transporter pad, awaiting transport:: Scott Coleridge: ::transporter operator:: Do you have a lock on their transporter room? Jylliene: @ Might be interesting to try playing the Klingon side on the historic setting. Alexis McFarland: ::looking around at the various stores and stalls:: Ooooh mimipavilion: ::gets on the pad, awaiting transport:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Gets on the pad :: Call out when you are ready. Chirakis: Operator> Aye, sir. Kallah Ramson: Unknown. They usually operate independently. Chirakis: ::nods:: Lawliet: ::steps onto the pad:: Tarisa: ::Looking at the sensors.:: I wonder if this situation may be similar to the USS Vladivostok. Scott Coleridge: ::operator:: And the atmosphere's breathable? No signs of a biohazard? Scott Coleridge: ::not interested in dying the moment they materialize:: Scott Coleridge: ::actually, not interested in dying at all on this mission, but he'll settle for surviving the first few minutes and then take it from there:: Chirakis: TR Operator> Not so far, sir. As for biohazard... ::checks::: no immediate signs, but it wouldn't hurt to gear up. Jylliene: ((A realist.)) Kallah Ramson: (that's the spirit Scott) mimipavilion: ::looks at Scott:: Chirakis: TR Operator> HAZMAT gear just outside, in the lockers. Scott Coleridge: All right, let's take precautions. Chirakis: TR Operator> We'll take a com check before you transport over. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Ready. Lawliet: ::nods and heads over to dress in a HAZMAT suit:: mimipavilion: ::nods to Scott and go gets into the HAZMAT gear:: Gila Orrak: :: Walking past the Scent shoppe :: KelsaViegnor: ::continuing to arrange new stock near the front of her shop:: Scott Coleridge: ::shimmies into the unflattering HAZMAT gear:: KelsaViegnor: ::nods in greeting to Gila:: Scott Coleridge: ::rejoins everyone on the pad, looks around:: Ready? mimipavilion: ::is ready to go:: Yep! Jylliene: @ ::stretches:: Did your family say what they thought of the ceremony? Or the reception? Lawliet: ::steps back onto the pad:: Ready. Chirakis: TR Operator> Com check sir. Sound off. Scott Coleridge: Check. mimipavilion: Check Lawliet: Check Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Check. Let's go. ($) mimipavilion: ::Scott:: Might want to let Jorahl know that he will need Hazmat gear Gila Orrak: :: Goes to Kelsa :: Something the matter? Chirakis: TR Operator> ::thumbs up:: All live. Ready to transport on your command. KelsaViegnor: Not at all. Just a greeting. Chirakis: TR Operator> ::looks to Scott:: KelsaViegnor: All is well, I hope? Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Sets up the board :: Funny to be using real wood for pieces... Scott Coleridge: ::Operator:: Pass the HAZMAT recommendation on to the shipyard, please. ::Mimi:: Knowing him, he's probably custom-built some kind of suit. Scott Coleridge: ::Operator:: Energize. Gila Orrak: :: to Kelsa :: I think something is going on... an increase in security chatter. Chirakis: TR Operator> Aye, sir. Energizing. mimipavilion: Probably. ::waiting to energize:: Jylliene: @ I like it. Chirakis: TR Operator> ::passes info to the shipyard:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: Beams away :: Jylliene: @ It has a.. ::ponders:: An old feel. A good feel. KelsaViegnor: Hm. Intriguing. Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Shows her a piece :: Look, it's us.. I mean this shuttle...says so on the stand. Fletcher Jackson: Away team has beamed, Captain. Jylliene: @ ::nods:: Lawliet: $ ::materializes:: Scott Coleridge: $::materializes in the Ma'ev transporter room:: mimipavilion: $::materializes:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> away team arrives. there's a haze in the air and lighting is minimum. No harmful readings yet. mimipavilion: $::begins scan of any biohazards:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: Materializes into a darkened corridor :: Tarisa: ::Activate a tracking program on the AT.:: Kallah Ramson: Jorahl> +away team+ If you canaries are still alive, i will be transporting over. Respond. Lawliet: $ ::scans the surrounding atmosphere:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: coughs :: Look alive everyone... emergency lighting is on. Alexis McFarland: ::looks at some necklaces, and bracelets and stuff behind glass:: Tarisa: Miana> Oooo....shiny.... Alexis McFarland: Sparkly... mimipavilion: $::steps off the pad:: I'm not getting anything that would be harmful yet. Lawilet you agree? KelsaViegnor: I hope all goes well. Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Sets up the board :: How long will this take to play? So many pieces... Scott Coleridge: $+Jorahl+ We're not dead yet, Subcommander. Scott Coleridge: $+Aegis+ Away team to Aegis. We have arrived. Everything is... dim. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> :::materializes on the Ma'ev's transporter pad:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::looks around then heads over to the TR control panel:: Jylliene: @ ::shrugs:: We never manage to finish a game, so who knows? We play until it ends or we get tired of it. ::grins:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: Gets out his tricorder :: Power appears out... life sign readings are... sporadic. Lawliet: $ ::looks up:: Agreed, but this haze has me concerned. Until we discover the source, I think it's best we keep our HAZMAT suits on. Fletcher Jackson: Away team has arrived, Captain. mimipavilion: $ Agreed. Kallah Ramson: keep a lock on them. Fletcher Jackson: And we have a live feed. Locking on. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ Engineering, determine if the ship is in any danger. How is the artificial quantum singularity? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> This panel is disconnected from the main computer. ::works some more:: Local processors only. Nijil tr'Korjata: @ I would not get tired of spending time with au. Best we get something to drink. :: Shuffles through the rose petals lining the floor of the Nei'rrh to the replicator :: Tarisa: ::Notes the haze on the live feed.:: This seems different than the time I was on the stealth ship. Scott Coleridge: $::Cayne:: Have the security detail scout ahead, but let's stay in this section until we have some idea of what's going on. Jylliene: @ Excellent idea. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::pulls out scanner:: Chirakis: ::looks up to Tarisa:: Beyond normal distortion? Scott Coleridge: $::checking his tricorder:: Doctor, Commander Lawliet, there looks like there's a local environmental control panel just up the corridor. Perhaps we could use it to filter this atmosphere? Lawliet: $ ::checks his readings:: Worth a try. ::walks down the passage:: mimipavilion: $::nods:: probably could work Tarisa: When we were on board, there were no signs of life, similar to this. But everything was still in perfect working order. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: Checks his scanner readings :: The haze does not appear toxic. :: hand signals his team to scout ahead :: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::Scott:: Agreed. ::Lawliet:: Third panel down will be emergency override. Activate protocol 3 . Chirakis: Have you encountered a haze similar to this one before? mimipavilion: $::follows the pair:: Scott Coleridge: $ I'm guessing the haze is more a byproduct of the environmental systems going down. Tarisa: ::Shakes head.:: No. Lawliet: $ ::arrives at the control panel and removes the cover:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::keeps scanning:: Scott Coleridge: $ It appears as if the command and control systems have been compromised, yet we were able to remotely override the engines. ::ponders:: Jylliene: @ ::watches:: Chirakis: ::listening to the chatter as they navigate through the haze::: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ The Rihans go first.. before your Federation... :: rolls die :: Jylliene: @ ::rolls eyes:: Jylliene: @ Mhm. Alexis McFarland: ::picks up a bracelet:: This looks nice. mimipavilion: $::looks around:: Lawliet: $ ::scans the controls and translates some of the symbols:: I believe I can filter the air by opening this valve. Sir? KelsaViegnor: ::to Gila:: I hope it comes out smoothly. Tarisa: Miana> It looks very pretty. I think it would look good on you. Alexis McFarland: Thanks. See anything you like Miana? Scott Coleridge: $+Lawliet+ Proceed. Jylliene: @ House rules, extra resources on the zone colonies? Lawliet: $ ::turns the lever clockwise:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> :::removes a wall panel and begins scanning cabling within:: Tarisa: Miana> Hmm... ::Looks.:: Oh! This one! ::Picks up a necklace that has a tear shaped blue gem on a simple silver chain.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ We need to see if these people need medical attention.. We need to get to the bridge Scott Coleridge: $::assists Jorahl:: Romulan officers don't generally abandon ship, right? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> At least in this section there's no connection to the main computer. Local subsystems are functioning on independent mode. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Not without setting a self destruct. Alexis McFarland: Ooooh! Scott Coleridge: $::Cayne:: I concur. ::Jorahl:: Let's find a way to the bridge, then, and see if we can get a better picture of what's happening. Chirakis: ::Tarisa, at Cayne's comment:: Are there any life signs? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Agreed. Tarisa: ::Shakes head.:: No Captain. There is nothing. Alexis McFarland: That looks so good on you. mimipavilion: $::Lawliet:: Scanning the atmosphere. Chirakis: Interesting. Lawliet: $ ::looks up at mimi:: Anything? Tarisa: The only biological signatures I read are from the away team. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::begins moving towards the bridge deck:: Tarisa: *from the Tarisa: Miana> We should get them! Scott Coleridge: $+AT+ We're heading to the bridge; follow Jorahl's lead. Alexis McFarland: Yes, let's! Chirakis: I wonder if the lifesigns are detectable inside the ship, but not remotely. Tarisa: Miana> Yay! mimipavilion: $ So far...nothing. Tarisa: It could be possible. Chirakis: As though something were blocking them. Alexis McFarland: ::Goes to the cashier to pay for her bracelet, as well as a gold and diamond anklet as well:: Kallah Ramson: ::chirakis:: well, we still have a lock on the away team. We at least can see them. Chirakis: (Someone gets too much allowance) Alexis McFarland: (lol) mimipavilion: $::Lawliet::Come on let's go to the bridge. Chirakis: True. Tarisa: Miana> ::Takes her necklace up there as well.:: Fletcher Jackson: Still locked on, Captain. Lawliet: $ ::scans the controls:: There might be a fault somewhere. We're going to need the main computer to isolate it. ::gets up and follows mimi:: Alexis McFarland: Yay ! Jylliene: ((never know but that they may finally be priced as they should be now )) mimipavilion: $::walking:: Agreed. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Bridge is beyond this doorway. ::scans:: It;s not sealed. Chirakis: (Perhaps) mimipavilion: $::reaches Jorahl and Scott:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: After a few moves :: Alexis McFarland: Where you do wanna go next? Scott Coleridge: $::nods at Cayne to proceed ahead with security:: Alexis McFarland: ::puts on the bracelet and anklet:: So sparkly. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::tries the access panel but nothing happens:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Puts her necklace on after buying it. Her fluffy tail waving about.:: The next store over? Lawliet: $ ::arrives at the doorway with the rest of the away team:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::grips the door itself and begins to pry it open:: Jylliene: @ OK, look, AQS or no, they don't move THAT far per turn. Alexis McFarland: Sure. ::sticks out her foot to admire the anklet:: Let's go! Jylliene: @ ::consults rules:: See... right here. Tarisa: Miana> ::Follows.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Na, they don't have the best speed, but can move around undetected, unless you better the ship’s rating. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::pushes the doors open:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ I must be working with old Rihan tech Jylliene: @ You're following 24th century setting. I thought we said 23rd? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::takes a step and scans:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Au are right.. .we'd have conquered au by now. :: laughs :: and taken all of your women.. Jylliene: @ ::rolls eyes:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ +Away Team+ Report. Jylliene: @ ::chuckles:: Now I remember why we never finish a game. Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Your turn.. Chirakis: ::her eyes fix on the screen when Cayne calls for the AT::: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ The galaxy is a complicated place. Alexis McFarland: ::walks into a clothing store, looks at dresses and blouses in the children's' section:: Chirakis: Mr. Jackson, are we still locked on? Fletcher Jackson: Yes, Captain. Scott Coleridge: $::Cayne:: Let's take it slowly. ::gestures at the door that Jorahl has opened:: Jylliene: @ ::rolls doubles:: Oo. That lets me bring in the Enterprise. ::sticks out tongue as she puts the token on the board:: Chirakis: 10:55 PM Tarisa: Miana> ::Looking at the pretty clothes.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ We are mimipavilion: $::nods:: Alexis McFarland: They also sell nail polish ::looks at a glittery grey/white bottle:: This matches your hair nicely. Jylliene: @ Which means I'll be stealing *your* women, thank you very much. Tarisa: Miana> ::Eyes sparkle.:: Oooo... Scott Coleridge: $::hearing no shouts of alarm following Jorahl's scans, steps into the bridge:: Lawliet: $ ::follows after the security team:: mimipavilion: $::follows behind security as well:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::moves over to an engineering station:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Only local connection here too. Chirakis: So... no one there. ::ponders, thinking aloud::: mimipavilion: $::moves down to helm/navigation and tries to get something from it:: Scott Coleridge: $ So how were we able to override the engines remotely if the computers are all disconnected? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> I don't know yet Lawliet: $ ::makes his way over to the science station and attempts to access the ships logs:: Chirakis: An excellent question. ::looks to Ramson:: Chirakis: 10:58 PM Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Can au handle our women? You've not met many Rihan women have au? Scott Coleridge: $::frowns:: never a good sign when Jorahl doesn't know why Romulan technology is doing something:: Nijil tr'Korjata: @ I should introduce your to our family's cargo captain. Scott Coleridge: $ The self-destruct obviously wasn't set. Are the escape pods still aboard? Tarisa: ::Tilts her head curiously as she ponders it as well.:: mimipavilion: $::translates as she goes through the info:: Chirakis: A third signal, perhaps? Remotely directing the ship? Jylliene: @ Me? Doesn't matter if *I* can. Spock's on that ship. You heard about *that* mission with the Romulan Commander, yes? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> But there's something else odd. The local processors memory is blank up to 15 standard days ago. Scott Coleridge: $::wandering around the various stations, trying to picture what might have happened here:: Alexis McFarland: ::smiles as she looks at some pretty dresses and new shoes:: Tarisa: Maybe you did not actually stop the ship. Someone else may have done it. Chirakis: Fifteen days... Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Ie, ie... there is na Rihan that has not heard of that Jylliene: @ Those missions are still reviewed in the academy. Scott Coleridge: $ There's no sign of damage. Jylliene: @ That Vulcan has *moves*. Scott Coleridge: $ No overloaded consoles, destroyed conduits. Everything is so … clean. mimipavilion: $::goes back 16 days to see what the last bit of info was:: Scott Coleridge: $ Did they do this on purpose? Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Looks into Jylliene's eyes :: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 9/22/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Very interesting. Chirakis: TBS, Captain? Kallah Ramson: Short. 10-15 minutes perhaps. Chirakis: Short TBS. Comments for the crew? Kallah Ramson: None. Chirakis: Comments or questions from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don't forget your towel.
  2. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 22 September 2017 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is 30 minutes The time is 0930 hours (9:30 AM) Aegis local. The Romulan Warbird Ma’ev, part of the Romulan recon fleet working in Alien Alliance space, has decloaked just outside the Aegis defense Grid. There is no sign of life, it is traveling at ¼ impulse, and a systems override does not work.
  3. Chirakis: Crew attention! Chirakis: We have among us tonight, certain members of the crew who performed their duties with dignity and valor in the face of adversity above and beyond the call of duty in the highest standards of Starfleet and the Federation. Chirakis: Crew of Aegean, step forward. Chirakis: It is my honor to present to you The Distinguished Service Award with V device for Valor, with the profound gratitude of Starfleet, the Federation, and the crew of Aegis. On behalf of the crew of Aegis and the thousands you saved with swift and accurate maneuvers, I thank you. Chirakis: The award will be listed on the message board and a certificate will be in your email. Chirakis: As you were. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 9/15/17 - 10:07 PM=/\= 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is 20 hours. The time is 0800 Aegis local. The station has settled back to normal. Everyone is on duty except for the newly-bonded couple. =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Fletcher Jackson: ::at OPS, monitoring just about everything:: Kallah Ramson: ::on the CnC:: Chirakis: ::CnC, at TAC:: Tarisa: ::In the labs.:: Lawliet: ::stepping onto the CnC:: Scott Coleridge: ::on the CnC, but has been rather pre-occupied lately:: Dacia Sandero: ::in sickbay:: mimipavilion: ::in medical, in her office, doing whatever paperwork she has left from the last shift:: Chirakis: ::notes his ill ease:: Alexis McFarland: ::sleeping in her bed:: Gila Orrak: :: sitting :: Jylliene: ::finishing up packing for the trip:: Lawliet: ::walks over to the science station and takes a seat:: KelsaViegnor: ::sipping tea as she does the morning preparations to open for the day:: Chirakis: :::steps toward Scott::: Is there a problem, Commander? Tarisa: Miana> ::Has recently woken up. She changes and then grabs her tablet.:: +Alexis+ Alexis! Wakey wakey! Alexis McFarland: Mua.. waa? ::hears her PADD and reaches for it:: +Miana+ Hi Miana. What's up? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Picking things to bring :: Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: I'm still just thinking about what you told me yesterday. Alexis McFarland: ::yawns and gets out or bed and makes it up:: Chirakis: It is a daunting task, your first command. However, I may be able to help you decide. Tarisa: Miana> +Alexis+ Good morning! ::Happy grin.:: Want breakfast? Alexis McFarland: +Miana+ Mornin'. Yes, sounds good to me. Where do you want to go? Lawliet: ::going through various reports and going through the day’s schedule:: Chirakis: The Orville is a small vessel. Exploratory. Her last captain was relieved of duty because he did not meet the standards required to complete missions... Tarisa: Miana> +Alexis+ Umm....Bluby’s, or somewhere different? Kallah Ramson: ::approving different reports, while glancing over at her XO and Sec Chief's conversation:: Jylliene: Seems odd not to be going on duty - looking forward to this, though. ::smiles toward Nijil:: Chirakis: Given your experience aboard Aegean, Starfleet decided to approach you first. Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> There are so many places... ::speaking to Alexis :: Alexis McFarland: ::Quickly freshens up in the bathroom, brings her PADD with her:: Hmm. ::turns to see Annisha:: Any preferences? Chirakis: However, the exploratory mission that caused her previous captain to shirk his duty was a mission regarding black holes and subspace anomalies. Alexis McFarland: ::brushes her teeth: Tarisa: Miana> +Alexis+ Oh! I didn't know Annisha was over. Good Morning Annisha! Chirakis: Perhaps that will help you decide. Dacia Sandero: ::tending to patients in the sickbay:: Alexis McFarland: +Miana+Stayin' over while the 'rents go on their honeymoon, eh? Scott Coleridge: Hmm Lawliet: ::submits his reports and begins reviewing the sensor logs from the previous days:: Fletcher Jackson: ::half hearing the conversation, but more tending to duty::: mimipavilion: ::finishes up with the last report and heads into main sickbay, sees Dacia busy with a patient, goes over to her:: Need help? Chirakis: ::returns to her position at TAC, but not before acknowledging the captain with a polite nod::: Kallah Ramson: ::returns the nod:: Dacia Sandero: Could always use help, but it's been relatively quiet... mostly dealing with hangovers after last night's festivities. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks at Jy :: How are you feeling after that clearly high proof ale? mimipavilion: ::nods:: Ah those. At least it's nothing too serious? Gila Orrak: :: Gets out of her quarters and heads down to the commerce level :: Alexis McFarland: Where were your folks going again? ::now out of the bathroom and getting changed:: Tarisa: ::Running a project in lab 1. She is fixated on a monitor.:: Jylliene: ::shrugs:: I didn't have that much of it. Spent more time dancing and talking than drinking it. Lawliet: ::walks over to the replicator:: Herbal Tea, Hot. Chirakis: ::receives a report from Lt Garand regarding Ens Orrak and begins to page through it::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Finishes changing and after putting her shoes on, she rushes out of her quarters.:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Watching the video feed as she goes.:: +Alexis+ I am coming to you. Nijil tr'Korjata: Surprised we did not poison half the guests :: laughs :: Alexis McFarland: ::changes into a flowery sundress and cute sandals: +Miana+ Okay. Gila Orrak: :: Walks down the commerce level, this late at night :: Jylliene: May have. I haven't seen whether there's a queue at medical. Dacia Sandero: More people than I expected though, that was some good ale. Lawliet: ::grabs his tea and walks over to Coleridge:: Morning Commander. Chirakis: ::after accessing the security roster, she notes that Gila is monitoring the commerce deck::: mimipavilion: True. I think there was a reasonable amount after my bonding from a report I saw. Dacia Sandero: We'll find out in nine months Gila Orrak: :: held her head, she should have not drank so much of that shrill :: mimipavilion: ::smirks:: I don't want to know. Dacia Sandero: THey always seem to be like that. Betazoid and terran weddings are no different. ::gives a guy a hypo:: Alexis McFarland: ::waits around for Miana:: mimipavilion: Tell me about it. Jylliene: ::ponders:: The red, or the blue? ::holds up two pieces of attire:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Moments later chimes Alexis' door.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Lace... er, I mean red Alexis McFarland: ::opens it:: Hey Miana. ::huggles:: Scott Coleridge: ::looks up at Lawliet after a moment:: Huh? Oh. Hello. Morning, I mean. Nijil tr'Korjata: Annisha> Au know, if we eat like this we will turn into something as round as a Horta. Jylliene: ::chuckles, packs:: I think I'm nearly done. Lawliet: ::raises an eyebrow:: Are you alright? Tarisa: Miana> Yay! ::hugs.:: Alexis McFarland: Horta! Scott Coleridge: Am I? Are any of us, really, when you think about it? Tarisa: Miana> ::Spins in her white sundress.:: I do not want to turn into a rock person. Scott Coleridge: I mean, yes. I'm fine. KelsaViegnor: ::replenishing stock on the displays after the amount of goods sold for the recent wedding:: Gila Orrak: :: Wanders into her old shoppe :: Kelsa? Alexis McFarland: THat would be heavy. ::heads out with her friends, swirls in her flowery yellow sundress:: KelsaViegnor: ::glances up:: Ah. Welcome. How are the new duties suiting you? Chirakis: ::half listening to the conversation between Lawliet and Scott:: Lawliet: ::opens his mouth and holds for a second:: ...Okay. Well I wanted to talk to you about the matter we discussed prior to the recent mission Nijil tr'Korjata: Au would look perfect in an of your choices.. but that does not help you choose. Tarisa: ::Watching her project as she applies a variety of energy beams on different samples.:: Chirakis: ::more interested in Garand's report::: Jylliene: It doesn't, but thank you. ::grins:: Scott Coleridge: ::Lawliet:: Oh? Oh. Sure. Would you like to repair to my office? Tarisa: ::A few of the samples poof into a cloud of dust within their containment fields.:: Gila Orrak: They are.. challenging. I was really buffeted around on the ship. The ship kick my kiester. Dacia Sandero: ::looks around sickbay, moving about treating people:: Lawliet: Of course. Nijil tr'Korjata: Are there any Trill women's clothing that accents the spots? mimipavilion: ::goes and treats people as well:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I don't get to look in many holo catalogs KelsaViegnor: They definitely can. I recall a mission or two that led to bruising from rough transports. Tarisa: Miana> ::Humms as they walk.:: Alexis McFarland: ::Looking around:: Jylliene: Some, but oddly, not usually from Trill designers. Scott Coleridge: ::Ramson:: Captain, I'll be in my office if I'm needed. Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Guess it would be like fashion for my ears. Jylliene: Exactly. Lawliet: ::follows Coleridge into his office:: Chirakis: ::when the door closes, she approaches Captain Ramson::: Gila Orrak: Oh, the scents were wonderful... smart that they could change with the mood of of the reception. Chirakis: ::quietly:: Captain, have you a moment? Scott Coleridge: ::sits down in his chair, which squeaks slightly, and gestures for Lawliet to sit if he likes:: Jylliene: There's a Betazed designer who has risen to some recognition in that area. Alexis McFarland: ::ventures into the food court, looking at the different vendors:: Lawliet: ::takes a seat, while putting his cup of tea off to the side:: Kallah Ramson: ::turns:: Yes? Nijil tr'Korjata: So are you sure au want to take the Nie'rrh to our... what they call.. honeymoon.? KelsaViegnor: ::smiles:: It was an interesting challenge. Scott Coleridge: So what's on your mind? Tarisa: Miana> ::Overwhelmed.:: Ooohhh...I forgot there were so many choices. Jylliene: Well, I'd rather take it than wait for a common transport. Jylliene: Is she not ready for the trip? Lawliet: Well I was just wondering if you had any opportunity to relay my request to Command. Chirakis: ::confidentially:: Commander Coleridge seems out of sorts given his decision to accept or decline his post as Captain of the Orville. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh she's ready, I am just afraid what my crew down on the flight deck have done to her. KelsaViegnor: It's a matter of finding out what will happen at the event, then layering the shorter and longer lasting scents appropriately. Chirakis: You had been called aside when he received the word, and his reaction was not quite normal. Alexis McFarland: I think some new places opened up recently.. I don't recognise some places, like that one ::points to a small Klingon food stall:: Gila Orrak: :: looks as someone approaches :: Oh, they are bringing our coffee now. :: takes the cups from the barista. :: nods :: Chirakis: I am concerned, Captain. Scott Coleridge: Not as such, given the tight turnaround between our abrupt arrival back here and the wedding. Captain Ramson and I haven’t properly had a chance to debrief yet. Gila Orrak: I brought you your favorite hot beverage, or what I think is your favorite. Kallah Ramson: Concerned he might actually accept the assignment? KelsaViegnor: ::accepts:: Thank you. ::smells:: You have an excellent memory. Chirakis: Concerned in general. Tarisa: Miana> ::Puts her arm in Alexis'.:: I will let you choose. You always pick yummy things! Chirakis: Personally, I do not believe it is a good choice. However, it is his decision to make. Gila Orrak: Part of the job...or at least a Glin back on Cardassia thought so Scott Coleridge: Have you had any additional thoughts now that you've been a second-in-command? Lawliet: I see. ::takes a sip of his tea:: I'm familiar with certain aspects of the test, but perhaps you could describe it in more detail. What would I expect if I were to take it? Lawliet: Additional thoughts? Scott Coleridge: Yes, was it what you expected? Alexis McFarland: ::smiles:: There's a French bakery nearby that sells yummy pastries and stuff. Dacia took me there once. Tarisa: Miana> Mmm... Lawliet: I will admit, the prospect was challenging and there was a moment or two where I wasn't certain what I should do. Still, I believe this is still a course of action I want to take. Jylliene: I'm sure she's in proper order for our trip, assuming you did request clearance to take her. Kallah Ramson: ::smile:: I believe any choice he makes will prove an educational experience. Alexis McFarland: ::leans closer to Miana as they head to the bakery:: Jylliene: ::closes her satchels:: Chirakis: Of course, as his commanding officer, you have the power to keep him here. However, yes, it would be an educational experience. Scott Coleridge: ::spends several more minutes discussing this with Lawliet:: Gila Orrak: :: drinks :: KelsaViegnor: ::sips:: Chirakis: 10:45 PM Tarisa: Miana> ::Purrs and her tail swishing about as the approached the bakery. Sniffs the sweet air.:: It smells so yummy! Jylliene: ::glances at Nijil:: Scott Coleridge: ::exits his office after Lawliet:: Kallah Ramson: One advice I will give him.... not to question what might have been if he'd made the other choice. Those doubts never serve any good. Kallah Ramson: ACTION: Romulan Warbird decloaks just outside Aegis defense Grid. Transponder signal IDs the craft as the Ma'ev, part of the Romulan recon fleet working in Alliance space. Alexis McFarland: Mm, yes! ::sits down and orders an egg & cheese croissant and some pastries:: Jylliene: ...Nijil? Chirakis: ::hearing the ping from her console, she looks at the tactical display::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: thinks :: I know they did something... Chirakis: I believe we have company, Captain. Scott Coleridge: ::approaches Ramson and Chirakis as the ping goes off:: Jylliene: Who did what? Kallah Ramson: ::looks towards the status boards:: Chirakis: ::steps back:: Commander. ::polite nod to Scott::: Tarisa: Miana> :;Also orders a savory croissant, along with a sweet pastry.:: My Neemah has had one of these before. She called it a bear claw.... :;Tilts her head.:: But it does not look like the claw of a bear. Fletcher Jackson: ::checking the corridors and clears one for the Ma'ev::: Kallah Ramson: None of the Romulan ships were scheduled to resupply yet. Alexis McFarland: I wonder why they call it that? Jylliene: Nijil? Tarisa: Miana> ::Takes a bite. Perks up.:: I do not know, but it is delicious! mimipavilion: ::still treating people for hangovers:: Kallah Ramson: I wonder if they found something interesting.....again.. :::glances towards Scott:: Nijil tr'Korjata: The other engineers.. I bet they put something on or in the Nei'rrh Scott Coleridge: Hey, don't look at me. It's your week to command the Aegean. Chirakis: Transponder is verified, Captain. Kallah Ramson: ::smiles:: Jylliene: They'd better not. I don't think Jorahl would like modifications made to his ship. Alexis McFarland: Yummy. My Neema usually orders tea, but I think it tastes kinda bitter unless you put a lot of sugar in it. Kallah Ramson: Hail them. Fletcher Jackson: Hailing frequencies open, Captain. Kallah Ramson: Aegis to Ma'ev, welcome back. We were not expecting your return yet. Jylliene: ::had made the request for the Nei'rrh herself, not having seen one go through, and not wanting to start out her life married to a Romulan on Jorahl's bad side:: Tarisa: Miana> Mine does too. Lots of tea. ::Grins.:: But I think that is because she is not allowed to have...um...coffee? Kallah Ramson: Ma'ev> ::no reply:: Fletcher Jackson: No reply, Captain. Continuing hail. Alexis McFarland: Coffee is pretty strong and it keeps you awake Jylliene: ::keeping the contents of THAT reply from the SubCommander to herself:: Nijil tr'Korjata: I think they like me, but one can never tell really. Scott Coleridge: Are they on approach to the station? Fletcher Jackson: They are, Commander. Just outside the grid. Jylliene: ::chuckles slightly:: Ready? Tarisa: Miana> I think it makes her really hyper. Kallah Ramson: Ma'ev>::maintaining approach at 1/4 impulse:: Kallah Ramson: Put the ship on main viewer. Fletcher Jackson: On the main viewer. mimipavilion: ::finishes up with her last patient:: Dacia I'll be on the CnC. Alexis McFarland: ::sips some juice:: I guess coffee does that to people. My dad drinks lots of coffee and it makes him go faster Jylliene: ::heading for the door:: Chirakis: ::steps to the TAC console:: Tactical shows nothing extraordinary. Approach at 1/4 impulse. Dacia Sandero: Okay Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles.:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> The warbird appears on screen, it's hull blackened is several places. Alexis McFarland: ::giggles as well:: mimipavilion: ::steps into the tl and orders it to the CnC:: Chirakis: They have been in combat. mimipavilion: ::arrives on the CnC a few moments later:: Kallah Ramson: Scan them. Chirakis: Scanning... Kallah Ramson: ACTIONS> No lifesigns detected onboard Chirakis: No lifesigns. Scott Coleridge: That's not good. mimipavilion: ::looks around and sees the screen and is concerned by the looks of the romulan ship and hears Chirakis:: Kallah Ramson: No, no it's not. Nijil tr'Korjata: I'm sure it's fine Scott Coleridge: Recommend we dispatch a ship to take it in a tractor beam. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: goes to kiss Jylliene :: Kallah Ramson: ::nods to Scott:: Do it Jylliene: ::smooch at the door:: Shall we? Chirakis: No evidence of weapons engaged. mimipavilion: ::walks over to Kallah:: What's happening? Nijil tr'Korjata: So, au are to keep Kital as a professional title I understand? :: gets their bags :: Scott Coleridge: ::Jackson:: What's the nearest Task Force ship? Fletcher Jackson: Task force Aegis is the nearest one, sir. Jylliene: Professional. For sake of clarity. Kallah Ramson: ::mimi:: Romulan ship has returned...minus her crew. Fletcher Jackson: Approximately... 12 hours out at max warp. Jylliene: ::steps through the door:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: I take it we are still gathering information at this time. Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Fletcher Jackson: And they are headed this way. Chirakis: Interesting. Chirakis: And yet we have had no word from Missouri or Iowa. Scott Coleridge: ::Ramson:: Do we have someone who can get us the command codes for the ship, so we can remotely stop it? Chirakis: ::Scott:: I have them. Nijil tr'Korjata: I am glad I took some things to the ship beforehand... the lotion, err... Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: Attempt a computer link and order a full stop. Kallah Ramson: ::Scott:: I’m actually still registered on active duty with the Romulans so, yes i do. Chirakis: :::accesses, slips in her chip, and begins an override, then hands the console to Ramson:: All yours, Captain. You are more familiar. Alexis McFarland: mm ::bites into a danish:: Kallah Ramson: ::sends command override code.....WArbird comes to a halt:: Kallah Ramson: ready an away team commander Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 9/15/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: TBS? Kallah Ramson: 30 minutes. Should be enough time for the new couple to escape before we get thrown back into red alert. Chirakis: Comments for the crew? Kallah Ramson: None Chirakis: I would like to commend the crew of Aegean once again, for their distinguished service. Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: seeing none, crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  4. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 15 September 2017 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is 20 hours. The time is 0800 hours (8:00 AM) Aegis local. With the celebrations over, the station settles back to normal, except for a few who may have over imbibed or had unexpected news.
  5. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 9/8/17 - 10:02:14 PM 10 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.100 TBS is 24 hours. We celebrate the bonding of SubCommander Korjata and Lt Commander Kital. =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: ::at the reception, mingling with the crowd::: Jylliene: ::at the reception, because, well, duh:: Dacia Sandero: ::at the reception as well, sipping some wine:: Lawliet: ::walking into the reception wearing his dress uniform:: Chirakis: ::enjoying a glass of the finest Romulan ale::: mimipavilion: ::at the reception, trying to avoid the "Hey remember your bonding" questions:: Dacia Sandero: ::Gets offered a glass of Romulan Ale as well:: Tarisa: ::Wandering around the reception.:: Tarisa: Miana> ::By the food table.:: Alexis McFarland: ::in the reception as well, near Miana:: Jylliene: ::having a drink too, wondering what the next song will be:: Chirakis: ::chuckles at a few comments as she peruses the hors d'oeuvres table::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Eyes brighten.:: So much food... Alexis McFarland: It looks yummy, but I don't know what half of it is. Jylliene: ::to Nijil:: We made it. Lawliet: ::picks up a glass of Romulan Ale as he passes by one of the stewards:: Chirakis: ::notes some exotic items as well as familiar ones::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looking a bit taken aback :: We did... Scott Coleridge: ::sampling some food:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: squeezes her hand :: Alexis McFarland: ::takes a bit of everything and puts it on her plate:: Chirakis: ::turns to see Lawliet::: Commander. ::nods:: Annisha: :: Gets out her tiny guitar and heads up to the band :: mimipavilion: ::walks over to the food and starts piling some onto her plate:: Alexis McFarland: Ooh, Annisha's doing her thing now/ Jylliene: ::glances toward Annisha:: Wonder what she's got planned? Annisha: :: Gets on her stool :: Chirakis: Quite an enjoyable bonding. Simple yet effective. :::checking the canapes::: Alexis McFarland: She's been practising for a long time Lawliet: ::walks up to Chirakis:: Hello Captain. Enjoying the party? Chirakis: Indeed I am. And you? Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs a few things for her plate, then follows Alexis closer towards where Annisha was.:: Chirakis: ::bites into a small canape::: Lawliet: Just walked in. Although I'm confused. Chirakis: How so? Chirakis: ::followed by Romulan ale::: mimipavilion: ::hears Lawliet and Chirakis and walks over:: Annisha: :: Starts playing... one of the band members moves a mic to her level :: When a Trill loves a Rihan.... ::singing and playing :: Lawliet: ::holds up his glass:: Is this or is this not illegal? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: takes a drink :: Dacia Sandero: ::nearby, overhears:: It's..medicinal. mimipavilion: ::hears Lawliet question and grins:: Dacia's right. Chirakis: ::taps him, pointing to Annisha, then whispers:: No, it is not. Gila Orrak: :: Is dressed up, but still technically on duty :: Chirakis: Indeed, it is medicinal. Jylliene: ::smiles toward Annisha:: The practicing has paid off. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Leans to Jylliene :: My mother won't stop checking the food. Jylliene: ::to Nijil:: Alexis McFarland: ::claps:: Tarisa: Miana> Yay Jylliene: ::quizzical look:: Checking it for what? Lawliet: ::looks at the woman around him and back at his drink:: Very well... ::takes a drink and groans slightly:: ....oh..... Chirakis: ::to the group, quietly:: Quite an enjoyable voice. Nijil tr'Korjata: Quality... don't know.. she wanted nothing replicated. mimipavilion: ::knowing full well it's illegal, knows she's got a full case or so in her quarters:: Jylliene: The suppliers had better not have replicated it, at the prices they asked for it. Lawliet: ::looks up:: Excuse me? Dacia Sandero: Not bad at all. Chirakis: :::Lawliet:: The ale is my own, given to me by a very close friend. Jylliene: ::sips her own drink:: Chirakis: ::and to the others:: Quite legal. Dacia Sandero: Very nice vintage. Chirakis: Indeed. The best. He chooses wisely. Annisha: :: finishes the song :: Chirakis: But.. :motions:: Annisha sings well. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Alexis McFarland: ::Golfclaps:: Annisha: Thank au, thank au.. but there's more. Anyone like chickens? Tarisa: Miana> ::Cheers for Annisha.:: Annisha: :: A Vulcan gets out an accordion :: Lawliet: ::nods:: I see. Well...does anyone know where I can find the happy couple? I have a slight token to give them. ::holds up a small present in his other hand:: Alexis McFarland: Ah, so she is gonna do it... Tarisa: Miana> ::Raises her hand.:: Oh...Ohh! Chirakis: ::raises a brow:: chickens?::: Jylliene: ::puzzled look:: Chickens? Alexis McFarland: I like chickens. Scott Coleridge: Chickens mimipavilion: ::concerned:: Do I want to know? Scott Coleridge: Those are dinosaurs, right? Annisha: :: A old chicken dance song begins to play, with uku and accordion. :: Scott Coleridge: ::cannot recall having ever seen a chicken:: Chirakis: I believe it is a terran bird. Dacia Sandero: Chickens...I believe so. Tarisa: Miana> ::Looks confused.:: I thought there was to be chickens... Alexis McFarland: Me too. I like them fried. Jylliene: ::listens to the song in some continued confusion:: Jylliene: ::though it's a likeable enough song:: mimipavilion: ::softly:: I'm glad my reception didn't have outrageous songs like this Annisha: :: clap clap clap clap :: Scott Coleridge: I spent most of my childhood on Andoria, where the birds were somewhat more... imposing. Jylliene: ::reminds her a bit of the music that they played on those transmissions from some time ago:: Lawliet: ::looks around for either the bride or groom:: Alexis McFarland: What's that odd dancing she's doing? Chirakis: ::stifles a grin at Mimi::: Chirakis: ::Scott:: Andoria. Interesting place. mimipavilion: ::glances over at Chirakis:: Annisha: :: Flapping her arms :: Dacia Sandero: Ah, didn't know that. Alexis' parents are diplomats there, interesting. Chirakis: ::blinks, pausing her drink half way:: Scott Coleridge: ::samples more of the food:: Mmm, unreplicated. Tarisa: Miana> I...am not sure. But it looks fun! ::Mimics the dance, tail lashing wildly.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: bends over to Jy again :: Au look great, and that's not the ale talking either. Nijil tr'Korjata: How about we get something to eat... I've been standing for a while now. Chirakis: ::notes the distraction and excuses herself to wander toward Nijil and Jylliene::: Jylliene: ::nods to Nijil:: Sounds like an idea. Dacia Sandero: A few more of these and I just might be joining Alexis and Miana up there... ::sips her ale:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Standing at the back, a tiny plate in hand, eating dainty sandwiches :: Scott Coleridge: ::Dacia:: Yes, my father was a diplomat there for most of my childhood. Chirakis: ::putting her glass down, she approaches them::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: nudges Jy :: The captain... Scott Coleridge: ::drinking a lighter alcoholic beverage:: I'm tired already. These days I'm going to bed earlier and earlier. ::smiles:: Maybe I'm getting old. Dacia Sandero: Ah, at least you managed to cope with Andoria's climate better than Alexis did, I take it? Jylliene: ::nods to Nijil, smiles toward Chirakis as she approaches:: Annisha: :: the chicken dance song ends :: Chirakis: ::polite nod:: SubCommander, Commander... my congratulations on your union, and my best wishes for a happy fulfilling life together. Alexis McFarland: Yay! Tarisa: Miana> ::Cheers:: Jylliene: Captain - thank you. ::grins:: Scott Coleridge: ::Dacia:: One word. Longjohns. Nijil tr'Korjata: Many thanks Captain. If I don't consume too much of this powerful ale I may live through the night as well. Chirakis: ::glances around to see that there are not others listening::: I will not keep you from your guests, but I do have something for you. Jylliene: ::curious look:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Raises brow :: Dacia Sandero: Hmm, I wouldn't know. I was born on the Virgin Islands in Earth, total opposite for me. Heh. Chirakis: ::she retrieves a small, velvet pouch from her pocket and hands it to Jylliene:: A token from someone whom you will never see... Chirakis: And if you do see them, you will not recognize. Jylliene: ::accepts, still somewhat confused, but nods:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Will never see? Lawliet: ::finishes his drink...probably a mistake and walks over to Jylliene and Nijil:: Chirakis: I am sure you will understand eventually. Alexis McFarland: ::Eats some food on her plate:: Yummy.. I don't know what this is, but I like it. Annisha: :: sings :: Wait..... a minute... au know au make me want to shout.... Alexis McFarland: Twist and Shout? Jylliene: I'll take your word for that, then. And thank you again, for everything. Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs her plate from the table. She sniffs then samples.:: Mmmm... Chirakis: ::gives a polite bow:: Tarisa: Miana> She wants to shout? Chirakis: Please, do not let me keep you from your guests. ::moves away:: Alexis McFarland: But does she also want to twist? Jylliene: I'll never quite understand her ::whispered, to Nijil:: Tarisa: ::Enjoying the reception, but remains a little low key.:: Lawliet: ::steps up to Jylliene and Nijil:: Congratulations SubCommander and Commander. Annisha: :: She puts her hands up and shouts, the Vulcans join in behind her :: Nijil tr'Korjata: Why thank au Lawliet. Jylliene: Thank you ::smiles to Lawliet:: Nijil tr'Korjata: Are au enjoying the unrestricted ale? Dacia Sandero: ::Left her gift at the gift table like everyone else:: Lawliet: Here..::hands them a small present::...this is a small token. Annisha: Aaa aaa aah uh aaa! Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Nudges Jy to open it :: Alexis McFarland: Sounds like Annisha sat on a cactus. Chirakis: ::knowing that Nijil will recognize the Pangaere Nhaih Ehrie instantly, she vanishes into the crowd::: Jylliene: ::opens it:: Gila Orrak: :: Takes her first drink of Romulan ale :: Jylliene: ::looks into the package from Lawliet:: Scott Coleridge: ::queues up behind Lawliet:: Lawliet: It's a small fable from my homeworld. I had to recreate it from memory, so it may not be exactly right. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Nijil takes the pouch from Jy as she takes the gift from Lawliet :: Nijil tr'Korjata: An old fable I take it? Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles.:: Chirakis: :::steps toward the door, as she is summoned by Lt Garand::: Lawliet: Quite. It tells of two star crossed lovers who endure great odds to come together. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Peers into the pouch from Chirakis, his curiosity stirred :: Jylliene: ::smiles:: That seems fitting. Chirakis: ::she closes in to listen, nods, then rejoins the crowd as Garand leaves::: Nijil tr'Korjata: Wait, how does the fable end,...wait, don't tell me mimipavilion: ::finishes up her plate and puts it on an empty nearby table and walks over to Nijil and Jylliene standing behind Scott:: Jylliene: Thank you, very much. Lawliet: ::smiles:: Well I'll let you return to the party. Congratulations again. Nijil tr'Korjata: Yes it was very thoughtful Lawliet. Chirakis: ::accepts another glass of Romulan ale and stands on the periphery, watching the crew enjoy the evening::: Lawliet: ::nods and walks away:: Gila Orrak: :: Winces :: Oh my... Alexis McFarland: ::Drinks a juice or something:: Scott Coleridge: ::approaches the couple:: Chirakis: ::but she is close enough to Gila to notice her:: Problem, Ensign? Scott Coleridge: First, congratulations on two of my favourite people finding happiness in each other. Gila Orrak: Captain, hello. No. :: coughs :: I mean, well... I've not had Rihan Ale before... not a favorite on Cardassia... Lawliet: ::walks over to the buffet and grabs a few pieces of cheese:: Jylliene: ::smiles at Scott:: Thank you, commander. Chirakis: It can be an acquired taste, unless you are Rihan. Scott Coleridge: It took me a long time to find you a suitable gift. Then I was approached by this Ferengi! Gila Orrak: I did get them something.. but I hope they like Canar. Scott Coleridge: His offer seemed too good to be true at first, but it's really quite unique. Chirakis: I am sure they will be pleased Gila Orrak: :: Her face was flushed, her hair seemed to her at least, to stand on it's end :: Scott Coleridge: ::presents Jylliene and Nijil with a framed Certificate of Ownership of the New Brooklyn Orbital Elevator:: I'm just so lucky he happened to be passing through Aegis while I was looking for something. Nijil tr'Korjata: Was there a Rule of Acquisition attached? Chirakis: ::Gila:: There is Champagne, which is a little less... toxic I believe is the word? Scott Coleridge: Um, no, but I think he did say something about all sales are final Jylliene: ::wonders that:: Gila Orrak: Well, if I have a hard day, I'll know what to put on my list. Chirakis: (Priceless, Scott) Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Talking to the ladies :: Jylliene: (Indeed) Scott Coleridge: Anyway, I will leave you to your other guests. Chirakis: Perhaps. ::Gila:: However, it can also creep up on you. I would proceed with caution. Scott Coleridge: ::saunters away, much happier now that he had found them a gift worthy of their union:: Lawliet: ::walks over to Tarisa:: Enjoying the party? Nijil tr'Korjata: We will have to place this on our wall. mimipavilion: ::walks up to Nijil and Jylliene:: Well, congratulations. Nijil tr'Korjata: Why thank au Doctor Nijil tr'Korjata: Doctor Mimi... :: laughs :: Annisha calls you Doctor Mimi Chirakis: ::still on the periphery, watching Annisha enjoy herself:: Annisha: :: Starts playing something on her uku, :: Some things in life are bad, they can really make au mad. Other things just make au swear and curse... Chirakis: ::almost chokes on her ale at that one::: Annisha: :: Those voice lessons paying off :: Alexis McFarland: ::Listens and cheers:: mimipavilion: That I'm well aware of. ::hands her gift to them:: I thought the two of might want this Rhian cookbook for special occasions like your wedding anniversaries or other special occasions. Annisha: And... always look on the bright side of life :: Vulcans whistle behind her :: Jylliene: ::grins at Mimi:: Very thoughtful of you. Thank you - we will enjoy making use of it. Scott Coleridge: Annisha has very - broad - musical tastes. mimipavilion: ::smiles:: I have no doubt about that. Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh it is in Rihan script. I want to watch Jylliene interpret it as she cooks mimipavilion: Not an easy language to understand at first, but with time and help it becomes easier. Jylliene: I've already had some practice in the Nei'rrh. The displays are all in Rihan. Jylliene: Those aren't cooking terms, though. Jylliene: ::chuckles:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: I will disagree with you there. Annisha: life's a piece of .... when au look at it, life's a laugh and death's a joke it's true... mimipavilion: If you'll excuse me, I'll let the two of you get back to the reception. Jylliene: Thank you again. Nijil tr'Korjata: Well the Nei'rrh can sure cook in an instant Jylliene: True. mimipavilion: ::nods and walks away grabbing a flute of Romulan Ale:: Annisha: Always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the bright side of life... Annisha: :: Vulcan's doing the violin backup :: Chirakis: ::notices Scott as he mingles with the crowd:: Dacia Sandero: ::behind Mimi and places two gifts on the table, a large black box and a basket of assorted bottles:: Congrats on your wedding! So happy for you both. I got you some basket of assorted fragrances, perfumes and stuff from that perfume shop that opened up near Blubby's. And a cappuccino maker... it's not a wedding until you get one of those, just a small amount but packs a powerful punch. Jylliene: ::grins:: Thank you - that sounds perfect for the mornings here. Jylliene: ::chuckles:: Chirakis: ::wanders toward him and waits for his attention::: Lawliet: ::grabs another glass of Romulan Ale:: Small sips. Dacia Sandero: Yes, I feel you'd both need it. Annisha: Incidentally this record is available in the commerce level.. :: the song plays out :: Scott Coleridge: ::turns and sees Chirakis close by, jumps slightly:: Captain. Chirakis: ::chuckles at hearing Annisha::: Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh a black box... it is a cat? Alexis McFarland: Hm Chirakis: Sorry, Commander. I did not want to interrupt you. Scott Coleridge: Oh, I'm just... wandering. Chirakis: A word, please? Chirakis: As am I. Scott Coleridge: Of course. Dacia Sandero: Cappuccino maker. Last time I tried to put a cat in a box, It didn't end well. Nijil tr'Korjata: Cappuccino maker? Jylliene: ::chuckles:: mimipavilion: ::wanders to the side of the room:: Dacia Sandero: Yes. Chirakis: ::takes him aside:: I must commend you for your command of Aegean, especially during such dire circumstances. Annisha: Feel good.... :: plucks do do do do dooo doo...do do do do do dooo... feel good... Chirakis: You have been recommended for command of a starship, if you so choose. Scott Coleridge: Oh. Well, um, thank you, sir. I didn’t exactly expect it to be so eventful. I’m just glad everyone made it home in… wait, what? Scott Coleridge: Oh dear. Chirakis: ::holds up a hand:: Before you reply... Chirakis: All that you have done has been noticed by Starfleet Command. They have been watching you for some time. Chirakis: And they do have a ship ready, if you so choose. It is the USS Orville. Chirakis: A small beginning, but very much worth your consideration. Tarisa: ((::snickers::)) mimipavilion: (lol) Chirakis: (Now, now) Lawliet: lol Gila Orrak: :: sips and scans the crowd :: Lawliet: ((::claps::)) Annisha: Windmill windmill... Chirakis: ::is finished, waiting to see his reaction:: Dacia Sandero: ::saunters off to mingle with the crowd after she drops off her gifts:: Nijil tr'Korjata: A cap maker... will have to ask where to get the makings for it... Scott Coleridge: ::bluescreened:: Scott Coleridge: ::blinking very rapidly:: Jylliene: ::nods:: I'm sure we'll be able to get the supplies. Chirakis: ::wondering if he is going to faint::: Chirakis: Commander? ::concerned::: Nijil tr'Korjata: (( Those are not mint Coleridge... not mints )) Scott Coleridge: I'm--uh--I'm Scott Coleridge: I'm going to... sit down... over there. Chirakis: ::grabs a chair to slip behind him:: Annisha: :: Disco begins to play and Annisha waves by to the band :: Dacia Sandero: ::glances back at Scott:: Looks like Someone needs some ale. Annisha: That's the way, uh huh uh huh... I like it uh huh uh huh..... Chirakis: ::notes his pallor::: Scott Coleridge: ::sits in the chair:: Chirakis: May I get you some water? Ale? Nijil tr'Korjata: Let's join Annisha... Jylliene: ::nods:: Let's. Jylliene: ::accompanies Nijil:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Follows Annisha's lead :: Jylliene: ::ditto:: Scott Coleridge: I think it's time I finally try Romulan ale... Lawliet: ::notices Coleridge looking a bit pale:: I wonder what that's about? Chirakis: ::snaps her finger to a server::: Chirakis: ::who immediately offers a goblet to Scott::: Dacia Sandero: ::notices as well and walks over to check on Scott:: Doing all right over there? mimipavilion: ::goes over to Chirakis and Scott:: Is there an issue here Captain? Chirakis: I am not sure, Doctor. Chirakis: :::steps back::: mimipavilion: ::puts her glass on the tray:: Scott how do you feel? Alexis McFarland: ::sings along with the next song Annisha sang:: Hello lamppost, what cha knowing? I've come to watch your flowers growing Ain't cha got no rhymes for me? Doot-in' doo-doo, feelin' groovy Scott Coleridge: ::downs the entire glass of Romulan ale glass:: Scott Coleridge: Like someone pulled the deck plating out from underneath me. Jylliene: ::dances along with Nijil, trying her best to follow Annisha's steps:: mimipavilion: ::concerned:: Easy with that stuff. What do you mean? Chirakis: If he did not need your attention before, I believe that he needs help now, Doctor. Annisha: Like this father... :: goes all out :: Dacia Sandero: Too much ale? mimipavilion: Probably. Chirakis: In... about two minutes... Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Follow suit, but Ale and disco do not mix :: Scott Coleridge: I don’t know who I am anymore. Jylliene: ::to Nijil:: Try not to break anything Alexis McFarland: ::disco dances as well:: Chirakis: ::waiting for the ale to hit::: Dacia Sandero: ::already hit for her:: mimipavilion: You're not making any sense. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 9/8/17 - 11:00 PM Chirakis: Thank you Chirakis: Once again, congratulations to the newly bonded. Chirakis: My condolences to the captain, who could not make it tonight. Alexis McFarland: Yay congrats! Nijil tr'Korjata: claps Scott Coleridge: Congrats Scott Coleridge: And good luck Chirakis: TBS will be until 8 am the next day. Chirakis: Hopefully, we will all have recovered. Dacia Sandero: Yes Chirakis: Questions or comments? Chirakis: Seeing none.... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  6. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 8 September 2017 10 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.100 TBS is 24 hours. The time is 1230 hours (12:30 PM) Aegis local. With Aegean in port, her crew safe, and the strange planet supposedly vanished in subspace, we breathe a sigh of relief. We are now ready to celebrate the bonding of SubCommander Nijil tr’Korjata and Lt Commander Jylliene Kital.
  7. Destiny’s Child Captain Chirakis SubCommander Nijil tr'Korjata Annisha t’Korjata Though several screens played through their courses in the security complex’s master surveillance room, only one person occupied a console. A shadowed figure filled the console's screen, and the faint blue of secure-mode lighting cast an eerie glow over the conversation that had been going on for some time, discussing everything from the origins of the universe down to which craftsman fashioned the most effective, exquisitely balanced bat’leth. However, as always happens, the conversation shifted to a more serious vein, one that had not been discussed since the devastation of ch’Rihan. “And why now?” Kirel asked after a long pause. “It was dangerous before; why is it not dangerous now?” “The political situation has changed, Riov,” the figure replied in a deep, resonant tone. “True,” came her reply, followed by a moment of thought, then, “Have you considered the effect it would have on her, and on her adoptive family?” “Somewhat.” His reply was casual, perhaps a little too casual for Kirel, but thoughtful. “She would be shocked to know that we are alive, of course… unless you have told her otherwise?” “To preserve her life, I have not.” “Um.…” The figure mused, inhaling deeply. “To preserve her life. One consideration we have not fully explored.” “Then I suggest that you explore it more thoroughly, EnRiov,” countered Kirel thoughtfully. “She is young, and is as prone to youthful missteps as any child. If she knew that you are alive, she could, out of youthful exuberance, tell a ‘trusted’ friend, and that trusted friend could inadvertently pass the information on. Within a week, this station would be swarming with rogues and assassins looking for the child of the highest ranking and most powerful agent of the Tal Shiar. She would fetch a handsome price, but I doubt that she would be returned alive. Therefore, consider which outcome is better: the possibility of kidnapping and torture, or what she has now.” An almost palpable silence reigned on the other side. Kirel pressed on. “To her, you are a hero, EnRiov. Her hero. She believes that you and Ja’lan were killed while attempting a dangerous rescue on ch’Rihan. That is what she will remember for her entire life, or until you choose to tell her differently when she is more mature. Until then, she has a family who loves her and has devoted their lives to her care, despite the many obstacles they faced. And they will continue to face them, not only because of her origins, but because she is highly intelligent and requires constant attention. You called her a ‘precocious child’ at one point. She is more than that; she is brilliant. I, myself, have verified that.” There was a long pause, and Kirel hoped that the man to whom she spoke would eventually understand the situation. EnRiov Keshir tr’Aldani, Annisha’s father and master operative of the Tal Shiar, leaned into the light, exposing not only his image, but a mirror of Annisha, minus her mother’s gentle beauty. Kirel could see the resemblance, both in his contemplative expression and his piercing stare: the same look that Annisha often used in moments of defiance. “Then we must discuss other options.” He stroked his chin. “You are continuing with her education?” “I am. As much as possible, and in pertinent areas. She seems to enjoy engineering and combat more than anything.” A knowing smile quickly passed as she leaned forward. “And I know that look, EnRiov. Tell me what you have in mind.” * * * * * "This is booooring stuff father," Annisha said in no uncertain terms to her father lounging on the couch. "Why do I have to learn about how we got warp drives and subspace thingies? We have space ships right now. This is old people stuff." "Be careful with that Anni," Nijil said as he looked up from his morning reading. "Elders deserve your respect, unless they are doddering old fools, then perhaps respect is not the right word. The history of faster than light travel is of vital importance to engineers. You may come across a civilization who are just starting out, stranded in the cosmos. If you think 'well you don't have a duotronic computer to control your warp field, I don't know how you will ever get this ship going,’ keep in mind that most species’ first interstellar endeavors were primitive configurations." He had an idea. "Oh that's good," he exclaimed as he wrote something in his PADD. "Oh what now father?" Annisha gave her father a raised brow. "I know that look and I don't like it." "Before the bonding you and I are going to go on an engineering holodeck adventure." "Three words that should never be strung together." She laughed as she watched him continue to write. "Oh, you laugh now, but I can make this your science and math project for school, with your teacher's approval of course...oh, perhaps even a bit of cultural interaction. You are taking some kind of social studies." Her eyes filled with a sense of school-work dread. "Uh huh. We are learning about Andorians now." "Oh, those blue antenna species, one of the Federation's founders." "Yes Father, and tough in battle from what Grandfather said." She added, her neck stretching to see how much her father was writing down. A flash of the screen revealed the holodeck configuration screen. "Aww, are you really doing this? Mindreader, catgirl, and I were going to Blubby's later." "Oh don't worry about that, this will take a bit of time to create, considering how naughty you are." "Clever. You mean clever." "One man's naughty is another girl's clever. I'm watching you Anni," he said with a wide smile. Nijil knew enough to know he had only an inkling of Annisha's intelligence. Jylliene and he discussed it once and he thought Captain Chirakis requested she be independently tested. Like many things, this was to be done after the bonding and later relaxation and certainly not during school. "I bet I can solve your little holodeck adventure in only a few hours," Annisha challenged. "Oh really?" Nijil looked up from his PADD and gave her a raised-brow. "Let's go a little Ferengi here. What's the wager?" "Hmm." Annisha placed a finger on her lips. "That's a good question." She thought for a moment. Nijil remained riveted to her answer. "I get to take out the Nei'rrh beyond the Aegis perimeter... to another planet a few light years away, land it, explore, then go back." "Hmm, I think that can be arranged. If the program confounds you, then...then…. You have to follow me around for a week and help me on the station." "More like ‘do your job.’ I think we have a deal." Annisha spat on her hand and shook her father's. Nijil took her hand and shook before feeling the goo. "Ugh, what was that for Annisha?" "To seal the deal, or would you rather us cut our hands and seal it in blood like honorable Klingons?" Wiping his hand, Nijil agreed. "No no, that is quite alright. Spit is it. Now get to your reading. This does not get you out of that." "Ugh, I know… I know." Annisha grunted and buried her eyes into the text of her PADD as her father did the same with his. * * * * * From her position in Command and Control, Kirel peered casually through the window that overlooked the commerce deck. Watching civilians stroll casually through the area, patronizing bistros and restaurants, and browsing through stores, usually relaxed her. Instead, she received an unexpected jolt. On the edge of the crowd, a tall Vulcan wandered past the stores and restaurants, pausing occasionally at a store window to admire the merchandise, then moving on. Eventually he looked up and met her gaze. Giving a faint smile, he strode casually into her favorite coffeehouse and settled at her table. She knew this ‘Vulcan’ and was not pleased. They had planned to meet, but not now, and certainly not here, in plain sight. Awaiting her presence in the coffeehouse was Tal Shiar master of disguise, EnRiov Keshir tr’Aldani, Annisha’s father. “You told me once her parents were brilliant and formidable warriors,” said Amanda. “Knowing Annisha, I can easily verify that they must have been. If the DNA you gave me is truly theirs, nature chose their best genes and passed them on to her.” Dr. Davis could not have been more correct. Annisha was definitely a carbon copy of her father: brilliant, crafty, and determined to have her own way, despite the potential consequences. Yesterday Kirel had spoken to Keshir via secure subspace. Today they would sit together in the coffeehouse and dance around the truth while surrounded by hundreds of Aegis personnel and civilians on the commerce deck. Kirel had cautioned him about presenting himself publicly. He had chosen to ignore her advice, and there was nothing she could do to deter him. Ten minutes later, Kirel entered the coffeehouse and wandered casually toward the table. “Ah, Captain Chirakis.” He stood, giving the customary Vulcan nod, then offering her a seat. His finely tailored robes, embroidered with the insignia of a Vulcan house, spoke of a prominent businessman. One sleeve bore the crest of a distant Vulcan colony, and colonial colors draped over his left shoulder. His facial prosthetic was impeccable, his manner and accent flawless, and his Vulcan fluency testified to his expertise in deception. Returning his greeting, she relaxed into the chair opposite. “Will you have the usual?” he asked, motioning to the waiter. “Please, Mr. Ambassador.” His chuckle was soft, but genuine. “Retired,” he corrected. “Sejak will do. ‘Tis good to see you again, Kirel.” “And I, you, Sejak. What brings you here, besides my impelling presence?” Her brows rose in jest. “A promised, long-awaited gift,” he said, retrieving a small velvet bag from his pocket and handing it to her. “Rare enough that it took me this long to find it.” “Ah, yes,” she said. It was part of their conversational dance, and she accepted it as such. “Several years, as I recall.” “Yes, yes… and again, I apologize.” He paused as a waiter passed, then continued quietly. “Hephaestus Vulcanus are rare, Kirel, but what you have done for me is beyond payment. Please. Accept it as a very small token of gratitude.” “Of course,” she said, gently fingering the bag before opening it. Inside were three delicate latinum necklaces, each bearing an exquisitely carved green stone. Her gaze went from the pouch to tr’Aldani, then back. Hephaestus Vulcanus are rare, but even more rare are the Pangaere Nhaih Ehrie, the pure, clear emeralds fashioned in the bowels of ch’Rihan. Yet here, within this velvet pouch, were three of them. She masked her shock with a gracious smile. “I see you are pleased, and that pleases me, Captain,” said tr’Aldani with a gentle nod. “They are fashioned from one stone, so each is connected to the other, no matter the distance. Wherever one is, the other will detect it and plot a course if need be. I trust you understand.” After studying them a moment, she secured the pouch and tucked it securely inside her tunic. “Indeed, I understand,” she said. “It is a gift beyond imagining: an eternal treasure to be passed from generation to generation.” Sejak relaxed into a sigh of satisfaction. The rest of their conversation centered around recent business deals, the latest status of Aegis as a port of call, and countless other ordinary subjects. Eventually he announced that he had business elsewhere and would be leaving the next morning. They parted ways: tr’Aldani to his Vulcan ship, and Kirel to her quarters, where she pondered the events of the last few hours and decided precisely how these stones would be presented to the newly bonded family.
  8. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 9/1/17 - 10:05 PM=/\= 9 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.099 TBS is 2 days. Aegean has returned to Aegis. The crew of Aegean is taking some time off. Captain Chirakis is filling in as XO for Commander Coleridge until he is ready to return to duty. =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Kallah Ramson: ::on the CnC:: Dacia Sandero: ::in sickbay, either as a patient or in her normal capacity as a doctor:: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Lawliet: ::in his quarters, reading an old fable:: Chirakis: ::CnC, at her console, muttering about requisitions, performance reviews, and other things she should not have to worry about::: Alexis McFarland: ::Playing with Annisha and Miana somewhere:: mimipavilion: ::walks over to Dacia:: How do you feel? Tarisa: ::Is in sickbay for a followup exam.:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Loves playing.:: Dacia Sandero: Still somewhat woozy, but generally all right I suppose. Chirakis: ::Lt Garand is in charge of security for the moment::: Jylliene: ::CnC, avoiding her family, who is driving her nuts with their preparations for the wedding:: Scott Coleridge: ::also in sickbay, not because he's not feeling well, but to check up on Tarisa:: KelsaViegnor: ::up late in the shop after hours, preparing a number of special-request gift packages:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Understandable. I'll get you something for the nausea and take the next 24 hours off and get some rest. Dacia Sandero: All right, sounds good to me. Kallah Ramson: ::looking over the data logs of Aegean:: mimipavilion: ::gets a hypo for Dacia and applies it to her neck:: See ya tomorrow. Jylliene: ::okaying re-supply lists for Aegean, etc.:: Dacia Sandero: Hmm? Yes, see you then. Thanks. ::gets up from her bio bed and heads for exit:: Tarisa: ::Sitting up on a bio bed. Her ears were flicking about. So many people in sickbay today. She catches Scott out of the corner of her eye.:: Lawliet: ::takes a drink of tea as he continues reading:: mimipavilion: ::looks around and sees Tarisa sitting up:: And how do you feel? Scott Coleridge: ::approaches Tarisa, but hangs back until Mimi is done:: Dacia Sandero: ::walks out slowly:: Fletcher Jackson: ::in sick bay, waiting his turn:: Tarisa: I am fine. I just came in for a check up. Kallah Ramson: ::comparing the stresses to the ship compared with design parameters. :: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Ok. Let's see how you are doing then. ::starts scanning her:: Chirakis: ::idly wondering what happened to the planetoid::: mimipavilion: ::sees Fletcher waiting as well as Scott standing nearby:: mimipavilion: ::Scott:: Is there something I can do for you Commander? Scott Coleridge: I'm just here to check on Tarisa. Gila Orrak: :: Walking to find Chirakis :: Chirakis: ::CnC::: Dacia Sandero: ::heads into a TL back to her quarters for some sleep and binge-watching shows on Fed-Flix:: Lawliet: ::flips through the pages of his book as he goes:: mimipavilion: I see. Well she is doing fine. ::turns her attention back to Tarisa:: You sure you feel fine. Any nausea, dizzy spells, the like? Tarisa: ::Ears perk up.:: Tarisa: No. ::Shakes head.:: Gila Orrak: :: Enters the lift :: Um. CnC. Jylliene: ::looking for *something* else to do to keep herself busy:: Alexis McFarland: How's wedding preps going Annisha? Should almost be done now, right? mimipavilion: Ok. ::thinks for a minute:: You can return to duty tomorrow. In the meantime, if you feel off, contact me or medical. Alright? Scott Coleridge: Glad to hear it. ::Tarisa:: Just wanted to thank you for your work on the mission. I wish it hadn't ended so … abruptly. Kallah Ramson: ::sending over to the shipyard request for Aegean repair schedule:: Fletcher Jackson: ::yawn:: Lawliet: ::finishes his story and puts the book back on a nearby shelf:: Chirakis: ::finalizing a requisition sheet, sends it off::: Gila Orrak: :: Lift stops at the CnC, Gila gets off and walks in :: Dacia Sandero: ::lift stops and she enters her quarters and into her room:: Chirakis: ::looks up at the sound of the lift and spots Ens Orrak::: Jylliene: ::busybusybusy looks over the anticipated ships and deliveries and such for at least the fourth time since end of alpha shift:: Alexis McFarland: Can't believe it's so close.. where does the time go? Tarisa: ::Nods to Mimi and then stands, looking to Scott.:: It was a rather...interesting mission. Chirakis: ::she nods and continues to work:: Something I can help you with, Ensign? Gila Orrak: :: Looks around, a padd in hand :: Fletcher Jackson: ::falls asleep in the chair:: Chirakis: ::notes the padd::: Gila Orrak: Ah Captain... :: walks over :: mimipavilion: ::while walking over to Fletcher, has her attention on Scott:: You're due for a follow-up exam Commander. Please take a seat. Chirakis: ::sends off another, then looks up:: Lawliet: ::leaves his quarters and walks down the corridor:: Jylliene: ::stretches:: Gila Orrak: I am sorry Commander Cayne could not be here. Chirakis: ::listening:: Scott Coleridge: ::Tarisa:: Looks like it's my turn to be prodded. I'll see you when we're back on duty. Scott Coleridge: ::turns to Mimi:: Ready for your worst, doctor. Lawliet: ::heads into a turbolift:: Commerce Area. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Of course. Tarisa: ::Heads out of sickbay.:: Gila Orrak: He did write this report. He got hit on the head pretty hard and I am not sure of his initial spelling. mimipavilion: Right now you wait, while deal with this ::looks at Fletcher who is sleeping:: one. ::fletcher:: wake up! Jylliene: ::when she realizes she's more or less just staring at the monitor, not really accomplishing anything, figures she'd better head back to her quarters.:: Chirakis: ::nods:: He is in the medical complex, then? Gila Orrak: :: She hands over the padd with Cayne's report, she herself with a healing injury over the ridges of her face :: Gila Orrak: Was, resting in his quarters ma'am. Lawliet: ::walks out into the Commerce Area and heads to the park:: Chirakis: ::takes the padd and puts it aside:: And have you been to medical? Tarisa: Miana> ::Sitting with Alexis and Annisha.:: How long will the Great Feast last? Jylliene: ::hands the station over to the beta shift Ops:: Alexis McFarland: Yummy! Fletcher Jackson: ::slumped in the chair, fast asleep::: mimipavilion: ::tries again a little louder and poking him:: Mr. Jackson wake up Fletcher Jackson: ::jerk, blink:: No. I didn't.... Tarisa: Miana> On Mithra, they can last for a week or longer. Lawliet: ::walks along the path until he notices a bench and sits down:: Fletcher Jackson: ::blink:: Where am I? mimipavilion: Relax Mr. Fletcher I only want to examine you here in medical. Fletcher Jackson: Oh. Aegis. Right. Gila Orrak: Yes. Fletcher Jackson: Yeah, we're home. Gila Orrak: It looks worse than it is, but I would be lying if I said I was totally myself. mimipavilion: Yeah. Other than exhaustion, how do you feel? Chirakis: ::stands:: Which means that you need rest. Scott Coleridge: ::busies himself with some reading material while he waits:: Jylliene: ::::heads to the lift, leans against the wall as it heads to the appropriate level:: Alexis McFarland: Oooh. On Betazoid, feasts can last a long time too. I've never been to once where it lasted a week though. Annisha: :: Walking to her friends :: Chirakis: And which you *will* take for the next 24 hours, unless the universe ends. Understood? Alexis McFarland: Of course, there's always someone who tolls the gong to give thanks to the Deities every time someone takes a bite of food or sip of a drink. Fletcher Jackson: Feel... tired, I guess. Jylliene: ::out of the TL, to her quarters, entering to see with some relief that the lights are off - so her family must be back in their guest quarters.:: Gila Orrak: Understood. :: pauses :: I was slammed into the deck along my front.. Tarisa: Miana> I have only been to one. It lasted for a few days. In our traditions, the man has to hunt and provide food for the entire clan before they can be approved for marriage. I do not fully understand the concept, but it was fun. ::Looks to Annisha.:: Does your father know how to hunt? Gila Orrak: I will get something to eat then head to my quarters. Some soup could do me good. Annisha: :: To Alexis :: So...what's up? mimipavilion: ::smiles and nods:: Understood. You are relieved of duty for 24 hours. Ok Alexis McFarland: How's your parents' wedding preps going? And does your father know how to hunt? Fletcher Jackson: ::blank stare for a minute, then he nods:: Yes, ma'am. Lawliet: ::looks around and notices how quiet the park is, even for this time of night:: mimipavilion: Go on get out of here. Fletcher Jackson: ::pulls himself out of the chair and wanders to his quarters::: mimipavilion: ::walks over to Scott:: Alright you're next. Jylliene: ::collapses on the bed:: Scott Coleridge: ::puts his reading material aside:: Excellent. Gila Orrak: I hope missions in the future are less...painful. KelsaViegnor: ::tucks the last gift away, exhales in relief, and heads for home:: mimipavilion: ::scanning him:: Any out of the ordinary symptoms? Nausea, dizziness, etc. Chirakis: ::finalizes the reports, closes down the console, and stands:: Jylliene: ((Keep hoping, Gila.)) Chirakis: ::nods:: Yes, let us hope. Gila Orrak: Captain, I take my leave. Dacia Sandero: (Wouldn't hold my breath on that) Chirakis: ::Gila:: Carry on. Lawliet: ::takes a deep breath and stands up:: Jylliene: ::stares at the ceiling for a bit before inwardly acknowledging that she should at least get out of uniform and into comfy jammies:: Chirakis: ::realizing that Gila is used to a different protocol, she makes a mental note::: Scott Coleridge: ::Mimi:: No, I'm all right. A little tired. Alexis McFarland: ::Lies on the cool floor:: Gila Orrak: :: Heads to the lift, not before giving it one last look :: Tarisa: Miana> ::Tail swishes in the air as she lays on her tummy.:: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Then 24 hours of no duty for you. Yes you're fine. Go get some rest. Gila Orrak: :: enters lift, talks to it... it moves :: Annisha: Did you hear Alexis? Lawliet: ::continues along the path and reaches the opposite end of the park:: Alexis McFarland: Did I hear what? Scott Coleridge: Thank you. ::stands:: Annisha: :: Lays sideways on the floor :: mimipavilion: Just doing my job. Jylliene: ::changes and re-collapses:: ::mumbles:: Better. Annisha: There's going to be a science fair...the new science teacher said so.. all classes... Gila Orrak: :: Enters commerce area, looks for a place serving soup :: Scott Coleridge: ::leaves medical, rubbing his hands together:: OK. 24 hours to find a wedding present. ::heads for the commerce area:: Scott Coleridge: Since apparently, "disappearing planet" isn't good enough. Alexis McFarland: Oooh! I got a message about it on my PADD but I haven't really read it yet. Is it in groups? Lawliet: ::walks along the various shops, nodding to various patrons he passes by:: Alexis McFarland: ::lying on her back:: Chirakis: :::wanders through CnC, stopping occasionally to check information that scrolls on console screens::: Annisha: No, individual...:: mischievous look in her eye :: Chirakis: ::checks the tactical overlay on the large monitor::: Alexis McFarland: Hmm. mimipavilion: ::goes to her office downloads all the scans and sorts them into the appropriate file, making notes along the way and yawns: mimipavilion: ::to self:: I think I should go to bed myself. Alexis McFarland: ::Looks at Annisha:: What're your plans? Annisha: Well, au know how the Nei'rrh has a cloak... I was thinking something like that. Chirakis: ::then peers through the windows to the commerce deck::: mimipavilion: ::exits her office, telling the on-duty dr. that she's in charge, enters the tl and goes to her deck, and heads to her quarters:: Alexis McFarland: More impressive the potato-clocks or volcanoes most kids seem to do. Gila Orrak: :: Sits at a table at the Soup to Nuts eatery, specializing in soup and exotic nuts :: Chirakis: ::still puzzling over a certain child::: mimipavilion: ::enters her quarters and goes into her bedroom to change and go to bed:: Scott Coleridge: ::browsing the shops in the commerce area, looking for the perfect gift:: Gila Orrak: :: has a big bowl of soup brought to her...and a cup full of nuts :: Alexis McFarland: ::thinking of what she'd might do for the fair:: I don't think mine will be that impressive. Tarisa: Miana> Hmm... Lawliet: ::runs into Commander Coleridge:: Evening Commander. Annisha: Perhaps a potato-powered cloaking device... Alexis McFarland: Oooh! Scott Coleridge: Hello Commander. I'm shopping for the wedding. Scott Coleridge: Have you found your gift yet? Lawliet: ::raises an eyebrow:: My gift? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: enters his quarters :: Scott Coleridge: Your gift. To give to Jylliene and Nijil. Gila Orrak: :: Really enjoying the soup :: Chirakis: ::watching the commerce deck, she notes a familiar stature:::: Lawliet: ::looks off to the side and back to Scott:: I was under the impression gifts at weddings were only given by those who will be attending. Chirakis: ::then turns away::: Scott Coleridge: Oh. Awkward. Gila Orrak: :: While consuming her soup she thought to get a novel to read, perhaps something very out of her comfort zone :: Lawliet: Am I wrong? I've never really been invited to a wedding before....and I'm over 152 years old. Annisha: :: Looks around, goes to look around :: Alexis McFarland: ::looks up:: What are you looking for? Annisha: Nothing... thought I heard something... :: with her friend :: Jylliene: ((note - the command crew would all be invited.)) Scott Coleridge: I just assumed you know. Chirakis: ::pulling up the security monitor, she verifies the identity of said familiar person::: Alexis McFarland: Oh. ::still thinking about the science fair, bites a chip:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Goes to fall into his bed :: Jylliene: ((er, officers, etc. Everyone in the sim crew, definitely.)) Scott Coleridge: I mean it would be very bad form not to invite the person who signs your performance evaluations, is all I'm saying. Lawliet: Well...::looks around::...I guess you have a point. Shall we shop together than? Gila Orrak: :: Lets the PADD decide on what novel to read after she put in some interests :: mimipavilion: ::sleeps soundly, knowing she already has a gift for the couple:: Alexis McFarland: ::The Exotic Romantic Adventures of Space Pirate Fabio:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: falls into Jy :: Scott Coleridge: Sure. Maybe we can get something from the both of us. ::indicates the clothing store he was just perusing:: Do you think they would like an "Argelian couples' matching sweater set with bell-bottom trousers"? Nijil tr'Korjata: Ah!... I am so sorry... Jylliene: ::does not even budge. Out cold.:: Lawliet: Umm....maybe? Nijil tr'Korjata: Jy? Annisha: What do you think? Cloak too obvious? Jylliene: ::deep, rhythmic breathing:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Kisses Jy on the head and collapses :: Annisha: Maybe a drone-erang Alexis McFarland: It's original, I think. Alexis McFarland: I was thinking of a potato powered light generator. Lawliet: Actually...I think I know exactly what to get them. Sorry, Commander. I need to get started on it. Gila Orrak: :: Started to read the first page and stared at the words, what kind of novel did the computer pick? :: Scott Coleridge: Ah. Well, good luck then. ::turns to survey the commerce deck, arms at his hips:: I... I have a mission. mimipavilion: ::mumbles in her sleep:: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 9/1/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well done. Chirakis: Captain, TBS? Kallah Ramson: TBS to be determined by logs. Kallah Ramson: Min tbs of 24 hours. More as needed. nothing else. Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Lawliet: I have one question? Chirakis: Lawliet. Lawliet: When is the wedding? Jylliene: We're looking at between this sim and next, unless Life Does Weird Stuff. Lawliet: So the wedding will not be during the next sim? Alexis McFarland: Via logs then? Jylliene: No, wedding will be in log. Reception will be during sim - whether that is indeed next week or no Chirakis: Point of clarification: if the wedding log comes out this week, then the reception will be next Friday in sim, correct? Kallah Ramson: Yes Jylliene: And the wedding log won't be like Thursday night at 10 pm or something. It'll be out early enough to know. Scott Coleridge: ::gives up and buys them a teapot:: Jylliene: Awesome choice. Chirakis: Excellent. Chirakis: Anything else? Chirakis: Very well.. Chirakis: Crew dismissed.
  9. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 1 September 2017 9 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.099 TBS is 2 days. The time is 1130 hours (11:30 AM) Aegis local. Aegean has returned to normal space. Escorted by two Aegean Class ships, the Apnix and the Adriatic, they have just returned to Aegis, nacelles scorched and the crew still a little queasy. Otherwise, the ship is intact. Aegis disaster management is in full HAZMAT, cleaning Aegean’s carpet, but they are seriously considering replacing it instead. The fate of the planet is unknown, but we suspect that it has disappeared into subspace, perhaps to give the Breen a run for their money.
  10. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 8/25/17 - 10:07 PM=/\= 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 No TBS. Aegean is being pulled into subspace with/by the planetoid. Captain Coleridge has retreated to his office to ponder the situation. Commander Lawliet is working on flooding local space with chronitons to disrupt the subspace bubble. Commander Cayne is working on a plan B. Those on Aegis watch. =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Kallah Ramson: ::on CnC:: Jylliene: ::CnC:: mimipavilion: ::on the CnC:: Chirakis: ::CnC::: Dacia Sandero: @::in Aegean's sickbay, working on patients:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::minding helm, wondering what it's like to be in subspace::: Tarisa: @ ::In sickbay, fidgeting.:: Lawliet: @ ::on the Aegean bridge, modifying the main deflector to emit chronitons:: mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::also finishing up a patient, then goes back to Tarisa:: Dacia Sandero: @ ::checks up on Gila, whilst Cluthu checks on Tarisa:: Jylliene: Doesn't Aegean have subspace travel capability? Kallah Ramson: ::looking over the data:: Let's start working the angles on this. Can we pull Aegean free? Can we establish a transporter lock if we can't save the ship. Kallah Ramson: ::Jyl:: It does but it's experimental. Jylliene: We can't get sensors on it. I'll see if I can get a transporter lock on anyone, though. mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::Tarisa:: How are you feeling? Jylliene: Well, it's a thought - maybe going into subspace ahead of it instead of trying to fight it would get them free. Tarisa: @ I am fine. ::Looking at the doctor.:: May I have a PADD? Jylliene: ::attempts to get a transporter lock on someone, anyone, on Aegean:: mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>PADD? ::looks around:: Oh this one. ::hands it to her:: Gila Orrak: @ :: Sitting on a biobed :: Jylliene: ::shakes head:: Nothing. Dacia Sandero: @::Gila:: How you feeling? Chirakis: ::minding the TAC console, as if it would give her an idea about keeping them out of subspace::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ :: At tactical :: Tarisa: @ ::Gratefully take the PADD. She log in and begins getting updates on the ship's status.:: Chirakis: ::looks up:: Captain... ::approaching Ramson:: What subspace technology do we have that could counteract this subspace bubble without inflicting further damage? Lawliet: @ ::finishes his adjustments and begins charging the deflector:: Should only take a few minutes. Gila Orrak: @ A little dizzy.. Kallah Ramson: ACTION> The planet slips further. at moments it's nearly transparent from Aegis' perspective. Gila Orrak: @ Who is that? :: pointing :: Lawliet: @ ::gets up and walks over to Jackson:: How are we holding up Mr. Jackson? Dacia Sandero: @ ::Scans her:: I see. Were you injured during the wormhole jump? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::His mind drifts, then he blinks:: Holding steady, sir. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ I believe we are out of phase. No, I was not injured. Kallah Ramson: Unknown. Scott had worked on a system with the Grid to stop subspace intrusions but never got it working. Dacia Sandero: @::looks:: Who's who? Fletcher Jackson: @ I mean.. steady in position. Whatever that is. Or wherever that is. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::has a look of defeat::: Lawliet: @ Any idea how much longer we have till we get pulled into subspace? Chirakis: So there is no way to reverse a subspace intrusion. ::ponders::: Fletcher Jackson: @ No, sir. Fletcher Jackson: @ Helm can't even tell that we're being pulled into subspace. Kallah Ramson: Nothing that works consistently. Gila Orrak: @ :: To Dacia :: The woman over there, felinoid.. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Watching the local space on his main display :: Tarisa: @ ::Ears perk up as she reads the results.:: Doctor, may I be released? Dacia Sandero: @ Ahh, that's Tarisa. Our Chief Science Officer for this mission. mimipavilion: ::goes and sits at a console and activates it, brings up medical as well as other important items:: mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>Let me scan you ::scans Tarisa:: Jylliene: What are the chances Aegean could get back out if it is pulled in? Tarisa: @ ::Ear twitches as she hears her name, but is more interested in what the doctor is doing.:: Lawliet: @ Mr. Jackson, get an update from Aegis. See if they're having any luck on their end. Gila Orrak: @ Oh.. I'm meeting new species, I have read various things about otherworlders, but have yet to see. Chirakis: And... what do we have that works inconsistently? Kallah Ramson: That depends where and how deep it goes. Jylliene: ::nods:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::nod:: Yes, sir... Dacia Sandero: @::Still scanning Gila:: You still seem to be suffering from symptoms of concussion, likely a head injury sustained? I'll give you a hypo for that. Ah yes, lots of those here. ::injects Gila with the hypo:: There you go. Fletcher Jackson: @ +AEGIS+ Aegean to Aegis. Request an update regarding our situation. Anything you have. Kallah Ramson: ::Jyl:: Not sure that planet will settle on any certain level. Could sink like a stone in the ocean, reaching a crushing depth for Aegean long before finally coming to a stop. mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>I don't see why not. But give me a minute. ::goes over to Dacia:: Dr. Sandero these are the latest scans of Tarisa. She wishes to be released. Jylliene: ::nods to Ramson, hears com:: Gila Orrak: @ :: feels the cut on her head :: Jylliene: +Aegean+ Sending you the latest scans of the area. Dacia Sandero: @ ::reads over the report:: That's fine, she's clear to be released. ::to Tarisa:: Let us know if you're feel any additional symptoms, but for now, you are cleared for duty. Chirakis: ::her jaw sets as the latest report from the fighters comes in::: Tarisa: @ ::Working on her PADD more as the doctors discuss.:: Jylliene: ::tappity tap tap:: Fletcher Jackson: @ :::watching, waiting::: Kallah Ramson: ::Chirakis:: The Grid system could halt the descent. It could also prevent them from pulling out. Just have them stuck in the middle. Jylliene: +Aegean+ Wish we had more to offer at the moment. We're still working on it. We'll keep working on it. Dacia Sandero: @ ::to Cluthu:: Hand me that regenerator, would you? mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::nods and heads over to Tarisa:: You can go. Let us know if you have any other symptoms. Tarisa: @ ::Nods.:: Thank you. ::Hops off the bed and leaves sickbay, continuing to work in the process.:: Chirakis: Permission to engage the subspace grid system. Gila Orrak: @ My parents were surprised I was not in science... most women are in some related discipline. Kallah Ramson: ::Chirakis:: And there's different wave patterns we can try with tractor beams and such but we'd be guessing at what the right frequency would be. mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::hears Dacia and hands her the regenerator:: Lawliet: @ ::walks around the bridge, checking with the other officers:: Fletcher Jackson: @ +AEGIS+ Data received. Jylliene: +Aegean+ Standby. Kallah Ramson: Keep it on standby. Fletcher Jackson: @ Commander Lawliet, data coming to your console. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ Captain, I believe we may be at the mercy of the 'actions' of the planet. Jylliene: Shall I inform Aegean of the idea? Tarisa: @ ::Enters the bridge moments later, PADD in hand.:: Dacia Sandero: @ ::Waves the regenerator over Gila:: Hmm, really? I didn't figure you to be the science type, no offense. A lot of women in my family are in the sciences too, or medical. Lawliet: @ ::turns to Jackson:: Acknowledged. Chirakis: ::powers it up, set on standby::: Gila Orrak: @ Did not get to introduce myself. Perhaps later. Fletcher Jackson: @ +Aegis+ Understood. Kallah Ramson: ::Jyl:: Yes. Fletcher Jackson: @ +Aegis+ Standing by. Dacia Sandero: @ I'm sure you'll get another chance. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::the comm is open::: Lawliet: @ ::walks over to the science station and brings up the sensor data:: Gila Orrak: @ How did you not figure me not to be? Not many are in the military... and ever fewer in Starfleet, or whatever I am exactly. Jylliene: +Aegean+ We have a last-chance type of option. We have the grid on standby. It may be able to stop the descent. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::looks to Lawliet:: Tarisa: @ ::Steps over to Lawliet at Science.:: Permission to return? Jylliene: +Aegean+ ...or it may suspend Aegean in between. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::swallows hard::: Dacia Sandero: @ I don't know... you seem to have that kind of security or military personality in you. Hard to explain.. ::Checks:: I've cleaned up a cut in your head. I'd like you to rest here and stay under observation. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::he's scared.. yeah, he's scared.. but what to they say about that?::: Gila Orrak: @ I could lay you out in only a few seconds, if that is what you mean. :: smirks :: Lawliet: @ ::nods to Tarisa and looks up:: +Aegis+ This is Commander Lawliet. What are the odds? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::everyone gets scared. It's pushing ahead despite the fear that gets the job done.::: Dacia Sandero: @ I'm sure you could... though a lot of people could. ::smiles:: I'm a doctor, not a fighter Kallah Ramson: ::steps towards ops:: +Aegean+ Honestly, not the best. Jylliene: ::glad Ramson took that question.:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::so... he's scared, but it's not helping anything, so.. .focus::: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::not the best....great::: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ the system was meant more to keep things from emerging from subspace. At best we might hold you still until the planet's influence fades. or it will rip you apart. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::where are the donuts when you need them?::: mimipavilion: ::tries to find something that would be of help...any help:: Lawliet: @ +Aegis+ We also have our deflector dish on standby to emit a chroniton field. Either may work, but either may also be problematic. Tarisa: @ I may have an idea that can help our situation. ::Holds out her PADD.:: It is specifications for a static warp bubble. It should help, in tandem with the chronitons, to break us free and put is in proper synch. Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ I think i prefer the chroniton option. We're barely keeping comm contact with you know. Our sensors on this end aren't giving us anything to go on. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::gees he loves cats:: Kallah Ramson: know=now Chirakis: 10:30 PM Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Has someone take over and leaves main engineering :: Lawliet: @ ::looks over at Tarisa and listens to Ramson in turn:: +Aegis+ Understood. We'll proceed with the chronitons momentarily. Will advise. Aegean out. Kallah Ramson: ::mimi:: Keep medical on standby. chronitons are rarely friendly to biological matter. Dacia Sandero: @ ::finishes checking up on Gila:: Other than your head injuries, you should be fine and everything else checks out. Lawliet: @ ::walks over to Tarisa:: Okay Commander, lets hear it. Jylliene: ::exhales, hopes Aegean's idea works:: mimipavilion: ::nods to Kallah:: I'll be in medical. mimipavilion: ::enters the tl and orders it to medical:: Tarisa: @ We use the chronitons as an anchor of sorts, and with the static field we can push away completely. Gila Orrak: @ :: Still sitting on the biobed :: You are a mind reader, aren't you? Tarisa: @ The chronitons will be a table base for us to grasp in a sense. Tarisa: *stable Dacia Sandero: @Hmm? I'm a Betazoid, if that's what you're implying. I do have telepathic abilities, but I don't use it very much. Lawliet: @ ::looks at the rest of the bridge crew for a moment and back at Tarisa:: How long to set up? mimipavilion: ::arrives in medical and gets everyone for a chroniton situation:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: After some moments, Nijil enters the CnC :: Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::working out the problem in his office::: Gila Orrak: @ :: gets off the bed :: Really, why not. I would. Chirakis: ::turns at the sound of the lift::: Tarisa: @ Not long. Engineering just needs to input these frequencies and tie them into the shield grid for added strength. Kallah Ramson: ::has a thought:: ::looks to Jyl and chirakis:: If Aegean can separate themselves from the planet's influence even a litle we might be able to use the Grid system to shield them the rest of the way. Chirakis: ::but says nothing::: Lawliet: @ ::nods:: We'll go as soon as your ready. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ I know one thing, I am not acquainted with chronitons and tachyons. Tarisa: @ :;Nods, sending her specifications to Engineering.:: Dacia Sandero: @ ::smirks:: If I have to use it, I will.. but, I don't really like prying into peoples' heads without a reason. People can think of some weird stuff, you know? Chirakis: ::nods:: It is worth a try if they do not succeed. Kallah Ramson: See what Grid units can be activated to bring the system into effect between the two, taking local subspace variables into account. Jylliene: ::looking at the figures, numbers coming in from the continued scans:: Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::tosses his last calculations and begins over::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ :: speaks up :: What if we break from the influence of the planet and end up too far out of phase? Jylliene: ::nods:: Possible. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: spies Jylliene as he makes his way to the CnC engineering station :: Chirakis: @ Coleridge> :::steps out:: Commander Lawliet, report. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::getting antsy::: Tarisa: @ The static field should keep us from moving too far in that event. mimipavilion: ::sees that they are set up for a chronoiton situation Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::hears "static field"::: mimipavilion: +CNC+ Pavilion to CnC Tarisa: @ ::Looks at her console.:: Engineering is almost ready. Lawliet: @ ::turns to Coleridge:: Captain, we are preparing to initiate the chronoiton field along with some modifications to the shields. Chirakis: ::at the tactical console:: SubCommander, assist me with the calculations. Jylliene: +Mimi+ Ops here, doctor. Go ahead. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> Explain. mimipavilion: +Jylline+ We're ready down here Kallah Ramson: When Aegean floods the area with chronitons we'll likely lose what contact we have with them. We may have to best guess at what point we need to activate the system. Jylliene: +Mimi+ You always are, doctor. ::slight smile at the speaker:: Thank you. We'll keep you updated. Lawliet: @ The chroniton field will act as an expelling force while the static field will hold Aegis in place to prevent us from being pulled along with the planetoid. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> That might break us away from the planetoid, but how do we .... Nijil tr'Korjata: Engineering is ready. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::alarmed:: It's our best option. Do it. Lawliet: @ ::looks at Tarisa:: Commander, are we ready? Tarisa: @ ::Gets the green light.:: We are ready. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::minding helm::: Chirakis: TAC is ready. Lawliet: @ Vary well. ::turns to Jackson:: Mr. Jackson, inform Aegis we are proceeding with the plan. Gila Orrak: @ Doctor, thanks for the heal.. perhaps I can give you a personal protection lesson sometime. Gila Orrak: @ :: Goes to leave :: Fletcher Jackson: @ yes, sir. +AEGIS+ Aegean is proceeding with the plan. Dacia Sandero: @ Uh yeah, perhaps. Jylliene: +Aegean+ Acknowledged. Godspeed, Aegean. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::Lawliet, Coleridge::: Should we.. .like.. hold on or strap in or something? Lawliet: @ +COM+ All hands, this is the bridge. Secure stations and report green. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::sits uneasily in the command chair::: Dacia Sandero: @ ::hears the comm and prepares the sickbay:: Tarisa: @ ::Takes a seat.:: Dacia Sandero: @Hope it works. Whatever it is. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::looks for straps, and there are none::: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::so.. hold on, right?:::: Tarisa: @ ::Grabs her tail and tucks it by her hip.:: Dacia Sandero: @::quickly with Cluthu secures sickbay, then goes to a seat to brace for whatever's to come:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::but.. his hands work helm:: When we break free.. or if we break free... do I engage helm? mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::secures sickbay and braces for whatever:: Lawliet: @ Mr. Jackson, breath. Once we're clear, engage full impulse. Fletcher Jackson: @ Yes, sir. Fletcher Jackson: @ :::deep breath::: Lawliet: @ ::checks his display and looks at Coleridge:: All stations reported in. We're ready to go. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> Go. Jylliene: ::waits and watches the displays:: Gila Orrak: @ :: Resumes her patrol :: Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::grips the chair arms:: Lawliet: @ ::nods to Tarisa:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> It starts as a slight trembling on Aegean....then grows shaking the ship. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::grip tightens::: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::same here::: Lawliet: @ ::holds onto his station:: Dacia Sandero: @::straps herself in to her seat:: Tarisa: @ Field is deploying. Gila Orrak: @ :: Shakes :: mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::holds on:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegis' perspective, both the planet and Aegean slip out of sight. Jylliene: ::alarmed:: They're disappearing Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ Systems holding... dampeners are overtaxed Chirakis: Indeed they are. Tarisa: @ Activating static warp bubble now. ::Activates.:: Fletcher Jackson: @ :::ready to engage full impulse:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Shaking increasing. Sensors show growing variance between the planets area of space and Aegeans....but no data if Aegean's is merging with normal space....or hell itself. Lawliet: @ Cut all power from non-essential systems and reroute to the inertial dampeners. Fletcher Jackson: @ Cutting all power to non-essentials. Rerouting. Kallah Ramson: ::closes eyes. in thought:: Lawliet: @ Tarisa, Report! Gila Orrak: @ :: mutters to herself :: Not a lot of good my phaser rifle will do in a time like this.. Tarisa: @ I can not tell yet, but the bubble is currently stable. Chirakis: (I hope you are holding on or bracing yourself, Gila) Kallah Ramson: ::opens eyes:: Now! activate the Grid. Chirakis: 10:55 PM Chirakis: Activating the grid. Chirakis: Grid is activated. Lawliet: @ ::looks at Coleridge:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegean lurches and is flung into ...mostly, normal space. It fluctuates wildly, red and blue shifting back and forth. Let's just say have your in air sickness bags handy. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> We've come this far. Take care of it, Lawliet. Dacia Sandero: @Oh boy.. Fletcher Jackson: @ :::sickie bag needed:::: Jylliene: ::watches the bizarre display:: Tarisa: @ ::Ears sag :: Jylliene: ::eyes wide:: Lawliet: @ Mr. Jackson. Engage impulse engines! mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::really, really nauseated:: Gila Orrak: @ :: Is lifted into the air then slammed down, be she was expecting it...mostly ::: Ooof! Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegean spins out of control in 4 dimensions. Jylliene: ::sees the computer readouts pretty much spewing data like it's just as confused as anyone watching:: Fletcher Jackson: @ Engaging impulse at full. Dacia Sandero: @ ::feeling pretty queasy as well:: Oh... Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::feeling a little more than queasy::: Kallah Ramson: ::holding her breath:: Jylliene: +Mimi+ Stay ready. Aegean is breaking away from the planetoid. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::to helm:: Comeon, baby.. .move us out... mimipavilion: +Jylliene+ Understood. mimipavilion: ::to medstaff:: Stand by Jylliene: ::breaking away like a sugar-dosed toddler in a light-up twirly skirt, but breaking away, nevertheless:: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ We have you on sensors. stabilize your attitude and warp field! Fletcher Jackson: @ Keeping helm at full impulse... Fletcher Jackson: @ Captain.. .warp field? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ :: Holding onto his console :: Chirakis: @ Coleridge> Warp 1 Fletcher Jackson: @ Going to warp 1. Lawliet: @ ::still holding on and looks over at the captain:: Is that wise? Kallah Ramson: ACTION> a flash of light as Aegean engages warp. Chirakis: @ Coleridge> ::wince:: Tarisa: @ We should....::Pauses a moment to take in some air.:: We should be able to safely disengage the bubble now... Chirakis: @ Coleridge> your call, Commander. Jylliene: ...the elements are they doing? ::murmured:: Lawliet: @ ::looks at the monitor:: Throttle back. Take us out of warp. Fletcher Jackson: @ Throttling back. Dropping from warp. Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegean drops from warp and back into normal space. It's warp nacelles are smoking a bit, but otherwise they are intact. Jylliene: ::exhales:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::pants, shaking::: Lawliet: @ ::takes a deep breath and stands:: What's our status? Dacia Sandero: @::heavy breathing, slumps in her seat:: Oh god, is it over? Tarisa: @ ::Checks.:: We appear to be successfully in normal space. Fletcher Jackson: @ Helm's pretty worn out, sir. But... I think we're okay? Kallah Ramson: Send out the Apnex and Adriatic to escort Aegean back. Lawliet: @ What's our position? mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::releases his death grip of the console and relaxes:: Jylliene: +Mimi+ They've done it. Fletcher Jackson: @ Position. .. position... Aegis space. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 8/25/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: 11:07 PM mimipavilion: ::freeze frame:: Chirakis: Well done. Chirakis: Tense. And I know I did not do Captain Coleridge justice.. Chirakis: However, TBS Captain? Kallah Ramson: BTW, decided that Apnex and Adriatic as the names of the 2 Aegean class ship's we have. We'll go with a sea naming system for the class. Kallah Ramson: Let;s TBS 2 days Chirakis: two days... Chirakis: In that time, will Aegean return? Kallah Ramson: Yes. Will probably still be cleaning out the carpet but yes. Chirakis: Indeed. Chirakis: Anything else for the crew, Captain? Kallah Ramson: Nothing. Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none, crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  11. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 25 August 2017 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is zero. The time is 1130 hours (11:30 AM) Aegis local. Aegean and the planetoid from the p-Kappa 198 system were pulled through a wormhole that flung them, attached to each other, through space to Aegis. The station has communication with Aegean, but both Aegean and the planetoid seem to be sinking into subspace. Aegis’ fighters report that the planet and Aegean do not appear to be moving and are fading from view. Aegean’s problem is now two-fold. They need to keep from vanishing into subspace while not creating another wormhole or otherwise making matters worse. Lawliet has been directed to investigate the possibility of flooding local space with chronitons to disrupt the subspace bubble. Cayne has been directed to prepare a plan B.
  12. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 8/18/17 - 10:03 PM=/\= 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is 10 minutes for Aegis. The time is 1030 hours (10:30 am) Aegis local. TBS is 0 for Aegean. The time is 1020 hours (10:20 am) Aegis local. Aegis has lost all communication with Aegean. Pursued by the planet, Aegean is trying to exit the wormhole with a daring move. When and where will they end up? Chirakis: Stand by for further instructions.... Chirakis: Captain Ramson, continue. Kallah Ramson: There will be a number of action statements early to help set the stage. But these should drop drastically and much of the action will be up to the crew. Scott Coleridge: So you're saying that the specifics of what's happening will be shaped by what the crew reports and does? Kallah Ramson: ....as in, your actions will be needed...to save yourself. um, or whatever....yeah, yeah....what the Scott said. Kallah Ramson: No pressure. Scott Coleridge: And that as long as it doesn't contravene an explicit action, we're free to build on what's happened to move things forward? Kallah Ramson: Yes. I would prefer you don't blow up my ship or station. Kallah Ramson: As mentioned, Aegis crew begin where we left off sim before last. Aegean from where last sim was. Kallah Ramson: Any questions? Jylliene: ::raise hand:: Kallah Ramson: Yes. Jylliene: So are we all playing folks on Aegean, or are we back to playing our typical characters at their present locations? Kallah Ramson: Both Aegis and Aegean are in the same timeframe now. So normal characters, though you may continue to also play an Aegean character. Kallah Ramson: Anything else? Kallah Ramson: If nothing else.... Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Gila Orrak: @ :: Knows something is up, can feel those she passes tense :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: A relative silence has befallen the main engineering department :: Kallah Ramson: ACTION: Aegean warp field collapses in a massive flash of light. Sensors are blinded but systems register drop from warp. Dacia Sandero: @ ::busily working in sickbay, treating injured patients:: Tarisa: @ ::Still in sickbay, having just been tended to.:: mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::still treating the injured:: Lawliet: @ ::holding on to his station:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION: A chaotic energy pattern erupts in the Aegis Asteroid field. subspace alert system goes off. mimipavilion: ::on the CnC, watching and waiting:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::at helm, his face paled, hands shaking, and taking deep breaths:: Alexis McFarland: ::with Annisha and Miana somewhere:: Jylliene: ::at CnC, not having wanted to leave while not in contact with Aegean. Having a cup of coffee, eyes flitting back and forth between the main screen, still showing where Aegean was last heard from, and her console:: Kallah Ramson: ::turns towards the main viewer:: What was that? Chirakis: ::CnC, waiting for Jylliene's report::: Scott Coleridge: @ Are we in one piece? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::hard swallow:: I think so, Captain. Jylliene: Computer is still analyzing. Massive flash of energy of some kind. Tarisa: @ ::Slowly opens her eyes.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ :: Checks his systems :: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::checking helm status:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ Helm, do we have our location? Lawliet: @ ::checks his sensor readings:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegean sensors start to come back. Registering Federation nav beacon. location.... Aegis local space. But, sensors can not confirm location Dacia Sandero: @ ::Checks on Tarisa:: Hey.. how you doing? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::lets out a deep breath:: Well, sir, we have helm, and that's a plus. Location... Annisha: :: With her friends :: Kallah Ramson: Put that area on the viewer. Jylliene: Yes ma'am. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::shakes head:: Uh... no way. It's got to be a glitch or something... Jylliene: ::puts that area on the viewer, with Aegean last known location as a small picture-in-picture in the corner:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::tries again:: Tarisa: @ ::Blinks.:: My head... Alexis McFarland: Ever get that feeling that something's up? ::Swinging on a branch:: I'm feeling a lot of apprehension throughout the station. Lawliet: @ ::double checks his readings:: That's odd. Fletcher Jackson: @ Well... um... it says we're in Aegis space, but there's no verification, sir. Tarisa: @ It is pounding. Kallah Ramson: ACTION> a massive energy cloud is seen. Visual sensors pick up the Aegean..... and a large planetoid!!! But sensors can not confirm anything is actually there. Lawliet: @ ::begins running a diagnostic on the sensor array:: Scott Coleridge: @ How the? ::looks around:: Aegis space? Tarisa: Miana> ::Looks at Alexis, curiously.:: Really? mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::hears Tarisa and heads over to her:: Relax let me look Jylliene: It seems to be the Aegean. And.. a planetoid Scott Coleridge: @ All stop, if we haven't already. Jylliene: ::looking very puzzled:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::focuses on helm, checking systems over and over and over, blinking:: All stop, aye. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Watching the action around Aegis from his master display :: Scott Coleridge: @::Cayne:: Do we have comms? Dacia Sandero: @ You must be suffering a headache, or a possible concussion due to your head injuries. ::Lets Cthulhu check on Tarisa:: Jylliene: Trying to get confirmation. mimipavilion: ::hears Jyl:: What?! Fletcher Jackson: @ ::winds down the gears::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ No, they are resetting.. the subspace antenna received a surge of power... Kallah Ramson: How in world..... Hail them! Alexis McFarland: Yeah, it seems that way. Odd. Jylliene: ::zooms in, to show them on the main screen:: Jylliene: Yes ma'am Jylliene: +Aegean+ Aegis to Aegean. mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::scans Tarisa's head:: You have a concussion. Moderate. But I believe you'll be fine. ::applies the appropriate regenerator:: Gila Orrak: @ :: Goes back to medical :: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ We will have comms momentarily. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::blinks:: Uh... +Aegis+ Aegean here. Go ahead. ::looks to Scott::: Jylliene: +Aegean+ Aegis operations to Aegean. Come in, Aegean. Dacia Sandero: @::Works on another patient:: Oh, hey Gila. Can we help you? Gila Orrak: @ I wanted to see if everything was okay here. Jylliene: ::glances at Ramson:: +Aegean+ Status report Kallah Ramson: ::hears a static filled reply:: Dacia Sandero: @Seems like it. I think the worst of it has passed. Jylliene: ::tries to clean up the signal:: Lawliet: @ ::finishes his diagnostic:: Fletcher Jackson: @ Aegis + Aegean here. Go ahead. Annisha: So what are Mindbender, kitty and me going to do today? Kallah Ramson: ::steps over to Ops:: +Aegean+ This is Ramson. what happened to you? Alexis McFarland: Eat a Blubby Burger? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::Coleridge:: Sir, I think it's for you. Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ That is an excellent question. We aren't sure yet. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::lets out a breath:: Jylliene: ::is just relieved to see and hear them again:: Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ Our sensors are still offline. Can you confirm our position? How far are we from the station? mimipavilion: ::looks at Captain Ramson:: Chirakis: :::watching, listening, wondering like everyone else is::: Kallah Ramson: +aegean+ Well, it's good to see you back. though, our sensors can't actually register you. We have visual of you....and a planet. But that's it. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::a planet?::: Scott Coleridge: @::blinks:: Can't... register... us. Huh. Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ How did you manage to get a planet to follow you home? And no... you can't keep it. Lawliet: @ ::initializes restart sequence on the sensor array:: Jylliene: ::stifles a chuckle:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ :: taps :: Other systems are coming back online. Fletcher Jackson: @ Should I ask them if it's tailing us, sir. Like, are we about to be squashed? Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ Aegean, can you repeat your last? Are you saying we're not on sensors? Also, awwww, can't we? You have to admit this is a great wedding present. Tarisa: @ ::Relaxes as the doctor does her thing.:: Kallah Ramson: ::smirk:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ How close are we to Aegis now? Jylliene: I do not need a planet for a wedding present, and I'm not entirely sure I trust Nijil - or Annisha - with an entire one. Scott Coleridge: ((Yeah, that's right. I got you your own planet. That's how much I like you two!)) Chirakis: ::steps next to Ramson:: You find this amusing, Captain? Jylliene: ((I feel da love!)) mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu>::finishes with the treatment:: How do you feel now? Jylliene: +Aegean+ You and the planet are on visual, but not on other sensors. Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ All time best present ever Mr Coleridge. But, confirmed.... you don't seems to really be all here yet. Kallah Ramson: ::ops:: Run a full sensor sweep. Lawliet: @ Captain Coleridge, I have sensors coming back online. Nijil tr'Korjata: ((I went all out... I have a world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow..) Jylliene: ::nods:: Full sensor sweep, yes ma'am. Jylliene: ::initializes:: Kallah Ramson: ::Chirakis:: Simply relieved to see them back. Fletcher Jackson: @ We're... not all there yet? Scott Coleridge: @::Lawliet:: Good. +Engineering+ Engineering, divert power to sensors and shields. We need to know what we're dealing with. Scott Coleridge: @ We may still be caught in some kind of temporal flux following the wormhole's collapse. Chirakis: ::accepts that ,though reluctantly:: As am I, Captain. Jylliene: Sensor sweep beginning. Fletcher Jackson: @ :::great::: Lawliet: @ ::confirming reports from Aegis and begins running quantum level scans:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ One of its endpoints was right at Aegis' door... awfully convenient. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::maintaining an open com to Aegis::: Kallah Ramson: ::overhears that:: +Aegean+ Your fleet records clearly state, "keep away from wormholes". this should be an interesting report to read. mimipavilion: @Dr Cthulu>Tarisa, can you hear me. Scott Coleridge: @::Cayne:: I'm curious about that too. I have a feeling we've missed some piece of the puzzle along the way. Tarisa: @ ::Nods.:: I feel...better. Scott Coleridge: @::Lawliet:: I need to know if the planet's anomaly is still present. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ If I read my quick read manual correctly, wormholes are a passageway in space and time. Perhaps we are out of temporal sync with the Aegis we left. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::his heart calms down slowly:: mimipavilion: @Dr. Cthulu> Good. Lay here and get some rest for a while. Dacia Sandero: @ ::nods::: Lawliet: @ Checking... ::focuses sensors on the planet and surrounding space:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ I mean a few drinks and I'm out of sync with the universe... Fletcher Jackson: @ :;sharp turn toward Cayne:: Drinks, sir? Scott Coleridge: @ I have some ideas, but they might be dangerous if the planet's anomaly is still present. They could essentially recreate the wormhole, which we're obviously going to avoid. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::goes to stationkeeping:: Kallah Ramson: ::tac:: Launch standby fighters and have them move towards Aegean. ::Ops:: Let's also clear all other traffic from that area. Jylliene: Clearing traffic, yes ma'am. Chirakis: ::steps over to her console, instructing FOPS to launch fighters::: Jylliene: ::starts sending out the diverting notices and alternative vectors:: Chirakis: Fighters ready to launch. Chirakis: ::looks up:: When we are clear, Commander Kital. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ Do we know if the wormhole is stable? Most are not. Jylliene: Other traffic is clear from your launch vectors. Chirakis: ::nod:: +FOPS+ Launch fighters to following coordinates. Lawliet: @ ::looks up:: Captain...it appears the anomaly is dormant. Chirakis: ::enters Aegean's coordinates::: Scott Coleridge: @ The wormhole was more of an effect than a spacetime structure. See, it's as if the light-cone of Aegean and the light-cone of Aegis space intersected within 4-dimensional … uh, I mean, no. It wasn't "stable" in the way you mean. Scott Coleridge: @::Lawliet:: Thank you. Keep an eye on it. ::Jackson:: Let's try putting some distance between us and the planet, half impulse. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ The only known stable wormhole is in the Bajoran sector Fletcher Jackson: @ ::listening, keying on on the last sentence, thinking it's kind of stable::: Gila Orrak: @ :: Sits in medical :: May I sit? Fletcher Jackson: @ Yes, sir. Moving off, one half impulse. Dacia Sandero: @Yes, of course Lawliet: @ ::keeps an eye on the planetoid:: Chirakis: Fighters out of the bay. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ It looks like we are home, but rather far away. Chirakis: Bravo squadron on standby. Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegean system register motion. Visual reference however show no movement. Scott Coleridge: @::Cayne:: It's stable within a four-dimensional context, but not a three-dimensional one, if that makes any sense. The wormhole only existed as a consequence of Aegean's warp engines interacting with the planet's anomaly. I have more theories about the latter, but I don't know if we'll have an opportunity to test them. Fletcher Jackson: @ :::settling down, little by little::: Gila Orrak: @ Don't suppose you have any Canar? Scott Coleridge: @ Why doesn't the planet look like it's getting smaller on the viewer? Lawliet: @ ::checks his readings:: mimipavilion: @::moves from Tarisa to another patient:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::a quick glance at the viewer tells him something he doesn't want to know::: Dacia Sandero: @Canar? I believe we do. Lawliet: @ ::looks up:: Captain, I have a suggestion. mimipavilion: ::listens to what's going on:: Dacia Sandero: @ I can get some for you if you want. Gila Orrak: @ Really? A Cardassian drink onboard a Federation and Romulan designed starship? Chirakis: ::steps toward Mimi:: Doctor, have you any thoughts on this? Jylliene: ::leaning on her console, having another drink of her coffee while they wait for the fighters to arrive at Aegean:: Dacia Sandero: @ Our mess has a wide variety of drinks on hand from many worlds. At least that's what I was told. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ If we could understand our affect on the planet.. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::mutters:: Unless it's the planet's affect on us. Gila Orrak: @ That's a lot of space dedicated to liquor. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::shrugs:: or maybe both? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ The planet has more mass than we do. Dacia Sandero: @ ::shrugs:: I suppose so. Our quartermaster is one resourceful bloke, I'll say. Lawliet: @ ::to Coleridge:: If we deploy a beacon with a omnidirectional sensor array, we can triangulate the relative change in position of the ship, planet, and station. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::Looks up, just now realizing that Cayne heard him::: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Subspace alert system triggered again. A subspace well is forming at the planetoids location. Scott Coleridge: @ Worth a try. Chirakis: ::checks the TAC console::: mimipavilion: ::Chirakis:: It's a bit odd and out of my job description. Chirakis: A subspace well is forming, Captain. Chirakis: At the same location as the planet. Chirakis: And the planet appears to be following Aegean. Or actually, they don't seem to be moving at all. Lawliet: @ ::releases the beacon:: Beacon away Captain. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ Heisenberg? Chirakis: ::nods to Mimi::: Jylliene: The fighters....? Chirakis: ::looks to Ramson:: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ We're reading some subspace instability near your pet planet. We can try and tow you clear.... unless you think that might make things worse. Kallah Ramson: ::notes the beacon Aegean has launched:: Are we also receiving a signal from that beacon? Scott Coleridge: @::Jackson:: I want you to vary our speed and relative vector away from the planet. +Aegean+ We're going to try modifying how quickly and obliquely we attempt to vacate the vicinity of the planet. Can you see if there's a correlation between the subspace instability and our attempted motion? I want to know if us trying to escape is making things worse. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::tap..tap:: Varying vector away from the planet. Jylliene: No, no signal, ma'am Lawliet: @ ::checks the beacon's sensor readings:: Fletcher Jackson: @ ::changes direction... then speed... then direction... then speed... over a few minutes::: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ Sending you all our data now. ::nods to Jyl:: Fletcher Jackson: @ Data incoming, Captain. To your console? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::changes direction, same speed::: Scott Coleridge: @ Yes please, and science. Fletcher Jackson: @ Aye, sir. Data transfer to you and science. Lawliet: @ ::relays his readings to the Captain:: Chirakis: ::keeping an eye on FOPS reports:: Captain, Alpha leader reports no apparent movement on visual for Aegean or the planet, though they appear to be fading. Chirakis: Asking for clarification now. Kallah Ramson: Fading? That doesn't sound good. mimipavilion: ::hears Chirakis and is concerned:: Chirakis: No, it does not.... Chirakis: The Aegean and the planet seem to be fading from sight. No other information. They are able to observe, but not approach. Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ Status over there? We still don't have you on sensors and you're starting to slip out of visual. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::continues his vector changes::: Jylliene: Maybe we're only seeing "pulses" of their location, so they're fading because they're no longer at that location? Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ I have good news! Jylliene: ::likes good news:: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ let's hear it Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ It seems like you won't have to worry about the planet sticking around much longer. Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ It is definitely going to sink into subspace. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::whew::: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ ...and? Jylliene: ::not sure she likes what that may mean for Aegean:: Scott Coleridge: @::twiddling his thumbs against his console:: +Aegis+ Of course, if we don't figure out a way to separate ourselves from it, it's going to take us with it. Chirakis: 10:55 PM Fletcher Jackson: @ ::aw darn::: mimipavilion: ::doesn't like the sound of that:: Kallah Ramson: +Aegean+ well, let's try not to let that happen. any ideas? Scott Coleridge: @+Aegis+ Yes. Can you run a simulation and let us know approximately how much time we have? Fletcher Jackson: @ ::hasn't been into subspace and really doesn't want to go::: Scott Coleridge: @::Cayne:: How is our shield strength looking? Kallah Ramson: ::Jyl:: Get the computers on that. Jylliene: Yes ma'am Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ Shields are at 93%. Scott Coleridge: @::has spent so much darn time in subspace that after one more visit his punch card will entitle him to a free *something*:: Jylliene: ::entering the request, using their current info:: Jylliene: ((It's at least a free mug or something.)) Scott Coleridge: @::Lawliet:: I'm thinking chronitons. Lots and lots of chronitons. Do we like chronitons? Chirakis: (Dacia has a stash in sick bay if you are in need.) Dacia Sandero: (:D) Fletcher Jackson: @ ::chronitons.. why does it always have to be chronitons::: Chirakis: 10:58 PM Scott Coleridge: @::turns back to Cayne:: As a backup plan, how do you feel about trying to blow up that there planet? Lawliet: @ ::looks over at Coleridge:: Asking one whose entire life is in question due to time. Fletcher Jackson: @ ::minding his own business::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: @ I'm not sure we have the power Mr. Coleridge. Jylliene: I'm gonna need more coffee. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 8/18/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: A perfect line to pause on. Chirakis: Captains, well done. Chirakis: Well. Captain Ramson, TBS? Kallah Ramson: ::looks to Scott:: Pick it up from there? Scott Coleridge: Yes. Kallah Ramson: ::nods:: Chirakis: TBS is zero. Comments for the crew from either captain? Kallah Ramson: None. Scott Coleridge: I'm good. Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none, Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  13. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 18 August 2017 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is 10 minutes for Aegis. The time is 1030 hours (10:30 AM) Aegis local. TBS is 0 for Aegean. The time there is 1020 hours (10:20 AM) Aegis local. Aegis has lost all communication with Aegean. When or if they will ever see the ship and its crew again has rattled Aegis command as never before. As far as can be determined, Commander Coleridge, Lt Commander Lawliet, Lt Commander Tarisa, Commander Cayne, Dr. Sandero, Ensign Jackson, and the rest of the crew have disappeared into a wormhole. Their one hope is that the expertise aboard will determine a way to return. On Aegean, the crew is stymied. Whether the planet was natural or artificial, and the nature of the anomaly is now immaterial. Their primary goal is to survive, recover, and return safely. They have just disengaged the warp drive, and the wormhole has started to collapse. Aegean now faces a violent transition back to normal spacetime—though where and when they ultimately end up has yet to be determined.
  14. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 8/11/17 - 10:02 PM=/\= 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is 20 minutes. The time is 0920 hours (9:20 am) Aegis local. Aegean and the planet have been sucked into a wormhole. The crew is beginning to wake up. Aegis has just received notice that Aegean and the planet have disappeared. From now on there will be two time frames: ~Aegis will continue on Aegis TBS, determined by Captain Ramson. ~Aegean will have its own TBS, determined by Captain Coleridge. Those on Aegis, make an NPC on Aegean. All action is taking place on Aegean =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Lawliet: ::groaning as he wakes up:: Tarisa: ::Slowly beginning to realize she is on the floor of the bridge.:: Dacia Sandero: ::still unconscious, but starts to stir lying next to Tarisa:: Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::in engineering, rubs his head as his blurry eyes try to focus::: Tarisa: ::Groggy, she pulls herself over to Dacia, touching her shoulder.:: Doctor? mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::in sickbay, starting to come around:: Fletcher Jackson: ::slumped over the console, he feels like he's had a lousy sleep:: Lawliet: ::pulls himself up and looks around the bridge:: Report. Dacia Sandero: Ugh. what happened? You okay, Tarisa? Scott Coleridge: ::wakes up sprawled in a very undignified position:: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::groans a bit:: Is everyone alright? Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::woozey, feeling sick::: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::gets a staggering response of yes:: Tarisa: I...do not know... ::Sits up, noticing that others were on the floor as well.:: It seems it happened to everyone. Lawliet: ::puts a hand on his forehead and groans:: Fletcher Jackson: ::leans back from the helm console, blinking::: Dacia Sandero: Well.. that was a big shock wave. Dacia Sandero: ::gets up to her feet:: Kallah Ramson: AEGEAN> ::systems cycling back on:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: seems he's bleeding :: Fletcher Jackson: ::when his eyes focus, he sees the systems coming back on:: Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::pulls himself to a stand and checks engine status:: Tarisa: ::Slowly stands up, putting her hand on the back of her chair.:: Lawliet: ::looks over and notices Jackson coming to:: Mr. Jackson. Status. Fletcher Jackson: Uh... status, sir? Dacia Sandero: ::sits back down on her chair, checking herself and Tarisa for injuries:: Lawliet: Where are we? Fletcher Jackson: ::taking a deep breath:: Helm is just coming back on, sir. It'll take a minute. Tarisa: ::Notices her console is beginning to come back to life.:: Dacia Sandero: ::Checks:: My console's booting up again. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::begins checking on personal as well as the systems:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Aegean is still in the wormhole corridor....as is the planet. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Same with mine. Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::watching the engineering system reengage::: Scott Coleridge: ::Dacia:: Get a casualty report. Lawliet: ::looks back at Sandero:: Doctor. Is she alright? Scott Coleridge: ::Cayne:: Weapons and shields? Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> +OPS+ Engineering here. We're powering up. Not sure what happened, but systems should be operational within a few minutes. Maybe. I hope. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::notices everyone has either bumps, bruises or both; as well as some other minor issues:: Fletcher Jackson: ::rubbing his head:: What happened? Dacia Sandero: ::Nods: and checks the bridge crew:: Tarisa? Yes, she seems to be fine Commander. We'll need the injured to sickbay for treatment. Overall everybody here seems to be in good health... however you should get down to sickbay if you aren't feeling well. ::treats someone's head wound with a dermal regenerator:: Scott Coleridge: Crossing the event horizon of a wormhole can sometimes cause people to lose consciousness. Fletcher Jackson: ::looks to the captain, then back to his console:: So... we went into a wormhole....::and it's going to take him a while to process that::: Tarisa: ::Remembers.:: The...planet...It was chasing us. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::starts getting patients, starts treating them, making sure that the nurses and medics do the same:: Lawliet: ::looks back at Jackson:: Mr. Jackson. We need you to focus. Are we still in the wormhole and are we still at warp? Dacia Sandero: I remember that. It's still there. Fletcher Jackson: ::slowly getting his brain back:: +ENG+ Understood. Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::running down his checklist:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Gets up :: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Whaa? Tarisa: ::Ears lay back as she looks at her screen.:: Dacia Sandero: You okay there Commander Cayne? mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>+Dacia+ Dr. Cthulu to Dr. Sandero Tarisa: ::Looking at nothing but a static mess.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::Lawliet:: I'm trying, sir. I'm trying. But.. .I've never had to deal with a wormhole before, sir. Dacia Sandero: +Cluthu+ Sandero here. Go ahead? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: pulls himself up to his console :: I don't feel well, what happened? :: he accessed his console :: Dacia Sandero: We got sucked into a wormhole? Need to head to sickbay? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Weapons are down. Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::the other engineers are scrambling to get everything online::: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>+Dacia+ We're starting to get casualties, all minor. could use some help down here. Dacia Sandero: +Cluthu+ I'll head down shortly. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Shields were overloaded, so it is trying to restart Gila Orrak: :: Meanwhile... :: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>+dacia+ understood. Cthulu out Gila Orrak: Ugh :: as a gash covers the side of her forehead :: Scott Coleridge: ::Jackson:: OK, Ensign, give me a deep breath, then run me through a status report, system by system, please. Gila Orrak: :: No on sees her yet in the corridor :: Fletcher Jackson: ::deep breath, slow exhale::: Fletcher Jackson: Yes, sir. Um.... ::shaky:: Engineering reports systems are coming online... mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::continues treating patients:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Trying to determine where we are Captain. Fletcher Jackson: ::clears his throat:: So far, medical reports three injured, but none severely... Dacia Sandero: ::Scott:: Casualty reports are coming up throughout the ship, ranging from minor injuries to moderate. I should head back to sickbay to help treat incoming patients that are now filtering down to sickbay. Scott Coleridge: ::Lawliet:: Help Tarisa. As soon as we have sensors, we need to ascertain exactly what's happening and what we can do about it. Fletcher Jackson: Science... ::glances over:: Looks like she's down for the count, sir. Commander Lawliet is our only remaining science officer... Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Dacia:: go. Fletcher Jackson: And security is, well, all over the place, looking for things. Or that's how they put it. Dacia Sandero: Can someone help me get Tarisa? Tarisa: ::Attempting to re align the sensors.:: Lawliet: ::walks over to Sandero:: Here, I got you. Dacia Sandero: Oh, you're fine Tarisa? That's good. Come down to sickbay if you're feeling worse. Dacia Sandero: ::heads out of the bridge and to sickbay as quickly as she can.:: Tarisa: ::Doesn't notice the blood on the side of her head.:: Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> +OPS+ Systems should be back online in about ten minutes. Gila Orrak: :: feels something :: Lawliet: ::rips part of his uniform and applies it to Tarisa's head:: You're bleeding. Fletcher Jackson: +ENG+ Understood. How about weapons? Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> ::looks around:: +OPS+ Working on it. Dacia Sandero: ::heads down to sickbay to help Cluthu treat patients:: Tarisa: Is that why the screen is fuzzy? ::Now feels the sharp pain as Lawliet applies pressure.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Teams are dispatched. Fletcher Jackson: ::sighs::: +ENG+ We gotta have more than that. Give us a timeframe. Lawliet: Tarisa, I need to know if you can still maintain your post. Gila Orrak: :: Starts to walk to sickbay :: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::sighs a relief to see Dacia in sickbay:: Tarisa: ::Ears lower as she tries to stand. Things start spinning.:: Lawliet: ::holds onto Tarisa:: You alright? Dacia Sandero: All right, not so bad now but I'm sure things'll get worse before they get better. No serious injuries thus far? ::looks around the sickbay:: Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> +OPS+ Making it our top priority after life support. Tarisa: ::Butt finds the floor once more.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::figures that the captain heard that::: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::shakes his head:: No ma'am. Lawliet: Okay, I'm taking you to medical. Fletcher Jackson: Okay... helm is back, and we are... Tarisa: ::Holds head as she tries to nod.:: Dacia Sandero: That's good, there's not too much room in IR. Fletcher Jackson: Crap. Sir? ::turns to Coleridge:: I have no idea where we are. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Torpedo systems will be back online shortly mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::shakes his head:: trying our best though. Fletcher Jackson: Navigation can't pick up anything that it recognizes. Lawliet: ::picks Tarisa up and holds her tightly:: Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> +TAC+ How are your systems looking? Scott Coleridge: ::Jackson:: One moment. Dacia Sandero: ::begins treating patients:: We'll still need to prioritize space for the more injured individuals and if need be, rope in some of the lesser injured patients to help with triage. I know most of them have completed their mandatory medical field training. Lawliet: ::to Coleridge:: Captain, I'll be taking Tarisa down to medical. Tarisa: ::Has the sudden sensation that she is flying.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::looking round:: This is weird. Scott Coleridge: ::gets up and moves over to science:: Lawliet, I need you back up here ASAP. Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Fletcher's console finally reboots, giving current sensor readings. Dacia Sandero: ::continues treating incoming patients:: Lawliet: ::picks up Tarisa in his arms:: Aye sir. ::heads into the turbolift:: Medical. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::nods:: Agreed. ::goes back to treating patients:: Chirakis: Ens Fikzit> +TAC+ Check your weapons systems now. They should be operable. Fletcher Jackson: ::seeing sensors come back::: Lawliet: ::gets off the turbolift and walks down the corridor to Sickbay:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: We are not.. where we were, but.. Scott Coleridge: ::begins looking over the feed as the sensors come online:: Fletcher Jackson: ::mutters:: Sensors.. sensors... ::turns:: Captain, we're inside the wormhole. Or at least that's what the sensors are telling me. Lawliet: ::walks into Sickbay:: Doctor? Scott Coleridge: I concur, Mr. Jackson. W-we. ::tries to conceal the stress and fear now creeping in:: Where is the planet? Chirakis: Action> A nurse takes Tarisa from Lawliet and places her on a biobed. Dacia Sandero: Over here. ::sees Lawliet:: Lawliet: ::to nurse:: Thank you. ::walks back out into the corridor:: Chirakis: Nurse> :::takes Tarisa to Dacia::: Tarisa: ::Has the urge to curl up in the bed and take a nap.:: Chirakis: 10:45 PM Dacia Sandero: Place her on that bio bed over there. ::gestures to a recently vacated one nearby:: Fletcher Jackson: The planet, Captain... is behind us. Lawliet: ::steps back into the turbolift:: Bridge. Fletcher Jackson: It's... following us. Gila Orrak: :: enters sickbay :: Scott Coleridge: So we need to figure out how to escape this wormhole. Lawliet: ::steps back onto the bridge and takes a seat at science:: Scott Coleridge: Which means we need to figure out how we entered or created it. Fletcher Jackson: ::swallows hard:: Scott Coleridge: ::relinquishes science to Lawliet, moves back to the command chair:: Scott Coleridge: Mr. Jackson, are our warp engines still engaged? Fletcher Jackson: ::checks:: Yes, sir. We're not just floating through. Dacia Sandero: ::looks Tarisa over, sees Gila:: Fletcher Jackson: ::which was his next nightmare::: They're keeping us stable, but not much more. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::finishes up with her patient and sees a cardassian female enter and goes to her:: Hello are you alright? Lawliet: ::checking the sensor logs:: Dacia Sandero: ::scans Tarisa with her tricorder:: Fletcher Jackson: And we're moving at warp... warp 1, sir. As you ordered. Tarisa: ::Looks up at Dacia vaguely.:: Is it nap time? Scott Coleridge: ::Lawliet:: Pull up the sensor logs for the moment we entered the wormhole. Did they register a sudden burst of tetryon radiation? Dacia Sandero: Yes.. nap time. ::smiles:: Tarisa: Ok. ::Yawns and closes her eyes.:: Dacia Sandero: Goodnight. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::to Gila:: Hello? Gila Orrak: I hit my head Lawliet: ::checking the data:: Aye sir. Tetryon radiation spike occurred .05 seconds after we engaged our warp engines. Gila Orrak: A cat... mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu> Alright let's take a look. Come with me. ::ushers her to a biobed:: Gila Orrak: :: sits, a bit unstable :: Fletcher Jackson: ::watching helm, he sees that the ship seems to be cruising along, like it's riding a wave:: Scott Coleridge: This wormhole might be a byproduct of our warp field's interaction with the planet's anomaly. Scott Coleridge: If we shut down our warp engines, we could collapse the wormhole. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::begins scanning her, especially her head:: Lawliet: No Captain. Dacia Sandero: ::finds some head injures, possible concussion .. injects Tarisa with a hypospray and waves a flashing medical device around her head to dispel any concussive injuries:: Lawliet: If we just shut down the engines with the planet behind us, there's a possibility the wake will crush us the moment we exit. Gila Orrak: :: starts to lie down on he bed, falling asleep herself :: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::begins treating her head injury:: Fletcher Jackson: ::listening:: Fletcher Jackson: Uh... Captain? Scott Coleridge: ::Jackson:: Yes? Fletcher Jackson: We were in high orbit... Lawliet: ::listening to Jackson:: Fletcher Jackson: So, if we shut down warp and I engage a 45 degree angle as soon as that happens, the planet should pass right by us. Scott Coleridge: Are you that confident in your timing? Fletcher Jackson: Yes, sir. We might want to sound collision first, though, sir. Fletcher Jackson: It might be a pretty rough ride. Chirakis: 10:57 PM Scott Coleridge: ::already instinctively gripping his seat:: Believe me, I know. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::finishes treating Gila's head injury:: Scott Coleridge: +ALL+ All hands, this is the Captain. We are about to disengage our warp engines in an effort to break free of the wormhole. Brace for turbulence and impact. Fletcher Jackson: ::already figuring out the angle and the avoidance time::: Fletcher Jackson: Ready, sir. Dacia Sandero: ::looks up:: We'd better activate the restraints on the bio beds so people don't fall out.. secure the rest of the patients and brace yourselves. Lawliet: ::secures his station and hangs on:: Scott Coleridge: On my mark. mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::nods and helps secure all patients:: Scott Coleridge: Disengage warp. Fletcher Jackson: ::deep breath:: Dropping from warp. Cutting angle! ::holds on:: Dacia Sandero: ::activates the restraints and secures patients as well, before bracing for impact:: Fletcher Jackson: ::don't spin, don't spin, don't spin::: Lawliet: ::braces himself:: mimipavilion: Dr. Cthulu>::braces:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Wormhole begins to break down....roughly. Fletcher Jackson: ::feeling sick::: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Big bright flash Fletcher Jackson: ::wince::: Lawliet: ::shuts his eyes:: Dacia Sandero: Whoa. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 8/11/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Captains, TBS? Scott Coleridge: I'm thinking little to no TBS Kallah Ramson: Aegis TBS 10 minutes...from the end of the last sim. timey wimey stuff going on. Chirakis:Will we all be playing on Aegean next week as well? Kallah Ramson: Let's say yes.... until Aegean can confirm where and when they are at now. Chirakis: Excellent. Makes it simple. Chirakis: Anything else? Chirakis: If not.. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  15. =/\= Sky Harbor Aegis Season 23 Opener =/\= Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 11 August 2017 7 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.097 TBS is 20 minutes. The time is 0920 hours (9:20 AM) Aegis local. The 4th planet in the p-Kappa 198 System remains a conundrum. This time it has moved from interesting to dangerous. As the crew of Aegean watched from high orbit, outer layers of the anomaly interacted with the planet’s magnetic field and arched toward the planet’s surface; Similar tendrils reached from the planet and connected with the anomaly; When Aegean went to warp to escape, the planet was caught in Aegean’s wake; That caused a subspace ripple; Aegean was herded toward a wormhole. As they speed through the wormhole, Aegean’s crew is knocked unconscious. Where will Aegean emerge? At sim begin: Since there is a 20 minute transmission lag from the planet to Aegis, those on Aegis will have just received notification of Aegean’s disappearance. Aegean’s crew will be waking up from their raucous trip through the wormhole. Little time will have passed on Aegean.