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  1. B) :lol: :lol: i'm fairly new too, it's fun just stick around and play Memory Alpha is a good asset to have on a second screen the red star nightclub is a cool place to practice and meet people
  2. Thanks to all who have helped with the tips and even a couple of you have helped IN accadamy THANKS to ALL :) B) It has been a fun two weeks and hopefully a long time to come. :angry: Now any advice on what I need to improve on to help me to graduate? TThanks ( The lousey speelleerr ) Cdt.Jimmy
  3. :angry: Any secrets or tips on speed of typing. My experience last night was AWSOME the accadamy sim was WOW tough but it was even tougher because reading the screen and typing were off timing As soon as i knew what to tyoe it was passed or the situation changed. I don't wanna give give up Help / Advice or tricks anyone Thanks and KEEP TREKING
  4. Ye Wiccan Doctor here ya go also can you please give a newbie some advice on simming Thank you
  5. Keep AWAY from vista, I have always refered people to either HP or IBM.. or you may consider a used one there should be a few local computer repair stores in your area... find one that agrees with your personality and talk to them... with a lapper rem.. ram = speed and the better the processer your safe. keep trekin
  6. have seen it and heard about it but where can i get it