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  1. Thanks to StarTrek.com for giving a preview of comic #2 of this series. WARNING PAST THIS POINT IS SPOILER LAND! You have been warned. I am surprised Spock didn't blow his ever loving Vulcan mind to quote McCoy. A mind meld is a dangerous thing with another being under any circumstances, but with Optimus Prime that's like V'Ger on steroids! All V'Ger knew all that was knowable and it had been around for what 200-400 years? Prime himself has been around for a few MILLION, then add the power of the matrix! The matrix for the uninformed is several things in one. It contains all the wisdom of the past leaders of the Autobots. It is also a part of the life force of Primus, the one who gave the Transformers life, he gave them life to fight Unicron. Literally the power of something some might call a god. There is Spock just mind melding with it like it was another Saturday morning. I won't be surprised if this doesn't affect Spock somehow, since if V'Ger knocked him flat on his back in the movie, Prime has to do that if not more. Now the countdown resumes for issue #2 to hit newsstands!
  2. In this corner people of Cybertron I give you the Klingon Empire! They are under attack by jets, and other assorted vehicles which appear to be from from Earth from their the 20th century. Sending out a distress call they receive aid from James Tiberus Kirk! The most horrific monster since Archer to helm the ship Enterprise. When Kirk arrives on the Klingon colony a familiar red semi arrives to help him out, will he accept the facts, or damn all Cybertroins to the scrap heap! Find out this September at a comic book store near you!
  3. Now we all know when Pocket Books was in charge of Star Trek there were several rules. One of them being a numbered novel was never sold in hard cover. Well I found a copy of Star Trek: The Wounded Sky in hardcover format. Best part, paid $5.00 for it, Amazon.ca sells it for $25.00.:D
  4. What do I mean by Transformation? Think of it like Transformers franchise, where the characters have an alt mode (i.e. your pony idea) and a humanoid mode for day-to-day interaction. You can write it into the character profile that the character prefers it in the alt mode, but can transform to humanoid form. That would solve the problem of the character really serving in deep space. I mean can you see a pony (even a robotic one) doing fine manipulating with tools? Or getting into small spaces? As per it being within the character's parameters, well we are getting there with cars transforming into humanoid forms, or cars transforming into planes so off hand I'd say it's plauseable.
  5. Compu, Two criticisms, note I am NOT a GM in anyway/shape/form. Just an old simmer who retired from simming 15 years ago. In Star Trek we haven't seen any quaderped species yet (I have only watched TOS, ANI, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT). I haven't seen any in Star Wars, Andromedia, BattleTech, Star Gate (I watch too much sci-fi). I know Star Trek authors have had Horta characters on ships, but a quaderped is a whole load of problems. If you want to play the robot angle, transformation might solve this problem even if its short term. Since could you imagine a horse trying to move around a Starship or Starbase? The second thing is this feels like Data meets my Little Pony, since the crystal entity did destroy the colony he was being built on. Lost in space might work, or some rogue robot who can't remember who its creators are, and decides to enlist with the fleet as part of its self discovery. I have to assume that if you go deep enough into space you can leave almost any problem far behind you.
  6. I know, you (the reader) knows simming and AOL were joined at the virtual hip years ago. Eventually AOL cut simming lose as it became clear with unlimited high speed internet it wasn't cost viable to support simmers anymore. Some simmers and groups still used AOL's vaunted AIM system to make chat rooms, to sim. To be candid I miss those days still in a sense, where there were chat rooms online, where if someone was out of line they got spanked, but that's a topic for another day. Heck, I miss the days where you had to write a letter that was clear and concise and not everyone was available in real time. As of December 15th, 2017 AIM will be shut down by AOL. Well go in peace AIM, and here is to the hopes that one day something like AOL's old chat rooms does come to be, since as much as I love the wonders of the new net, there are times when I miss parts of the old one.
  7. Holy Tribbles....this is FairBol from the USS Ranger, how the hell are ya?! :-O

  8. Like countless people during Enterprise's run I didn't have access to it, wasn't going to pay $20+ extra a month for the Paramount channel. Now as a Christmas gift I received all 4 seasons on DVD, and I want to salute CBS for dropping the price on all the Star Trek seasonal DVDs to a reasonable price. That being said, does anyone understand why for season 4 she doesn't wear a normal uniform? Season 1 & 2, she was with Vulcan High Command, it made sense. Season 3, she's a civilian, once again makes sense. Season 4, she's with Star Fleet, heck when Archer doesn't have his rank tabs on she has hers on, but she doesn't wear the normal Star Fleet uniform. Anyone know why?
  9. Chirakis, You are not the only one dusting off old books literally and figuratively. Now that I have ample shelf space (for now). I am reading my way though the Battletech universe, from the Forth Succession War to the end of the FedCom Civil war. When I have kids they will wonder what kind of man daddy is. He rides a mountain bike, reviews old games and toys, and knows how to repair almost anything. I mean the later part, fixed my cycling shoes, computer, and kitchen inside 24 hours. For all the faults of the 21st century, one thing I've got to approve of is the fact Amazon let's people self publish novels. Don't get wrong they all won't be good, they all won't make a lot of money, and odds are a load of them need editing, but with the software out there the editing can't be that bad. Anyone with a sharp eye has spotted plot holes, typos, and spelling errors in printed novels. It will also give those who dream a way to get out there and get noticed where before the door was closed because they didn't know the right people. I do write some fan stories and game reviews when I get the time as a chance to practise new methods of writing. I've come to realize after all these years if some kid wanted to skip doing his/her homework and had to do a writing assignment they might steal one of my stories. The story I am writing (when I get time) is a fantasy/fiction story, set in two worlds, one of which is Earth, Florida 1980s in a fictional city. I am touching up on several ideas like honor, and MAD. I mean Mutually Assured Destruction. Since the end of the cold war, not many people remember that little turn of phrase. I've seen two sides of the coin when it comes to reading and writing. In some parts of society its seen as an ancient skill, not one really required for the 21st century, soon to be cast aside like driving. While others are expecting it from our youngest members. I am one to believe that the demand for skill will only rise as does our technology, and our society evolves. In the western world the idea of earning a degree, and it being good for the length of 25 years in that role is dead. Only by self-educating ourselves can we keep pace, and to do that we need to know how to read, and by extension write. That's it for now, somehow I got a 5 page piece of fan fiction out before Legion launched, despite 60 hour work weeks. Got the genesis of the story in the shower, where else.;) Now a 20+ year old game is crying for me to review it.
  10. Sadly due to this evil thing called work and "we need you to do triple OT" some things fell off my radar, but now that things are slowing down I can sit down and play catch up. Funny thing Chirakis even as I was working so hard I found a used bookstore that called to me like a siren to a sailor, where I found a used copy of Kahless, hard covered! Little over priced in my opinion for the book, but in excellent condition! As RPGers with our own characters we do have some idea of how hard professional authors have it. Since when we look at that blank screen we face the same questions they face when they start a novel. Yes I know there is a difference between a sim and a novel, but logs could be considered mini-novels. I hope like them when the story is right before us how good it feels, they have that same joy. To this day I wish I could recapture that magic I had when writing The Hunter Trilogy years ago. As an aspiring author, I'm not afraid to admit having taken ideas/character names from previous fan works of mine to help build a living breathing universe. Trust me on this one, as hard as it is to sim, to create a whole universe from the ground up is all the harder. Also hard when your flash drive doesn't save 10 pages of work when the juice is hot! One novel I failed to mention before that I do feel deserve mentioning is Star Trek #20: The Vulcan Academy Murders. Since usually we associate Star Trek with action/adventure, not mystery and romance. Jean Lorarrah without making it feel like a stretch or gaudy. She doesn't feel a need to play with all the characters of TOS crew, just three once they get past the main introduction. As a fan I find it interesting how the earlier novels seemed physically smaller, but still told a good story, while some of the later ones seemed to drag on too much for my tastes. One of Peter David's first book series I found to be his best is the Knight series which documents the problems of one Author Pendragon as he tries to handle the modern world where the world needs him, but has out grown him in a sense. Chirakis, I'll take your advantages of real books and raise you one. Power goes out, batteries drain away, but as long as there is light, and you have your sight, you can read any day. It shocks me in a sense how many people are illiterate in the western world today. To me it's as basic a skill as being able to walk, or feed yourself. Yes Google has audio input, and there are countless how to videos, but to truly work within the western world, to truly be understood, you need to be able to read and write, otherwise in a sense you are someone who is self crippled.
  11. Chirakis, Truer words were never written, in regards to the questionable quality of some novels. I remember when I read Gene Roddenberry's authorized Autobiography, he tried to get approval right to all the Star Trek novels at the time, and have the right to also demand rewrites. The powers that be rejected his request (I need to re-read that book). Back then it would be hard, now it would be a daunting task with 2-3 new novels a month, and who know how many eBooks being green lighted. I feel there is nothing wrong in me saying more than a few novels I own, I have to ask who thought this was worthy of the Star Trek name. A good example would be Star Trek Deep Space Nine: #12 "The Laertian Gamble." The book is 273 pages long, and has 73 chapters in it. The core concept is weak (Dr. Bashir agrees to gamble for a woman Quark forbids to gamble, then her race's fleet show up and forces him to gamble under punishment of destroying D.S.9) to top it off the author brings in concepts that have no business being in Star Trek like a Ferengi priest that Quark borrows money from, and the priest does it without charging Quark interest! I felt the author had no business writing this novel in the first place, and lo and behold he is used to writing short stories, and never touched Star Trek before this novel. There are a few Trek authors who are regulars who I feel earn my hard earned dollars. Peter David (wishing him a speedy recovery), Michael Jan Friedman, L.A Graff to name a few. Actually disappointed to find out the New Frontier series went to eBook only status, need to find a place to print it up so I can read those novels.
  12. With all honesty I am on the fence beyond the original pocket book run. Yes I have picked up a few novels from that era, the problem is understanding things in the long term. Much like the old Star Wars expanded universe, Star Trek EU has grown, and it's hard to pick up a novel sometimes and know where things are. Unlike the old novels they are rarely numbered. Which makes it hard for me as a reader & a collector to want to go out and buy them.
  13. Back in High School when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and we connected with 14K modems, one of my goals was to collect all the Star Trek novels ever printed (gave up on Voyager). Recently with the addition of another book case I spent sometime on Amazon, and ordered some novels that were missing from my collection, and I hit a problem. I went to place the novel in order, but a book was already in it's spot, and it left me a bit confused. I checked inside the cover, and found out the book was printed in the UK. Seems the UK printed the novels in a different order than the Star Trek novels in North America were printed in. Well live and learn, live and learn. On a closing note, I have almost a complete set of every Star Trek (TNG, D.S.9, and NF) printed before the reboot of all three series a few years ago.
  14. Odds are if you are a Star Trek fan, you are a fan over other series (my list is so long it is insane) but I digress. I recently picked up a new bookcase, and I posted on a Transformers Fans part of it some photos of the Transformers before the books. Most of the people gave thumbs up for the bots and how they looked. While one guy made comment he completely loved the Star Trek book collection he saw behind the bots. Sad fact is I have close two full book cases full of Star Trek novels, and I just ordered more from Amazon. I now admit it, I have a Star Trek novel addiction, but I don't think it's at the 12 step stage yet.;) The point being it's nice to see people online who are fans of one series can also be fans of other series as well.
  15. Just caught this off this off the wire. Streaming… the final frontier. Ever since Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, key players on the Star Trek feature franchise, moved to CBS TV Studios, there had been talk about them resurrecting the studio’s marquee title. Now the long-rumored new Star Trek TV series has become a reality as the first original series on CBS’ digital platform CBS All Access. Shepherded by Kurtzman, who will serve as executive producer, the series will premiere in January 2017 with a preview broadcast on CBS followed by an exclusive run in the U.S. on CBS All Access. Kurtzman and Orci have gone their separate ways in features. On the TV side, their company, CBS TV Studios-based Kurtzman/Orci Paper Products, is still intact though Kurtzman is expected to work solo on the Star Trek series as one of the projects under a separate deal with the studio. CBS Corp. had been high on rebooting Star Trek with a new series installment, which had been a goal for the company. “There is no better time to give ‘Star Trek’ fans a new series than on the heels of the original show’s 50th anniversary celebration,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios.“Everyone here has great respect for this storied franchise, and we’re excited to launch its next television chapter in the creative mind and skilled hands of Alex Kurtzman, someone who knows this world and its audience intimately.” http://news.yahoo.com/star-trek-tv-series-takes-153032696.html