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  1. SD 0716.2017 The crew has returned mostly unharmed from the surface, however we are still missing Arrain N'Dak and Science Officer Harper. We believe they may have been captured by whomever had the clandestine base on the surface. Science had previously detected an intermittent sensor anomaly in orbit but we have no further confirmation shipside.
  2. MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur team has stumbled on something most unusual -- a working lab below the obelisk and off from the collapsed section of the transport network that appears to have some local technology as well as Romulan computers, though it appears to have been hastily abandoned. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hakran K'hal: Rhan> Hmm. :: bends over one of the Romulan consoles, uses his tricorder to translate what's showing :: William Chocox: This is unusual... Cptn Swain: ACTION> Most of the information on the Romulan console is encrypted, however they do appear to have been monitoring both solar rotations similar to what the Excalibur had been doing as well as weather patterns on the surface. There also appears to be some sort of interfacing with the native systems. Maryse Dubois: ::Standing behind Rhan.:: Seems like every time we move forward we just run into more and more questions... Hunter Matheson: ::brushing the dust off his uniform, stomps his feet, coughs, then looks around:: Hakran K'hal: :: frowns :: Either way I look at it, this isn't good, considering they're nowhere to be found. Either N'Dak knew about this place and was on this mission for means that weren't shared with us, or he just happened to stumble across the top of ruins containing other Romulans. Tandaris Admiran: ::reads the Romulan consoles without much difficulty:: Lots of encryption. William Chocox: Could this be some kind of spy facility? Or do they just not want others to see what they have? Tandaris Admiran: ::Hakran:: You're starting to sound nearly as paranoid as a Romulan. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: nods at Maryse :: Many, many questions. Looks like a lot of meteorological and heliological data, which is not my specialty. The encryption however, is. :: looks to Miranda :: Commander? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::In the Romulan lab, Miranda tried her comm badge.:: +Excalibur+ Hawthorne to Excalibur. Are you receiving? Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Looks to Harper:: So. Tandaris Admiran: We don't actually know that the Romulans were here. This could just be someone with their tech. Hakran K'hal: And the Romulans hand out their technology like Halloween candy, do they? Charlie Harper: # So. Don't suppose you know the secret way out? Tandaris Admiran: I have about seven different black market suppliers for my Romulan technology. Indaura Ryssan: :: with the group :: Cptn Swain: ACTION> The comm single fizzles, as there is apparently a dampening field in effect being generated in the lab. Tandaris Admiran: Granted ... ::kicks one of the consoles:: ... it doesn't tend to be so new. William Chocox: You would have black market suppliers. Hakran K'hal: :: quirks an ear :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nodded at Rhan.:: If you can decrypt it, go ahead. We need to find their communications array. Or a means to disable their dampening field. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> On it. :: flexes his fingers, gets to work :: Maryse Dubois: ::Looking around.:: You know it could simply be something similar to what anthropologists in the Federation set up to study pre-warp civilizations. Tandaris Admiran: ::looking around the perimeter of the lab, paying close attention to the walls and corners:: Tandaris Admiran: If this is a Romulan installation, Doctor, I'm afraid the purpose is easy to guess. Hakran K'hal: :: sniffs, wanders over and finds a cup with a bit of liquid remaining in it - sniffs it :: Some sort of tea, and since the liquid hasn't evaporated off, it hasn't been too terribly long since someone has been here. Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Shrugs:: Assuming it is a Romulan brig cell. few mechanics are built with access from inside. I suppose that's standard for au brigs as well, ie? Charlie Harper: # I don't really spend much time around them. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Chocox, see if you can find their communications panel. We need to get back in contact with Excalibur. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: mutters to himself as he usually does when he's working on something tricky :: William Chocox: Aye ma'am. Tandaris Admiran: This cavern is definitely artificial. I can't tell if the planet's inhabitants carved it out and the Romulans, or whoever, just set up shop here, or if it's specially constructed. William Chocox: ::starts looking around:: Cptn Swain: #NDak> Same actually. Other than the time I sort of accidentally almost killed my Commanding officer while being mind controlled by a giant squid... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She looked around with the others, scanning with her tricorder.:: If they're here, they're here for a reason. Romulans aren't known for their exploratory missions. What they do, they do to further the influence of their Empire. Cptn Swain: #NDak> My brother... he is much more familiar with, well, both sides of the door I suppose. Tandaris Admiran: They wanted to discover how this planet's people broke their sun. Tandaris Admiran: So they can replicate it, on demand, in other people's suns. Hakran K'hal: Cheery thought. Charlie Harper: # ::beat:: I think I won't ask. At what point do we generally get contact from... whomever's holding us? William Chocox: That's not a scary thought. Indaura Ryssan: (( on the road, limited talk)) Cptn Swain: #NDak>Good question. ::tries to stand up, but is a bit wobbly:: Tandaris Admiran: See, the thing you have to realize ::has scanned one of the consoles with his tricorder and now reaches down and removes an access panel:: is that blowing up a star is very easy. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: thinks he has a handle on the encryption type, has seen it before in simulations, and so pushes the big red button on his padd to try to crack it :: William Chocox: ::scans and opens what he thinks is the comms panel:: I think I have it. Tandaris Admiran: I mean, I've done it ... ::starts counting on his fingers:: a few times. ::reaches under neath the console and starts pulling out data storage rods:: William Chocox: And they say I'm explosive happy. Hakran K'hal: :: quirks the other ear :: Hunter Matheson: ::Admiran:: So, just out of curiosity, how does that work? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Joins Chocox, squatting to have a look inside the unit.:: Tandaris Admiran: ::Hunter:: Plenty of ways. I like the "iron sunrise" method. The last time we did it I think I used an isotropic implosive. Trilithium is useful too. Hunter Matheson: ::generally staying out of the way:: Hakran K'hal: Blowing them up is :: finger quotes :: "easy," but making one terminally ill is another thing altogether. Hunter Matheson: Good to know. Cptn Swain: (( Rhan give me a number between 1-20 )) Maryse Dubois: Let’s not contemplate ways to blow up the sun please. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> (( 18 )) Tandaris Admiran: ::rummaging around the console, starts re-arranging the rods:: Exactly, newer K'hal. The problem is that all those methods are rather unsubtle. Tandaris Admiran: If the Romulans can replicate what happened to this sun, they could introduce instabilities that appear to be normal, or at least, can't be traced back to them. They could weaken systems rather than destroying them. It's pernicious. Ah. ::finishes his surgery:: William Chocox: Do I want to know what you're "ahing" about? Tandaris Admiran: ::Rhan:: Older K'hal, have you decrypted the systems yet? Hakran K'hal: :: Will :: Either something good will happen or there will be an explosion, if the Commander's reputation has any meaning. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Power seems to flicker across the entire laboratory and the monitors switch to a bright, chartreuse warning. Because not everyone needs to have blaring red alerts right? Hunter Matheson: ::walking around, out of the way, checking out the rest of the area::: Tandaris Admiran: I'll take that as a no. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> Hmph. That'd be a no. Cptn Swain: ACTION> A moment later the entire group feels the grip of a transporter. Charlie Harper: ::watches NDak quietly from the other side of the cell:: William Chocox: Green? At that point you're just picking that to keep up with the aesthetic. Cptn Swain: (( Everyone, give me a number 1-20 )) Tandaris Admiran: Oh, good, at least that part w…”::dematerializes:: William Chocox: (( 8 )) Tandaris Admiran: ((14)) Hakran K'hal: Rhan> They've shored that encrypt... oh hell :: shimmery feeling starts :: Hunter Matheson: 7 Hakran K'hal: (( 2 )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( 18 )) Hakran K'hal: Rhan> (( 11 )) Hunter Matheson: What... the... hell.... :::stock still, staring::: Cptn Swain: ACTION> The dice like you all apparently and you rematerialize on the surface near Commander Augustin and company outside the Obelisk. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: looks around, sighs :: Tandaris Admiran: I recognized that console as a transporter control unit. It appears I did successfully bypass its command matrix to trigger an emergency evacuation. Hakran K'hal: :: blinks at Augustin :: Fancy meeting you here. Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Makes his way to the door, but before he can get there it slides open:: Tandaris Admiran: However, because we hadn't decrypted the system, it also triggered the base's self-destruct. Tandaris Admiran: My bad. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Still in her crouched position, Miranda almost fell forward, but caught herself and rose.:: Admiran! ::Turning to glare at him.:: Give a person some warning! Cptn Swain: ACTION> A large rumble shakes the ground beneath them and the Obelisk disappears leaving only ruins. It was, apparently, a very good hologram. Maryse Dubois: ::Looks around.:: Everyone in one piece? William Chocox: Well then. Cptn Swain: #Jhael> Jolan tru, Arrain... ::glances to Harper:: and to au. William Chocox: I think we can communicate again. Tandaris Admiran: ::winces at Miranda:: Warning. Right. I knew I forgot something. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> Physically, yes. Mentally, Doctor? I don't know if that's possible anymore. Tandaris Admiran: ::Chocox:: I thought you were supposed to remind me about those. Charlie Harper: ::glances between them:: Friend of yours? Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Blinks:: Hakran K'hal: :: Augustin :: Secret chamber, Romulan technology, emergency transport, self-destruct mechanisms. You know, the usual, sir. Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Blinks:: Him? Na. I do na know him. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Excalibur+ Hawthorne to Excalibur. Are you receiving? ::Still glaring at Tandaris.:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> Have I... you know never mind. Maryse Dubois: ::Looking up at the open air.:: Well we appear to be back topside, but that doesn't mean we're safe. ::Thinking back to their fun in the rain.:: We may want some shelter just in case we get rained on. Cptn Swain: $+Miranda+ Swain here... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She breathed a sigh of relief.:: +Swain+ Thank goodness. We have developments, Captain. ::Fills him in with a summary of everything they'd been through / learned thus far.:: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: Maryse :: I was trying to forget about that, at least long enough to enjoy the potential near death experiences we've had since then. Hakran K'hal: :: rolls his eyes at his brother, more to keep from glaring at Tandaris along with Miranda than anything :: William Chocox: Must've forgotten. Cptn Swain: # +Miranda+ I am sending a shuttle down to pick you all up now. it should arrive by the time we've finished talking.. There is still the matter of the missing crewmembers, but if the Romulan base was abandoned my hunch is they are no longer there. We're also detecting another storm system developing to your northeast, so I don't think it would be prudent for you to stay. Hakran K'hal: :: overhears, scans off in that direction :: You know Rhan, I think I agree with you now. I hate this planet. Cptn Swain: #Jhael> ::smirks, leaning against the doorway rather lazily:: Well, we will get to be good friends soon, assuming my superiors back at ch'Rihan do na wish au dead. Our work here is done for h'nah, and we will be leaving soon. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: nods :: I'm seldom wrong about these things. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: trots off to mark the landing spot for the shuttle :: Cptn Swain: #Jhael> ::glances to Harper:: Au, Lloann'na, au are lucky to have been found with him. Otherwise au would have simply been... what is au word... vaporized? Cptn Swain: ACTION> The shuttlecraft begins approach to land. Hakran K'hal: :: Miranda :: Since we had to leave almost all of the artifacts behind, science will need everyone's tricorders after we get to the ship to at least collate all the scanned data :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Swain+ The Romulans must have gone recently. Are you detecting any activity around the planet? Transporter activity? Shuttles? We still have a team missing from the planet's surface. Charlie Harper: # And what work would that be, exactly? Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: trots back to the others so he doesn't get landed on - naturally :: Cptn Swain: @+Hawthorn+ There is an unusual sensor anomaly we've detected intermittently. Cptn Swain: #Jhael> ::Considers for a moment:: Well since au will never be able to tell au little Lloann'na friends, why na tell au.... Indaura Ryssan: :: Walks with Dubois :: This planet Maryse Dubois: ::Watching the shuttle approach. Nods to Indaura.:: I can't wait to get off of it. Cptn Swain: #Kaled> Idiot. ::Smacks Jhael upside the head:: Do au know who his little friend here is? He lied to us. He is na some Random Arrain sent along by HQ to monitor the situation. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nodded to Hakran.:: Agreed. You're in charge of collecting those when we get back. ::She gestured to the shuttle.:: Everyone on board and back to Excalibur. Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Sighs deeply, glancing to Harper:: William Chocox: ::climbs onto the ship:: William Chocox: Well no one can say this was uneventful. Maryse Dubois: ::Gets onto the shuttle when it lands.:: Hunter Matheson: ::takes up the rear:: Hakran K'hal: :: nods, gets into the shuttle :: William Chocox: I feel like the crew could go to Risa and have something go wrong. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Making sure everyone gets aboard:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Takes her seat, dropping her bag at her feet, and leans back with a sigh.:: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: Will :: I imagine you're right... if the Excalibur hasn't already been banned from the system for past offenses. Hunter Matheson: ::straps in:: Cptn Swain: #Jhael> Ow... what... who is he and how... Charlie Harper: # ::looks back at NDak:: Do you know what their problem is? Cptn Swain: #NDak> I may or may not have told them under questioning before they brought me back in here that I was just a Tal'Shiar operative sent to make sure the Lloann'na did na get too close to whatever their project was... Hakran K'hal: :: calls up to the ship to have someone from his department standing by in the shuttlebay with an empty case or three ready with the little tricorder cutouts in the foam :: Charlie Harper: # ... Well planned, that. Cptn Swain: #Kaled> It almost worked too. But I tested au DNA, *Erei'Riov* Issaha N'Dak. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: leans back with his paws behind his head, glances over to Maryse :: So, how was your day? Cptn Swain: #Jhael> Galae? Those fvadt! Cptn Swain: #Jhael> Wait did au say N'Dak? *That* N'Dak? Cptn Swain: #Kaled> Na. This is the little brother. H'nah, leave them. Colonel t'Haen has na yet decided what to do with them, but since the base has been compromised we must leave orbit soon. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> The shuttle arrives back on Excalibur in only a few minutes. They touch down without incident and the doors open. Science and security are waiting to take back their equipment. Medical is there to tend to the wounded. Cptn Swain: +Miranda+ As soon as you can get up here, report to the bridge. Hakran K'hal: :: pops out of the shuttle, deposits his tricorder and starts yakking with the lead archaeologist, his best astrophysicist, and the meteorologist :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Swain+ On my way. William Chocox: ::hands over his tricorder:: Hunter Matheson: ::rolls out, hands stuff, heads to the showers:::: Cptn Swain: TWO MINUTE WARNIN William Chocox: Where do you want me Commander Admiran? Cptn Swain: #Jhael> ::spits towards Issaha:: Veruul! ::is dragged out of the room by Kaled, leaving Harper and N'Dak alone again:: Maryse Dubois: ::Steps off the shuttle.:: Ah, a nice sterile ship. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: glances down at the state of his encounter suit :: I think I'll change back into a uni before I join you, Commander. I still have... unpleasant things adhering to me, covered with a centimeter of dust. Tandaris Admiran: ::Chocox:: Do you need to be checked over by medical? Cptn Swain: #NDak> Well, that was awkward. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda disembarked and handed her tricorder to the scientists. She also left the satchel she'd been carrying that had some of the packaged items they'd found in storage. She waved off medical, having nothing but small scrapes and cuts from crawling through rock. Though she was dusty and her uniform sported a few tears, she headed straight to the bridge.:: William Chocox: Nah, I was underground the entire time. Indaura Ryssan: :: Steps off :: Indaura Ryssan: My kingdom for a sonic shower.. Tandaris Admiran: Then get changed and report to engineering. William Chocox: Aye sir. Cptn Swain: ...and... William Chocox: ::walks off to do just that. Tandaris Admiran: ::follows Miranda to the bridge:: Hakran K'hal: :: with the collections being taken care of, makes directly for the lab :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Holds the lift for Tandaris, still glaring.:: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  3. SD 0709.2017 The Excalibur team has stumbled on something most unusual -- a working lab below the obelisk and off from the collapsed section of the transport network that appears to have some local technology as well as Romulan computers, though it appears to have been hastily abandoned.
  4. MISSION BRIEF: Death and destruction? Maybe! On their way to link up with Commander Augustin's search party, the AT has become trapped in the ancient transportation system deep below the surface, and directly above the unusual obelisk. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: ::poking into the emergency supplies:: Tandaris Admiran: We should get out of here Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She joined the engineers.:: Can we open the doors manually? Indaura Ryssan: :: Still looking for a way out :: Tandaris Admiran: Yes, that's not a problem Hunter Matheson: ::accumulating supplies, looking for tools, digging into panels but there isn't much::: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: after setting his modded padd in a convenient location, uplinks his tricorder to it and begins scanning outside of the car, creating a small holographic projection of their situation to help the engineers see what's what :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Matheson, did we bring any of the safety gear with us? We're going to need masks with all the dust out there. Visibility is low. Hunter Matheson: ::turns:: No, ma'am. But there's some in these compartments. ::flicks the light:: Hakran K'hal: :: sees what his brother is up to, adds the map info they'd collected into the holographic projection and color-codes areas of risk :: Hunter Matheson: ::hands her an unopened kit::: I'm guessing there's something in here. Hunter Matheson: ::opens one:: A few tools, masks, and... looks like some kind of rebreather. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Medical supplies. ::Opening one and removes the mask:: Not exactly rated for fine particulates, but something is better than nothing. Tandaris Admiran: ::grabs a mask as well:: Tandaris Admiran: We aren't too far from the surface, fortunately Hunter Matheson: ::Cdr:: If nothing else, a strip of uniform will serve as a mask, ma'am. Hakran K'hal: Rhan> There we go... damned dense rock, not getting through as far as I'd like. I hate standard trics. :: tilts head, looking at the holo :: Well, at least we can have an idea of what rocks not to touch. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Alright, everyone grab what they can and let's go. K'hal... K'hals... can you find us a way through or over the rubble with that map of yours? Hakran K'hal: :: both simultaneously :: Yes. Hunter Matheson: ::moves forward, having exhausted the contents of the lockers:: Indaura Ryssan: :: With the group :: Hunter Matheson: ::or moves toward the group, whatever::: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: hands Hakran the tricorder and takes the padd himself :: We'll need to move some rock, then be careful in others spots, but I think we can manage it. We've all got hard heads, anyway. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Alright, which way? ::Points to one of the many entrances. There's even an emergency exit on the roof.:: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> This one. :: leads over to the back right door that has a good size boulder blocking the top 1/3 :: Duck under, crawl to the right 3 meters. Hunter Matheson: :::takes the rear guard, loaded with whatever he found::: Tandaris Admiran: ::following:: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> Whoever is the best at very careful manual labor will need to clear some loose rock, straight ahead, about half a meter's worth from the top after coming out from the big boulder. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Don't both of you have natural tools for digging? ::Looking between the cats with amusement.:: Hakran K'hal: :: sighs, hands the tricorder over to Tandy and takes the lead :: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> I am your tour guide. Since I've done so well with that today already. Hunter Matheson: ::from behind:: I'm pretty good at that, ma'am. ::cdr:: Hunter Matheson: Haven't been lost in an avalanche yet. And if I go, you're not losing much. Indaura Ryssan: :: With the group :: Tandaris Admiran: ::following, using the tricorder to scan for more instabilities:: Hakran K'hal: :: crawls underneath the boulder going through the door, then shuffles on his paws and knees until he gets out from under it :: Okay, loose rocks. :: carefully begins removing them off the top layers and piling them up in under an overhang that none of them could get into anyway :: Hunter Matheson: ::Hands off the gear and begins *carefully* moving boulders::: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: sneezes, tries to tie the primate-style mask over his feline muzzle in some way that won't just fall off :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Slips on her mask and follows the Khal in the lead, squeezing through the worst areas and cursing that extra slice of cake she'd had that had gone straight to her hips.:: Hunter Matheson: ::gloves on, mask on, dig...dig...dig:::: Hunter Matheson: (good one, commander) Hakran K'hal: Rhan> Okay, good enough. Now climb up onto the pile and feel around until you get to the tunnel wall. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Hunter's excessive digging causes a mini rock-slide that showers them all with bouncing pebbles, small rocks, and dust. Hunter Matheson: Hey... semi-fresh breeze coming from up here. ::points:: Tandaris Admiran: ::looks in the direction Matheson indicates:: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> Careful! :: sneezes the mask right off :: Dammit. Hakran K'hal: :: looks back at Hunter :: Think careful archaeology excavation, not prairie dog needing a new home. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Stops, covers her head, and waits for the slide to end. Then continues on, searching for the wall that Rhan had indicated.:: Cptn Swain: ACTION> The team eventually claws their way to the tunnel wall, but instead find an unexpected opening that was not on the maps and appears to be relatively new. Beyond there appears to be artificial lights. Hunter Matheson: ::K'hal:: Yes, sir. ::working carefully toward the fresher air::: Indaura Ryssan: :: Covered in dust :: Indaura Ryssan: :: spits :: Hakran K'hal: :: blink blinkety-blink-blinken :: That wasn't on the map. Or the scan. Hunter Matheson: ::stops, looks:::: huh.. Hakran K'hal: :: crawls down from the rubble onto the slightly pebble-covered floor in this new notch :: Hunter Matheson: (are the lights on?) Tandaris Admiran: Tricorder shows this tunnel continues for about 100 m. Cptn Swain: (( How else would you, notice them )) Tandaris Admiran: There's lights at the end. Can't discern anything else Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Stumbles over a rock and takes the last few staggering steps into the newly discovered tunnel.:: Uhh... this also looks different in design to the other tunnels and structure beneath the ruins. Hunter Matheson: (flashlights that we have?) Hakran K'hal: Rhan> What is with this planet, it's like it's populated by moles. Hunter Matheson: ::checking the stability of the rest of the rock pile::: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: turns to check that everyone gets through to the 'safety' of the new tunnel :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Turning her flashlight off, she started forward to the lighting ahead, keeping one hand on the wall of the tunnel.:: This place looks structurally sound, as well. Newer engineering. Hakran K'hal: :: since he gave his tricorder away, uses his natural senses as he walks with Miranda at the fore :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Crawling or however she is making it with the others :: Cptn Swain: ACTION> The new tunnel brings them to a working laboratory where there appears to be a number of consoles and equipment. Some of it very clearly belongs to the species that once inhabited this planet, while others appear to be very modern in design and technology. Tandaris Admiran: ::follows the tunnel:: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: gives a hand to Indaura and cardboard Maryse to get them over the last hump of rubble :: Indaura Ryssan: Thank you... :: takes the hand :: Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: sneezes again after cardboard Will stirs up dust coming in at the end :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: What in the... ::Pauses inside of the doorway, staring at the lab.:: Hakran K'hal: Bit of a hodge-podge, isn't it? Cptn Swain: (( Gimme a number erryone between 1-20 )) Hakran K'hal: :: looks around at the assorted tech :: Indaura Ryssan: (3) Hakran K'hal: (( 4 )) Hakran K'hal: Rhan> (( 5 )) Hunter Matheson: 7 Hunter Matheson: ::exits last::: Tandaris Admiran: ((8)) Cptn Swain: (( OH thank god. That was going to be an awkward action if all of you failed the perception roll. )) Cptn Swain: ACTION> Tandaris notices the script and UI on the newer consoles looks like whatever the Romulan version windows is. Tandaris Admiran: Uh-oh Tandaris Admiran: These consoles look like they're Romulan in origin Cptn Swain: (( SEE IT'S NOT ALWAYS EVIL WHEN I ASK FOR A DICE ROLL )) Hakran K'hal: Rhan> :: too busy tucking away his precious padd to have gotten far enough to look :: Hakran K'hal: (( I've got to check out on time here tonight, mum's having issues with her oxygen )) Cptn Swain: << TWO MINUTE WARNING >> Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Romulan? ::blinks.:: I suppose we know why our team went missing... Cptn Swain: ...and... Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  5. SD 0702.2017 Death and destruction? Maybe! On their way to link up with Commander Augustin's search party, the AT has become trapped in the ancient transportation system deep below the surface, and directly above the unusual obelisk.
  6. MISSION BRIEF: When we last saw our intrepid heroes, the medical team had hooked up with the rest of the ruins teams meaning we have TWO CATS in one room. Also the team found an protohologram left by one of the inhabitants that confirmed our working theory that something had gone wrong with the planet and it's star to cause their eventual extinction, though it did not elaborate on their plan to "change their destiny." Elsewhere, Arrain N'Dak and Ensign Harper have gone missing at the site of a large obelisk. Captain Swain has ordered most personnel to return to the Excalibur to avoid further incidents with the unpredictable weather, flora and fauna. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Maryse Dubois: @ ::Had just met up with the others.:: William Chocox: @ Hey doc. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: With Dubois :: Tandaris Admiran: @ So, we just found a depressing hologram. Hunter Matheson: (He said they were ordered to, so that's a futuristic order. Gotcha) Indaura Ryssan: @ Hologram? Hakran K'hal: :: consternated by how N'Dak and Harper's disappearance :: Maryse Dubois: @ Glad to see everyone. ::Sighs:: So...We've learned that things tend to melt in the rain here. Especially vehicles... Charlie Harper: ::kinda consternated too what with being not where intended:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She blinked at Maryse.:: Rain? Cptn Swain: NDak> ::Blinks awake, a faint, coppery taste in his mouth:: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Scanning the others for medical issues :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Acid rain? Tandaris Admiran: @ Ah, yes. Acid rain. Slightly better than basic rain. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: Tandaris :: You wouldn't think it better if it burned a hole in YOUR arm. William Chocox: @ I prefer my rain neutral. Tandaris Admiran: @ I remember one time we went to a planet with strontium hydroxide rain. Cptn Swain: #NDak> Where uh, where are we? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Ah, it would explain some of the items that Matheson found in the storage room. Neutralizing agents. Indaura Ryssan: @ Highly acidic. Cptn Swain: #Augustine> ::Frowning:: No luck with the link up? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Are all of you alright? Were you injured? Cptn Swain: #June> ::shakes her head:: Still nothing but traces, but also this obelisk... sensors are having trouble penetrating it. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> Well, other than the security officer that was eaten, nothing serious. Cptn Swain: #Augustin> Could it be the interference you mentioned? Maryse Dubois: @ We are fine, save for Rhan's burn. And of course our escort. Tandaris Admiran: @ ...eaten? Cptn Swain: #June> ::frowning, her nose wrinkled:: Doesn't seem like it. Maryse Dubois: @ Nasty cats with scales. very resistant against phasers. Wouldn't recommend running into one. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda frowned.:: We lost one of the crew? ::She pressed her fingers to her temple.:: The Captain has ordered a planet-wide evacuation because of the turbulent weather and hostile wildlife. William Chocox: @ ::to Tandy:: Masticated, consumed, ingested, I've got more. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: I need to stop feeding you crosswords. Indaura Ryssan: @ Cancelled my vacation plans here. Tandaris Admiran: @ This away mission is proving less scenic than first advertised. Tandaris Admiran: @ Commander, we've recorded all the data we can onto our tricorders. Aside from gathering any physical artifacts you want to take back to Excalibur, we're good here. Charlie Harper: # ;:tugs at bound wrists:: At a guess, somewhere unpleasant with equally unpleasant people. This is not supposed to happen to science officers; you must be bad luck. Cptn Swain: #NDak> This is like the fourth straight mission I've had something like this happen to me. Hakran K'hal: @ :: wanders a few steps away for a quieter environment :: +Augustin+ Hakran to Commander Augustin. Charlie Harper: #This is the kind of thing you should warn your mission partners about. Cptn Swain: #Augustin> +Khal+ Augustin here. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Then we should leave while we are able. One of our teams is currently missing, as well. I hope they didn't come across any predators. William Chocox: @ Oh jeez. Cptn Swain: #NDak> Would you still have came with me? Also why is my lip bleeding. Hakran K'hal: @ +Augustin+ Any luck? Hunter Matheson: @ ::standing by, listening:: Cptn Swain: #Augustin> +Khal+ None yet. It's like they just vanished. No sign of struggle. Charlie Harper: # Decidedly not. And you have a bruise on your jaw. Looks sort of fist-like. Hunter Matheson: @ ::idly picking dust and dirt off his uniform::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Let's go. Take what you can carry and let's get out to transporter range. Hakran K'hal: @ +Augustin+ Very well, we're likely finished up here, I'd expect we'll move off your way soon to assist. William Chocox: @ Aye ma'am. ::starts gathering some things:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::gathers other manuals he's found and whatever else seems important::: Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Sighs:: The last thing I remember was being at the obelisk and finding something... then nothing. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Folds up her tricorder, checks her small bag :: Maryse Dubois: @ Hopefully it isn't going to rain... Charlie Harper: # The last thing I remember was the weather getting worse. Cptn Swain: #NDak> Maybe we're both dead and having a shared afterlife experience? Indaura Ryssan: @ I am ready. Hunter Matheson: @ ::grabs a ruck he found in the corner and stuffs it full of stuff::: Hunter Matheson: @ Ready. William Chocox: @ What do we do about the missing team? Tandaris Admiran: @ We could load up one of these transport pods and take it to the nearest surface station. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She looked at Tandaris.:: Do they travel underground? Maryse Dubois: @ I hope everyone is ready for a nice relaxing time in decon, cause that's where we are headed once we get back. ::Already had her stuff on her and was starting to head back.:: Tandaris Admiran: @ Yes, it's like those tunnel transit networks your Earth used before transporters. Subpaths? Charlie Harper: #::gives him the kind of 'are you kidding me' look perfected at lecture halls:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::mutters something about not caring because that means he can ditch his dirty utilities::: Hakran K'hal: @ SubWAYs, Commander. And they still do use them on many Federation worlds. Hunter Matheson: @ ::and maybe...just maybe... get a shower:: Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::shrugs:: It was just an idea. Cptn Swain: #NDak> Hmm... so... these walls don't look uh, well they don't look like anything else on the surface. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: has no idea what any of this stuff is, so just grabs a random box :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Lead the way. Let's go. ::Shouldering a pack full of the alien rations and other items for Excalibur science teams to study.:: Charlie Harper: #::looks around the room curiously:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Starts up the stairs that spiral upwards to the tunnels.:: William Chocox: @::walks with Hawthorne:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::falls in, making his way up the stairs, ruck secure and loaded::: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Glances at Dubois :: Hakran K'hal: @ :: with his small bag containing only a few things of interest, meanders over to join the others on the climb :: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Following the others since they seem more familiar with the area.:: Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> Great, we climbed all the way down here just to come right back up. :: clomps up the stairs :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She grinned back at Rhan.:: No, you climbed down, so you could climb up with your arms full of stuff. Like a pack-mule, but feline. Charlie Harper: #You're right; the architecture is completely different. This looks.... machined. Hunter Matheson: @ ::small cough:: Cptn Swain: #NDak> If I didn't know better it looks an awful lot like a holding area in a Romulan br'tehh. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: grunts :: Tandaris Admiran: @::helps carry items to the surface:: Cptn Swain: #Augustin> +Excalibur+ Augustin to Excalibur Indaura Ryssan: @ :: With the group :: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Looking to Rhan.:: If your arm is still bothering you, you can get someone else to carry that. William Chocox: @::whistles "The Noble Duke of York":: Charlie Harper: #::gives him the 'kidding me' look again, but this time with a lot less confidence behind it:: Cptn Swain: $Ops> +Augustin+ Go ahead Commander. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> The team makes the way through the ruin tunnels to the underground transports without incident. Cptn Swain: #Augustin> +Ops+ Can you double check to make sure Arrain NDak and Ensign Harper didn't return to the Excalibur? Cptn Swain: $Ops> ::after a moment:: +Augustin+ Confirmed. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: Maryse :: Nah, just stings a bit still, but it'd do that if I was lying on a pack of pillows. :: gratefully stows the box onto the transport, however - is not the manual labor type :: Cptn Swain: #NDak> Not that I... not that I have spent a lot of time in the br'tehh... but it does have that feel. Especially the flooring. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda put her supplies at the end of one of the transports and sank down into a seat.:: How do these things operate? Are they solar powered? William Chocox: @::sets his items down:: I can't remember off hand. Charlie Harper: #... Mother said take the lecturer position, but no, I said Starfleet... see the galaxy... one brig at a time... Maryse Dubois: @ ::Sets her kit down and has a seat.:: Hakran K'hal: @ I think you have to click your heels three times and say "there's no place like station 3B, there's no place like station 3B, there's no place like station 3B." Hunter Matheson: @ ::drops his ruck, secures it, and straps in:: Cptn Swain: #Augustin> ::Was really hoping they'd just been missed:: +Ops+ Tell security I want a level 2 sweep of all decks. perhaps the weather fried their comm badges. Tandaris Admiran: @ We interface one of these tablet devices. ::demonstrates:: Hakran K'hal: @ :: not regularly as sarcastic as his brother, but can drop one occasionally :: Tandaris Admiran: The power appears to be inductive in nature. Cptn Swain: $Ops> +Aug+ Understood sir, Excalibur out. Hunter Matheson: @ ::coughs:: Cptn Swain: #NDak> My mother wanted me to do the same. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: looks over at Hunter :: Coming down with something, Gunny? Tandaris Admiran: @ The nearest surface station is about 2 km from our original beam-down coordinates. Hunter Matheson: @ ::looks up:: Think it's the dust down there. Got a catch in my throat. ::squeaks it out::: Tandaris Admiran: @ The weather appears quiescent for the moment. Hunter Matheson: @ ::shrug:: I'm fine. Just need to get outta here. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Looks around :: Hakran K'hal: @ So long as we don't linger too long in one spot. Charlie Harper: #Do Romulans do lawyers? Hostage negotiations? ... access to the head? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ So long as we can get to the surface where they can lock on to our signals, we'll be good. Base camp is broken down by now. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: Hunter :: You say so, but I'm sure one of the doctors will be scanning you with extra enthusiasm anyway. Cptn Swain: #NDak> Depends on how charitable we're feeling. Though if this *is* a Romulan br'tehh I am going to be very confused what it's doing here. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Admiran, does your interface show you the maps of the tunnels? Are there any stations in the vicinity of the obelisk that the teams are currently investigating? Hunter Matheson: @ ::snort:: Probably so, Sir. Got no problem with that so long as it's on Excal. Hunter Matheson: @ ::cough:: Tandaris Admiran: @ Let's see... yes, there's one practically underneath the obelisk. Cptn Swain: #NDak> I mean why would a Romulan brig be on this planet? We have never graced it with our presence as far as I could tell looking over the records before we embarked. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Alright, take us there. We can link up with Augustin's team and see if they require any assistance before we beam back to the ship. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: settles onto one of the sideways-facing benches alongside Hakran :: Tandaris Admiran: @ Understood. ::directs the transport to that station:: ETA is 4 minutes. Hunter Matheson: @ ::rests back against the bulkhead::: Charlie Harper: #Doesn't a brig sort of imply a ship? Cptn Swain: #NDak> Ie, though what would a Rihan ship being doing here, rhae au side of the neutral zone? Hakran K'hal: @ :: both K'hals stretch out identically next to each other to rest through the ride; the only difference between them is their uniforms and Hakran's longer and pointier chin fluff :: William Chocox: @::leans back:: Charlie Harper: #That is the question. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Smiles at the two brothers, before glancing around at everyone else, watching them relax for now.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ACTION> The transports gets underway, heading toward the obelisk station. Halfway there, collision alarms sound and the transport comes to a grinding halt, tossing about the unprepared. A huge pile of boulders blocks the tunnel in front of them. William Chocox: @ Was that there before? Hunter Matheson: @ ::jerked against his straps:: What the... Tandaris Admiran: @ There was no sign of it on the system map. Cptn Swain: #NDak> I just don't know what about this planet would be interesting to my people. William Chocox: @ I doubt they put rockslides on the map. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Holds onto a pole, keeping her from going anywhere.:: Well that's not good. Hakran K'hal: @ :: both K'hals slide forward on their bench seat until Hakran collides with a divider and Rhan smooshes into him :: Charlie Harper: #::glances thoughtfully at NDak, then looks away:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda had to grab onto her seat to keep from spilling into the floor. She stood and walked to the front of the transport to have a look.:: It looks recent... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ There's still dust in the air. ::Frowning again.:: Cptn Swain: #NDak> ::Sighs:: Let alone interesting enough to send a clandestine mission here crossing the neutral zone. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: picks himself off his brother, stands and straightens his uniform :: I hate this planet. William Chocox: @::joins her:: Huh...you thinking that it wasn't an accident? Hakran K'hal: @ :: also collects himself, but scans the rubble pile :: Good news, I don't see any bodies in or under it. Cptn Swain: (( You know Rhan, I hear they're selling time shares in the city. )) Maryse Dubois: @ ::Smiles at Rhan.:: You and everyone else. ::Stands, looking around.:: Everyone ok? Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks out the window:: Probably why I'm coughing. Want me to take a look? Hunter Matheson: @ ::thumbs up to the doc::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> As if in response to Rhan's comment, the ground began to rumble and the transport started to shake. Large chunks of the ceiling tunnel began to fall, hitting the transport hard. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Gets out her tricorder, scans :: Tandaris Admiran: @ This is probably not the best place to be. Indaura Ryssan: @ Ah! Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> Back it up! William Chocox: @ Back it the hell up! Tandaris Admiran: @::finds the tablet, which was jostled and knocked from his hands, and holds it up:: Uh-oh. Tandaris Admiran: @::pokes at the tablet desperately, but it is non-functional:: Cptn Swain: #Augustin> ::feels a small tremor, and lifts a brow:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::watching the transport's hull, hoping it doesn't collapse::: Hunter Matheson: @ Don't recall anything about tectonic activity in those logs I found. Hakran K'hal: @ :: still keeping his head, at least until something tries to cave it in - scans for anything useful that would get them out of this :: Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> We do call them "ruins" for a reason, Gunny. William Chocox: @ Do we have another tablet Commander? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The small tremor turned into an earthquake and the tunnel began to collapse around them. William Chocox: @ Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. Cptn Swain: #Augustin> ::looks to June as the earth beneath them begun to shake slightly:: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Finds herself unwillingly back in her seat for a moment.:: Cptn Swain: #June> ::Frowns:: Localized tremor below the surface. Looks like maybe in some underground tunnelways? Everything appears normal here. Hunter Matheson: @ Take cover under the seat if you fit. Tandaris Admiran: @::Ryssan:: Can you scan for a service exit? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda held on to her seat, eyes wide.:: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Turns her tricorder :: Doing so... Hunter Matheson: @ Looks like the transport's integrity is intact. Could be built for this. Cptn Swain: #June> I am fascinated by this obelisk though. Arrain N'Dak was spot on. It's definitely of later construction and none of these glyphs make coherent sentences or messages once you pull them out of the database and run them with one built with the rest of the lexicon we built so far. Maryse Dubois: @ :;Clutching her medkit so she doesn't lose it.:: Hakran K'hal: @ :: matter of factly, looking at the rubble piling up outside the transport :: I think it might be too late for that. Cptn Swain: #Augustin> ::trying to not let his eyes glaze over:: Yes, but what does that even mean... in lay terms? Hunter Matheson: @ ::Rahn:: Yeah, ruins. Right. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The tunnel collapsed completely around them, burying the transport, but the transport itself didn't crumple. The power went out, leaving them in darkness. The rumbling stopped and then it was very, very quiet. Cptn Swain: #June> It could mean someone else built this obelisk, survivors perhaps? It's hard to say really. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: scanning :: There's something in a back corner, but it's rather small. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: having given his light to Maryse, can't help much about illumination :: William Chocox: @ ::turns on a light on his tricorder:: Hakran K'hal: @ +Augustin+ K'hal to Augustin, do you copy? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Turns on the wrist lamp she was previously given.:: Sound off. William Chocox: @ I'm here. Cptn Swain: (( Give me a number 1-20 )) William Chocox: (( 8 )) Hakran K'hal: ((3)) Maryse Dubois: ((12)) Hunter Matheson: @ So, I'm guessing this was a common occurrence, since the transport is intact. William Chocox: @ Or they just knew how to make something. Hunter Matheson: (7) Tandaris Admiran: ((19)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda took a breath.:: Everyone alright? Cptn Swain: ACTION> Static comes back on the comm badge. Hunter Matheson: @ ::checking the hull:: I'm good, Commander. Tandaris Admiran: @ I'm alive. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> Annoyed, but fine. Hunter Matheson: @ ::fascinated with its construction:: Hakran K'hal: @ :: harrumphs :: Not getting a signal through, and Commander Augustin should be practically right above us. Hunter Matheson: @ ::walks along the inside, looking for compartments;:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::tapping on the walls until he comes to a hollow sound, then stops::: Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> +Anyone+ K'hal to Augustin, K'hal to Excalibur, does anyone read me? Cptn Swain: TWO MINUTE WARNING Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: What do you think? We could rig up something to allow the combadge to use the transport's hull as a giant antenna and boost the signal that way. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Static. Hunter Matheson: @ ::runs his fingers around that area, presses, and a door opens:: Huh... William Chocox: @ Maybe...might still run into the same problem. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Shining her light first on everyone just to be sure, then shines it on the transport itself. She looked at the structural points, making sure nothing was about to give.:: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Still scanning :: I hope there are no more quakes Hunter Matheson: @ ::feels around, pulls out a bunch of stuff:: This must have happened pretty regularly. Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> I just use the comms, Commander. Your call on how to make one better. Hunter Matheson: @ Hey, Doc. Got a light over here? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Shines it in Hunter's direction.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda turned on her handlight to give the others more illumination, standing shakily to have a look through the windows.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks the stuff out:: Looks like emergency supplies. I'm going to say this was a regular occurrence. Hakran K'hal: @ Good news, we are getting a bit of air flow even through the rubble, so we shouldn't have to worry about asphyxiation... right away. Tandaris Admiran: @::rummages around and locates an engineering kit:: Here. ::tosses it to Chocox:: Pull out some conductive filament and use it to connect the combadge's transceiver to the transport superstructure. William Chocox: @::catches it and gets to work:: Aye sir. Hunter Matheson: @ But not sure what kind. ::hands it out, then pulls out more stuff::: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: yells :: Is anyone hurt?! Tandaris Admiran: @::Hunter:: Any sign of a battery or emergency generator? Hunter Matheson: @ This could be one. ::hands it over::: Hakran K'hal: @Rhan> :: decides to go look at the random box he grabbed from the room to see if there's anything helpful in there :: Cptn Swain: .and... Hunter Matheson: @ ::stuff and more stuff::: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  7. SD 0625.2017 When we last saw our intrepid heroes, the medical team had hooked up with the rest of the ruins teams meaning we have TWO CATS in one room. Also the team found an protohologram left by one of the inhabitants that confirmed our working theory that something had gone wrong with the planet and its star to cause their eventual extinction, though it did not elaborate on their plan to "change their destiny." Elsewhere, Arrain N'Dak and Ensign Harper have gone missing at the site of a large obelisk. Captain Swain has ordered most personnel to return to the Excalibur to avoid further incidents with the unpredictable weather, flora and fauna.
  8. MISSION BRIEF: The survey of Irassa IV has taken an unusual turn. Weather patterns have become increasingly erratic and dangerous, causing Excalibur crew to scramble for shelter. Other teams continue to investigate an unusual facility located below the surface of a ruined city. Another team, examining an unusual obelisk at the heart of the city has failed to report in and are, apparently, missing. In orbit, Excalibur has continued to monitor the situation as well as note a number of unusual -- highly improbable -- changes in the Irassan star. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Tandaris Admiran: @::aghast at the weather data they have found, which is bad news as all get out:: Maryse Dubois: # ::Waiting out the storm under the rock shelter with Rhan and Indaira. Once it cleared out they were going to make for the ruins.:: Cptn Swain: $Augustin>::At the Obelisk site, having his security team begin a search of the area.:: Cptn Swain: ^+Miranda+ Swain to Hawthorne. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ +Swain+ Hawthorne here. Go ahead. Indaura Ryssan: # We may need to find something to protect us. :: Looking around her :: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: takes stock of his parts and pieces after driving through hell :: Okay, I think other than the new arm hole I'm okay. How are you two? Hunter Matheson: @ ::still on the floor, scanning the log they found::: Maryse Dubois: # ::Checks herself once more to be sure.:: I'm fine. Cptn Swain: ^ +Miranda+ We've been monitoring the situation up here, but I want a report from the ground. Hakran K'hal: @ While this is a fascinating planet to study... I'm rather starting to think it should've been an unmanned survey. Hunter Matheson: @ ::scan... scan... scan...scan....scan...scan::: Indaura Ryssan: # I'm fine for the moment. :: huffs :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::stops, then flips through the rest of the log::: Huh... Hunter Matheson: @ ::flips a few pages back:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: nods, begins scanning the weather :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::stands up, back crack, then rounds the pile of boxes to find Cdr Hawthorne::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ +Swain+ We've had reports from the surface that the weather has turned nasty. Unpredictable storms and acid rain. Down here, in storage, we've uncovered hazard suits, rations, and other substances that may have been used to neutralize acids. Hunter Matheson: @ ::but she's talking to the boss, so he tries to unravel the puzzle::: Hakran K'hal: @ :: Tandaris :: Commander, as an engineer, can you think of any way this weather could be generated without the use of satellites? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> The storm moves on and the rain stops, leaving the medical team safe -- for now. They're already within the ruins. The entrance to the underground survey is only a few meters from their current location. Cptn Swain: ^ +Hawthorne+ Understood. Until we can be sure any outside crews are safe, I am going order them to return to Excalibur as soon as possible. You and the ruins teams can continue working for now. Indaura Ryssan: # Aren't we close to something right now? Tandaris Admiran: @::K'hal:: The evidence we have so far seems to suggest the sun's unusual activity is at least the ultimate cause of the weather patterns. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Clearing up. If the map Hakran sent along is any good, I believe we can get to the underground system around that corner. :: points :: Tandaris Admiran: @ We could perform geomagnetic analyses of the planet back on Excalibur to see if the sun is causing other planetary instabilities, like a core dynamo imbalance Indaura Ryssan: # We could have been protected this entire time? :: gets up :: Hakran K'hal: @ Solar activity certainly can have that effect, but the... targeted nature of it, as well as some of the unusual aspects that one wouldn't normally see on a bog standard class M shouldn't be possible without some direction. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Well, we do have to travel about 5 meters under partially open sky to get there, so speaking for myself, I like this bit of fallen wall while acid rain is falling. Indaura Ryssan: # :: Looks for the entrance :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::next to Hawthorne with the log, listening to the convo while he waits:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: also rises, skirts around the still dripping part of the overhang :: Tandaris Admiran: @ What would be the purpose of creating such chaotic weather patterns? Maryse Dubois: # ::Nods.:: Let's get moving, but take it slow. Hunter Matheson: @ ::flipping through the log again, checking a few things::: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Checks her holstered tricorder :: Aye Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ +Swain+ Very good, Captain. I think that best, as well. The medical team should be at our location in just a few minutes. They'd made it to cover in the ruins before they could be seriously injured. Hakran K'hal: @ I can't imagine anyone doing it on purpose, but mistakes are certainly known to happen. Especially when you start tinkering with something as complex as weather and climate on a planetary scale. Cptn Swain: ^ +Miranda+ Understood. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She gestured to Hunter.:: What did you find? Tandaris Admiran: @ I find it hard to believe that this species was capable of such things given their ::glances at the data tape:: primitive technology. Hunter Matheson: @ Well, Commander, it looks like the log was written by several people for several reasons... Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> I'd avoid slow in that puddle though. :: indicates a round, sizzling bit of liquid between them and the entryway :: Maryse Dubois: # :;Gets up and begins to follow Rhan, careful where she stepped.:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Takes the rear :: Hunter Matheson: @ The beginning is like a daily journal. It looks like dates, ::shows her the top of each page... Cptn Swain: $Augustin> ::Frowns looking at the tricorder scans as one of his assistant security officers returns:: Nothing? Hunter Matheson: @ Then the writing changes, and the dates are sporadic, then suddenly it turns into a lot of what looks like formulas. Indaura Ryssan: # Water is very acidic... wonder how this ecology works. Tandaris Admiran: @ Maybe, though, whatever they were trying to do to fix the naturally-occurring problem made it worse, somehow. Hunter Matheson: @ ::flips to the back: : From here on, it's stuff like chemistry, but I'm not a scientist. Cptn Swain: $Jordan> ::Nods:: Nothing. Just some residual traces that they *were* here, but nothing else. No sign of struggle. Hakran K'hal: @ :: nods :: Obviously I'll keep an open mind as to that Commander, but the planetary scientists on my team are finding this mind-boggling so I'd like to keep a very very open mind. Indaura Ryssan: # :: Follows Rhan and Dubois :: Hunter Matheson: @ And it's like that until the end of the book, but it ends suddenly. About a dozen pages blank, and the last one stops in mid-sentence. Maryse Dubois: # I'm beginning to understand why the plants and animals are hostile. Tandaris Admiran: @ The launch site we investigated suggested they at least got something into the upper atmosphere. Hunter Matheson: (blank) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Takes a look at the log, squinting at the formulas.:: We should run those through the computer and see if it makes any sense of it. It certainly looked like they were making preparations for the worst. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: comes to the entryway, carefully shoves aside some debris so they can go down :: Indaura Ryssan: (was thinking, Don't worry Hunter, you'll think of something...) Cptn Swain: ACTION> Tandaris notices a data storage device he'd missed before sitting on top of one of the consoles. Hakran K'hal: @ :: grunts, moves off to do some more checking in with his people :: Tandaris Admiran: @ Oh look, a data storage device I missed before sitting on top of one of the consoles ::slow and dramatic pointing:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Scans, the tricorder chirping :: Hunter Matheson: @ (I guess there's always hope..) Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: flicks on his wrist-light, shines it over the stairway :: Mind your steps. Indaura Ryssan: # Scanning the structure... Hakran K'hal: @ :: glance back toward Tandaris, flicks an ear and shakes his head, resumes his business :: Hunter Matheson: @ So, take it to Commander Admiran? Maryse Dubois: # ::Smiles as Rhan uses a light.:: It the light more for our convenience than yours? Indaura Ryssan: # The entrance at least appears stable. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Science would have a better time with it, I think. Give it over to K'hal. Indaura Ryssan: # :: Changing her tricorder to BIO :: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Of course. Hunter Matheson: @ Yes, ma'am. ::moves out, looking for K'hal::: Maryse Dubois: # ::Holds out her hand to him.:: I'll take it then. Hakran K'hal: @ :: peeks over his padd, looking very much the geek, as Hunter approaches :: Something new, Mr. Matheson? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Joins Tandy.:: What information have you gotten from the data tapes? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: unclasps the light from his wrist and hands it over to Maryse :: Always so self-sufficient. Hunter Matheson: @ yes, sir. A hand-written log that has formulas at the end. ::hands it over, the last few pages bookmarked::: Tandaris Admiran: @ More information on the behaviour of plant and wildlife, and logs of the weather showing a cyclic pattern. Guess which part of the cycle we're entering. Hakran K'hal: @ :: accepts, does a quick skim to try to get the gist before going back and looking it over in detail :: Indaura Ryssan: # I'm not getting much on the bio readings. Cptn Swain: $Augustin> Let's do another check, scan for anything out of the ordinary. ::Looks to the science geeks:: Anything you have found? Hunter Matheson: @ Also, by the writing, it was written by several people, dates at the beginning like an ordinary log, then hastily-written notes, and then the formulas. And they end suddenly. Hunter Matheson: @ Not exactly a good sign. Maryse Dubois: # ::Grins as she takes the light, strapping it to her wrist.:: You'll be able to react with better reflexes this way. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> I wouldn't worry about it, these kinds of tunnel systems can bounce tricorder readings around so much you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a pizza and a panda. Maryse Dubois: # ::Looks back to Indaura.:: You'll probably only come across the away teams at this point. Indaura Ryssan: # :: Nods :: I can only hope. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ The worst part? ::Glances to the storage bins.:: What about the launch? Anything records of them launching a rocket? Hakran K'hal: @ Normal activity, things go to hell, someone gets a bright idea, but time runs out. Cptn Swain: $Klien> ::shakes her head:: No, and that's the unusual thing. The Arrain believed that the construction material used for the Obelisk differed from the rest of ruins. As far as I can tell, he's right. But we're having trouble penetrating the obelisk to do a more detailed scan. It could also be why we can't find their biosignatures. Tandaris Admiran: @ We have visual confirmation they launched something from our visit to the launch site. The two tapes we viewed didn't have any data concerning that. Chocox and I have decoded and stored the remaining tapes in our tricorder memory; once we return to the ship we can analyze their contents further. Hakran K'hal: @ :: tries to figure out the formulas, again having to muddle with the translator's slow-pickup of symbology :: Cptn Swain: $Augustin> Could you link to Excalibur to do a better scan of the structure? Tandaris Admiran: @ ::points at the device on the console:: That looks like another device, maybe a holoprojector. I didn't notice it before. It might contain more illuminating information. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda moved to the device and lifted it, turning it about in her hands in search of some way to activate it.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: carefully makes his way down the remaining steps to the sub-level until he comes to a closed door :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Looks ahead :: Maryse Dubois: # ::Stops behind Rhan.:: Cptn Swain: ACTION> The lights in the room flickered out and a bright light strobes from the device. Hunter Matheson: @ ::blinkblinkblink::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( I hope it's the emperor giving us orders. )) Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: tugs uselessly on the door for a second :: Of course we'd get one of these. :: looks for an override :: Hakran K'hal: @ :: scowls :: How am I supposed to read when you people turn the place into a disco? Hunter Matheson: @ ::mutters:: And me without my Oakleys... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Miranda turned the device toward the nearest wall.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::still seeing spots::: Hakran K'hal: @ :: pupils narrow into pinpricks as he looks up to see what the hell is going on :: Cptn Swain: ACTION> After a second a pale blue figure appears in the darkness on the wall in the form of a vaguely humanoid in greyish white robes and sleek, pulled back hair. Indaura Ryssan: # :: Scans the door :: Hunter Matheson: @ (Help me, Obiwan....) Cptn Swain: Hologram> ::In a slightly distorted voice, but in something that the UT could easily make out:: Greetings. If you are hearing this message, then in all likelihood I, and the rest of my world, are dead. Hakran K'hal: @ :: nods :: Tandaris Admiran: @ Oh man, way to hit us with the bad news. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: notes a panel half-hidden behind a fallen block, drags it out of the way with much grunting :: Indaura Ryssan: # Found something? Hunter Matheson: @ (w) Damn... Cptn Swain: Hologram> This is last message of our civilization. Contained in this structure are records of all that once was or would ever be. We hope that you find them and that through them we may, in some way, continue on as memory. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: huff, puff :: I really need to work on my upper body strength. :: pries open the panel, turns a lever and gets rewarded with a nice click before the doors pop open far enough to be able to push them apart :: Maryse Dubois: # Good job. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: Indaura :: Try your bioscans now, hopefully you can pick up the other AT members now. Indaura Ryssan: # :: scans again :: Tandaris Admiran: @ In retrospect I wish we had pressed this button first. Hakran K'hal: @ :: Tandaris :: Quite. Indaura Ryssan: # I am getting something... lots of reflections Cptn Swain: Hologram> In the Fifth Year of the Elder Xaon our decline began. At first we did not know why it was happening. Many believed that the Gods had grown angry with us for our decadent lifestyles. Others, like myself, looked to science. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Between that and the map we should be able to stumble our way to them. Though if anyone brought bread-crumbs... Indaura Ryssan: # Their signals should get better the closer we get. Cptn Swain: Hologram> Eventually we discovered a truth for which no species is perhaps been ready to accept. Our star was dying. Cptn Swain: Hologram> Though we had developed theoretical models for space travel, the abilities were beyond our reach in the time we believed we had left. Instead, we began a project to change our destiny. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> Once the med team passed through the outer doors, the way was lit by glow markers. They eventually passed through giant open doors and moved into a sparse room with a deep pit and stairs that led downward. Tricorders showed biosigns below, but they flickered intermittently. Maryse Dubois: # ::Turns the light off. She looks down.:: That looks fun... Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: looks around :: Well, this feels like a good old-fashioned RPG. Any bets on the size of the rats? Tandaris Admiran: @ I'm afraid I know the ending. Maryse Dubois: # No thank you. Hakran K'hal: @ :: grunts :: Indaura Ryssan: # Not as much fun as my tricorder is having.. signals are flashing off and on Hunter Matheson: @ ::slumps against the wall::: Cptn Swain: Hologram> If you have found this message, then we have failed. Take this message and the history and culture of our people contained here and preserve them so that, even though we have faded from the light, that we live in on echoes and memory. Indaura Ryssan: # One meter... Cptn Swain: Hologram> ::flickers out:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She sighed softly and offered the device to Tandaris.:: Well... then... Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Well, guess I should do this part... :: pulls out his phaser :: You get to be our augmented eyes, Dr. Ryssan. I'll use the old-fashioned ones. Cptn Swain: $Jordan> ::Nods:: Already working on it. Tandaris Admiran: @ I'll add this to the dead cultures collection. Maryse Dubois: # ::Goes ahead and takes her phaser out too.:: Hakran K'hal: @ Would still like to find some details on their project though. Indaura Ryssan: # I'll let the tricorder do the seeing. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ We should take as much of their data with us to preserve. ::She glanced back to the storage racks.:: We'll let the archeologists down here to take whatever they think they'll want to study. Perhaps another ship can come to collect the majority. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: slowly follows the radioactive yellow brick road down :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The team in the sub-basement hears footsteps echoing down from the stairs above. Maryse Dubois: # ::Slowly follows.:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Sees the flickering signals :: Hakran K'hal: @ :: nods :: I'll call them in. Should we get the rest of the planetary teams back to the ship for now? Last I knew they're huddled in the shuttles at the base camp. Indaura Ryssan: # I am getting stronger signs now. Tandaris Admiran: @ Sounds like at least one of them are coming this way now. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: ears flicking this way and that :: Cptn Swain: $Augustin> And? Cptn Swain: $Jordan> Now... that's interesting. Cptn Swain: (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) Cptn Swain: $Augustin> Interesting is never good coming from a scientist. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: proceeds further down :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Swain has already evacuated our base camp. ::Cocks her head to listen.:: That should be the medical team joining us. Indaura Ryssan: # It appears to be our people. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Starts up the spiral stairs to the control rooms above to meet the medical team.:: Hakran K'hal: @ :: nods :: Maryse Dubois: @ :;Sighs in relief.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: hears footsteps :: If that isn't Commander Hawthorne's deliberate steps, I'm a howler monkey. Indaura Ryssan: # That's some genetic engineering then... Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: calls down :: That you, Commander? Cptn Swain: ....and..... Indaura Ryssan: # :: Exhales :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Tops the stairs, looking at the medical team with concern in her eyes.:: Everyone okay? Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  9. SD 0618.2017 The survey of Irassa IV has taken an unusual turn. Weather patterns have become increasingly erratic and dangerous, causing Excalibur crew to scramble for shelter. Other teams continue to investigate an unusual facility located below the surface of a ruined city. Another team, examining an unusual obelisk at the heart of the city has failed to report in and are, apparently, missing. In orbit, Excalibur has continued to monitor the situation as well as note a number of unusual -- highly improbable -- changes in the Irassan star.
  10. MISSION BRIEFING: Our medical team is in peril. While exploring the Irassa IV's flora and fauna, they were attacked by a hunting group of scaled cat-like predators and lost one of their security crewmen. A sudden storm appeared, bringing perilous acid rain. Can they reach the safety of the ruins before the acid eats through their vehicle? Below the planet's surface, the crew has discovered a large storage area. Most of what it contains seems to be survival gear, but there are also several dozen crates of data tapes (presumably on the strange weather system). On the surface, the Science team has discovered a strange obelisk in the center of the ruined city that appears to newer in construction -- though the purpose of the structure currently remains a mystery. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: @ ::still working on deciphering the writing on the boxes, having figured out two: HAZMAT and medical::: Cptn Swain: % ::Having been called to the bridge as the weather systems began developing:: Maryse Dubois: # ::In the vehicle, hoping it can hold out.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: trying to avoid alien cows while driving through a tornado as very corrosive acid rain falls is NOT part of his general job description, but so far is doing his best to avoid the ATV becoming Dorothy's house and/or a butcher shop :: William Chocox: @::looks over the boxes:: Hunter Matheson: @ Okay.. this one translates as food supplies, probably freeze dried? Hunter Matheson: @ Um... "promitheies trofimon" - looks like Greek, not Latin. Indaura Ryssan: # :: With Dr Dubois :: Hunter Matheson: @ Yeah.. this one... this... and this... Tandaris Admiran: @::working with Will to get the tape player they think they've found hooked up to the equipment:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: yells :: I don't care for the weather... Hunter Matheson: @ UT is finally getting a grip on the symbols. Weird that it's Greek, though. ::Muttering to himself, aka thinking out loud::: Hakran K'hal: @ :: frowning over the alien weather map :: +Excal+ K'hal to Excalibur. Are you reading the storm cell at -110.235° by 38.581°? Cptn Swain: ACTION> Hakaran gets a message from the science team he dispatched to meet up with NDak and Harper. Neither Harper or N'Dak appear to be at the obelisk site. William Chocox: @ I think this cord goes in that port. Maryse Dubois: # I think we can all agree on that. ::Leaning close to Rhan, so she isn't yelling. She hopes some of his hearing is returning.:: Any luck on finding some shelter? Hakran K'hal: @ :: gets the message, mumblegrumblemutter :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::turns the corner to the next row::: Cptn Swain: %Ops> +Khal+ Affirmative, but its moving fast. Indaura Ryssan: :: Scanning the area :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> Stampeding mammals jostle the ATV as they rush past, tossing the vehicle about even more, but then they were gone and the ATV was out in the open. Though running at top speed, they were driving into the wind. Hunter Matheson: @ ::marked the others so they can be read::: So... this is ... Tandaris Admiran: @ I think you're right. Plug it in. ::grabs one of the tapes and shoves it into the tape reader:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::looks up, then at the translator, then up again::: Hakran K'hal: @ +Excal+ Are you getting any other readings to explain how the hell that popped up out of nowhere? And do you perchance have a reading on the location of Mr. N'Dak and Ms. Harper? Maryse Dubois: # ::Gripping the back of Rhan's seat for stability.:: William Chocox: @::plugs the cable in:: Indaura Ryssan: # I'm gonna fall of this damned thing... :: shakes :: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: after the jostling ::If we live through this I'm having a steak just for that! Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Moving to one of the other crates that Hunter identified, she cracked it open to have a look at the food supplies. She began to unpack them so they could get scans.:: Hunter Matheson: @ Salt water? Hunter Matheson: @ Uh... Commander. What would they do with salt water? William Chocox: @ Working? Cptn Swain: %::Leans over the ops panel and hits the comm button:: +Khal+ No. We're running scans now, but we don't have any theories up here yet. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: driving his tail off, practically chants the refrain: :: Almost there, almost there, almost there. Cptn Swain: % +Khal+ The weather is also causing a lot of interference. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Pops around the corner at Hunter's query.:: Salt water? I don't know. It's not needed for survival. Perhaps a filtration system? Indaura Ryssan: # Wish this was a hovering thing... Hunter Matheson: @ And ammonia? Tandaris Admiran: @ ::Chocox:: It looks like it has power. Now we have to find the play button. Hakran K'hal: @+Swain+ :: sigh :: We're recording the output on the system down here, hopefully comparing notes may tell us something. K'hal out. Hunter Matheson: @ And.. soda, as in baking soda. Maryse Dubois: # In these winds, that might not be a good idea. Hakran K'hal: @+N'Dak+ K'hal to N'Dak. Do you read? Cptn Swain: ACTION> Static William Chocox: @ It'd be great if there was a button with a play arrow on it. Hunter Matheson: @ ::walks around the corner to Hawthorne:: They're next to the medical supplies, but on the other side. Hakran K'hal: @ [redacted] Indaura Ryssan: # I suppose... where are we heading and how far? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Ammonia? Hmmm... NH3 has several uses. Tandaris Admiran: @::just begins pressing buttons randomly:: Hakran K'hal: @ +Augustin+ K'hal to Commander Augustin. Cptn Swain: @Augustin> +Khal+ Go ahead. William Chocox: @ ::looks at the buttons to see if there's something obvious:: Hunter Matheson: @ Whatever it's used for comes in a spray, powder, and a bottle. ::Hawthorne:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> The team in the ATV sees the ruins up ahead. The windscreen begins to warp in one area, melting where the rain was hitting hardest. Hakran K'hal: @ +Aug+ I've just received word from the team that I sent to assist Arrain N'Dak and (rank) Harper that the two are nowhere to be found. They're not responding to comms, nor is the Excalibur able to find their comm bad signal. Maryse Dubois: # ::Watching the warping.:: Not good... Tandaris Admiran: @::keeps pressing buttons until the machine makes a "ffffzkgrt" noise and one of the monitors on the wall changes to display something that looks like a test signal:: Cptn Swain: @Augustin> Khal+ I see. Send me the coordinates. We'll get S&R up there ASAP. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Oh hell. You two use the blanket back there to cover up. I'll do what I can, the destination is in sight. Hakran K'hal: @ +Augustin+ Acknowledged, transmitting coordinates now. :: sends :: Indaura Ryssan: # That's strong acid... :: Gets under the blanket :: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: drives like a cat outta hell :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Could be cleaning agents. Could be for preservation purposes? Tandaris Admiran: @::watches as whatever is on the data tape spools into the active memory:: Hunter Matheson: @ Could be, ma'am. It's beyond my tech. Maryse Dubois: # ::Gets under the blanket, shielding her face.:: Hunter Matheson: @ In the teams we use 'em for acid burns. Hunter Matheson: @ But you'd have to get a hell of an acid burn to use this much. Hunter Matheson: @ Yes, ma'am. Salt will preserve. Not sure about ammonia. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Perhaps because of the planet's atmosphere. We don't know for sure unless we find something in those data tapes. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: swerving and drifting around bubbling boulders and small ditches, hating to think what's left of the wheels by this point - sees an overhang in the ruins and adjusts his heading for it :: Indaura Ryssan: # Is this a girl's night out? :: Hears the rumble of the vehicle :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::Nod:: Aye, Commander. In the meantime, I'll keep checking, translating, and recording. Tandaris Admiran: @ ah, here we go Hunter Matheson: @ ::sticks his head back around for a final thought:: Or I could be misreading all this, Commander. Hakran K'hal: @ :: with his attention returned to the matter in front of him, making some little sense of the symbology used on the alien weather display screens after running some of them through a molecular configuration comparison :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::moves on down the line::: William Chocox: @ Got it working? Indaura Ryssan: # We have to get out of this rain. Tandaris Admiran: @ Yes, it just took some time for the system to load the tape data into memory. Looks like this tape contains results of biosurveys. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: hastily shoves on some goggles as he notes the distortion in the windshield growing more pronounced :: Working on it, but this isn't exactly a six lane highway. William Chocox: @ Could be useful. We really need data on the weather though. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> Acid rain begins to come through the ATV's viewscreen in small droplets. Maryse's blanket starts to smoke. Rhan is hit on the arm and it eats through his uniform and into his fur. Indaura gets a drop on the shoulder. Hunter Matheson: @ ::ignores the action::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> And then they're suddenly they're in the ruins, under cover, and safe. Indaura Ryssan: # Oh... that's not good Indaura Ryssan: # We've stopped,,, Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: hisses but keeps driving until he screeches to a halt underneath cover in the ruins :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::stops as his eyes catch something tucked between two boxes::: Tandaris Admiran: @::looks at the various tapes:: Maryse Dubois: # ::Quickly tosses her smoking blanket to the side.:: Anyone hurt? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: scrambles out of the driver's seat before any more of the leftover drops seep through the swiss-cheese windshield :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Just start making a list of everything you find. We can sort it out later. Hunter Matheson: @ ::takes a knee, checks it out, and wiggles it free::: William Chocox: @ We're going to have to load all of them aren't we? Tandaris Admiran: @::Hakran:: Come take a look at this. They surveyed the changes to the wildlife and plants as the weather destabilized. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: holds out his arm :: Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: I'm afraid so. Hunter Matheson: @ ::pages through:: Huh... William Chocox: @ Alright, I hand, you load? Maryse Dubois: # ::Gets out of the vehicle, she checks Rhan's arm.:: Ouch... Hakran K'hal: @ :: pads over, skims :: Interesting. Hunter Matheson: @ :::rounds the boxes to the other side and Hawthorne again:: Commander? Indaura Ryssan: @ The blanket has a hole in it Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: Sure, let's just look over this biosurvey data first. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Trying to translate the various items of food.:: Yes? Maryse Dubois: # ::Checks the vehicle, making sure the medkit is still intact. She pulls it out, using a couple of tools on his arm.:: William Chocox: @ Alright. Hunter Matheson: @ :::notes its fragility and closes it carefully, then looks around for Hawthorne::: Tandaris Admiran: @::Hakran:: If I'm reading these tables right, it looks like the animals' aggression correlates with EM activity driven by the sun's flare patterns. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: suffers in silence :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Yes? ::Repeats herself to get Matheson's attention.:: Hakran K'hal: @ They certainly adapted, didn't they? The question is why. Bioscience isn't my forte. Copy that if you would, Commander, and I'll forward it along to the ones that giggle about DNA sequencing. Maryse Dubois: # So, what's the plan? Hold out here till the storm goes away, then see if we can meet up with the ruins teams? Hunter Matheson: @ Oh... yes, ma'am. Found this tucked between two boxes on the other side. Looks like some kind of log. Tandaris Admiran: @ Copy it, of course. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ A written log book of what? Inventory? Tandaris Admiran: @ ::Chocox:: I am an idiot. Hunter Matheson: @ It's pretty fragile, though. No idea, ma'am. Indaura Ryssan: # Rhan, are you alright? Hunter Matheson: @ Could be inventory, but it looks like there are some characters strung together, like in a sentence. William Chocox: @ How so sir? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Sounds like a plan, Maryse. We sure as hell aren't going anything in that. :: points the the ATV - the wheels of which are half melted away and the remains are soggily slumping into the dirt :: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: nods to Indaura :: Just a flesh wound. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: These data tapes use a very primitive storage format. Next tape we load in, set the tricorder to scan as the player reads and decodes the data. Hunter Matheson: @ Anyway, I logged it. Not sure what to do with it Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: Once the tricorder understands the protocol, we can scan and decipher all of the data tapes without using the player. William Chocox: @ Aye sir. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: by the flattened state of his ears, is in a bit more pain than he's showing otherwise :: Tandaris Admiran: @::uses the tricorder to get a copy of the biosurvey data, then ejects this tape and replaces it with another at random:: William Chocox: @::scans as that one loads:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> +Hawthorne+ K'hal to Commander Hawthorne. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Rhan+ Hawthorne here. Go ahead. Maryse Dubois: # ::Finishes cleaning his arm, and gently applying an ointment.:: Good thing there are some rations in the kit. I really don't want to try and dig through anything left in the buggy. Indaura Ryssan: # How does the plantlife survive? Could that be used? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> +Hawthorne+ Medical Team Alpha has barely managed to reach a place of relative safety. We're going to buckle down here until the storm fully subsides, then we'll try picking our way to your location on foot. Our ATV is goo. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @+Rhan+ Thank goodness. There are several ways down here through the tunnels. They should be clearly marked on your maps. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> +Hawthorne+ Acknowledged, Commander. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: smiles at Maryse :: Next time I take you for a road trip, I get to pick the planet first. Maryse Dubois: # ::Smiles.:: Deal. Tandaris Admiran: @::watches as the new data spools up:: Ah-hah, this one appears weather related. Hunter Matheson: @ ::returned to the other side and continues cataloging::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Back to Hunter.:: Scan it and see if it can be translated. Hunter Matheson: @ ::shouts back:: Yes, ma'am. William Chocox: @ That's good. Cptn Swain: @Augustin> ::Arrives at the Obelisk, where the science team is looking perplexed:: Maryse Dubois: # ::Finds a decent spot and sits down.:: Hakran K'hal: @ :: returns to the screens while the engineers do their best librarian impersonations :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::sits, removes his gloves, and carefully opens the book, hoping it doesn't fall apart::: Cptn Swain: 2 MINUTE WARNING Tandaris Admiran: @ No, it's bad. William Chocox: @ I thought we wanted weather data. Hunter Matheson: @ ::cross-legged on the floor, scans page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page....::: Tandaris Admiran: @ Yes, but look at the data. ::points at the tables and survey results:: Hakran K'hal: @Archeologist> :: notes Augustin's arrival while looking perplexed :: There's no sign of them. Like they were never even here. William Chocox: @ Ah, yes, that is suboptimal. Maryse Dubois: # ::Pops open the survival kit to see what kind of rations are inside.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: also settles down, looks over to Indaura :: Your first Excalibur mission going all right for you, Doctor? Tandaris Admiran: @ If I'm reading this right, there's a cyclical storm pattern, and we're in for a massive new storm very soon. Hakran K'hal: @ :: heard that, pads back over :: What? Hakran K'hal: @ :: resists the urge to yank it out of Tandy's hand :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Gets a ration bar out of her kit, undoes the wrapper and offers half to Dubois :: William Chocox: @ Ah [expletive redacted] Tandaris Admiran: @ The weather is loosely cyclical. And we're at the part of a cycle just before the strongest, most destructive storm. Maryse Dubois: # ::Takes the half.:: Thanks. Hakran K'hal: @ How destructive are we talking? Tandaris Admiran: @ According to this data, the animals will get more aggressive, the winds more frequent and faster, and then the rain starts. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Doing the same as Hunter, only with the food storage crates.:: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  11. SD 0611.2017 Our medical team is in peril. While exploring the Irassa IV's flora and fauna, they were attacked by a hunting group of scaled cat-like predators and lost one of their security crewmen. A sudden storm appeared, bringing perilous acid rain. Can they reach the safety of the ruins before the acid eats through their vehicle? Below the planet's surface, the crew has discovered a large storage area. Most of what it contains seems to be survival gear, but there are also several dozen crates of data tapes (presumably on the strange weather system). On the surface, the Science team has discovered a strange obelisk in the center of the ruined city that appears to newer in construction -- though the purpose of the structure currently remains a mystery.
  12. MISSION BRIEF: Exploration of Irassa IV has already produced some interesting results. Medical has been dealing with a high number of adverse reactions among the crew to the planet's flora and fauna. They have been tasked with collecting samples to compare to previous scans that were taken decades earlier. While exploring, they have inadvertently crossed the path of several predators on the hunt. Other teams have explored a planetary launch site that was apparently used to fire probes toward the system's primary star. Weather on the planet's surface has also turned to be unpredictable, with several violet storm systems suddenly forming and dissipating without warning. Below the planet's surface, the crew has discovered a large storage area with intact crates, though they are currently unable to translate the markings. On the surface, the Science team has discovered a strange obelisk in the center of the ruined city that appears to newer in construction -- though the purpose of the structure currently remains a mystery. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Maryse Dubois: # ::Is staring down a rather large feline, her phaser drawn and set to heavy stun.:: Maryse Dubois: # ::She has a tree to her back.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: as the scan data comes up on his tricorder, remembers these beasties being generically profiled by one of the first exploration teams as likely nocturnal predators and not from a forested environment :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Had fallen, but putting her hand up :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Down in storage, she looked to Tandaris and Will.:: What did you find at the launch site? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: light-bulb moment, literally :: William Chocox: @ They launched a probe of some kind, and the weather is weird. Tandaris Admiran: @ No sign of whether the probe caused the current situation or was a failed attempt to fix it. William Chocox: @ Also true. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: with his own back to a tree, feverishly works to alter his phaser :: Come on come on come on Hunter Matheson: @ ::listening:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # ACTION> The scaled kitties had apparently forgotten their former prey in exchange for something easier. They spread out, looking to flank the team. Their scales stood up on edge, like raised hairs and they moved quietly, except for low growls. Maryse Dubois: # Good kitty... ::Keeps the phaser steady.:: Don't make me use this. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Weird weather, how? Tandaris Admiran: @ Sudden storm activity appearing, then dissipating just as fast. Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks out the crates, wondering if they should open them even if they can't read the markings::: William Chocox: @ One second it's strong enough to fling a cow, next it's gone. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Slowly gets up :: Tandaris Admiran: @ We'd need Excalibur to perform more detailed analyses of the magnetosphere, but I'd guess that the sun's abnormal rotation is flinging more than your average amount of ions in the planet's direction. That and flare activity, well doesn't have to trillsplain. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: aims his phaser, shuts his eyes, and hopes his modifications, which instead of a stun blast is now the world's strongest flashlight, will deter the scaly felines as he fires :: Indaura Ryssan: # Every cat remain calm :: looking in eyes :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ That's very odd. Reports from previous surveys didn't mention strange weather. ::She turned to the storage crates.:: We need to get these open. Could be something to do with the weather system operation above. Hunter Matheson: @ :::trillsplain?::: Hunter Matheson: @ ::goes back to using the tric to decipher the code/lang::: Tandaris Admiran: @ ::regards the crates:: Have we tried using the magic word? William Chocox: @ What's Excalibur doing now? Hakran K'hal: @ :: blinks :: Well, watching it unfold live on the monitoring screens, I can definitely say they were very focused on good data. William Chocox: @ "Open says me" Hakran K'hal: @ Still studying the sun itself as far as I know, as of Captain Swain's last update from Astrometrics. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # ACTION> One of the cats launched itself at Indaura and was hit by Rhan's modified phaser beam. The light blinded it momentarily, causing it to stop mid-charge and change direction --t his time heading for Rhan. Hunter Matheson: @ ::looks at Admiran:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::serious:: There's a magic word, sir? Maryse Dubois: # ::Aims and fires at the feet of her cat, hoping to scare it off.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Well, that's better than nothing, but you're not the only kitty here fella. :: climbs the tree he'd been hugging, swinging out onto a branch and firing more directly at its eyes this time :: William Chocox: @ Hunter... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ I thought some good old-fashioned elbow grease would do the trick. ::She pulled one of the crates from the rack. While the locking mechanism was a mystery, there was a clear seam where the create would open.:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Rolls away :: Oof! Hunter Matheson: @ ::turns:: Sir? Hakran K'hal: @ :: cocks an ear, the Caitian equivalent to the Vulcan eyebrow raise :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # ACTION> Maryse's beam caused the cat to skitter and change direction. Instead of attacking Maryse, it charged a nearby security officer. The redshirt went down screaming as the cat ripped out his throat. Tandaris Admiran: @ ::uncharacteristic note of caution in his voice:: Are you sure that's a good idea? What if they're booby-trapped? Indaura Ryssan: # :: Gasped :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She looked at Tandaris in surprise and laughed.:: Really? You're the voice of reason now? Why don't you scan it and see. Maryse Dubois: # ::Fires on the cat once more. This time aiming square at it.:: Tandaris Admiran: @ Setting tricorder to "suspicion". ::begins scanning:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::steps back::: William Chocox: Who are you and what have you done with Commander Admiran? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> The cat after Rhan growled again as it was blinded. Eyes narrowed and ears flat, it reached Rhan's tree and started to climb, though was too heavy and had trouble moving more than a few feet up. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: winces as the security officer turns into lunch, but has his own to worry about still - watches the cat have trouble climbing :: Sorry fella, but my brains are just going to have to beat your brawn. :: reverts his modifications and fires on heavy stun at it :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> Cat #3 was circling Indaura and crouched, ready to pounce. Cat# 2 was hit by Maryse's phaser, which bounced off its scales. It staggered to one side, but only seemed stunned, rather than truly injured. Growling, it went back to its meal, disemboweling the dead security officer. Hunter Matheson: (called away) Hakran K'hal: @ :: dryly :: It's really telling the kind of missions this ship gets assigned if opening boxes is considered a level 1 security hazard. Maryse Dubois: # Heavy stun doesn't seem to work well. You have permission to use higher settings. ::Taps, setting hers to kill.:: Tandaris Admiran: @ I'm not detecting anything. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: OK, pony up the goods. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: notes stun and the scales don't seem to go well together, from his point of view anyway - then hears Maryse give the authorization to up setting and does so, firing again :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::She crossed her arms, waiting.:: Maryse Dubois: # ::Fires at the one stalking Indaura.:: William Chocox: @ ::opens it:: Hunter Matheson: (back) Indaura Ryssan: # ::gets her phaser:: Hakran K'hal: @ :: lets the engineers enjoy their unboxing, turns back to the monitoring screens to see where any potential "exotic" weather patterns are cropping up :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Fires a stun :: Tandaris Admiran: @::peers inside the crate, cautiously, not wanting to go all face-melty:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::watching, curious:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> Rhan's stun didn't make a dent, though the cat did fall back to the ground. Setting phasers to kill, surprisingly didn't do much more. It hit the cats a bit harder and seemed to stun them a bit longer, but they shook off the attack. Their scales seemed to deflect most of the phaser attack. However, the multiple attacks, coming from different directions, did seem to make them pause. They retreated and regrouped, circling in preparation for another attack. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> During the attack, the wind had begun to whip through the trees as a sudden storm system formed in the distance. William Chocox: @ It's not the Ark of the Covenant Commander. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: The what? William Chocox: Ancient Earth reference. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> For the love of llamas, what are these things made of? Okay, trying something else. This'll probably hurt me just as bad as it hurts them. :: uses his padd to emit a very loud, piercing sound in the frequency range that large cats, including himself, shouldn't be too fond of :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Checks her weapon, charges it :: Maryse Dubois: # ::Takes the opportunity to get to the buggy. Hitting a button in center console which brought up a phaser turret from its resting place.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> Opening the crate without getting blasted with acid or face-melting ghosts, the team discovered that the one they'd cracked was full of survival gear. Hazard suits, gloves, breathers, etc. Tandaris Admiran: @ Ah. I'm just nervous, because one of my past hosts was on an archaeological expedition and other members of the team opened something they shouldn't have. It caused an exothermic reaction across 50% of their bodies. William Chocox: @ Oh damn. Hunter Matheson: @ ::steps waaaay back::: Maryse Dubois: # ::Standing up in the back of the vehicle, she manned the turret.:: Might want to get in. ::Looks up noting the wind picking up.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::then he sees the contents::: Huh... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> High-pitched noises didn't make the cats too happy. They covered their heads and pawed at their ears, snarling and growling, but not advancing. Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks the writing on the boxes, comparing it to the contents::: Hunter Matheson: @ ::slips it into the tric, set to UT::: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: with his ears covered and his padd still emitting the sound from it's holster on his hip, makes his way to the buggy :: Tandaris Admiran: @ So they were expanding their existing subterranean infrastructure. Preparing for the onset of a nuclear winter or similarly inhospitable environment. Tandaris Admiran: @ But they never finished. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> The storm neared the team and the wind was getting worse. Trees were whipping about dangerously. Those on the ground found themselves having to lean into the wind to keep their feet. Hakran K'hal: @ From what I've heard topside, every one of those things is pretty well needed as it currently stands. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Hmm... crack open another. Matheson, can you find one that has different markings? Hunter Matheson: @ ::then he moves to the other crates and compares the writing::: Indaura Ryssan: ## geets in Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: collapses into the ATV and scrambles to turn the bloody noise off before he faints :: Maryse Dubois: # Rhan...::Looking at the dead security.:: Grab his badge. We'll have to leave the rest... ::frowns.:: Hunter Matheson: @ Well, ma'am... a few words are similar, but the endings are different.... Hunter Matheson: @ So... three boxes are HAZMAT... Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> What?! :: shouts :: Hunter Matheson: @ The next three here are different. : Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks them out:: I'm guessing different survival gear. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # ACTION> Though no longer blasted by the noise, the cats fled from the storm. The ATVS were now being pushed by the wind, which threatened to topple them. Maryse Dubois: # ::Points to her badge on her chest, then to the dead crewman.:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Riding with them :: Ugh.... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Pull one down and let engineering have a crack at it. Maryse Dubois: # ::Sits down and straps in.:: Hunter Matheson: @ :: crowbar, shifts it, then gets a few sec to hand it down::: Hunter Matheson: @ ::plunk::: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: sees what Maryse is on about, but is more worried about the effects of the storm on the ATV - hops into the driver's seat and turns it into the wind :: Hunter Matheson: @ :::steps back::: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Frowns :: Not a great first contact... Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: shouts, because he can't hear himself or anything much else and because he assumes the storm is loud :: We'll have to leave him or we'll be joining him. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The next crate contains a crap-ton of data tapes. Maryse Dubois: # ::Slips into the back seat, strapping in.:: ((Ignore my previous.)) Can we make it back to base in this? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: looks over the map, decides they're better off going to the ruins from here than back to the base camp, heads off carefully trying to keep the ATVs stable by tacking with the wind :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: looks at the storm :: Let's go William Chocox: @ Ooh, are those Betamax? Hunter Matheson: @ ::absently:: Huh... like they were preserving the contents of whatever system they were using. Tandaris Admiran: I'm not familiar with that protocol. Is it duotronic? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> And suddenly the storm is upon them. First came the hail. The ATV was rocked and buffeted dangerously by the wind. (Are these ATVs open air? I hope not.) Hunter Matheson: @ ::Chocox::: Betamax? Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: sees the mouths moving, guesses at the content, shouts :: Ruins are closer! Maryse Dubois: # :;Sitting behind Rhan, she reaches up and begins to rub his ears, trying to ease his pain.:: Maryse Dubois: ((The back part that I was previously in was, but I moved inside. )) William Chocox: @ Old data storage method. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: good thing he's not Ferengi, he'd drive them into the ditch with that :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ We need to convert one of these to see what it contains. ::She looked to Hunter.:: Any other crates with different markings? Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks:: Yes, ma'am. Tandaris Admiran: @ Right, if there are tapes, there must be a reader. Hakran K'hal: @ Looks like a major storm brewing up near the nearby forest. Hunter Matheson: @ ::walks down the line:: Looks like every three are.. .except this one. There's only one. And two of the next crates. Hakran K'hal: @ :: checks with base camp to see if there is anyone in that area :: Hunter Matheson: @ I'll scratch numbers into them. These first three will be 1, next three will be 2, and on down the line. Maryse Dubois: # ::Stops a moment to send a comm to home base alerting them to the storm and our detour. Then contacts the ruins team.:: +Miranda+ Commander, this is Dr. Dubois, can you read us? ::Lots of noise on her end from the storm.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::hears the alert, but still thinking there could be something in the boxes that will give a hint as to what the hell happened and what's going on topside::: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: bouncing around in the driver's seat as he tries like mad to keep them moving - lowers their ride height to keep as little air from getting underneath as possible, and well, if they get stuck in the mud they'll at least avoid doing a Dorothy :: Hakran K'hal: @ :: frowns, hearing Maryse's comm :: Well that answers my question. It really looks like Security Provided by The Weather the way it whips these things up around our people. Hunter Matheson: @ ::walking along, checking the wording and marking similar boxes::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> Hail beat down on the ATVs, but ceased after a few minutes. The rain started after, hissing against the ATV's external structure. Strangely, it seemed to be pitting the windshield, eating away at it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ +Mayrse+ We can hear you, but barely. What's going on? Hunter Matheson: (raining acid - talk about air pollution) Tandaris Admiran: @ ::opens more boxes:: Here we go! Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: wonders why the wipers aren't doing a damn bit of good, then realizes what's happening :: Umm... this isn't good. Tandaris Admiran: @::digs out a device that looks like it could be a tape reader:: Let's see if we can hook this up to the monitors there, get it some power. Maryse Dubois: # +Miranda+ I'll fill in details when we arrive, but we are caught in a real nasty storm and are on our way to your location. ::Notices the windshield. Possible cursing heard.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::end of the line, he turns and begins deciphering as much as he can::: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> :: head whips around, trying to find the least little bit of something that could be considered shelter as the map shows them far too far away from the Ruins for his liking :: William Chocox: @ Sounds like a good plan Commander. Hakran K'hal: @ :: frowns over the screens, trying to figure out what this new symbology over the storm could indicate :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: TWO MINUTE WARNING Hunter Matheson: @ ::mutters:: Huh... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ ::Looks to Hunter.:: What? Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks again, then looks up to tap the box:: This might be medical supplies. Hakran K'hal: @ Damnit, I hate arbitrary symbols. :: scratches head :: William Chocox: @ Hm Hunter Matheson: @ ::moves to the next:: This one, too. Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Hmm... I may have to just gun it and take our chances. If that gets through the windshield, I'd hate to think what it would do to us. Hunter Matheson: @ If I could remember Greek 101, I might be able to read it. Or maybe it was Latin. ::headscratch::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #ACTION> A herd of animals suddenly stampeded in front of the ATVs, running in panic as they were being devoured by acidic rain. Indaura Ryssan: # :: nods :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: And... Maryse Dubois: # Apparently that... ::Noticing the animals.:: Hakran K'hal: #Rhan> Or not! :: does a nifty drift turn... growing up in Cali does have its benefits :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM
  13. SD 0604.2017 Exploration of Irassa IV has already produced some interesting results. Medical has been dealing with a high number of adverse reactions among the crew to the planet's flora and fauna. They have been tasked with collecting samples to compare to previous scans that were taken decades earlier. While exploring, they have inadvertently crossed the path of several predators on the hunt. Other teams have explored a planetary launch site that was apparently used to fire probes toward the system's primary star. Weather on the planet's surface has also turned to be unpredictable, with several violet storm systems suddenly forming and dissipating without warning. Below the planet's surface, the crew has discovered a large storage area with intact crates, though they are currently unable to translate the markings. On the surface, the Science team has discovered a strange obelisk in the center of the ruined city that appears to newer in construction -- though the purpose of the structure currently remains a mystery.
  14. (No sim 05/21/17) SD 0528.2017 Excalibur continues our survey of the Irassa system. The medical team has been tasked by Captain Swain with collecting and analyzing samples of the hostile fauna to compare to the previous surveys. Tandaris and Company are investigating a launch site. Commander Hawthorn's team is still at the control room area investigating a large storage room. Meanwhile our Romulan guest and a science team are continuing to examine an unusual obelisk in the center of the city that appears to be newer than the surrounding ruins.
  15. SD 0514.2017 Excalibur continues its survey of Irassa IV. Tandaris, Boomer, and a collection of NPCS are going to head towards the launch site for what they believe to be a solar probe. Another team continues to explore a storage area, while the medical team continues to assist crew members. On the Excalibur, Swain is concerned about the apparent aggression by the native plants and animals, which he did not remember from the previous survey. In addition, his team has discovered that the star's rotation has, in defiance of known laws of physics, increased since the last survey.