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Greg Nirvana

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  1. i live in Jersey, not too far from manhatten.
  2. Redhead all da way. Biased as well, being a redhead.
  3. I love Voyager and Enterprise, mainly because i love watching Archer always volunteering to kill himself, and to see how Janeway gets the crew stuck in even more trouble.
  4. Got Hay?
  5. That was quite the riveting tale, no sarcasm intended. So the New Jersey was Iowa-class?
  6. World....of.....Warcraft...... Expansion 2!!! Coming soon!!! Wrath of the Lich King. Sorry, just wanted to say that.
  7. Same here. I'm 12 and my parents wouldnt mind taking me there or something if its like in New york, but if its in Vegas well..... you know.
  8. Theres also a button near the bottom of the page that says something about deleting cookies from the site.
  9. A time when your hovercraft wouldn't burst into flames from systems failures if you crashed through a wall.
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why wii?? Do you know that if it's a ship control game it would suffer, quivering if your hand wasn't steady? Otherwise, it probably would be for phaser aiming but what else, are we actually supposed to do work with the annoying controls and then get called over to fight, then run to a weapons locker, have some trouble opening it, and take out the weapon with some trouble, then aim to shoot? Most of the time in Star trek they just randomly point their phasers out of their spots and they hit someone, without any change of direction in phaser(as in they hit in both spots randomly). I think they've gone too far.
  11. heh thanks joy. =) lol and he got the record for killing a joy that hasn't gone on a single misssion beforehand. =P
  12. Laura 1 Hawser 3 Precip 1 BluRox 1 (whoever set off a booby trap while we were shuttle podding to an asteroid) EDIT: I will put in numbers as i go along.
  13. Defiant and Galaxy.
  14. OMG!!! Seriously? What is the point of Having the Captain Corizon account then?
  15. I vant to suck your blood!!! rawr. (you aren't corizon, are you? because i wouldnt know)