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  1. Webisodes 3 and 4 premiere tomorrow (Friday, November 16). Can't wait! :)
  2. Watched these yesterday. Fantastic! I loved the 70's look of the Cylon fighters, and Vipers. Can't wait to see more.
  3. Glad you are ok and safe Tkar.
  4. Zaphod sat at the computer terminal in L'riina's apartment in just his boxers. He had used her sign in code to get into the computer mainframe. Working quickly, he typed in several commands. He was using the bar's requisition forms to cover an encrypted program to change several security codes to allow the team to acquire what they needed from the supply warehouse. To the security system the team were just a bunch of workers collecting bar supplies, liqueur, glasses, etc. He looked into the bedroom and admired the young Deltan barmaid sleeping peacefully, covered only by the light sheen of her persperation. A pang of guilt washed over him. He felt guilty about using a night of passion to get the bar's security access codes. But, he was genuinely very fond of the woman. She was beautiful, young, and of course Deltan. He had dated only one other woman from Delta 4. Their veracious sexuality was known throughout the Federation and beyond, on par with that of Orion women. L'riina had turned Zaphod every which way but loose in the last three hours. All he wanted to do now was curl up and sleep. He had asked her to use her account code with a made up story about sending a subspace message to his Caitian grandmother on Ferasia. A horrible lie he knew, but she believed it and gave him her sign in codes. He felt bad about lying, but he would make it up to her before he left the station. He lit up a spiced cigarette and downloaded a series of codes onto a 'borrowed' requisition IL chip. He took the chip and put it in his equipment pouch. Shutting down the terminal, he sat back and smoked. He heard a voice coming from the bedroom. “Zaphy, where are you?” L'rinna asked. “Sitting our here having a smoke mon cherie.” “Come back to bed kitty, I'm chilly.” “I really need to be going boo.” I have to meet my shipmates.” He heard her humph. “I'm not done with you yet, can't you stay the rest of the night?” She walked to the door of the bedroom, her naked body shimmering in the dim light. All thoughts of the Qob and their mission left his mind, business could wait. He put out his smoke , and joined her in the bedroom. Zaphod purred as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him onto the comfie bed.
  5. Hi Radditz, welcome. You can get started here.. http://www.stsf.net/howto.php This link will give you all the info on the sims (how to play, graduation requirements, etc.. Don't forget to check out The Tips from the Moose here... http://www.stsf.net/forums/index.php?showforum=34 for great tips for the new STSF player. And, tonight (Saturday) we have a sim called the Red Star Nightclub at 11pm Eastern/ 10pm Central time. It's a great sim to get to know the other players here at STSF. Anyways, welcome again. And, hope to see you around the sims.
  6. Zaphod found a comfie chair to curl up in for the debriefing. The past few hours had been the most exciting he had had in a very long time. Just as he expected, his crew mates busted into the laboratory and freed him from the clutches of the mad scientist. He really appreciated the rescue. This group of mercenaries were turning out to be good people and good friends. They found a few answers, but also more unanswered questions. The old man it turns out was a robot, and was in possession of Joe's ODRI. This allowed the old man to fool him into coming to the lab. But, the question was; who was controlling the old man and the other robots? Several of the group had been injured, but everyone was being patched up at the hide out. Zaphod himself sustained a broken paw. Joe told him all about the mission to the space station, and he told Joe of Savoy's message to meet her. Everyone started making individual plans to accomplish their missions. Joe assigned Zaphod and Troy to sabotage the security systems for the warehouse. Zaphod came up with an idea to hack into the stations main computer to mask the team going into the warehouse. But to do this, he would have to gain access to the main frame. He thought about the little barmaid he had met at Greedo's. If he could get her to let him into the bar's computer, he might be able to upload a set of algorithms to allow the team to enter unobserved by the stations security systems. If Troy could make some badges for the team, Zaphod could link the badges into the systems to make the team invisible to security. He had done this on the space station K12 to.. liberate a few cases of Romulan Ale to sneak to Bulls Head. The masking technique had worked that time, so maybe it would work again. He didn't like the idea of using the cute little barmaid for his ill gotten gains, but he would try to make it up to her. When Joe dismissed the group, Zaphod went into the still trashed washroom and freshened up, then headed for the lifts to the promenade. As he headed up to the promenade, Zaphod stopped at a kiosk and bought a dozen purple Rizan roses, and a box of hand dipped chocolates. “The world loves a bastard.” He grinned, lit up a spiced cig and headed towards Greedo's. .
  7. Cool title. Question is, what villian is going to be featured? I've read two possibilities, Kahn, and Garry Mitchell. I'd like to see Kirk go against Garry Mitchell. But, it does sound like it's going to be a must see movie.
  8. Zaphod paced around the storage room looking for an escape route. The old man hadn't spoken to him for a few hours, but had sent him food and drink. The old man found out quick enough while Zaphod was unconscious that what he had said was true. His organs were not suitable for transplant into a Caitian or Human. But, Zaphod really believed that his organs were not what this old man was interested in. He had said that Joe and crew had destroyed his laboratory. This caused Zaphod to laugh out loud. He could picture the big Nausicaan Byblos, and the cyborg Shane tearing through the old mans lab, laying it to waste. The old man said he was being held as a bargaining chip. He wanted reparations for his damage. This made Zaphod laugh harder. He only knew his new crew mates for a short time now, but he knew enough about them to know they had a good reason for destroying the old mans lab. And, they were mercenaries, money was a very precious thing to them. He knew Joe would not pay this old man any money. So, the only hope he had was for a rescue. The old man had tried to turn him away from his crew by telling him that Joe had “sold him out”. But, Zaphod knew like destroying the old man's lab, Joe had good reasons for turning him over to the Xorax. He liked Joe Manning. Joe had told him early on that he knew him from somewhere. Zaphod had been racking his brain these last months trying to remember where Joe knew him from. Maybe one day he would sit down with him and figure out where. Zaphod sat on the examining table and lit a spiced cigarette. He raised his glass and took a sip. “Here's to ya crew. Hope ya find me soon. I'm bored!”
  9. I was 5 when man first landed on the moon, and watched it on our black and white television. RIP to a true pioneer.
  10. The old man laughed as he injected Zaphod with the hypo. “I promise nothing will happen to you yet.” Zaphod had come down to the lower levels of the station to look for Joe, and gotten himself captured again. He was beginning to feel like Daphne from the old 20th century cartoon “Scoobie Doo”. The old man had faked Joe's communication to him to lure him down here. From what Zaphod could understand, the old man was an organ harvester. He knew, and tried to tell the old man that his organs couldn't be used. Because of his Human/Caitian DNA, his organs couldn't be transplanted to either. Even his blood was an odd mixture of both Caitian Tn, and Human AB. What his doctors labeled Ln-. The old man told him Caitian hearts were in demand. But, Zaphod was not pure Caitian. He was half Human. He was the only one known to exist in the Federation. His parents had gone outside the Federation to a scientist named Flirnara. The scientist was able to splice Human and Caitian dna to allow his mother Janine to conceive a child. When they got back to the Federation, they were arrested for genetic human tampering. They were both discharged from Star Fleet, and spent time in a detention center. Zaphod spent his life branded a genetic freak by his teachers and peers. He was an even mix of both races. Though he appeared as a black furred Caitian, there was differences. He didn't have the congenital heart conditions that all true Caitians suffered. He could also imbibe alcohol, which he enjoyed quite a bit. His eye structure was Caitian. But, the eye color was a bright purple. The differences caused him many problems with discrimination from both Caitians, and the Humans he grew up with on Earth. The humiliation he received from Star Fleet after Academy pushed him out of the Federation into a life of piracy and minor scrapes with the law, both in the Federation and in Tranquility. Zaphod started feeling the tranq take hold and laughed himself. He hoped this old mad scientist would at least test his blood before he started carving him up. Zaphod felt the blackness pull him in, and started dreaming kitty dreams.
  11. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2012.... Riff Raff Returns
  12. Zaphod sat at a table in the back of the bar pondering his situation. He was not in a very good mood at all. Even the cute little barmaid sitting on his lap scratching behind his ears only cheered him up a bit.. He had been in this mood since Zoalus. Being captured by the Argons was bad enough, but to be bartered off to the Guardians was the final straw. He sat in that cramped cell for what seemed like an eternity. He was worried about his ship mates. Sure they were a group of mercenary pirates. But, he had come to consider them friends. Savoy had asked him who his allegiance was too, and he had answered truthfully. He was a space bum. All Zaphod was interested in was money. He didn't care about allegiances. His mother had nicknamed him Zaphod because of a 20'th century Earth comedy series. That Zaphod had been a wanderer, a non conformist, and a wise ass. Something he had lived up to in his 48 years. And, that was why he fit in so well with his newly found friends. That's why something Savoy said made him tone his attitude down a bit. She asked him if he could see his ship mates in danger. Zaphod hated the Guardians. Not near as much as the pampas idiots in Star Fleet and the Federations. But, almost as much. When he had his mining and trading vessel Silver Star, the Guardians were constantly raiding him, searching for contraband. Once, he and his first mate An'gel were detained on Tranquility for 6 months in not to savory conditions. They were treated very badly. Because of that, he reluctantly brought Ang'el back to Earth, breaking off their engagement. Savoy's warning grated on his mind. His shipmates in danger? What had Joe been doing in the months of his confinement? He had to find out. Savoy said that the Qob was docked at the space station when she released him. He had to find them and see what was going on. He contacted Joe by communicator and relayed Savoy's message to meet him. But, something caught Zaphod's ear. If Joe was just a few decks below him, why the delay in a response. It was Joe's voice, but the delay between the connection worried him. That was why he had turned around and gone back to Greedo's to have another round, smoke a spiced cigarette, schmooze with the cutie and think things over. He looked at the tricorder readout "Joe" had sent him. It was deep in the bowels of the station, the perfect place to lay a trap. He weighed the options. Go down and see if it is Joe, and reconnect with his ship mates. Or, play it safe and stay here till they found him. He looked into the face of the cute young thing sitting on his lap. He asked himself: "Would Zaphod Beeblebrox play it safe in my situation?" He probably would. Unless he had his danger glasses. But, this Zaphod was worried about his friends. So he made his decision. He looked up at the little barmaid. "Sorry mon chere', but work calls." She pouted out her lower lip. "But, Zaphy, I thought you were here for a little r and r." She winked at him and scratched behind his ear again. "You promised to.." She leaned over and whispered in his ear. It twitched. He grinned and laughed. "No rest for the weary I'm afraid." I promise I'll be back though.That really does sound appitizing." She pouted a little more and whispered something else. A bigger grin spread across Zaphod's face. He purred. "Hmmm, if you put it like that, I may just jump ship and stay here." He laughed out loud. The barmaid kissed him, scratching his ear one last time "See ya kitty." She got up and walked back to the bar. Zaphod watched her go, admiring the view. He got up himself, headed out of the bar to the promenade. He ducked into a corner and found his palm phaser, and Caitian claw dagger he had hidden in his equipment bag, and transferred them to his belt. He took a cigarette out of his leather jacket, lit it, then brought up the map on his tricorder. He started walking toward the lifts, twitching his tail. He suddenly wished he had a pair of Bebblebrox's danger glasses. He shook his head. "I've got a bad feeling about this."
  13. Hey all, After what seems like forever, I've finally got stable interwebz. I simmed at Red Star and Kbear's academy last night, and I'm joining my crew mates back on the Qob tonight. Glad to be back simming with all of my friends here. Zaphod the Space Bum
  14. Finally back, bio updated.
  15. Hey all, Well tomorrow's the day. After 30 years, I'm finally marrying my high school sweetheart. I've been so busy the past few months getting relocated and settled back in my home of New Orleans. I've miss everybody on the Qob and in Academies very much. I'm getting my computer shipped down from Washington State in December. So, I'll be able to get set back up with the internet. Then, I'll be back in here simming with my friends. Hope everyone is doing well. See ya'll soon. Blessings, Zaphod the Space Bum (Dave)