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  1. Eruc continued working in silence, making sure not to look at Delphi. This was more out of annoyance than anything else, although Eruc would not let such a trivial matter such as this get in the way of doing his job. The entire situation was rather childish in his opinion, but knew that stating that would only reinforce Delphi’s point about Eruc being ‘too young.’ Yet it became increasingly difficult for Eruc to deal with Delphi as the hours dragged on. Eruc hadn’t slept for hours - sans the nap he attempted to take before - and was beginning to get set off by even the smallest things. Things like the smirk on Delphi’s face, which had become permanently etched into Eruc’s mind for the past few moments as he listened to the man rattle on. And for the moment, Eruc didn’t care much. He was truly doing his best to make sure the comments that the doctor spoke - things like ‘I've been a doctor almost as long as you've been alive’ and ‘I am one of the best diagnosticians in the quadrant’. However, at the same time, Eruc knew that these retorts were getting old - fast - and that he’d have to confront Delphi if he didn’t stop. For the moment, Eruc was dealing with enough confrontation. He knew that Doctor Levy would not want to see bickering between her staff members in such a critical situation as this, effectively making Eruc put up with it. But after this confrontation was over, Eruc knew that a long talk was needed with Delphi if they wanted to continue working peacefully. It was hard for Eruc to imagine coming to the infirmary day after day and having to deal with some ‘crackpot old man’, as he so commonly put it. Maybe he’ll croak. Eruc thought maliciously at a time when Delphi’s comments began to get to him. But he caught himself in time, forcing himself to focus on the task at hand and not pointless interpersonal relationships such as these. As the minutes dwindled by, the silence in the room increased to a level at which Eruc would have not though possible. The silence, Eruc thought, was a nice diversion. It allowed him to be calm for a few short moments just as he finished preparing the biobed that he had been working on for quite some time. Until Delphi’s voice rang out in the air once more, completely shattering the silence which had previously gripped the room so tight. Eruc did not listen to a word the doctor said - and had a feeling he’d be doing that a lot in the days to come.
  2. Thanks for the competition! Spectacular writing throughout the contest, no doubt. Can't wait 'til next year!
  3. The Price of Honor Author’s Note: This log takes places moments before the intruders beamed aboard the Agincourt. Eruc traversed through the cramped quarters of sickbay, making his way to a small biobed in the center of the room. It was here that a Klingon was contained, hopelessly sprawled on top of the bed. Eruc shuddered as he viewed the Klingon’s facial details in closer detail - a lugubrious expression was etched on that seemingly cold face which had been in motion just hours before. The sight was nothing unusual, but struck a strange chord with Eruc, who very seldom gave treatment to Klingons. After a quick inspection of the body, Eruc took a tricorder laying on the side of the bed and began waving it around the Klingon. Nothing completely abnormal about the physiology, aside from the plasma burns and numerous fractured bones which were contained inside the skin. These sorts of external injuries were normally trivial, but Eruc knew that this Klingon was beyond help for other reasons. It was now his duty to begin identifying the Klingons; or rather, giving them names, due to the absence of any records about the crew whatsoever. Yet it was during this solemn moment when Eruc realized there was actually something on the Klingon’s uniform. Eruc, who was the farthest thing from an expert on Klingon culture and language, could not even begin to decipher what it meant. Was it his name, or a rank pin? How exactly DID Klingons signify rank if they didn’t use these trinkets? Would such an honor-centric culture place such an emphasis on names at all? Or were they all soldiers of a larger empire, serving not on their own accord but following those actions given to them? All of these questions stuck in Eruc’s head as he continued scanning the Klingon. There were no other signs anywhere that would bear any indication of who this man was. Did such a thing even matter to Klingons? From the information Eruc had learned throughout his Academy years, Klingons were willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve honor. Eruc hypothesized that this Klingon had indeed achieved honor, but only by paying the ultimate price of his life.
  4. Thank you - this kind of thread is a really good primer before simming! Definitely a helpful re-cap!
  5. “Quick!” Eruc shouted, hoping to provoke a response from anyone around him. He was currently facing the heat of the moment in sickbay, with a number of injured Romulans currently laying about and a Klingon just beaming in. The entire atmosphere was pandemonium - a level far beyond normal chaos. No, this sort of moment was reserved for only the most confusing of situations Eruc made his way through a number of medical officers to the other side of sickbay, to a wall that was stockpiled full of equipment. He had not quite acquainted himself with the positioning of everything yet, which was clearly evident by the time it took him to locate a small tube that contained a synthetic treatment. “I’m coming!” Eruc shouted into the air, not directing his voice to anyone in particular. While he knew both Desdemona and Gemini were currently working on the patients, there were many more in the room with them preparing to do so. In what he viewed as the second true task in his time on the Agincourt, Eruc also viewed it as the second most confusing thing he’d ever done in his life. He kept telling himself it would get better with time, which he was absolutely sure of. Making his way through a tight area, Eruc eventually reached the Klingons again. He took a hypospray out of his bag and administered it to the Klingon, who seemed to be losing consciousness with every passing moment. It was as if he was suffering from this indescribable pain that Eruc only wished would leave. That was his duty, after all. “This is impossible.” Eruc muttered to himself while looking at the tricorder he had just procured. The readings were erratic, but Eruc knew it was likely due to the injuries that the patients had sustained. Still, a tricorder was very seldom incorrect. For the next five minutes, Eruc was busy synthesizing more immunosuppresants to administer to the Klingons. He had a feeling that he may be objurgated by Dr. Levy for being so slow, but there was no other defense for his case besides the fact that he was new. As the chaotic situation evolved around him, he could not help but feel increasingly useless. There was a constant stream of personnel filtering throughout the room, doing the tasks that were assigned to them. But Eruc didn’t think he was performing as well as he could be, which was a major detriment to his mind. Taking a breath, Eruc realized that he needed to calm down if he was going to help these patients. This was just the first in a series of tests, Eruc told himself, and that he would be monitored as to how he would react.
  6. Congratulations Agincourt!
  7. “Raktajino.” Eruc said slowly, still trying to wake up. This was his first day back on the job after his previous shore leave. Just thinking about the excursion to Starbase 621 made Eruc fill with glee. He could practically taste the sweet Delvan Fluff Pastry in his mouth, the one he had so graciously devoured just hours ago. The smooth cream which adorned the top of the pastry began to fill Eruc's senses, throwing him into an almost complete state of bliss. The Raktajino which Eruc had just taken a sip of felt oddly harsh on his tongue. Particularly unusual, as Eruc normally consumed the same beverage every day, and today should not be any exception. Was it possible that something could have less of a taste just by thinking of other foods? It didn’t seem probable, but in this situation, Eruc thought it likely. Grasping the mug in his hand tighly, Eruc entered the nearby turbolift and made his way to sickbay. While the lift was transporting him to a different deck, he couldn't help but think once more about his time off. It probably wasn't good to dwell on the time off, but it had been such a nice diversion. The images of the shore leave dwindled throughout his head, creating the illusion he was still there. Yet there was something in the back of his head, telling him he wasn't. Reality mixed with fantasy, and Eruc drifted away . . . Eruc jolted back to reality as the turbolift doors slid open, revealing the corridor to sickbay. He enjoyed his work very much, true, but he knew in advance it would be hard to get back to the daily routine, especially after such an exhilarating night. However, those thoughts quickly diminished from Eruc's mind as he plodded into sickbay, feeling slightly less tired than before. He immediately noticed a group of officers chatting madly while standing near a biobed in the corner. It was his nature to approach the group, even if he would be interrupting some sort of conversation they may be having. "Hello everyone," Eruc mumbled, "What's on the agenda for today?" A nearby ensign began to rattle off a list of patients and their current states. From an unhappy Bajoran complaining about a chronic cough to a seemingly healthy woman suffering from occasional bouts of unconsciousness, it seemed to all be a normal day for Eruc. The ensign then began talking about a seemingly cocksure diagnosis a fellow doctor had made that turned out to be completely wrong. It all made Eruc's head spin very fast, although it was what he dealt with day to day. Eruc walked over to another nearby biobed which contained a young girl sprawled out on top. She was sleeping - or, at least, seemed to be sleeping - and Eruc didn't wish to wake her. However, his natural affinity for children came into play here and his instinct told him to ask something. "This girl here, what's wrong with her?" Eruc stated nonchalantly, hoping for a quick response before moving onto another patient. What he received, though, was far from it. "She's suffering from extreme blood pressure levels and oxygen deprivation." the ensign responded in a grim tone, clearly not wishing to speak any more about the subject. A number of other doctors nearby chimed in with similar comments. "Don't forget the swelling of her neck, face, and throat sporadically." "And the vomiting and itching." "And the extreme case of hives she had earlier." "It's possible she may die in a number of hours." "We've tried everything -" "- let it run it's course -" "- contacted Starfleet Medical -" "- nothing to do -" Eruc's mind ran wild. Was it possible for such a person - especially such a young child, who should have been so protected - to have all of these symptoms? Were they related? If so, what was it from? Could it be a complete failure of the nervous system? Eruc stroked his disheveled hair with his fingers, clearly in deep thought. He couldn't possibly fathom what could be happening with this little girl, but he knew he desperately wanted to help her. Even if it meant neglecting a few less important duties, or working an extra shift. He had to finish it, for he had made a promise to himself to help whoever he could. "If you don't mind," Eruc responded, "I'll take this one. I don't mind if I have to work overtime, I've got it." With those words, the ensign smiled and then trudged off into another corner of sickbay, leaving Eruc all alone with the girl. He gripped her hand tight, making sure not to wake her up. He secretly made a promise to himself once more, telling himself he would help her. He wouldn't let her die. Not like this, defenseless, without a clue of what was going on. Eruc procured a medical tricorder from a small shelf nearby and began scanning the girl. Her condition was as he had been told - numerous symptoms, all of which seemed to be related with no visible correlation - plagued the girl throughout. He continued scanning for a good ten minutes, hoping that something would come up that he hadn't noticed before. It was moments later that Eruc realized the tricorder would not tell him anything new. That revelation was a tough one for Eruc, but one he knew he must accept. Soon after, he made his way to a small computer console sitting in a corner. He opened the databases and began staring at them endlessly, hoping to find something, with the realization he wouldn't filling him with every passing moment. There had to be something - something about at least some of the symptoms coming together - somewhere in the vast knowledge of Starfleet Medical. Yet it seemed fruitless, with no results coming up after hours of searching. By now, Eruc was fully awake, but somewhat lethargic due to the somber attitude he was quickly adopting. He continued searching, keeping hope alive he would find something - Until the moment came when he saw it. There was a mention of a type of shock associated with anaphylaxsis and other allergens a patient may have. Although there was no documented cure, a number of successful attempts to simulate the shock had taken place. Although simulating the infection, Eruc knew, was of no help. But through his knowledge of treatments and a little more database searching, Eruc was able to concoct what he thought would be able to bring the girl out of whatever she was experiencing, and hopefully reduce the number of symptoms considerably. He quickly mixed up a desegranine and asinolyathine mixture which could possibly bring the girl out of her state and slowly cure whatever she was going through. Although it would have been better to run tests, Eruc knew he had no time to do so, and therefore went with his instincts. "I think I've found it!" Eruc exclaimed excitedly to the rest of sickbay, who cast him sideways glances. After they realized what he was talking about, though, they quickly rushed over and began chatting with enthusiasm. "All I need to do is administer three doses of this mixture and it should be able to bring her out of this anaphylaxsic shock." Eruc told those around him proudly, beginning to place the mixture into a tube nearby the girl. After doing so, he pressed a button and waited a moment. The glass blue eyes of the girl opened widely, and Eruc though he could see a smile emerging on her face. She was returning to reality, realizing where she was, what she was doing, and most importantly, that she was getting better. Life readings began to pick up and stabilize on the monitor nearby. Her heart began to pick up a healthy pace. Color seemed to be coming back into her skin. And then, almost as quickly as it began, it stopped. The heart monitor fell to a line and stopped beeping, only the somber sound of the same tone ringing throughout sickbay. Eruc gave it a moment - perhaps there was some fault in the equipment - and then realized the eyes were shut and the smile was wiped off of her face. The ensign nearby grabbed the same medical tricorder Eruc had used and ran it over the body. It was a hasty procedure, but it seemed to take forever in Eruc's mind. And then the words came to Eruc like a blow he had never felt before. "Given her condition, the drug should have theoretically helped her. However, it seems to have become mixed with an internal function of this disease, which immediately, " the ensign paused, "Which immediately killed her." Eruc's face immediately fell, completely showcasing his crestfallen attitude. Moving abruptly, he sighed and ran out of sickbay, back into the turbolift and onto the deck containing his quarters. He flew through the hall and reached his room, where he lay down on the bed which seemed to be anything but comfortable to him. And standing on the table next to his bed was a plaque his father had given him just prior to being posted to the Agincourt, which read: "I swear this oath by Apollo physician, by Asclepius, by health and by all the gods and goddesses: In whatsoever place that I enter I will enter to help the sick and heal the injured, and I will do no harm." And then, in a moment, Eruc realized he was standing in the turbolift, hand grasped tightly around a steaming hot cup of Raktajino, with only one sip taken out of it. OOC: Eep! I really didn't mean for it to be that long, it was merely going to be just a 'day in the life of' type thing, but a plot sort of grew out of it. If I went too far with it, Dr. Levy or anyone, please let me know. Depending on comments, I wasn't planning on entering the log competition, but may use this just because it was so fun to write, even if a bit cliche'. Well, okay, a LOT cliche'.
  8. The doors standing between Eruc and his quarters slid open, giving him ample time to enter the room. His bed lay before him, but for some reason he didn’t feel the least bit tired, even after what could be called an extremely exhausting mission. Instead, he sat down at the small interface giving off a resplendent glow that could be seen throughout the somewhat diminutive room. “Computer,” Eruc began, taking a moment to bite his lip before continuing, “Access files on recreational activities available on Starbase 621.” It wasn’t as if Eruc couldn’t think of anything to do during his shore leave time; on the contrary, actually. There were so many different things Eruc wanted to do on his small amount of time off that he knew he would never get through them all. Still, it was best to see what he was getting himself into at Starbase 621. Eruc scanned the results page that appeared in front of him, quickly glancing through its contents but making sure not to miss anything. Some of the activities didn’t seem very pleasing to him, while others were completely unfamiliar to Eruc. Wild recreational activities like oo-mox and spring ball were listed, along with a few things Eruc realized but had never tried. He secretly hoped he’d have enough time to try some of them on his time off, provided they were available at Starbase 621. Eruc closed his eyes and ruffled his hair for a moment, trying to think to himself. At the moment, he was just waiting to get to the Starbase. He wanted to go socialize with his fellow crewmates, but figured he would be doing that plenty on his Shore Leave time. And was it really worth it to do ‘study’ the aspects of recreational games? He didn’t feel like contacting his family - he knew they’d talk for hours on end if given the chance, and he really was starting to feel tired . . . Without an idea of what to do next, Eruc began to scan the article once more. There was a large listing of Ferengi activities, all of which sounded fun but dangerously addicting. Eruc chortled for a moment after reading about the ‘Global Tongo Championship’ held on Ferenginar every year - and the fact that one Grand Nagus won the tournament seventeen years in a row. And then Eruc’s eyes traveled to an article about a game called ‘Dabo’, which he recalled someone mentioning being a popular activity on Starbase 621. Eruc’s mind began to race - perhaps he could study this game and show off his skills to all of his new crewmembers, and maybe gain some respect in the process. Who knows, maybe he may even win a little bit of latinum in the process. For the next hour, Eruc pored over vast amounts of information pertaining to the game of ‘Dabo’ in the database. Unwritten rules like ‘keep your eye on the wheel, not the girl’ , ways to spot a rigged table - everything about it was in there. A complete statistical breakdown of winning probabilities was also included, but the numbers meant nothing to Eruc. Those numbers and all the information was processed into Eruc’s head as the hours dwindled by, one by one. The interface in front of him became almost mesmerizing, Eruc continuing to stare at it without a clue as to the time that ran by. Until a voice rang through his head much later in the night. Eruc heard the computer mention something about what time it was - the alarm he had set, no doubt - except he had fallen asleep on the computer instead of the bed which lay beside him. His head pounded, he shivered momentarily, and realized that he had drooled a bit on the interface in front of him. At least his initial attempts to make his room more ergonomic had worked, he thought. Maybe a little bit too much. He now had a horrible headache, and felt miserable going into this first Shore Leave with his new crew. And it was all because of a silly little Ferengi game called Dabo.
  9. ----> Personal Details Name: Eruc Dia Contagion Species: Human Gender: Male Home World: Earth Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington (United States) Date of Birth: January 26th Age: 26 ----> Physical Appearance Physique/Build/Frame: Medium Physique Weight: 180 lbs. Height: 6'2" Eye Colour: Deep blue Hair Colour: Dirty blonde Skin Tone: Tan white Distinguishing Marks: A small gash on his left shoulder is from his days training as a field medic onboard his father's ship. It is small and barely recognizable, but every time he sees it, Eruc remembers the day he received it from the band of rowdy Nausicaans. ----> Family Marital Status: Single Mother: Anan Esrun Father: Rixile Contagion Sister: Relaeh Contagion ----> Strengths/Talents: Eruc is very knowledgeable in the different fields of medicine, many times doing minor experimenting with different medicines in an attempt to create slightly more effective cures. Since Starfleet Medical prohibits any unauthorized large-scale experimenting, Eruc usually just adds small concentrations of one treatment to another, hoping to find a more agile cure or more effective treatment for many illnesses. The medicines he experiments with are readily available drugs, nothing illegal by Starfleet in any way, shape, or form. Also, he refuses to mix medicines which may have even the slightest chance to cause a negative effect, so he researches every treatment thoroughly. Also, although it was hard to adapt at first, Eruc has become very good at working under pressure. Many times, Eruc is willing to step in as a relief officer when time is of the essence, usually when a patient is in a life or death situation. Another strong point with Eruc is his vast array of knowledges. While he does not know any languages in-depth besides Federation Standard, he has picked up a number of key phrases while serving patients of varying species. ----> Limitations/Weaknesses: However, Eruc also has a problem with attachment. Sometimes he will connect with a certain person, or in rare cases an object, and become afraid to let it go. That was his major problem serving onboard his father's starship - the crew would often fluctuate around at every stop they would make. This was a great source of anxiety for Eruc. His flaw of attachment sometimes aids him in his practice of medicine, though. Many times he will be so attached to the patients he is treating he will become determined to work that much harder to aid them. ----> Likes: Eruc enjoys partaking in a number of Human recreations, including hydrosailing and water polo. Also, a number of Bajoran desserts are Eruc's favorite food, including the exquisite koganka pudding and larish pie. ----> Dislikes: Has an extreme distaste for alcoholic beverages of any kind. Not only the flavor, but as a Medical Officer, Eruc has seen the effects that some of the stronger alcohols can have on people and finds it quite disgusting to say the least. He also is not fond of Altonian brain teasers, having been subjected to one a day while serving onboard his father's ship. He finds them too repetitive and not a true test of one's mental strength and willpower. ----> Quirks: Refuses to begin his day without eating a proper breakfast. He briefly studied nutrition while attending a medical conference and learned of the benefits of eating a healthy meal each and every day. Since the conference, he has refused to begin any major task before ensuring a proper meal has been eaten. ----> Hobbies/Interests: Eruc enjoys a number of hobbies for recreation. He loves entering the holosuite, many times for excercising (swimming in the hydrobasin, or swimming pool, is preferred) or leisure. Also, although he does not drink alcohol, Eruc enjoys visiting with his comrades and friends during his downtime. ----> Ambitions: Above all else, Eruc aspires to become a leading medical professional in Starfleet. He has been training and learning from an early age, and is determined to become a member of Starfleet Medical. He knows that it is a tough field, but is willing to devote his life so he can help others. ----> Personal History and Origin: Eruc Dia Contagion was born on his father's starship, the U.S.S. Summit. He was also born a twin - his sister, Relaeh, was born only minutes after him. His parents cared for both of them very much, and ensured their children were very knowledgeable and well-behaved, even if they were on a starship full surprises. Throughout his early years, Eruc and his twin sister took an interest in medicine and healing. They both found the field very appealing, not only because of the technology used, but because it was a chance to really help someone who needed treatment and care. After his father retired, his entire family went back to Earth to their home in Seattle. Eruc did not enjoy staying there very much, especially after living life on a starship. He worked hard in Seattle, as he earned his undergraduate degree there. Shortly after receiving his degree, he decided he would train to become a Starfleet medical officer. His sister was content living with their parents, but promised to join him in Starfleet some day. Eruc trained hard in Starfleet Academy, and excelled in some aspects of his class. It was common knowledge that he was the worst in his class at things like security, due mainly in part to Eruc's dislike of any weapons when not completely necessary. His superiors noticed his interested in medicine and after graduating, allowed him to take a post on the U.S.S. Atlantis as an ensign in the Medical department. Although he enjoyed living on the U.S.S. Atlantis, Eruc found the constant changing of people in his department very hard to deal with. After a dangerous encounter with a hostile band of Nausicaans, almost half of his good friends died. This was the final straw for Eruc, and he requested to be transferred. ----> Psychology Report: Eruc Dia Contagion is a very strong-willed individual who is willing to go to any means necessary to aid his friends and comrades. Although sometimes he can become a little too ambitious or attached, Eruc is a relatively calm and mild-mannered person even in the most intense situations. When the situation is right, Eruc is also known to be somewhat of a comedian. He likes entertaining the crowd and keeping things light if the situation permits.
  10. Eruc rushed through his quarters, anxious to begin unpacking. For some reason, he found it hard to deal with any sort of mess or disorder, no matter how small. And the fact that he would more than likely be residing here for many months made him that much more anxious to begin settling down. He almost didn't know where to start, which should not have been an issue as he only brought two medium-sized duffel bags to the ship to begin with. After thinking about it for a moment, Eruc couldn't believe the answer had been so obvious. He quickly unzipped one of the duffel bags and pulled out a number of metallic frames laying on top, encased in a soft paper that prevented the possibility of breaking. These frames were probably the most important posession to Eruc at the moment, for they were pictures from home that would probably be the only way to see his family whenever he wanted. Eruc took a moment to set each one on a small table next to his bed separately, taking some time to remember something about each one. There was a photograph of his father, Rixile, in full Starfleet attire. Eruc instantly recognized it as an older picture, not just because his father looked much younger, but because it was on the bridge of the U.S.S. Summit, where his father had served during Eruc's childhood. The picture almost brought a tear to Eruc's eye, not so much because of it's contents, but moreso because of the connotations associated with it. His father was there, looking so confident on the bridge, and now, years later, Eruc was in his position yet considerably less sure of himself. After setting that picture down on the small table, Eruc took another frame out of the duffel bag to his side. The picture was of his sister, Relaeh. It was not because he loved her less at all, but for some reason it didn't seem as special to him. More than likely this was because Eruc had just finished talking to his sister, who had so abruptly ended contact. Yet the picture was meaningful to Eruc all the same. Once the second frame was placed, he took the last frame and gave it an intense glare. His mother, Anan, graced the photograph, and she looked stunning. At first glance, Eruc could not recall where the picture was from, but after thinking about it for a few moments he remembered it was from the trip the family took to California, when Eruc first saw what Starfleet Command looked like. Eruc couldn't remember exactly how young he was in that picture, but that was not a matter of importance at the moment. He placed it next to the other to photographs and stared for a few moments, glad he brought a way to remember those he cared for dearly with him. Eruc could not imagine going weeks without seeing his parents, but knew that that was exactly what was awaiting him in the future. It was not going to be easy, but he had a feeling that nothing on the Agincourt would be. Just as Eruc went to grab a number of miscellaneous items from the duffel bag, he noticed a smaller frame that had slid down the side. This positively puzzled Eruc, as he knew he had only put three inside there. As he took it out of the bag, he noticed it had been chipped in the top left corner, and a few pieces of glass were still in his duffel bag. But Eruc paid no attention as he looked at the picture. It was a photograph of his family when they visited the Space Needle, which was one of Eruc's favorite destinations as it was only twenty minutes from his home in Seattle. For some reason, the apperance of it gave chills to Eruc. The fact that it was so tall, and what it symbolized was all very moving for him. Moments later, Eruc realized there was a piece of paper tucked in the back of the frame, which he hastily took out and unfolded. Eruc's grin grew considerably as he began reading the note, which he realized had writing from his three family members on it. Eruc took a seat on the bed next to him and read intently. To Eruc, my son. Eruc began reading. This was definitely his mother's writing. He continued to read the same paragraph in the same manuscript. I know this is what you have always wanted, but that does not make it any easier for me to write this. For so many years you have always been at my side, and I have been able to protect you from any danger that may come to you. And now, you are away from me and I cannot do the same thing for you. I know you will be okay, and I know I will see you soon. I will be thinking of you every night as I go to sleep. ~ Love, Mom Eruc fought to stifle a tear that was forming in his ye. He was doing so good before, but this letter put him in a somber state of mind. Eruc knew he more to read from both his sister and his father, so he continued without thinking onto the following paragraphs. Eruc, I knew you could do it. You've got the same spirit that's inside me, and I couldn't be more proud of you. May you have the courage to overcome any obstacle you may face, both professionally and personally. -- Dad Eruc knew before reading the last line who the writing belonged to. He could really visualize his dad saying those words to his face as he read. Eruc then flipped the page, knowing that the only person's message left to read was Relaeh, his sister's. Yet Eruc immediately noticed how concise the message was, not even filling half a line. Brother . . . . I love you.