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  1. Dana finds a librarian and gets some advice operating the card catalog computer. He looks up engineering books. Arizhel tries to learn about the Drain. Howell stays behind looking at the scrolls. The Somonians figure out how to use the tricorder to scan and prepare to scan the AT's shuttle. chatlog2018-3-11.txt
  2. The Arcadia AT lands their shuttle and goes to the main library. They try to interact with the computers, but find it difficult (keyboard interface). Howell finds one of the items on the shelf, which they think is a data cylinder, but turns out to be a scroll. The two Somonians who followed them try ot figure out the tricorder that they found. chatlog2018-3-4.txt
  3. The AT shuttle detours around all of the closed spaceways, arriving at the main planet in the Somon system. They direct themselves toward the Central Knowledge Repository in the Academicon to try to find out more about what is known about the Drain. They are followed by the repair crew guy and alien conspiracy guy. chatlog2018-2-25.txt
  4. The AT's shuttle leaves, headed for the main planet in the Somon system, tailed by the personal vehicle of the repair crew guy and alien conspiracy guy. They listen to the radio and find that some of the assigned space routes have been rerouted. chatlog2018-2-18.txt
  5. The AT got into their shuttle. The repair crew tried to install a tracking device on the shuttle, but their plot was foiled. The shuttle was then held up from leaving Lunite Station while the alien conspiracy guy and his friend the repair crew guy (do these guys have names) wait in their own vehicle to follow them. chatlog2018-2-11.txt
  6. The Arc crew is stopped and questioned by a local who knows that they traveled to the system's Oort Cloud, and happens to believe in the existence of aliens. Arizhel inadvertently confirms that the Drain ends at the Oort Cloud. Ens Howell drops his tricorder and puts it back in his pocket. He is pickpocketed by the man and doesn't notice. The crew heads back to the shuttle. chatlog2018-1-14.txt
  7. The AT explores Lunite station, finding it to be cramped and overcrowded. They try to find a public computer terminal to do some research and are directed toward one. An unknown figure goes through the crowd, following the AT. chatlog2017-12-17.txt
  8. With their explanation seemingly accepted, the Arcadia away team continues into the main ring of Lunite station. chatlog2017-12-10.txt
  9. The Arcadia crew docks in a bay at Lunite Station. They try to tell a station repair crew and a Traffic Investigations officer that the shuttle contents are classified. The repair crew accepts the explanation and promises to bring repair parts. The TIA officer is skeptical, but seems to be accepting it. chatlog2017-12-3.txt
  10. Shuttle "Ruby" (the AT) is contacted by Somon system traffic control, which directs them to stop until a Rescue Service vessel comes. The Rescue Service can't get their vessel in because of the "Drain", so they send a (rocket powered) drone, which the shuttle must follow. Arizhel navigates the shuttle to follow the drone. chatlog2017-11-19.txt
  11. The Arcadia shuttle continues into the Somon system and continues to lose power. The science ensign is completely unhelpful. The shuttle is contacted by Somon space traffic control and told to go onto a designated space highway, which they don't know where it is. They feign having navigational issues. chatlog2017-11-5.txt
  12. USS Arcadia sends a shuttle to the Somon system, where the 2nd planet has high enough technology to have warp drive, but has never developed it. The shuttle experiences a power drop while in the system. The science ensign on assignment is particularly unhelpful in diagnosing it. chatlog2017-10-22.txt
  13. The Arc AT uses their modified drone to prevent the city from being destroyed. The simulation makes a nearly unbreakable data connection to Arcadia's holodeck and starts calculating its future, which now goes on a longer time. Arcadia's memory begins uncontrollably filling with the simulation data. The Arc AT is able to exit the simulation, but finds that Lt Yu is actually a hologram. They move her pattern out of the simulation and into Arcadia's memory. Cpt Lo'Ami orders an armed quantum torpedo sent into the holodeck, again destroying the city and resetting the simulation. Arcadia's memory is restored. Lt Yu and Ens Obart's patterns are sent back to the Federation. The plot ends. chatlog2017-10-15.txt
  14. Dana tries to communicate by going into the holodeck while it is connected to New City, but ends up being transported to New City instead. They use that fact to send objects from Arcadia to New City without lossiness, including a fully functional drone. chatlog2017-10-8.txt
  15. The AT - with help from Arcadia - attempts to end the simulation by preventing the in-simulation destruction of New City that resets the cycle. Bidirectional voice communication is established with the ship. chatlog2017-10-1.txt