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  1. "Dark Star" Personal Log: Stardate 0112.19 Early in the evening, Theo was found on the recreational/training deck completing a vigorous Judo calisthenics program. In full judogi regalia, the ensign gave the air a punch with his clenched fist. With another hiyAh!, Theo kicked the air with his foot. Finally with a loud hiyAhAh!, he performed a roundhouse kick and settled back down onto the mat. Beads of sweat trickled from his temples. With each breath, a solution began to form in his mind. It was only yesterday in CnC when he initiated the gaseous chromatography program from Science Station II. Looking at the data from the sensors, the Nebula showed many results in the red wavelengths. Ensign Dumont knew he would find the star they were looking for using the infrared detectors on the lateral sensor array. One particular section of the Nebula was composed of a concentration of methane. Brown dwarf stars have a lot of methane in their atmospheres. Brown dwarfs also fuse lithium in their cores. So, while difficult to spot, it was wise to look for that element being emitted by any probable star. Brown dwarfs are also very dense and very old, so locating a gravity well near the star shouldn't be that difficult. The precise spectral class of the star was to be determined later. But once there was a clear indication from an active graviton scan of a brown dwarf with planets orbiting in a stable system, this would give us a more precise location for the ongoing search. Theo toweled off and decided that a lengthy sonic shower was ineluctable.
  2. "Botany & Archaeology" Personal Log: Stardate 0105.19 Once again, it was lunchtime. Theo spent about half of his 45 minutes in Drankum's Bar. He had a cup of vegetable stew with shaved parmesan, a small baguette, and an orange synthale. Now Theobald was by no means a boor, but he knew the two Klingons sitting next to him at the bar would appreciate a loud and powerful burp. Wiping his mouth with his blue sleeve, he smiled at them and they in turn flashed their teeth in reciprocation. Dumont asked the Ferengi waiter to put the meal on his tab and tipped him generously. After lunch, Theo stopped by Aegis' Arboretum. He was looking for an interesting plant to install in the Science Lab's display case. According to the Rigellian botanist he met there, a deep purple Ranunculus, which just happened to be in season, was probably the best choice. Always planning ahead, the thought occurred to Theo that Science could obtain a complete set of Neanderthal bones with jewelry. Surely this would stoke the curiosity of any visitor. However, the ensign didn't know exactly where they would find such artifacts, perhaps on loan. In any case, it was time to get back to the gritty nitty. Theobald started to study the surrounding space, both near and far from his post in the Sky Harbor's Astrometrics Lab. Dumont wanted to familiarize himself, not only with the starbase, but also with Aegis' region of space. He briefly surveyed the stars, their systems, the nebulas, and all other astronomical phenomena in the sector. He waited patiently there, for orders he knew would come down from his superiors.
  3. "Research Project" Personal Log: Stardate 0101.19 Theo was happy to have learned so much from his fellow crew members. The engineers were exceptionally adroit. One of them had even taken time out of his busy day to perform an internal sensor scan of the entire station. The holographic table interface was state-of-the-art. After delivering the CSCI's sensor upgrade request, Dumont decided to leave Main Engineering. He knew they had much work to do and little time to do it. Engineering was not within his purview, so he thanked them and politely excused himself from the fray. Research was one of Dumont's specialties. He knew he was on a crash course with Subspace Mechanics. He took to his padd and began absorbing in detail, all he could regarding subspace fields. Perhaps another time, Theo would be able to uplink with the Starfleet Academy Archives. He still had his security access credentials. After spending forty minutes at the computer in Main Science, Theo headed for the Civilian Shuttlebay. He entered the turbolift where he paused briefly to read some more, then proceeded to Deck 67. In the shuttlebay, he asked the officer on duty a series of questions to see if there had been anything unusual reported in the sector. Did anyone experience anything remotely like a subspace distortion in their travels to and from the station in recent days? Dumont walked around the vast complex examining the many different ships and their exotic configurations. He engaged a few pilots and crew in friendly conversation and spread the word that the Science Department was on the lookout for any subspace anomalies. One fascinating point Theo gleaned from his research was that creating a "tear" in the barrier between subspace and normal space actually produces the field or "bubble". The ensign gathered up all his data, including the results of the internal sensor sweep and after roughly an hour, he was ready to report back to his chief.
  4. "Binary Complications" Theo was 14 years old when the accident happened. He was to accompany four beryllium miners and one pilot to the surface of Beta Agni VII for a school science project. Ursula had arranged the trip through her contacts with the operation. Four of them did not survive. Beta Agni was a rather interesting binary star system, consisting of a red giant with an accretion disk white dwarf. Therefore, the gravity could be unpredictable in certain circumstances. On the way, the pilot of the personnel shuttle made a fatal mistake. He increased power to the aft thrusters at the wrong coordinates. It was customary for all sub-light spacecraft to slingshot past Beta Agni IV using the gravity well of the ice giant Beta Agni III. The fourth planet emitted large amounts of radiation due to its highly concentrated liquid thorium mantle. To orbit the planet would be suicide. Beta Agni IV was normally and carefully avoided when traveling in the star system. But this time the pilot became distracted and it was too late. The engines and inertial dampeners failed as soon as they entered this "Bermuda Triangle". The shuttle spun out into the radiation field with extreme velocity. Two of the miners who were just putting on their space suits were killed instantly, flung into the bulkhead. One more was electrocuted as the console he sat near exploded. The bow of the transport vessel shook violently and structural integrity was pushed beyond safety limits. The pilot sent out an urgent mayday signal just before he was blown out of the front window. Thankfully the emergency force field generators came online and partially shielded the aft cabin. Theo had completely fractured his left arm and his body was slowly succumbing to radiation burns. The one miner left alive was in worse condition, but clung to life. The sickness and pain Theo felt was unbearable. Theo was starting to suffocate, his lungs failing, when help arrived. Fortunately, the USS Nova was in orbit of the colony. Ambassador Martin was headed for his appointment to the Federation Council. The Nova quickly reached the shuttle, tractorred it out of the radiation field and beamed the survivors aboard. Recovery however, was a long and arduous process for Theo. Radiation sickness had wracked his body. Psychologically he was a mess as well. His arm was fully mended, but he still felt pain where there was none. The trauma he had experienced cultivated the seeds of a life-long skepticism.
  5. "Regular Distribution" Personal Log: Stardate 1223.18 Theobald was beginning to learn some of the many purposes of the Sky Harbor from his weekly game of poker. Aegis was a supply depot for some, a rest stop for travellers, a port in a magnetic storm. Dumont was really quite impressed with the subspace communications relays and often spent time on one of the control decks watching the massive amount of traffic being transmitted through the sector. He was intrigued by the prospect of visiting the nearby shipyard and asteroid mining facilities. One of the reasons he chose Starfleet Science, was that his mother Ursula used to explain to him the processes involved in the refinement of beryllium. As a youth, he had always found her explanations fascinating, but he didn't have the constitution to become an actual miner. The private table set upstairs in Drankum's was a rogues gallery. A junior officer here and there, the odd Lissepian, civilians from very different walks of life, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians, Oh My! Theo was as comfortable with those strangers as he had been on the Moon. Only they were not students, so the stakes were more serious. On one particularly lucky night, Theo hit the jackpot! The cards he had been dealt allowed him to bet high on a rare straight flush, in diamonds of course. Theo and Rutia made sure all their finances were kept separate. But they decided together to make a regular donation to charity. Rutia would handle all the details, as she was more than familiar with that sort of thing. She had the shrewd acumen of a businessman like her father before her. It was to be a charitable endowment from Theo's gambling winnings, and part of Rutia's inheritance. The funds were deposited into a permanent account with the Bank of Bolius. She arranged it so that the principal could never be withdrawn. However, it would sit there for years and compound exponentially. She would make sure all the taxes were paid in full to the proper authorities, but she was annoyed with the suspiciously enormous fees she had to surrender to the Ferengi Gaming Consortium. From the interest, Dumont was guaranteed a small disbursal every week. It wasn't much, but it was just enough for him to be able to "circulate" among the shops and businesses on the station, including Drankum's. A drink here and there, the occasional dinner, and of course a friendly game of poker would suffice. And besides, it was only latinum, what did a Starfleet officer need with that? The rest of the interest from the account would be distributed to the Dominion War Orphan's Fund, and it was a monthly donation. It put the couple's minds at ease, and made them happy to be so generous.
  6. "Night Shift" Personal Log: Stardate 1222.18 One night around 22:00 hours, Dumont was found working late in the Science Lab. He was tired, but the coffee sparked his nerves. He was seated at the main computer access terminal, a tricorder humming with data by his side. With one finger just below his nose, the ensign was mulling. He had really appreciated the help from the medical officers and especially his department chief. Running through his mind was all the information they had gathered on the Dahlem cosmic ray suit. It was difficult for Theobald to get a handle on one of the variables in this mystery, and that was telepathy. He had more questions than answers. Were the Dahlem capable of instant communication at interstellar distances? If they could kill with a mere thought, it was probably a good thing that the suit was under lock and key. A wise ensign would try to keep his curiosity in check. But he also wondered how Medical got a blood sample, considering the Dahlem were highly intolerant of pain. Why they were so was also puzzling. Considering the nanites had folded the suit after removal, Theo surmised that they were intelligent. They seemed to operate on an instinctual level, but were probably only utilitarian in nature. Something he could focus on, were the nanites and their programming. It should have been a simple matter. One major snag in his efforts was the definition of terms. The Dahlem language was far more complicated than Federation Standard. The universal translator was inadequate in this instance. Also, he didn't want to step on the Medical Department's toes when it came to the DNA aspect of the assignment. Dumont noted considerable subspace field modulation when the suit was activated. Oh no, not another warp field theory question. It gave him a headache and something else was gnawing on his mind. This technology was so far advanced, why would Starfleet allow a few humble science and medical officers access? Theo had had serious misgivings about the effort because he had almost lost one of his colleagues in the process. It was time to put this puppy to bed. Theo pulled himself up out of his seat and proceeded to his quarters, padd under arm. The lights along the Commerce deck were dim. As he walked past, he could hear the chimes as the shops locked their doors for the night.
  7. "New Casco Bay" Letter to: Lt. Kodiak Dumont, AOPS, USS Saranac, Beta Quadrant Hi Kodi, This is your mad scientist brother Theo. Hope you're doing well. Have you mastered the art of diplomacy yet? Hahaha... For my meritorious service, I just got promoted to Ensign. How about that! It will give me a reason to be extra meticulous cleaning up after myself. Rutia surprised me with an heirloom pocket watch and fob. You should see it. This part of space is fairly quiet, which is great. Sky Harbor Aegis is loaded for bear if anything dangerous should happen. But I hear we come into frequent contact with cultures more advanced than ours. That fact frightens me a little. It must be very different than shuttling ambassadors from the Beta Quadrant to the Federation Council. I have to tell you though Kodiak, starbases are a lot of fun. I found this little nook up by the subspace communications array where I can go to read in private. It's not an archive, but it has a nice window on the stars. Who knows, maybe the holodecks will have the New Casco Bay snorkeling program from Beta Agni? I'm going to find out. It feels strange out here on the fringes of Breen space. And they say we are somehow linked to a cryptic planet with a massive underground, barely discovered, forbidden archaeological site, protected by a super powerful civilization. I guess neutral space is not for the faint of heart. As far as work is concerned, well... mum's the word. Suffice it to say, we're dealing with highly advanced technology. Now I know you and I are not telepathic, but many of our colleagues are. Let me tell you Kodi, it would probably just give me a splitting headache. Surely you're busy with supplying the Saranac, so I'll let you go. If you see Mom & Dad, tell them I'll video conference with them soon. Love, Theo P.S. Let your younger brother know when you find a girlfriend. Marriage might even help you climb the Starfleet ladder.
  8. "An Evening's Diversion" Personal Log: Stardate 1215.18 The mirror in Theo's quarters revealed a stunning outfit in which his spouse Rutia was clad. She was a confident but circumspect woman of taste and some independent means. The Bolian's earrings were long and dazzling. It was going to be an informal gathering, but Rutia always dressed to impress. Although Theobald hadn't married for money, he didn't object to his true love's lavish lifestyle. Her father had been a wealthy merchant on Bolius. He disapproved of Dumont at first, perhaps because of his Terran ancestry, but more likely because Theo came from modest parentage. Rutia complained, only once, to her midshipman that she needed bigger accomodations. Theo would have none of it. He explained to her that with permission, they might obtain larger quarters in the civilian habitat but at their own expense. The couple had wedded young, while Theo was still at Starfleet Academy. Their budding romance began just outside of Tycho City on Luna Colony. The tavern there was a place he visited to remind him of home. It was out of the way, where Dumont and his fellow students could play poker. Only, it was a mystery as to how he found Rutia there. Maybe they were both drawn to the ragtime piano frequently played by the bar. In their quarters, she informed Theo that the weekend concert they would attend on Aegis was at 1900 hours, and they were not to be late. It included a performance of Mozart's Oboe Concerto in C, arranged for a quartet. The artists that night were a Vulcan cellist, a Grazerite violinist, a Human pianist, and an Andorian female - a master of the oboe. Theobald loved music and being there with his companion would make for a fine evening's diversion. All through the second movement of the musical piece, Rutia and Theo held hands. It was exhilirating. They enjoyed the clarity and precision of the playing and the brilliance of Mozart. The rousing third movement ended to thunderous applause. Afterwards, the couple stayed for a small reception in the observation lounge. The midshipman was drawn to the specialty coffees, specifically a Vulcan mocha, while Rutia enjoyed some of her favorite Valerian canape's. To cap off the night, Theo and Rutia moved a small group from the party to one of Drankum's Dabo tables. The result of which is better left to the imagination.
  9. "Station Break" Personal Log: Stardate 1208.18 With permission for a break, Dumont slipped away from the laboratory and headed straight for Deck 90. He had wanted to find a quiet place somewhere aboard the station where he could collect his thoughts. He was after all, a thinking man. Soon he found himself in the Park, and yes, it just happened to be in the month of May. Theo sat down on the grass and warmed himself in the holographically generated daylight. On the edge of a small pond, he remembered the shimmering emerald waters of his colonial homeworld. Beta Agni had a mostly rocky surface, so the very ground radiated a year round comfortable heat. A Vulcan female caught Theobald's eye as she jogged past. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, clearing his mind and purifying his lungs. The midshipman needed a short respite from his work. Theo could smell the sweet scent of Argolian lilacs wafting on the air. Wondering where the cool breeze was coming from, he opened his eyes. The scene was an architectural masterpiece of landscaping and horticulture. Dumont was sure to bring his beloved Rutia to the Park once the roses were in full bloom. The beauty of nature had refreshed him, so he returned to the lab.
  10. "Working Lunch" Personal Log: Stardate 1201.18 Early in the afternoon, Midshipman Dumont was starting to feel hungry. It was time for his lunch break. Moving through the corridors, he was approached by a materials science technician who had just stepped out of the geology lab. The technician handed Theo a PADD and proceeded on his way. Dumont would read it carefully upon entering the nearest replimat. Theo procured a lemonade and a crab salad with endive and croutons from the replicator. He was used to fresh fruit and vegetables at the Beta Agni Colony, however this fare left a somewhat bitter taste in his mouth. It was of little concern, but he missed his mother Ursula's cooking. Whether it was coffee, juice, or tea, she knew that the taste always depended first on the quality of the water. Eating and reading, Dumont realized that his knowledge of subspace was woefully inadequate. He should have taken more warp field theory classes at the Academy. Instead, he had spent six years mostly studying in the Federation archives. In any case, the midshipman found his fellow crewmembers on Aegis most helpful. If only he could excise and study a piece of the cosmic ray suit they were working on. What could this material be made of, and how? Was it a semiconductor or insulation? A polymer? A metal alloy? Maybe even crystalline minerals or biomatter? Perhaps a composite? Or something entirely unknown. The Dahlem were truly alien to Theo.
  11. "Getting the Lay of the Land" Personal Log: Stardate 1125.18 After attending his introductions in the CnC and Sickbay, Midshipman Theo decided to explore the "lower decks" of Sky Harbor Aegis. It would be to his advantage to get familiar with the station and crew, especially after meeting his "bosses". Theo's first stop would be the Quartermaster's office. There he engaged a staff member and placed a requisition order for two additional science uniforms. Afterall, research was a messy occupation and Theo wanted to be prepared. He would schedule a pick up time once his permanent quarters were established. In addition, he was issued a tricorder modified to the scientific configuration. Theo performed a level 4 diagnostic and pocketed the device. Next on his list was a visit to the "mess hall". The computer guided him to the most popular replimat for junior Starfleet officers. Theo ordered a black tea hot, with lemon from the replicator and sat down to rest a few minutes. He struck up a conversation with one of the "blue shirt" technicians and inquired about the typical workload on the starbase. Picking up the pace, Theo headed for Main Science on Deck 58. His training for starship duty at the Academy did not prepare him for the impressive range of Aegis' facilities. Along the way he noted the location of astrophysics, biochemistry labs, geology, stellar cartography, spectrometry, and exobiology among others in residence. Finally, Theo ended up at what he thought might be his normal duty station. From there, he accessed the lateral sensor arrays. There was a battery of passive and active sensor instruments including scanners for the complete electromagnetic spectrum, thermal imaging, particle mapping, gravimetric measurement, remote lifeform analysis, and astronomical observation. Perhaps Aegis even had a temporal mechanics terminal, he didn't dare to ask. Glancing over the full complement of class 1-9 sensor probes and planetary analysis suite, Theo assumed the LCARS would be equally as powerful. After regaining his composure, which he was not oft wont to lose, Midshipman Theo began thinking about his first day as a science officer. It seemed rather daunting.
  12. "Business Opportunity" Personal Log: Stardate 1123.18 Theo was seated at a table near the front entrance to Drankum's Bar. He usually ate sparingly, but this time he wanted something special. So he ordered a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese and an Altair Water. After placing his order, Theo advised the Ferengi waiter of his need to obtain some gold-pressed latinum. This had to be done legally. He was afterall, an upright citizen of the Federation and now, a Starfleet officer. The waiter said he would make the proper arrangements if the midshipman would open a line of credit with the establishment. That sounded quite reasonable. Theo needed a trustworthy and prompt buyer for his recently deposited assets. Fortunately, one of Theo's uncles was Barolian, and a second officer aboard a freighter. The ship had made frequent supply stops on Beta Agni II, a Federation colony and Theo's homeworld. The crew often traded in precious metals as there was a Federation beryllium refinery in the star system. This uncle gave Theo an exceptionally valuable gift upon graduation from Starfleet Academy. The newly minted officer received a beryllium crystal encased in an iridium-titanium shell. Theo suspected that this ruby red beauty might fetch a tidy sum. Theo's brother had been given the same two years earlier. To Theo and his brother, were bequeathed each a good luck charm from home and an insurance policy they never expected. The only question now, was how much and how many Ferengi would shave off the top in transaction fees.
  13. Personnel File Name: Theobald Dumont Rank: Ensign Current Assignment: Assistant Science Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 24 Height: 5'10" Weight: 175 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel Distinguishing Features: None Place of Birth: Sargonia Province, Federation Colony, Beta Agni II Marital Status: Married Hobbies/Interests: Philology, Holodeck Reenactments: e.g. The Battle of Actium Family Spouse: Rutia, Bolian Female Children: None Father: Cassius Dumont, Provincial Magistrate Mother: Ursula Dumont, Administrative Assistant, Federation Beryllium Refinery Brother: Lieutenant Kodiak Dumont, Assistant Operations Officer, USS Saranac Education Sargonia Province, Beta Agni II Primary School - Preschool, Kindergarten, Grades 1-8 Secondary School - Gene Roddenberry High School, 4 years Starfleet Academy, Terran System Planetary Science & Archival Science, 6 year program Medical History Fit for duty Allergies: None Psychological Profile Level 2 security clearance required
  14. "Personal Effects" Personal Log: Stardate 1116.18 Midshipman Theo had declared all his personal effects with Aegis Customs upon arrival. In temporary quarters, he removed a small brown leather satchel from his luggage container and exited the room. Finding his way to the turbolift, he headed for the Commerce deck. On his way, he interfaced with the map suggested to him by Security Officer Glasco. Theo stopped briefly at the atrium balcony and took in the vastness of the starbase, which included a view of Drankum's Bar. Looking at the shop signs, he continued at a business-like pace until he spotted the Assay Office. Without hesitation, he greeted the assayer with a friendly handshake. Theo pulled out two slips of latinum he had saved in his jacket for the trip. He was unsure of the price of long-term storage, so he negotiated for the smallest of the lockers. Casually but carefully, Midshipman Theo took note of anyone who might be watching. They entered the vault and the assayer catalogued his satchel with the computer, deposited the item, and locked it in one of the repositories. Theo entered his authorization code, a phrase sufficiently obscure, but easily remembered and one that only he would understand. Then he winked into the retinal scanner as if he had done it before. Thanking the assayer, Theo departed the office and took the direct route back to his quarters. At a slower pace than before, he observed all the goings on on the unfamiliar Jovian-class station.