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  1. Computer Begin Log * Chirp Chirp* I have been told that the Nebula Class is the "Little Brother" to the Galaxy Class Starship in Starfleet. I've only had a couple of days aboard the Manticore and can definitely say this ship is not little. Nor is the pile a PADDS at my desk right now. There is so much to learn about this ship, beyond the Standard Nebula Class Engineering files. The Ship has two warp cores, ready to use. I had heard at the academy that newer Starship designs...like the Intrepid ..have a spare in a disassembled state that could be brought online in ....say a couple of days; Manticore has additional power seemingly on demand. The crew have been very welcoming. Perhaps they know that this is a tough ship to get started on. They clearly have a "tough love" approach to getting us going. The Captain and the Commander were no nonsense and seemed tough as nails. Our Chief engineer is quite friendly and seems down to earth, even though he is a Betazoid. One interesting thing about Manticore is the relatively small crew size for a Starship her size. I believe our crew is just under 300. That gives our crew quite a bit of space compared to a Galaxy Class stuffing 1,000 crew and family. I even have own small quarters with a view port! It'd say I'm about 4'olock on the ships Saucer, ventral side with a view of our warp engine. Very Cool. Hope not to disappoint the new crew I am with. Next thing once I get settled is checking into the gym! Computer End Log. *Chirp Chirp*
  2. Name: Callista Tyrel Rank: Ensign Department: Engineering Species: Human Birthplace: Earth Gender: Female Age: Lower 20's Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5'4" Notes: Fresh out of the academy, the USS Manticore is Callista's first posting. Somewhat of an introvert and a bit socially awkward, Ensign Tyrel enjoys fixing things. Specialized in vehicle maintenance and repair at the academy, while learning the ins and outs of runabouts, scout vessels and Starfleet Fighters Callista was almost talked into becoming a pilot. Has a habit of talking to the things she fixes, but several academy instructors have mentioned most engineers engage in talking with inanimate objects they are working on. Callista's favorite exercise is Aerobic Boxing. She also enjoys target practice and trying to keep up to date with the latest in Starfleet side arms. Often addressed at the Academy as "Cally".