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  1. Three men, each on a gurney, were wheeled into a small room. Quickly all three were connected to IV’s and two were stripped of their uniforms. The third man’s exoskeleton suit proved to be difficult to remove. Three more men followed into the room and each carried large metal cases that they placed onto tables. On the side of each case read “IMF Certified”. When opened up they revealed a blank face, like a mannequin head. The men removed a scanner from each case and went to the three on the gurneys. One of the men grabbed his scanner and walked to the gurney on the far side of the small room. His body looked more youthful than his face, worn and tired. He looked like he’d been through hell and back many years ago. His hair was dark, almost black and his eyes were a soulless dark brown. He looked down at the younger man lying on the gurney and studied him for a moment. He looked at the pips on the side of his collar, “Commander,” he thought to himself. The man had a fire in his eyes as he looked down at the young Commander. He had never seen this man before but glared at him as if he just finished the last brownie the man’s dead grandmother ever made for him. He looked down and was surprised to see his own hand around the young Commander’s neck. He couldn’t remember bringing it up there. It was an instinct and he didn’t fight it. Slowly he let his hand squeeze his neck. He began to feel the Commander’s pulse on his fingertips. Suddenly he then heard the voice of one of the other men he walked in with and instantly pulled out of his trance. “Hey Xavier,” the man said. “You sure you don’t want to take the Admiral?” “I’ve already told you yes”, he responded. “I need the mobility the Commander provides. People might get suspicious seeing the Admiral everywhere and not on the bridge.” The third man looked up at him, “Tell me again why I have to be the Vulcan?” “Because you’re his size,” Xavier responded annoyed. “That and your ears are kind of pointy anyway.” The third man sneered and went back to scanning the Vulcan with his device. One of the officials attending to the three men up righted himself after spending an extended period bent over. He arched his back snapping the air out of his vertebrae. Sweat dripped from his forehead and he let out an exhausted breath. “This exo-suit is being one hell of a bitch to get off,” he said. Xavier looked up again from the Commander. “He got it on there you should be able to get it off.” “You’d think that but it’s on there tight.” “Can’t you just cut it off him?” asked the man scanning the Admiral. “No you idiot,” Xavier responded. “You’re going to have to wear it yourself when you take his place.” He walked over to the two men and the Admiral on the table. He examined the suit, lifting an arm, turning the head and with the help of the other two men rolled the Admiral on his side to look on the back. “Maybe if we pulled right here…” he said then drifted off. Xavier and the two men each grabbed a piece of the suit and stated pulling and yanking. Xavier yanked on a piece next to the neck. He used the Admirals head for leverage and cricked it to one side as he pushed with one hand and pulled the suit with the other. The attendant grabbed an area of the leg that looked like it could detach and began pulling. He propped up his foot on the table for leverage and pulled with enough force to start sliding the Admirals body down the table. Xavier compensated by pulling him back up his direction. They each tugged at opposite ends. The man who had been scanning the Admiral pulled on a piece on his arm. He pulled, yanked and flung the arm around without so much as loosening the exo-suit from the arm. Suddenly he heard a pop as he flung the arm back. He stopped and held the arm delicately. He slowly moved the arm up and down and around checking the shoulder. Then he moved the forearm back and forth checking the elbow. The man shrugged then went back to flinging the arm around. The door opened and another man walked in. He was in his late 50’s, balding with short white hair wrapped around the back and sides of his head. He had a stern, assured look on his face. He saw the three men pulling on the Admirals exo-suit contorting him in the process. He quickly moved over to them and pulled each one off the defenseless man. “What do you think you’re doing?” he barked. “Trying to get his exo-suit off,” Xavier responded. “I think it’s glued on there or something.” “You’re not going to get it off him by pulling his limbs off!” He reached behind the Admirals neck and pressed a small button. The suit clicked and suddenly pieces that had clung to the Admiral like claws were now loose and open. The man looked at the official who had been attending to the Admiral from the beginning. “Get it off him.” The attendant nodded sheepishly and began removing the suit. He coward and remained quiet as if he was just yelled at by his father. The man then looked up at Xavier. “What’s wrong with you?” he said. “I told you I didn’t want anyone harmed.” “look at him he’s fine,” Xavier said and gestured to the sleeping man on the table. “He may not be when he wakes up.” Xavier walked back to the Commander and finished his scanning. “You know it would have been a lot easier to just chop him up and pull the pieces out of the suit.” He smiled and laughed as he spoke. The man looked at Xavier. He took a deep breath and slightly shook his head. “I truly wonder if meeting you was a big mistake.” “It’s no mistake Ben. You want people dead and I want to see people die.” Xavier looked up from the Commander. “That’s why we make such a great team.” He flashed a bright cheery smile. The man scanning the Vulcan finished and was over at the metal case with the blank faced head. He tapped some buttons on the LCARS display inside and pressed start when he was ready. A laser beam began carving definition into the blank face starting from the top. The beam swung from one side to the other expertly printing out an exact replica of the Vulcan’s face. The man began working with another device that displayed a waveform on the small screen in front of him. The computer analyzed it and small sound clips could be heard that sounded exactly like Admiral Sovak. The computer gave a confirmation and the man grabbed a small thin metallic strip with a tiny dimly lit light from it. He placed onto his throat just above his Adam’s apple. He then uttered a few phrases and quickly his voice changed from his own to sounding like Sovak’s. The man scanning the Admiral began the same process. The blank head soon formed into an exact replica of Atragon’s face and he too placed a small metallic strip on his throat that soon made him sound like the Admiral. Xavier finished scanning the Commander and began having the computer carve into the blank head the face of Commander McFly. “Seriously though,” Xavier said without looking up from his work, “We should have just killed them all.” “I told you I don’t want anyone on that ship killed,” the man said. Xavier turned to look back at him. “This entire ruse is doing nothing but wasting time and resources.” “We are only after those that are guilty. These people haven’t done anything-“ “No Ben!” Xavier said interrupting, “Everyone’s guilty! It’s pointless to save a single ship full of people so you can lie to yourself that you’re not committing genocide.” The man folded his arms with one hand up at his chin. He shifted where he stood and didn’t respond to Xavier. Xavier placed the metal strip on his throat and turned around to the man. “Just remember, we’ve already started. It’s too late to turn back now.” As he spoke his voiced quickly changed from his own to that of McFly’s. The three men fitted their respective masks with the help of the attendants then put on the StarFleet uniforms and the exo-suit for the one man posing as Atragon. As they stood in the room, all three men looked like exact replicas of the three men on the gurneys. They each grabbed a rifle and started for the door. Before they could exit the older man looked at each of them. Hand still on his chin, his eyes conveyed the same assuredness they did when he first walked into the room. “No one from that ship is to die,” he said slowly and definitively. His eyes shifted toward their rifles. The three men nodded and switched them to stun then walked out the door. They walked down the hall and Xavier, now looking like McFly, switched his rifle back to kill. They looked over at him. “But he said not to kill them,” one of them said. Xavier smirked, “We’re going to be attacking the guards not the hostages, right?” The two men acknowledged. “Well he said not to kill anyone from that ship. He didn’t say anything about killing people from this ship.” They smiled back at him, wide eyed, as if their parents just told them they could eat both pizza and ice cream on the same pancake for both breakfast and dinner.
  2. Matt McFly stood outside the childhood home of Kansas Kenickie. She had left with her father and brothers. Matt stayed behind, a little quiet time away from the rambunctious family. He was surprised with how well things were going. More specifically, he was surprised he was still alive. The idea of coming to see her family hadn’t been very appealing to him but it seemed important to her. After spending a couple of days there he could see why. Standing outside in the open air was peaceful. The flaky snow crunched beneath his feet. A soft wind blew across the field. His warm breath fogged in the cold winter air. He gazed out at the forest in the distance. He could see the sharp mountains shoot up from behind the trees blanketed in snow. All of it was a radical yet pleasing change from what he was used to. He was amazed how much he enjoyed it there, even the mucked up horse stables. If this was the place Kansas wanted to make a home he didn’t mind at all. He also got a cheap thrill out of being the one she wanted to make a home with. He remembered the hysterics she went into every time the subject of a life long commitment came up. He wasn’t sure what happened that made her change her mind like that but he was damn sure he wasn’t going to screw it up. From behind Matt heard steps echoing off the wooden planks of the porch. Thinking it was the old man he turned around. His stomach dropped when he saw Ian’s face. Oh crap. He looked cocky and smug like a bully meeting in the playground after school. Matt stood a tall six-two but Ian seemed to tower over him. It was the porch Ian was standing on that accentuated his height but Matt still felt a lump in his throat and reminded himself of the large open field behind him. “I thought everyone had left.” “I came back a little early, just wanted to have a heart to heart with the guy that’s screwing my baby sister.” Matt raised an eyebrow looking him back. “Excuse me?” “I already told you once to keep your hands off her and you didn’t listen. What you think I can’t touch you because you’re higher in rank? Or maybe you think you can hide behind Kansas and be immune from the rest of us.” Matt steps closer to Ian. No intimidation just rage. “Where do you get off--” Ian cuts him off. “Obviously my three other brothers already know. With one snap of my fingers the only thing they’ll find of you is a skeleton. If you break her heart we’ll break yours, the hard way.” “You know what forget you, I don’t need this.” Matt says trying to walk away. “Why don’t you just leave?” Matt stops in the snow feeling himself being coaxed on. “She’s already been hurt enough.. Just cut it now before it becomes unbearable when you actually do leave.” Ian walks closer to where Matt is standing, the soles of his shoes pounding on the wood. “I could see it in your eyes. You’re just going to take what you want and then leave when you’ve had enough.” Ian steps off the porch looking Matt in the eye. Even without the planks suspended three feet off the ground he still stands above Matt. “You need to do yourself and her a favor and just leave now before you cause her some real pain. Don’t you dare let her get too attached to you.” They stand in silence. The cold winter air biting the tension. Matt looks up at Ian, bewildered at his actions. He thought this was over after not hearing from him since that one transmission. Ian stares down Matt long enough to make sure the point sinks in then turns to leave. As he does Matt reaches out grabbing firmly on his arm. “You know I’ve been getting a lot of weird stares since I got here but none more so than from you. I’ve had to do everything I can to earn her trust, I’m not going to waste my time trying to earn yours.” Ian starts to speak but Matt quickly catches him. “No no no, you don’t speak now, it’s my turn! On our last mission I nearly destroyed my career for her. I put everyone on the ship at risk for her. I would give my life if all she did were wish it. Do not threaten me with your overprotective machismo.” “She’s too good for you.” “Don’t you think I know that? But why don’t you let her make her own decisions instead of driving people away. You are the one that’s going to hurt her if you keep doing that. You can’t scare me into leaving, I’m not going anywhere until she tells me to, and even then I will fight tooth and nail to change her mind. ” Matt’s adrenaline level slowly declines. He feels good hopefully having proved he’s willing to fight for Kansas. Matt turns to walk away but as he does he catches a glance in the window leading into the kitchen. Inside the old man stares out having watched the entire episode. The sides of his lips are curled into a smile and he nods to Matt granting his approval.
  3. It had been nearly a day since Kansas woke up. Matt had been by her side the entire time refusing to leave for a moment. The stress of the mission had worn on him but nothing compared to almost losing her. To know that his actions were what caused that thing to grab her. Why her? How did it know that’s what would get him to talk? The fact that he did talk he didn’t care about. If anything he was sorry for disappointing Kansas but that’s as far as it went, as long as she was alive. Matt continued to sit next to the bio-bed. He wasn’t concerned about anyone else. They were alive and well on the ship, he did his job… for the most part. Even Brutus would pull through. He may have gotten a short circuit but it’s nothing Matt didn’t already figure about him. Someone with that size and ego couldn’t—wouldn’t be taken down so easily. The situation made him think. Why exactly was he chosen anyway? Was there something I missed about him? Didn’t Brutus burn his remaining brain cells on their last trip to Risa? All of it was confusing and he didn’t really care all that much so Matt just shook it off. Dr. Sloan walked in to the section Kansas and Matt were in. Sloan pulled Matt aside to a private area and immediately he became chilled with fear. “What’s wrong? It’s not about Kansas is it? She looks fine, they said she was going to completely recover.” Matt spoke quickly his voice barely shaking. Sloan replied that it had nothing to do with Kansas. “It’s Brutus.” He said somberly. “I don’t know what happened to him but he’s not coming around. His nervous system has been completely fried. Everything I throw at him has little to no effect.” Matt listened but the words weren’t registering, he wasn’t allowing them to. “Wha-what are you saying?” “I’m saying he’s not going to wake up.” “What? No, that’s not right, it’s Brutus. He once owned a Yorlian death worm as a pet until you know he squashed it for trying to kill him. He’s not going to let a Borg wannabe take him out like that.” Sloan stayed silent with his head down. “Everyone else came through fine he just needs more time than the others. I bet he’s faking, thinking the longer he doesn’t wake up the more down time he gets. He’s a good worker but he does like his playtime. Did you smack him around a bit? I’ve had to do that a couple of times when he wouldn’t wake up for his shift. He’ll just lie there ignoring you until you leave. I caught him one time and he said he just woke up. Then the Yeoman walked out of the bathroom. She was fine too. I understood and let him continue, then I gave him the graveyard shift for a month.” “Commander.” Sloan said interrupting him. “He’s not going to wake up.” Matt stopped talking. The doctor was sure about it and Matt had to accept it. They both stood there in silence for only a few moments but what seemed like hours. He didn’t know what to say. His mind had been completely focused on Kansas he wasn’t expecting something like this to happen. Nothing truly terrible ever really happens to anyone so why now and why Brutus? Matt finally broke the silence asking to see him and Sloan led Matt to his bed. The screen was lit up above his bed displaying vitals and information that Matt had no clue how to read. What he did understand was the slow steady beep heard in the room. They were farther apart than they should have been. The deafening silence was steadily interrupted with each pass. Sloan left the room leaving Matt standing next to the bed. He looked down at Brutus seeing him for the first time since they were separated on the planet. He’s never seen him like this, utterly debilitated. It was unnerving for him to see Brutus taken down so easily and completely. Matt stood dumbfounded scanning him up and down powerless to do anything. Matt struggled to say anything but he finally spoke up. “I don’t know if you can hear me, Brutus, but I just want to apologize. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I let this happen. I’m sorry I didn’t come for you sooner— at all. I know I haven’t always been there for you but… Who am I kidding? You’ve stayed in the background the entire time on this ship and that’s my fault. You should have been on more missions, you should be higher in rank, you should have had more responsibility. I focus my time on Kansas I don’t take my job seriously and now you’ve had to pay the price for it. You’re a good officer, one of the best, better than me. You’ve been one of the craziest SOB’s on this ship, man, it’s not going to be the same without you… You’ve been a better friend than I deserve and I’ll never forget you. And no worries, I kept my promise, no one knows your first name and they never will… Yancy.” Matt held himself at the bed taking deep breaths. He turned to walk away and the beeps stopped replaced by one long unending tone. Dr. Sloan walked in as Matt walked out. He stood in the middle of sickbay looking around seeing the other three core members laughing and chatting, so happy to be back safe and sound. Kansas sat up in her bed looking at Matt across the room. “What’s wrong?” She said concerned. At hearing her voice Matt walked over briskly. He grabbed her tight and fell apart in her arms.
  4. McFly stands at a distance watching the Oppoian people. He’s yet to talk with them but it’s become apparent that his team has become familiar with at least one of them. The one called Connor seems to have an answer for everything. Perhaps he can answer what exactly happened here. Hmm, interesting name, Connor, at least for an alien species. McFly starts walking up to Connor but he seems jumpy, jittery. “Look I’ve had enough of you people! It’s quite fine if you don’t want to listen to me, you seem very capable of figuring out how to kill yourselves all on your own.” McFly stops short of reaching Connor. “Yeah I admit, desperation and suicide look very similar in certain situations. Can we talk for a minute? Just you and me.” Connor hesitates, thinking it over. One of them has already hit him what’s this one going to do? But against his better judgment he gets up and joins McFly. The two of them walk over to a private area. Let’s just say it smells worse than the rest of the camp. McFly breaks the awkward silence and extends his hand, “I never got your name.” “Connor, John Connor.” He says completely ignoring McFly’s hand. McFly thinks; Really? “Alright, well first let me just apologize for my officers’ behavior-” “Save it,” He interrupts, “I’ve already heard it from him. Some apology too.” “Yeah don’t put too much thought into it, he’s just… confused.” “About what?” “Uh, you know… life, the universe, everything.” Connor folds his arms, cocks his head to one side and stares down McFly. “Alright forget about all that. I just want some answers about what happened here.” “Fine,” Said Connor. “Tell me who you people are.” “But… but I asked you first.” “I don’t care.” “Look we came here to help you.” “And you’re doing a wonderful job of it. But first I want to know who you people are and where you came from. It’s obvious you’re not from this planet so if you don’t mind I just want a little indulgence.” McFly thinks it over. “And how do I know I can trust you?” “You don’t.” Replied Connor. “But if you want me to trust you, you’re going to have to be the first to talk.” McFly still hesitates. After all, how does he know the machines aren’t listening or that Connor isn’t an informant of some sort? The risk is high but right now it’s more important to gain the trust of someone who knows what’s going on. Besides their only current options are die now or die later, telling them a little something isn’t going to change their fate all that much. McFly sighs, “Alright, my name is Matt McFly. I’m from the USS Manticore, a Federation starship sent to investigate the disappearance of life on this planet.” Connor digests the information for a minute. “A starship… are you the captain?” “Oh god no!” McFly replies quickly. Connor nods. “So you’ve been spying on us.” Caught off guard he stammers, “Wel- no- um… no-not perpetually.” “But basically you’ve been watching us.” “Uh… yeah.” “…Then why the frul didn’t you do anything to help us!” McFly thinks; Frul? “We’re not allowed to interfere with civilizations that haven’t achieved light speed travel.” “You’re here now, what does that say?!” “Look, I don’t know what happened here, no one does. We didn’t even know there were people on this planet.” “Well there are, and we’ve just been to frul and back warring with these metallic demons! Imagine how it must feel to have your people nearly annihilated off the face of the planet only to find that a seemingly more advanced species has been watching over you the entire time and did nothing to help!” “Uh, I’m sorry.” McFly says sheepishly. “Yeah you bet you are.” “Look this isn’t my fault.” “It might as well be.” Connor snaps back. The two stand in silence. Connor fuming, McFly not sure what to feel. What was he to do? He only knows what the Admiral lets him know and even he didn’t know what happened. McFly looks back up at him meeting his eyes. “Honestly, no one knows what happened here. One minute life signs are being seen on scanners and the next the planet is completely barren. Tell me what happened here. Maybe we can work together to find a way out of this mess.” Connor sighs feeling better after venting. “It all started ten years ago. My species is highly advanced. That’s not bragging it’s a fact. We choose not to travel through space. Not haven’t learned to, choose to, despite your inane reason for not helping us. Anyway we made incredible advances in A.I.-” “Artificial intelligence.” McFly interjects. “Wow, the spaceman knows what I’m talking about. Guess I don’t have to bore you with my primitive explanation of artificial intelligence then.” McFly rolls his eyes, “Continue.” “Thank you.” Connor scoffs. “Not only did we advance in AI but robotics as well. Initially they were used as helpers. Everyone was too involved in their work. People made new discoveries everyday so the robots were mainly used to perform the mundane tasks that no one else had time for. Eventually, as A.I. advanced further, the robots were programmed with personalities. Soon they became more like colleagues and helped in research.” “Couldn’t they have done that before?” “Sure but this time people actually wanted them around. So the most significant part of this is when the global network was built. See people got to the point where they wanted everything now. They wanted to know about the latest scientific achievement exactly as it happened. Note this wasn’t so they could praise the creditor, it was for more selfish reasons… But no need to get into that.” McFly looks back thinking; Sure let’s not shed light on your mistakes, no time for that. “So this network connected everyone in the world. People could even work together on opposite sides of the globe. It was one of the biggest achievements in our society. And then… the network became sentient. It started pitting people against each other. It created tension, animosity and rivalries between people that had been friends since childhood. Then it took over everything with a computer.” “What does it want?” Connor shakes his head, “No one knows. First we thought it wanted knowledge but it was the entire global network, it had all the knowledge in the world. Then we thought that maybe we did something to it that turned it this way. But we’ve talked extensively about it and no one really knows how or why it became… I suppose evil is the only word.” McFly takes a minute to compute everything he’s been told. An evil computer with no objective or goal? There must be more to it but what it is he may never know. Regardless, a way out is the priority. “You mentioned were warring with the machines.” “Oh yeah, that lasted for all of a few months.” McFly looks at him confused. “I don’t get it, if you’re so advanced why didn’t you have the technology to defeat your own creation?” “Look, Matt is it? We’re not a violent people. Literally everyone spent their entire time studying and researching to even have time to figure out a weapon. It’s not that we didn’t have our problems, or even crime. But everything was on an academic level. People stole designs and research and revenge was met in kind. Really, true violence had been all but foreign to us, except in the arts, until the network decided the populace should be destroyed. We barely had the ability to fight back, let alone battle against a full out attack.” “So why are you still here?” “You mean why are there still people on this planet? The network learned that there was one thing that technology still couldn’t compete with…” He taps his head, “The brain. It conceived a way to connect directly into the memory center and processing abilities of the brain. It can’t read anything created by the host but it can read everything it itself has dumped in.” “How do you know this? Were you connected?” “No but the fact that it’s asked so many questions and took so long to find every last one of us made it quite simple to figure out. The fact is it uses those with the most complex brain structure and storage capacity as part of its network infrastructure. The rest of us are used as caretakers. Cleaning, feeding, and the only part bearable, breeding.” McFly listens to his words realizing where the other half of the team is. “When we arrived at this facility there were four other members of my team that were told to go through door number one.” “I hope you didn’t say anything to them you regret cause you’re never going to talk to them again.” “…Is there any way to get them out of there?” “Depends on how you view death.” McFly snaps his head up to Connor, “What?!” “No one has ever been disconnected and lived.” “Are you sure, have you even tried to get anyone out of there?!” “No this is just a hypothesis we came up with after sucking on the trough over there.” “Well you know you’re supposed to be the super advanced race that created the apocalyptic network.” “Listen to me, my wife and son are connected to that damned thing. Do you really think I wouldn’t claw my way in there if I wasn’t absolutely sure they’d die?” Surly there’s others that think exactly like him, McFly thinks. He feels defeated, maybe this is hopeless after all. McFly looks up at Connor, “Wouldn’t death be better than what they’re going through?” “I’ve asked myself that same question, but they don’t feel anything. The network uses a surgical technique designed to numb a person’s entire body. They’re barely conscious and only the most basic bodily functions are active. It’s a procedure designed to, ironically enough, experiment and learn more about a brain while it’s alive and active.” McFly stares down at the dirt. “So what about escaping this prison?” “If you found a way out that we overlooked please let us know.” McFly turns around, cracks a few joints and hopes he doesn’t cry. He turns back to Connor, “So new topic, how is it you speak English?” “English?” Connor asks. “Yes, you know the language we’re speaking now?” “You mean Cresh?” “Uh… I suppose.” “Cresh is the dialect my race speaks. There’s about three hundred dialects across the globe.” “What are the odds of two species from completely different worlds speaking the same language?” “I’d have to do the math but I’m sure it’s rather great. I have a question for you though. It seems your team is made up of different species. What are all of you?” “Well, me and the really, really pretty one over there are Human. The angry reptilian looking one with the wide neck that hit you is Cardassian. And the one over there sleeping that looks like he’s in a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally, is Klingon. We’re part of a multi-species federation whose goal is to explore and learn about the universe.” Connor seems impressed with how much there really is outside his planet. Maybe they should have taken the time to look into the galaxy and see what’s really out there. “Well I’m sorry you have to be stuck here with us. But since you are you should learn how to farm.” He walks over to the farming area that Kansas and Faldek so readily destroyed. “Why don’t you tell me more about this federation while we’re working.”
  5. Wow am I the only one that absolutely loved this show?! I watched maybe one or two episodes of SG1 and Atlantis but just couldn't get into them. However I love Universe. And as for not just dialing back home that was an energy issue. The planet they dialed in from was nuclear so earth can't call themselves. Likewise the ship is in such bad shape that it can't dial anything too far away and I'm sure outside the galaxy would require long distance charges.
  6. For those that don't know the song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlvYoD1RXWA Matt walks into his quarters immediately throwing his bag on the bed and activates his log. “Wow, what an incredible vacation! Not to mention the most fun I’ve ever had with Kansas. What an amazing girl, I can’t believe I get to be with someone like her. With everything I’ve done I know I don’t deserve her. I mean I have nothing to offer so why does she stay with me? A far off guitar begins playing. A light shines on Matt standing in the center of the room, everything around fades to black. He looks off into the distance. ♪ “She’s like the wind – through my tree.” A flashback shot to Matt and Kansas falling from the top of the hotel. Matt’s singing head is faded in over top. ♪ “She rides the night – next to me.” A flashback shot of Matt and Kansas walking along the dark narrow path, Kansas’ shoes in Matt’s hand. ♪ “She leads me through moonlight –” ♪ “Kansas and Matt on the roof of the hotel sun bathing.” ♪ “…Only to burn me in the sun.” A flashback shot to the scene of Matt and Kansas on the stairwell to the roof of the hotel. ♪ “She’s taken my heart but she doesn’t know what she’s done.” A steamy flashback scene too hot for TV. (Use your imagination… pervert.) ♪ “Feel her breath on my face – her body close to me. Can’t look in her eyes – she’s out of my league.” Matt stands in the middle of his room light still shining. Wind is ruffling his cloths and blowing his hair. ♪ “Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs - She’s like the wind.” Another light fades in behind Matt. Brutus stands in the back with a saxophone. Slowly zooming in on him while performing a short solo. Matt stands in front of a dresser with a tall mirror above it. ♪ “I look in the mirror – and all I see.” Matt reaches out touching the reflection. ♪ “Is a young old man – with only a dream.” He pushes off the dresser spinning around and landing his back against the wall. He stands on one foot while the other is up rested against the wall. He lays his head down face first into his hands. ♪ “Am I just fooling myself – that she’ll stop the pain.” He looks up fist clenched. ♪ “Living without her –” He drives his fist down hitting against the wall. ♪ “…I’d go insane.” Matt brings his other hand up touching his face. ♪ “Feel her breath on my face –” His arms cross over his chest. ♪ “…Her body close to me.” He looks over at a picture of Kansas on the table. ♪ “Can’t look in her eyes – she’s out of my league.” He picks up the picture looking down at it. ♪ “Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs.” He cradles the picture. The wind picks up blowing his cloths and hair again. ♪ “She’s like the wind.” Brutus again with a shorter solo. Another steamy scene this time custom and generic with nothing else but a bed and a black backdrop. Matt is faded over top. ♪ “Feel your breath on my face – your body close to me. Can’t look in your eyes – you’re out of my league.” Matt back in his quarters still holding the picture. ♪ “Just a fool to believe” Ensign Crystal is now lit up standing next to Brutus. The wind extends to both Crystal and Brutus now. ♪ “Just a fool to believe” ♪ “She’s like the wind.” ♪ “Just a fooooool to believe” ♪ “Just a fool to believe” ♪ “She’s like the wind.” Matt slides down the wall. He sits in the corner of the wall and dresser still holding the picture. Wind still blowing Matt, Brutus and Crystal. ♪ “Just a fool to believe” ♪ “Just a fool to believe” ♪ “She’s like the wind.” Zooming out through the door into the hallway. People look over at Matt’s door as they pass hearing the noise coming from the room.
  7. It’s night on Risa. The moon rests high above lighting the land in a soft blue glow. The cool air gently blows across the beach, between the buildings and through the trees. The sound of crashing waves fade off into the distance. Kansas and Matt walk hand in hand down a dark narrow path away from the bustle of tourists. “Where are we going?” Kansas asks with a very subtle irritation in her voice. “I told you it’s a surprise.” Replied Matt. “I hate surprises.” “I know and I don’t care, you’ll see when we get there. Besides, I really wanted to see you in that little black dress one more time.” He says with a smirk. She looks over at him, “Yeah I bet.” As they walk along the path Kansas catches herself from stumbling in her high-heeled shoes. “You alright?” Matt asks in concern. “Yeah, it’s just these stupid shoes that are trying to kill me… You know what, screw it.” She removes her shoes and walks barefoot. “Here.” She says handing them over to Matt. Cooperatively he grabs her shoes and she retakes his hand continuing down the path. They reach an opened meadow with just enough trees to provide shade but not block out the sky. It’s a park, deserted by the peoples who would rather embrace the nightlife instead. At the edge sits a small table lit by a single candle in the middle and a string of dim lights above. An ancient Earth song, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is playing softly in the background. A sharp dressed waiter stands next to the table along with a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice. He looks at Kansas and, in an obviously fake yet surprisingly well performed French accent, invites her over. Kansas wants so bad to sock Matt in the gut right now but instead puts on a smile and walks over to the table. Matt places the shoes by the table and pulls out a chair for her to sit. The waiter then pours the drinks and brings out an elegant hearty meal. They finish up eating. The night is not going at all how Matt envisioned, it’s dull and quiet. He looks over to her, “Are you alright, you haven’t said much tonight..” “Yeah, I’m fine.” She says softly.. He can read in her eyes what she’s truly thinking. “You hate it don’t you?” He says deflated. She felt bad after all he was really trying. “What, no-no it’s wonderful, really.” He looks back at her calling her bluff. “Yeah, ok. It’s just… I’m not in to any of this.” “…I know, I suppose between the two of us I am the most girly… I wonder if that’s part of my issues.” He shakes it off. “Anyway, I just wanted to have one last quiet night out with you before we have to leave. Under the stars, in the moon light, I mean I doubt we’ll be able to do something like this again any time soon.” “I’m sorry. This is really nice what you did. Thank you.” She leans over the table to kiss him. “But, this isn’t the only reason for tonight.” Kansas looks back confused. “Look, you know how I feel about you, I’m crazy about you and all I ever want to do is make you happy no matter what I have to do. And despite what you THINK I’m eventually going to do, I want to be the one to make you happy forever.” Matt gets out of his chair and bends on one knee in front of Kansas. She’s both shocked and appalled! He’s doing exactly what she feared he would do ever since the last proposal on the ship. She grows tense and nervous not from excitement but anger and apprehension. Matt continues, “But until the day you let me do that, Kansas Kenickie--” She cuts him off right there before he can do any more, “Matt no, please, we talked about this!” She pleads to him, wanting to get up and run away from the scene of the crime. He grabs from the waiter who is standing behind her…… A phaser rifle. “…Will you do me the honor of standing by my side and shooting the hell out of holographic bad guys? …Safety off of course.” Kansas sits there in silence, stunned and bewildered. Out of nowhere she slaps Matt across the face! “Ow! What was tha--” She cuts him off grabbing his face kissing him. She grabs the rifle out of his hand and jumps out of her chair. She looks back at him seductively, “Let’s kick some ass.” Matt smiles back at her then nods to the waiter who activates a holographic projection of multi-species enemies. He grabs another rifle and together, Kansas and Matt, transform the deserted park into a small battlefield
  8. The hour had become late and grew into the early morning. The air was becoming crisp as the landscape cooled. Matt was on the roof of the ridiculously high hotel preparing an extravagant gesture for Kansas. Matt realized he probably sounded like a crackhead earlier when they were talking. All he wanted was for her to start opening up to him, to trust him but that’s probably not how it sounded. Kansas had wandered off and he was afraid he pushed her too hard and then pushed her away. Two backpacks had been brought up. What they were for only Matt knew. He lit some candles to make it look at least semi-romantic. He looked around and everything seemed perfect until he realized one simple flaw… It might be best to make the hotel privy to his plan just in case someone would want to ruin the moment by alerting security. Being a security officer himself he knew how eager those people are to do their jobs, especially in a place where they’re probably not needed all too much. In the distance through the glass doors of the lobby he could see the group of people at the fire. Matt hoped Kansas was out there enjoying herself and he hadn’t ruined her vacation. He turned his attention back to his pursuits and found the hotel manager to discussing his arrangements. Little did Matt know, Kansas was not out with everyone else but by herself walking along a strip of stores as they were closing. Shopping usually makes her feel better but this isn’t the kind of place to sell too much assorted weaponry so it wasn’t working as well as she had hoped. The large departing crowds weren’t helping either it almost made thing worse. Droves of people were being ushered out of closing stores and packed into the street. The exiting tourists trying to leave at the same time didn’t exactly make for the best situation to clear ones mind and Kansas just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Eventually Kansas squeezed her way through popping out the nearest exit. She found herself on the beach not far from the rest of the crew. She got closer walking along the shore. Kansas looked on the group at the fire considering joining them. More people is not what she needed right now. She was enjoying the solitude she found in such an open atmosphere. The water looked so inviting right now. She dropped her things on the sand and walked in just enough to get her feet wet. The water was cold but it felt good. She took a deep breath filling her lungs with the cool, crisp air. It truly was nice to be away from the ship, to have something different from the norm. She looked up at the sky. The stars twinkled displaying an amazing show of light. Even though Kansas lived in that empty sea above it still made for a beautiful sight. Finally Kansas was able to clear her mind. She thought about life, the universe and everything. She tried to figure out what the hell Matt was talking about and why he keeps seeing the need to change her. She changes for no one he should know that by now. Thinking about it was just going to make her crazy. She took another deep breath and just focused on the wind spilling across her face. She could hear someone getting closer and looked back to see it was Sovak… Matt was pleased with himself. He had gotten the hotel manager on board with his plan, after a bribe of course, and he and Kansas were to have no interference by the hotel staff. He walked out the door towards the fire hoping to find Kansas there. As he got closer he saw her talking with Sovak. He was eager to get his plan in motion but thought it best to wait for her. Instead, he watched and locked away in memory what would be the greatest scene of public debauchery he would ever witness… Faldek drunk in front of the entire crew. Matt noticed Kansas walking over. She felt somber like she wasn’t sure about anything anymore. She really envied Vulcans and their control over their emotions. She walked up to Matt and put a happy face on for him. He wrapped his arm around her feeling a bit better that she actually came over to him. “You alright?” She nodded with an “Mhmm..” Matt tried not to look too much into her response. “You sure?” “I’m Fine.” She said assertively. “Okay… Hey you wanna talk for a minute?” “Actually I don’t really want to talk anymore. Let’s just go to bed.” Matt’s excitement becomes deflated, “Okay we don’t have to talk but I got something I really want to show you.” “Can it wait till morning I’m pretty tired.” “Well technically it is morning.” She pauses for a moment, “…Fine.” “Excellent!” He says dragging her off to the hotel. “…But it better be good.” They exit the elevator to their room at the top floor. They start up the stairs to the roof. Matt stops half way up. “Wait!” He blurts out. “Alright look, I know you don’t want to talk but I just want to say I’m sorry for sounding like a fool earlier.” Kansas looks down at him standing a couple of steps above. “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded I just… I’m doing everything I can to prove myself to you, to prove that I’m not going to run off the first chance I get. I’m just looking for you to open up to me more, to trust me you know.” She looks at him discerning the sincerity in his eyes, and felt guilty. She walks down a couple of steps to his level and wraps her arms around him embracing him. “I care about you, more than I thought I would.” She looks up at him gathering her words. “I am doing the best I know how. My Dad showed me how to get by on my own, not to count on anyone. You are the first I let myself care about. It's not easy for me, it chills me to the bone.” Matt looks into her eyes, for the first time truly feeling so close to her than he has their entire time together. He brings her in tenderly kissing her on the lips.. “Come on, still got my surprise for you.” He takes Kansas by the hand and they continue up the stairs. On the roof she looks around to see many unlit candles. “You know, fire works best when either it can’t be blown out or in less windy conditions.” “Yeah, that’s not what I wanted to show you.” He points over to the two backpacks. Kansas walks over and looks down at them. “We’re taking a trip?” “Oh yeah.” He says looking over the wall of the roof. “Down there.” She becomes confused and excited at the same time. “You said when we got here you wanted to jump off the top of this very, very high building. I pulled some strings and they’re letting us." She stands there looking between Matt and the packs. She can’t believe he actually got permission to jump off the roof. A tear almost wells up but is quickly sucked back down. She kisses him, more passionately than she ever had before. They both strap on the parachute packs and stand on top the ledge of the roof. Matt looks down now reconsidering his decision. “You know, maybe I should leave you another pack in case you want to jump again.” Kansas looks at him smiling with almost an evil hint to it. “There is no way you’re getting out of this. On the count of three, jump.” “You know I don’t think I really want to. I keep forgetting I’ve been wanting to live lately.” “Oh but you don’t mind me plunging to my death?” “What? No I didn’t mean that.” He says stammering. “Uh huh. One… two… three!” Kansas jumps off and pulls Matt down with her just in case he was going to chicken out last minute. They free fall from the skyscraper like building. The wind rushes past so quickly but it feels like floating in nothing. The fall down feels like forever but within seconds they both throw their chute. The heavy wind carries them around the beach before setting them down in the sand. Matt lays on the ground for a moment so thankful his parachute opened. Kansas jumps to her feet completely exhilarated. She throws off her pack and tackles Matt who had just gotten up himself. “Oh my god that was incredible!” She says screaming loud enough for the entire beach to hear. Matt slowly gets to his feet. “Yeah I’m not forgetting that one for a while.” He looks over at Kansas, “Did you pull me off the ledge?” She giggles excitedly, “Yeah I did.” All he can do at this point is laugh. The tip of the sun peaks out over the horizon. Matt looks at Kansas in the dim light realizing he’s in love with a complete psychopath and has never been happier. “You know at this rate we’re going to be sleeping well into the afternoon.” She looks back smiling mischievously, “No no, we’re not sleeping at all.”
  9. ::Minutes pass after Precip and Farrington leave for the dorsal module. Matt keeps a tight eye on the Romulan Warbirds patrolling the area. The silence on the bridge is deafening. Everyone waits anxiously to find out who sent that distress signal exposing Manticore’s existence in Romulan space. The reality of the situation is becoming apparent. Matt’s chest tightens and he becomes short of breath but keeps his composure on the outside. With no one talking, he’s alone with his thoughts:: What the hell were those jackholes thinking? They’re trying to expose us I know they are. They thought we’d get cold feet so they rigged the damned thing to get the Romulan’s attention and start the fight that way. @#$% StarFleet! ::Matt takes slow deep breaths so as not to attract attention from the bridge staff:: …What the hell’s wrong with me? Why am I so nervous? ::He keeps his eyes trained on the tactical display:: This is really happening isn’t it? And we’re all about to die doing it. Is that it am I afraid to die? It must be, I get tense whenever I think about it. That doesn’t make sense, why am I afraid to die? I was fine with it earlier, in fact I encouraged it, I’ve been waiting to die my entire tenure here. Just yesterday I was so ready to fly this ship in and stick one up those friggin Romulans. I’ve downright expected to die since I first heard the details of this mission. Some would say I was hoping for it… I would say I was hoping for it. I don’t get it, why do I all of a sudden care? And why do I keep thinking of Kans-- Ah hell! Damn girl put a spell on me. Now I know what that song means. Crap, I want to live now, and I want Kansas to live too… Yeah I really don’t care what happens to anyone else, but I really want me and Kansas to live. I think I want to grow old and have lots of babies with her too… Yeah I’m probably just making that part up but the rest is true that much I know. Wow, this is a milestone for me, for once I’m actually hoping we don’t screw it up and die in an obviously obliterating yet visually spectacular explosion. ::Matt rubs his face and refocuses his attention:: Alright, if we’re going to make it alive I need to do my job. I suppose saving me and Kansas means I gotta keep everyone else alive too. Well if that’s the way it’s gotta be… focus! ::Matt slows his breathing but still feels tense:: I’m still pumped, I need to calm myself down. What’d my therapist say? Think of luscious meadows… a warm breeze… fluffy bunnies-- No bunnies! Crap I forgot! Something else, maybe a joke, a good laugh will do me good. All right, two Bolians walk into a bar and ask for Tholian herb tea… Wait I’ve heard this before it’s not that funny. That’s all right I’m feeling calmer anyway. I just need to focus on my job and keep the ship in one-piece… one big piece… Damnit I hope I get over this will to live crap.
  10. Written By Kansas Kenickie Matthew McFly walked lazily down the hall, the tension on the ship wore heavy on his shoulders as he entered his quarters. He had been looking forward to down time, getting the chance for a distraction from the up coming mission a head. The doors to his quarters slid shut behind him making the room dark once again; Matt removed his tunic and stretched. Before he could fully register what was happening, Matt could feel himself being tackled to the ground and pinned. He tried to toss the person off of him, but felt his attacker was applying weight to pressure points, making movement impossible. “You are supposed to be on tactical alert…” was whispered into his ear and then the pressure was lifted, releasing the pressure allowing him some movement. McFly knew who was on top of him before she had spoken, when she leaned in to whisper, her scent had reached his nose before her words hit his ears. “Maybe I let you get the drop on me; I wouldn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of you.” He smirked recalling a certain communiqué. Kansas sat back a little and smiled devilishly. “Oh, goodie… I get to take advantage of you then!” “By all means.” He smiled, moving his arms up and behind his head. He looked up at her and noticed that there was no worry or concern in her eyes about the up coming mission a head of them… “How is it you look as though you don’t have a care in the world?” Kansas tilted her head to the side and shrugged, “Why worry about something beyond your control? I’d rather live in the moment and enjoy myself. I’ll let everyone else freak out.” She leaned in and kissed him, and smiled… “Come; let me help you forget your day… and what may come.” Matt looked up at her and returned the smiled; he had to admit getting lost in her arms sounded like the perfect end to a stressful day.
  11. Dear diary. The most wonderful thing happened today, and no it didn't involve Kansas. Everyone on the ship got offered the chance to forego a mission! Why am I happy about that you ask? Well that means this is going to be one fricken doozy of a mission. I can only assume there will be many deaths of the new crew mates that just came aboard. Their own fault, they should have read the pamphlet more carefully. I mean seriously, the liability waiver should have been a dead giveaway… pun intended. I can’t wait. I can pretty much guarantee no security members will be leaving this one behind. In other news I wasn’t demoted for the poor job I did as temp chief during our last mission. Precip didn’t exactly commend me, but he gave as good a compliment as a Romulan could give so I suppose that counts for something. Yeah I guess I got myself all worked up for nothing. Oh well, I’m just glad Precip is here for this one. I know the mission will be fun, but I already know I don’t want to be in charge during it. Speaking of which, since we’re not going back to Earth like I had thought, I won’t be able to hand deliver Ensign Red Shirt like I was expecting. A shame too, I was going to have a nice service for him. Duty calls, I’m sure he’d understand. I sent his ashes along with a letter to his relatives. They’ll give him a proper burial. …I was actually kind of hoping to be there. He did die on my watcher after all. I feel the least I could do is pay my respects. If this mission is anything like people are expecting, we’ll probably be paying respects to a lot more. End log.
  12. Matt laid there with Kansas, their bodies entangled in one. Everything that had plagued him the entire mission had fallen away. Every worry he had every doubt, she had taken. Kansas apologized for not being there when he needed her but she was. When Matt was at his lowest, when he felt he had done everything wrong, when he felt everything he was put in charge of had collapsed, she was there for him when he needed her the most. That was all he asked… all he wanted. He breathed with her. Their hearts pounding together. He felt closer to her now than ever. She had taken him. His body, his soul, it was hers. Was this true love he felt for the first time? It had to be, for this was one emotion he never felt with such intensity. He wanted her to know how he felt. He wanted to show it, make her feel it as intensely as he had. Matt could see the sweat glisten on Kansas’ body. In his arms he felt her tremble. Slowly Matt closed his eyes touching her lips with his. For Matt, time had stopped. This moment, lasting an eternity and beyond… They laid there in silence. Kansas’ in his arms her head resting on Matt’s chest. No more cares, no more worries. Reality seemed like a better place to be now. What would happen tomorrow didn’t matter now. He actually knew what it felt like to love someone, to feel like existence would implode if they weren’t there. This emotion was frightening yet exciting and all he wanted to do was explore it more. But everything he felt that gave him such ecstasy would be torn away with one simple thought that would make his heart feel like it stopped… What if she didn’t feel the same way.
  13. For Matt McFly, this entire mission had been a head spin. For some inexplicit reason, Precip had been absent when Manticore was sent to investigate the strange wormhole that sucked them to a completely different galaxy. Because of this Matt had been forced to take command of the security team. He performed to the best of his ability but was obviously unprepared for the job. Between being so far from home, people getting abducted and Faldek so conspicuously trying to edge his way into McFly’s position, he really wasn’t sure what the heck he was doing. But now came a mission Matt knew how to do. He wasn’t in charge of protecting a ship’s compliment of people. He didn’t have to devise a defensive system against alien predators. He just had to perform a simple search and rescue mission. Find the Admiral and get out. Easy enough right? This is what he was trained to do and what he continues to train for. Matt sits in main security preparing for the mission. He studies prints of the ship, readies his weapons making sure they’re not too bulky as to not slow him down. He then grabs the personal cloaking devices hoping this will make the mission that much easier. He then also grabs enough of the emergency transport device prototypes, one for each team member and one for the Admiral. The away team was comprised of just himself and Faldek. Matt knew Kansas was going to kill him when she found out about him going on an away mission without her. But after the injuries she received from the collision with the other ship, he knew the best place for her was sickbay. Besides, the fewer the people on the team, the easier it would be to sneak around an already suspicious ship. McFly saw Faldek gearing up for the mission, loading down with firearms and knives. Faldek had asked Matt earlier if he wanted him to lead the mission. Matt just looked at him, smiled and said “No thanks.” but as he thought about it, he was truly insulted by Faldek’s remark. This entire mission he’s had to push Faldek back so to speak and he had grown tired of it. For now, McFly was in charge and that was not going to change. Matt now thought he had something to prove on this mission, not just to Faldek but to himself.
  14. McFly stands up taking a deep breath. At this point he really started to regret sleeping through those first aid courses at the academy. On one hand he has the ships commanding officer about ready to fall into a coma from some empathic connection with her husband. Which Matt then thinks that if he should ever get married, hopes he and his wife would never get that close. And on the other hand has his unofficial girlfriend Kansas, suffering from severe head trauma. Stepping in for Precip is one thing, preventing people from dying however was not his job. At least not in this capacity. What the hell is he to do now? Are there enough deities to pray to get him through this? Ok first step, grab med-kit conveniently lying on the floor. He grabs the kit, turns around ready to play doctor, but wait!… Who does he treat first, Jami or Kansas? Obvious choice would be the Commander but why can’t he bring himself to walk over there as he keeps looking at Kansas? Each are in a fair amount of danger of slipping into unconsciousness. He needs to make a decision quickly before both are gone. His training gives him the choice but his heart speaks different. The hell with it! Matt runs up the ramp to the station Kansas is slumped over at. How could he make any other decision? Right now he couldn’t care less about proper protocol. Besides, Matt knows the Admiral would never put Jami second if the others could wait, why should he do different with Kansas? He’ll just be a minute anyway. Just long enough to get her stabilized then he’ll be over to help the Commander. Just a minute. She’ll be fine for that long right… right…?
  15. McFly roamed up and down the ship, performing the Admirals bidding and working with Mele to ration the food, power and supplies. With every step he took his head pulsed in sync. From the very end of the meeting his headache brewed. No one listened to him, no one gave him a glance, and probably no one knew he was in there. All attention was given to the wild ravings of the crazy Garnoopy. Had Precip been there, they would have held onto his every word. Where is Precip anyway? It seems like weeks since Matt last saw him. Matt ran in his mind things he wanted to address to Precip most notably Faldek. From his last account, HE was the assistant to the chief. So seeing Faldek neglect the chain of command and even going above his head was quite infuriating. First he interrupted the primary workstations to install a security feature that proved quite futile. Then he orders the replication of phasers for literally everyone on board using up resources that now stand in the crews’ way of certain death. And to top off the pounding of his migraine, Faldek finally comes to Matt with a suggestion only to go over his head to the Admiral when Matt instructs him to take the matter to the actual people handling the operation. He liked the idea, he thought it was cleaver, ingenious even. He wished he thought of it himself. The point being was that security was ordered to handle the rationing and science was to chart the area. Last he knew Faldek was in security. Matt shrugged and shook his head as he continued down the hall. He thinks to himself, does he command such little respect that even his own peers see him as a cadet than a Lieutenant Commander? Sure he and Fladek doing get along all too well, especially in the past few weeks. But he at least thought Faldek had the decency to work under him while Precip had seemingly disappeared. McFly walks down the hall taking deep breaths trying to calm himself. He focuses his mind on something else since his previous mental occupation was about to force his fist through a wall. So they’re actually going to explore the idea of traveling through sub-space to get back home. He stands at a console in main security looking over the entire ship and powering down every last non-essential system. Is it really worth it? The one thing that kept going over in his mind during the meeting was Garn mentioning the destruction of a few lightyears in their wake back to earth. The one thing Matt is always sure of is his hatred for humanity and really all life in general. Hence his choice to join a black ops ship where morals can mean little more than a question. Matt isn’t smart when it comes to science or engineering, but a few lightyears… a couple… one lightyear worth of people killed in an attempt to get one ship back home. It just seemed like too many. So much blood to be poured on his hands for one selfish action. He hated people sure, but what if he were one of the millions of people that was killed in a twinkle of an eye just so one ship could get their selfish asses back home? Would he have the decency to do unto others? Matt stands there looking up from his console, staring into the oblivion that is the wall. Is it really worth it to get back home?