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  1. Cpt Lo'Ami continues the 3D chess game. Dana enters the simulated ship and is challenged by the engineering issues he's facing. The Representative Guide probes Arizhel about her other duties aboard a starship. chatlog2018-12-9.txt
  2. Cpt Lo'Ami finds that the Alphanull is a strong opponent in a game of 3D chess, despite having never played before. Dana begins the engineering training exercises that are performed by Vabrian mechanist candidates. Arizhel is defeated in a training exercise by the Vabrian Martial. chatlog2018-12-2.txt
  3. The Arc away team continues on: Lo'Ami plays tridimensional chess with the Alphanull. Arizhel is challenged to a (training) duel with the Vabrian Martial. Dana visits the mechanist (engineering) training facility, Dr Singh visits the multiplication (birthing) facility. chatlog2018-11-18.txt
  4. Arc's various teams are shown around by their Vabrian counterparts chatlog2018-11-04.txt
  5. An Arcadia away team beams down to the designated spot on the Vabrian Ringworld. They are met by the Alphanull and a number of assistants, who are paired with their Arcadia counterparts (except for the doctor - there are no Vabrian doctors). The team split up to go to their various places of interest. chatlog2018-10-28.txt
  6. Engineering investigates the computer accesses that occurred during the Vabrians' visit. Arcadia gets close to the Vabrian ringworld. The captain suspects that the Vabrians' given reason for introducing themselves now is not the whole story. chatlog2018-10-21.txt
  7. The Vabrians send the Representative Greeter and a Computational Assistant to Arcadia. They agree to let Arcadia continue contacting the Federation once it enters the Vabrians' cloaked star system. Engineering detects strange computer file access patterns. chatlog2018-10-14.txt
  8. Arcadia follows the Vabrian ship to what looks like a dark matter nebula -- which turns out to be a well-cloaked system containing gas giant planets and a ringworld. The Vabrians prepare to send a greeting party to Arcadia. chatlog2018-10-7.txt
  9. While on an exploration mission, Arcadia finds itself being shadowed by a ship. The ship identifies itself as having come from the "Vabrian Confederacy" and invites Arcadia for first contact. Negotiations over the venue for first contact begin. chatlog2018-9-16.txt
  10. In which we finish the Somon system plot. The Arc shuttle makes a run for the edge of the system and finds itself running out of power. Communication attempts fail. Arcadia sees the shuttle and scoops it out of the system. chatlog2018-8-26.txt
  11. The shuttle AT tries to decide whether to go back to the interior of the Somon system or try their chances at getting out with the increasing power drain on their systems. chatlog2018-8-12.txt
  12. The shuttle attempts to leave the Somon system and finds itself being severely power drained and closer to the edge of the system than to the safer inner system, where the marked spaceways are. chatlog2018-8-5.txt
  13. The Arcadia shuttle drops off the guests from Lunite station back at their shuttle, then starts to head out to the edge of the system. chatlog2018-7-29.txt
  14. The Arcadia away team retrieves and attempts to analyze the data from USS Maine's probe. chatlog2018-7-15.txt
  15. Arcadia tries to retrieve the probe sent by USS Maine. They have to divert a Somonian research ship that also saw the probe. chatlog2018-7-8.txt