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  1. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51712.04 - SEASON 26 The Away Team has been down investigating the strange happenings and readings that have been picked up at the dam location down on the planet and working Dalon Nvechkionarshiv (Dalon for short). The team is debating if they need to look for more clues to the shimmering lights and strange tricorder readings. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM ACTION:: Dalon's assistant has pulled out a map, and has marked the locations around the dam, and up approximately in the mountainous region where the strange shimmer and anomalous readings have been taken place. Rue Wydown: Looks like we're going for a hike. Grab your gear kids. August Jax Robinson: ::scans the map with the ones their scanners to and overlaps them to see if anything stands out to her:: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> You have to be really careful if you go up there. Too close to this area shaded in red, and whatever vehicle you have taken will cease to work. The propulsion units will seize up and actually bend shap. So, we knew there was something bad about working up there, hence, we moved our operation down here Heather Jamieson: When can we get to that location of the 'apparitions'? August Jax Robinson: Apparitions? STSF_BluRox: You can go anytime you like, though, we don;'t always see them. However, the shimmering seems to show up more so when any type of machinery or technology is interactive Heather Jamieson: :: Looks at Jax :: Just what they are calling them. Pretty sure they are not ghosts. August Jax Robinson: you sure sweetie? August Jax Robinson: *sweet0pea Heather Jamieson: I am not your sweetie. August Jax Robinson: *Sweet-Pea August Jax Robinson: {{to much Riverdale LOL}} Heather Jamieson: :: Makes note of the shimmering showing up in the presence of technology in operation Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders what mood her old friend August was in :: Rue Wydown: There's just a bunch of red flags all over here, isn't there? STSF Seiben: ::follows people around:; Heather Jamieson: :: Looks out and scans in the directions they were indicating. Nods at Wydown :: Rue Wydown: Let's leg it then. I want to see more of the area. Heather Jamieson: Lets STSF Seiben: Yes Heather Jamieson: :: Moves to Seiben :: Watch our six. :: smiles :: August Jax Robinson: ::Looks at the Local Dude:: do you have any alternative transport? August Jax Robinson: Horse, Mule.. wagons STSF_BluRox: ((omg, were you guys even born yet when the Archies comics first came out?) lol STSF Seiben: (was not born in 1941 ) STSF_BluRox: (lol) August Jax Robinson: {{ the CW has a show "Riverdale" it's pretty good! to my dismay}} STSF_BluRox: (howbaout the cartoon 1968?lol) STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Well, you can take a craft or even your craft safely up to the ridgeline, but past that, I'm not sure you want to be chancing that fancy shuttl e of yours STSF Seiben: (I remember that cartoon., and Josie and the Pussycats) Rue Wydown: Jax, let's go. ::all ready leading the others away, wondering what's taking her so long:: Heather Jamieson: The ridgeline will be good. :: continues to scan :: Rue Wydown: ::once they are out of earshot of Dalon:: Okay folks, I seriously need to know what your theories are. What's going on here? You've seen the readings. Heather Jamieson: If what they see is due to technology that will make this much easier to find. Rue Wydown: How so? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: rolls his eyes at the Away Team and their meaningless, less than helpful questions:: Hey!! :: turns to his work crew:: Stop standing around staring at the strangers. Their not the apparitions, and those turbines are not going to fix themselves. Get to work! Heather Jamieson: If we can trigger these things we can scan to determine their cause. Rue Wydown: And how do you suggest we do that? August Jax Robinson: lets get walking STSF Seiben: OK Rue Wydown: They said we could take the shuttle as far as the ridgeline. ::sighs:: That make this go faster. Heather, I want plans on how you mean to trigger the 'things' before we're airborne. Seiben, make sure you don't stray too far STSF Seiben: Yes sir... August Jax Robinson: to bad they don't have any live stock to get us moving fast once we hit that point Rue Wydown: Jax, now that you've seen the machinery, what are your thoughts...besides horses and mules. August Jax Robinson: ::Looks up, shielding her eyes from the sun:: could be another Race, sparking some kinda distortion to keep people away August Jax Robinson: or the Boogie Man STSF_BluRox: @+COM+ Commander Wydown. This is Holly sending an update to the scans we had taken earlier. We confirm that there are readings similar to some spacial anomaly's we've seen in our travels, but not sure why we're seeing these coming from the planet Heather Jamieson: (sorry) Rue Wydown: +Republic+ Thanks. Can you scan the report to Heather's tricroder, please? Heather Jamieson: :: Eagerly looking at the new readings coming in :: STSF_BluRox: @ +COM+ Will do. We are working on our analysis now, but it's similar to something we've seen with collapsing stars. We will continue to scan from orbit Rue Wydown: ::enters the shuttle:: Let's head up the mountain to see what we can see. Heather, how are we going to trigger these things ::snaps her belt in place:: August Jax Robinson: ::enter the shuttle STSF Seiben: ::hops into the shuttle;: Rue Wydown: I don't think the Boogie man is the option. But I like your thinking on the rest, Jax. Heather Jamieson: :: enters :: STSF Seiben: ::Gets the shuttle ready for launch:: ACTION: The Republic sends down data to Heather's tricorder noting the areas of the greatest indication of the anomalous readings. 1) The center of the lake near the base of the dam, and up in the mountains near the central plateau along the river that flows down to the lake below Heather Jamieson: We have two locations to consider, the lake and mountains. Rue Wydown: Well, what do you think we should try first? August Jax Robinson: we can go together, or split up, and when I say split up - I mean I am not with Heather Heather Jamieson: Jax, we were getting so close. Rue Wydown: What's wrong with her? Cooties? Heather Jamieson: I've had my shots. Heather Jamieson: :: Looks concerningly at the data :: August Jax Robinson: She has the Hots for my Husband August Jax Robinson: So.... Space Rue Wydown: Why do you think we should split up? August Jax Robinson: Although if she wants to baby sit his kids I have no objections August Jax Robinson: 2 spots with the same freak on... PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox STSF Seiben: ::Paused:; STSF_BluRox: Ok, remember to look at the data that Holly sent, it will be helpful Rue Wydown: Thanks guys STSF_BluRox: Think back to your high school or college physics and astronomy too! Yea space! Heather Jamieson: I'm thinking Jax may not like Heather... STSF_BluRox: You think!? STSF Seiben: Ya space STSF Seiben: lol STSF_BluRox: Wait, are you just now figuring that out!? Rue Wydown: I've gotta go guys. I'll see you next week STSF Seiben: Goodnight Rue Wydown: Gnight all August Jax Robinson: I only like Will STSF_BluRox: Night all, Crew Dismissed
  2. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51711.27 - SEASON 26 STSF_BluRox: The Away Team has traveled down to the planet, and are currently speaking with Dalon Nvechkionarshiv (Dalon for short), discussing issues that have occurred at the hydroelectric dam that caused it to be shut down again. The team has been touring the dam and are discussing potential reasons for the damage to the turbines, the shimmering lights and strange tricorder readings. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: Dalon> What anomaly? :: Looking around confused at the group staring at their tricorders:: August Jax Robinson: ::Scans to see what kinda metal the dam is made of Heather Jamieson: :: Trying to make sense of the readings she is seeing :: Rue Wydown: The one that's shown up on our tricorders. I want to know what this is. STSF Seiben: ::doing the same as Heather:: Rue Wydown: ::looking at the turbines:: Could they be the cause of some of this? Heather Jamieson: May take some time to analyze the signatures and patterns. Rue Wydown: How much time? August Jax Robinson: (w) check the water... maybe there has been a change in the fluids thickness? STSF Seiben: I agree Heather Jamieson: From different angles...well, with Ben's help here perhaps a quarter of an hour. Rue Wydown: Get on it. Now. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: motions for his workers to get back to work straightening out the turbine blades....yet again:: STSF Seiben: (w) Who's Ben? Heather Jamieson: You.. STSF Seiben: Oh Rue Wydown: ::facepalm:: STSF_BluRox: (ha!) Heather Jamieson: :: to Seiben :: Let us first link our tricorders. STSF Seiben: Yes, let's Rue Wydown: Jax, what's this about the water? STSF_BluRox: (no matter what she says on her tricorder, we do not have a lake of pink jello) Heather Jamieson: :: Enters each other's code :: Rue Wydown: ((That's because orange jello is the best)) STSF Seiben: ::enters his code and stuff:: Heather Jamieson: Now our scans will sync and the processing as well. STSF Seiben: Great August Jax Robinson: ::Shrugs at Rue:: I am just guessing. August Jax Robinson: I figured we should check everything Rue Wydown: What about these other accidents they're reporting? Could they have been caused by this anomoly? Heather Jamieson: :: Resumes her scanning :: August Jax Robinson: I am an engineer, I am thinking about the dam August Jax Robinson: (VQW) also, there is a strange smell STSF_BluRox: Dalon> I'm not certain, but the Gaitians keep going on and accusing us of shutting down the large stasis field they put up at the food storage location. Personally, I think it's a ruse, to cover for their messing with the dam, to look like they are victims too Rue Wydown: ...or the water going through the dam? ::tease:: August Jax Robinson: ::Sniffs the air again:: STSF Seiben: ::scans as well:: Rue Wydown: Perhaps you should check it out then, Jax? ACTION:: Dalon's assistant brings the team a recent scan of the dam, lake and nearby mountain region. While their equipment is not as refined as the Republics, it still is able to show that there is some sort of megnetic disruption, almost like one would find with a spacial anomaly we've seen in space before, but not accurate enough to determine what. August Jax Robinson: I will go look, but I am still an engineer August Jax Robinson: ::opens Tric, walks towards the smell::: Rue Wydown: ::checks her chrono:: Well, Jamieson, Seiben? Heather Jamieson: :: Looks to Seiben :: Are you getting this? STSF Seiben: Yeah, I'm getting it too. I was just about to ask/ August Jax Robinson: ::walks around aimlessly:: Rue Wydown: Getting what? You two planning to keep the secret? Or are you going to fill the rest of us in? August Jax Robinson: ::Taps tric, trying to find the source:: Heather Jamieson: It's strong for something terrestrial. STSF Seiben: hm Heather Jamieson: The disruption is a strong magnetic force. Heather Jamieson: It could be interacting with any ferrous based alloys Rue Wydown: So what is A> the cause and B> how do we mitigate it? Heather Jamieson: We have to pinpoint the cause. Rue Wydown: And? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> That would be helpful. ::turns to assistant:: Bring us the detailed maps of the area before we blasted, both here iand in the mountain Rue Wydown: ((Guys, the action statements have several hints going on.)) STSF_BluRox: Dalon> We originally were going to settle at the higher elevation. The weather was better up there, and more buildable lands, even with the hills and mountains. Heather Jamieson: We need to get closer to the source and hope it does not overpower our tricorders. Follow me Seiben.. STSF Seiben: All right, sure thing. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> But there was too much of a disruptive field, it kept disrupting our power sources and the number of ground shifts were increasing, so we settled on this location. And now we get some of the same here... STSF Seiben: Ahh, that's too bad Heather Jamieson: :: Stops :: How long have this disturbances occur? Rue Wydown: Jax ::calling out to her:: How are your scans going? August Jax Robinson: ::looks up:: OK, trying to find the source of this magnetic field Heather Jamieson: Dalon, do you have a record of the location with the most disruption? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> We've already given you the locations that were reported both in the mountain, and the strange reading now here Heather Jamieson: :: Pulls up her data :: I think we need to go there. STSF Seiben: ::looks:: Not too far off. STSF_BluRox: (bingo) STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::paused:: Heather Jamieson: :: paused :: STSF_BluRox: Ok guys, going to end it here for tonight, I really am feeling bad and want to get back to bed. Next week, head up to the mountains to look at the original blasting sites STSF_BluRox: Have a nice week everyone, stay well. STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed and good night all
  3. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51711.20 - SEASON 26 STSF_BluRox: The Away Team has traveled down to the planet, and are currently speaking with Dalon Nvechkionarshiv (Dalon for short), discussing issues that have occurred at the hydroelectric dam that caused it to be shut down again. The team has just asked for a tour. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Be sure to use the handrails as we descend. Watch your step, it is often damp on the stairways and hand railings. Rue Wydown: ::glances at the others before following Dalon down:: How many work on the planet? STSF Seiben: ::nods and follows the group, gripping the handrail as he goes down the stairs:: Heather Jamieson: :: Scanning the area, awaiting the tour of the facility :: August Jax Robinson: :::hangs in the back of the group:: Heather Jamieson: :: Holds to the handrails :: Heather Jamieson: :: Feels Jax behind her :: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> : thinking about it:: Well....if I had to guess...I'd say we've each picked up a few more over the years, when supplies had been left. I'd have to guess that we both have about 250 people, give or take a few STSF Seiben: Hmm STSF_BluRox: Dalon> The original agreement was 150 from each faction, but in time, as more hands were needed, that has been increased, but the administrators handle that. We've had a few families started...but with the issues that have been going on, several recently left during the annual supply run Rue Wydown: And with plant here? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Under the agreement, both sides split aspects of the work, and each share in taking care of the major projects. We handle the power, they handle the food processing. Without power, their food would spoil, and without giving us food, they get no power.. But.... STSF_BluRox: I'd say we have about 75 that work the dam Heather Jamieson: :: Scanning the railing and walls :: August Jax Robinson: ::Looks around the area:: Rue Wydown: About 30% then? Heather Jamieson: :: Scanning the dam for problems :: ACTION:: As they get near the bottom of the facility, there are quite a few teams working on some sort of metal constructs and apparently hammering or welding items back into place. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> I don't make the assignments here, that's the admins, but as we've been having issues here of late, I need a full team to get this back up and running to keep our part of the deal...that or our food gets held by the Gaitians.... Heather Jamieson: :: Heather looks rather concerned, concentrating her tricorder on the constructs :: August Jax Robinson: ::takes a closer look at the team working:: Rue Wydown: What do you mean by food gets held? STSF Seiben: ::watches the construction team as well:: ACTION: Heather, like Seiben earlier, pick up and extremely strong power signature radiating throughout the structure Heather Jamieson: :: Tunes her tric... :: Dalon? I have a question. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> What is it? August Jax Robinson: ::talks to the welder suggesting a better angle on his ark:: Heather Jamieson: I am getting strong power readings all over this structure, farm more than I would expect for a dam of this type. Why is that? Heather Jamieson: (far rather) STSF Seiben: ::rubs his chin in contemplation:: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> That, is what we were hoping you could tell us. It started not too long after we activated the first turbines a few months back. As you see, this is a rather new structure, it took us years to build. However, once we got it active, we started to pick up those strange readings, and then the shimmering ....spirits...whatever they are, started to show up Heather Jamieson: :: Tries to triangulate the strongest reading :: Heather Jamieson: We need to see those 'spirits' you speak of. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> but then too, accidents and failures began to occur. Come look..... :: points to the workers dealing with the disassembled turbines STSF_BluRox: Dalon> I hope they don't come back. Every time we see them, something fails. We've not seen them since we had to take the turbines offline. ACTION: Dalon walks them over and nods for the workmen to take a break while he shows the Federation team. Rue Wydown: (m)If these are multi-universal 'ghost' cybermen, I'm going to have a hard time deciding on whether or not I should fangirl or run for my life. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Typical, normal turbine.....at least it was when we installed and started it up. But as you see, the blades, are all bent and twisted....again. I am having my teams correct them, so that we can get the power up and running again. Heather Jamieson: :: Stoops down and scans :: Heather Jamieson: Was this twisted from heat? August Jax Robinson: ::runs her hand along the blade, and then on the next one:: STSF Seiben: That must be some heat. This is some pretty industrial grade metal in these blades ::runs his hand on one of the bent blades:: Rue Wydown: ::nudges Seiben:: You're awfully quiet. What's the problem? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: sighs:: No....but we have no explanation either. Each time, we get the power up and running, there is some sort of ....I don't know, as if the entire turbines are being pulled into the ground... STSF Seiben: Taking it in mentally sir, though I admit I'm not an expert in hydroelectric dams Heather Jamieson: :: Scans to determine the heat needed to bend this metal :: August Jax Robinson: :::looks over the center core the blades are connected too:: Rue Wydown: Yes, but you have other expertise. STSF Seiben: Yes yes Heather Jamieson: :: Moves to Jax :: What are you making if this? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: If you will excuse me, I'll be right back....:: goes to check on one of the other teams and see if any of them have any updates STSF Seiben: ::scans the blades and the blade shrouding:: Rue Wydown: ::trying not to face palm after Seiben's comment:: Rue Wydown: So what could cause this damage? And don't tell me ghosts. Heather Jamieson: Plasma.. but I don't know of intense heat in their accounts. Rue Wydown: Plasma, how? August Jax Robinson: i think the center housing is made of a weaker compound then the blades, it could cause them to curl in on themselves or worse STSF Seiben: I am also of Jax's opinion there Heather Jamieson: Perhaps some unintentional product of their energy production. August Jax Robinson: ::licks the blade, and then the Center core housing::: STSF Seiben: ::watches Jax lick metal:: August Jax Robinson: ::Glances over her shoulder::: They are made of different metals STSF_BluRox: (Ok, Yulon Cornelius) August Jax Robinson: :P~~~~ STSF Seiben: Can you tell what kinds? Heather Jamieson: (Who's the abominable snowman?) August Jax Robinson: {{you}} August Jax Robinson: ::Smirks:: I am not that good, we have to test both' Rue Wydown: And what are the scans showing? August Jax Robinson: but you can taste the different compounds in each. Heather Jamieson: Some residual heat all around the structure. August Jax Robinson: ::Closes her eyes and runs her fingers across one piece and then the other:: August Jax Robinson: The outer blades are cooler to the touch, they are a much stronger metal then the cores. I am sure that is the reason for the failures Heather Jamieson: Is there a reason the blades would be comprised of different metals? Rue Wydown: Seiben, let me see your tricorder. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> ::overhears as he comes back:: No way.... These are the same blades we use back on our homeworld. We've never had a problem with them. STSF Seiben: Sure ::hands it over:: August Jax Robinson: ::Squeezes the center housing to feel the strength of the metal and to see if her delicate, soft, lovely hands can dent the metal with only a touch::: Heather Jamieson: Perhaps they are under more stress than they are rated for. Rue Wydown: ::sighs softly, starts scrolling through the data he's collected so far;: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> I've used these turbines all my life. It has to be the Gaitians. They've done something to cause this. They came for a tour as well, after the first time the power failed. Came to see their handiwork I'm sure STSF_BluRox: TWO MINUTE WARNING Rue Wydown: What's this? ::points to one of the readings to Seiben:: This weird anomaly. STSF Seiben: ::looks at the tricorder:: It's a high spike of electromagnetic energy coming from the area:: Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders about the reading :: Rue Wydown: And what would be causing that? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> What anomaly? STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM Heather Jamieson: :: paused :: STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Ok...so next week.....weird anomaly, weird spikes of energy, metal bending..... what could it be!? Rue Wydown: Well guys. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving STSF_BluRox: Anyway, hope you all have a nice holiday and we'll see you all here next week. August Jax Robinson: Tribbles in the metal STSF Seiben: Past tense for me STSF_BluRox: Good sim all, be well all STSF Seiben: Good night! STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed
  4. Happy 26th Anniversary USS Republic - Keep Trekkin'!!
  5. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51711.13 - SEASON 26 The Away Team has went down to the first area that had reported having some equipment difficulties (shut downs, shorts) and also reporting some sort of shimmering apparition over parts of the lake and mountains above. They have met with Dalon Nvechkionarshiv (Dalon for short), and are discussing any issues he may know of. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Heather Jamieson: :: Looking around, trying to get the lay of the land, err, planet :: STSF Seiben: ::follows Heather and Rue:: Rue Wydown: ::wondering if the apparitions are a gas output, like the Griswalds (or so she heard):: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: has sent one of his men to bring a copy of their mechanical readings from the dam, as well as any local scans to try to get a fix on where they had been seeing those shimmering areas Heather Jamieson: I'm sure there is a logical explanation for those appearances STSF Seiben: Yes, I'm sure as well. Heather Jamieson: How long have these sightings occurred? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> The only other thing we had noted, was some sort of strong reading, coming from both the mountains, as well we thought there were some readings near the lake, but like I said, our computers got messed up, not sure why yet Rue Wydown: ::glancing at Jamieson and Seiben who've uttered the one sentence you do not utter on a Republic away mission....:: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> They've been seen more recently, after the blasting in the mountains, and then more frequently as we try to repair things Heather Jamieson: Blast the mountain? STSF Seiben: ::scans the area with his trircorder:: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Yes.... we're terraforming, we had to divert some rivers, so they ended up here and made a basin to hold it, from here, we then have hydroelectric power and a water supply. And with controlled release, nice farm and wetlands down below. Rue Wydown: And prior to the terraforming, I"m assuming you all did a full catalogue of lifeforms? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> However, with the accidents, we're worried that there could be a failure of the dam, and flood the settlements Heather Jamieson: We can collect structural data and run simulations on our vessel. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Of course, the biologist did. I just do dams and geology. Though we did get some of the darnest readings after we were working on things. But we also thought it could be from a meteor that had brushed the atmosphere. Most of it should have dried up STSF_BluRox: (burnt up, but it's possible some fragments or debris had landed) Heather Jamieson: We may need scans from Republic herself. Rue Wydown: Can you give us a tour of the dam facility? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Did you want a tour of the dam? Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders about those 'accidents' he spoke of :: Heather Jamieson: :: nods :: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: grins as they speak at the same time:: STSF Seiben: ::Looks at his tricorder:: I'm getting some usual scans - getting some high energy readings. It could possibly be electromagnetic interference? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Of course, this way.... STSF Seiben: Hmm. ::follows:: Rue Wydown: ::following along behind Dalon, glancing around as they travel:: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> :: turns to the Federation officer:: Well, you may be picking up our generators, though as he see, they're pretty much offline while we are doing safety checks. Perhaps they have some sort of remaining charge STSF Seiben: Perhaps, but it seems kind of high. How recently were they turned off, if I might ask? Heather Jamieson: :: Really wants to see these apparitions as they called them :: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> The other day.... the apparitions are easiest to see at night when it's dark STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Be certain to hold the hand railing, these steps can be a little slick due to condensation Rue Wydown: How much time before night fall today? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Looks at his timepiece: I'd say we have about 3 hours until it's dark . You all will share with us any tampering that you might find with the equipment? We want to prevent any issues, not lose the dam while negotiations are ongoing with those untrustworthy Gaitians Rue Wydown: We'll let you know what we find out. But I expect full cooperation from you and your people while we investigate. Something tells me this is more complicated than it looks. STSF_BluRox: Dalon> Here we go, here are our 4 large generators that harness the power from Rue Wydown: Whooo...wow. ::taking a gander:: STSF Seiben: ::looking at the generators:: Ooohh STSF_BluRox: Dalon>, Yea, I"m pretty proud of building these myself, but something keeps frying the power grid and we have to keep turning them off. STSF Seiben: ::then at his tricorder as it begins to beep erratically:: I'm picking up more unusual readings again, the same electromagnetic spikes. But it seems to be coming from outside towards the horizon towards the mountains or the lake. Rue Wydown: How often does that happen? STSF Seiben: ::not quite sure what to make of the tricorder readings:: STSF_BluRox: Dalon> As I was saying, it's been getting more frequent since we finished the main blasting and the lake has filled Rue Wydown: How long have you been down this time? STSF_BluRox: Dalon> About 4 days, we're almost ready to start it up again. Hopefully today, most likely tomorrow STSF Seiben: My tricorder is picking up these odd electro-magnetic fluctuations. Some odd gravitational readings as well. It seems to be concentrated in the mountains over there in the distance. I think my tricorder might be on fritz. Rue Wydown: Is this the only area where you're having trouble? I mean, your settlement itself hasn't had issues. How far away is the other settlement in relationship to this facility? STSF Seiben: ::to Heather:: I think my tricorder's dying. How's yours? You picking up the same thing? STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed
  6. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51711.06 - Season 25 The away team has headed down to Melos 3 to investigate several incidents that have occurred on the planet. Incidents that both sides of the joint colonization group is blaming the other for. (last episode of Season 25) BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM (From last week: ACTION: Shimmering apparitions are seen yet again in various locations where both factions have been working on expanding) Rue Wydown: Mr Seiben, ready for landing? Heather Jamieson: :: Awaiting the landing :: STSF Seiben: ::Nods:: Yes sir. ::just finished the flyby of the area:: Starting landing now.. STSF Seiben: ::begins to land:: Rue Wydown: Everyone, I need you all to be respectful and neutral. Do not speculate in front of the locals, understood? STSF_BluRox: (which of the areas did you go to first? Rue Wydown: ((Hang on, let me look it up)) STSF Seiben: (yeah, sorry I don't recall) Heather Jamieson: Understood Admiral STSF Seiben: Understood ::completes landing of the shuttle and powers down:: STSF_BluRox: (one of the leaders mentioned the hydro electric dam, the other a medical and food storage complex) STSF_BluRox: (ie, which leader is going to be pissed that you saw the other first....lol) Rue Wydown: ((The hydro electric dam is where we were starting, they called first)) Rue Wydown: ((And Heather, I'm not an Admiral :P)) Rue Wydown: ((Woulds split the team - but we're too few)) Heather Jamieson: (sorry) STSF_BluRox: (all good, just wanted to make sure had the group in the right place) Rue Wydown: Alright, let's go poke the bear, eh? ::grabbing a pack with a few pieces of scanning equipment and other items they might need:: STSF Seiben: ::Nods, takes what he needs as well:: Heather Jamieson: :: Gets out her tricorder :: Rue Wydown: ::exits the shuttle and takes a few moments to orientate herself:: Heather, impressions? STSF Seiben: ::follows Heather and Rue:: Heather Jamieson: A bit humid...distinct sources of electromagnetic energy sources, ACTION: The area north of the dam is an arid mountainous region, tall rocky cliffs with crystalline formations, the area around the dam irrigated and green from the terraforming. Heather Jamieson: An impressive structure, and a good place to start. STSF_BluRox: Water flows from the spillways, powering the turbines within the structure, leading to a well-controlled flow and basin below, flowing out into a delta leading to the new farmland STSF Seiben: Very nice Rue Wydown: Starts your readings now. ::motions towards what looks like the dam's mechanical entrance:: Rather beautiful. ::glances then back to Seiben:: I want you to find out about the history of the area, who's laid claim to it in the past, any sort of squabbles about who owns what. STSF Seiben: OK sir. ::takes out his PADD and begins looking up the history of the area:: Rue Wydown: I'll send to Jax the data on the accidents in the area for analysis. ::deep breath:: Let's go meet the natives, eh? Heather Jamieson: :: Scanning for any devices that perform no functions for the generation of power :: Rue Wydown: ::begins the trek from the shuttle to the dam:: STSF Seiben: ::looking over data on his PADD as he walks along:: Heather Jamieson: Surprised we were not greeted as we landed. :: her tricorder chirped :: STSF Seiben: No welcome wagon Rue Wydown: Especially after how worried the politicians were. Let's not get too worried about it. Heather Jamieson: :: turns to scan in the distance :: STSF Seiben: Terraforming seemed to have began in the area soon after colonization. Ownership is supposed to be 50/50 but there is some overlap in key areas, the forests and waters. ACTION:: As the party approaches, one of the dam workers sees them, and waves them towards the walkway up Heather Jamieson: :: Looks a the dam worker, then to Rue :: STSF Seiben: ::Nods to the worker:: Rue Wydown: ::plasters on one of her cheeky grins and waves back before trotting up the walkway:: Heather Jamieson: :: Continues her scans amid the greeting :: STSF Seiben: ::continues his research as well:: Dam worker>: Oh good, you've come. You're the Federation people, right? Rue Wydown: Aye. ::nods:: Commander Wydown, My science officer Ms Jamieson and our intrepid bridge officer, Mr Seiben. Dam worker>: I'm Dalon Nvechkionarshiv, originally from Darbeth. You can just call me Dalon STSF Seiben: ::Gasundheit:: Heather Jamieson: :: nods :: Rue Wydown: So what seems to be the problem, Dalon? Dalon> The rest of my team are down monitoring the turbines. We had another incident last night, a slight power drain....some of the men reported seeing a shimmering apparition again...But I've not been here to see it myself. I'm planning to spend the night to see if we see it happen again. We're trying to determine what the Gaithians are doing to disrupt things, but we've not been able to find anything just yet, be we'll catch them eventually. They've been trying to deflect our accusations, by pretending they are having an issue as well and blaming us for power drains at their large medical and food storage facilities. They are just trying to make excuses. Heather Jamieson: :: scanning as she listens :: Rue Wydown: And have you all explored any causes beyond your neighbors? Heather Jamieson: :: Wondering if there is a good spot to place a sensor to catch these apparitions :: STSF Seiben: ::who you gonna call?:: Dalon> There's no indigenous peoples here on Melos, it's just us and the Gaitians. We've scanned around, there were some strange reading in the mountains, but since we blasted for the dam, we've really not picked up much of it since. Rue Wydown: Considering all the possibilities of non-carbon based life forms and other freaky lifeforms we've encountered, I'd rather ruled out other possibilities as well. STSF Seiben: HM. Heather Jamieson: Strange readings? Dalon> Some magnetic anomaly, but we've not seen it since the blasting the the lake filling. Heather Jamieson: Where? Any information or scans you have could be valuable. Dalon> Hmmm, I'll have one of the men go see if we've still got copies of those readings. Dalon> We have limited space, so they may have deleted those older files. Heather Jamieson: I sincerely hope not. Dalon> :: turns to one of his workers and sends him off to find one of the administrators to discuss the old records Rue Wydown: I thought this colony was relatively new? STSF Seiben: Maybe it's a small hard drive? PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM Heather Jamieson: :: paused :: STSF_BluRox: Well, the builders may have just been lazy and kept poor records.... they may have needed room for their computer games! lol Vilanne: ::paused:: STSF Seiben: Rue Wydown: Oh boy Vilanne: [[Thx for letting me watch *waves*]] STSF_BluRox: ok guys, good questions tonight, think you had some good ideas so keep pursuing them STSF_BluRox: Anytime Vilanne, sorry we're a bit small tonight, had several out STSF_BluRox: Ok, that's all I have for tonight, Rue, anything? Rue Wydown: Nothing from me. STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed! Have a great week and we'll see most of you on Thursday. STSF_BluRox: Good night all! STSF Seiben: Gooodnight Heather Jamieson: See you then.. Rue Wydown: G'night all
  7. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.30 -SEASON 25 The crew has been given assignments by Rue to follow up on once we go down to the planet (Melos 3). Colonized about 20 years ago but 2 previously warring worlds, in an attempt to share and both joining the Federation, there have been reports of sabotage and possibly potential harm to the residents by contamination to food and water, and energy sources. Both Prelate Greb of the Darbeth delegation and Proctor Tarrot of the Gaithian Province. have contacted the Republic sure that each other side was responsible. We are here to determine what is happening Meanwhile, Blu is ill, and Rue is heading up the mission. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: :: sleeping :: Heather Jamieson: :: Reading a PADD :: Rue Wydown: Ooooooookay. This is going to be interesting. Let's meet in the shuttle bay in 10 minutes. Gather whatever gear you need and any support staff. STSF Seiben: ::checking supplies and orbit:: STSF_BluRox: Holly> I'll keep an eye on the ship and the boss while you are all down there, Will keep an active monitor on each of your transponders Rue Wydown: Thanks Holly, I think. Heather Jamieson: :: Checking the rest of her gear :: STSF Seiben: ::checks his gear and supplies as well:: August Jax Robinson: ::Grabs her gear and a few assistants, heads to the shuttle bay:: STSF Seiben: ::heads to the lift as well:: Heather Jamieson: :: Packs her gear and heads to the shuttle bay :: Rue Wydown: Just do me a favor, if you don't hear from us in four hours, call....and if that doesn't work, let the Admiral know what's up. Heather Jamieson: :: Enters a lift :: ACTION: Both Prelate Greb and Proctor Tarrot continue to send messages to the Republic requesting they come to their position at once and 'deal with this problem of the others August Jax Robinson: ::Steps off the lift and heads into the Shuttle bay:: Heather Jamieson: :: gets off the lift at the flight deck :: STSF_BluRox: Holly> Aye, will do. Don't you worry. I've already sent an alarm to check on you, and STSF Seiben: ::heads into the shuttle bay and begins his pre-flight inspections:: Heather Jamieson: You know how to fly this thing Mr. Seiben? Heather Jamieson: :: nudges him :: STSF Seiben: Yes, of course. STSF Seiben: It's the first thing I learnt to fly in Academy STSF Seiben: ::moves inside to the cockpit:: Rue Wydown: ::within a few minutes she's also arrived in the shuttle bay, watches for a moment as the external crew scurry around the shuttle before she enters the shuttle herself:: August Jax Robinson: ::Takes a seat in the back seat::: STSF Seiben: ::powers on the shuttle and continues preflight checks:: ACTION: Meanwhile, down on the planet, both factions are having increasing difficulty calling the Republic back, as well as communicating with their own people to and extent on the planet Rue Wydown: ::does a head count as she enters:: Looks like we're all here. ::nods to Jax and her assistants:: Mr Seiben, let's set course for troubled area, I'd like us to do a careful flyby of the area so we can get the lay of the land. Understood? STSF Seiben: Understood sir ::plots course into the navigational computer:: Rue Wydown: Jax, have you seen anything in those accident reports that might tell us what's going on? August Jax Robinson: Nothing that jumps out to me at first glance... what should I be looking for? Rue Wydown: That's the problem. I'm not sure. They're either attributing these events as sabotage from the other group or something supernatural. We definitely need to rule out the later, and prove definitively whether the former is true or not. Heather Jamieson: :: Trying to clear her mind, relax as the plunge to the surface :: STSF Seiben: ::finishes up pre-flights:: Okay, we're ready to go when you are. August Jax Robinson: maybe we need to scan for a third party... another race starting trouble Heather Jamieson: :: Reading local space reports :: ACTION: Reports continue to come in of shimmering lights, in or around the affected areas of damage and communications issues Rue Wydown: Go ahead, Mr Seiben. ::nods:: STSF Seiben: ::Checks out all the reports of issues around the damage:: Should I compile all the incoming reports and other issues? Filtred by both sides Rue Wydown: You think a third party might be in play? STSF Seiben: ::powers on engines:: +Bridge+ Shuttle to Bridge, requesting departure clearance. STSF_BluRox: Holly> Shuttle, you have clearance August Jax Robinson: it would make sense to me, what is the quickest way to make people fight? set the other side up as a monster STSF Seiben: We have clearance to launch. Taking us out. STSF_BluRox: Holly> I"ll also let them know that you're on the way. Both factions are demanding your presence with their own group first..... think we could clone a few of you all? Rue Wydown: Let's add that to the investigation possibilities then. Rue Wydown: Heather, what are your thoughts on this? STSF Seiben: ::slowly manoeuvres the shuttle out of the shuttle bay towards ACTION: Shimmering apparitions are seen yet again in various locations where both factions have been working on expanding August Jax Robinson: ::;looks over the reports again, incase she missed something::: Heather Jamieson: The factional fighting is the most likely cause...but there could be a third player we don't know yet. Rue Wydown: What could the scientific explanation for these apparitions? STSF Seiben: ::makes way towards the planet and prepares to enter its atmosphere:: Heather Jamieson: Holograms? Other species? Not sure yet Rue Wydown: I'd like you to focus on that. I want to know what causes these things and supernatural causes shouldn't be thrown in. August Jax Robinson: I think we need to get a sample of both races DNA, if there is a third party it will be easier to find them Rue Wydown: How can we get a sample without causing an alarm? Heather Jamieson: No supernatural here.. August Jax Robinson: tell them the truth, it will set you free I have been told STSF Seiben: ::enters the planet's atmosphere and begins a low fly by:: Rue Wydown: Should be able to do that with a scan, instead of a liquid sample. STSF Seiben: ::flies over the damaged areas or areas with issues:: August Jax Robinson: it won't be 100% accurate Rue Wydown: Seiben, how are we looking? STSF Seiben: Flying over the first area now, system wise here on the shuttle everything's good. Down there, maybe not so much. STSF_BluRox: Holly> Starts to run some scans from the ship as well to try and provide some extra data to the team STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: August Jax Robinson: ::Paused:: Heather Jamieson: ice cream STSF_BluRox: Seiben, you might have just solved the mystery! STSF Seiben: August Jax Robinson: woot STSF_BluRox: Ok, good sim, we'll say you're arriving when we start up next week. Have a good week all, and see some of you thursday. STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed
  8. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.23 - Season 25 The crew had been briefed on their current mission to Melos 3, and Blu had asked Rue to handle assigning teams to work on trying to discover what was going on. Meanwhile, Blu, not feeling well has retired to her ready room for some tea and rest. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: :: having drank the tea, has now laid down to let it work and help with the severe migraine:: STSF Seiben: ::working on something:: Rue Wydown: Seiben, have we had contact yet with the local government? I want to make sure we get the records over to the various departments before we head down to the planet. August Jax Robinson: ((Curled up tight like on top of the TV Blu?}} STSF_BluRox: (if you've forgotten your assignments, loop back to Rue or check the posted log) Heather Jamieson: :: Reading up on Starfleet's information on the planet and its people :: STSF_BluRox: (lol Jax..... like on that one spot of sunlight on the rug) STSF Seiben: Yes, I've gotten in touch with a representative. He was working on procuring the records for me. August Jax Robinson: {{then scooting over a little as the sun moves}} August Jax Robinson: ::Glances at Seiben:: how many decades of records? STSF Seiben: About a century's worth. I didn't know how far to go. STSF_BluRox: (( from last week's mission briefing : a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously) STSF Seiben: (Ah sorry) Rue Wydown: Aeye...really? I don't think anyone was here that long ago. STSF Seiben: Ah, I misread it - it was 10 years Rue Wydown: Added another 0 on there, didn't ya Heather Jamieson: :: Reading the wall of text on her display :: STSF Seiben: Looked like it yes Rue Wydown: Let's get those accident reports over to Jax right away. Rue Wydown: Heather, you remember your assignment? STSF Seiben: Yes sir. I have it now. ::sends it over:: There you go. August Jax Robinson: wonderful August Jax Robinson: ::taps console, starts going over the data:: Heather Jamieson: (a no, I'm having to read the log) ACTION: Incoming Message from the planet Heather Jamieson: I know I am working with the doctor on the accident reports... True accidents or deliberate? STSF Seiben: We are being hailed Rue Wydown: On screen, please. STSF Seiben: On screen ::puts it on screen:: August Jax Robinson: ::Looks up at the screen:: Rue Wydown: ::listening to the on-hold musiac Heather Jamieson: :: Looks at the screen with everyone else :: STSF Seiben: ::Looks at screen too:: STSF_BluRox: +Federation Ship+ This is Prelate Greb of the Darbeth delegation. We have had reports of some sort of sighting of â spirits or ghosts appearing around the hydroelectric dam up in the Torrine Valley. We have been experiencing some power fluxuations, and there is fear that the Gaithian’s may be sabotaging the dam to try to scare us off. Can you assist and look into this? We could use your help to protect our community and our people. I know this is the Gaithian’s just preying upon old stories and superstitions. I won’t stand for it! Heather Jamieson: :: mouths "ghosts" :: STSF Seiben: ::rubs his chin:: Rue Wydown: +Prelate Greb+ Interesting. That's why we're here to investigate *all* the incidents and find the most logical explanation. ::pauses:: Spirits or ghosts is a bit vague. Who has seen these things and what exactly have they seen? August Jax Robinson: ::tries not to roll her eyes:: ACTION: Another incoming message lights up Seiben's board STSF Seiben: Another hail Heather Jamieson: :: cocks her head :: Rue Wydown: Well, aren't we the popular ones... STSF_BluRox: +Prelate Greb> Several of the dam workers have reported seeing something shimmering....almost floating around the electroplant ACTION: The second hail pings again STSF Seiben: ::Shimmering?:: STSF Seiben: (w) They're still hailing Rue Wydown: +Prelate Greb+ Fascinating. Can you send us the name of the contact we'll be meeting with when we arrive, that would be fantastic. Our OPS officer will coordinate with you shortly. ::nods for Seiben Rue Wydown: ::nods for Seiben to toggle to the other call:: STSF Seiben: ::nods, cuts 1st hail and open the second hail:: Second hail open. STSF_BluRox: +Federation Ship+ This is Proctor Tarrot of the Gaithian Province. We are experiencing power drains affecting our medical and food cold storage facilities. We are certain that the Darbeth are at it again, trying to withhold much needed power that was agreed upon to share when we both settled here in this joint venture. We demand that they be stopped. The Federation said they’d ensure our safety! Heather Jamieson: (m) I don't like where this is going... STSF Seiben: ::not surprised:: Rue Wydown: +Proctor Tarrot+ Let's not put the warp engine before the shuttle. Looks like there' some sort of power fluctuation going on that we're investigating. Do you have on on-site contact that we can confirm with as soon as our team arrives? STSF_BluRox: +Federation ship+ Nailor Cardeth can assist you. He is our chief engineer of our town ACTION:: Incoming hail. STSF Seiben: ANother hail. Heather Jamieson: How many of them are there? Rue Wydown: +Proctor Tarrot+ Fantastic. I look forward to working with your local expert. I'm sure he'll be able to help get the lay of the land and get to the bottom of this. We're expecting an arrival of the away team in thirty minutes or so. We'll keep you informed of our results. Rue Wydown: Seiben, go ahead and put that hail through. ACTION:: Hail pings again STSF_BluRox: +Com+ Prelate Greb> Federation ship, We seem to have been cut off. No doubt it was the Gathians, interfering with our communications with you. You can clearly see the trouble we are having with them. Our contact at the dam is Tellic Percs STSF Seiben: Putting it through ::opens it:: Rue Wydown: +Prelate Greb+ Thank you. We'll meet him on site in about thirty minutes. Heather Jamieson: :: Writing down these names :: STSF_BluRox: +Federation Ship+ Prelate Greb> Good, good and thanks. Hopefully you will catch them in the act and expel them from this planet once and for all! I look forward to your results! Grb out. Rue Wydown: ::this time waits for Greb to end the conversation so that she can give her team instructions:: Rue Wydown: Jax, is there any scientific reason why they'd be seeing distortions at the power plant? August Jax Robinson: none that I can see... unless they have radiation poisoning Rue Wydown: Heather, I want an environmental scan of the area of the power plant. Let's make sure we're not running into something dangerous Heather Jamieson: :: Nods :: I'll schedule scans right away STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM August Jax Robinson: ::Paused:: Rue Wydown: Next week it sounds like we're going to be dealing with ghosties STSF_BluRox: Nice job everyone. So We've gotten information from last week's log, as well as the communications today and your plans forward to work out a plan and solve this mystery. I'll get the log up as soon as possible this week for you all. STSF_BluRox: Anyone have anything else to add before we finish? August Jax Robinson: meow Heather Jamieson: I have nothing for you all Rue Wydown: Nothing from me STSF_BluRox: Ok, if not, then have a nice week and we'll see most of you Thursday and the rest of you next week. Take care all. Crew Dismissed Rue Wydown: Night guys! STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: Night al STSF Seiben: all August Jax Robinson: nite nite Heather Jamieson: Laters all
  9. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.16 - Season 25 Melos 3 is a small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find. (this was from the meeting we were having at the end of the last sim we ran) BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: So, we need to look, see who oversees what, what they export and what they import, and from whom the reports have been sent from. From what I understand, there are several towns spread out along the main continent, so it will be more complicated.:: Looks around at the others to see if she still has their attention of if she had bored them to sleep:: August Jax Robinson: how many people are supposed to he on this planet? STSF Seiben: ::looks around as well:: Heather Jamieson: :: Listening and watching :: STSF_BluRox: Well, the briefing stated that they had started with a small joint colony of about 300 at one point, but in the last 20 years, they've spread out and started several new towns/settlements, and we're guessing with others that have joined from each world, that we're looking at about 500 people STSF Seiben: ::listens:: August Jax Robinson: hmm STSF Seiben: ::nods and makes some mental notes:: Rue Wydown: ::trying to mentally calculate just how many terra forming domes they'd need to maintain that population.:: STSF_BluRox: However, some of the recent 'accidents' have taken a few lives. The security teams have reported they were all 'suspicious and they felt deliberate or some sort of sabotage to prime systems, or at some of the terraforming locations. August Jax Robinson: have we been sent copies of these accident reports? Rue Wydown: This should be interesting. Rumors and finger pointing are involved, I bet? STSF_BluRox: In short, this world has a lot of resources. Both planets were interested and used to fight over who would control this....until they realized it would jeopardize their Federation applications. So, with the help of an arbitor, they peacefully agreed to joint custody of the planet, with rules on how much could be harvested or cleared. Heather Jamieson: What a logistical nightmare. STSF_BluRox: Yes, we'll have to pull them up. Of concern was a failure at a power plant, which caused an explosion and killed several workers. Then food supplies were destroyed...by a roof failure of the location much of the grain waiting to be processed was stored, ruining it all STSF Seiben: I see. I`ll make the necessary arrangements to house them all. STSF_BluRox: The Admiral said that both worlds have filed a grievance against the other, accusing each of trying to kill or frighten the others off, so that they could claim it for their own. So, that's what we're here to determine Heather Jamieson: Is there a third party that would benefit from these two groups fighting? STSF_BluRox: There have been a few others as well, but those were the two that stood out. STSF_BluRox: Again, that is something we are here to investigate August Jax Robinson: ::Sighs:: STSF_BluRox: If Starfleet already knew, we'd not be having to spend the rest of our leave break, being assigned to figure this out STSF Seiben: ::rubs chin:: Coming in completely in the dark, eh? OK Rue Wydown: So, where do we start, folks? Who wants to tackle what? STSF Seiben: (my keyboard was set to French) STSF_BluRox: :: turns looking at Seiben:: Wait...what do you mean you will make arrangements to 'house them all'? STSF Seiben: Sorry, I misheard. I thought we were bringing the colonists up. August Jax Robinson: maybe we can lock them up until someone fesses up STSF_BluRox: We are not bringing 500 colonist up, besides, then if any one was left, they'd claim the place as abandoned for their own world STSF Seiben: ::nods:: STSF_BluRox: I don't believe the brig is big enough to lock up everyone from this world STSF_BluRox: Rue, get me some firm plans from this group please, I need to step out for a moment. Heather Jamieson: Are the people that rough down there? STSF Seiben: I would imagine so, no food or power and everyone's fighting each other... Rue Wydown: Aye, ma'am. ::nods, although the idea of locking up all the colonists in the Republic's brig makes it hard for her to keep from laughing outright:: Heather Jamieson: :: Thinks of her phaser :: Rue Wydown: ::claps her hands together;: Okay folks. Where do you want to start? Who wants to take on what tasks? Heather Jamieson: :: Looks to Jax :: August Jax Robinson: I can get their systems up and running, look over the other stuff and make sure nothing has a trap set up Rue Wydown: Brilliant. ::nods to Jax, then turns to the other two:: And you lot? Heather Jamieson: I can do a sensor log search to see if anyone outside of these two groups are causing these 'accidents' STSF Seiben: I could arrange the delivery of supplies to the colony, food and generators and anything else they need Heather Jamieson: Afraid to say it, but could someone in the Federation itself be manipulating events? Rue Wydown: You know who to talk to get that list? ::making a note on her table on who's going to do what:: Rue Wydown: Ms Jamieson, how would you find that out? August Jax Robinson: ::Makes a few notes on where to start down thereee:: Rue Wydown: And Jax, would you be willing to also take a look at the accident reports from an engineer's point of view? Heather Jamieson: I'd have to do some poking around. The log search is easy, the other is not Heather Jamieson: Not saying it is, but something to consider. STSF Seiben: Hm Rue Wydown: And from a scientific point of view, what sort of poking around are you planning? August Jax Robinson: I can give them a look, but I can only guess with stuff that is Non-Engineering Heather Jamieson: I'll have to ask questions as I do other investigations of scientific interest Heather Jamieson: A bit of social engineering STSF_BluRox: :: in her ready room, rubbing at her forehead, the headaches she is frequented with bothering her again tonight, most likely from not sleeping much during the trial:: STSF Seiben: Social engineering, eh? Heather Jamieson: I'm not dressing in green if that's what you are thinking. STSF Seiben: okay Heather Jamieson: Are we to have armed escorts? Rue Wydown: Armed escorts would be overkill, don't you think? You'd be escalating an already tense situation. Heather Jamieson: Well from the sounds of it we should not be going anywhere alone. STSF Seiben: We'd have security, wouldn't we? Rue Wydown: Seiben, while you're preparing a list of relief needs, why don't you see what you can find out from the adminstrators about the inport/export information. STSF Seiben: Yes, sure. Rue Wydown: We'll have security, but we're not sending in the Marines ::dark look to both Jamieson and Seiben for going way out of bounds:: STSF_BluRox: (clarification to above statement -- it was a food storage location, there are several on the planet, so not totally without food, just tight. Power outages also only affect some of the main areas) STSF_BluRox: :: goes to the replicator and asks for some hot water to perhaps make some tea to help with the headache:: @ Holly> :: materializes a cup of tea and a plate of toast:: Rue Wydown: Jamieson, I want you to also look at the autopsy reports with our CMO and see if these incidents are accidents or deliberate. STSF_BluRox: @ I can get something on my own you know @Holly> Yes, but you are stubborn. And I know you'll feel better once you have some tea to calm that headache down Heather Jamieson: :: nods :: STSF_BluRox: @ Don't be a busybody Holly Rue Wydown: Does everyone have a clear idea of what they're doing? STSF Seiben: Yes sir August Jax Robinson: ::Looks at Seiben:: we might want to see if the same group or race is focused on STSF Seiben: ::nods:: That makes sense Rue Wydown: Oh, good point Jax. ::scribbles in her tablet:: @ Holly> If you'd rather, I can help the crew beam everyone up and let them sleep in your ready room and quarters if you like? STSF_BluRox: @ Someone wants her partition quarantined again? @ Holly> Will's not here, he's the only other one with clearance to do it. So ha. Besides, I just sent a note to get you some help... STSF_BluRox: @ What did you do? Heather Jamieson: This could be family disagreements Rue Wydown: Okay, anything else? Is everyone clear on their tasks/ STSF Seiben: Nothing from me, and yes. ACTION:: Note appears on Rue's padd. Admiral has one of her recurring headaches, and would desperately appreciate if you could help her out with one of your tea blends to help soothe the pain for her. - Sincerely, Holly August Jax Robinson: Candy and coffee then work? Rue Wydown: Whatever it takes to get you psyched up for work. ::grins, slaps the table with enthusiasm:: Alright, let's get to work then. I’ll go and update the Admiral. Heather Jamieson: :: Makes notes in her PADD :: STSF_BluRox: @ Holly, you are not helping my headache. I just want some dark chocolate and darken the room for a few moments to rest. STSF Seiben: ::makes some notes in his PADD as well:: August Jax Robinson: ::sighs:: crap STSF_BluRox: @ :: after a moment of looking at Holly grin, she deducts what she has done:: Oh no you didn't!!? What did I do wrong to you today? I should enhance your taste receptors, so you can appreciate that nasty stuff as well. Heather Jamieson: What? :: to Jax :: Rue Wydown: ::amused by the note on the padd, knowing very well that Blu wouldn't appreciate one of her tea blends, but it might bring her in better humor to be teased by it:: @ Holly> :: tracking Rue:: Well, I have stuff I need to work on, enjoy your toast, I need to get back to work Rue Wydown: :nods to the others and heads out of the conference room to check on the Admiral in her Ready Room:: August Jax Robinson: nothing... just mumbles of love Rue Wydown: ::rings the chime to the Ready Room:: @ Holly> Have a nice rest Admiral, I have to go... :: fades out:: Heather Jamieson: :: Scrunches her brow, then nods :: STSF_BluRox: :: sighs:: Enter August Jax Robinson: ::grabs her coffee and PADD:: Rue Wydown: ::the picture of innocence as if it wasn't Holly who requested her presence:: Admiral? STSF Seiben: ::heads back to the bridge and to his console:: STSF_BluRox: Yes Rue? Come in....excuse the lighting, I have it turned down a little bit at the moment Rue Wydown: Aye. You know, if you're feeling poorly, I've got just the pick me up that might work? STSF Seiben: ::does a quick inventory of what they have:: August Jax Robinson: a brick? ::Looks at Rue:: STSF_BluRox: :: mumbles:: Bloody hologram::: Heather Jamieson: :: Entering what she will need database wise :: Rue Wydown: Whot's that? STSF_BluRox: (Rue's in my ready room ) STSF_BluRox: Nothing...nothing....just making a note about Holly. August Jax Robinson: Heather Jamieson: :: Looks around to see if Holly is about :: August Jax Robinson: ::Heads to Engineering:: STSF_BluRox: Well, you've found me out....can't imagine how... :: ears flatten a bit at Holly, knowing she's watching:: As bad at it taste, I'm game to have a go at one of your blends, I feel my head is splitting open at the moment... STSF Seiben: ::checking their stocks:: Okay, that should be plenty. STSF_BluRox: Perhaps it was the thought of us beaming up 500 colonists..... Rue Wydown: ::laughs, moving to the replicator:: STSF_BluRox: Do you mind riding herd on this while I take a brief respite and try to feel a bit better? If you could meet with the colonist leaders to at least let them know our people will be poking around....before they start poking around, that would be greatly appreciated. August Jax Robinson: ::Enters the lift:: Engineering Heather Jamieson: :: Moves to Seiben :: I may need some local database for my PADD, if you can help Rue Wydown: No problem. ::putting a particularly pungent blend of tea on Blu's desk:: STSF_BluRox: :: catches a wiff and swears the woman purposely finds the worst tasting combos to test out on her..... for sadistic fun:: STSF_BluRox: That smells worse than the last....I didn't think that was possible. STSF Seiben: Ok sure. STSF Seiben: ::works with Heather:: Rue Wydown: It'll work. Trust me STSF_BluRox: :: picks it up, knowing it's only going to be worse if she lets it get cold (from her last experience with Rue's teas)......:: starts drinking it::: STSF_BluRox: :: making a look like a cat accidentally sucked on something like a lemon crossed with ghost peppers....and perhaps a dead fish::: STSF_BluRox: Oh blazes....if it doesn't kill me first...... STSF_BluRox: :: takes another swallow, noting already, that it seems to be making her drowsy:: Heather Jamieson: :: to Seiben :: I may need a more capable padd. Rue Wydown: I could go into the Science of it all, but that face you made it just says it all. Rue Wydown: ((and maybe Holly messed with the recipe)) STSF Seiben: You could get one from by spacial net easily STSF Seiben: from the* STSF_BluRox: Well, nothing for it... ::: downs the rest and moves over to the small couch to sit down:: STSF_BluRox: Thank you Rue, hopefully this will help. I appreciate your efforts And thanks for following up on this, I'll join you once I'm feeling a bit better. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM August Jax Robinson: ::Pauseeeddd::: STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Sorry, didnt' realize we had ran over so much.... STSF_BluRox: Thank you all for coming, and Jax, take care of that wrist STSF_BluRox: I'll see all of you (except Jax on Thursday STSF_BluRox: Any questions before we go? STSF_BluRox: Rue, do you have anything for them? Rue Wydown: Nothing from me tonight STSF_BluRox: Ok then....Crew Dismissed!
  10. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.16 - Season 25 Melos 3 is a small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find.
  11. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.02 - SEASON 25 Our new orders had come in and we've been sent to check out Melos 3. Melos 3 is a small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find and try to prevent these two parties from attacking each other. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM ACTION: The Republic is about 10 minutes outside of the Melos Star system STSF_BluRox: :: sitting in the center seat, reading information Calvert had sent to her on a padd:: STSF Seiben: ::driving the ship:: Rue Wydown: So what sort of sabotage are we talking about? Jas: ::Finishes patching up a fellow crewmate's sprained ankle with a shake of his head:: ...and be more careful next time! STSF_BluRox: The reports are sort of vague, I have in the notes that had been received, mentions of the power grids being tampered with, I’m guessing we'll have to investigate the rest. Jas: ::Wonders aloud to himself as the ensign leaves:: I think I've seen more injuries on this ship while in-transit than anywhere else. STSF_BluRox: Seems that even they.... have been 'left in the dark' so to say Rue Wydown: I'm just curious about the shenanigans. Whether they're minor annoyances or something life threatening. August Jax Robinson: ::in her office, pulls up the level of technology both races level at... and their history to skim through later:: Jas: ::Mills about the sickbay, making sure everything is right where it should be:: Heather Jamieson: :: Sitting at the science console, looking into her cartography display :: STSF_BluRox: Seems they are midway terraforming parts of the planet. it seems that there are occasionally bad dust storms, so they maintain many of the housing areas within a dome, that they can go to during the dusty season. Rue Wydown: Oh yeah? Kind of like living in a greenhouse? STSF_BluRox: Some have been able to maintain their homes outside of the domes for most of the time, but when these storms hit, to have that many people together, and no power, it prevents them from processing the air filtration. Rue Wydown: No back up system? STSF_BluRox: Not sure they want to bake in a greenhouse, I'd think there would be some sort of polarization. It may not even be clear, that's all the information we've received. We'll need to go take a look STSF_BluRox: Again, information is vague, but it appears when they went to activate it, much of the system had been tampered with. That's all I have Rue Wydown: We able to beam down or take shuttles? Heather Jamieson: They know it is tampered versus some engineering issue? Jas: ::Scratches head in confusion:: Where in the heck did that sonic separator go...? ACTION:: 15 minutes have passed, and the Republic has bypassed it's preferred approach to the system, and moving off in a tangent from their destination. STSF_BluRox: (Evidently, the new Helmsman dozed off while approaching, and never slowed the ship!!) lol STSF_BluRox: :: looks over at Heather:: Please assist Mr Seiben with a course correction that will take us back towards Melos..... Heather Jamieson: (This helm officer is no better...) STSF Seiben: We've bypassed our approach -- I'll try to set a course back. STSF Seiben: (Yeah, blame my bladder) Heather Jamieson: :: Goes to help :: There are gravimetric interests here.. I'll just enter this change.. STSF Seiben: Ok, thanks. Sorry about that. Jas: ::Rummages about through various devices:: Heather Jamieson: I have been in the holodeck a lot... in my spare time. Mostly shuttles, but I have browsed a ship or two. STSF_BluRox: :: turns back to Rue:: Have you been able to work with Jax since she's been returned to duty? STSF Seiben: Awesome. Rue Wydown: She's down in Engineering. You and I were supposed to have a conversation about what the Admirals recommendations were. But with the shake out of the new crew members, we haven't had a chance. STSF Seiben: ::moving the ship back to its course with Heather's help:: Heather Jamieson: :: to Seiben :: Interesting about this system is we really don't know the best entry vector until we try an approach. Heather Jamieson: We are still gathering information. STSF Seiben: I see, that's good to know STSF Seiben: Explains why I missed it STSF_BluRox: +Jax, Jas+ Please report to the bridge in a few minutes I've got some information we need to discuss with you both. STSF_BluRox: ::turns to Rue:: My ready room for a moment then please August Jax Robinson: +Blu+ on my way Jas: ::Guffaws:: Next to the protoplaser?! Why would anyone -- August Jax Robinson: ::grabs her PADD and heads to the lift, slips in when the doors open::: Jas: ::Pinches the bridge of his nose and taps his combadge:: +Blu+ I'll be right there. STSF_BluRox: When they get up here Heather, have them take a seat in the conference room. Once Seiben has us in orbit, we'll all have a brief discussion there STSF_BluRox: :: turns and walks into her ready room Jas: ::Puts the sonic separator back in its rightful place and, after grabbing his PADD, heads out into the corridor and towards the turbolift:: Rue Wydown: Alrighty then. ::following Blu:: Heather Jamieson: :: moves a chair to sit next to Seiben :: Let me enable more coordination between astrometrics and navigation. Jas: ::Enters the turbolift:: +TB+ Bridge, please. STSF Seiben: We should be in orbit soon. ::heather:: That'd be most helpful. To be honest, I don't have much experience with these bigger ships. STSF_BluRox: ((What!!!?? )) STSF Seiben: (lel) STSF_BluRox: :: walks around behind her desk and takes a seat, starts to pull up information on her terminal as Rue enters and the door closes:: Rue Wydown: ((oh boy)) Jas: ::Exits onto the bridge with a *swish* of the door, grinning as he takes in all the equipment and personnel:: Rue Wydown: ::opens her mouth to say something, then closes it, opens it to try again, and then stops, starts looking like a guppy instead of a human:: Heather Jamieson: I will give you some lessons. Just remember they are a lot slower in their turns at impulse and thrusters. August Jax Robinson: ::Steps off the lift, nods to Blu:: Admiral Heather Jamieson: Kasuga taught me a lot... :: looks a little forlorn :: STSF Seiben: Yes, I remember that from the Academy simulations. You have to kind of plan your moves alot. STSF Seiben: Ah, I see. Jas: ::Kind of wanders around until he finds himself standing right in front of the main viewing screen, staring out at the stars in awe:: STSF_BluRox: Ok, I'm assuming that you had at least read the charges that had been filed against her, and why she was down in the brig in the first place? STSF Seiben: OK, we should be in position soon. ::plots the orbital course into the navigational computer:: Rue Wydown: Aye, as well as had a rather lengthy conversation with her while you were working with the previous trial. How did you manage to separate her from that cell? She seemed pretty intent, although not content, to remain there. Heather Jamieson: :: taps him on the shoulder :: You'll do fine... just watch your speed. :: smiles :: STSF Seiben: Yes, definitely gotta do that ::slows down to orbital speed and matches with the planet's spin, sets course to the point of the planet there were to orbit:: STSF Seiben: Course is set, we have a good orbit. Much more challenging on a Soverign class. STSF_BluRox: I think it came down more to the fact that Rand..... Admiral Calvert and I had discussed her situation and he realized she's been under quite a bit of stress, with her husband being out of communication for some time. That, and I think he just wanted her out of the brig and figured her best punishment would be to put her to work on extra shifts here. To let us handle it. STSF Seiben: Biggest ship I orbitted/piloted was an Ambassador class before this.. the Endeavour. Heather Jamieson: :: Goes back to her station :: STSF Seiben: Thanks for your help Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders if Jax is okay, then wonders why she is thinking that :: STSF_BluRox: I think a compromise as we were not able to fully get Ayumu cleared either Rue Wydown: Can I ask a question though? With extra full shifts on her schedule, doesn't that lead to fatigue and stress - the very thing that helped put her in the brig in the first place? STSF_BluRox: If I may be frank, the Admiral was a bit disappointed, as was I, that this was allowed to devolve as it did. And I'll come back to your question in a moment. STSF Seiben: ::maintaining orbit around the planet:: Jas: ::After several moments of star-gazing, he turns around in confusion, his eyes searching for the Admiral:: STSF Seiben: The Admiral is in the Ready Room ::to Jas:: August Jax Robinson: ::frowns at Rue:: STSF_BluRox: Specifically, it's looking more likely that Captain Kwai may not be returning. I know you've been filling in during the interim, but you have been here long enough that you should be able to take on the full first officers duty of dealing with the crew and any issues they have. Heather Jamieson: Scanning the planet Jas: ::Nods to Seiben and scans blankly around the bridge:: The Ready...Room... STSF Seiben: ::sends a message that they are in orbit around the planet so as to minimize disturbing them:: STSF Seiben: It's the door to the left of the turbolift. It should read "READY ROOM" Rue Wydown: All right. STSF_BluRox: It would have been preferred that you defend Ayumu, as that typically would have fell to you to oversee, but also, as I was prosecuting, it would have been easier to hammer out a deal with you, than what I had to shove in the face of the young LT. Jas: ::Clears throat:: Of course, right. Thanks. ::Walks over and enters the Ready Room:: STSF_BluRox: And with Jax, I ended up spending time in the brig trying to talk some sense into her, I need you to take care of these type of things please. Now, getting back to your questions..... :: looks up at her door opens:: STSF_BluRox: Excuse me? Can I help you? Is there a medical emergency? STSF Seiben: Is the door chime to the ready room working? ::to Heather:: STSF_BluRox: :: turns to look at Rue, then back to Jas:: Heather Jamieson: I don't know. I thought it was. Jas: ::Deer caught in headlights:: Jas: ::Clears throat again, and slowly back out -- door wooshes:: STSF Seiben: Hmm. Rue Wydown: New guy. Needs a map. ::shrugs;; you were saying? STSF Seiben: That was quick. Jas: ::Nods to himself and looks around the bridge completely conspicuously:: Nobody saw that... STSF Seiben: Saw what? I didn't see anything. STSF_BluRox: Aye, we need to tighten up on people listening. In the last hour, the new helmsman just missed our trajectory, and I had asked Heather to send them to the conference room, not to my Ready Room. Things are getting sloppy around here. Someone is going to get hurt. August Jax Robinson: can I hurt them? Jas: ::Realizes he spoke aloud, eyes dart to Seiben:: Beg your pardon? Uh, nothing. STSF_BluRox: As for Jax, orders were that she work extra shifts, however they do not have to be thinking intensive and they can coincide with planned recreation periods. I will leave the scheduling up to you. STSF Seiben: OK STSF Seiben: ALl right, that's a good orbit STSF_BluRox: I believe the admiral had suggested cleaning the waste management area, perhaps some new paint STSF_BluRox: But I'll leave you to work this out with her and get her back on point with her work. August Jax Robinson: wait a moment Rue Wydown: Alright. August Jax Robinson: work extra shifts? why is that? STSF_BluRox: Now, before they direct more people in here, let's go meet with the senior staff in the conference room, and let them know what we know of this mission Jas: ::Positions himself silently by the turbolift doors and tries to keep out of the way as the bridge crew go about their work:: STSF_BluRox: ((( When they get up here Heather, have them take a seat in the conference room. Once Seiben has us in orbit, we'll all have a brief discussion there))) PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: August Jax Robinson: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Blu told you that earlier......did you purposely screw the new guy, or forgot? Jas: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Rue will be following up with you I'm sure...lol STSF Seiben: (24th century hazing lol) Jas: It's fine, adds to my new guy-ness. STSF Seiben: Same with Seiben's missed approach STSF_BluRox: Jax didnt' hit anyone with a spnner...that's good Rue Wydown: Yet Jas: Just title this episode "Amateur Hour" STSF_BluRox: Ok, so now that we took some extra time to get here, at least we're in a good orbit and we can head down next week and try to figure out what's going on around here.... STSF_BluRox: I just may Jas!! August Jax Robinson: can I hit someone with a spanner? August Jax Robinson: August Jax Robinson: like my boss STSF_BluRox: Alrighty, it's after midnight and I have to leave for work in about 5 hours, so let's put this sim to bed. Anything before we close Rue? Rue Wydown: Nothing from me tonight STSF_BluRox: ok then. Crew Dismissed. We'll see most of you Thursday, and everyone back next Monday.
  12. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51709.25 - Season 25 Admiral Calvert has sent orders for the Republic to go investigate some issue that had been reported on Melos 3, involving a fairly new settlement, having only been colonized in the last 20 years. However, repeated reports of systems failures and sabotage, leave the colony at risk if this is not settled. We are to investigate and solve the issue. Meanwhile, orders had been issues to the brig to release Lt Commander Jax to the custody of the USS Republic and to report to Commander Wydown to return to duty. (Calvert said sending her back to us seemed to be punishment enough!! The nerve of some....oh wait... he might have a point!) BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: :: Exits ready room to the bridge:: STSF Seiben: ::in the bridge, settling into things:: STSF_BluRox: :: looks to see who else is on duty:: Rue Wydown: ::having much scared the new med officer half to death, pestered three of the other science officers about an unauthorized experiment and instructed the chief janitorial staff about the clean up needed on deck 5, she's now looking to see whom she could make a pest of next:: STSF_BluRox: ::spies the new helmsman:: STSF_BluRox: :: takes a seat in the center chair:: Helm, you look familiar, do I know you? STSF Seiben: No, not me sir. You might have me mistaken for my cousin Hans who served previously on the Republic D. Heather Jamieson: :: Enters the bridge and goes to say hello to Kasu- :: Heather Jamieson: :: Stands there for a moment :: STSF_BluRox: That's it, you do hold quite a resemblance to him, though, your hair is a bit of a different shade. STSF_BluRox: Welcome aboard then, Lt Jg STSF Seiben: Thank you, sir. Heather Jamieson: :: Sits at her science station :: STSF Seiben: Yeah, we all seem to look alike. Rue Wydown: +Robinson+ Wydown to Jax. Have you settled back in yet? STSF_BluRox: What ships have you served on since you've graduated the Academy? STSF_BluRox: :: hears the door and looks over shoulder to see Heather there, and nods a welcome as she awaits an answer from Sieben:: STSF_BluRox: So Mr Seiben, what name do you go by? Heather Jamieson: :: Nods as she logs in and configures her station :: STSF Seiben: I'm Gunter Seiben, sir Heather Jamieson: :: Looking at local space on her readouts :: STSF Seiben: I've also served on a few ships mainly in the beta shifts before I was assigned here. August Jax Robinson: +Wydown+ I have, do you need my presents? STSF_BluRox: Well, again, welcome aboard. We'll be preparing to leave the station momentarily. Please plot in a course to Melos 3 and stand by my order to engage. STSF_BluRox: (I want presents!!) STSF Seiben: Yes sir. STSF Seiben: Setting course to Melos 3 August Jax Robinson: {{Who doesn't }} Rue Wydown: +Jax+ You brought back gifts? August Jax Robinson: +Rue+ Slop from the Hole STSF_BluRox: Heather...:: pauses:: Easy Lt, plot the course, but wait to engage until we've gotten word from the XO that we've gotten everyone back aboard:: STSF Seiben: ::Nods in acknowledgement:: Rue Wydown: +Jax+ Well, as long as it's not head lice or something else objectionable.....::pauses for a moment:: How's your department doing? Ready to get underway? Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders about Jax. They have not gotten along well over these years, but something happened to her... :: STSF_BluRox: Heather, when we arrive to Melos 3, I'll be asking you to make some detailed scans of the colony, as well as anything in the local terrain, or even orbital that could be affecting them. We always have a chance that it involves others not meaning them well either. August Jax Robinson: +Rue+ Engineering is as ready as it will ever be STSF_BluRox: Prepare some mission packs so your team is ready to go down and investigate Heather Jamieson: Understood. I will look for scans recorded before we got there as well. Heather Jamieson: :: Polls Starfleet records for Melos III scans from the colony itself and passing ships :: August Jax Robinson: ::Sits in her office, leans her head back and stares at the ceiling:: Rue Wydown: +Jax+ Fantastic! Wydown out. ::enters the lift to head up to the bridge, looking over her PADD:: STSF Seiben: ::Looks up star-charts of the area and travel route:: STSF_BluRox: :: presses button on arm a chair:: All departments, report in mission readiness August Jax Robinson: ::Looks down at reports on systems:: Heather Jamieson: Science is ready. STSF_BluRox: Thank you Heather, Helm, you’re set, yes? STSF Seiben: Yes sir, all set Rue Wydown: ::steps out on the bridge:: Whotcha. ::grins;; STSF_BluRox: Good day Commander? Medical and the other departments have checked in except engineering. Any word there? Has Jax reported back onboard and given the extra duty she was assigned, in recompense for her offenses? August Jax Robinson: ::Tosses PADD:: Rue Wydown: Engineering has reported that all is ready. As to the extra duties, perhaps we should talk about that as that information wasn't passed on to me. ::quirks an eyebrow:: STSF_BluRox: Very well. let us get underway first. I’ll need to update you on the new mission anyway. STSF_BluRox: And, it would be inappropriate to discuss that other matter, here...... Heather Jamieson: :: Gathering data from Melos III, letting the computer compile a timeline :: STSF_BluRox: Mr Seiben...set course, Melos 3, Warp 4 STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Aye sir. Warp 4. Setting course to Melos 3 STSF Seiben: ::and does::: STSF Seiben: Course set for Melos 3. Rue Wydown: New helmsman, eh? ::checking out Seiben:: STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Hello sir. STSF_BluRox: Aye, seems we have a relative of one of my previous helmsmen. Let's just hope he's a good as the other. Heather Jamieson: :: Readying sensors :: STSF_BluRox: Ok folks...here are our new orders. Rue Wydown: Well, so far so good, I suppose Heather Jamieson: :: Listens :: STSF_BluRox: Melos 3: Small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find. STSF Seiben: ::listens as well:: Rue Wydown: Oooooooooh, a mystery have we? STSF_BluRox: So, we need to look, see who oversees what, what they export and what they import, and from whom the reports have been sent from. From what I understand, there are several towns spread out along the main continent, so it will be more complicated. STSF Seiben: ::sounds Mysterious:: STSF_BluRox: So it seems Rue. Regardless, it's been on Adm Calvert's list of items that SF has requested to be investigated, and since we were available, it fell to u PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::paused:: STSF_BluRox: So next week, we'll be getting to Melos 3 and will proceed with our mission once we arrive STSF_BluRox: Any questions? STSF_BluRox: I promise, no spider wasps STSF Seiben: lol Rue Wydown: Uh huh :P STSF_BluRox: Alrighty then, if there is nothing else. I'll see you either at Talon or here next week. Have a nice week/weekend. STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed
  13. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51709.21 - SEASON 22 The Talon and Stinger have taken up station at the Justarus Shipyards, and have been updating what we know from the information that the Galae here had collected when they fought off the Othan and kept the station. Pexil and Koga are making sure weapons are resupplied and updating astrometric maps with areas we hold and those now held by the Othan. Leah, Destorie and t'Vatrix have been updated by the station commander and are quickly meeting to discuss a few of the more private details. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ Try to get our maps as up to date as au can :: holds up a finger to NDak:: STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Ie, will do. I'll speak with astrometrics NDak: ::nods:: KhreRiovtRex: +Koga+ make sure that the Stinger receives the information as well. STSF Seiben: +t'Vatrix+ Understood KhreRiovtRex: +trPexil+ Make sure we have all weapons resupplied, and make sure au take on what scanning probes that au may need to help us root out our enemy KhreRiovtRex: :: turns back to N'Dak:: KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo for waiting a siuren.... Lerak trPexil: +Vatrix+ I am working on both, and even some supplies not in our normal inventory. KhreRiovtRex: While Leahval is off verifying the encryption, code is authentic...which, I know it has to be, but I have to have it for my own sanity KhreRiovtRex: Io siuren:: NDak: ::Nods patiently:: Lerak trPexil: :: Sees that woman again ahead of him in another line :: KhreRiovtRex: +Pexil+ Hann'yyo, see that au make sure to contact the Stinger's ops officer and make sure they get the same Lerak trPexil: +t'Vatrix+ Understood. STSF Seiben: ::heads up to astrometrics:: KhreRiovtRex: :: turns back to Destorie :: and motions for him to take a seat for a siuren:: Lerak trPexil: :: Is inspecting the torpedoes they will be getting :: NDak: ::Nods, taking a seat:: m_k_tksa: ::taps her fingers against the counter top, thinking as she's waiting for a message back:: KhreRiovtRex: :: moves around and takes a seat as well:: I hate this..... qiuu of this..... NDak: Ie KhreRiovtRex: And just as I find some strength to go forward with a mission that has little hope of success, I get this .....message. I am almost afraid to hope that it is true. For if it is a hoax....I'm not sure I could bear to accept losing him again STSF Seiben: ::chats up the Astrometrics Officer:: We'll need the most up to date maps you have in this area. ::shows an ISD of the intended area to be mapped:: We'll need 'em for Stinger too.. make copies KhreRiovtRex: As I asked......au can't say a word...na to anyone. if it truly is him, he's obviously na in a position to reveal himself just yet. Last report was that he had been gravely injured. NDak: ::Nods:: Ie, as you said. Lerak trPexil: :: Closes up the panel, satisfied the mechanisms are as they should be :: NDak: Perhaps better for his enemies to think him dead m_k_tksa: ::Taps a few commands to have the message routed to the ship, for whenever it does come, decides she needs to be doing something else instead:: Hanny'yo for au's hospitality. I think I'm going to go inspect the medical provisions on the ship. ::nods to the attendant who was watching the office she was in:: STSF Seiben: Thanks, old son! KhreRiovtRex: And if he were alive, he may just be attempting to keep my temper in check. He would most likely anticipate that I'd go headlong right to Othan if possible... NDak: Ie Lerak trPexil: :: Moves onto check other supplies, that woman still in view, Pexil mutters :: Hmm NDak: How do au wish to proceed, then? STSF Seiben: Astrometrics Officer> Sure. I'll download them to your ISD KhreRiovtRex: As it is, I'm still half tempted to place au in charge of Talon, and take the Stinger myself and go see just how many of them I can take before the Elements take me..... KhreRiovtRex: This is where I need au, to keep me in check as well.... KhreRiovtRex: As we discussed, we really can na lose anymore ships, they could regroup and strike here, now that half their taskforce came to our aid on Homeworld. m_k_tksa: ::heads back to Talon while checking the calculations on her ISD:: NDak: ::Smirks despite himself:: Imagine telling auself that several years ago. KhreRiovtRex: :: stops and grins back at him:: Indeed...... but we've both changed over the years. However, the old ways can come back to me easily once I am angered. And I've never been so angry and hurt as I have been now.... Just don't leave the controls to au ship laying around, or au may find it missing KhreRiovtRex: But as I was saying.... and they could circle back around to ch'Rihan if they see us forging off into their space...especially if they know they have enough ships there to deal with our small task force Lerak trPexil: :: Inspects crates full of other torpedo components :: KhreRiovtRex: What I was thinking, after talking with Khre'Riov tr'Dar, was that we could operate some short-range missions while based out of this location. We will find and remove any Othan influence in any of the surrounding systems.... NDak: ::Nodding, he was pleased by the compliment.:: NDak: Ie, I believe that would be prudent. m_k_tksa: ::steps back through the airlock and heads to medical to check on the progress there:: STSF Seiben: ::looks over the area in astrometrics:: NDak: We can do them a great deal of harm, with out endangering our position. What did au have in mind? Lerak trPexil: :: Goes to defensive systems, shield regeneration :: KhreRiovtRex: and there are still those ships we were in pursuit of, we've cut across and are certainly a bit ahead of them. I want to try to thin their ranks, and set a ambush for them. m_k_tksa: ::amused to hear music playing in medical as she enters:: Lerak trPexil: :: Finds older units, but works perfectly well :: KhreRiovtRex: I'd like to hear au thoughts on this as well. Meanwhile, let us go check on the others and make sure they've what we need to do this. m_k_tksa: ::not about to scold the staff for what she hears because it seems to have lifted spirits, goes in search of the instigator of the toe tapping;; NDak: :Nods:: Ie KhreRiovtRex: I'll go check with Pexil and Koga. Would au mind updating the Daise Maenak for me? She doesn't favor my presence anymore, but need to make sure she's onboard with our plans. Lerak trPexil: :: Has them load these components as well :: KhreRiovtRex: Find me afterwards fhaen. I wish to hear some suggestions from au and the crew on how best to proceed. NDak: ::Nods:: Ie m_k_tksa: ::leans against the exame room door, watching as several maenaken staff are putting things away with a pep in their step:: m_k_tksa: Perhaps I should have thought to do this years ago. ::watching with a grin:: KhreRiovtRex: :: stands to cross to the exit and then turns back to N'Dak:: And Destorie........ Hann'yyo. Hann'yyo for everything....... NDak: ::He smiled, genuinely:: It is na thing. I owe you much, this is a small measure of repayment for the debt. Lerak trPexil: :: Looks at liquids and other supplies of that nature :: KhreRiovtRex::: nods:: it will be remembered. H'nah, let's see to the others KhreRiovtRex: :: motions for him to proceed her to the door and to find the others NDak: ::Follows, straightening his uniform, thinking he should have worn the cape:: KhreRiovtRex: :: heads off to find Pexil and Koga:: m_k_tksa: ::grabs a case of supplies and joins the group putting things away, swaying to the music:: STSF Seiben: Hm. Interesting area this, yeah? KhreRiovtRex: :: queries the etreeh and heads to Pexil's location:: STSF Seiben: Thwomp. Lerak trPexil: :: Scans for the purity of a liquid used in certain kinds of anti-personnel munitions :: KhreRiovtRex: tr'Pexil.....status report Lerak trPexil: Oh. I am continuing to inspect the items we requested, and anything else that may come in handy... anti-personnel gel for example... in case we wish to stop a large number of them...for questioning. Lerak trPexil: I have torpedoes and shield regeneration components on their way now. KhreRiovtRex: Au have had na trouble receiving au requests? Na issue getting supplies sent to stinger as well? NDak: ::He headed off to find the Daise'Maenke:: Lerak trPexil: Not yet. Our offer of non-military supplies and a repair or two at this facility helped matters. m_k_tksa: ::humming along with the tune piping in:: Lerak trPexil: There has been this woman though.. she is at places where I too am. I don't think I'm being followed, but.. just odd. NDak: ::He queried the etreh on her location and headed that way:: KhreRiovtRex: I know the Khre'Riov fahd, he is also a family friend of my house...if au have issues, come to me, I'll see au get what au need. We will be meeting shortly, to discuss our plans. I'll need to check with Koga as well. I will want him present as well KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM
  14. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51709.18 - Season 25 The new crew members are getting settled while everyone had been given the next 3 days as Shore Leave to spend either at the station or the ship as they wish. Blu and Jax, however, have other accommodations still BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Randy Calvert: ((Wearing out their welcome in my gracious accommodations.)) STSF Seiben: ::enjoying a nice cold beer at the bar:: STSF_BluRox: :: Sitting in the brig still in the cell across from Jax:: August Jax Robinson: ::Crosses her arms, sits down:: Jas: :: Has just finished settling into his quarters, located at an impossibly inconvenient distance away from sickbay :: Rue Wydown: :::checking out the renovations to the ship's lounge with a critical eye:: STSF_BluRox: :: sitting quietly staring across at the glowering woman:: Jas: :: Exits his quarters and makes his way up to the sickbay to accommodate himself with things :: Randy Calvert: :::in the lounge, making his way through the mountain of reports that flow through his purview::: STSF_BluRox: :: wonders just how long before she will calm down and listen to reason:: Heather Jamieson: :: At the station, looking out at the crowd at the eating area :: STSF Seiben: ::sitting next to Heather enjoying a nice plate of chicken wings and ranch sauce:: August Jax Robinson: :::is really stupid - I did marry Will, remember?::: Rue Wydown: ::stows the PaDD:: Well, that's not too bad. Randy Calvert: :::taps the display occasionally acknowledging the information or applying approvals as needed::: STSF_BluRox: Well? Jas: :: Enters the turbo lift :: Sickbay, please. STSF Seiben: Kasuga> ::sits in the same table as Seiben, dressed in a nice civilian dress eating some fish & chips and beer:: STSF_BluRox: Have you calmed down yet? Heather Jamieson: :: Not looking at her :: So... have you decided what you are doing? August Jax Robinson: no August Jax Robinson: I am mad as heck Rue Wydown: ::uses the cuff of her sleeve to polish the bar top before heading out of the lounge and down the corridor:: STSF_BluRox: What is it that has you so angry? Jas: :: Exits the turbolift and strides down the hall to the sickbay :: Heather Jamieson: :: Heather nurses her Irish whiskey :: Randy Calvert: :::stops the random tapping as he starts reading the report from his Security Chief::: August Jax Robinson: all of it! everyone is looking out for themselves... not the fleet August Jax Robinson: we are falling apart Randy Calvert: +Brig+ Calvert to Security.... can you confirm the report that multiple crew from the Republic is under confinement? I was only aware of one.... August Jax Robinson: and no one is standing up, or pointing it out. if we let one person get railroaded, then we are no better then the Romulans August Jax Robinson: we are worse STSF_BluRox: August, nobody was railroaded. Ayumu has made several errors, and some we let slide, however this was one we could not overlook Jas: Jas> :: Enters sickbay as the door swishes open and steps across the threshold with an anticipatory grin spreading across his features :: STSF_BluRox: Do you think we enjoyed doing this to one of our own? STSF_BluRox: Do you think that "I" enjoyed doing this to one of my own crew? August Jax Robinson: yes' Rue Wydown: ::makes a few more notes on her PaDD about the ship's condition:: STSF_BluRox: No.....I did not, but I worked with the Admiral and came up with a solution that the defense and Ayumui could both live with August Jax Robinson: I think as long as someone took the blame.... everyone else is happy Heather Jamieson: Perhaps if I just pressed harder I could have saved your career. STSF_BluRox: Now you are being a fool Heather Jamieson: So, Seiben is it? Are you her replacement? Randy Calvert: Security> +Calvert+ Yes Admiral. We have Commander Jax and Admiral BluRox in holding cells. August Jax Robinson: am I? not every error was Ayumui's fault.. STSF Seiben: Seiben> Yes, that's me. And I suppose so. Randy Calvert: :::arches his brow::: Randy Calvert: +Security+ Under who's order is the Admiral being detained under? :::notes his voice starting to tense slightly::: STSF_BluRox: Are you forgetting the time on the planet we broke the prime directive, because she was speeding and killed some holy bird? STSF Seiben: Kasuga> That's all right. We did what we could do. ::smiles:: I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, but definitely spend alot of time relaxing when I get back to Earth is in the plans August Jax Robinson: it's a stupid bird STSF_BluRox: or the time she forgot the speed, when we were traversing a wormhole and shot us somewhere we were stranded for 6 months? August Jax Robinson: why does it goo back to the bird? Randy Calvert: Security> +Calvert+ :::pauses for a moment as he looks at the logs and rechecks it::: Ummmm.... well that's the thing, sir. It appears to be under hers. Jas: ::moves through the sickbay inspecting the equipment, taking stock of the available technology, and getting himself familiar with everything:: Randy Calvert: :::mutters a few choice obscenities under his breath::: August Jax Robinson: Do you think I forgot that?! I almost had my Son on some dead planet back then Heather Jamieson: I have billions of stars to map. STSF Seiben: Seiben> Sounds nice/ STSF_BluRox: August, she has a problem with speed, she has a need for it and forgets. She is not under arrest, she has to leave the fleet, but I've connections that will get her work in a good line of work STSF_BluRox: She, and everyone else will be safer...and she agreed to this. STSF Seiben: Seiben> ::Heather:: Fun fun. STSF_BluRox: Not everyone is cut out for that job August Jax Robinson: So what do you want from me really? an apology? Randy Calvert: +Security+ I'm on my way. :::abruptly closes the channel and stands, the nice quiet evening now looking less and less feasible::: Rue Wydown: ::finishes her tour of Engineering, and heads back up the lift to investigate Sickbay before hitting the Bridge:: STSF_BluRox: That might be a good start, You showed the Admiral quite the bit of insubordination Randy Calvert: :::makes his way to the exit, not bothering to stop and chit chat on the way out::: August Jax Robinson: I am not sorry Jas: ::plops himself down on a sickbay bed after taking inventory of all the various equipment and supplies, then closes his eyes and lets the gentle hum of the ship slowly lull his senses:: August Jax Robinson: do you want me to lie? STSF_BluRox: Your behavior is not only an insult to Admiral Calvert, but to myself and the ship. Randy Calvert: Brig Officer on Duty> :::hearing the Admiral is on the way starts reviewing the reports knowing it may about to hit the fan::: STSF_BluRox: If Ayumu was not upset, then why are you so upset? Randy Calvert: :::enters the TL::: Security. Level 12 Rue Wydown: ::makes a few more notes about some loose baseboards and carpeting before entering sickbay and looking around:: August Jax Robinson: because I know how the system works... I have seen how the higher ups let others take the fall Jas: ::lets out a soft snore:: Heather Jamieson: :: takes a drink :: August Jax Robinson: I know what is behind the brass door, I grew up in it August Jax Robinson: they expect us to fall on our swords and take the blame Randy Calvert: :::waits for the doors to open before strolling into the corridor and around the corner::: STSF_BluRox: August, nobody let anyone take the fall here. She made a mistake. One that someone at one point was going to try to turn onto you, until I pulled up the logs. STSF_BluRox: I pulled the files, I checked the times....she made a mistake, clear and simple. Randy Calvert: :::pauses a moment as the large double doors swoosh opens and steps inside::: Rue Wydown: ::Startles at the snoring noise, debates on whether or not she should wake the poor bloke up or not:: August Jax Robinson: I can sit here as long as you can Randy Calvert: :::heads over to the officer on duty::: Why is the Admiral sitting in my holding cell? Am I missing something? Jas: ::snooooOOoooOOOOooorrre:: STSF_BluRox: Fine August Jax Robinson: FINE STSF_BluRox: If you disrespect me that much, we'll both sit here. Randy Calvert: Brig Officer> She said she was not fit to remain in command based on the incident with Commander Jax. She had herself contained to try and reason with the Commander, sir. STSF Seiben: Kasuga> ::Looks at her PADD:: Looks like my transport to Earth is coming soon. Better get ready to depart. Goodbye, Heather... thanks for everything.. it was fun. Give the crew my best. Goodluck, Seiben. August Jax Robinson: if you think this is all about you then you are drunk Rue Wydown: Well, if I must, I must. ::mischievous look, steps over, sticks two fingers in her mouth and lets out an ear piercing whistle:: Heather Jamieson: :: Goes to hug Kasuga :: STSF_BluRox: If that is how you feel, why don't you request a transfer? Randy Calvert: I would like to speak with the Admiral. Please bring her to Interrogation Room 1. August Jax Robinson: because once I put in for a transfer, my family will make sure I am stuck on Earth August Jax Robinson: also, I thought you cared more for your crew Jas: ::lets out a startled yelp and, reaching out wildly, flops right off the bed with a metallic thud onto the floor:: Randy Calvert: :::watches as Brig Officer goes back into the holding area, hearing raised voices between Jax and BluRox as the doors were opened::: STSF_BluRox: :: sees the guard come and request her to stand and follow him:: STSF Seiben: K> ::Hugs Heather:: Keep in touch! STSF_BluRox: :: stands, looking across at Jax and just shakes her head:: Jas: Brig Guard> ::approaches the holding cells where Jax and BluRox are located and comes to a stop between the two of them:: Randy Calvert: :::Frowns and contemplates activating the monitor into the holding room, but instead simply heads to the Interrogation Room::: STSF_BluRox: I tried Heather Jamieson: I will...it won't be the same without you. Rue Wydown: ::leans over that said bed to grin at him:: Whotcha. August Jax Robinson: I am too, I give up[ Jas: Brig Guard> ::stands at attention:: Sir. The Admiral requests your presence. August Jax Robinson: I am sorry to you on;y STSF Seiben: Kasuga> ::hears the boarding announcement for her transport ship to Earth:: Yeah, it'll be fine. STSF_BluRox: :::stands and exits the cell:: STSF_BluRox: Lead the way please Jas: Jas> ::dizzily looks up at Rue:: What the--?? STSF_BluRox: :: does not say goodbye to Jax, as she's a bit steamed now too:: STSF Seiben: Kasuga> ::smiles, waves and heads to the boarding area:: Heather Jamieson: Hey, maybe they will let me helm. Jas: Brig Guard> ::Nods curtly to Jax, before turning on his heel and leading the way to Interrogation Room 1:: STSF Seiben: Kasuga> Goodbye and good luck. ::before she disappears into the crowd:: STSF_BluRox: ::enters the conference room and sees the Admiral, quickly comes to attention:: Sir Randy Calvert: :::waits for the door to close behind Brig Guard before speaking::: Jas: Brig Guard> ::Stands ready outside the interrogation room:: Rue Wydown: Sleeping on the job. Not the best way to make a first impression, mate. ::Smirks:: STSF Seiben: S> Hmm. August Jax Robinson: Randy Calvert: So you saw the wonderful accommodations we have on the station's brig and just felt you had to experience them for yourself? :::slightly amused voice::: Jas: Jas> ::raises himself up on one elbow and quirks an eyebrow at his superior officer:: I didn't realize I was on duty yet...sir. STSF_BluRox: :: smiled slightly at his joke:: They were better than most I've been in. Randy Calvert: That might be part of the problem... they're too comfortable to make her come to her senses and want to leave. STSF_BluRox: Sir, I want to apologize for my officer. She was out of line, and I had hoped that talking with her would make her come to her senses. I'm not sure what is really going on there, except her husband is off on some mission. Randy Calvert: I've reviewed her file and I'm aware of the .... unusual circumstances.... that have come up as a result. STSF_BluRox: My problem is...well, if my crew can not behave and follow the chain of command, then I've failed somewhere, and I feel responsible as well. Hence, why I put myself in the brig to help serve for her insubordination Rue Wydown: Still, you really shouldn't be napping in the middle of sickbay. Not the best impression for the returning crew members to find you zonked out here. STSF_BluRox: I don't know, maybe I'm getting too old for this. If they don't respect me, then do I endanger everyone? Maybe it's time for me to think about retiring? August Jax Robinson: ::Sits in the corner, lowers her head:: Randy Calvert: :::Leans back against the wall as he listens::: STSF_BluRox: I couldn't even get her to see where she was wrong. She all but accused us of railroading the helmsman, that it was someone else's fault. Randy Calvert: Well, that's where you and I disagree. From what I can see from the reports from you AND the crew... they follow you to the ends of the universe. Sometimes over it. STSF Seiben: Kasuga> ::Enters the transport, pretty nice looking with a nice sized stateroom for the trip. Enters it and finds her suitcase already there:: Jas: Jas> ::slowly gets up and brushes himself off:: Sorry, I...it won't happen again -- ::pauses:: -- you don't need any medical treatment, do you? STSF Seiben: Seiben> ::continues to drink with Heather:: Heather Jamieson: Well. :: Sits with Seiben :: What's your story? Rue Wydown: I thought you said you weren't on duty? ::smirks:: Randy Calvert: While I might disagree with some of your methods, you get the job done. Randy Calvert: At the end of the day, that's the most important thing. STSF Seiben: My story? Well, I come from a long line of Starfleet officers. Seemed in the blood to join up, though I've always liked piloting. It's nice that my cousin Hans served on the Republic before me. Randy Calvert: The officers that do that.... I give some pretty wide leeway. August Jax Robinson: ::Curls up, knowing people fear her grandfather more than the devil:: STSF_BluRox: I appreciate that sir, in the long run, yes.....we're a bit unconventional at times...but we do the best we can Jas: Jas> ::smiles back, but responds in an assured tone:: Wouldn't stop me if someone were in need of assistance, sir. Randy Calvert: Now.... in my opinion... I think Commander Jax is caught up in her head. Yes, she's had some stuff she's had to deal with... but with all of her sudden free time, she's getting up all in the head. Rue Wydown: That's good. ::pats the top of the biobed:: No, I'm just going through the final inspections on the renovations to the ship. This is just one of my stops. STSF Seiben: Kasuga>:: relaxes in her plush bed, gazing out at the window nearby:: Randy Calvert: Idle hands are the devil's workshop.... that's what my Great Grandmother would always say. STSF_BluRox: Yea, she's usually very busy, too much free time I think August Jax Robinson: ::Closes her eys and tries to think about what her 6 kids are up to:: STSF_BluRox: Yes, exactly STSF_BluRox: (NO!! don't do that) Jas: Jas> ::hesitates for a moment:: Would you...mind if I accompanied you on your inspections? I've hardly spent time on a starship of this size and, well, I would appreciate the opportunity to really take it in and accustom myself with the Republic. STSF_BluRox: TWO MINUTE WARNING Randy Calvert: Put her back to work. In fact, I would really push her and give her some extra duties. Heather Jamieson: Pilot... perhaps you can help me with my flying.. STSF_BluRox: (Jas, we can help you accustom yourself to the ship with a paintbrush!) Randy Calvert: She seems to be the type that uses the stress and the surroundings to figure things out. Heather Jamieson: Are you taken? STSF_BluRox: That might be for the best. Also, it gets her out of your brig so I don't have to leave her here with you. Jas: (Think we need a roller for this job!) STSF Seiben: (Been there done that) Randy Calvert: Well, the upkeep here is not cheap. I don't think she'll like what my security team thinks are great ways of keeping people busy are. Rue Wydown: No not at all. I've got a few science labs to check out, then the bridge if you're game Randy Calvert: The last I saw.... it involved cleaning down in waste recycling. Randy Calvert: So I think you might be able to find some better ways to utilize her talents. August Jax Robinson: ::Closes her eyes and tries to meditate:: Jas: Jas> ::grins back:: You bet I am. August Jax Robinson: ::Sighs, hating it::: STSF_BluRox: We have the same plan. Ok, I'll go get her out and get her out of your hair. I believe I still owe you dinner as well? STSF_BluRox: Let me gather them up they have another day of leave, I'll get everyone settled, get our next mission from your ops folks and will meet you in a bit, that ok? Randy Calvert: Indeed. And you'll find your new orders waiting for you in the morning. The whole lot of you have had more than enough time off. Randy Calvert: Very good. STSF Seiben: Kasuga> ::feels the ship powering up then soon making its way to Earth, she catches one last glimpse of the Republic from her window, and wishes them luck:: STSF_BluRox: Yes, because a trial was an excellent use of my free time....:: rolls her eyes at him and grins: STSF_BluRox: PAUSE STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM STSF_BluRox: PAUSE SIM Jas: ::paused:: STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: August Jax Robinson: ::pezz:: Heather Jamieson: :: paused :: STSF_BluRox: Nice sim all, and thank you Admiral for helping out Rue Wydown: Sorry guys, I gotta go. Thanks for visiting Admiral STSF_BluRox: Next week we'll retrieve Jax and get started on our new mission STSF_BluRox: Crew Dismissed
  15. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51708.28 - Season 25 The trial has been completed and Kasuga relieved of duty and removed from Star Fleet, her personal effects have been delivered to the station and transportation has been arranged for her. Meanwhile, another Seiben has come onto the scene and Blu has plucked him from the station's pending roster as her new helmsman, hoping he was as good as the last. She has also assigned Jas, as Chief Medical Officer as he returns to the Republic after a year of study back at Star Fleet. Rue and Blu need to get them situated, let the rest of the crew have some shoreleave, and figure out what to do with Jax. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Rue Wydown: ::looking over the personnel records, hoping that for once maybe they'll get the staffing thing straightened out:: STSF Seiben: ::in the station's bar having a drink:: Jas: :: sitting across the table from Seiben, utterly perplexed and ignoring his own beverage :: Then you...you did --what--? STSF Seiben: Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself. I'm just glad it worked out the way it did. ::Sipping his beer:: Jas: :: Shakes his head incredulously and picks up his glass :: That doesn't even sound like it would fit regulation. August Jax Robinson: {{Sorry }} STSF Seiben: It probably doesn't to be honest. Rue Wydown: ::enter the station's refreshment center, looking at the pictures on the PADD and then the patrons she sees:: STSF Seiben: (Hey) STSF_BluRox: :: having finished dinner with the Admiral, she had other issues to deal with, otherwise, she'd have hung around for a few more drinks, but not really liking his choice of drinks, begged off to make sure the crew matters were taken care of, and make some other decisions. She most likely will have wished she had stayed for those drinks.... STSF_BluRox: (Hey Jax) STSF Seiben: But still, didn't get into any trouble. No harm no foul I suppose. Jas: :: Goes to take a sip but pauses :: You don't still have it...do you? Jas: (Evenin' Jax!) STSF Seiben: ::eats one of his nachos with cheese:: Yeah, I've still got it. It's in my house in Munich. STSF Seiben: Makes for a fine centrepiece. Rue Wydown: ::approaching the two officers at the bar:: Oi. ::grins:: Whotcha. August Jax Robinson: ((Heather has an early morning and had to go to bed early}} STSF Seiben: Oh.. ::Looks up at Rue:: Hello, Commander. Rue Wydown: New recruits for Republic, right? STSF_BluRox: (pfft,) STSF Seiben: Yes, ma'am. ::looking at his PADD:: Jas: :: Finally gulps down some of his drink :: Damn shame, I would have been interested in inspecting it. Who knows? Could've come in handy out -- :: Straightens in his seat :: Hello, Commander. New recruits, yes. August Jax Robinson: ::takes a seat on the floor and tries to meditate, hoping it will calm herself down... kinda mad still:: STSF_BluRox: :: knows that after they had spoken earlier, that Rue would take care of the new staff:: STSF_BluRox: :: heads down to the brig:: Rue Wydown: Welcome aboard. You mates gotten your crew quarters and shift information yet? STSF Seiben: No, I've not yet sir. STSF Seiben: And thank you. Jas: :: Gives his PADD on the table a quick pat and a smile :: Yes, sir. I had it sorted during the trial. STSF Seiben: ::hands Rue his PADD as well with his transfer orders:: Ahead of me then. I've not heard anything yet since arriving here. STSF_BluRox: :: enters the lift, having spoken to Randy a bit about this, but not sure he thought she was serious about it:: STSF_BluRox: :: exit the lift as it reaches the detention level of the statiion:: August Jax Robinson: ::Lays back on the floor and looks up at the ceiling:: Jas: Good luck with station administration, they're...typical. :: Grimaces :: Rue Wydown: ::taps some information into her PADD, passing the information on to the quartermaster before looking up:: Fantastic. Mr Seiben, you're assignments should be coming in just a few minutes. ::glances at Jas:: Medical officer, eh? ::grins:: You've got your work cut out for you. STSF_BluRox: :: enters and finds the officer on duty, and points down the corridor towards Jax:: Jas: :: Looks to Rue with a wry grin :: If what I've heard about the Republic is true and based off current experience, I'd imagine so. I can't wait for the opportunity to serve aboard. STSF_BluRox: :: shakes her head at the security officer, who was questioning her instructions, but finally put his hand out, accepting her communicator and padd, then leading her down towards Jax:: Rue Wydown: Well welcome to both of you. ::grins:: We'll be getting back to work in a short bit, got a bit more things to clean up before we set off. STSF Seiben: Indeed, my cousin Hans who served on the Republic D told me of the stories of things he experienced. I'm eager to serve aboard. STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Rue Wydown: Don't believe everything your cousin told you. ::smirks:: STSF_BluRox: :: stops with the security guard in front of Jax, and looks over at her to see if she has calmed down or not:: Jas: :: Gestures with his glass :: I may need another of these for some of those stories. August Jax Robinson: ::Laying on the floor of her cell, lifts head and looks at Blu:: hi STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Yes, I won't. Everything he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But thanks for the welcome. STSF_BluRox: :: glances at Jax, then turns back to the guard nodding, as she steps into the cell across from Jax and the guard activates the confinement beam STSF Seiben: Yes, some of them are whoppers. :;to Jas:: Rue Wydown: Tell you what, I'll get your next round. ::motions to the bartender for them:: Enjoy them while you can boys. STSF Seiben: Thanks, sir. Jas: :: Beams at the commander :: Thank you very much, sir. August Jax Robinson: how'd court go? August Jax Robinson: ::Stands up slowly:: STSF_BluRox: :: takes a seat on the bench and looks over at Jax:: The trial has been completed Rue Wydown: ::nods to both of them, grins and then heads down the bar top to see if she can review her last of her reports and then she too can have fun:: August Jax Robinson: ::sits down on the other bunk:: STSF_BluRox: (separate cell, just across the hall) Jas: :: Finishes the last of his drink as the next round arrives at their table :: So what's your posting again? I don't believe you mentioned it. STSF Seiben: Heh, funnily enough I'm going to be assigned to the helm/operations department. STSF Seiben: My cousin whom I mentioned before also served in this role on the Republic D. STSF_BluRox: ::looks across at Jax:: Ms Ayumu accepted a plea deal, and will not be sentenced to any additional time. Jas: :: Eyebrows :: Really? Runs in the family, huh? STSF_BluRox: However, she has been discharged from Star Fleet, and haas lost her license for now. STSF Seiben: I suppose so, but yes. My family has a long history in Starfleet, and quite alot of Seibenses serve in various capacities across Starfleet. August Jax Robinson: ::Shakes her head:: so stupid Jas: Well here's to yet another Seiben on the Republic. :: Raises his glass :: STSF_BluRox: Yes, she was, and it wasn't her first mistake. At least she was smart enough to take the deal I was able to work out for her STSF Seiben: ::raises glass:: And here's to a more successful second tour for you. Where you won't be turned into a giant reptile. Rue Wydown: ::scribbles on her report, correcting a few typos:: August Jax Robinson: how long is my sentence in here for? STSF_BluRox: Unknown, you really pissed off the Admiral, and embarrassed me. Jas: :: Clinks glasses and chuckles before taking a sip :: First tour, actually. I was serving on a planetary science team before that whole lizard episode. This will be my first official posting on a Starfleet vessel. August Jax Robinson: all of my communication requests have fallen on deaf ears. I have been denied legal rep, no one will contact my Grandfather... so I am a hostage? STSF Seiben: Oh, I see. Well, we're in the same boat then. Goodluck. August Jax Robinson: prisoner? STSF_BluRox: No, you passed out and were unable to discuss. When I came down to discuss with you, you flew off into another rage filled rant. You were given the chance to apologize to the admiral, as he realized that the crew had been under quite a bit of stress, and you refused. Your legal council was otherwise STSF Seiben: ::sips his drink with Jas and cardboard Jamieson, who's having a Jameson:: STSF_BluRox: engaged with Ayumu's case, and I"m sure she'll be down to talk with you shortly Rue Wydown: ((That's a lot of "J"s)) Jas: You too. Hopefully we'll be meeting more often like this than in the sickbay. :: Smirks :: STSF Seiben: ( ) STSF Seiben: There's always Ten Forward after our shifts. August Jax Robinson: So there is only 1 Jag on Earth? STSF Seiben: Hopefully we'll get the same shift. August Jax Robinson: ::crosses her arms:: STSF_BluRox: I'm sure there are plenty on Earth, but seeing as we're on Deep Space Station 344, there is one. STSF_BluRox: I want to know Jax, what were you thinking? Calvert has always been a friend of this crew. Hell, at one point, he used to be 'part' of the crew. What would possess you to go flying off the handle and accuse him of what you did? August Jax Robinson: because I am tired of one person taking the blame for a group decision August Jax Robinson: you should be too! August Jax Robinson: everything had been twisted and chopped up into a lie Rue Wydown: Action>Sieben's assignment information comes across his PADD Jas: ((Sorry, internet lagged there. Nothing and then...all the messages!)) STSF Seiben: Oh. ::picks up his PADD when it beeps and read it:: Jas: :: Glances over at Seiben's PADD with interest, but stays silent :: STSF Seiben: ::looks it over:: Nice. Alpha Shift, and my quarters seem to be in a nice part of the ship as well. STSF_BluRox: Well, don't worry, I'm taking the blame for it. That's why I'm in here. Jas: :: Takes a sip of his drink :: Does it have a view? STSF_BluRox: Evidently my leadership skills are no longer useful or able to be obeyed by the crew. If I am that disrespected, that my crew will behave this way, and refuses to make reparations when I ask, then it is I who's at fault. STSF Seiben: I believe it does, ::looks up where his quarters is on the ship:: STSF_BluRox: Obviously I am no longer fit to command this crew, if they do not respect me enough to obey the chain of command, or feel the need to verbally assault a flag officer, one of those I report directly too, and......one of the very few personal friends I have. August Jax Robinson: see! August Jax Robinson: you are making my point even more clear Jas: :: Lets out an impressed whistle :: Lucky, lucky. Hm, Alpha Shift, Alpha...I think that's my assignment as well. STSF_BluRox: So, I will serve this time for how the crew has responded STSF Seiben: Oh nice. That STSF_BluRox: If that is how you feel, then I will ask for my padd back, and will prepare my resignation STSF_BluRox: because evidently, I am no longer fit to command, if this is how my crew behaves Rue Wydown::: finishes up her report, feeling like it's time for her to enjoy some ale:: STSF Seiben: That's good at least. Though it doesn't sound like your quarters situation isn't good? For an ensign, I should count myself lucky on that respect. August Jax Robinson: no, the point is that they twisted everything to their liking and not put blame where it belongs STSF Seiben: Though I think bridge officers need quarters closer to the bridge in case of emergencies. Jas: :: Frowns and taps away on his PADD :: Not particularly, it's...hold on one second...there it is. It's a ways down there, not even close to the sickbay! STSF Seiben: Really? Who'd you PO to get such a bad assignment? Rue Wydown: ((Never mess with the station quartermaster :P )) STSF Seiben: Though I have a feeling I've been bumped up somewhat with Ayumu's discharge, which might've been a factor in that. Jas: I can't think think of anyone who -- :: Lightbulb :: Jas: :: Eyes narrow :: She wouldn't have. STSF Seiben: Who? STSF Seiben: ::sips his beer:: August Jax Robinson: ::Shakes her head:: my Dad warned me about what happens on Ships... I didn't believe him. but he was right August Jax Robinson: I don't know why it took me so long to see it STSF_BluRox: Looks right over at Jax:: First off, there is no "They". Second, if that's how you feel, then I really should not be leading this crew any more. You are sitting there questioning what I've explained and continuing your rant, just proves my point. I can't keep the crew safe and doing their duty if they disrespect me so badly Jas: :: Takes a swig back of his drink with a grimace :: That damned administrative officer. Can you believe she didn't even believe that I was turned into a lizard?? I mean, the gall! STSF Seiben: Uh oh. I see. Rue Wydown: ::half listening to the conversation down the bar from her, trying not to spit out her ale at the lizard comment:: STSF_BluRox: And no, before you make another leap, the Admiral did not sentence me to the brig, I did that myself, to serve for your transgression against the Admiral. And try to make up to him for the embarrassment I’m feeling. August Jax Robinson: all of this has nothing to do with you. it has to do with the lunatics who are in charge of the whole fleet!! STSF_BluRox: I am feeling for how my crew has behaved here, when he's done nothing but help us out in the past. Jas: :: Looks hopefully to Seiben :: You believe me, right? PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM August Jax Robinson: ::Paused:: STSF Seiben: ::Paused::: STSF_BluRox: Ok, good work everyone. STSF_BluRox: Cool, so with that then, Crew Dismissed. Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend