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Travis Kroells

The more things change the more they stay the same

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” A Kroells and Miral production.


"And what's that supposed to mean!?" Travis yelled in confusion.


"I didn't mean anything negative about that." Kestra sighed. This wasn't working at all; he was just getting more agitated. "I was just suggesting that maybe we can move past all that. Have dinner sometime."


"Hmm...Yes lets do that. Simon can join us, and we'll have a merry ole time!"


She turned back away from him and picked up her glass. "Hey, I'm trying here."


He watched her, unable to see her eyes as he tried to figure out this whole Simon deal. "Trying to do what Kes?"


She shrugged and turned back to face him. "I'm just ..." Trying to figure you out? Find out what I did wrong? "... I'm trying to figure out how the two of us can be in the same room without hurting each other."


He let out a small sigh, and sat back into his chair. "How did we get like this?


"Does it really matter?" Kestra asked.


He gave her a confused look. "It does to me. I remember a time when we couldn't be two rooms apart from each other. Are we both too stubborn to admit we miss that? Or did I come to this table for the wrong reasons?"


Kestra spoke quietly. "I won't sit around waiting for you to figure out what you want. I didn't do it before, and I won't do it now." She looked back over to the table of fighter pilots. "This is too important. We both have more to worry about than fighting with each other."


He stood up in a haste, looking down on her, moving in close to her face, until he could feel her surprised breath on warm his cold cheeks. "I don't know what I want do I? You want to know what I want? What I've wanted since the moment I saw you, since the moment I held you in my arms? You want to know what I've always wanted even though I foolishly threw it away for what I believed to be the greater good?" Before she could respond, he pulled her into a deep passionate kiss, four years of regret and inner pain behind it.


She let him kiss her, his emotions quickly surrounding her with comfortable familiarity. Suddenly she pulled away, very aware of everyone else in the room. "Travis ..."


He looked into her eyes, and then over to his half drunken air group, spilling good beer, yelling and screaming like dogs. "Yeah..."


Kestra stood up and moved to leave the bar, grinning back at Travis as she walked towards the door.


He quickly looked around, and noticed no one had either seen, or cared about the little scene that just played out. He then looked down at his full beer, and left it and headed for the door, suddenly not in the mood for it.

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