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Travis Kroells

Lt. Col. Travis Kroells

New Federation Alliance Galactic Databank

Biographical Section

Subject: Travis Kroells


General Information


Name: Travis Jonathan Kroells

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Species: Human

Height: 6’2

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: Caucasian


Family History


Father: Barry Kroells, Deceased

Mother: Linda Kroells, Deceased

Brother: Daniel Kroells, Deceased

Sister: Kaylee Kroells, NFA Operative


Service Information


Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Position: Commander of 8th Air Group (CAG) and Bravo Squadron Leader

Assignment: N.F.S. Reaent NCC-3345-C

Call sign: River

Current Status: Wounded in Action


Medical Information


Last Physical: April 21st 2382, passed

Last Psych Exam: October 5th 2380, passed

No outstanding injuries or medical LOA’s


Injured December 22nd, 2382 in the Battle of People's Head, current extent of injuries unknown.


Distinguishing Features None to date


Psychological Profile Travis is a rather quite and reserved person. He tends only to show any true emotions or thoughts around his close friends, and the pilots under his command. The only people he really cares about are them and his younger sister.


Personal History


Born on April 1st, 2356 to Barry and Linda Kroells, Travis lived a decent life under the UFP regime. He was a lively child, with a great sense of humor, and plenty of friends to boot. His family was the envy of the town, but unknown to them, along with Travis and his younger sister Kaylee, was that Barry, Linda, and Travis’s older brother Daniel were heretics. Secret rebels, they provided the NFA with Intel on the political changes on Earth, using Barry’s position as a senator as a cover. The three led the perfect double life, until one of their informants was captured, and ratted them out.


The public execution of the middle-aged couple, and their twenty-year-old son was televised throughout the Federation, and brought about a modern age of McCarthyism. Neighbor accused neighbor, and no one was safe from claims of being a traitor. For the next year, the sixteen year old Travis would lead his ten year old sister from town to town trying to avoid execution themselves. Finally at the age of seventeen, after running for a year, Travis managed to smuggle himself and Kaylee off of Earth on an NFA friendly freighter.


Travis would spend the next three years piloting that freighter, the very moment the captain noticed his skill behind a flight stick. However, that fate would change drastically when he met an officer by the name of George McLean.


The then Major recruited him to the N.F.S. Reaent as a fighter pilot, where he excelled tremendously. Somewhat ironically, he survived where other died, which is partly how he quickly moved through the ranks of the 8th Air Group. Regardless of that, he is an extremely skilled pilot, who feels at home in the middle of the battlefield.


Travis’s call sign, “River” is also and odd one at that. It’s tradition for new pilots to receive name from their peers, but Kroells came with the sign. When Major McLean first asked him who he was, he responded by saying “I am but a river, I go where the land wills me to go.” Travis’s mentality is also part of his call sign. He is normally a rather peaceful and quiet person, even in the air. However, when someone important to him, mainly his pilots or his sister, are threatened, Travis can change dramatically. Usually efficiently brutal in his protection of them, Travis is not the least bit afraid of killing someone to save the said person. It’s recorded that Travis killed three UFP guards who tried to take is sister in when they were fleeing Earth. He can be as calm and serene as a River, or deadly as the rapids.


Because of this, Travis is normally withdrawn in social events. He acts naturally around his pilots, whom he views more as brothers and family then subordinates. However, in a foreign situation, Travis is very much an introvert, and rarely speaks, unless necessary. He is also somewhat ashamed of his past. He’s come to realize the things he did were necessary to save himself and his sister, but that rarely gives him any relief.


Service History (Earth Calendar)


April 1st, 2356- Born in St. Paul to Barry and Linda Kroells.


June 4th, 2372- Public Execution of Barry, Linda and Daniel Kroells.


July 17th, 2373- Travis and Kaylee escape Earth.


Mid 2373-2376- Hired as pilot for the NFA friendly freighter “Argos“, forgoes pay for free board for Kaylee.


October 31st, 2376- Recruited by Major George McLean of the N.F.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-C as a fighter pilot for the 8th Air Group, Bravo Squadron.


November 1st, 2376- Given Battlefield promotion to 2nd Lieutenant.


November 28th, 2376- Participates in the Battle of Rigel IV (First Battle). Kills: 2


November 29th, 2376- After positive identification by UFP fighters, Travis is officially listed as

a traitor and war criminal.


December 15th, 2376- Participates in the Battle of Rigel IV (Second Battle). Kills: 4


December 20th, 2376- Promoted to 1st Lieutenant.


February 18th, 2377- Participates in the Battle of Cait. Kills: 7


August 8th, 2377- Promoted to Captain.


October 13th, 2377- Participates in the Battle of Pax Primus. Kills: 4


January 2nd, 2378- Takes one month LOA to visit Kaylee on Betazed.


October 13th, 2378- Promoted to the Rank of Major.


November 1st, 2378- Participates in the Battle of Cytheria. Kills: 6


March 16th, 2379- Promoted to leader of Bravo Squadron.


December 30th, 2379- Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.


December 31st, 2379- Promoted to Commander of 8th Air Group (CAG)


June 5th, 2380- Participates in the Battle of Arial. Kills: 5


March 1st, 2381- Participates in the Battle of Regulus. Kills: 5


December 22nd, 2382- Participates in the Battle of People's Head. Kills: 8


December 22nd, 2382- Pronounced Wounded in Action following the events above.

Edited by Travis Kroells

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Updated, after that little battleish thing that took like 5 seconds last sim :lol:

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