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Travis Kroells

With Good Intentions, Part III

“With Good Intentions” Part III


“Self inflicted, his perdition” ‘Wasteland’ - Ten Years


...The fighter just fell, if that was the right words towards the ship. Travis sat there; hands free of the controls and let the rain trickle down his face...Or were they tears? He couldn’t tell the difference anymore. He couldn’t see, couldn’t think, she dominated his mind and he let her. If there were one thing he wanted to see as he died, it would have been her.


She would have smiled that smile she had on their third date as he told her another embarrassing story. Not laughing, that sincere smile she always had that he fell for. That sincere smile he would die for.


It was a mistake, all of this was wrong. He shouldn’t about to become a bug on the proverbial windshield, and she shouldn’t probably be dead. They should be home, wrapped up in each other, watching the fire. They should be running around with Kaylee, getting into trouble, enjoying life.


He gently and almost involuntarily pulled the flight stick, sending the Styx into a somewhat acceptable wobble towards the flight bay. He didn’t notice it at first, but everything turned off, plunging him into darkness as the reactors for the fighter died. The only noticeable light was the approaching flight deck.


He couldn’t bring himself to move as the bottom of his fighter hit the edge of the deck, forcing the entire fighter onto the ground with a snap. The Styx slid to the right of the bay, until finally colliding with a support column. As fighter wrapped itself around it, something flew threw the cockpit, impaling his leg onto the seat.


He looked around lazily, everything blurry and red, with one the blood vessels in one eye burst. He intended to blink, but couldn’t will himself to open his eyes again as everything went numb and he let himself drift away.


She was smiling.

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