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Guest Vulcan3324

"And Thus It Begins"

"And Thus It Begins"

Erein Sar'vek t'Jhiin

Personal Log

November 30, 23--


Midnight on Tomed. The air sultry; heavy with the dampness that pervaded the area around the Paehhos Sea. The lone estate situated on the banks of the great body of water was darkened; quiet.


The one person awake sat, silhouetted against the dim night sky in the oriel window; looking out over the gloriously moonlit waters of the Paehhos. She turned her gaze from her panoramic view of the sea towards the computer device she held in her left hand.


She knew that the communiqué contained within the electronic device was from the Galae dispatch office. The past several years of her life that she had spent training would either result in a chance to at last be free from the degree of infamy that had followed her since the ... unfortunate death ... of her bondmate, or she would be chained to a desk at Galae scientific research khfi, constantly under surveillance by those who knew the circumstances of tr'Crahn's death.


Sar'vek t'Jhiin activated the padd for the second time since she had received the orders, that morning. On the first attempt that she had made to read the communiqué, she had become faint of heart, irrationally fearful of where she would be stationed, and had deactivated the unit before even reading the message's contents.


Sar'vek chided herself silently for her previous juvenile behavior. She couldn't put off reading the communication forever, she reminded herself. Additionally, she would have the advantage of more time to prepare herself for whatever posting she had received. Regardless of her rationalizations, t'Jhiin was hesitant as she keyed in the codes necessary to access her orders. Hurriedly, she scrolled past the long line of indecipherable numbers that chronicled the many data relays that the message had passed through on the way to Tomed.


Sar'vek thought curiously of the most likely postings that she could receive. It would be either Galae scientific khfi, she mused, or a small scoutship...


RES Talon

Assistant Science Officer

Effective as of...


Sar'vek saw little more past that. She was too stunned that she was not only free from being stuck on ch'Rihan for eons, but she was to be on a prominent D'deridex-class warbird. She rose from her perch in the window and walked towards the manor's computer access chamber. She had some research to do on this 'RES Talon'...



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