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There goes the neighborhood....

He had no sooner gotten the words out the enemy of my enemy..is,when his as well

as the group scanners had lit up with multiple images..ranging from klingon,to many

federation ships,of varying sizes and classifacations....they were ordered to stay on

station and provide protection and cover for the shuttle and it's crew down on the

world known simply as peoples head,right,...there was more than enough fire power

there above them to totally destroy the small contingent he was a part of,well he did

have a fleeting hope that they may be simply ignored as no threat.


He had listened intently to the flash traffic that had grown to overlaying layers of an

almost unintelligable gibberish..anything from the federation task force demanding us

to cease and desist...which i take as surrender,to comm.between our ship the Reaent

and the shuttle,and our combat fighter group..


He was itching for a fight,better that than just wait like a lamb for the slaughter...

however he did hear the orders from the ship,and would comply nontheless,he knew

the frustration his fellow pilots were feeling,you could almost taste it in their comm.

traffic from fighter to fighter.


He rechecked the weapons system and stores he had onboard,and watched the epic

battle taking place above them..as his commander had stated ,we do not want to live

forever...but he had planned on a few more decades..he had gotten a chuckle from

that remark....oh well....what ever was going to happen.he knew it was going to be

big...very big....::computer end log::..

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