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A Guide To Universe X

A Guide To Universe X


As with most temporal related anomalies, the theory of time plays a critical role. For that within Universe X, the galaxy unfolded to an almost complete duplicate of our own up until the later quarter of the 23rd Century. Here is when several small discrepancies can be detected, most of which in and of themselves would have the probability of not causing a drastic impact on this universe's timeline. However, these small differences focused themselves on a center point in time that would eventually cause a drastic alteration to the future of Universe X.


The initial focus of this guide is to explain what this catastrophic focus was and the subsequent major impacts that transpired thereafter.


The vast majority of the 23rd Century unfolded just as history records. Situations like the V'Ger encounter, the destruction of the Genesis planet, resurrection of Captain Spock, encounter with the Probe and even circumstances involving the Nimbus III kidnapping are all exactly as they should be. While here history takes a drastic turn, one point of keen interest involves a fleet of ten El-Aurian transports.


In 2267, ten El-Aurian transports are detected seeking refugee after a supposed "unknown enemy" had invaded their homeworld. The request is approved and approximately forty thousand El-Aurians make their home within the Federation.


Where history does indeed record the collapse of the alliance between the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire in 2292, here a series if skirmishes break out along their border in a one month conflict classified as the "Border War."


One year later, when the Klingon moon Paxis explodes, Captain Spock begins negotiations with Chancellor Gorkon. After three months, a classified meeting takes place between several senior members of the Federation. Here, Universe X earns it's distinction.


The results of this meeting are not concrete, with President of the Federation not making a firm decision. In circumstances that are not clearly understood, the Klingon situation is leaked to news media. Headlines and popular opinion quickly turn from one of questioning what will happen next to all out fear of a Klingon invasion in search of new resources. While causing increased strain, the Federation Council President agrees to personally meet Chancellor Gorkon at a neutral point in space.


Due to a conspiracy that marks a similar number of players to those history records, the meeting results in the destruction of both ships. For the Federation, the loss includes that of both the President and the Commander In Chief of Starfleet Operations. Upon learning of the loss, Admiral Cartwright immediately assumes responsibility for all fleet operations.


One hour after the news is made public, a classified senior staff meeting is held at Starfleet Headquarters. The results of this meeting is a state of martial law is declared, with all civilian authoritarian positions being immediately overseen by Starfleet officials. The news is actually greeted with support by the Federation Council, which firmly agrees with presented evidence the death of the President was an act sanctioned by the Klingon Empire.


The announcement about the declaration would take place as a task force comprising approximately fifteen percent of Starfleet's battle capable ships is less than an hour away from the Klingon Neutral Zone. The invasion of the Klingon Empire officially took place at 0800 Federation standard on the 23 of October 2293. Operation Reprisal would last three years, with the heaviest of the fighting occurring within the first six months. At the height of the conflict, Federation forces swelled to over three hundred times their pre-war levels. The construction of new ships and the refitting of older classes took place at levels which should not have been seen until the later part of the 24th Century. Attempts by Klingon Empirial forces to match production resulted in the complete collapse of the Qo'nos economy two years into the conflict.


As would be expected, though offered, an unconditional surrender was never made by the Klingon Empire. Though the Federation-Klingon War was declared complete in early 2297, scattered remains of the Klingon Defense Force continued to engage in major skirmishes with Starfleet occupation forces thru the middle part of 2311.


Anticipated revocation of martial law was seen as possible in 2295, as by this stage most major offensive task forces of the Klingon Empire had been overcome. However, due to media portrayals and clever political strategies, public opinion remained against returning control back to the civilian authorities. A drastic improvement and the quick resolution to many issues that had plagued the Federation Council for years were dealt with in a timely fashion. While the exact nature of how these problems were solved was never discussed, Admiral Cartwright held an approval rating of over seventy-nine percent.


The leadership provided by the aging Cartwright ended in 2305 with his untimely death. His personal assistant and right hand man, an El-Aurian by the name of Vice-Admiral Duren, would succeed him. The man of tall stature, not recorded in Federation history, had become a close friend of Admiral Cartwright by 2387. The relationship had flourished so much that Duren was eventually tasked with developing the plan used to assume control of the Klingon homeworld. While history recorded credit being given to fleets under the command of Rear Admiral Kirk, it was a sign of things to come. Following the end of major hostilities, Duren had assumed looking after domestic affairs within the Federation. Seen by most as a nice guy, he was also viewed as an individual not to be questioned...as those who did often requested retirement shortly thereafter.


With polling dropping by 2307, the Federation Council was brought back into operation. However, serious restrictions were placed on the requirements for voting. These regulations essentially guaranteed the makeup of the legislating body, whose first act upon convening was to change the charter of the United Federation of Planets to place Duren as President until death or resignation.


Much to the surprise of most, life within the Federation resumed a somewhat peaceful stance through 2330. Most analysis had theorized that it would be unwise for Starfleet to engage in any large scale military action for over twenty years, as the rebuilding of new Federation colonies on the remains of destroyed Klingon cities would take that long to solidify.


In 2335 however, another drastic change took place. In what might have been seen as using the system against itself, an amendment to an appropriations bill gave authorization for any planet wishing to depart the Federation approval without fear of retribution. Before the addition was realized by Duren and the remainder of the Federation Council, eight governments had seceded. Betazed, Bolaris, Cait, Mizar, Nausicaa, New France, Tellar and Trill immediately forged what has since been classified as the New Federation Alliance.


Under orders by Admiral Duren, Starfleet efforts to pacify the rebellion were started in the Bolaris system. The eventual orders to bombard the surface of the planet caused a division within Starfleet, resulting in sixty percent of the attacking force opening fire on the other. With thirty percent of the Bolian homeworld deemed uninhabitable, the rebellion forces eventually declared Cait to be it's home world. With eventual defections by about thirty percent of Starfleet's total assets, the infant nation attempted to solidify itself. These efforts were actually helped by an unlikely source, the Romulan Star Empire.


In 2340, the Romulan Star Empire took a foothold within the Algeron and Taugus systems. The resulting invasion forced Admiral Duren to divert forces to the stronger of the two threats. Orders were further complicated by NFA operatives still working within Starfleet Command. The Romulan-Federation War has been ongoing ever since. The surprising result has been something of a stalemate, with neither side holding a major advantage even though United Federation of Planet's territory is essentially three times that of the Romulans.


Throughout the conflict, the New Federation Alliance has found itself in a unique opportunity of not feeling the full might of Starfleet. The sides between the two are no where close to being evenly matched. With the NFA reporting to have at least seventy-six battle ready vessels, at least one quarter are of older designs. The destruction of the New Southland Shipyards in orbit of Organia one year ago has further complicated efforts to keep ships and equipment in a fighting condition.


Attacks against the NFA have been oddly uncoordinated, an event Romulan representatives have also encountered in recent years. Instead of a full frontal assault, attacks will be designed to test enemy lines for resistance. The result has given members of the New Federation Alliance Fleet time to move from one place to another, allowing for a seemingly stronger defense than would normally be possible. Yet even with this, the tide of the conflict slowly seems to be working in favor of Duren. With newer technology and ships, it is not known what the actual long term outlook of the New Federation Alliance is.

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