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  1. Thank you, sir.
  2. Greetings all. I'm an old Star Trek fan (ST-NG my favourite), role player (Earthdawn (the die system and the world is just awesome), Warhammer NON-40K, White Wolf, D&D, AD&D, Shadowrun, Star Trek, Star Wars, and few other. I'm nigh 50 (June 12, I will actually be half a century young), married with my first GF, 5 kids, I am crippled after a 30 meter drop into concrete in 1999, autistic (high-functioning Aspergers) with ADHD, and with a high fascination for Borg and Vulcans. How does role play work here: do we use an online die roller, are there limitations to species (Hur'q comes to mind for example), is time travel accepted, are there specific rules when it comes to interactions, ...? Do I create a new character, do I use an existing one, ....? I'm looking forward to RP, in whatever Star Trek based way there is... Thank you. 3 of 9 past 6.... (Yes, there was a miscommunication with the Borg Atom clock when I got me designation... I blame the Queen... ;) )