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  1. An article on trekmovie.com "Star Trek Picard Show To Deal With Event That Radically Altered Galaxy…" shows a quote from Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman: Now, I know a number of sims use Nemesis as a coaster, but this brings up the possibility of the destruction of Romulus being hammered further into canon with another Trek series. Are the GMs going to stick to their phaser cannons and keep that DVD as a coaster, or is it going to be (reluctantly) placed back in order? Guess we'll have to wait and see. 🤣
  2. Hakran had retreated to the quiet of his office to review the information they had thus far collected via passive sensor scans. There were some anomalies but all faint enough to rate low confidence scores, so he did no more than keep them in the back of his mind for now. Rising, he ordered a nice cup of hot vanilla chai from the replicator. As he took his first sip his console beeped. Thinking it was something juicy from the sensor scans he hurried, slopping some of the hot cinnamon-scented liquid on the back of his furry paw. With a curse, he gave it a quick shake and a quick lick which showed how preoccupied he was as he seldom resorted to the "traditional" method of cleaning. Instead of dry data, it was an official communique from Captain Swain. He quickly wiped up the remaining dripping chai before placing the mug onto his desk, not wanting any more accidents. He opened the message and gave it his usual quick scan to get the gist before re-reading it thoroughly. As he progressed through the message his eyes opened wider while his ears flattened. He silently mouthed "independent authority to conduct the investigation." Twice. He took an over-large gulp of his chai, then spent the next minute or so regretting it and waiting for his mouth, throat, and esophagus to cool down. "I'm not a detective! I'm a scientist! A lab scientist. My idea of leading is 'go forth and collect data,' and that's with friendly scientists." He sighed the weary sigh of a person waiting in line at a Department of Suborbital Vehicles office to get their license renewed. With a powerful snort of air blown through his nose, he glared at the screen and growled "crap on a cracker!"
  3. I'm not endorsing or trying to sell anything, but really, put your pants on Corizon! (from https://www.teeturtle.com/products/roll-the-dice?variant=8963131080758)
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but I fired up Spotify and pulled up Handel's Messiah Part 2 (i.e. the Hallelujah Chorus) and pressed play as soon as I started the java uninstall progress.
  5. As of yesterday's update to version 52 (article), Firefox no longer supports any NPAPI plugins but Flash, and states that v53 will do away with it altogether. We're very much on borrowed time with our chat rooms. I haven't as yet found a way to get around this in v52 so if you're still on v51 you may want to turn off automatic updates if you already haven't.
  6. Starfleet Personnel File Personal Data Name: Hakran K'hal Age: 29 SY Birthplace: San Francisco, Earth, UFP Gender: Male Species: Caitian Fur Color: Gold + Cream Mane Color: Blond Eye Color: Green Height: 1.91 m Weight: 69.6 kg Starfleet Data ID: 641-ZJ-Q3Y-5904 Rank: Lieutenant Focus: Science Assignment: U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-2004-C Position: Chief Science Officer Specializations: Physical Science: Quantum Mechanics Certifications: Zero-G Excursion License Medical Conditions: None Distinguishing Marks: scar: from left upper abdomen to left buttock Past Procedures: See File Last Physical Examination on SD 012017.20 Score: 94.7% of Starfleet Physical Fitness Index Last Psychological Examination on SD 082016.09 Score: 99.2% of Starfleet Psychological Fitness Index Education Primary Haven Falls Elementary School » San Francisco, Earth, UFP Secondary Andrew Ermine Middle School » San Francisco, Earth, UFP Jonathan Archer High School » San Francisco, Earth, UFP Tertiary Starfleet Academy » San Francisco, Earth, UFP Focus: Science Degree(s): B.S. Physics; M.S. Physics; Ph.D. Quantum Physics Family Parent(s) Cdr JoLan K'hal (Male, 61 SY) » Professor of Astrophysics Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, UFP Cdr Kharril K'hal (Female, 52 SY) » Chief of Security Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth, UFP Sibling(s) Cdr Mreh K'hal (Male, 31 SY) » Executive Officer U.S.S. Hippocrates NCC-8741-A Mren K'hal (Female, 26 SY) » Archaeologist Halla Antiquity Site, Garrison IV, UFP Rhan K'hal (Male, 24 SY) » Operations Officer U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-2004 Summary Hakran is the second eldest child of four in a 3rd generation Starfleet family, born and raised with his siblings in San Francisco. The K'hals very much consider Earth their home and rarely visit various relations on Cait. All of the K'hal children are well versed in the sciences thanks to their father JoLan, who did not take off his professor hat even after returning home from teaching at the Academy. The eldest, Mreh, went into medicine (initially), Mren (the only one to not join Starfleet) has attained a doctorate in archaeology from Oxford University. Rhan actually was the first to buck the trend by not taking a science related focus in his higher education, choosing to forge his own path into Operations. Hakran has served admirably aboard the U.S.S. Copernicus (NCC-21509), earning commendations and praise from his superiors. His lack of ambition however has kept him from advancing beyond the rank of Lieutenant. On Stardate 012017.19 he received orders to leave the Copernicus and to rendezvous with the Excalibur. He found out shortly thereafter that it was due to the machinations of his little brother Rhan.
  7. Quantum Headaches A Hakran K'hal Log Hakran felt a bit harried, as there was a lot of data to review, and Captain/Dr. Illyan wanted a report a little sooner than the Caitian scientist felt wise under the circumstances. With that said, he was determined to meet the deadline anyway. The activation of the slipstream drive had been flawless. The propagation of the "Quantum Field" (technically a localized adjustment to a number of fields that affected the related sub-atomic particles' behavior) had progressed well, even with the Excalibur's unique design. While it would be more suitable to use a perfectly symmetrical disk for slipstream, it was just possible with current technology to shape the field around any three-dimensional construct. The formation of the Threshold also met the theoretical specifications. However, it seemed that something in the system could not keep the Field stable after the Threshold's bow wave began interacting with the matter of the ship. The sensors detected a ripple in the Field that propagated from the leading edge of the Threshold Bow. At the peak 1.8 Hz that the Excalibur experienced the effect caused a great deal of buffeting, which the sturdy ship handled well enough for that short period of time. Anything over 3.2 Hz, however, would create so much flux at the quantum level that any matter contained within it would begin to disassociate into its component sub-atomic particles. That wasn't a great deal of room for error, and how to fix that was out of his milieu, as it was an engineering matter. There also seemed to be some field effect noted by the internal sensors, but they were not sensitive enough to properly quantify the minute quantum field variations that the slipstream test caused. In his conclusion to his report, he noted that the internal sensors should be upgraded, if not all at least enough to give coverage over the entire length of the ship. He gave everything a quick proof-read, made sure the data was attached, and sent it off to LCdr Vallorn for her review. After checking the time, Hakran saw he had enough time to catch a light lunch before the briefing. He hated being under the eye of the command staff, preferring to remain anonymous down in the labs, but this mission was not going to give him that luxury. It was made even more awkward, as it seemed that every time that Captain Illyan looked in his direction she seemed as if she was suddenly hit with indigestion. He'd be damned if he was going to suffer through it all on an empty stomach.