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  1. The culprit chemical is identified that caused the grass on Zeta 516 to turn brown. It is found all over the ship. Engineering comes up with a plan to clean the ship. Meanwhile, a plan must be made to make sure it doesn't spread on the planet. chatlog2017-5-7.txt
  2. The browning grass is traced to Kal Matheson's boots, which are removed and sent back to Arcadia for analysis. Algae growing experiments begin in the microenvironment set up by engineering on the planet. chatlog2017-4-30.txt
  3. Engineering begins building the microenvironment to test whether Spekian algae could grow on Zeta 516. Meanwhile, brown spots are noted in the soil wherever some Arcadia crew have walked. chatlog2017-4-2.txt
  4. Arcadia sends an away team to Zeta 516 to evaluate the environment and whether plants that are important to the Spekians can grow there. chatlog2017-3-26.txt
  5. Arcadia sets course for Zeta-319, a possible homeworld for the Spekians, who lost their prior homeworld to a star going nova and have many specific requirements for their new location. Meanwhile, the chocolate stain source on the carpets is traced from deck to deck. chatlog2017-3-19.txt
  6. After a long TBS, Arcadia returns to Federation space. On the agenda is the investigation of a planetary system as a possible place for evacuation of a species whose star went nova. Meanwhile, Kal notices some chocolate stains on the bridge carpet. chatlog2017-3-12.txt
  7. Arcadia's away team enters the Neural Net through the computer interface. They make contact with the AI's. After some back and forth, the away team understands why the ants ended up on Greenia - it had been the AI's plan to help their "users" - who need a radioactive location to massively reproduce. The AIs agree to only send the ants to unpopulated planets. chatlog2017-3-5.txt
  8. The away team finds that the computer on the planet makes some of their thoughts into reality. Engineer Dana finds the interface to ask the computer about its functions. chatlog2017-2-19.txt
  9. Arcadia arrives at the planet on the other side of the portal and pulls up into orbit. An away team is formed to investigate a power source. A device with the complexity of a computer is found. chatlog2017-1-29.txt
  10. Arcadia leaves the Greenians after finding the remaining portals on the planet and introducing the warp inventors to the government representatives. The planet starts on a path toward peace. Meanwhile, Arcadia enters a static warp bubble and goes through the transdimensional portal to find the source of the ants. chatlog2017-1-15.txt
  11. On Arcadia, negotiations continue between the leaders of the Continental Alliance and Oceanis. Arcadia's probe through the portal returns, finding the endpoint (most likely where the ants are coming from) far away from their current location between the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Arcadia crew try to find the existing portals on Greenia so they can be closed and stop the flow of ants. chatlog2016-12-18.txt
  12. While the two sides of Greenia's war meet in an Arcadia briefing room, Arcadia crew tries to figure out where the ants are coming from. While sending a probe through the transdimensional portal, ants begin pouring into Arcadia.
  13. Arcadia's away team rescues Oceanis' government from their hideaway while it was being overrun by ants, giant and otherwise. chatlog2016-12-04.txt
  14. Arcadia's away team hacks into Oceanis' underground bunker after being unable to make contact. While going down the passageway into the bunker, large burrowing ants break into the passage and attack the away team. chatlog2016-11-20.txt
  15. On an unnamed planet, long ago and far away, an engineering/scientific meeting takes place where a technology is presented that turns thoughts into material objects, with the missing details filled in by artificially intelligent computers. What could possibly go wrong? Before the technology could be approved for further development, the planet is annihilated in a nuclear war. chatlog2016-11-13.txt