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Guardian Angel.....

The hangar deck of the Reaent was looming ever larger .....and faster in his cockpit,

he had called up the ship and advised the flight ops officer of his condition ... as well

the condition of his fighter,the Reaents hangar landing bays appeared larger,faster in his cockpit view.


He had iniated a full burn to keep up with the shuttle and to stretch the possibility of

his fighter returning in at least some sembelance of one piece,all the while fighting the controls to maintain at best a very poor approach,porposing and veering left and right to the landing bays,he had lost the majority of control function on the fighter in the fires that were a result of the past battle that had ensued earlier,...ah yes the battle, the slaughter and decimation of the feds fleet was an accurate description


He and the fighter group he was party to had just in all honesty defied and beaten

the odds,as it pertains to survival,they had protected the shuttle and crew while on theplanet ,and escorted it back to the Reaent..sucessfully,however at a cost in both fightersand personell on the shuttle,all in all though the mission seemed to have gone off with only a few setbacks....right up to the point the federation entered the fray,

then all hell broke loose,he and the fighter group had looked on as the combined and

coordinated klingon,breen,and romulan forces literally tore into the feds attack force

they seemed to be doing a good job of wiping out the feds when we were ordered to

escort the shuttle off planet, the bogies seemed to swarm upon us all at once,our grp

commanders were ordered to take out the tower and we were to cover and protect the shuttle and her crew.


The main body of our grp worked at plowing a road out of there for the shuttle,we

fought and flew as hard and fast as was possible while attempting to stay with the

much slower shuttle,but both it and the crew were precious cargo and had to be well

protected at all cost,the sky as well as the space above the planet was alive with so

much active fighting it had gotten difficult to discern friend from foe,ships of all types

sizes and configurations filled what seemed to be every nook and cranny of the sky

that surrounded them,all the while the small contingent clawed it's way back to a safe

vector for the shuttle,he watched as many in his group shot and flamed the bogies

that buzzed around them,many vaporising into dust in the cold darkness of space.


All seemed to be going as well as possible when he took a direct hit from a bogie to

his port wing,he regained control,and continued on,he could hear the flash traffic on

his grp link as others were hitting,and being hit as well,covering and being covered

he felt a sense of pride to be flying with men of such bravery and skill,and he was

determined not to let them or the precious shuttle down,he stayed as close as he was

able to the shuttle,he briefly mused the shuttle pilot must have thought him to be an

absolute insane pilot as he weaved in and out ,rolling around so close to the shuttle

and firing at the oncoming bogies,they continued on until their goal appeared to be

within their grasp,clear of the planets upper atmosphere and moving towards a safe

vector when he took another direct hit in the starboard wing,his console lit up with

the automated warning lights indicating extensive systems damage,as well as the

one indicator warning that every fighter pilot dreads,the fire warning he was just

turning into a bogie and attempting to regain control as he fired and rolled when his

cockpit filled with smoke and flame..all kinds of bad electrical shorting,he grabbed

the fire extinguishing device and emptied it,he proceeded to attempt to finish the

job with his gloved hands,it worked but he burned his hands badly in the process,..


He heard the shuttle commander call him over his comm and offered to beam him aboard the shuttle,he had fallen back and had slowed considerably,he looked around

and knew he was being covered by his commander,and the shuttles main weapons

as well ,he decided to stay with the fighter and nurse it back...


He snapped back to the present situation that was looming large in the cockpit as

he rapidly approached the ship,he could only hope and pray the landing crash stop

barriers would arrest his hot approach,it would be a shame to die in a fire ball so

soon after becoming a double ace in one day,the thought would have been funny if

the situation were not as precarious as it was,his hands were in constant searing pain

as he battled the stick,eventually losing all thruster control,and going pell mell into

the hangar bay.....he knew it was going to be quick at least,one moment of blinding

pain,then hopefully blissfull,painless,oblivion..suddenly he heard and felt a loud bang

as a tow cable from the shuttle grappled onto his crippled fighter,he saw and noted

the slowing of the fighter as he aprroached the bay...perhaps the Arch Angel had a

guardian angel on his shoulder after all,he smiled as he knew he just might make it

back to the ship with his angel helping insure it.,::computer end log::

Edited by eagle

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