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  1. SD 0917.2017 The Excalibur is in orbit of Alpha Veras II, where they have been sent to assist the USS Tennessee Valley and the USS Mary Seacole. Medical is serving as overflow triage for the Seacole, while operations assist with the transfer of heavy equipment to both the Tennessee Valley and the surface. Commander Adarius Stewart has beamed over from the Tennessee Valley to brief Engineering on the situation on the surface.
  2. MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is arriving in orbit of Alpha Veras II, where they have been sent to assist the USS Tennessee Valley and the USS Mary Seacole in relief efforts following a catastrophic systems failure in the planetary power grid. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::helm:: William Chocox: ::engineering:: Tandaris Admiran: ::enters engineering, looks around:: Hunter Matheson: Coming into orbit, Captain. ::tap:: Geosync? William Chocox: Hello Commander. Rhan K'hal: :: on the bridge at mission ops, ready for the craziness of cargo transfers :: Hunter Matheson: ::will be surprised if they have coms:: Cptn Swain: Put us into standard orbit. Coordinate with the Tennessee and the Seacole. ::sipping at tea:: Hunter Matheson: Standard orbit, aye. Contacting Tennessee and Seacole for coordination. Cptn Swain: ::He was less than thrilled about a resupply mission, hoping instead for something a little more, well, science-y. Though he was sure after their last science mission, most of the crew was perfectly happy with a mundane task like dropping off some power generators and water tanks.:: Tandaris Admiran: ::Chocox:: Do you have your shopping list ready? Maryse Dubois: ::Walking around sickbay, checking a couple things.:: Hakran K'hal: :: enters sickbay :: William Chocox: I sent it off when were on shore leave. Rhan K'hal: :: gets in on the conference call with the other two ships :: William Chocox: Or is this a separate shopping list? Hunter Matheson: ::as he continues to work:: They request an orbit between them, sir. Verification? Cptn Swain: ::Waves a hand idly:: Tandaris Admiran: ::gives Chocox a look:: So eager to build explosives, yet so much still left to learn. Tandaris Admiran: Mr. Chocox, Alpha Veras II is not in Federation space. Maryse Dubois: ::Hears the door swoosh open. She turns to see one of the K'hal brothers.:: Hakran. Need something? William Chocox: Oh...? Ooooh. Hunter Matheson: Establishing orbit, synchronous with Tennessee and Seacole, Tennessee takes the lead, sir. Hunter Matheson: Standard spacing. Tandaris Admiran: Exactly. Hakran K'hal: :: nods :: I think I need an eye fix, getting some headaches and doubled vision. :: sighs :: I never would've imagined being a department head would require this much reading of entirely mundane material. Cptn Swain: (( and not just normal explosives. i suggest going to mem alpha for "biomemetic gel" lol )) Rhan K'hal: :: having a quick-fire conversation with the operations managers on the Tenn. and Mary S. :: Tandaris Admiran: You don’t think I’ve helped get us out of so many tight scrapes using entirely legitimate materiel, do you? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda sat in her usual seat, data padd in hand as she reviewed the supplies they had on hand, their regular inventory had been distributed. They had plenty of emergency supplies to get rid of, however.:: Tandaris Admiran: ::practically rubbing his hands together:: Black market havens like these are a valuable resource. William Chocox: I would be even more impressed if you were able to do what you do solely with legal equipment. Indaura Ryssan: :: Medical, where else? :: Cptn Swain: ::Sipping tea and looking over his latest entry in his official log, wondering if he was being too obvious about preferring Excalibur not be sent on milk runs:: Hunter Matheson: Orbit established. Rhan K'hal: :: begins downloading the detailed sitrep, along with charts, diagrams and maps :: Hunter Matheson: Stationkeeping. Indaura Ryssan: :: Doing paperwork, or screen work :: Maryse Dubois: ::Smiles, patting a seat next to a device sitting on a small table.:: Have a seat. I'll be right back. Hakran K'hal: :: nods again, and sits :: Rhan K'hal: :: looks over the manifest sent over from the Tenn. about what needs to go where and when - forwards the initial prep orders to the cargo bays and shuttlebay :: Maryse Dubois: ::Walks off to a side room. She grabs a couple more instruments and returns to Hakran, sitting opposite him.:: Lean forward and place your chin on the pad. ::Indicating to the device on the table.:: William Chocox: I'll make sure I have my list ready. Rhan K'hal: :: takes a second to do a full feliniod stretch :: This is almost like being on shore leave, having someone else doing all the hard work for a change. Cptn Swain: ::Smirks over his PADD at Rhan:: I assumed you'd enjoy that part. Hakran K'hal: :: leans in, takes an extra moment to get his chin comfortable thanks to his slightly pointed chin beard :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Incoming message from the Mary Seacole requesting Excalibur medical to take some of their less critical overflow patients. Rhan K'hal: :: leans forward at the comm :: The Mary Seacole wants to transfer some patients. Tandaris Admiran: Good. Once the recovery efforts are well underway, we should have some time to acquire some goods. Maryse Dubois: ::Activates the device, which takes imaging scans of both eyes. She leans in, looking at the images.:: Have you been drinking a lot of caffeine? Indaura Ryssan: :: Acknowledges the request and gives the go ahead :: William Chocox: And how do we get them back here? Hakran K'hal: No, Rhan is the champion at sucking down coffee. I usually stick to water. Indaura Ryssan: Incoming patients everyone :: to the others :: Cptn Swain: ACTION> Tennessee Valley signals to Excalibur they need some of the heavy equipment transferred via shuttle due to their transporters being overwhelmed. Tandaris Admiran: ::Chocox:: There are always ways. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods with a slight smile.:: He does love his coffee. Have you been having trouble sleeping? ::Takes a small handheld device, holding it over one eye for a few seconds and then repeats for the other.:: William Chocox: I'll leave it in your capable hands. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Nods to Rhan.:: Contact the Mary Seacole know that we are available for incoming patients. Coordinate with medical to set up a secondary triage area. Hunter Matheson: ::conferring with Tork::: Rhan K'hal: Aye, Commander. :: acks the Mary S. :: Rhan K'hal: +Indaura+ I'm patching you through directly with the Mary Seacole so you can organize the transfers. Indaura Ryssan: :: Starts to arrange for more patients :: Rhan K'hal: +Engineering+ K'hal to Engineering. The Tennessee needs some of the big boys transferred via shuttle. I'll get the mules started, but thought you'd want a heads up in case you want to oversee. William Chocox: +Rhan+ Thank K'hal. Hakran K'hal: Only if I've been reading too late, then I have to wait for the standard analgesic to kick in. Rhan K'hal: :: contacts said mules and fills them in :: Rhan K'hal: :: finishes the full download from the Tenn. :: Captain, Commander - transferring the latest sitrep and info to you. :: does so with a flourish :: Maryse Dubois: Well it looks like you had some irritation. Maybe you were exposed to something on station that gave you a reaction. Hold still and try not to blink. ::Uses a small device similar to a hypo and sprays a fine mist into both eyes.:: Give that a couple minutes and things should start to clear up. Cptn Swain: ::Glances over to Miranda:: I am going to head down to astrometrics and look over some things. Maybe get a sandwich. Cptn Swain: ::Makes a motion to the viewscreen:: All yours. Hakran K'hal: :: slight smile :: Not blinking is my species specialty. Thank you, Doctor. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She glanced up from her padd and nodded.:: Of course, Captain. I'll inform you of any important developments. Rhan K'hal: :: transfers his interface to his oversized padd and starts prowling the bridge while he continues to track things; smiles at how deftly Swain just handed over the drudgery to Hawthorne :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Preparing :: Indaura Ryssan: +Bridge+ Let sickbay know when we will be receiving new guests. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Mary Seacole CMO> +Indaura+ We've got thirty patients that need tending. Most have minor plasma burns from a string of overloaded power conduits. Do you need time to set up triage or can we transfer them now? Maryse Dubois: ::Grins.:: All done then. Let me know if you start to have trouble again. Cptn Swain: ::Nods as he disappears into the lift and heads to astrometrics:: Hakran K'hal: Thank you, Doctor. I'll get out from under your feet, it sounds like you'll be busy shortly. Hunter Matheson: ::finalizing a few reports, especially flight log::: Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Indeed. Hunter Matheson: ::looks up at "overloaded power conduits"::: Tandaris Admiran: ::Chocox:: Once the Tennessee Valley has the rest of our equipment aboard, I want you coordinating the repair teams we're lending to the effort. William Chocox: Aye sir. Rhan K'hal: :: figures the direct comm transfer to sickbay answers Indaura's question nicely, so continues to read through the info himself while nothing else is beeping at him :: Indaura Ryssan: +Bridge+ You can start sending them now. Cptn Swain: D'Aubugine> +Hunter+ Flight deck to Matheson. Hunter Matheson: +COM+ Matheson here. Go ahead. Cptn Swain: D'A> +Hunter+ We're a little short handed on the flight crew on people certified for these cargo shuttles, we were still waiting for some new hands when we shipped out. Care to come down and give us a hand? Hunter Matheson: ::his head ticks toward aux helm, Tork, and Tork nods::: Rhan K'hal: :: gives the Mary S. the transporter coordinates and delay spread for a 30 patient transfer :: Hunter Matheson: +D'A+ On my way. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Mary Seacole transports the first batch of patients directly to sickbay. Hunter Matheson: ::passes helm to Tork, nods to Hawthorne, then exits, taking the lift to shuttle bay::: Indaura Ryssan: :: Sees them appear :: Come this way, each take a biobed please. Hakran K'hal: :: heads to astrometrics after getting word that the Captain has invaded :: William Chocox: ((Brb, gotta power cycle the internet.)) Hunter Matheson: ::stepping out of the lift, he meets the bay chief, reviews a few things, grabs his gear, and heads toward the Alkaid::: Rhan K'hal: :: Miranda :: The Tennessee has good people, but they're seriously spread thin on personnel already. I have a feeling Ensign Winter's goldfish may be in charge of engineering up here by the time we pitch ours in. Hakran K'hal: :: enters astrometrics :: William Chocox: ((And I think I'm back.)) Hunter Matheson: ;;protective gear in place, he takes the manifest from the cargo chief, reviews it, and checks status to be sure they are securely attached to the rods:: Tandaris Admiran: ((Welcome back)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Watches Matheson go and makes a mental note to have a word with D'Aubugine about appropriating her bridge crew without consulting with her first. Glancing to Rhan, she quirked a brow.:: Probably. But that's why we have auxiliary staff. The ship can run with a skeleton crew for a bit, if needed. William Chocox: ((I'd very much like to stop misclicking. :P )) Maryse Dubois: ::Goes to assist with the new arrivals.:: Rhan K'hal: :: nods :: Of course. Just thinking about making a little gold uniform for a goldfish makes me smile. Cptn Swain: ::Having decamped to astrometrics with a fresh cup of tea, looking over some new data:: Hunter Matheson: ::signs off on the manifest and it's transferred to his PADD, then he signs in with his second and begins preflight powerup::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She snorted, thinking about Rhan getting hungry while on duty and snacking on the little goldfish in the tiny gold uniform.:: Hunter Matheson: +FOPS+ Shuttle Alkaid ready to depart. ::secures the hatch::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Just keep yourself healthy, Mister K'hal. You may have an unlimited supply of brothers, but none of them could do what you do so well. Rhan K'hal: On a more serious note, reading between the lines, it looks like the Tennessee people haven't much of a clue as to what happened yet. They're more interested in fixing than diagnosing, admittedly. Rhan K'hal: Well, brothers not so unlimited, but cousins... yeah I lost count of those a long time ago. Hakran K'hal: :: walks up to Swain :: Anything we can do for you, Captain? Or are you involved in a very time-consuming enterprise that will keep you here indefinitely? Hunter Matheson: FOPS> Cleared for departure, corridor zero two five. Rhan K'hal: (( oops, sorry Hunter, missed that one )) Cptn Swain: ::Smirks:: Just looking over some old research I haven't had much time to work on. Don't mind me. Hunter Matheson: +FOPS+ Copy, Flight Ops, Corridor zero two five. Departing now. Hunter Matheson: ::slow liftoff, slight pivot as he checks shuttle load balance, then departs::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Patients> ::As previously said, they were mostly burn victims, though a few had minor bone fractures and concussions.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::headed to Alpha Verus II::: Cptn Swain: (( Two Minute Warning )) Hakran K'hal: :: slight smile :: Understood, sir. :: glances at the semi-permanent astrometrics officer, jerks head to the door :: Hakran K'hal: :: after evacuating astrometrics with the other officer, gestures down the hallway :: Now's as good a time as any for you to get some cross-department training in. Talk to Commander Augustin. Indaura Ryssan: :: Helping victims of burns and such :: Hakran K'hal: :: heads back to his own office to do some more reading, this time on the mission - hopefully headache free thanks to the doc :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::as they descend, he chats with the loadmaster for the best area to set down, given the status of their grid and the possibilities of damage on planet::: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  3. SD 0910.2017 The Excalibur is arriving in orbit of Alpha Veras II, where they have been sent to assist the USS Tennessee Valley and the USS Mary Seacole in relief efforts following a catastrophic systems failure in the planetary power grid.
  4. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur's crew has unexpectedly had their leave aboard Starbase 39 Tango cut short and everyone has been recalled to the ship. Select staff members (that's all of you) have been ordered to attend a briefing in the bridge-level conference room. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM William Chocox: ::walks into the conference room:: Hunter Matheson: ::spit and polish uniform, he enters the conference room::: Rhan K'hal: :: enters the conference room looking rather grumpy - not so much from the leave cancellation, but the likelihood that all his hard work with the special request procurements will probably be for nothing :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda stood by one of the windows in the conference room, waiting on everyone to enter. Swain's seat was empty.:: Hakran K'hal: :: follows his brother in :: Maryse Dubois: ::Steps into the room, quietly taking a seat.:: Hunter Matheson: ::standing by a chair until the commander sits::: Rhan K'hal: :: plops into his usual seat :: Hakran K'hal: :: also sits, feeling slightly uncomfortable because he's still not used to being a department head :: Tandaris Admiran: ::enters the conference room:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Seeing most everyone was in attendance, she took Swain's chair.:: Our Captain is currently in conference with Starfleet and has asked me to do this briefing. As you know, shoreleave has been cut short. Excalibur has been assigned to the Paimpont sector, which borders Romulan, Breen, and Xindi space. Hunter Matheson: ::sits:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: While we intended to start our tour there after a short rest and restock here, an emergency situation has come up that needs our attention. Rhan K'hal: :: pulls up his mental map, and when he locates their destination on it, looks a bit grumpier :: William Chocox: Are we still getting a resupply? Tandaris Admiran: ::frowns, wondering what sort of emergency was serious enough to have them sent on such short notice:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Roughly a week ago, Alpha Veras II, an independent world located within the Paimpont sector experienced a catastrophic failure of its power grid. While they are not a Federation world, our trade with them is very important. They're the primary source of the Federation's bioneural and biomemetic gel. William Chocox: Hm. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nodded to Chocox.:: Yes, I'll address that shortly. Hunter Matheson: ::red flag goes up at the bioneural and biomemetic gel source::: Maryse Dubois: :;Takes out a PADD from her coat pocket and begins tapping on it as she listens.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: The USS Tennessee Valley, an engineering corps vessel, and the USS Mary Seacole, a medical ship, have both been dispatched there. We will be bringing in other relief items and supplies that they have requested. William Chocox: Ok. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Questions thus far? Rhan K'hal: Any signs of life from the Xindi or Breen? Both would probably love to pounce on a weakness like this. Hunter Matheson: ::waits for her to answer K'hal::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: No activity, as of yet, but they have previously shown interest in this sector. Hunter Matheson: Did the grid fail suddenly, and do we have any idea how or why the power grid went down? Rhan K'hal: :: pulls out his PADD and mutters something about scrounging up extra torpedoes :: William Chocox: So...essentially we're going into what may become a hotspot? Hunter Matheson: ::thinks that's pretty much a given:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: We do not yet have that information, Gunny. The investigation is ongoing, and I'm sure we will be asked to aid in that, as well. Hunter Matheson: ::mentally files that info::: Tandaris Admiran: Sounds like a very relaxing mission compared to some of our latest. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nodded to Chocox.:: Besides the Breen and the Xindi, the Romulans have a trade agreement in place with one of the major factions and have set up a military presence within their controlled space. Rhan K'hal: The Kaedwan. :: nods :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: I mean, it isn't a planet that is trying to kill you with acid rain, but the people certainly might. ::To Tandaris.:: Hunter Matheson: Factions, ma'am? How many factions are we dealing with? Hakran K'hal: :: sits, silently absorbing everything :: Maryse Dubois: The Breen typically stay to themselves and are very territorial. As long as they weren't provoked, they shouldn't pose a problem. We have been diplomatically cordial with at least most of the Xindi races. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: The Romulan trade with the Kaedwan Confederation. The Federation deals with the Tamarn Empire. There are others, but those are the two most powerful. Alpha Veras II is under Tamarn control. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: We hope that remains true, Doctor. William Chocox: The Breen typically stay to themselves, until someone offers them something better. Rhan K'hal: So how much time do I have to try to stuff the cargo bays to the gills before we have to leave? Maryse Dubois: ((Are the Tamarn a new race, or do you mean Tamarians? And if so do we have to speak in metaphors? )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: We will be departing within the hour, but the station has already been ordered to double-time our own orders along with supplies for the mission. They have been doing as much while the crew was on shoreleave. You have been recalled because they are almost done. William Chocox: ((Shaka, when the walls fell.)) Rhan K'hal: I'm sure Commader El Tahir loved that. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( They are not Tamarians, though I'm sure Swain would love learning metaphors.)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ((And making up his own.)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She looked around the room.:: Any other questions? Concerns? Maryse Dubois: ((lol)) Hunter Matheson: No, ma'am. :::ready to kick butt::: Maryse Dubois: ::Shakes her head no.:: Rhan K'hal: Concerns? Oh let me count the ways. But nothing that hasn't already gone through your own mind, Commander. Hakran K'hal: :: shakes head :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Indeed. ::Nodding in agreement.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: If there is nothing further, then you are dismissed to make your preparations for departure. William Chocox: Aye ma'am. Hunter Matheson: ::stands:: Yes, ma'am. Rhan K'hal: :: nods, rises with his nose already immersed in his padd, tapping away energetically at it as he walks out of the conference room on autopilot :: Maryse Dubois: ::Stands and straighten her lab coat. She follows Rhan out.:: I guess we'll have to settle for dinner in the mess hall sometime. Rhan K'hal: Yeah. Our dinner plans never seem to materialize before something blows up, figuratively or literally. Hakran K'hal: :: looks over to the engineers :: My department will likely be split between assisting you and medical on this one. Let me know what you need. William Chocox: Will do. Hunter Matheson: ::already at helm, checking for quality of repair, any upgrades, anything changed::: Hunter Matheson: :::slips below, checking the chip configuration, the quality of replacements, etc::: Maryse Dubois: ::Smiles.:: It's kind of expected now a days. Hunter Matheson: ::satisfied, he begins full diagnostics, requesting a record of any and all changes and/or upgrades::: Rhan K'hal: Maybe we'll have a miracle and this mission will go perfectly normal. And maybe the Pakled will sprout wings and fly. William Chocox: ::heads out of the conference room towards Engineering:: Hakran K'hal: :: heads off to the bridge and parks himself at the science station :: Hunter Matheson: ::forwards the information to Bravo and Charlie shifts::: Tandaris Admiran: ::catches up with Chocox:: Make sure you start on your list right away. William Chocox: Aye, sir. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::After collecting her things, she followed the others out of the conference room and took the Captain's chair on the bridge.:: Rhan K'hal: :: slips into the seat at Mission Ops, transfers his padd work over to it and continues without a hitch :: Maryse Dubois: I already knew it was going to be bad when Romulan, Breen, and Xindi were put into the same sentence. Hakran K'hal: Since Rhan is busy checking the luggage, I'll get in touch with the Tennessee Valley and try to get a link going with them for up-to-the-minute information on the grid. Hunter Matheson: ::then he begins to page through reports, making sure his baby was not mistreated in any way::: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: rolls eyes at his brother's statement, but happily leaves him to it :: Having that many in the same sentence does put everyone on their best behavior. A 4-way war wouldn't even make Klingons happy. Hunter Matheson: ::stops, takes a good look at the console, then mutters something not very nice and begins reconfiguration to original::: Rhan K'hal: :: glance over Hunter's way, chuckles :: I really need to replicate a "Do Not Disturb" sign for him to hang off the helm when we dock somewhere. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( Two minute warning )) Hunter Matheson: ::stows the padd, checks replacement gear, then begins preflight check::: Hakran K'hal: Doctor Dubois. My biologists aren't going to have anything else to do on a mission like this, so when you need them for grunt work, just whistle. Maryse Dubois: ::Giggles.:: But that would take the fun out of it. ::Gives Rhan a gentle pat on the shoulder.:: I better get down below. Talk to you later. Hunter Matheson: ::remarkably able to hear Rhan's comment:: Well, sir. You treat her like a lady and she'll act like one. ::winks in his direction:: Rhan K'hal: :: smiles :: Happy unpacking all the med supplies. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: and... Rhan K'hal: :: grins at Hunter :: I'm not calling her Ms. Excalibur. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM
  5. SD 0903.2017 Excalibur's crew has unexpectedly had their leave aboard Starbase 39 Tango cut short and everyone has been recalled to the ship. Select staff members (that's all of you) have been ordered to attend a briefing in the bridge-level conference room.
  6. SD 0827.2017 While the Excalibur continues with repairs and loading provisions at Starbase 39 Tango, the crew enjoys shoreleave aboard the station.
  7. MISSION BRIEF: While the Excalibur continues with repairs and loading provisions at Starbase 39 Tango, the crew enjoys shoreleave aboard the station. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::flaked out on a bunk somewhere onstation::: Atos Ch'kivar: :: wandering around the Starbase, exploring the different areas and taking in the different sights and personnel :: Maryse Dubois: ::Checking out a few shops in the shopping district,:: Hunter Matheson: ::feels a poke:: Go away. Cptn Swain: ::In one of the open air cafes, enjoying tea:: Atos Ch'kivar: :: comes to a large bay window that looks out on Excalibur undergoing its repairs and stops to take in the vessel before him :: Hunter Matheson: ::doused with ice water, he bolts from the rack and decks the perp::: Indaura Ryssan: :: drinking and watching the crowds :: Hunter Matheson: ::and when he's fully awake, he's staring down his former CO:: Sir! ::snaps up::: Maryse Dubois: ::Browsing one of the perfume stalls.:: Hunter Matheson: Globodczk> ::hearty laugh, enjoying his embarrassment:: Hunter Matheson: Globodczk> Hey, Gunny. Guess you're awake now. ::is helped to his feet::: Atos Ch'kivar: :: after a moment of viewing, shakes his head with admiring disbelief and heads off to the various shops aboard the base :: Cptn Swain: ::After a long moment of simply watching, Asher stood and headed off:: +Khal+ Swain to Hakaran. Indaura Ryssan: :: Catching up on messages from home :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Photos, text... :: Atos Ch'kivar: :: browses in individual shops, taking note of unfamiliar items to research later :: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  8. MISSION BRIEF: The Romulans cloaked and (presumably) headed back to the neutral zone, Excalibur retrieved its missing crew, and recalled its fighters, moving on from the planetary survey and leaving it to more capable (and forewarned) hands. After a couple days travel to Starbase 39 Tango, they're now within communication range of the station. The plan is to resupply, recover from their recent ordeal, and give the grew a bit of rest and relaxation before the next mission. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Hakran K'hal: :: in his office, finishing off the last of the preliminary reports from his sub-section chiefs :: Cptn Swain: (Sorry for being late, GOT ran long and had to reboot) Indaura Ryssan: brb Rhan K'hal: :: on the bridge, comments to whoever happens to have the chair :: Coming into communication range of 39 Tango. Hunter Matheson: ::at helm, doing his thing, turns to whoever has the conn:: Entering 39T space. Maryse Dubois: ::Walking around Sickbay with a PADD in hand.:: Hunter Matheson: Dropping from warp ::leaving out the "before we crash into it because that doesn't look good on the resume"::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::In her normal chair, she nodded.:: Hail them with request to dock. Atos Ch'kivar: :: on the bridge, seated at the auxiliary tactical station, running checks and making sure systems are operating smoothly :: William Chocox: ::leaning against his console in Engineering:: Have we ever had a normal mission? Hunter Matheson: Requesting docking instructions. Hunter Matheson: Entering approach corridor Charlie. Indaura Ryssan: :: in Medical :: Hunter Matheson: ::slips in line for docking::: Cptn Swain: ACTION> Starbase 39 Tango is in visual range. Unlike our old haunt, Camelot, it is Spacedock style station, but of the larger variety. We'll get to do the cool inside docking scene. Hunter Matheson: ::and notices how big this baby is next to the other ships and gives just a hint of a smirk::: Hakran K'hal: :: rubs a paw over the bridge of his muzzle, comments to himself with a wince :: I'm going to have to replicate a pair of readers. Indaura Ryssan: I can't wait to leave the artificial air of Excalibur for the artificial air of the station. Atos Ch'kivar: :: lets out a low whistle as he takes in the station, fingers still keying in commands :: Cptn Swain: ::Exits the lift onto his bridge:: Maryse Dubois: ::Smirks.:: We could all use rest. Hunter Matheson: Request for docking gets us berth... 27 Delta Echo. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Mister K'hal, send request to all departments for supply orders. Rhan K'hal: :: supports Hunter in making sure all of the docking systems are go with light taps on his oversized padd as he leans against the edge of the helm console :: Mooring tractors are nominal and on standby. Umbilicals flow-checked and on standby. Cptn Swain: ::Drinking tea, as per usual:: Hunter Matheson: ::replies with confirmation, drops out of the corridor at designated area and drops to 1/4 impulse, headed toward the slip::: Rhan K'hal: :: glances back at Miranda :: Aye, Commander. Indaura Ryssan: I just hope there are a lot of people... we thrive on crowds. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: I'm sure there will be plenty. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Station control tower gives us the okay to begin docking. The big blue doors begin opening, along with some cool music because apparently we still have a lot of money in the budget for this season, somehow. Hunter Matheson: :;takes aim, cuts to thrusters and lets her float in:: Atos Ch'kivar: :: having finished checking tactical systems, takes a moment to take in the dance of the ship moving in to dock :: William Chocox: ((Surprised we have the money given the CGI for the Romulan incident.)) Indaura Ryssan: Do you hear music, because I do? Atos Ch'kivar: (( Why do you think it was "cloaked" so much? )) Rhan K'hal: =Dept Heads= :: brings up his department head contact template, sends via text :: "Send all supply requests to Operations within a reasonable time frame, i.e. before the First Officer starts glaring." Hunter Matheson: ::sits back and lets the docking slip do its thing:: William Chocox: ::takes the opportunity to add some "innocuous" items to the Engineering list:: Indaura Ryssan: Doctor Dubois... may I make a request? Hakran K'hal: :: hears the blip of an incoming intraship message, reads his brother's supply request missive with a bemused head shake :: Hunter Matheson: Cutting power at tower request. Maryse Dubois: Not really, but that wouldn't surprise me any. The captain loves theatrics. ::Smirks at the request on her PADD. Then turns to Indaura.:: Sure. Hunter Matheson: ::lets 'em take it from here::: Hunter Matheson: (w) Gees... this place is impressive. Almost as impressive as our baby. Indaura Ryssan: Coffee... :: hands her a padd :: These kind if you can muster them. Rhan K'hal: Can confirm ship propulsion under station control, interface is nominal. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Long pretty shots of the Excalibur and kids of various races peering through windows, also some shots of various people in lounges at uniforms watching us move towards our docking slip. Hunter Matheson: ::um...shoulda polished her up before we came in::: Atos Ch'kivar: :: hums along with music as the ship docks :: Hunter Matheson: ::hears RK:: Thank you, sir. Hakran K'hal: :: considering the amount of supplies that were lost or left on that hell planet, is going to rack up quite the bill on the requisitions :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Speaks to those on the bridge.:: If any of you would like a free drink, the Captain keeps a open tab running at the Two to Tango on the upper concourse. Indaura Ryssan: Supposedly the last coffee brew on the list is better than Klingon offerings. Cptn Swain: ::Glances over:: How did you know about that. Hunter Matheson: ::grins at the exchange:: Atos Ch'kivar: :: briefly raises an eyebrow back at the captain :: Rhan K'hal: :: ear twist back to the multi-pipped conversation :: Cptn Swain: ::Smirks:: Cptn Swain: I hope you all have a good time, on me. Hakran K'hal: :: transfers Science's wish-list to Operations - though their next mission is probably not going to be a dedicated science mission so probably won't get more than a third of it :: Cptn Swain: ::Miranda:: I am having dinner with Arden, if you'd like to join us? Maryse Dubois: ::Looks it over.:: I was actually about to go give a supply list anyways. I'm sure this can be added. Maryse Dubois: ::Turns to head for the door.:: Go ahead and take the rest of the shift off, and get ready for leave. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Grins.:: I know all. And yes, that would be lovely. Just tell me when and where. Atos Ch'kivar: :: turns back to his console to fill out the minor details for the tactical supply requisition :: Indaura Ryssan: Thanks Doctor.. Hunter Matheson: ::he pulls out his PADD and begins his after action report::: Maryse Dubois: ::Nods and smiles as she leaves Sickbay, grabbing a TL.:: Rhan K'hal: :: glaces at the sequence :: Docking sequence initiating in ten seconds. Rhan K'hal: Docking in progress. Mooring beacons activated. Umbilical extending. Hunter Matheson: :::checks the console:: Confirmed. ::RK:: Hunter Matheson: ::yeah, we need to go here more often:: Rhan K'hal: Mooring established. Umbilical attached, switching to station utilities. Hunter Matheson: ::RK:: Helm is secure. Cptn Swain: ::Nods:: The Dervish at 1800 Maryse Dubois: ::Steps out onto the bridge, noticing the ship had docked.:: Rhan K'hal: :: runs his finger down the green lights :: We are under station power. Docking ramp now in position... We have hard dock with the station. Rhan K'hal: +Engineering+ Bridge to Engineering, hard-dock confirmed. William Chocox: +Bridge+ Thank you bridge. Switch to Station utilities confirmed. Cptn Swain: Very well, as you have no standing orders from me, besides try not to have too many of your juniors need hauled out of station's brig I have a meeting with the station commander and Mister N'Dak, I'll see you tonight Commander. Rhan K'hal: :: pats Hunter on the shoulder :: Well done Gunny. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Slight nod.:: See you two there. Atos Ch'kivar: :: taps away at his console, muttering to himself all the while :: (w) A couple more of those torpedoes could come in handy... Rhan K'hal: :: smiles back at Maryse :: Heya, Doc. Come bearing shopping lists? Maryse Dubois: ::Smiles holding up two PADDs.:: I do actually. Rhan K'hal: You've come to the right place. Cptn Swain: ::Heads off to the lift:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Crosses paths with the Captain:: Maryse Dubois: One is my medical supplies, and the other is for coffee. ::Hands him the PADDs.:: Hunter Matheson: ::finishes his report:: Thank you, sir. ::RK:: Hakran K'hal: :: contacts his staff and releases the hounds... and humanoids :: William Chocox: ::heads for the exit:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> Apostrophe. ::He smiled over to Atos:: Rhan K'hal: :: twists an ear :: A whole padd for coffee? Someone on your staff in residency? Hunter Matheson: ::and now for requisitions::: Atos Ch'kivar: :: finishes the last bits of the requisition and sends it off to his department head :: There, done. Rhan K'hal: :: takes the padds and looks at said coffee order :: Cptn Swain: Augustin> I hear most of the junior barnacles are headed over to some dive bar on the station. But you can feel free to join me and a few others at Two to Tango. Maryse Dubois: It's for Doctor Ryssan. I personally prefer tea, myself. Rhan K'hal: Ah. Hmm, this one's going to be tricky. 39 Tango may be a big station but it's a bit off the beaten path for specialties. Atos Ch'kivar: :: nods to Augustin :: Thank you very much for the offer, Sir. I may just take you up on it. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Nods:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Hands a PADD over to RK:: Here's the first round, I'll have a few more requests later on. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Relief crew arrives on the bridge to take over for those wishing to go the station. Hunter Matheson: ::finalizes the requisition, color coded and all, swivels to a stand and passes it to RK::: Indaura Ryssan: :: Goes to get her pack :: Rhan K'hal: Thanks, Commander. I'll keep an eye out for it. Atos Ch'kivar: :: leaves his station, heads to the turbo lift :: Rhan K'hal: :: accepts that, then turns to take Hunter's :: I think you missed a comma, Gunny. :: deadpan :: Hunter Matheson: :;turns back::: Sir? Maryse Dubois: Well if anyone can find it, you can. Hunter Matheson: ::takes the PADD, checking it out, then frowns::: Rhan K'hal: :: grins :: I was joking, Marine. We're docked, you can painfully crack a smile now without all hell breaking loose. Hunter Matheson: ::looks up:: Sir, the requisition form doesn't have any commas. Hunter Matheson: ::smiling was not exactly what he proposed, but a smile vs a court martial offence, well, he smiles:: Hunter Matheson: ::force smile:: Yes, sir. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: When it freezes over, more like. ::Commenting ton Rhan's remark.:: Matheson, stop scaring the children. Hunter Matheson: ::snaps around:: Yes, ma'am. Rhan K'hal: :: snorts :: Hunter Matheson: I'll remember the candy next time. Rhan K'hal: :: Maryse :: I'll have to put my head together with the Station Ops, they'll have a better idea of what's coming and going. I'll do my best to get it on board before we leave. Indaura might have to put some extra on the table though. Hunter Matheson: ::snort, quiet comment:: Two headed OPS. Should be interesting. Rhan K'hal: I heard that! Hunter Matheson: ::gathering the things he had at helm in prep, turns:: Sir? Hunter Matheson: ::sincerely innocent look::: Rhan K'hal: :: deftly transfers the orders on the padds via proximity comms to his own, looks over the top of it at Gunny like a peeved librarian :: I'll have you wisecracking at a higher decibel level yet, young apprentice. Now shoo, go get snockered on the Captain's dime. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Wonders if Hunter has extra insurance against whatever revenge Khal will think up, glances over to see that Apostrophe already headed out:: Hunter Matheson: ::stifles a grin:: Yes, sir. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: I'm sure she wouldn't mind. ::Starts to head off, before turning.:: Dinner sometime while we're here? Indaura Ryssan: :: Arrives at the station :: Rhan K'hal: :: Maryse :: Absolutely. You know I I can put down my work any time. :: waggles his padd :: William Chocox: ::hopefully runs into someone on their way onto the station:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::checks in with the security detail working the three airlocks where crew could depart before heading off to the lift himself:: Maryse Dubois: ::Grins as she gets back on the TL.:: Hunter Matheson: ::stuffs things from helm into a small satchel and exits the bridge to the lift:: Mardet. Rhan K'hal: :: peeks through all the various supply orders for the "extras" that he'll need to turn his personal attention to :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Leaving command to one of the senior juniors, Miranda left the bridge, heading for her quarters to change before heading to the station. She was going to enjoy herself this time, dangit.:: Atos Ch'kivar: :: bumps into Will on his way to the station :: Whoops, didn't see you there, my apologies! Hunter Matheson: ::reconnoiters with his buds and decides to take the skipper up on the invite::: Cptn Swain: ::Meeting N'Dak at the airlock, they took a TL via hardpoint directly to the stations command deck:: Cptn Swain: NDak> I never did get a chance to properly thank you, sir. William Chocox: ::shifts with it, his time under Admiran teaching him how to roll with bumps:: It's fine. You ok? Cptn Swain: ::Glances over:: For? Cptn Swain: NDak> Accepting me as part of your crew, via the exchange. Rhan K'hal: :: mutters to self :: What on earth does Admiran want a... you know, I don't even /want/ to know. :: makes a note on the padd to check the legality first :: William Chocox: ((::looks innocent::)) Atos Ch'kivar: :: Nods back with an apologetic smile :: I believe so. Funny how you don't realize how much of a rush you can be to get some R&R sometimes. Cptn Swain: I'd be lying if I said it was entirely my decision, but for what it's worth -- you're welcome. Just next time let's try not to get you in even more trouble with your people? It's nice having you and all, but I assume you want to go home at some point, eh? Cptn Swain: NDak> ::blushes light green:: Yes, sir. Of course, sir. Less trouble. Hakran K'hal: :: finally gets the reports done, lays his head down on his desk after ordering the lights down to 5% :: Owwww. William Chocox: Oh trust me, on this ship? You learn to cherish it. Indaura Ryssan: :: Sits at a bar :: Give me a glass of you best... whatever... Hunter Matheson: ::a group of Marines head for the lift after a cautionary message re: stuff Master Chief usually dishes out, followed by a "get otta here and have fun"::: Rhan K'hal: :: comes across a few more items that would raise his eyebrows if he had any, but keeping things discreet is part of his personal guarantee, so merely filters those out to the 'quiet' list, before complaining the everyday requisitions on to the station :: Hunter Matheson: ::and before the lift stops, they straighten up to something they really aren't, just to appease the Fleeters who will definitely watch them::: Atos Ch'kivar: I would expect as much on any ship, but the Excalibur seems to be in a league of its own I've found. Shall we continue on to the station? :: gestures to the corridor ahead :: William Chocox: Yes, thank you. ::walks that way:: Rhan K'hal: :: nods to the senior of the relief crew :: Everything under control, Lieutenant? Then she's all yours. :: heads for the lift :: Hunter Matheson: ::they assume the Marine stereotype and march out of the lift, but return to mostly normal when they turn the corner::: Atos Ch'kivar: :: walks alongside Will :: How long have you served aboard her? Hunter Matheson: ::and they all end up on the skipper's tab at the Two to Tango::: William Chocox: ((Oh crap, how long has Will served on Excal?)) Hunter Matheson: (Probably too long?) Cptn Swain: (( There was the time we had a nice, quiet milk run. I mean it may or may have not ended up with us fighting zombies and Corizon getting harpooned by the zombie queen )) Cptn Swain: (( In game time? Uh -- it's prolly been two-ish years )) Rhan K'hal: :: heads to the most convenient of the station's walkways, flicks a friendly tail at the security personnel on duty and then makes his way onto the station :: Atos Ch'kivar: :: eyes Will curiously as he seems to space out :: Cptn Swain: (( Maybe three, was Wiill aboard before Swain took command? )) William Chocox: ((I don't think so, I think Swain was in command when Will made the switch from the Qob game.)) Cptn Swain: (( Then two-ish. )) William Chocox: ::comes back:: Roughly two years. Hakran K'hal: :: finally is able to drag himself up, and orders the strongest over-the-replicator headache med that he can get without going to sickbay and downs it with a full glass of water :: Cptn Swain: ..and... Atos Ch'kivar: :: nods along, glad the man hadn't gone catatonic :: You'll have to tell me all about it at the station lounge. Indaura Ryssan: :: drinks :: William Chocox: Believe half of what you may have heard about me. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  9. SD 0820.2017 The Romulans cloaked and (presumably) headed back to the neutral zone, Excalibur retrieved its missing crew, and recalled its fighters, moving on from the planetary survey and leaving it to more capable (and forewarned) hands. After a couple days travel to Starbase 39 Tango, they're now within communication range of the station. The plan is to resupply, recover from their recent ordeal, and give the grew a bit of rest and relaxation before the next mission.
  10. SD 0813.2017 Our standoff with the Romulans reaches a fevered conclusion.
  11. SD 0806.2017 In what could also have come out of a loony toons skit, both the Excalibur and the Romulan vessel have deployed secret weapons, with the Excalibur disabling the Romulan vessel’s shields at the same moment the Romulans disabled all of Excalibur’s sensors. We must now race against time to repair our sensors before they escape or attack, and hopefully rescue our crew.
  12. SD 0730.2017 The Romulan cruise has unlocked ahead of us, and now we find ourselves at an impasse.
  13. SD 0723.2017 Excalibur remains in orbit of Irassa IV. We believe a Romulan ship is nearby in orbit and we also believe that our missing crew members are aboard. Engineering has rigged a makeshift tachyon pulse to try and reveal them. Aboard the ship, Harper and Issaha are trying to effect an escape.
  14. MISSION BRIEF: Our standoff with the Romulans reaches a fevered conclusion. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM William Chocox: ::is still working to get the sensors working:: Cptn Swain: ::Making his way towards the center railing:: Stand by torpedoes. Open a channel, Mister K'Hal. Rhan K'hal: :: taps :: Channel open. Cptn Swain: @NDak> ::Nods to Harper to open the hatch to what he really, really hoped was a shuttle bay:: Atos Ch'kivar: ((Wasn't the sensor torpedo fired?)) Hunter Matheson: ::keeping an eye on whatever he can at helm, mentally calculating the Romulan's course and speed::: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Seated at tactical, in comms with fighters:: Hakran K'hal: :: doing whatever his cardboard self was doing at the end of last week, with an ear following the goings on :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( Yes, sensor torpedo was fired. 2 of 'em. )) Atos Ch'kivar: (( Roger that )) Cptn Swain: (( So assume he means firing any more )) Indaura Ryssan: :: in sickbay, expecting the worse, hoping the coffeemaker makes it through :: Cptn Swain: (( Sorry about that, was clear enough )) Cptn Swain: +Romulans+ Commander, now would be a good time for you to surrender. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Romulan Commander> +Excalibur+ Would it? I was thinking the same of you. Cptn Swain: +Commander+ Neither of us want this to end in bloodshed, and I am sure your superiors certainly don't want it to end as such. Return my crew members and you will be free to return to the Neutral Zone. Charlie Harper: @ ::opens the hatch, pretty certain NDak is faking all of this:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Romulan Commander> +Excalibur+ We would gladly return your crew to you if they'd stop trying to escape. As it stands now, however, we will likely have to kill them just to keep them from shooting our officers. Cptn Swain: +Romulan+ If they die, Commander, you will be held accountable for their deaths. Under the terms of the treaty signed between our people, you have committed multiple acts of war, do you want that sort of blood on your hands? Cptn Swain: +Romulan+ Surrender, and allow me to talk to my people and we can end this now, before it goes too far. I'll give you 5 minutes to make a decision. ::Motions to cut the comm:: Cptn Swain: @ Oh good, It is a shuttle bay. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda leaned back in her chair, looking sideways at Swain.:: You think that will really work? Charlie Harper: @ You actually have no idea what you're doing, do you? Rhan K'hal: :: taps :: Comm ended. Cptn Swain: @ ::Looks at him:: Why do you think I would? Cptn Swain: No. But it should give us time to get our sensors back online. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> +Shipwide Comm+ Officers of the Federation Starfleet -- listen and heed my words. Your Captain wishes your return. If you continue to fight, we will be forced to kill you. Surrender now and you will be returned to your ship. Cptn Swain: @NDak> ::Looks to Harper:: Cptn Swain: So, status of the sensors? Cptn Swain: ::Looks to the K'hals:: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Checks tactical sensors:: Charlie Harper: @ romulan ship, romulan officer.... seriously, you graduated your academy? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Fighters> ::Send word that the Romulan ship has halted, but isn't showing signs of aggression. Yet.:: Hakran K'hal: Starting to see some improvement, but the systems aren't going to respond like the lights flipping on, Captain. This radiation surge they caused is very much an analog event. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Calls over shoulder:: Fighters report that the Romulan ship has come to a stop, no other activity. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nods at Atos.:: +Engineering+ Chocox, how are you doing on those special torpedo modifications? Do we have some at the ready? Hunter Matheson: ::prepares to take another eyeball reading if they get another torpedo going::: William Chocox: Yes we do! Cptn Swain: @NDak> ::Blinks:: I told you, this is a Tal'shiar, and an older design at that. I don't excactly have the layout of every ship in our fleet down. Besides, I am a science officer -- as you keep saying about yourself! William Chocox: +Bridge+* Charlie Harper: @Yeah, but I can find a shuttlebay on a starship! Cptn Swain: @ ::Points:: So did I! Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Romulan Commander> +Shipwide, N'Dak, Harper+ We are tracking your current location and have officers ready to intercept. Surrender now and you will be returned. Cptn Swain: @Issaha> ::Looks at Harper after the comm:: Charlie Harper: @ ::looks back:: I suppose if I asked whether that was likely to be a trap, you wouldn't have an opinion? William Chocox: ((Wouldn't those usually be on the edge somewhere?)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> ::Sighs.:: This obviously isn't working. Cloaking status? ::Turns and frowns.:: Very well, keep me informed. William Chocox: (( :P )) Cptn Swain: @Issaha> I mean, I do. I don't trust him, but do you have a better idea? Indaura Ryssan: :: Moving around sickbay getting things ready :: Grrr Charlie Harper: @ ::resists the urge to facepalm:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> +Swain+ Your officers have yet to show themselves. Would you care to speak with them directly? Frankly, I just want them off my ship as quickly as possible. Cptn Swain: ::Looks up:: Cptn Swain: Wait... really? Cptn Swain: ::Glances to Miranda:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Slight eyebrow arch.:: Cptn Swain: +Romulan+ Put me through to them. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: It can't hurt. Unless they use you to draw them out to trap them again. Cptn Swain: ::Nods:: I don't see any better options, do you? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> +Shipwide, N'Dak, Harper+ Your Ennarain wishes to speak with you. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Excalibur comms are patched through to blast through the interior of the Romulan ship. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::returns to the bridge after finishing locking up all the stuff from the away mission, makes his way over to tactical to check in with Ch'kivar:: Rhan K'hal: :: nods at Swain, confirming he's connected :: Cptn Swain: +All+ ::Bites his lip for a moment:: Excalibur crew, this is Captain Swain. Surrender yourselves peacefully and you will be returned, unharmed to us. Both of you. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::lowly to Atos:: Been keeping up from down in security. Good work. Charlie Harper: @ ::hesitates:: Well.... if the captain thinks they're on the up and up... Cptn Swain: @Issaha> ::Nods:: I doubt they'd have his voice print on file. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Nods to Augustin as he notices him:: Thank you, sir. Our fighters are still in position, nothing really coming in on sensors yet. Rhan K'hal: :: waits :: Charlie Harper: @ Well, thank you for that little burst of paranoia. ::peers carefully around a doorway:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> :nods:: I'll take aux tac. Cptn Swain: @Issaha> I am a Romulan, remember. Cptn Swain: @Issaha> Though they could have perhaps captured it during any communications. ::Considers:: but unless we want to take a chance fighting our way out of this... Charlie Harper: @::mutters to self:: All evidence to the contrary. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan ship> ::As previously noted, there were officers waiting on the fringes of the shuttle bay, waiting for them to surrender.:: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Quirks head at Augustin curiously:: Yes, sir. Cptn Swain: @Issaha> ::drops his ie'yakk:: I'll go first. Cptn Swain: @Issaha> ::In Romulan:: We surrender. Return us to our ship:: Cptn Swain: ::Glances to Miranda, then to K'hal:: Anything? Charlie Harper: @ ::carefully sets the stolen disruptor down, watching the Romulans:: Rhan K'hal: Nothing yet, sir. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @::Turn their weapons on the escaped officers and close in.:: Hakran K'hal: We should get a shuttle ready. If I can't find them with sensors, we can't very well use transporters. Cptn Swain: ::Nods:: Hunter, head down to the shuttle bay. Hunter Matheson: ::stands:: Yes, sir. ::sprints out:: Hunter Matheson: ::TL:: Shuttle bay. Hunter Matheson: ::exits on bay level and reports to the bay chief::: Cptn Swain: +Romulan+ We're prepping a shuttle to come get our people. I trust you will let them leave, unmolested? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> ::Sweeps in and smiles, seeing the officers back under guard.:: +Swain+ Mostly. I mean, we do have our injured officers to consider. Hunter Matheson: ::pointed in the direction of a shuttle, he climbs aboard, logs in, and pulls up his previous information from helm, just in case::: Hunter Matheson: :::preflight check commences::: Rhan K'hal: :: connects whatever shuttle Hunter has picked to their space braille navigation system :: Hakran K'hal: :: frowns, flattens ears at that comment from the Romulan Commander :: Hunter Matheson: ::catches the braille navsys, blinks::: Hunter Matheson: ::braille?::: Cptn Swain: +Romulan+ Commander, they wouldn't be injured if you hadn't taken my people hostage in the first place. I am willing to let you leave the system, I have additional reinforcements less than half an hour away. Consider the welfare of the rest of your crew. Hunter Matheson: +K'hal+ Confirming reception of NavSys, wondering about the braille, sir. Clarification requested. ::he continues his preflight::: Rhan K'hal: :: assumes that the doctors have been listening in, but officially informs them of potentially injured incomings in the shuttle bay... hopefully :: Cptn Swain: @ ::Glances to the Commander:: Jolan tru. Cptn Swain: +Hunter+ What's the hold up, Mister Matheson? Rhan K'hal: +Hunter+ It's just a bit of sarcastic nomenclature, Gunny. You should know that about me by now. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::glances over to Atos:: Hunter Matheson: +Swain+ Ready to deploy, sir. Hunter Matheson: ::takes a deep breath, wondering about this crew::: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Continues communicating with fighters on updated positioning and testing tactical sensors:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> ::Snorts. Gives Issaha a flat look.:: Au are quite lucky that we are so far from the Empire. Else, this would have quite differently. Hunter Matheson: +Flight OPS+ Requesting departure coordinates confirmation. Ready to depart. Rhan K'hal: :: aside to his brother :: I'd swear he was Vulcan. Rhan K'hal: FOps> +Hunter+ Cleared for departure. Rhan K'hal: FOps> :: sends the coords :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> ::Gestures to one of the shuttles and speaks in Romulan to one of her officers.:: Take them to their ship. They are sending a shuttle to meet au. I want them off immediately. Hunter Matheson: +FOPS+ Copy. Departing to (coordinates). Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Officers> ::Gives N'Dak and Harper a shove to the nearest shuttle craft, weapons still trained on them.:: Hunter Matheson: ::shoots out of the bay, watching for fighters, then realizes he can use the fighters for navigation::: Rhan K'hal: (( That's what the "space braille" is, Hunter. xD )) Charlie Harper: @ I'd still like to know why we were treated to this 'hospitality' in the first place. ::marching to the shuttle, face stormy:: Hunter Matheson: (sorry.. didn't compute) Hunter Matheson: ::he swings the shuttle toward the Romulan ship, taking aim on their shuttle bay::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Officer> Because you are meddling lloann'na. ::Gets them on board and launches the shuttle.:: Cptn Swain: @Issaha> ::Glances towards the Commander and decides to not make rather snide remark about his obvious low birth, turns to Harper:: Rhan K'hal: Fighter Alpha 3> :: reports Romulan shuttle bay opening, then reports Romulan shuttle exiting the ship :: Hunter Matheson: +FOPS+ Romulan shuttle outbound. Hunter Matheson: (Or Alpha squadron does) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> A Romulan shuttle craft departs the ship and moves out to meet Hunter. As soon as they were within transporter range, Hunter hears the shimmer of transport behind him and N'Dak and Harper have suddenly joined him. Cptn Swain: ::Turns to Atos:: Update the cavalry on the situation. I'd rather not the fly blind into this. Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::shimmers onto the shuttle:: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Looks over to Swain:: Got it. Hunter Matheson: ::blink, turn:: Sir. Ma'am. Strap in. It's going to be a fast ride. Need medical assistance? Cptn Swain: Do we have our people? Rhan K'hal: Right, it'd be bad form for them to come in shooting after we get this settled without screaming and death. Hopefully. :: still waiting on word from Hunter :: Hunter Matheson: +TAC+ Package acquired. RTB Atos Ch'kivar: +Alpha+ Our shuttle is retrieving our missing crew, keep an eye out for them. Charlie Harper: ::still looks annoyed, but takes a seat:: Hunter Matheson: ::swings the shuttle around and beelines it to Excalibur::: Rhan K'hal: A3> :: reports the rendezvous up and down the line :: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Calls out:: We've got them, they're heading back. Cptn Swain: +Romulans+ You may return to the neutral zone. We will be remaining in orbit for some time, do not attempt to return. Excalibur out. Hakran K'hal: :: sighs :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @Romulan Commander> +Excalibur+ I would thank you for your hospitality, but it is severely lacking. We were here to do a simple scientific survey, after all. In any case, it has been such a pleasure dealing with you and your crew. ::The sarcasm was strong with this one.:: Hunter Matheson: +FOPS+ Shuttle (name) coming in hot. Cptn Swain: ::Rolls his eyes:: One of these days, Rhan K'hal: :: cuts the comm with a bit more of a high-pitched squeal at the end than he usually would (which is never) after that comment :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Fighters report the Romulan ship suddenly cloaking, which they've apparently managed to repair. Hunter Matheson: ::settles the shuttle in the bay and powers down as he turns to his package:: Hunter Matheson: Does anyone need medical assistance? Hakran K'hal: I'm going to go see my people... well, my person and my loan. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Swivels around:: Captain, the Romulan ship has cloaked. Hakran K'hal: :: heads to the lift :: Cptn Swain: Well. I for one am glad this little science project is over. Don't know about the rest of you. Indaura Ryssan: :: Listens :: Cptn Swain: ::Nods to K'hal:: Cptn Swain: Have them report to medical, even if they don't want to. Rhan K'hal: I seriously think this ship has a problem if we can't even conduct a survey without histrionics. Hakran K'hal: Was already planning on that, Captain. :: lift doors close :: Rhan K'hal: And that problem is named "Bad Luck." Cptn Swain: Oh come now K'hal. Cptn Swain: It's not like a black cat crossed our paths. Cptn Swain: Or did you break a mirror? Hunter Matheson: (Sorry.. I need to move out.) Cptn Swain: ( No worries, just going to do a little wrap up )) Rhan K'hal: :: tweaks an ear :: Who says it was my fault? It's been this way since my brother Rhan was on board. Atos Ch'kivar: ::To Swain:: Shall I recall our fighters? Cptn Swain: ::Nods:: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Swivels back around and comms in for fighters to return to ship:: Cptn Swain: ::Miranda:: I don't know about you, but I think I am ready to head to ... what's the nearest starbase? Hakran K'hal: :: exits into the shuttle bay, makes a beeline for N'Dak and Harper :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She sighed.:: Yes, wherever that is. We need a bit of recovery time. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Not to mention repairs. Rhan K'hal: Bonus, as soon as we leave we'll be able to see where we're going. Probably good not to run over anything. Cptn Swain: Very good. As soon as our fighters are recalled and the reinforcements have arrived, let them know we're heading out. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Leans back in his chair with an easy sigh:: Fighters on return...and everyone's almost home. Hakran K'hal: :: to Harper and Issaha :: You two are going to have an interesting debrief... after you've been looked at down in sickbay. Cptn Swain: ::Motions to the planet:: This is someone else’s circus now. We'll transmit everything to Starfleet and let them send a proper science vessel to study the system and whatever the Romulans did to it. Cptn Swain: I suspect the big IQ boys back home will be especially interested in that. Cptn Swain: Commander, you have the bridge. Good work everyone. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  15. MISSION BRIEF: In what could also have come out of a loony toons skit, both the Excalibur and the Romulan vessel have deployed secret weapons, with the Excalibur disabling the Romulan vessel’s shields at the same moment the Romulans disabled all of Excalibur’s sensors. We must now race against time to repair our sensors before they escape or attack, and hopefully rescue our crew. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Indaura Ryssan: :: Waiting nervously in sickbay :: William Chocox: +Bridge+ Why is the computer shouting at me? Atos Ch'kivar: :: Swivels away from tactical station :: I've lost all sensors! Hunter Matheson: ::stares at the helm console:: Hakran K'hal: You're not the only one. Damn them! Indaura Ryssan: :: Sees Dr. Dubois preparing :: Hakran K'hal: :: plays back the last sensor data to see what the heck just happened :: Cptn Swain: ::Frowns:: Cptn Swain: Report. Tandaris Admiran: It wasn't us! Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Chocox+ The Romulans deployed some weapon at the same time that we fired ours and disabled all of our sensors. Hakran K'hal: Looks like they used some sort of beam to aggravate the chaos the star puts out. We're blind. But they should be too. Though, having planned on it, they're probably moving off using their last sensor snapshot. Rhan K'hal: That would be the smart thing to do. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Tapping rapidly at her station. She rose abruptly from her seat and moved one of the aux stations, sitting and letting her fingers fly.:: William Chocox: +Hawthorne+ I'll see what I can do from down here. William Chocox: ::starts working feverishly at his console. Tandaris Admiran: Anti-protons? No, not enough time. Nadions? No, too risky. Positrons? Hmm ... no, too slow. Hakran K'hal: Now the majority of what they did looks like it's in the EM bands, but is also effecting subspace and to a lesser extent our gravimetric array. But it's inhibited enough that I can't track anything but the star and the planet. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Think old school. ::to Tandaris.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: People flew in space before they had fancy sensors and visuals. Atos Ch'kivar: :: Turns back to station :: Do we still have comms? Our fighters have eyes as well. Maryse Dubois: ((Sorry I'm late)) Hunter Matheson: ::as he checks through helm, he realizes that the only problem is sensors, except that he'll have to wing it if he has to fly, so that's out::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ch'kivar, contact them. See if they have a visual. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Pray we still have external comms. Rhan K'hal: They were likely affected in the same way. They didn't target US, they targeted the stuff around us. Cptn Swain: ::He made his way over to the science console where the blue shirt K'hal was working:: Atos Ch'kivar: :: Jabs at a few keys :: Tactical to all fighters. Come in, over. Maryse Dubois: ::Was on the bridge, manning the bio-sensors before all hell broke loose.:: This is a fine mess. Hunter Matheson: ::to anyone:: Any way we can rig up some medical gear to make a rudimentary sensor we can use through the conference room windows? Hunter Matheson: At least we'd be able to maneuver. I think. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: We also have previous sensor sweeps in our database, so we'll at least not crash into anything. Except a Romulan ship. Tandaris Admiran: Their shields are down Indaura Ryssan: :: Perhaps she was tired, but she thought she saw Dubois, but not :: Tandaris Admiran: Romulan hulls have a markedly different composition of metals than Federation vessels. Hakran K'hal: :: has a screen full of tiny windows, as he's literally throwing everything he can think of at a simulation of the problem :: Cptn Swain: Pull up the last sensor reading, just before the energy burst. Tandaris Admiran: We could reprogram the spectroscopic suite on the torpedoes to home in on Romulan hulls. Maryse Dubois: ;;Turns to Hunter as she was about to get on the lift.:: Sorry, my equipment may be good, but it's not that good. Hakran K'hal: :: enlarges one of the windows, keys in the proper time sequence :: Hunter Matheson: ::glance over:: Yes, ma'am. Rhan K'hal: They'll be pretty much blind too until something like 100 meters, and even then it'd be like looking through soup, Commander. Indaura Ryssan: :: Gets a drink of water from the replicator :: Rhan K'hal: But, it's still better than what we have. Cptn Swain: d'Aubugine> +Excalibur+ Alpha leader here. Maryse Dubois: ::Hops on the lift, taking it down to sickbay.:: William Chocox: Hrm...that probably won't work. Atos Ch'kivar: :: Looks to Swain :: We've got comms with the fighters. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She lifted a brow at Tandaris.:: Now you're thinking. That gives us tactical, but not much else. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Something, though. Cptn Swain: ::Looks over from the science console, nods:: Maryse Dubois: ::Enters sickbay, seeing Indaura with everything in order.:: Well at least somethings still work... Indaura Ryssan: Separate systems... Hakran K'hal: I may have something like 8 nanoseconds worth of active sensor data here before their pulse fried the solar wind, Captain. But resolution is going to be awful. Cptn Swain: ::K'hal:: Cross-reference time index... 7.28 by 3.1 with our solar probe. Tandaris Admiran: If we don't want to attack, we could lower the yield on the torpedoes so all they do is give off a pretty flare. We could spot that visually. Cptn Swain: ::Admiran:; Mostly I just want my crew back safely. Hakran K'hal: Aye. :: pulls up the solar probe data, does the cross-reference and puts it in center screen :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ch'kivar, have them get us a visual on the Romulan ship. The cloak should be disabled. Indaura Ryssan: What is our situation doctor? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Like sounding charges. ::To Tandaris.:: Yes... I like it. Get them modified and sent a couple off to give our fighters a better visual. Atos Ch'kivar: ::nods:: +d'Aubugine+ Do you have a visual on the Romulan vessel? We need continually updated positioning. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ch'kivar, warn them that we'll be firing torpedoes that should specifically target the Romulan hull. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::dodges another disruptor shot:: This is fun. Maryse Dubois: Apparently both us and the Romulan ship used some crazy devices, and now we are completely blind. Charlie Harper: #You have a strange idea of fun. Cptn Swain: d'A> +Atos+ We have visual only. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> They've locked down the transporters, but we might be able to get to the shuttle bay. Tandaris Admiran: ::begins modifying the torpedoes:: Atos Ch'kivar: +d'A+ Roger that. Exaclibur will be firing off torpedoes will hopefully target the Romulan ship. Cptn Swain: ::Khal:: Look at this... ::points:: Hunter Matheson: :::just... sitting, wishing he could help:: Hunter Matheson: ::nothing like feeling helpless, and he hates that feeling:::: Hunter Matheson: ::his mind begins to wander, but he fights off the dark places in favor of checking helm again:: Tandaris Admiran: Torpedo yield adjusted to minimum and guidance arrays updated. Indaura Ryssan: Blind...great Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Yeah Hunter Matheson: ::mutters::: So...we're blind, but blind people use... Cptn Swain: #Issaha> Give me cover... Hunter Matheson: :::grin:: Sonar. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Incoming data from fighters, giving best guess of Romulan positioning based on triangulation and like math and stuff. Hunter Matheson: ::swivels:: Captain, Commander? Charlie Harper: # ::leans around the bulkhead to lay down a burst of disruptor fire:: Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::makes his ways over to a console:: The shuttle bay is a deck down. Think we can make it? Hunter Matheson: ::shrug::: Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Frowns:: I am trying to access external sensors... what in the world:: Cptn Swain: ::Glances up from the science console:: Yes? Charlie Harper: #Let me guess, a deck down and directly through the people firing at us? Hunter Matheson: Well, sir....When in doubt, do the simplest thing, the least complicated. Sonar? Indaura Ryssan: :: Finishes her water :: Ice next time Atos Ch'kivar: ::Calls over his shoulder:: I've got estimated positioning on the Romulans from our fighters. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Admiran, send Chocox down the specs so that he can have more ready, if needed. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> :Sheepish grin:: Hunter Matheson: Or... not. ::goes back to doing his stuff::: Tandaris Admiran: ::sends the specs to Chocox:: William Chocox: +Admiran+ You want me working on these? Cptn Swain: ::Having had less than a few seconds to respond to Hunter's idea before he apparently gave up on it, he looked back to K'hal:: What do you make of this? Indaura Ryssan: I hate the waiting... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Good. Ch'kivar, send that information to helm. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Fires back at the people shooting at him:: There should be an access hatch just infront of us on the left. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Taps a few keys and sends positioning data to helm:: Done. Hunter Matheson: ::messing around, thinking of things that might work, just in case::: Tandaris Admiran: +Chocox+ Unless you have a better idea, in which case, follow your gut Hunter Matheson: ::he uses the coordinates for the last few programmed exit strategies, but he's not sure if they have drifted or would still work::: Hunter Matheson: ::ping::: Hunter Matheson: ::blink, pulls up the data::: Hunter Matheson: ::pages through, judging the odds:: William Chocox: +Admiran+ Nope, your plan is good. Atos Ch'kivar: I'll continue to update helm with positioning data as I receive it. ::Does that:: Cptn Swain: ::Glances over to Miranda:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Admiran, as soon as your torpedoes are ready, send their locations to TAC to fire on your mark. Hunter Matheson: ::plugs it in, matches it with what he had before::: Looks like they haven't moved much. Let me know, sirs, and I'll do it. Indaura Ryssan: :: Scans herself :: William Chocox: ::starts working:: Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Harper:: Cover me, we should be able to take the access tube directly to the shuttle bay. Hunter Matheson: ::Swain, Hawthorne::: Coordinates laid in. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Catches Swain's look.:: Captain? Maryse Dubois: ((I have to go early. Something came up. See everyone next week.)) Hunter Matheson: ::idly wonders what it would be like to ram a Romulan ship:: Cptn Swain: (( See you next week! )) Charlie Harper: # I distrust any plan with the word 'should'. ::leans out to lay down fire anyway:: Hunter Matheson: ::probably not good::: Atos Ch'kivar: ((Have a good night!)) Hunter Matheson: (Later) Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Fires a few rounds before heading to the access entrance, under fire:: I mean it could also take us to the garbage compacter. Cptn Swain: Try not to blow them up. Tandaris Admiran: +Chocox+ How long? William Chocox: +Admiran+ I have a batch of them ready in 30. Cptn Swain: ::Continues working with K'hal's kitten cut-out to determine what exactly the Romulans did:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: We won't. Probably. ::Throws Admiran a glance.:: We're not going to blow them up, right? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Matheson, work up a map of our location and our fighters relative to the Romulan vessel. I want it on screen. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Opens the hatch, motions Harper over:: Tandaris Admiran: :::Hawthorne:: The torpedoes won't do them any damage. Tandaris Admiran: They are ready when tactical is. Hunter Matheson: On it, Commander Hunter Matheson: ::tappity tap..tap::: Onscreen. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Dips head to Admiran:: Ready whenever you are. Charlie Harper: #::dives across the corridor:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nods in relief and gives Ch'kivar a nod.:: Only a couple, Ch'kivar. We're just getting location, not doing damage. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Looks to Hawthorne:: On your mark. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Follows him through the access hatch, firing off a few rounds before sealing it shut behind them:: Hunter Matheson: ::waiting for the return ping::one ping only::: Cptn Swain: ::Working with K'kal, he was keeping an ear on the action unfolding:: William Chocox: ::keeps making batches of torpedoes:: Hunter Matheson: :::rigged to calculate given the composition of surrounding space that he had from before::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Nods.:: Fire. Cptn Swain: #Issaha> ::Points:: Down one, then first access panel on your right. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Taps at his console:: ...two torpedoes away. Indaura Ryssan: :: Feels something is happening.. she can feel it in her bones... or perhaps the deckplating :: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Waits silently, holding his breath:: Tandaris Admiran: ACTION> The torpedoes light up, indicating a Romulan ship only 1000 km to port. It appears to be on an escape course. Hunter Matheson: ::smirks, muttering::: Good try.. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Lets out breath and glances over to Hunter:: Hunter Matheson: ::plugs in their vector::: Cptn Swain: ::Glances up:: Open a channel. Hunter Matheson: ::and does a few rough calculations::: Cptn Swain: ...and... Hunter Matheson: ::looks up to Atos::: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM