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A cascade of colors

His flight group had just been ordered to return to the klingon battle ship and iniate

scans for any power or life signs and had formed up and proceeded to do so when all

of a sudden the lights came on and the presumed lifeless mega ship demonstrated to

the flight group as well as the Reaent that in fact it was very much alive.


He had no sooner gotten the words of his scanner readouts to the flight leader when

the ship lit up like a gargantuan nightmare...if it so chose it could swat the entire grp.

like a swarm of flys at a picnic.....Cmdr. Kroells ordered an immediate evasive order

and to pull back to 50,000 km...He took a hard right and flew to the rally point to join

the fighter group.


The Reaent ordered the group to hold station and begin passive scans,we proceeded

to do so...*he thought to himself*..well here we are looking down the combined possible

fire power of at least a 100 barrels....any one of which could easily blow my fighter as

well as myself,and every fighter in the group into the next quadrant....well as my ance-

stors were known to say on the eve on an impending battle..today is a good day to die.


He had became lost in his thoughts when suddenly the comm link came to life from

the commander and ordered him to join up and follow and take a tactical strike point

at a transmitting device apparently transmitting data...of possibly our prescence to a

party or force we did not want to know that we were here..He did sigh a breath of

releif......his last order would have left him on station...alone...and looking down the

barrel of possible total and absolute anniahlation....


When they were in position the order to commence fire was given ,both he and the

Commander opened up with all the fire power they posessed alternating between the

combined phasers,and the torpedos that thing should have simply been reduced to

dust.....this was not the case...even the power generating stations remained intact.


The commander in a moment of inspiration took the iniative to attempt a way to

disable the transmitter,he ordered me to cover him..as he went in towards the device

I replied and immediately took up the wingman slot and escorted him ,he latched on

to the main transmitter array with grappling cables and began to head towards the

planet ....I took a position off his starboard wing to facillitate optimal cover just in

case some of those fighters we had encounterd previously decided we really did not

need to try and destroy their property....he sat in the cockpit taking visual as well as

the fighters scans looking for bogies..if they could appear and just as quickly be gone

he did not want to chance relying purely on the on board scans.


As luck and good fortune...and possibly the numerous prayers to the universal all

knowing,all powerful ....they approached the planet and entered the alien planets

upper atmosphere at a full burn...as they attempted to ride out the enourmous heat

build up and buffeting ...he could see the tell tale cascade of colors that heralded the

immenent destruction of the transmitter...the commander released the device and

we pulled up hard...as we flew over the lanscape...and were climbing out he mused

to himself...that was one for our side..as he watched the final parts dissapate into a

myriad of colored plasma streaks.......cascading down to the planet.

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