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  1. The Arcadia crew docks in a bay at Lunite Station. They try to tell a station repair crew and a Traffic Investigations officer that the shuttle contents are classified. The repair crew accepts the explanation and promises to bring repair parts. The TIA officer is skeptical, but seems to be accepting it. chatlog2017-12-3.txt
  2. Shuttle "Ruby" (the AT) is contacted by Somon system traffic control, which directs them to stop until a Rescue Service vessel comes. The Rescue Service can't get their vessel in because of the "Drain", so they send a (rocket powered) drone, which the shuttle must follow. Arizhel navigates the shuttle to follow the drone. chatlog2017-11-19.txt
  3. The Arcadia shuttle continues into the Somon system and continues to lose power. The science ensign is completely unhelpful. The shuttle is contacted by Somon space traffic control and told to go onto a designated space highway, which they don't know where it is. They feign having navigational issues. chatlog2017-11-5.txt
  4. USS Arcadia sends a shuttle to the Somon system, where the 2nd planet has high enough technology to have warp drive, but has never developed it. The shuttle experiences a power drop while in the system. The science ensign on assignment is particularly unhelpful in diagnosing it. chatlog2017-10-22.txt
  5. The Arc AT uses their modified drone to prevent the city from being destroyed. The simulation makes a nearly unbreakable data connection to Arcadia's holodeck and starts calculating its future, which now goes on a longer time. Arcadia's memory begins uncontrollably filling with the simulation data. The Arc AT is able to exit the simulation, but finds that Lt Yu is actually a hologram. They move her pattern out of the simulation and into Arcadia's memory. Cpt Lo'Ami orders an armed quantum torpedo sent into the holodeck, again destroying the city and resetting the simulation. Arcadia's memory is restored. Lt Yu and Ens Obart's patterns are sent back to the Federation. The plot ends. chatlog2017-10-15.txt
  6. Dana tries to communicate by going into the holodeck while it is connected to New City, but ends up being transported to New City instead. They use that fact to send objects from Arcadia to New City without lossiness, including a fully functional drone. chatlog2017-10-8.txt
  7. The AT - with help from Arcadia - attempts to end the simulation by preventing the in-simulation destruction of New City that resets the cycle. Bidirectional voice communication is established with the ship. chatlog2017-10-1.txt
  8. Arcadia comes up with a new plan to try to stop the destruction of the city, possibly ending the cycling story. chatlog2017-9-24.txt
  9. Arcadia began overloading the simulation, but Ens Obart (Starfleet) disappeared along with some of the simulation characters. His pattern had been saved by Arcadia from the holodeck recreation. We stopped doing it, not knowing what would happen to everyone else. We verified that the Starfleet officers in the sim actually existed and that their stories checked out. chatlog2017-9-17.txt
  10. Arcadia starts overloading the simulation. Simulation elements (including N-12 agents) begin to disappear out of the simulation. Ens Obart (the Starfleet Andorrian) begins to phase out as well. chatlog2017-9-10.txt
  11. Arcadia and the away team in the simulation establish communication, where the away team writes using pencil and paper while Arcadia watches the simulation. Meanwhile, Arcadia can send in messages. They plan to work together to overload the simulation by sending in hard-to-compress objects. chatlog-2017-8-27.txt
  12. The away team attempts plans odd things in order to overload the simulation. Arcadia attempts to beam more items into the simulation, but they do not come out intact. chatlog2017-8-20.txt
  13. The away team learns that the simulation ends in the catastrophic destruction of New City before it resets. They attempt to come up with plans to overload the simulation computer. chatlog2017-8-13.txt
  14. The AT escapes to a warehouse, where they meet the other Starfleet crewmen, Ens Obart, the Andorrian. They discuss plans to overload or outplay the simulation. Dana is puzzled in engineering, trying to figure out how to get an object out of the simulation. chatlog2017-8-6.txt
  15. With all the police exiting the station, Yu helps the AT escape as gang activity increases around them. They head to an abandoned warehouse where Yu and Ens Obart have been hiding. Arcadia tries to beam objects out of the simulation, but none have come out successfully. chatlog2017-7-30.txt