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  1. More from Home To: Lerak tr'Pexil, RES Talon From: Nalia t'eaha'lagga Jolan tru Lerak. I hope this message gets to au in your good health. Speaking of which, I'm almost back to my pre-Othan weight after my recovery. I'm not telling au what that was of course, you'll just have to guess. Na too high. I have visited several doctors in the area, at your parents request. There is na trace of the pathogen in my system. Nor is there any at your place, sealed up as it was. Thanks for letting me use your room while au are driving those Othan back to the hole from which they crept. I go out on the balcony and stare out at the ocean. The waves are very calming. I've even left the window open to have the waves guide me to sleep. Speaking of which. Where did au get those bed sheets? I've never felt anything like them. Soft...smooth. Amazing. I may never be able to sleep anywhere else again. See the enclosed holo-pictures I sent of myself. Au can't say I'm na looking better. Aur sister took a picture just as I arrived. Enough about me. What about au? Get with your commander yet? Au should just ask her, unless au are waiting another decade for just the right moment. From what your mother said she has had a rough family life, even very recently. And what's that your mother told me of some women nearly slicing you in two at the Academy? Sounds like a total susse'thrai. If I ever see here I'll cut her caevra out. She even left a scar I'm told. You'll have to show me when au return. Well, unless this is a very private for au. The family did not think so. Oh, here's a holo of your room I took. I changed things up a bit in the bedroom. The atmosphere was so dreary and dark. I know many Rihan ships use darkly-colored metals, but come one Lerry. Ha, Lerry. Lerak sounds so harsh, but that's does not seem like au. Laehval seemed a bit though, but she's your commander. She has to be. I forgot to mention I left au something in your travel pack. Did au find it and like it? In case space is lonely and companionship does not find au. Don't hate me, your sister helped me make it. I don't understand how to do that stuff. We thought auy may need it someday. Heis'he, Naila
  2. "My Love, Nalia" To: Lerak tr'Pexil From: Nalia t'eaha'lagga I hope au remember me from ch'Rihan because I surely remember au. How could au not after leaving me to recover with your family in your very strange dwelling. Why au would want to live near a cliff overseeing the ocean is, well, unexpected. Your mother told me this was some kind of old cargo vessel. It explains a lot. Au must really like space, up there with the stars, saving us from the, Othan is it? Your father told me about them, or really what au told him about them. I mean I knew something was going on, but I just run a flower shop, or at least I did. It was closed up before the area was evacuated, but it was nearly too late. The government rounded us up after the attacks and moved us outside the capital for our own safety. I started to cough violently soon after I arrived. It was awful. It make my stomach ache like nothing else. I could not hold any food down and water was no better. I was bedridden for weeks. I lost kilogram after kilogram. I was withering away. The doctors only gave me a few more weeks of agony in which to live. Then au arrived. I had no idea who au were. No idea au were from the Galae, or even the pride of the fleet. In charge of engineering no less. And a ship as large as the Talon must keep you busy. Yet au found me, or rather, us, in that camp. Your doctor had a solution to our plight the others had not considered. Information they did not have. Au saved my life. I must have looked hideous, wasting away with the others. I wanted to hold au so tight, but I only had enough strength to stand and hold on to your arm. Some other woman gave me a look, someone of a higher standing by her uniform. Perhaps au know her. Of course au know her. Thank her too if au know who I'm talking about. After some weeks I've regained much of my weight and strength. Your mother is having me perform jobs around your dwelling as payment for a place to recover. She's not asked me to leave. I asked about it and she said I could stay as long as I needed. Is this true? I mean au owe me nothing after saving me and now I owe au so much. Your sister was happy to tell me all about au. Does the scar on your back still give au trouble? She said it nearly broke your spirit. Cracked your emotional center. Given your status I would say au prevailed. I don't want to make this too long. They have me sleeping in your large bed. I hope this is alright. See attached a picture of me on it as I dictate this to the ettre. [Picture of a thinly dressed Naila sitting comfortably on a bed] I have placed flowers all over your place, it needed a woman's touch, if one can add that to an old cargo ship sunk into the ground. I hope when au return I can repay my debt to au. Cooking a grand meal, getting to know au in person, or something more. I send good fortunes your way an await your return. If your family is any indication the wait will be worth it. My love, Nalia
  3. None Too Pleased Laehval was none too pleased seeing another woman with her arms around Lerak. The woman was a piteous creature -- too thin and sickly to be truly attractive -- but the sight of her fawning over her Chief Engineer sparked a shaft of jealousy that she didn’t know she possessed. He was giving her aid. Nothing more, she thought. Besides, what do au care if he is involved? Romantic attachments are an impossible nuisance. Still, the gaze that she leveled at him was stony. “Au have a task that is far more important than providing medical aid, tr’Pexil. Let the maenaks handle healing these people. What news have au for me on the nano-tech tests in the water system? Are they able to isolate the chemical agent causing this?” Lerak turned to the sound of Laehval's voice, oblivious to the stern look she was giving him. Either the woman holding onto him captured his attention, or he’d grown far too accustomed to Laehval's steely gaze -- perhaps a bit of both. The blanket had fallen off of the sickly woman's shoulder, but the engineer placed it back over in a tender gesture. He tapped the top of Nalia's hand to let her know he needed to address the question from his superior. "They will take care of au. I am needed elsewhere." Addressing Laehval, he reported, "The nano-machines are working particularly well considering the lack of design time. Credit the Borg and their assimilated knowledge. Fortunately for us the programming was straightforward. Identification of what the machines would attack goes to t'Ksa of course...and a lack of mutation of said compound. If the Othan were able to craft a more clever attack upon us it may have been one step ahead of us. Anyway, the nano-machines account for roughly sixty-percent faster cleanup. Our biggest limitation is the replication of the machines." Lerak stopped to catch his breath and looked directly at Laehval. She looked tired, at least in her eyes, and like someone that did not wish to remain in this place for long. “I would like a timeframe of when this section of the water table will be purified and how the remaining nano-bots will handle the strain of tainted drainage water. We must also discuss your cloud-seeding idea. The agent is there, as well, which leaves the potential for this agent spreading with the precipitation.” Her eyes flitted briefly to the other woman, momentarily distracted by the way the way she was watching Lerak. Lerak followed her gaze, glancing back at Nalia. The girl brightened as she saw him looking, eyes shining with something akin to hero worship. While she was showing some improvement in her color, she was still very weak. After taking too deep a breath, she dissolved into a coughing fit, bowing her head into the blanket still draped around her. Lerak sighed, knowing he was an engineer, not a maenak, and there was little he could do to personally help her. He turned his attention back to Laehval. “I hope they got to her in time." Lerak shook his head. "An appalling situation all around." “Yes, appalling, but that is why we are here.” She gestured to Nalia. “Who is she?” "A florist in the capital. I went in the ship to avoid a patrol. Fortunately there was no one else in the shoppe except the two of us," he went on, wondering if that sounded like it sounded. "I felt like I had to buy something, for au I might add, to keep my cover. Got a citizen's sense of what had happened on Ch'Rihan. The situation was far more dangerous than we first thought in reality. The Othan really knew how to move upon us." Laehval's expression had not changed one bit. "There is nothing between her and I. Would not have been enough time for that anyhow if I was interested." He turned his gaze back to Nalia. "She looked a fair bit better at the shoppe. I do wonder how she ended up in this place." He sighed then turned back to Laehval. "If I can we should at least make her well then drop her off at a relative. Are au worried about her?" Lerak wondered if her looks were for a different reason than wasting time with an unknown woman when so many needed help. “I worry for them all. It is why we are here,” she repeated. “I only wondered who she was to distract au from your duty.” Her gaze flitted back to him, stony as ever. “I am pleased to hear that, even under duress, au were focused on the safety of the crew. That au would brave the horrors of a florist shop and the possibility of being interrogated by a beautiful Othan agent in order to assure Galae survival.” She snorted. “Now that the distraction is over and your associate is being tended, perhaps it is time au finish what au came here to accomplish. Your work here is important to the whole of ch’Rihan, na just one or two individuals.” "For better or worse we have fine engineers making the preparations across this site. My task is to evaluate the data to improve the efficiency and speed of the machines. We have far bigger targets after helping these people here." He looked over his ISD at a new set of numbers flying across the screen. "Hmm, promising. I..." he sighed as he paused himself. "Perhaps later Laehval. The atmospheric test is next. It will be a sight to see from what I've been told." Lerak looked past her gaze and deep into her eyes, seeing his reflection in the bright sun. "I believe we are all beyond tired, and I for one look forward to the minute or two of rest I may get in the next few days." He smiled, albeit weakly. "Au should get some rest soon." Her mouth tightened when he called her by her first name. She stepped close, but not at all for the reason he hoped. “One day, Lerak, au will learn that familiarity in public is na the way to ingratiate yourself to me,” she hissed low, for his ears only. “Get back to work, or your days upon the Talon will surely come to an abrupt end, and au can spend the rest of your life with your pretty little florist, tinkering with technology of little consequence.” With one last scowl, she turned on her heel and stalked away.
  4. If I Could Have Time in a Half-empty Bottle Jylliene lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Every part of her body ached for sleep, but she could not stop thinking of what had transpired on the mission - not to mention coming back and hearing about Annisha, and wondering how she and Nijil could really keep an eye on Annisha in the manner she seemed to require to stay out of trouble, and whether she really WAS cut out to be parenting an adolescent, and what else might happen before their wedding, and whether they WOULD end up married or if one or the other of them would be zapped out of existence or killed or what-have-you beforehand… Deep breath in, and release. “It will be okay, right?” she murmured to Nijil. "Wha? Au mean the station? I would imagine it is structurally sound at the moment." He looked into her eyes, a gaze he'd not been allowed for what felt like months. It was merely days. "Au mean something else do au not?" “Everything. The station. Annisha. The wedding. Elements…” Nijil sighed. "The wedding. It's been a few days since I, or we worked on it." He traced a finger along her cheek, then his eyes went wide. "I think Annisha has been working on it... oh if she has access to my account." He had a look of panic. “We’ll have a very interesting wedding indeed if she’s been at it.” Pausing, the woman added, “You are probably more at risk for a lot of Blubby’s charges to your account than anything else.” "Mmm," muttered Nijil. They both remained silent, brooding at the thought. “I’ve wondered if we shouldn’t just go ahead and get married quickly and quietly." she piped up. "Still have the ceremony as planned, but ask the captain to take care of the legal bonding in her office. Before something happens.” "Au really wish to do that? Life has found itself compressed. Hope it's not going stellar neutronic." He looked at her with intent. "By the elements do not change the ceremony. I'd be disowned," he said with a smirk. She chuckled. “No, I wouldn’t change anything of the ceremony. Wouldn’t tell anyone anything about the private one. Not even Annisha.” Especially not Annisha. It wouldn’t be private for long. “I’m not sure. The first time the idea came to mind, it was in jest. It’s looking more and more serious as time passes.” "Time is the fire in which we burn." He said, wondering where he'd heard that. "The question is how long is our wick?" He laughed at the double entendre he felt he made. He laughed some more, enough to wake a sleeping ten-year old. Jylliene smiled slightly, eyes back to the ceiling. “Would you want to know, if you could?” "I don't think we were meant to know either the time or method of our demise. Even viewing it in some temporal mirror can change the outcome. An uncertainty principle. Au would know, Starfleet has temporal mechanics classes right?" “Of course. And they have regulations, and they go over what has happened in the past when those regulations were broken - well, what happened that brought about the regulations. But it was just a question of curiosity. I don’t think I’d want to know.” Nijil pulled himself forward and gave his e'lev a simple kiss on the lips. "There's only one timeline I am concerned about. Our future." Jylliene tapped a button just above her on the headboard and turned off the lights. “Let’s work on wedding plans tomorrow night.”
  5. Meat Roll “Would au quit looking in that thing Kuval, someone will see it poking out from the hill,” Aluna chided. Her mate had been looking out the periscope for hours, turning it every direction looking for the invasion force that swept over ch’Rihan. At least it kept him busy. She had no idea how long they could be holed up in the depths of their son’s home. Up until a half hour ago she’d been reading from the collection left by the owner of the cargo ship now buried deep in this part hillside, part sea-facing cliff. Its Captain liked the action-adventure series from a millennium ago. Not her genre of literature, but she could not really go outside this bizarre home. The Othan, as she had learned their name, made certain of that through the bombing and curtailing of communication channels. The wireless news reports continued as always, likely under duress as the invasion force had taken the city housing the newsroom. Kuval wanted to leave the Othan news broadcast on, but Aluna would have nothing of it. She needed silence when she prepared the evening meal, even when they were only rations. Prepared wrongly and she might poison everyone. She did not really know what kind of engineer he was, but a survivalist he was not. She’s have stocked the safe room with a more rounded selection. Military rations were meant to last in all kinds of conditions for decades. She figured they did not have that kind of time. “Kuval, do au wish your soup spicy?” Aluna leaned out from the stove to see if he had left the periscope. He hadn’t. “What will I lose if I don’t this time?” He did not move his eyes from the scope, instead turning to look from another angle. “Flavor. He packed more hot spices than pepper, so I’m having to stretch things out.” “Bah, that bhudt. He knew his family would end up here while he’s gallivanting across the quadrant.” The soup began to bubble up slowly. She stirred in some of the hot spices until it disappeared. More stirring and more bubbles as the soup finally heated up After a minute she sipped the brew to see how bad. She gagged, knowing she added too much. Her only solution was to add a bit of nut butter. It was high in kelassium, so it was just as well. No need for intense abdominal pain while detached from medical facilities. “Good news e'lev, this has all the kelassium we need,” she said to him. “Provided we can stomach this freeze-dried mess,” she continued under her breath. Aluna spoke to him again. “Au know; we should be thankful this place even exists. I know how much au like government relocation directives.” Kuval only grunted, spinning around to look out at the ocean. Aluna tasted the soup for what she hoped was the last time. She let it rest on her tongue for a moment, only recoiling a little. “I think this is as good as it will get. Get Lithara will au?” He reluctantly took his eyes off the periscope and nodded as he went to get her. Moments later he returned with their daughter in tow. “What are we having now mother?” Lithara had just placed her own daughter down for a nap in their shared bedroom. No one really liked the arrangement, but the alternative was frightening. Kuval already sat down when his wife brought a hot bowl of soup in front of him. “Another day, another soup. Easy to make, easy to store and I can make it thicker for Rina.” She placed a bowl in front of Lithara. “I know I know, but every meal?” “Na, it’s only lunch, dinner is different. Au could try cooking for once.” “Well, I don’t have the ration culinary skills.” Kuval tapped on a small ISD in the middle of the table. It came to life in sound. “Corrupt government officials have been removed. The Othan Protectorate is here to help quell rebellion. Resistance will be met with force. Stay in your homes. If au do see suspicious activity report it immediately at-” The audio stopped with a tap of Aluna’s finger. “What have I told au about that Kuval? There’s nothing to be gained by listening to their incessant propaganda.” Lithara was adamant. “But there could be news security ridding us of them. Even the Tal Shiar could restore order.” “Seems unlikely,” her father chortled. “I’m only listening for confirmation of the flagship’s arrival and subsequence demise. I-.” Aluna pounded the table with great force. All of the plates jumped then crashed in unison. “I refuse to believe my son is gone or that there is no liberation from this occupation! Until we hear otherwise from trusted sources I don’t want to hear any speculation from either of you! Is that understood?” She eyed each of them waiting for either silent confirmation or a poor choice of rebuttal. They remained silent. The subterranean cargo space they now called home only stirred with the low hum of the life support system. It was self-contained and used the sea to process water and breathable air. The hum was met with the clank and clatter of spoons scooping up soup from their respective bowls. Everyone looked at their food as the ate in quite reflection at her words. “How is the soup?” She asked, breaking the stillness. “Good,” Lithara quipped. “Too spicy, but it’s fine,” replied Kuval. “Would not give it to the baby though.” “Noted,” Aluna said with a raised brow. She took a solemn tone. “We can’t lose hope of never leaving her to say nothing of not seeing my Lerak again. So, Kuval, any progress on the underwater transmitter?” He put down his spoon and sighed. “To be honest I don’t know if it will work at all or if any message can get to the Talon. I don’t see how-.” “He explained it when he first showed us this place,” she interrupted, looking up at the off lighting of the converted cargo bay. “Au take one of those torpedo things and load it with your message, then au place it in that launcher downstairs. It travels out to sea and then transmits. Some other stations or some sort pick up pieces of the message and, bah, I don’t know the rest.” Kuval finished,” Then the message gets sent a tiny piece at a time and it gets to his ship. He said it could take some time and may not arrive at all.” “We are staying positive about this.” Aluna chastised him for the negativity. Before anyone else spoke they all looked up. “What was that?” Aluna silenced her daughter. They all heard the rumble this time. The sound came from far above, paused, but started again as a series of rumbles. The ground shook the contents of their safe room. Metal tapped glass, items not secured fell to the ground. “Kuval, go check the periscope…now.” Her husband nodded once and leapt to the scope to see what was happening on the surface. She grabbed something from her pocket, something she’d been working on ever since the four of them had to retreat deeper underground. He moved the scope around and stared into it. He suddenly pulled back the scope and raced back to the table. “Get on the ground!” Before he finished the entire space shook like it had not before. All three of them dropped to the ground and assumed a crash position. Aluna was scared as her shaking hand gave her mate the letter she had been working on. “This is what au should send to our son,” She said with earnest. He took the note and read it. “What is this? A recipe for meat rolls?” “Ie, don’t question me and enter it exactly as written. Don’t change anything. Got it?” “Yes, my e’lev.” He nodded in understanding and headed to the lower access hatch. Aluna turned to her daughter, who was just as scared as she was. She grabbed her hand and held it tight. “This may be the last and only message we get to your brother.”
  6. Moving from chatroom to chatroom follows the conventions from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) very closely. It's the /join command except the # is not used. You issue this command on the same line you chat in and not the address bar. /join <chatroomname> Example: /join talon /join aegis /join republic And so on. All lowercase can be used. The mobile client does have options for text size and color, emoticons, etc. Keep in mind private messages (PMs) don't popup into their own window.
  7. Credits were not supposed to be from his own account. Sorry I did not make that more clear.
  8. Temarr in a Bottle Lerak tr’Pexil set foot in the shield generator room after completing the repairs to the worker bot. The room was compact, but no surprise given the size of the Stinger. As the shields garnered hits the generator, used to defect beam and projectile weapon fire, heats up. Plenty of buffers allowed the generator to take a tremendous amount of damage. The cost was an enormous amount of repairs. While the work would be tedious, an immediate issue was on his mind. “Admirer...” Hearing t’Ksa mutter those words over Laehval’s communicator troubled him. It felt like a dagger to the gut. Losing her from a self-inflicted impalement would be devastating. Losing her to another love: unimaginable. “Computer, seal this room and alert me if someone attempts to enter.” A beep chirped overhead. “Acknowledged, room sealed.” He removed his personal haudet and placed it on the nearest console surface. The generator sat in the middle of the room, no doubt needing internal repairs. Like Galae designs, the internals were easy to access. The main panel needed more force than first thought, but after a minute Lerak placed it along a wall. He stood in front of the exposed generator, seeing which part needed replaced. However, another long overdue task picked at his attention. “Haudet, create a new message addressed to Laehval t’Temarr.” The tiny device beeped in compliance. “Start dictation.” “Beep.” “My e’lev..” He shook his head. “Stop, strike that.” “My dearest Laehval, h'levreinnye.” He stopped his repair. “Stop, strike that.” Lerak looked up at the ceiling, wondering if any of the tiles there could fall. “Laehval. First, rest assured repair of the shield generator is proceeding. However, hearing the earlier communication request from the Stonereaver sent a chill through me.. Fear is a powerful force, often to ill ends, but at times, it pushes us to do the right thing and say what needs said. This is one of those times.” Lerak paused and remained silent while detaching a part. He took a deep breath and exhaled. “Let me not mince words or speak in double-talk: I-jol au and have for a long time. No day passes where I do not think of you. No hour passes where your name does not cross my mind. No second passes where I do not miss you.” Again, he stopped talking for some seconds. ”It’s laughable, or tragic, after all this time I truly confess this into all things, a haudet. Hearing t’Ksa’s communication made me realize our time is running out. I should have expressed this long ago. Perhaps the dagger through your belly would have never occurred. Perhaps our intimacy may have flourished, but like the seasons, people change. Time moves on.” Lerak found himself paused in thought again. With the components replaced, a portion of the generator’s computer code needed looked over. The words to Laehval flowed with ease, but the emotions behind them churned in the rocks.. Lerak swallowed the raw emotion back as he needed to complete the work. Having an episode or breakdown was not an option. Minutes later the program alterations were complete. The letter continued. “I hope the elements that our relationship is not in the harsh winter season. While we have pressed forward in different paths, parsecs do not separate us. I find comfort in that, but even touching is not always enough. I will not lie; the offer for dinner does have ulterior motives attached. It was, or will be, my attempt to warm au up as oft your exterior is icy cold. I once feared this in you, but now know your soul is anything but frigid. I guess this letter expressed this for me. Either way, please accept my invitation, even just for the company. While I am here with my foolish heart, let me ask for your time when we return to ch’Rihan. My parents and sister are interested in meeting the woman I’ve spoken of so much and highly.” Lerak closed up the panel. The remaining repairs were on the outer shield grid. The worker bot would see where. He needed to finish the letter. In a spark of inspiration, he’d added some wine to the mix and put the words to actual paper. “Take this bottle from the Pexil family winery as a reminder of our shore leave years ago. Walking on the beach, seeing au smiling and relaxed is perhaps my most cherished memory. All I ask is au na drink this alone. If not, well...me, then someone for whom au deeply care. I’ll make this brief as it needs to be. I hope this message meets au well. If there is any fallout from this heartfelt expression of my affection for you, I welcome it. I accept your discipline gladly, knowing I did not leave my biggest regret behind.” “My love throughout time, Lerak.” Lerak grabbed his kit and exited the shield generator room, wondering if any of this was a good idea. It was not, of course, but this never stopped him before. Now he'd have to get another engineer to deliver the printed letter and bottle of wine to Laehval's quarters without being seen. By then it might be too late. There he goes again: self-doubt. He would bring it to her on the Stinger, but the bottle of wine is in a Talon cargo bay. Details...details.
  9. Logged on but no one was on. Too few?
  10. Lerakricks I once was considered a spy, All accusations merely a lie. The Khre'Riov mistook, She ruled with a hook, But never could give me the eye. There once was a girl from deep space. She had quite the uncommon-looking face. But when she yelled across the ship, And gave tr’Pexil much lip, His response only to give her chase. There once was a Daise in engineering, Her methods were quite domineering. To everyone she saw, They were simply a flaw. But tr’Pexil still found her endearing. --- Early History Those years ago, Between the cold metal, Even colder heart, I met...her. Heart, full of rage. The impudent engineer, Marching in. The newest and the best of her kind thought she. Thought of no one but her own, Own skills and down self. Show her I would, Stab her heart, Through the veins, start at the gut, Wine would be of the finest year, Quickest death. Sadly, my own weakness, Pulled me back from the brink of thine demise. I lacked conviction, Soul nor Body. Rather we left each other in anger. Our paths would diverge. Our paths would intertwine. You rose quickly in rank, Skills proved worthy. Deeds let me know things would change. Keeping pace a challenge. Try as I might you, Surpassed me, Bested me, Mocked me, Ignored me. I was well below reproach, Beneath you in skill. The pain proved hardening. My mood. My soul. Yours already crystallized by time and element, Water, air, earth, No, of fire. A cinder lay where you heart should be. Decency long departed. Was it ever there? Mystery with no answer. Time moves on, People too. Except for us, We remained together apart, Worked side by opposite side. I began to look up to you, All the while a cold gaze peered down on me. A desire of respect you stole from me, Not now, but years ago. My being crushed, Under your boot, Under your thumb. Others found her equally cruel, Silently they spoke of the rigid line, A line laid out by their Daise. Rigid, Ne’er to waver. Perfection the goal, Cost no object. An object did have cost: Her core, Herself, Her. Can’t Stop You live in my dreams While awake or in slumber For many a turn Beach Beach and the warm sun Violet treats melting quickly Thug spoils good time Shore Left Invitation sent Waiting on homeworld for not Stood up with no word Wanted My want was so bad, It became harder to think. From the shadows you had, Given me none to drink. Those many years I pined, For a love cold as ice. My advances only hers to rescind, Like a broken device. We two on the shuttle, I doubted my heart, Second thoughts nearly did scuttle, What felt like a fresh start. On the Talon finally did express, Though now our love seems a mess.
  11. Excellent logs N'Dak. Now don't go telling who saved, BUT nearly killed ya.
  12. Hey Lerak is on the case.. wait.. poor kids. :(
  13. "Melting Ice" A Joint Log of Laehval t'Temmar and Lerak tr'Pexil For two long days Lerak managed to avoid the io person he spent months to find. A series of dire circumstances had finally brought them together. tr’N'Dak, and probably others, knew all along. It took an interception of Lerak’s communiques and a bit of friendly discussion to finally get an answer. Now after some long hours at the edges of the Talon, repairing and reinforcing the hull after the atmospheric warp, Lerak needed to rest. Repairs remained, so the price of sleep remained high. As if laughing at the Daise’Engineer, the engineering office remained restfully quiet despite the mad house outside. Maybe just a little rest. An alarm or a message on his ISD would sound, waking him up in minutes. Na io would know. Lerak drifted into a light sleep. The buzz of conversation ceased entirely as Laehval entered from the lift, pausing a moment to study the department that had been her life for so many years. Some had no idea she'd returned and stared, mouths slightly agape. The ones that had reviewed the new roster hadn't really expected her to come back to engineering so soon. Laehval did her best to seem non-threatening, but her surly reputation had been carefully forged over years of command and could not so lightly be undone. If anything, most seemed suspicious of the smile... perhaps even frightened. Ignoring the looks, she gestured to the nearest officer. "Your Daise? Is he on duty?" The Arrain nodded and pointed toward the chief's office. "Hann'yyo." She strode past him toward the door of her old office, taking a deep, calming breath. About to simply stride in, as was her habit, she caught herself and paused, ringing the chimes. Lerak snapped to as the chimes awoke him. Someone did see fit to interrupt. By the look on the chrono only five minutes had passed. Why not 20 minutes?Fvadt!. He sighed heavily. "Enter.. if au must!" "If this is a bad time, I could come back later." The door had opened to admit her, though she didn't move from the entrance. Her attention flitted over the interior, noting the changes Lerak had made. Lerak froze in place with his mouth wide open. Any sign of drowsiness quickly vanished. Avoiding their inevitable encounter came to an end. He rose to his feet. "Please, I.. please come in." He eyes fell swiftly to the floor in front of her. After learning days ago Laehval lived, Lerak was na closer to knowing what to say. He put off thinking about it until “later”. later is now. She gestured him to his seat as she entered. The slight limp that she'd gained after being bitten by a poisonous lizard aboard the Talon was now significantly pronounced. Though she nalonger needed her cane to walk, the leg still pained her. She sat opposite him with a soft sigh, resting her hands on the armrests of the chair. "Au are as surprised to see me as I am to be here, no doubt," she commented after several moments of uncomfortable silence. "Ie. Many things have been surprising as of late." He put his hands on the desk, using them to prop himself up for whatever she might say. "I’m at a loss for words. All of this time...looking... and I don't know. I'm as uncertain as ever. What happened?” he asked, but stopped himself. "I’m sorry, perhaps your business is none of my concern. Repairs are nearly complete. I can send au a report within the hour." "I could have requested a status report from the Oira," she pointed out. "I came to see and speak with au." She paused, a look of uncertainty clouding her eyes for a moment. "There are few on board this ship that know what happen to me. The Enarrain, of course. Our interim Daise'Maenak. And au. I know that au learned from tr'N'Dak and am sorry au found out in that manner. I was unconscious for some time and woke to find myself in a weakened state. I would have sent au a message, but after the io I received from au... I could na find the courage." His eyes widened when he realized what message she meant, the io tr'N'Dak probably read as well. "A letter filled with much anger. Quite unusual for me. I’d hoped au’d join me on shore leave. Now I know it had been selfish of me and presumptuous. If I could erase the message I would. I so apolog..." She held up a hand to wave away his apology. "Do na be troubled. I deserved those words and realized that I treated au very poorly. Your words cut as deeply as the blade I plunged into my stomach to regain my honor. I came to tell au that I am truly and deeply sorry for the pain I have caused au. It was never my intention. As always, I found myself poorly equipped to handle personal relationships, which was why I avoided and discouraged them for so long. What happened between us was my doing and na fault of your own." Another moment of silence passed as he could na believe what she said. Was she a clone? Much of her appearance changed since he last saw her. His io picture he kept in the sleeve of his ISD case displayed a much colder and confident Laehval. This seemed na the same person. Her eyes were the most strikingly different. Lerak continued on. "Oh I knew of the risks between us, but took them anyhow. Your element is fire and I got a little burned. But, I'm na really interested in blame and anger. I’m na sure I have the energy for anger right now." He looked above as if courage fell from the ceiling. "May I ask...why? And honor?" “Why? Why did I attempt to end my life?” She leaned back in the chair, sighing softly. “It was necessary. I could not live with what I had done. I nearly killed t’Rexan. Though I did it for the good of the ship and did na intend to harm her so badly, na io believed me. I have never been in favor with my family, but after what I had done, they shunned me completely. I had disgraced myself, my department, and this ship. There was little else I could do. I had nothing left.” Her chin tilted slightly, penetrating gaze focused on Lerak. “I disliked the person that I had become and could think of no other way to change. I let the Elements decide my fate and they spared me. It gave me a second chance.” He swallowed after hearing her explanation. His link to the elements did not carry the strength for him as it did for her. “I believed au, but I may not carry enough importance in the scheme of things. I felt betrayed after au did na accept the invitation. I had thought we were at a point where if au needed help you’d seek my counsel.” He let out a nervous laugh. “I guess we were nowhere close. My profane-filled message to au was the result. Result of my anger I na longer able to contain. I carried my anger with my for a long time. I even backhanded t’Ditsy months ago.” He met her gaze. “Let it go, Lerak. I beg au. It will twist au into something au will na like, a version of yourself that au will na recognize.” She shifted io leg over the other. “What I did had nothing to do with au. Au were, perhaps, my only friend, and I am very sorry for hurting au so deeply. Again, it was na my intention. I could na burden au with my issues. This was something I needed to carry alone. Do na think that what I did reflects badly upon au. Do na think yourself inadequate. I understand if au continue to regard me with anger, but I do na hold the same. That part of my life is done.” He looked around a bit before speaking. “I’m just glad au are alive. Au did na have to go it alone. And about the anger, I’ve been so busy, with the ship...and the nightmares.” He smiled. “Well, I’m sure some slight anger remains, maybe for tr’N’Dak. Don’t tell t’Vatrix I said that. Did au hear what happened? I don’t know yet if I saved or killed him.” She nodded curtly. “Ie, I have heard. He was fortunate that au were there to scare off his attacker.” She let out a breath. “I should return to duty. This post is new to me and I am still learning. Thankfully, it will na be permanent. As soon as tr’N’Dak is fit for duty and able to return, I assume that he will resume command. I did na ask for this position. It was thrust upon me by t’Rexan, but I am pleased that I have been able to return to the ship that has been my life for so long.” “Au will need to have someone teach au the changes to engineering after the expansive upgrades. Several of your efficiency records have been broken. t’Ditsy promoted. I’ll save more for later.” Lerak got out of his chair to see Laehval out. “Dinner. Soon...and I don’t care about your rank or even your answer. Just be there. I did not spend months with a holographic cook to have it go to waste.” He stood next to her than motioned toward the door. “I had expected a fight.” He sighed in relief. “I have na wish to fight au, Lerak, and I am sorry that I struck au. I should na have lost my temper. It is something that I have done my best to change and that I will continue to work on. Dinner would be a welcome change from the solitude I have wrapped myself within. I hope that we may still be friends, na matter my new rank or position.” The acting Daise’Engineer nodded, “Jolan tru Laehval. Aefvadh home.”
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