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  1. Arc crew tries their plan to interface with the derelict ship. They are able to install a wireless hardware interface and send signals. chatlog2019-12-1.txt
  2. Arcadia finds a large data port on the derelict ship. While security continues to monitor for other ships in the area (and finds none so far), engineering reverse engineers the data ports from the ship and constructs a wireless transmitter to attach to the data port they found. chatlog2019-11-17.txt
  3. Arcadia's AT lands on the ship and finds rows and rows of electronic memory devices. They try to retrieve one of them. but it starts to lose power. Instead, the team beams back to the ship to find a data port so they can read the data from the ship. chatlog2019-11-10.txt
  4. Arc sends an away team to investigate the derelict ship. It has stale air, minimal power and no identifiable bridge. The only things powered are repeated rows of small book-sized objects. chatlog2019-11-3.txt
  5. Arcadia finds a derelict ship in an otherwise empty area of space. chatlog2019-10-27.txt
  6. The crew is sedated, while only Alice from the planet - who has no secondary neural signature - is kept awake to run the ship. A hole appears in the anomaly, but the ship is too big to make it through. As the computers' bioneural circuitry fails, the hole gets bigger. Alice realizes what is going on and turns off the backup computer's bioneural circuitry, letting the ship get out of the anomaly. She wakes up the crew as the ship falls toward the planet. A last second maneuver to put the ship into orbit prevents the ship from crashing. chatlog2019-10-6.txt
  7. Arc attempts to cut power, but it only produces a small opening in the anomaly. Blasting the opening does not work either. The Arc crew realizes that the secondary neural signatures may be holding them in the anomaly. The only one who does not have one is Alice. They plan to sedate everyone, but leave Alice awake with instructions in case anything goes wrong. chatlog2019-9-22.txt
  8. Arcadia attempts to cut power and "go with the flow" in the anomaly to see if it will allow them to get out. The ship takes damage. The plan does not work. chatlog2019-9-8.txt
  9. Medical finds that the Bum has a secondary neural signature that matches a Klingon's, Derek has two and Alice has only her own. When they find out that the Klingon ship crashed on a planet (got out of the anomaly), they surmise that its engines being off allowed it to escape the anomaly. They prepare to turn Arcadia's engines off, then turn them rapidly back on once out to avoid crashing on the planet. chatlog2019-8-25.txt
  10. The Klingon shuttle is tractored into Arcadia. Once Arc determines that they are not hostile (they were met by the Klingons and Arizhel's security team)... or Klingon... the Bum and the two high schoolers are brought to sickbay. chatlog2019-8-18.txt
  11. The Bum takes the kids on the Klingon shuttle to the "Great Blue Spot" in space. They are sucked into the anomaly and rescued by Arcadia. Meanwhile, Arcadia's shields are failing. chatlog2019-7-14.txt
  12. Something from space crashes near the school. After the school is evacuated, Derek and Alice go to investigate. They go inside and find a crashed, but largely intact D7 Klingon battlecruiser. When the authorities come in to search, they hide inside a shuttle, which launches, with the Bum a the helm. chatlog2019-7-7.txt
  13. Lo'Ami regains consciousness. Nye starts to compare notes with the Klingon's science officer. The D7 is lost into the anomaly. chatlog2019-6-30.txt
  14. Koloth (Klingon captain) wakes up and agrees to abandon the D7, which, despite Arc's valiant efforts, has begun to drift with the currents of the anomaly. He is moved to the brig. Medical determines that everyone, including Koloth, Lo'Ami and all the Klingon and Federation crew have extra neural signatures. chatlog2019-6-23.txt
  15. On Arcadia, medical finds that both Lo'Ami and the captain of the Klingon vessel have extra brainwave patterns. Dana valiantly tries to maintain the docking connection between the Klingon ship and Arcadia. On the planet, Derek finds that the Bum had previously been drawing the same D7 he saw. He tells the only person he thinks will understand, Alice. chatlog2019-6-2.txt