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Guest Vulcan3324

"Al-Ucard Analysis"

"Planetary Report - Al-Ucard"

Lieutenant j.g. Laarell Teykier

Planetary Analysis

November 23, 23--


General Information


Homeworld: Al-Ucard

Races: Al-Ucardians, Lucam

Affiliation: Autonomous Government

Landmass: 76.9%

Population: 6.79 billion

Land Area: 217, 432,647 sq. km

Climate: Tropical

Technology: Warp capable

Orbiting Star: Radush (Native Name) - TL-8765 Prime (Class F -White star)



Solar System


Skeuoph (Class B - Geomorphous)

Karid (Class F - Geometallic)

Lekkar (Class N - Reducing)

Al-Ucard (Class L - Terrestrial, 3 moons)

Mev-Arin (Class P - Glaciated)

Neboz (Class S - Ultragiant)



Planet Overview


Al-Ucard, a relatively unremarkable planet, with the exception of the heavy monsoons that affect the planet for nine-tenths of the year. The four major landmasses cover more than three-fourths of the planet's surface. The two polar continents, known respectively as Hartal and Arcol, while cooler than the other two on Al-Ucard, are not frozen as on many planets.


The two more temperate continents, Flebet and Krabelt, which are covered in dense jungle vegetation. The rest of the planet consists of oceans of water, with a population of 6.79 billion Al-Ucardians. Krabelt is the larger of the two tropical continents.


The chief feature of the Al-Ucardian climate is the monsoon, which plagues the planet with rain for nearly all of the year, and encourages the tropical climate,




Continents: 4 (Hartal, Arcol, Flebet, Krabelt)


Continental Facts

Hartal: Coolest of the four landmasses; located at the northern pole of Al-Ucard. Hartal consists mostly of hardier plant life, as well as a small amount of tundra at the polarmost region.


Arcol: The smallest continent, located at the southern pole. Similar in climate to Hartal, however considerably smaller. The continent mainly consists of tundra, and is no larger than an island, approximately the size of T'Prae in the T'Kala Sea, of Vulcan, or perhaps half the size of Australia, on Terra.


Flebet: Lush, but heavily populated continent. The capital city of the planet, Sar'gress, is located in the center of this continent, near the mouth of the Gean'treb River. The city is the head of all of Al-Ucard's most important governmental offices, as well as the home of most senior officials.


Krabelt: The highest density population area on Al-Ucard. Most of the poorer residents dwell on Krabelt, due to the presence of raw materials on this continent. Most of the residents of this continent are miners and other such industrial laborers, as well as a high amount of Lucam slaves.






Physiology and Appearance: A bipedal humanoid species, generally resembling Terrans, with a few differences. Al-Ucardians possess sharply pointed canine teeth, as well as a very pale skin tone. Most Al-Ucardians have yellow, red, or green eye tones.


The Al-Ucardians are a very agile species, with highly developed night-vision. Their hearing is that of an average humanoid, and their senses of taste and smell are both above their Terran counterparts.


The Al-Ucardians were purposefully infected with a viral disease by an unknown alien species several thousand years ago, along with the other species inhabiting Al-Ucard, the Lucam.


The Al-Ucardians have a severe allergy to garlic.


Al-Ucardians have nearly nonexistent psi capabilities.


Lifespan: 300 to 400 years





Physiology and Appearance: A bipedal humanoid species, canine in appearance. The Lucam are similar to the Al-Ucardians in the sense of DNA/RNA sequences.


The Lucam are a muscular, strong species, with some similarities to members of the Lupus genus of Terran mammals. Their sense of smell and hearing is extremely acute, especially in comparison to their more humanoid counterparts.


The Lucam were purposefully infected with a viral disease by an unknown alien species several thousand years ago, along with the other species inhabiting Al-Ucard, the Al-Ucardians.


Lucam have no psi capabilities, however, their neurological physiology shows development in that area, and eventually could evolve into some form of telepathic powers.


The Lucam have a severe allergy to the element silver.


Lifespan: 50 to 100 years


Language: The Al-Ucardians speak several dialects of one standard language of the planet, to be differentiated by the vowels that are used. From a linguist's standpoint, the makeup of the Federation Standard and the Al-Ucardian languages is not extraordinarily different. Both languages possess similar grammars and alphabet systems. It should be noted that the Al-Ucardian and Lucam modern languages, while containing radical differences, are fundamentally alike in their origins.


Lucam language is a much coarser, rougher language, dominated by loud consonantal sounds and guttural growling. Again. the two languages, although radically different in their sound, are comprised of the same linguistic principles.



Al-Ucardian Society



The Al-Ucardian/Lucam history began in a normal fashion, as most dual-species worlds did. However, after an alien race infected both species with a virus, requiring both to consume amounts of blood. The Lucam, while still having the need for the blood of others, require amounts of regular sustenance, additionally. It is somewhat unclear as to how precisely the virus affects its victims.


An extraplanetary species, possibly the one that originally infected Al-Ucard, eventually recruited the Al-Ucardians to work as bounty hunters, until that race mysteriously disappeared, leaving the Al-Ucardians on their own. They eventually took to hunting, and they remain that way to this day.


Attempting to discover the history of Al-Ucard is highly frowned upon on their planet, thought legends are told of a hunter ship that traveled through a mysterious gateway to a faraway land of blue skies...


Further information is not available to outsiders.



The chief feature of Al-Ucardian/Lucam society is the presence of slave ownership, and the cycle of one species taking dominion over the other. This happens relatively frequently, with the residents often able to remember the dominance of both species at one point in their lifetimes.


Al-Ucardians refer to marriage as a 'joining' and for the hunters, it is viewed as an obstacle; an end of the freedom that they enjoyed before a joining. Therefore, as little as 45% of the population remains single for the entirety of their lifetime.



The Al-Ucardian government is based on imperial bases. The main government consists of only one branch, with the various officials being segregated into law enforcement and law development.


The head of the government is the Walach, corresponding to the position of emperor on other imperial-based worlds. The title Walacha is used in the occasion that a female ascends the throne.



Most of the Al-Ucardian population are agnostic or atheist, with a select few following nature cults or ancestral worship.



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