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Angel gets a retread...

He was waiting for the quarter masters crewman to return with his new issue,and had

set down in a chair to relax and review the last few hours unbeleivable events that is

now a part of galactic history.he unconciously opened and closed his fist attempting

to loosen the newly regenerated flesh back to the flexibility he had prior to the battle.


Amazing, is all that came to mind as he looked at the scarred flesh,truly amazing to

realise just how far medical science had advanced,just a few years ago he probably

would have had both hands amputated due to the tissue damage they had suffered

through in putting out the fires in the fighters cockpit,afterall when you can hardly tell

where tissue and bone end and the flight gloves and synthetic materials begin...well

he was just grateful and was proud of the job the doc had done,with so little to work with.

He would have to take it easy for awhile as per the doc's orders,and a few more trips

to her to take care of the scarring,but he would be able to use his hands and not lose

them...he chuckled to himself as he remembered the doc's initial reaction when she

looked,and smelled the burnt flesh,she actually gagged,of course he likely did not help the situation by wise cracking about them being extra crispy fingerfood,heh,well it was a way to take his mind off the possible alternatives,and the pain,at any rate doc's a real trooper,she squared herself away,and began to work her miracle,all the while she kept a suprisingly good sense of humor and a quick wit,she is a prime example of the finest medical corp in the quadrant.


He realised they had all been through hell and back,sadly enough it had cost them

dearly,he had heard about rico,and one of his fellow pilot McQueen was in sb in a icu

burn unit,the cag as well, with his squadron cmdr. having to take over for travis and

coordinate with eng.and flight support personell as well as all the pilots that could be

useful with a wrench or a probe setting about the no less daunting task of attempting

to repair the fighters damaged in the fray that had nearly wiped out the combined

combat fighter groups ships,thankfully our casualties were overall light,but the loss

to the fighters and the damage to the ones that made it back onboard was all but a

hopeless task.


He began to shiver from the cool air in the office,he rose from his seat as the crew

man returned with his new issue and handed it to him,he began to get redressed as

the crewman was starting to pick up and was going to dispose of the charred remains

of what had been his old flight gear,he stopped him ,.I think i'll keep them as a mem

ento of the battle,the mid shipmen looked at him quizzingly and said he would bag

them up for him ....he left the issue room on his way to report to his co,he did have

at least one positive thing to relate to him,he had received the confirmed kills report

from flt.ops,it appears he and a few more in the squadron had become double aces

in the battle.....yeah,my world war two ancestor would have been proud he mused

as he entered the tl....but at what a cost of friends and personell that had not been

so lucky...when the bar opened again he was going to arrange a toast party to all

the ones lost but not forgotten...never forgotten....,Computer end log..

Edited by eagle

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