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  1. NAME: Christina Nickles RACE: Human DOB: Star Date 7508.04 GENDER: Female Ht. 5Ft.3in. BUILD: Medium EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown, cut short,(from behind looks like a mans cut style) SERIAL No.: 450778 Marital status : single Siblings: Christopher Nickles, 2 years older Sandy Nickles 5 years younger Christina Attended the Academy after her brother made her a bet that she wasn't tough enough to make it all of the way through. She decided to go through Security figuring that would be the easiest path. She had no idea how wrong she would be. She pulled her weight and made it through; surprising her brother that she actually did it. She did not finish top of her class, but her brother was proud she made it at all. Christopher and Christina got into scuffs a lot when they were young. Being a bigger brother Christopher would start picking on Christina and then their little sister would call for their Mom to come break them up. This was just their normal family circus. Christina qualified in Sniper shooting, type 2 phaser, type 3 hand phaser, as well as phaser rifle. Her weakness was in her hand to hand combat. She can handle her own when fighting an equal female but when fighting men, If they got a hold of her she had trouble freeing herself.