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Travis Kroells

With Good Intentions, Part II

“With Good Intentions” Part II (A Kroells and Miral production)




...He sighed as he walked next to Kestra in the rain, his hair already soaked as he turned back to look at Kaylee's apartment window. "That girl needs somethin more then just books. Bothers me ya know? Like she's got some secret double life or something..."


Kestra grinned. "Maybe she's dating someone. After all, we didn't tell her about us right away." She dipped her head down a bit as the rain got heavier.


He kept his distance, something he usually didn’t do as his hands fiddled around in his pockets. "I suppose... She just feels...different somehow. Not like when we were on Earth, or the Argos part of her seems...closed off..."


Kestra frowned. "It seems to run in the family." Travis hadn't been himself at all these past few days. He'd been distracted when they were together, and she hadn't been able to sort out all the different emotions she was picking up on.


He gave her a confused look, with maybe just a slight tinge of anger in it, as a loud crack of thunder struck. "What's that supposed to mean?"


She rolled her eyes in mock exasperation and stepped closer to him. "It means that you haven't been paying enough attention to me," she joked. "Maybe I'm just being greedy. We haven't been able to spend anytime alone together lately, and when we do, you just don't seem to be entirely there."


Thunder cracked again, as the rain began to come down even more. "I've just had a lot of paper work lately... Lots of forms to fill out when you take a leave of absence this long..."


"Well maybe you can take a break from all that paperwork." She slipped her hands into his and smiled up at him impishly.


He gently grasped them, not putting much into it. "...I'm due back to the Reaent in a week. That means I'll need to leave in the next couple days."


"And then?" She paused for a moment, waiting for him to ask her to come with. She had thought about it over the last week, already realizing she would say yes.


He paused, trying to push as much anger, and other emotions as possible to hide the hurt in his voice. "Then I go back to the line. Things may not look it from your prim and proper College, but things aren't easy on the edge. We're almost gone out there."


Kestra pulled back, startled by the sudden rush of anger from him. "Prim and proper? You think I can't handle myself out there?"


He looked at her, almost blankly, as if he were sizing her up, even though he knew her through and through. "No. Things are different out there. People die...people who shouldn't. We're not the moral and just rebels fighting Duren and the oppression of the UFP your taught here. Sometimes...most times, we're no better then them."


She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "So I should drop out of the Academy and just wait for you?" Kestra sighed and looked at him. "I want to be with you."


He looked at her, and stared into her eyes, knowing full well it may be the last time he sees them. "And I don’t want you to experience my horrors. I want you to live a life where such things are foreign to you."


This wasn't happening. He was going to ask her to come with him. He felt the same way as her, she knew that he did. "Stay here then, with me."


"I...I cant. I need to be there." He was breaking, he could feel it. He needed to be stronger.


Kestra moved closer, letting the rain pour down her face. "Why?"


If ever he didn't need to act like he was angry, now was that moment. "Because I did not watch my parents and brother be executed, and me and my sister hunted like animals for a year to watch Duren be a Tyrannical Madman!!! This is how I am, pure and raw. I'm not the man you think I am. I don’t want you with me.’


"Travis, you don't mean that." She wasn't sure if she was crying or if it was just the rain she felt.


He paused for a moment, hardening himself again. "I do.”


She couldn't even read him anymore. Where had she messed it up? It wasn't true, was it? But it was enough. "Come find me when you're over this,"she said. Kestra turned and ran away into the rain.


He watched her run off, and disappear into the rain. He never came, he never intended to see her again. It was for the best, he couldn’t give her a good life, all he knew was war, and death.


He stood there in the rain for some time, unable to draw the will to move. Unable to draw the will to live...

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