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    The latest news announcements can be found here as well as on our From the GMs message board.  You can also subscribe to our feed-icon-28x28.pngRSS feed to get direct updates.

    • Happy Anniversary, STSF!

      I can't believe it has been 15 years since we began this forum!

      Congratulations to Admiral Atragon and everyone who was there!




    • 14 hours ago, STSF Jami said:

      Happy Anniversary, USS Manticore, celebrating 19 years of mirth and mayhem!

      Congratulations to all her crew, and especially to Admiral Atragon-9 and Admiral Sovak!

      May you have 19 more years!


      Why thank you, Jami, but I'm not so sure about another 19 years.  Yee gads, that would mean I'd be...   40!!

      (KIDDING {I would be 42})

    • Happy Anniversary, USS Manticore, celebrating 19 years of mirth and mayhem!

      Congratulations to all her crew, and especially to Admiral Atragon-9 and Admiral Sovak!

      May you have 19 more years!


    • With the launch of STSF v3.0, I've taken the opportunity to go back and work on some things to improve the overall security of the website.  

      Starting today, all communication with the STSF server will be encrypted via TLS (formerly known as SSL).  The benefits of this include:

      • Better overall security (someone sitting between you and the STSF servers cannot intercept/modify requests).  
      • Improved SEO (Google is starting to penalize sites not making use of SSL and ranking them lower in it's search listings).  

      Now...  the only downside to this is that not all operating system and web browser combinations support this higher level of security.  (I'm using the same cipher suites and encryption protocols used by the major banks.)

      As a result, the following browser/operating system combinations are no longer supported by STSF:

      • Android 4.3 or below
      • IE6 (Windows XP)
      • IE7 (Vista)
      • IE8 (XP)
      • IE 8-10 (Windows 7)
      • Safari 6.04 or below (Mac)

      In case anyone is wondering....  we currently have an A+ on the Qualys SSL Labs scanner: 


      Compare that to Bank of America who currently only has an A- with the same test:


    • First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to Webbie for all the work he put into the new layout/design/back-end support!!!

      And now, to play "bad cop," let me clue you in to a few small "gotcha"s:

      • We would like to think we thought of everything, but... we haven't.  If you find something isn't working correctly, please let me know (on the Boards or to [email protected]).  Please keep in mind that some things you may think are "broken" just cannot or will not be supported in the new version.  We will do all we can to provide answers for all questions, but please remember that you have two people - the Brains (Webbie) and the Huckster (me) - and a free website that is supporting chat, message boards, schedule, mobile support, automated chat logs, etc.
      • If you had a saved URL that took you directly to a sub-page from the main page, you will probably have to update that, as a number of the page URLs has changed.
      • If you are a GM and had previously been set up as a chat room moderator in the new chat rooms, those settings were lost during the conversion.  I should still have all of your e-mails designating your Mod account name but, just in case, feel free to let me know again.
      • The new chat rooms will not be able to support some of the tweaks we had in the old Java version - no sounds, no colored text, no pop-out window for IMs/PMs
      • Last reminder for GMs on the automated chat logs- if you have not yet told me what sims you need the chat log for (and confirm the e-mail address when it comes to you from GMail), please do this right away.  We will be automatically providing chat logs to the command team for each sim - if you have let me know the sim and address to receive the log.  If you are a GM and wish for a chat log for a sim where you are *NOT* on the command team, I will contact that team for approval.  As a reminder, every chat log will come out in two flavors, one with line-by-line timestamps and one without.


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