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  1. Personal Log, Stardate: 1018.19 Consider the visitation of the Megalodon freighter. Do we actually know why the Megalodon ship was in such close proximity to the starbase and for so short a time? How could this monstrous vessel infect Aegis' systems with such virulence? There was a clear succession of malfunctions shortly after the freighter's visit, namely a false red alert, station-wide replicator failures, and now the artificial gravity plating was on the fritz. Was it like medieval Earth? When during a siege, the enemy would throw rotten food and diseased animal corpses over the wall of the castle in order to sicken the inhabitants and starve or drive them out? This thought would persist in Ensign Minard's mind. Andrew felt terror at the prospect of the station being attacked in a vulnerable moment. The antigravity really scared him. This he chalked up partly to his anxiety at being so far from home and partly due to his knowledge of Federation/Klingon history. Surely whoever they were, they were incapable of overcoming a strategic starbase of the Allied Powers? At least not easily. The station's construction was fairly new. But one could not ask for a post farther from the safety of Earth. Minard knew that it was uncommon for science officers to transition into command positions, but there were some fine examples from the ones that did. He was eager to see action against the enemies of the Federation and slightly blinded by a need to succeed. From his youth, Andrew had wanted to put his scientific talents in service to Starfleet. With such exuberance, he dreamed of one day actually becoming an Admiral. His extensive study of Earth and Federation history gave him the desire and drive to achieve that goal. But this was a goal to be aspired to only in the far far future. His current duty was to the Science Department on Aegis, and that alone was his primary mission. In that vein, Minard had been doing a little research before coming aboard Sky Harbor Aegis. It was close to the former Breen Confederacy. He noted that at least one of their former colonies included a lupine or wolf-like species, hence the large snout. There was also another species, according to the scant database, who were without blood. These aliens would evaporate without refrigeration suits. So, perhaps one or more of these particular groups populated the Alien Alliance. Who exactly, were taking the Breen's place? Was it a rag tag collection of blood feuding clans or something more organized, more sinister? The prospect of the unknown was thrilling and not a little chilling. Andrew decided that he would do as much as he could to help penetrate/infiltrate the nebulous activities of the Alien Alliance. Afterall, they were sworn to conquer the Federation. He would continue to learn bits and pieces of information. The possibility of capturing one of their weapons, namely a virus, was his most important contribution yet. In Andrew's mind, the Sky Harbor was becoming an increasingly large target. Knowing that his Captain was an intelligence officer gave him some comfort. Surely she was aware of a great deal more than himself. In any case, it was far beyond his pay grade to worry about such things. Nevertheless, Minard always carried a cricket phaser carefully concealed by his side. The Engineering crew supplied Ensign Minard with a replicator, complete with the affected programming. He quickly downloaded it onto a tricorder for isolation and examination. The computer sciences division, whose trade he was not that unfamiliar with, would have a look at it. He handed over the tricorder to Commander Tarisa discreetly in her office. Andrew viewed Tarisa as an excellent superior officer. She allowed him to get some rest after the replicator tasks were complete and even complimented him on his hard work. It was a solicitous gesture and a light in the dark and cold interstellar medium of outer space. At times, the ensign's youth and inexperience gave him extreme ideas. Fortunately, she was much more level headed than he. Minard was, in fact, exhausted from his recent duties. However, he seems to have gotten a second wind. Making his way to sickbay during the partial gravity crisis, he was immediately put at ease by the kind ministrations of Doctor Sandero and her medical staff. He was glad to have been ordered to sickbay had it been necessary. If Aegis was attacked, the invaders might avoid the medical complex, from which he and his compatriots could stage a counter-offensive. In sickbay, Andrew did not exhibit any symptoms of concern, but surely something was afoot.
  2. Aron Eisenberg Nog May He Rest In Peace
  3. Starfleet Personnel File Name: Andrew Minard Rank: Ensign Position: Assistant Science Officer Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis Species: Human Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Age: 27 Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 lb Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Green Date of Birth: September 29, 2361 Place of Birth: Metz, France, Earth Distinguishing Marks: Upper Arm Right, Compass Rose Tattoo Father: Peter Minard, Civilian Engineer, Copernicus Ship Yards, Luna Mother: Dr. Sylvia Minard, Professor of Astrophysics, University of Lorraine Brother: Lt. George Minard, AENG, USS Magellan Interests/Hobbies: Snorkeling, Martial Arts Pet: Goldfish, Max Primary Education: École Saint-Martin Secondary Education: Lycée Sarek Starfleet Academy Class of '83 Graduated Magna Cum Laude Major: Astrophysics Minor: Medieval Studies Medical & Psychological Evaluation: Physically fit and cleared for duty Allergies: None