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Jack Ryan

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  1. Name: Jack Ryan Rank: Cadet Department: Engineering Species: Half Human Half Klingon Birthplace: Chronos Gender: Male Age: 20 Hair: Blond Eyes: Sky Blue Height: 5'2 Notes: My Parents Believe Humans Are Filth I Shall Prove Them WRONG by joining starfleet academy and i will be the best engineer starfleet has ever seen!
  2. Computer Begin Log ::Begin Log-Yesterday evening i was contacted by my parents on earth They wanted to know where i was serving as kenickie suggested i said a garbage scowl. As we get closer to section 821 i find my self training with my bat'leth more and more wondering if were going to get attacked i am anxious,Computer end log.-::End Log::
  3. ::Begin Log-Were Headed to sector 821 i hope i can help aboard the manticore i want to see real action...- ::End Log